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Yet even if man can understand his potential, even in the clearest terms, this would not be enough to move even one step toward its realization. Realizing that potential entails feeling an all-consuming desire for freedom, and being ready to risk everything in order to achieve freedom. If we wish to embark on a process of introspection, we need to be driven by a free and ardent desire. Tavistock Institute. Part 107

Finding out how our ego works is a very demanding task, but sooner or later we have to face the facts, if we really want to gain access to the freedom and power of the soul. Clarifying our purpose as far as possible will give us the strength to tackle any task, but this clarification will be a conscious effort.

Acknowledging our unconscious patterns of defense is a very useful way of recognizing the motivations that flow from the mechanisms of our ego. At some point we will have to support our conscious intention by working at the unconscious level, where our most active motivations lie.

What we think at a conscious level often has very little to do with our unconscious thoughts, which determine our life, provided they are not clear enough. Our intention not only has to be clear, but also has to be strong.

Yet even if man can understand his potential, even in the clearest terms, this would not be enough to move even one step toward its realization. Realizing that potential entails feeling an all-consuming desire for freedom, and being ready to risk everything in order to achieve freedom. If we wish to embark on a process of introspection, we need to be driven by a free and ardent desire.

The soul does not force us to do anything at the personality level, and it’s the personality that must consciously and freely decide to open up to the soul’s impulse. Nobody is forced to take part in a process of transformation, and we can keep on living at the ego level as long as we want.

There’s nothing wrong with that. except that it’s unsatisfactory and we keep on suffering. The Choice is ours and only ours. Here’s where willpower comes into play. Following the spiritual path calls for determination and courage. because as mentioned before, when the soul manifests itself, the ego devotes all its energy to using its defense mechanism and the inner straggle can be fierce. Only an unbreakable will, reinforced by what a few call ‘faith’. can help us to overcome the difficulties we face along the way.

Indeed, how much time and effort you devote to self transformation and your willpower is directly related to your level of evolution. If you are inwardly prepared to take that step, to put aside your old structures and live more at the soul’s level, you can devote plenty of energy to your process of liberation.

Yet a less evolved person will not really be interested in this kind of work. Instead, they are more likely to keep on building their ego and experiencing their limitations. along with a limited joy and an inevitable suffering. They are unlikely to have any strong intention to undergo a transformation, because it is not the right time for that to happen. Using intention as a motivating force for this transformation may seem simple, but it is not easy, because the ego does not intend to change or call itself into question.

When somebody awakens their true Being/Self, they may experience internal conflicts that are not always conscious ones. What the Being/Self wants is to speed up the transformation process through a radical change in the mechanism of consciousness, while what the ego wants is to maintain the status quo.

Once an individual is aware of the work they have done and is wiling to take part in this work in the context of the soul, methods become very effective. Which method is used does not matter, because what does matter is that a weak intention produces weak results, white a strong one produces powerful results.

By the same measure of intention, an average method can produce good results, while a very good method will give excellent results. On the other hand, without a clear and strong intention, a very good method will not produce lasting results. In a way, the issue at hand is freedom, albeit seen in another light. Indeed, if they key to the success of a process of internal work is not so much the method used to do so, but the will and the right motivation (purity of intention/intensity) of the individual to achieve their desired goal, this means that each human being is free and is fully responsible for creating their own result.

Levels of consciousness

Before beginning this section, it must be clarified that levels of consciousness should not be confused with the different dimensions of the Universe. Dimensions are energy worlds of different vibrational frequency, while levels of consciousness are levels of evolution of consciousness in the human kingdom.

The consciousness’ energy field is invisible and nonlinear. which is why it was never deemed worth studying, except by some enlightened Sages. Yet recent decades have seen some major scientific advances in the study of quantum physics. such as the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and the double-slit experiment, which have prompted scientists to start studying this field. Scientists found that simply watching an experiment changed the result collapsing the electron wave function from potentiality to actuality: therefore. and for the first time ever, the subject of consciousness itself, and intention. became part of scientific debate and research.

Although philosophy and psychology had already explored the mental content of consciousness (the mind), they had not addressed what actually underlies the mind, namely awareness, by which mentalization could be subjectively discerned and experienced. A unique quality of the field of consciousness is seff knowledge. which gives rise to the unique ability to ‘know’. Without awareness, a human being is. but, paradoxically, does not know that it is.

Unlike one’s IQ, one’s individual level of consciousness, which exists from birth, can grow as a result of favorable factors, such as the influence of spiritual Masters and conscious individual work. These factors have a biological influence on brain functions and hemispheric dominance, and also on neural patterns, connectivity and brain chemistry (remember downward causality: from subtle to dense). Thus, the IQ’s importance may be overshadowed by developments in the level of consciousness. which in turn reflects the inherited tendencies. voluntary intent and different choices.

Each level of consciousness represents a predominant energy field as a result of its “attractor field”, which acts in a similar way to magnetic or gravitational fields. They are progressive force fields, and any that represent a degree of energy above a certain level of consciousness.

So the answer to the question “What is the purpose of life in this world?” mainly depends on the level of consciousness and on the brain’s physiology. Broadly speaking, the higher the level of consciousness, the greater the ability to discern the truth, the essence and reality from illusion and from misperceptions. In short, the subjective world of experience is a consequence of the level of consciousness that emerges from within, irrespective of external events.

This means it is impossible to accurately determine the true reality of the world, because it is only experienced as it is perceived. When observed from the highest level of consciousness, the world is perfect as it is, as it offers all the opportunities and possibilities for evolutionary growth.

Therefore, from this vantage point everything that happens is “perfect and necessary” for this purpose and the only valid option is to flow with manifestation. We have already seen that understanding is a consequence of the context, and the level of consciousness itself offers the definitive context in which whatever seems to be dark, becomes obvious.

This layer of attractor fields, according to the corresponding levels of consciousness, provides a new paradigm for recontextualizing human experience throughout time.

Happiness and level of consciousness

All consciousness research experts argue that there is a mathematical equation that everyone should know: Happiness = Level of Consciousness It is easy to see that what drives most people to make decisions is that they want to be happy. The old paradigm sought to convince people that they would be happy if they liked everything around them. Yet things around us always change and if we think of happiness in this way, we will always depend on what happens on the outside, which is beyond our control.

The New Paradigm shows that happiness only lies inside you. In other words, the source of happiness does not lie in events themselves, but in our attitude towards them. It is not in the “when” —”when I have money, when I graduate, when I find a partner”—, but in the “while”, and depends on how connected we are to our inner source.

The challenge is to be happy, irrespective of any external circumstance.

The paradox is that the more we achieve this inner state, the easier our desires are fulfilled. It is as if the Universe responds to our inner attitude in this regard through synchronicities. In many spiritual traditions, this has been referred to as the “state of grace”; a state through which one feels a special connection to the creative power of the Universe.

The proposal therefore is to learn to find inner happiness directly and not through extemal events that are changing and ephemeral by nature.

More detailed description of post-rational levels

What follow are some of the points of views, attitudes. motivations and actual practices that correspond to an individual who opens up to level 4 or to levels 500 onwards.

• You start to see that everything that happens in the Universe is ‘perfect and necessay, but it is from the point of view of souls’ evolution, individually and collectively, but not necessarily, as we all know. from the limited viewpoint of our mind, which has its personal preferences. If everything is perfect and necessary, you start to understand that, in fact, there cannot be any problem. Each event is seen —without stress or resistance— as an opportunity to make further progress, otherwise it would not be happening, because the Cosmos is extremely efficient and does not waste energy.

• You develop an attitude of gratitude towards everything.

• You understand that you and only you generate extemal events, because they are manifested in relation to your needs for growth. So you can regain control by accepting full responsibility for your life and stopping blaming anything or anyone on the outside, as one does from the victim paradigm.

• Motivation changes from material success to conscious growth and serving others.

• You begin to clearly see that the Cosmos has a purpose and the only valid option is to fall in line with it because anything else would not only be ineffective but useless.

• You understand that because the evolutionary purpose of the Universe is not only individual but collective, each soul has a destiny and a mission in each physical experience. That destiny is the sum of experiences that a soul has to have in each lifetime for its own learning and evolution. These events are often difficult and trigger resistance and reactivity, yet have evolutionary value. The mission is vital you contribute to everyone else’s progression and is resolved easily, since it is merely the expression of old learned behaviours.

• You understand that every soul willingly accepts the initial script and set of circumstances that accompany each experience, which are ideal and related mathematically to the specific needs of evolution.
• You understand that, initially, all souls are created innocent and have to move through different hierarchical levels of understanding the truth until they add all the information about the Universe to their consciousness archive so they can finally merge with God, the final source and destination.
• You understand that forgiveness is not only a spiritual mandate, but the only option. You begin to see that there are two levels of forgiveness: one is superficial and another is profound. On the first, you still believe that something or someone “out there° has “done” something to you, but being who you are, you choose to forgive, which really means that you decide not to retaliate or fight back. Profound forgiveness, however, knows that nothing and nobody has really “done° anything to you, but rather that whatever happens to you has been triggered by your own evolutional needs and the external agent involved in manifesting this event is merely a tool of the Cosmos’ evolutionary purpose for everyone’s growth.

• You start to see that all your difficulties stem from the fact that your ego or lower mind puts up resistance against, or fails to flow with the universal plan for the soul’s evolution. Your lower mind sees these events that happen as desirable or undesirable rather than neutral.
• You start shifting from self-identification with the body-mind to self-identification with the soul. negative feelings. In a way, one could say that the quality of our life will be the quality of our thoughts. At lower levels of consciousness, a high proportion of our thoughts arise involuntarily, because the mind works like a radio receiver tuned to the corresponding wave pattern.

• You begin to ‘surrender” your personal will or agenda to the will of the evolutionary purpose of “God”. By doing so, your intentions are much more likely to manifest and you begin to verify the fact that synchronicities begin to happen frequently all around you.

• You also begin to spend less energy since all energy expenditure can be traced back to the failure to “surrender” to the Absolute’s will. All human difficulties have their roots in the divergence between “my” will —preferences, attachments, aversions and so on — and the Absolute’s will for the evolution of the soul (individually and collectively).

• You begin relying on your intuition. Human beings, as already explained, have four bodies —five if one takes into account the mystical states— for processing inputs. You can sense, feel, reason and intuit. We have seen that intuition is associated with the highest body in vibration.

Intuition is experienced as an ability to directly take in information, without going through the linear logical processes in which the rational mind is involved. It is the only tool with which we can experience —not just “know about”— nonlinear realities.

“Left brain” oriented people find it hard to trust intuition: it is not that they can’t distinguish it from reason, but they can’t distinguish it from instinct without some training.

People know very well when they are reasoning or thinking, if only by the fact that they use energy and get tired, and because it is a sequential process A leads to B, which in turn leads to C. But instincts appear in a much faster and direct way, as intuition does, grasping reality directly without any sequential process.

Mostly everyone understands the evolutionary advantage of reason over instinct, so most educational systems have trained us to ‘filter” our instincts through our reason, and most of us have learned that to use reason produces better results than not using it. Moreover, all scales of consciousness appear to show that living from reason is a necessary evolutionary step in the progression of consciousness than living from instincts and emotions.

Upon observation you learn that the best way to distinguish intuition (that can be trusted) from instinct (that should be filtered) is by the presence of a feeling of peace and certainty when understanding arrives through intuition. because it is manifested from a higher vibrational energy field or ‘attractor than reason. Broadly speaking, here are some of the things to expect when you are growing in consciousness and begin to enter into these higher levels:

• You want to ‘serves more and ‘get’ less.

• You become less fearful, anxious or needy.

• Your mind becomes more lingrippecr. and focuses less on materiality.

• You need less time to let go of stuff.

• People or things that used to bring conflict no longer do.

• You begin to have more experiences of the miraculous (synchronicities).

• Everything that happens is not seen as a problem, but as a gift, an opportunity to grow.

• You become more discerning but less judgmental —when you discem, you don’t attach any emotional baggage as you do when you judge.

• Conflicts begin to resolve themselves.

• Intuition develops further.

• You become calmer and lose interest in activities or entertainment that you enjoyed before.

• You prefer to talk about growth and all other issues become less important.

• You don’t get carried away by gossip as before.

• You start to not want to change people or things as much. You develop more acceptance.

• You perceive the world and everything in it as a perfect creation of God.

• Your emotional body begins to calm down.

• You’re more interested in context than in content.

• You stop talking rubbish about things and people.

• You begin to need more quiet time by yourself.

• You flow more with the energy of Creation and learn to use it in your progress.

• You become gentler to avoid causing emotional damage to others.

• You learn to respect all living beings as God’s creatures.

Energy level 400: Reason

Intelligence and rationality rise to the forefront when the emotionalism of the lower levels is transcended. Reason is capable of handling large, complex amounts of data and making fast, correct decisions; of understanding the intricacies of relationships, gradations, and subtle differences; and expert handling of symbols as abstract concepts becomes increasingly important.

When people begin to understand the link between how higher consciousness is been raised when they raise their inner vibrational frequencies, and through spiritual transformation they begin to increase levels of consciousness. Left brain keeping humankind suppressed under the level of 200, and by transformation and activation of right brainhemisphere their consciousness numbers is increasing, and at 1000 they become totally enlighten or Masters or GURU:S.

This world Mankind is trapped don´t want people to understand how they can spiritually progress beyond the left brain imprisonment or go beyond the famous “The Matrix”.

THe Rulers of this world don´t want people or the masses progress beoynd their control. The Archons and Reptilians rules Planet Earth 3rd dimensional ego-perception, and therefore feeding this mind with psychologicala propaganda, mind control, brainwashing, predictable programming, media, televison, music, and movie industry. The Rulers owns or controls every company that can control or affect your five senses (seeing, readning, listening, watching, hearing senses), and they bombarding the daily ego-consciousness with information to keep it in a state of capavity and fear based low vibrational frequencies. This keeping the masses under the control of left brain.

They have ruled Earth in this way for eons, for att least 5000 thousends years, and it may so long as 25.000 years, so its take some courage and power to break through these low frequency walls och piercing the veil of ignorance.

A Map of Consciousness

Text Source: “A new paradigm of reality?”

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