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World Health Organization (WHO) and their Serpent logo, the medical meaning with serpent and sword King Arthur (The sword (Excalibur) indeed is the sword of spirit.) The meaning of number 19, The number 19 gives a sense of urgency. If 19 is in the physical there will come all kinds of physical tests of endurance. The ancients called 19 the vibration of – surrender. The ancients called 19 the “Prince of Heaven,” where the “prince” symbolizes the Sun. Chakra five is represented by planet Saturn, throat chakra or fifth chakra is related to what hear with your “hearing sense”, and fifth chakra controls all communications.

The sword which is used in the medical logo has the same symbolic meaning as the sword — Excalibur — mentioned in the story of King Arthur. The sword of King David is shown to be inserted inside a stone. The sword (Excalibur) indeed is the sword of spirit. Only the One who will take this sword out of the stone will be worthy to be the King. It is offered to all who would like to take up the challenge. But only the One who can take the sword out of the stone is the Anointed One.

The kundalini, which is the spiritual force in the human, is like a sleeping serpent within the first spiritual center (controls solid factor, stone) in the human body. This first center is the very bottom of the central energy current (passageway) which is connected to the two other currents in the spine. When the kundalini has not been raised. no spiritual realization can be gained. and man is a rational animal. Therefore the sword of the spirit (Excalibur) cannot be used. This process has been symboliztd by Excalibur being planted inside the stone (latent spiritual forces).

The kundalini should be raised. which is symbolized by taking the Excalibur out of the stone. Then the two-edged snook of spirit can be used for a great puipose or His Will. Such a person becomes an instrument for God or King Arthur. As the intention (spiritual energy) is directed toward mundane life and the external world. the sword is useless and is engrossed into the stone (first chakra).

But when intention or spiritual energies are directed to-ward things higher than mundanity. then the sword. with His Grace. will be loosened up (raising of the kundalini) and will become a double-edged sword of truth which will cut through the falsity. and its owner will become a Knight (Elect).

As it was said. to take the sword out of the stone and to become the King was offered to all. That is why many mighty men answered the call and took up the challenge. But none of them succeeded. Then Arthur. the Anointed One, a humble man. only through His Grace. was able to take the sword out and proclaim himself the rightful owner of the title of King. It was through him, the Anointed One. who was a channel for God to radiate His truth and Grace, that the other mighty men became unified and the Round Table became possible.

Numerology of the number 19

In 19/1, the 1 is the self. The 9 is everyone else. The root is 1, the self again. Translated, the 1 uses power over the others for selfish gain—thinking only of how it can use others for selfish reasons. It may be in a past life you took undue advantage of people. This was a misuse of personal power that you will be tested on in this lifetime. The 9 is not just other people, it is the emotional and dramatic part of you. The number 19 gives a sense of urgency.

The other reconstructive number is the 19. It is called “The Collector of Customs,” for this number vibration means that we will pay in full. It is the endurance vibration, or number of a test incarnation. It brings everything to a focus, winds up old Karmic accounts and starts anew. If 19 is in the physical there will come all kinds of physical tests of endurance. Only when we can do ten times more physical than anyone around us, and do it uncomplainingly, have we won. How much can we stand? The 19 makes us learn to stand all that our highest desires demand. If our desires call for strong physical endurance, then 19 sets the situation from which we cannot escape until we have paid in full measure, pressed down and running over. When 19 is in the.soul vibration our test will be with both life and death. The 19 leads us’to the edge of the grave and teaches us to look acrocs death to life, and from loss to gain. Our hearts are tried until we can merge all our consciousness into the 10 or the 1 plus; and looking _neither .backvard nor forward, just walk on—letting life do its best or its worst. The ancients called 19 the vibration of – surrender.

The ancients called 19 the “Prince of Heaven,” where the “prince” symbolizes the Sun. 19 comprises both the first and last single-digits, 1 and 9, and represents a vibration of initiation, because you’ll be pushed to stand on your own two feet having accessed the gamut of wisdom contained within the 1 and the 9. Thus you may attract many changes and shifts in your life that require you to start from scratch.

The number 19

An intriguing, yet highly speculative, correlation may exist with the number 19 and some earlier goddess and lunar-orientated societies. For eample if you think of it as an ancient lunar observatory or temple, also has a possible connection with the number 19 in terms of a cycle of years. Every 18.61 years a rather rare astronomical phenomenon called ‘the southern extreme of the major standstill’ occurs. The Greeks said the sun god of the north, ‘whom they called the Hyperborean Apollo, visited the northern temple of the moon goddess once every 19 years, a mythic expression of the coincidence of solar and lunar calendars.

Books teaching that the third chakra is linked to the Atlantean Root Race, and from other teachings we learn the energy within the third chakra and Solar Plexus is also known as “Vril Energy”

⦁ Ideally, the solar plexus sends its energies to the heart chakra.
⦁ The second chakra sends them to the throat chakra.
⦁ The first chakra sends the energies to the crown chakra.

The third chakra is particularly related to the heart and third eye chakra. These three form a triangle of energies in the human body, according to Djwhal Khul. There is a down flow of energy from the soul to the third eye, to the heart, which affects the solar plexus, which again stimulates the heart chakra. The solar plexus chakra is a reflection in the personality of the “heart of the sun.” It is the central factor in the heart of the personality, for those below the probationary path. It is the astral body into the outer world. It is the chakra of desire.

The All Seeing Eye within a Triangle may be represented by the connection between the third chakra, heart chakra and third eye chakra.

Throat chakra, according to Djwhal Khul, is found at the back of the neck reaching up into the medulla oblongata, involving the carotid gland, and down towards the shoulder blades. It is a very powerful and well-developed chakra of average humanity. It is ruled astrologically by Saturn. Throat chakra is also the fifth chakra and represents the “hearing sense”.

The Atlanteans used an advanced form of hypnosis in which complex detailed visuals were projected into a person’s brain, either knowingly or not. By doing this, thoughts could be influenced, as could memory banks. Near the decline of Atlantis, the dark priesthood was involved in control over others. They used crystal power to create pestilences and diseases to kill people by projecting holographically the images, fears, concepts, etc., they wanted to impress on people. They experimented on the populace.

Chakra five is the “hearing sense” and controls all communications, and the “Prince of the Air” controls the eather medium of Air (phones, radio, tv, satellites, and the RFID chip will be linked to the eather medium.

Connected with the throat chakra are the color blue, the note G, the sound HAM, the element Ether, and the planet Saturn.

Saturn is the airy planet and is associated with the Visuddha Chakra or the Throat chakra, some mention this chakra is related to the “Dog Star” Sirius.

Surely, they don’t want us to know. They do it, because the more they’re feeding that information into the subconscious mind the more that is becoming the future reality of the subconscious mind which then becomes the manifested reality of the conscious mind. It’s like putting information into a computer and then pressing enter and it comes up on the screen.

What we are dealing with is a force hidden from human sight that understands how reality operates, how we interact with it, and how we create it. It is a set up in society through its control of science — not least through funding and peer pressure and all the other stuff that goes on. Through the media and what we bravely call education, which is keeping from people this understanding of reality.

Thus, if you know how “reality” works and know how you can manipulate people to perceive the reality you want is what is played behind the scenes. All the stuff they put in movies and television programs is far ahead of what they’re seeking to create. You know the reality that we’re experiencing here every day. You stand and look into the night sky and you see all those lights, all those planets and stars – billions of light years away. What you are seeing exists in that form only or in a few cubic centimeters at the back of your brain where the brain decodes information in electrical form through an illusory physical reality which is actually holographic.

So, if you want to bring down this whole conspiracy, to its real bottom line, it is about what controls those few centimeters at the back of your brain. That’s because if they do it by programming your sense of reality, you will perceive and thus manifest your individual and collective experience of what they have programmed you to decode and manifest. They’ve proven that humans are builders, designers, creators, so they simply program us to manufacture what they want for private gains and control — it’s all happening below our radar.

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