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When we only identify with our ego—or outer conscious personality—we become off-balance and our lives lack meaning. Since our ego can’t come anywhere near the resourcefulness of our Real Self, it’s inevitable that we will feel frightened and insecure.

The Ego’s Cooperation With or Obstruction of the Real Self. As we make our way along our path of self-realization, these words can act like a spiritual bulldozer for the barriers we encounter in our psyche. For at some point, we will come to a crossroads. What we are now facing is a very old inner landscape that is littered with our fears: fear of death, fear of life, fear of pleasure, fear of feelings, fear of giving up control, fear of being real, and the like.

The Ego’s Cooperation With or Obstruction of the Real Self. As we make our way along our path of self-realization, these words can act like a spiritual bulldozer for the barriers we encounter in our psyche. For at some point, we will come to a crossroads. What we are now facing is a very old inner landscape that is littered with our fears: fear of death, fear of life, fear of pleasure, fear of feelings, fear of giving up control, fear of being real, and the like.

As we make our way along our path of self-realization, these words can act like a spiritual bulldozer for the barriers we encounter in our psyche. For at some point, we will come to a crossroads. What we are now facing is a very old inner landscape that is littered with our fears: fear of death, fear of life, fear of pleasure, fear of feelings, fear of giving up control, fear of being real, and the like. It’s already taken some genuine fortitude to come this far and see that this is what we’ve been covering up.

Such fears have been hiding all along in the darkness of our psyche. To our surprise and dismay, this is where we’re at. And now that we’re more aware of our many fears, we automatically start to feel the effect they are having on our life: What they make us do and how they make us pull back from life.

No wonder we have this vague feeling we’re missing out on life. We are. We literally fear the creative process of living and therefore we miss out on it. It’s time we find the common denominator behind all our fears so we can start unwinding the unnecessary cycles of fear, frustration and pain. If we have embarked on a path of self-discovery but haven’t yet found our fears, don’t worry, it will happen. It must.

Then, when we see how we’ve been hiding from life because of our fears, these words can be applied retroactively to smooth the way. Let them plant a seed now that will bear fruit when the whole of your being is ready to see and resolve the problems in your life. And make no mistake, coping with our (ears is the main problem we all face in life.

The nature of all our fears is that we misunderstand the function of our ego and how It relates to our Real Self. The problem we face In sorting out this relationship Is that It’s extremely subtle and therefore hard to put into words. What’s more, as with all truths in life, it’s chock full of apparent contradictions. That is, at least as long as we are steeped in duality.

Once we get over the hump of thinking and living in a dualistic way, then two opposites can become equally true. And as we’ll see, this applies to the ego and Its relationship to the Real self. For example, it’s true to say that the ego’s exaggerated strength is the biggest hurdle to living a productive life. It’s also true to say that a weak ego can’t possibly create a healthy life.

These are not opposites, people. They are both true. Before going on, It’s important we stress that humanity’s plight of being unhappy is primarily due to our Ignorance about our Real Self. Knowing it exists, as many of the more enlightened people do, is not the same as experiencing it—as living from there. If we had been educated to realize that the goal in life is to reach the place deep within—that this is infinitely better than the ego—we might explore and experiment and seek communication with our core. And voila, we would reach our Real self.

But alas, this Is not the case. Instead, we go through life becoming more and more limited in our understandings and our goals. We ignore the idea that there is more to us than our ego. And even when we do manage to acknowledge that such a thing exists, we forget during ninety-five percent of our daily lives that this being lives and moves In us, and we live and move In It. we completely forget It exists! In our ignorance, we fail to reach out for its wisdom. instead, we stake our whole lives on our limited outer ego, never opening to the truths and feelings of our deeper selves.

We blithely go about living as though there’s nothing but the conscious mind of our ego-self, with its pushy self-will and immediately available thoughts. With such an attitude, we unwittingly shortchange ourselves by a lot.

In this land of cause and effect, there are several consequences for our forgetfulness. First, there’s a question of identification.

When we only identify with our ego—or outer conscious personality—we become off-balance and our lives lack meaning. Since our ego can’t come anywhere near the resourcefulness of our Real Self, it’s inevitable that we will feel frightened and insecure. And that describes the majority of human beings.

Fear of Death

Let’s come back to those fears we mentioned. As we said, they come Into being when we remain ignorant, living with false ideas and staying separated from our Real Self. Lees look more closely at the fear of death. since this casts such a pall over everyone’s life. If were mostly identified with our ego, our fear of death makes sense.

After all, the ego does indeed die. If we haven’t yet experienced the truth of our Inner being, Just making this statement might strike a chord of fear in us. It’s frightening for the very reason that so many people’s sense of self stops at the edge of their ego. Yet, for anyone who has activated their Real Self and made it a daily reality, they are no longer afraid of death. such a person feels and knows their immortal nature. we become filled with a reality that can only be one long continuum.

That is, after all, the inherent nature of the Real Self. The limited logic of the ego is not able to explain or even comprehend this. what happens when we give the ego an undue Importance In our sense of being alive? it gets scared and sets up a vicious circle. For if we can’t conceive of a reality beyond our limited ego, hearing that our ego-faculties might end will frighten us.

It’s only when we’ve experienced the stark reality of the Real Self that we realize how insufficient the ego is. Then we’ll know perfectly well that the ego is Inferior and fleeting, and we’ll be Ane with that.

Fear of death, then, must only exist when our sense of self is attached exclusively to our ego-self. At this stage we may not yet be able to experience the truth of our Real Self. And while intellectual understanding is a good start. Just knowing of Its existence won’t do a thing to alleviate our fear. we must go further if we hope to do away with our fear of death. We will need to actualize the Real Self, and this requires passing through certain stages of personal self-development.

If we’ve attached our sense of identity to our ego, fear of life is justified. For the capacity of the ego to cope with life is dismal. In fact, the ego is downright insufficient in the area of living a productive life, leaving us feeling uncertain, insecure and highly inadequate. The Real Self, on the other hand, always has answers. This universal self is a solution-making machine, no matter the problem we’re faced with.

Any old experience then, regardless of how futile it may seem at first, can become a meaningful stepping stone that leads to expansion.

The Real Self builds on our inherent potentials, making us feel more alive, deeply fulfilled and steadily stronger. These are things that no one can say about the ego.

The ego gets easily tripped up in apparently unsolvable problems and conflicts. It’s totally adapted to the level of duality, where everything is this versus that, right versus wrong, black versus white, good versus bad. And this is a really bad way to approach most of life’s troubles.

Apart from the fact that truth cannot be found by looking at one side as black and the other as white, it leaves out a lot of other considerations.

The ego is stuck at the level of duality and can go no further, so it’s not capable of bringing into harmony the truth that lives on both ends of any opposite.

As such, the ego is horrible at finding solutions, making it feel perpetually trapped and anxious. All in all, identifying only with the ego will automatically create a pile of fear in our wake.

These teachings are rich and powerful. it’s worth taking the time to study them deeply, sentence by sentence, and meditate on them. We should consider how to make use of this material, not just by understanding it theoretically, but by also seeking out that part of ourselves that is eternal. To know this wonderful, truly adequate part of ourselves is our birthright.

And given how valuable such connection is, it makes sense that it won’t come easy or cheap. The price we must pay comes in the form of making the effort to overcome our resistance and laziness, and giving up our artificial means of escape.

The other thing we must do is explore the conditions that make it possible to connect with our Real Self. In short, our ego must become compatible with our Real Self.

We’ll need to have the courage to find our own truth, for the Real Self is not beholden to outer laws of morality. We must find our own inner compass rather than simply give our allegiance to public opinion, society or an outer authority.

The ego then is not being asked to submit, for submission happens from a cowardly place of fear and greed. And we’re also not condemning outer morality. We are only saying that outer morality is not the driver for true inner morality. The Real Self holds exacting standards of real morality that are of a far deeper nature.

How Unconscious Negativity Stops the Ego from Surrendering

We have been looking at the relationship between our ego-consciousness and universal intelligence. when we are primarily functioning from our ego, we are going to be out of balance and mired in problems. We can also turn this around and state that if we have inner problems, we will inevitably be unbalanced and enmeshed in outer conflicts. No matter which direction we come at this from, it always adds up the same:

The ego has to learn to let go of itself. A boatload of intellectual knowledge about the role the limited ego plays relative to the Real Self won’t help us much. We must find a new approach inside ourselves that makes it possible to let go In a healthy, harmonious way. Let’s shed some new light on this important topic.

When the ego operates in a vacuum, without replenishing itself at the inner source where our life force flows freely, it dries up, starves and withers. Literally, if left to handle the business of living without the benefit of support from the Real Self, the ego dies off.

This shines a new light on the process of death, looking at it from this point of view. This source of life is the universal self that dwells at the heart of every soul. When we incarnate, our spiritual being condenses into the coarse matter that this material world is made up of.

Such a condensation into matter happens because a separated part of the overall consciousness—the part we call the ego—is disconnected from the whole, from the universal self. This disconnectedness causes the ego state, which in turn results in this material life. And that is how we come to this experience of the cycles of life and death. if any of us overcomes separation, we are released from the process of dying.

When we no longer fear letting go of ourselves—from our ego—a reconnection with the universal forces becomes possible. This is not something to hope for in the hereafter. It can take place at any time, in any place, since it’s a question of our state of consciousness.

God or the Universal Self wants to express its highest potential through the human body. The main qualities of the Self are love, happiness, stillness, courage, praise, creativity, etc.; and the highest form of expression occurs through the bodies that are ready. Those that are not, are under the influence of wrong tendencies and they express the ego.

The biggest hurdle between the Self and the body is the ego. In spiritual terms, ‘ego’ means the sense of a separate identity; the sense of apparent separateness from the rest of Creation as well as the Creator. Due to presence of this primary ego, man remains deprived of the highest knowledge and expression. For the devotee, it is important that he express the qualities of the Self and not of the ego (the false ‘I’).

The devotee has to win over the ego with love and not by fighting it. This is possible only if he gives the highest priority to devotion. First of all, he will have to quiet the ego with love. It is not so easy to quiet the ego because it says, “Why am I being told to be quiet? I am important!” But when the mind realizes the pure intention and love behind this, it becomes ready to surrender the ego.

The Archons control the Matrix, and the Archons using all forms of emotion-thought based fear concepts to keep mankind enslaved and imprisoned within the Matrix, and fear of death is the strongest of them.

The Bible, God’s instruction book for humanity, tells us that all `through fear of death have been living all their lives as slaves to constant dread’ [Hebrews 2:15;]. It says every human being is a slave to the fear of death. We live in a constant dread of it.

Fear of Death and Immortality

“The Fulcrum of human fear psychology—the epicenter—is the fear of death. You have fear of death because it is an unknown process. The ego fears its discontinuity, its non-existence. The ego cannot fully accept the idea of immortality for it really does not exist outside of this illusionary reality.

The ego knows it for sure and fears death, the death of this human body, yet this fear acts as the food for its own survival till death. Eradicating the fear of death involves mastery over ‘death in every moment: A thought arises and dies out.

The ego learns to capture your attention by jumping from thought to thought, in a sea of emotions and by jumping between past and future times. Death is like a game where every thought becomes a winning point. One more thought survived.

The ego pulls out more and more of them from the subconscious, reacts to each stimulus from the external environment, pushes you to ‘work’ hard for the survival of this mind-body system and everything that is impermanent. All the fears created by the ego are illusionary. Actually it only fears the Witness, the present moment, Enlightenment and the concept of immortality!

Once you become aligned WITH any of these ideas, slowly the ego los-es its battle. The ego is deprived of its usual weapons of time, illusions, fears and death. In the death of the ego or rather the transformation of this illusionary ‘monkey ego’ to the permanent Divine Self, you over-come the basis of all fears—the fear of death, the fear of the unknown, the fear of God, the fear of Truth and the fear of fear itself!

We don’t need any symbols along our path, even if we may have used many up until now. This is because if we use symbols, we are handing over our own power to them. Often, our world is full of symbols that we consciously or unconsciously “worship.” At first we may have “worshipped” material things in the external world. We made cars, houses, people, or money our symbols and false gods.

Then we turned away from the material path and started to look inside ourselves for answers. In doing so we often exchanged material goods for intangible ones. Perhaps we worshiped sacred symbols in this way. But even such symbols are nothing more than effigies to which we hand over our power. Our ego-based mind will tell us that by ourselves, we cannot make it hack to our Buddha-nature, that we are weak and need help. But after we have made a certain amount of progress in our practice. we need neither Buddha statues, nor saints, nor alters, nor incense, nor teachers or masters. nor other effigies or symbols for our path. Even if we believe that we arc not using any symbols, our ego-based mind is still trying to cling to such old ideas.

In this way it will even cling to the concepts of emptiness and no-mind. It is only we who project traits onto symbols. Let us therefore take back our own power, let us be strong without symbols. they only needlessly prolong the path. In truth, we have all the power in us which we need for the path. We need only ourselves, our connection with the emptiness. and our own willingness to work on ourselves and deal with our deep-rooted old ideas.

Life and death We will come quite close to our Buddha-nature, but will not be able to move forward if we have not dealt profoundly, at least once, with the subject of death and dying. This concept is the very foundation on which the ego-based mind rests. If we can get to the heart of it, we will no longer fear death. I low can we overcome our fear of death?

Actually. the question is: why do we still cling to the illusion that we must die? In Zen, it is said that one must surrender oneself in order to be able to experience liberation. Erroneously. this state in Zen is traditionally called The Great Death-. The ego-based mind naturally grasps at this illusion.

Life and death are real for us so long as we cling to our ego.

Who taught us the concept of life and death?

It’s been explained to us that the price of life is death. But that’s not true. Neither life nor death exists. Let us remember what we have experienced during zazen. Have we not transcended our thoughts, feelings and bodies?

We have released everything that the ego was clinging to and overcame the ego in meditation. It has thus already died once. And nonetheless we returned from the state of no-mind back into our bodies. What have we felt outside our body and apart from our thoughts and feelings? We were already there beyond life and death, even though we were perhaps unaware of this. Neither life nor death exists, just being. In meditation, we ultimately simply were. We have felt the infinity and immortality of the emptiness.

How can we persist in clinging to the concept of We and death? There is only being, nothing else. When our learning in this world is finished, we will lay down our bodies and continue to exist We are not our bodies, nor our emotions, thoughts, or ego. We are spiritual beings who arc immortal. The concept of life and death can therefore exist only if we are under the delusion that we are our bodies.

“The concept of life and death can therefore exist only if we are under the delusion that we are our bodies.”

Its the ego who creates or feeds the concept of fear of death and its the same ego who want´s everyone to identify themselves with their body-identity

Your fear of death will be replaced with the joy of life. Awareness of your glorious perfection will undo the false concepts of egotism and pride.

Death is an illusionary concept and can only appear real in the illusionary dualistic world of separation.

The old age that is passing away is not just a period of time. It is a personality. At the foundation of this age lies a malevolent mind. In its essence, the age is personal and evil (Gal. 1:4). It is the diabolical mind of Satan, and it blankets humanity like a fog. It is a philosophical stupor that is continually projected into the thinking of men. It is a mental anesthetic by which humanity blithely conforms to the will of Satan. It creates within all people the fear of death. In the matter of Job, Satan revealed the essence of his mental venom: “Skin for skin! Yes, all that a man has he will give for his life” (Job 2:4 NASU). In Hebrews 2:14-15 we are told that the devil holds men in slavery all their lives by the fear of death. This is therefore the fundamental means by which Satan has become the God of this world. Satan is the God and king of every man controlled by fear. And of course fear is also the foundation of greed and man’s quest for power. In the new age there is no need for greed or for power as God is sovereign and his blessings enable supernatural provision for every need (Phil. 4:19).

Death … transition, form, time. survival, fear, loss. change

In the illusionary dream world of separation, an eternal life is impossible because we identify who we are with a temporary form . our body. In an illusionary world of duality the mind created everything as separate. impermanent. decaying. constantly changing. and continuously dying. When we believe we are a physical body. ego identity. or soul personality. death is a constant threat.

The constant threat of death is what makes the separation so frightening and surviving this inevitable outcome so all pervasive. When we believe that we can die. we put our faith in what will inevitably bring us hopelessness and fear … we do not live at all. When death is our enemy, we live out all our days protecting ourselves from the threat of the many forms of loss.

We are constantly protecting ourselves from the threat of death . we exist in a state of survival and fear. When we spend our days surviving the threat of death we are not fully alive. It is impossible to be fully present and fully alive and simultaneously fearful of death … the fear of death is only possible w hen the mind entersjudgment the past, and the future. All fear dissolves when we become fully present, absolutely neutral, and aware of the infinite beauty of the now moment.

To believe in death is to believe in a reality that is impermanent, that has a beginning and an end. that is fleeting, limited. that can be destroyed and threatened. Death is just a made up belief in limitation, impermanence. structure, and form.

Death is just a box the mind chooses to believe, yet has nothing to do with Truth or Reality.

The limited box we call death. is a prison that robs the mind of the choice to live a life of unlimited joy. eternal love, and permanent freedom. Death is an illusionary concept and can only appear real in the illusionary dualistic world of separation.

Death is a made up concept within the separation that tells us that something can end, die, be threatened, or lost … that life is limited to what the five senses can perceive, and if we cannot perceive it with the five senses it is not real or it is gone. In Reality you never die … who you truly are is eternally alive, who you are is Life itself. Even within the illusion your awareness continues after physical death and you live. love. experience. grow. and evolve in the illusionary etheric realm just as you did when you dwelled in the physical realm.

The concept of fear of death keeps the ego alive and at same time keeps Your real Divine Higher Self asleep.

In Christianity, the concept of the immortal soul allows for the survival of individual identity even after death. … contrary, the total loss of individuality that eliminates the fear of death.

Self-expression involves the concept of ego-preservation. In its broadest sense it includes the individual’s endeavor to seek means of gratification, self-preservation, and ways of overcoming fear, including the fear of death. Individual, yet gregarious, man has a continuing need to readapt his person, his society, and his culture to changes in nature, in society, and in self so as to achieve equilibrium sufficient to maintain life. This continuing and necessary readaptation, however, demands a fundamental conformity, a denial of self, a sacrifice through selflessness.

If you understand that love is life’s reality, and that grace is all pervasive, you will also realise that your reality is love, and that freedomexists when you are united with the giver of grace — Divine Will. The development of the ego has manufactured a defensive world, full of anxiety, compulsion, insecurity, projection, and all those neuroses that psychologists enjoy theorising about. As you seek love by practising it, these masks can be released. With them go previous definitions of pleasure. Instead of attachment to this or that, you begin to find love in more and more of the human and natural world. You begin to appreciate creation in all its forms. The practice of love creates the conditions for surrender to Truth; it frees the body’s energy, allows it to become a chalice for omnipresent love, and provides liberation to bliss. The practice of conscious surrender supports that process. It proposes:

⦁ God, not self, is the doer.
⦁ Acts are done for God, not self.
⦁ The results of actions are God’s, not self s.

The life fear and the death fear : The problem of separation is expressed specifically in the concepts of “ life fear ” and “ death fear

Who is creating and feeding all these concepts; fear of loss, fear of death, feeding body-identity, and feeding separation concepts – the answer is the EGO, EGO, EGO, EGO.

The more you are identified with ego, the greater you will fear death.

“There’s only one thing I can think of that’s worse than death: that’s living with the fear of it.”

The human ego is afraid for silence, and one the weapons the ego is using is to create a constant chattering voice or constant sounds of interference. Therefore the goal with yoga and meditation is to shut off the ego-shattering voice

It is true that on the threshold of silence we often experience fear. It is the ego that is afraid. In the panoramic attention that you devote to choiceless awareness, the ego is not allowed to occupy center stage, where it thinks it belongs, and it begins to wonder what it will be like in silence, where it won’t be present at all. This fear resembles the fear of death, because entering into silence is a temporary death for the ego. The great silence would be its permanent death. Naturally it is afraid.

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