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When Masons initiate a new lodge, for instance, they have a specific ceremony that invokes four elemental deities (earth, wind, fire, water) to bless the new lodge. According to Leadbetter, he had personally summoned these deities, and they appeared before those present at these ceremonies. “Four brothers of Horus: earth (face of man), ox or bull (water), lion (air), eagle (fire).

“Science, Magic and Money” , Roman Empire, Nimrod, This early system of banking began in Babylon where the “gods demanded gold and silver, Under the tight control of the rulers, Babylonian money consisted of clay-tablet letters of credit drawn on the surpluses of state goods.

“Science, Magic and Money” , Roman Empire, Nimrod, This early system of banking began in Babylon where the “gods demanded gold and silver, Under the tight control of the rulers, Babylonian money consisted of clay-tablet letters of credit drawn on the surpluses of state goods. This Babylonian monetary system was widespread. Mammon and Id rule our world. That is the formula devised by the Old World Order. People´s ignorance is the global elite´s safety valve. If you want to raise the quality of the human race, the last thing you would ever do is keep pandering to the Id. Capitalism does exactly that.

Underworld Gods: Hades, Satan, Tartarus, Lucifer, Anubis, Osiris, Thoth, Varuna, Manannán Mac Lir, Mictlantecuhtli, Erebus, Ptah, Nergal, Pluto

Thoth was the god of the underworld, Osiris was Thoth.

More frequently, you will come across one of the ancient Egyptian deities, such as OSIRIS, adored throughout Egypt, who has been clued as “king of the dead” or “god of the underworld”; the sacred bull of Memphis, APIS, is an embodiment of Osiris. Other deities are his wife and sister ISIS, who holds a flail and a crook and who has been clued as “horned” or as “cow-headed” or as “fertility goddess” or as “goddess of creation”; PTAH (or PHTAH), the Egyptian god of creation and patron of artisans, who was the chief deity of Memphis; HORUS, a god of the sun, the son of Osiris and Isis and who is hawk- or falcon-headed; and SET, originally a warlike god and the symbol of darkness or evil and enemy of Osiris; one of his forms is as a hippopotamus. Other Egyptian deities are ATON or ATEN, a god of the sun; THOTH, the god of reason, wisdom, magic, and the moon.

THOTH, the god of reason- Illuminati´s founder Weishaupt wanted replace relgions with one of Reason. This reason may be “Thoth”.

The god Thoth was the personification of the intelligence of the whole company of the gods. This may be same concept of belief found in Freemasons and worship ogfThe Great Architect of Universe

Like the Egyptian moon – god Thoth. The Moon is control of “Time”

The god Thoth or Hermes was the moon god, who was the god of time and of its divisions.

When Masons initiate a new lodge, for instance, they have a specific ceremony that invokes four elemental deities (earth, wind, fire, water) to bless the new lodge. According to Leadbetter, he had personally summoned these deities, and they appeared before those present at these ceremonies. “Four brothers of Horus: earth (face of man), ox or bull (water), lion (air), eagle (fire).

God of the underworld”; the sacred bull of Memphis, APIS, is an embodiment of Osiris.

Apis is given the task of threshing grain in the Underworld, an obvious reflection of the role of oxen in Egyptian agriculture, as seen, for example, in paintings like that in the tomb of Menna at Thebes. However, a more elevated existence in the Hereafter is usually attributed to Apis. Following concepts about the rank of the dead pharaoh in the Underworld, Apis, upon dying, becomes the god Osiris. It is the sacred bull of Memphis in his form Osiris-Apis that provides the Egyptian element in the nature of the hybrid god created under the early Ptolemaic rulers known as Sarapis.

Osiris was regularly identified with the bull Apis of Memphis and the bull Mnevis of Heliopolis . … worshipped at MEMPHIS as an incarnation of OSIRIS and the second life of PTAHSEKER , the god of the underworld of MEMPHIS …

The bull, representing both water and the moon

The moon is a bull and the moon culminates in the bull

Like the Egyptian moon – god Thoth. The Moon is control of “Time”

The first of these is the bull; this is a very important figure in the mythologies of the whole world. The horns of the bull and the horns of the Moon are equated. The Moon is that celestial sphere that dies and is resurrected. It car-ries its own death within it; the principle represented in the Moon is that power of life that conquers death. The bull symbolizes that lunar character, and thus, since the Moon is the sacrificial planet, the bull becomes the sacrificial animal.

Taurus is represented by the planet Y in our solar system. Y is an undiscovered planet beyond Pluto and the next to last planet in our solar system. The bull is the symbol for Taurus. Taurus represents the throat in the human body. Taurus holds and supports the established family structure, its purpose is to provide a home for its family. Taurus likes luxury and open space.

In physical terms , Taurus rules the neck and throat ; it is also connected to the lymphatic system of the human body , and the metabolizing of energy.

Saturn in Aries operates as a tendency towards the setting up of rigorous ego structures and boundaries through which the enthusiastic creative energies must pass or else remain unexpressed and stagnant .

The name, “Marduk” is interesting because Marduk is the name of the head Babylonian god and wore the horns of a bull. Marduk is associated with Bel and Baal in Canaan who were also associated with or imaged as a bull. Bulls have horns like a crescent Moon. Also, the Bible represents the power of a ruler as a horn. Planet-X comes from the direction of Taurus. Taurus means “bull” in Latin and is represented on the Zodiac as a bull with horns. Nibiru must look like the horns of a bull at times when it appears as a crescent inside Earth’s orbit.

Nimrod may also have gone by the name Marduk. The name of Marduk , the chief god of Babylon.

Osiris; one of his forms is as a hippopotamus

Odin – W-Odin or Woden/Wodan

Of the many Norse and Teutonic divinities, the most frequent in crosswords is ODIN, also known as WODEN, WODIN, or WODAN (and as WOTAN in Richard Wagner’s music-drama, “The Ring of the Nibelungs”). He is sometimes clued as one-eyed. His wife is FRIGG (anglicized as FRIGGA), and in “The Ring” is called FRICKA. He rides on his eight-legged steed, SLEIPNER, and lives in his great hall,

VALHALLA, which is within ASGARD, the capital city of the realm of the Norse gods. It is accessible only by a rainbow bridge, BIFROST (or Waist), which connects it to Midgard, the middle world. One will also encounter THOR, often clued as the god of thunder, who was Odin’s eldest son, and FREYA, usually identified with Frigga (above), and in “The Ring” is her sister, FREIA. Then there are the nine virgin VALKYRIES, daughters of Odin and Erda, who were Odin’s messengers and warrior-maidens. ERDA is often referred to as the earth goddess. A mythological character useful for crosswords (it is short and has two vowels) is LOGI, and in Wagner’s “Ring” is LOGE, the personification of fire. Close in construction, but an entirely different character, is the crafty LOKI, associated with mischief, trickery, and magic. Puzzles have required the Norse god of strife (or war), TYR (another son of Odin), and the Norse goddess of the underworld, who is HEL.

In such terms did the Egyptians extol the greatness and power of Osiris, but they make no mention of the aspect of the god which endeared him to countless generations of Egyptians. From hundreds of funeral and other texts we learn that Osiris was held to be partly divine and partly human, that is to say, unlike any other Egyptian god he possessed two natures, and two bodies, the one divine and the other human, and two doubles, the one divine and the other human, and two souls, the one divine and the other human, and two spirits, the one divine and the other human.

The human body, according to the Egyptian tradition recorded by Plutarch,’ once lived upon earth and was put to death in a cruel manner, and was mutilated by his brother; but his feminine counterpart, Isis, succeeded in obtaining from Thoth the knowledge of certain words and ceremonies, and having learnt from him the proper manner of reciting these words, and how to perform these ceremonies, by means of them she raised up to life the dead body of Osiris.

The god Thoth was the personification of the intelligence of the whole company of the gods, and thus the words which he taught Isis were divine, and they were, presumably, names by the utterance of which the gods themselves maintained their existence. Now when Osiris had been raised from the dead he did not con-tinue his life upon earth, but passed into the region of the Under-world, where he became the judge and god of the dead and, as we have seen, was made the possessor of all the attributes of the Sun-god Ra and of the great One God.

But, the Egyptians in the early ages thought, Since Osiris was raised to life by the words and ceremonies which Thoth taught Isis, and since Osiris has gained immortality by means of them, these same words and ceremonies will raise us to life and give us immortality also.

Their priests therefore invented a number of magical ceremonies, which they led the people to believe were identical with those which Isis had performed at the bidding of Thoth, and they strung together magical words which they declared to be those which had raised Osiris to life, and the words were recited and the ceremonies performed by priests who appear to have dressed themselves in such a way as to resemble the divine beings who were concerned with the resurrection of Osiris.

At a later period, however, the Egyptians put their trust in Osiris himself, and addressed their prayers directly to him as the Being, partly divine and partly human, who had raised himself from the dead without having seen corruption, and who had bestowed upon his own earthly body, by means of his divine nature, the gift of an everlasting life which it enjoyed in an incorruptible and glorified form in heaven.

The Egyptians ” loved life ” and hated death,” and they worshipped Osiris as the Great God who not only possessed the power of maintaining his own life indefinitely—which was supposed to be the chief distinguishing characteristic of a god—but also of giving mortals the power to live after death in this world. What Osiris had effected for himself he could effect for man

The cataclysm will probably be the catalyst that brings about one-world government, one-world currency and attempted one-world religion; the old governments having collapsed. The survivors will eventually organize a New World Order. In a few years communications will be restored, some cities repaired, governments installed, and jobs created. The restoration process may happen even quicker because help, most likely, will come from outside sources. After the 9500 BC cataclysm, who came first to restore civilization? The Nephilim, of course, using the Emerald Tablets of Thoth as a pattern (“The Brave New World” in vol. 1).

Their system of enslavement of mankind is nearly in place as we speak with the formation of the economic one-world government.

When the world’s economic and political systems fully collapse, a new world leader will emerge to offer solutions after the newly installed governments run into difficult and seemingly unsolvable problems. All this has been carefully orchestrated by Lucifer

It has been Lucifer’s plan from ancient times to gradually unite this entire world into a One World Government that would reject its Creator and worship Lucifer instead.

Breaking your soul’s connection to God is a prime objective, because if they can do that they can control your mind and your soul.

The final deception on the agenda of the Luciferian global elite’s plans on stealing the souls away from God.

By stealing soul´s from God, he must break the soul´s connection to God, and through this implement mind control, and this leads to the total enslavement (One World Government)

In Brave New World , he predicted a totalitarian state in which the dignity of the individual no longer existed .

ll of history is a lie manipulated through their filtering system while the truth gets swept underneath the table for only the few willing to do the necessary homework to discover.

Much as the Christian Bible was edited down to something which suited the purposes of those in charge of the church and of its future role in the darkside’s agenda, so too with all of history which has been written or rewritten, distorted, or simply manufactured by the New World Order and its cohorts.

Part of this plan, as said so many times, was to bring order out of chaos. The New World Order’s plan to create the chaos out of which order would come

But how could all this come about? Using the ancient mysteries and traditions lay down by Thoth and others, the leaders of the New World Order learned to master the reincarnational cycle so they were able to re-incarnate within the same families of wealth and power in order to reap the rewards of their work from previous lifetimes.

Polarity exists between only two poles, however. Balance and harmony reside within the number 3. It is this type of division — the putting forward of only two alternatives promoted by the New World Order — that causes the imbalance amongst us while bringing power and forward movement to their third agenda. It is this manipulation of agendas as expounded upon by Machiavelli and Hegel that helps them so easily control almost all of those unable to see the bigger picture, the Unity or Wholeness of Creation and all of that which the FATHER HIMSELF Created.

The history of the darkside and its ‘heroes’ has been intricately grafted into our history books as seen throughout the course of these volumes. Whole continents and civilizations have, on the other hand, been excluded from the history books along with the lessons their downfalls might have taught us. The historicisation of characters such as King Arthur into not only our history but also into our most prominent legends and fables is one very potent example of the ease with which we are all programmed and the depths to which this programming is engrained in all of us from the cradle to the grave. We may not like history, but we do sorely love our fables and romances. Even the experts know that history itself has been ‘altered’:

Thoth is said to be the God of Reason, but was is the global elite searching; salvation, God, or Wealth?

These Gods don’t have to be metaphysical, or even religious; we all know the power of the great god REASON, or the even the greater god MONEY! These gods then exert a certain pressure on us and often through us.

Teaching says that salvation does not comes through money, bceause money is connected to the ego´s desire of materialism and power.

It is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than a rich man to get to heaven”. This simply means the money-ego can´t enter heaven, because the higher self is no-ego or the no-mind.

Paganism; the heathen world; fixed ideas which bar the way to truth; outward observances regarded as true spiritual exercise.

If it is impossible to serve God and Mammon.

The Roman Empire is the Mammon Empire.

All the institutions of the Roman empire are in place, but there are also the supernatural forces of evil (to use the images in Eph. 6). The image of the beast is simply the visible representation of that spirit that lies invisible in the empire.

“Science, Magic and Money”

Throughout history, the elite have passed down their secret knowledge, and an “international money power” has helped them maintain their wealth and power through “the magic of money manipulation.” This early system of banking began in Babylon where the “gods demanded gold and silver, as noted in the Laws of Hammurabi.” Under the tight control of the rulers, Babylonian money consisted of clay-tablet letters of credit drawn on the surpluses of state goods. This Babylonian monetary system was widespread.

The modem credit-debit system originated in about 5000 BC in ancient Babylon.

“Our whole modem banking system is patterned after the Babylonians and is based on the premise that God’s laws are not true. Therefore, bankers have the divine right to create credit as a money substitute. Sadly, most of us have given our consent to the Babylonian banking system—without understanding the consequences.”

In Babylon’s Banksters: The Alchemy of Deep Physics, High Finance and Ancient Religion, Joseph P. Farrell argues that from ancient Babylon to today’s “Babylon-on-the-Hudson,” bankers have sought to usurp the money and credit-creating power of the state and “substitute a facsimile of money-as-debt.” Farrell, an author and theologian who as a doctoral student at Pembroke College had access to Oxford University’s library, wrote that since ancient times an “international money power” has sought by a variety of means to “usurp the money-and credit-creating power of the various states it has sought to dominate, and to obfuscate and occult the profound connection between that money-creating power and the deep ‘alchemical physics’ that such power implies.” This knowledge of the relationship between “science, magic and money” was preserved by secret societies, Mystery Schools, and various civilizations,

In terms of the future of this “vast and ancient conspiracy,” Farrell argues that it seems the guardians of this ancient knowledge are now attempting to “reconstruct a lost mythical past: a global ‘golden age’ with a supremely sophisticated science with which they can dominate and subjugate the earth. But to reconstruct it, on the scale required and implied by their enterprise itself, will require that virtually the entire planet and its resources must be at their disposal. What they intend to do after that is beyond the scope and purpose of this essay.

Like Nimrod , Freemasons will institute a one – world religion and a one – world government.

Although it is a dead object, the image of the beast has spirit and life when it becomes the visible symbolic representation of the spirit or supernatural force of the Roman empire. If the image of the beast is really the depiction of the empire on Roman coins, the meaning would be that Roman money is the visible representation of the empire’s spirit. Money is fetishized and becomes an active subject: it has spirit and life, and it speaks and kills. Money becomes the image of the beast being worshiped, the idol being worshiped, the divinity being worshiped. Money becomes, in Jesus’ words, Mammon, the God of this world, Lord of the world. Money is something inert that the false prophet turns into a living subject. What speaks and kills is not money as a thing in itself, but rather the spirit of the empire; nevertheless, money now takes on the qualities of a subject and appears as the visible body of the empire’s invis-ible spirit, and as such it is alive, speaks, and kills.

If money becomes an active subject, the worshipers of the beast become an object. As we have said, fetishism turns things into persons and persons into things.

The beast as subject. Now the false prophet organizes worship of the beast by using the emperor’s image on coins and transforming money into an active subject. The false prophet organizes worship of the beast on a universal and all-encompassing level by making coins fetishized money, money that is worshiped, the visible manifestation of the divinity, a living sub-ject speaking and killing. This transformation of money into a subject transforms the worshipers of the beast into objects, and hence they can be stamped. Subjects again surrender their subjectivity to the image of the beast, to the idol of money, and become objects. This is what the mark of the beast means. The beast’s wor-shipers are stamped by it: they bear the beast’s name on their foreheads (in their minds) and on their right hand (in their work). The stamp expresses the logic or rationality of the empire. Those who adore it have this logic and hence they are able to participate successfully and happily in the life of the empire. To describe this integration into the life of the empire John uses the economic image of selling and buying.

This economic integration into the market, however, is in turn a symbol of integration into all the empire’s structures. Since Christians reject the idolatry of the beast and of money, they do not have the stamp of the beast, are not identified as belonging to the empire, and so are made outcasts and ultimately murdered. They are sentenced to death economically by being excluded from the market, and they are sentenced to death politically, culturally, and spiritually for not acknowledging the beast as a god. Christians refuse to be turned into objects of Baal (the empire-god) and into objects of Mammon (the money-god).


The god of riches, according to some authors, though-others deny that the word intends such a deity, and understand by it only riches themselves.

Our human god who sits upon a throne, and towards whom all landlords, all sycophants, all territorial priests and hierarchs ever bend their eyes in hope and expectation, is as mortal as a “Divine” Roman Emperor.

Capitalists make enormous sums of money by exploiting people’s Id desires and by manipulating them through the control of their fantasy space. Id and money have to be separated because nothing is more toxic and corrosive, more guaranteed to drag humanity downwards, than the combination of the two. Mammon and Id rule our world. That is the formula devised by the Old World Order. That is the gospel of Ayn Rand. That’s how you can run a world for the benefit of a few.

The “market” is a lowest-common denominator instrument. It’s a race to the bottom. It’s a system for dumbing-down. Anyone who places their faith in the market is insane. It’s the Id come to life as an economic system. Boom and bust is inevitable.

It’s irrational. It contains no concept of long-term planning. Everything is about the next five minutes rather than the next five years. In any sensible economic system the Id market would play only a minor part, and rational Super Ego central planning would constitute the primary instrument of economic policy. If you want to raise the quality of the human race, the last thing you would ever do is keep pandering to the Id. Capitalism does exactly that.

It creates the illusion of freedom because it seems to give the people what they want (which makes them superficially happy), but, as Hal found, it actually traps them in misery. The truth is that people do not know what they really want because they are the victims of such powerful brainwashing and mind control that they can’t think for themselves. They’re not well enough educated nor well enough informed to discern what it is they need. And it’s always easier to succumb to short-term pleasure seeking than to embark on anything difficult with an uncertain outcome. Why did so many great knights fail in their quest for the Holy Grail?

Because they didn’t understand the first thing about it. You have to EARN it. The Holy Grail is the opposite of the Id. If you pursue it for pleasure, glory, vanity, narcissism, instant gratification, you will never find it. The world, driven by the Id market, has never been so far from the Grail. The world cries out for Super Ego values fair to all, and for the Ego to sensibly balance the needs of the Super Ego and the Id. Id-driven societies (capitalist societies) are disastrous because they destroy the Super Ego and render people infantile.

The ID become worship of the principles of the Roman Empire, or simply worship the beast. And the global elite needs keep people tuned into the image of ID, because through this ignorance it become their safety valve.

Worshiping the ID, keeping humankind in the state of ignorance is the elite´s safety valve to become rich and wealthy, in a endless cycle, between the master´s and slaves.

Ignorance produces money to the global elite, and this is the meaning of why ignorance is their safety valve.

The arguments for the capitalist system itself are much the same as for business. Now, how to leaven that concrete lump? The book describes how to humanize mammon, mammon itself, and that is through the courage that comes with the cross. The first part gives a brilliant retranslation of much of the gospels, exposing what is behind the mysterious word “mammon.” Mammon… is temporal power in any of its forms, especially in governments. It is the world domination system in all its forms. The book appeals to us not to always believe our rulers are right. Because the ego has been entangled with thousands of tendrils from the alienating sys-tem of domination, the process of dying to one’s conditioning is never fully over. One can see the domination system awkwardly sticking out in the phrase, “you cannot serve God and mammon [the domination system].”

Mammon and Id rule our world. That is the formula devised by the Old World Order.

It creates the illusion of freedom because it seems to give the people what they want (which makes them superficially happy), but, as Hal found, it actually traps them in misery.

The ID or ignorance is the safety valve for the global elite, and does anyone think they will liberate people from their ID or ignorance, because this would give people their power back to them. Intead they promise liberation, a better world, who must unite to overcome the disaster´s, global crisis, global warming problem, and they who creates this mess will then provide the solution; the One World Government, in the hands of the few. The one´s who creates the mess, the one´s who provide the solution (One World Government), is also the one´s who will rule the One World Order and planet Earth.

The illusion is people think they will get more power, when the system is design to take away their power and make them powerless, and this leads and directing all the powers into one world leader or were a few rules the many.

They created it
They provide the solution
They will rule the whole world
They will have total domination of planet Earth

This is domination, capitalism, hunger of power, expansion of “Empir-ism” into a totalitarian rule of the world, with One World Leader, not selected by the people. People are already living in a world were The Controllers who sees themselves as Master´s and the masses is their Slaves.

The truth will be hidden in their face, so close they will not be able to focus on it until it’s too late. Oh yes, so grand the illusion of freedom will be, that they will never know they are our slaves. when all is in place, the reality we will have created for them will own them. This reality will be their prison. They will live in self-delusion. When our goal is accomplished a new era of domination will begin. Their minds will be bound by their beliefs, the beliefs we have established from time immemorial.

The ID, the ignorance, the “beast” state, the lower matrix of the mind, all represents the Matrix or the mind prison, and the One World Government will represent the Artificial Digital Global World Brain. This will then be people´s programmed reality and they will become slaves within a mind prison (the global world brain). An artificial computer will become their only way of worship a God.

The One World Government is the One Artificial Global Digital World Brain Government.

This Global World Brain together with the RFID will forever capture the souls of men into their control under the One World Government.

The meaning of the One World Government is a promise of liberation, but it is the opposite; loss of all power, loss of all political power, loss of free thinking (the mind will be controlled and programmed by the global world brain), loss of the soul, loss of all human rights. loss of individuality.

When people loosing everything, the next level of this is what value you have to the rulers, and when people through this process more and more has been dehumanized they will be valued as computers or machines, and this will in the end lead to depopulation. And people is fighting to even protect this system because they have been conditioned, brainwashed and programmed to do so.

Francis Bacon was the founder of Freemasons and he was father of science which replaced the belief system from God into believing in science. And Francis Bacon was a editor and translater of King James version and he changed and manipulated the text to benefit the Freemason organization.

In examining Proverb 25 again, one may assume that slaves, or non-freemen, could not be raised to the level of kings. therefore, in designing Freemasonry, none but freemen could be admitted, for non-freemen could not be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason and placed on the level with kings. Only freemen baring a desire for knowledge could be admitted, for they do not fulfill their roles as Master Masons unless they make use of the privileges conferred upon them by trying to search out what has been concealed.

“Non-freemen could not be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason…..non-freemen could not be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason and placed on the level with kings. Only freemen baring a desire for knowledge could be admitted”.

They will promise everything, and most of the people will lose everything…

“I’ll give you these kingdoms to rule if you kneel down and worship me”


Understanding Intellectual understanding of Truth, as given in the first baptism, is a tremendous step in advance of sense consciousness. Its possession brings a temptation to use for selfish ends the wisdom and the power thereby revealed. When Jesus received this baptism He was “led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil” (personal ego) before he could take the next degree in Son-of-God consciousness.

Jesus knew that the illumination of the personal is not the fulfillment of the law. He rejected every temptation to use His understanding for selfish ends. Unless the disciple is very meek he will find the human ego strongly asserting its arguments for the application of the power of Spirit to personal needs. The god of mammon is bidding high for men who have received the baptism of Spirit. Many sell out, but their end is dust and ashes. No man can serve two masters.

Understanding is opened in both head and heart when man gives himself wholly to the Lord. Both receive the baptism of Spirit. Man receives first an intellectual understanding of Truth which he transmits to his heart, where love is awakened. The Lord reveals to him that love is the greatest power in man. If you are living in your thinking faculty intellectually, if you believe in birth and death, you must come out of that belief. You are not exercising your rightful dominion, but are subject to error thought. When the thinking faculty is obedient and does what it is told, it is always rewarded.

There is an ever-present, all-knowing One. Put yourself into conscious unity with this presence through the power of your thought and your word, and you will gradually become mentally open to a world of causes of which you never before dreamed.

When we have found our being in God, we are no longer identified with the world; our interest is in spiritual things. Through our intense realization of the eternal good and our unity with it we become so saturated with the thought of good that we are impregnable to evil. Thus we find that the doctrine of sanctification is based on Truth. It is possible for us to become so good in purpose that everything we do will turn to good. We must certainly sanctify ourself in Christ and persistently send forth the word of purity and unselfishness to every faculty in order to demonstrate it.

The realization of divine unity is the highest that we can attain. This is true glory, the blending and merging of the whole being into Divine Mind.

When a soul makes complete union with God-Mind there is always an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon it. This is true glorification, the acknowledgment by the Father that the Son is indeed lifted up. Realization means at-one-meat, completion, perfection, wholeness, repose, resting in God. A realization of health brings to the consciousness an inner knowing that the divine law has been fulfilled in thought and act. Then as man lays hold of the indwelling Christ he is raised out of the Adam or dark consciousness into the Christ consciousness. This at-one-ment with God brings a lasting joy that cannot be taken away.

Christ Consciousness (or Buddha Consciousness)

Jesus was more than a man of Nazareth, more than any other man who ever lived on the earth. He was more than man, as we understand the appellation in its everyday use, because there came into His manhood a factor to which most men are strangers. This factor was the Christ consciousness.

The unfoldment of this consciousness by Jesus made Him God incarnate, because Christ is the Mind of God individualized. Whoever so loses his personality as to be swallowed up in God become Christ Jesus or God-man.

We cannot separate Jesus Christ from God, or tell where man leaves off and God begins in Him. To say that Jesus Christ was a man as we are men is not correct, because He had dropped that personal consciousness by which we separate ourselves into men and women. He was consciously one with the absolute principle of Being. He had no consciousness separate from that Being, hence He was that Being to all intents and purposes. He attained no more than is expected of each of us. It is all accomplished through the externalization of the Christ consciousness, which is omnipresent and ever ready to manifest itself through us as it did through Jesus.

Being created in the image of God implies that man has an eternal destiny and be sure the opposite forces will work against people eternal destiny´s

A One World Government or a Gloabl World Brain will capture every man´s soul and light and they will be lead to total enslavement.

People has for eons lived been separated by the veil of ignorance, and whne people finally and slowly begins to re-awaken again; what happens is they will be provided a new concept of unity; a one world government.

If people has lived in separation all the time, separated from the source of light, they will then be forever separated from the source fo light within a artificial global world brain and forever enslaved into their ID, the beast, the lower matrix, the mind prison.

They sell the concept on the basis that humans and nations must unite to save the worlds problems. The problems is that they created, invented, orchestrated many of all these disaster´s. crisis, world problems by the Order Out of Chaos to create a desire for change and then provide people that change (The One World Government).

The goal of the Illuminati was from the beginning to overthrow ALL governments and nations, and what is the end game reult of this; To control them all under the domination of their One World Government. Their will be no need of politics because people has lost all their human rights. They can´t then no longer have a own opinion, they can no longer protest, they can no longer make own choice. They can just follow as they will be programmed by the global world brain, and this is how computer´s is working; they can just follows what they are programmed to do, and this will be how humankind is been controlled.

It begin with infiltration of the Freemason organization
It then contionued to next government, next nation
When they infiltrated and taken over all the nations and governments
they must break donw all people ideology and religions, and the middle class
They mus therefore targeting the whole world or inluencing the whole world through some kind of invent
When people begging for change they will provide it and give away all their powers and rights to them who causes, started and invented all chaos for humankind.

Peter Horttanainen

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