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What did JFK say Seven years after the infamous Bilderberg group was established?

The CFR is said to be one of the main factions within the elite power structure often referred to as the “New World Order,” or the Deep State, along with the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group and even the United Nations, which some say poses as a humanitarian front. Financial institutions like the Federal Reserve and World Bank play a large role in the system of degradation and oppression. As it pertains to the actions we took, this will be discussed in greater detail throughout the book. There are other inter-connected secret societies, such as Skull & Bones and the Bohemian Grove. The order said to be at the top of the pyramid is the Illuminati, in collusion with the Vatican, the Zionists and the Jesuits.

Another version suspecting a malignant covert elite ruling a nation or region, is the theory of a deep state. The term coins the belief that soci-ety is not ruled by its official authorities, but, instead, by a secret band of hidden potentates, such as a bureaucratic class controlling everything behind the scenes.

At first, this might seem suspicious, but it’s not hard to imagine that to get a group like this to feel comfortable voicing their concerns or ideas, anonymity and secrecy would be necessary.

All these groups are frequently mentioned when talking about the Deep State, but Bilderberg is the model of what conspiracists are talking about.

Aside from groups and secret societies, almost every multibillionaire is at one time or another thought to be behind heinous secret plans that involve either controlling people or killing off large chunks of people for population control.

Is the concept of a group of wealthy and powerful people meeting in secret to influence global economies and politics practical and rational? Yes. If such a group could agree to meet, keep it secret, and cooperate on their plans, it would make perfect sense to do it.

What would it take to carry out? Not many people would need to know about it. With the resources available to such wealthy and powerful people, it would be possible to cover up the meeting and keep the content secret.

The biggest problem is the word “cooperation.” Our prototype Deep State example of Bilderberg forming—in order to smooth out problems between the nations of North America and Europe, with the goal of encouraging cooperation—might or might not have worked. Because it was secret, we’ll never know what they specifically tried to achieve, but history and human nature weren’t on their side.

To think people will be cooperative simply because they share the trait of being wealthy and powerful is naive. In many cases, their wealth and power came from being uncooperative at best and cutthroat and bloodthirsty at worst.

At what point in history have financial or political competitors ever been able to agree on anything in secret that would benefit both and be applied on a global scale?

The Rothschilds. Rockefellers. The Gates and Soros families. The British Royalty and American political “royalty,” and, of course, the heads of corporations, banks, and other institutions of power and influence. Some would include the Illuminati, the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, Freemasons, and the “Deep State,” shady and shadowy entities that are the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz story, pulling the levers and strings.

It is nothing short of playing God by a preselected group of people who decided they were gods without public input, notably the richest families on Earth.

Why does the Deep State of U.S suffering of “Paranoia”?

Paranoia – The irrational drive toward dominance that is motivated not by rational self-interest but by fear of being surpassed by a competitor. A para-dox of civilization is that, as relative power increases (along with expansion and exposure), so does paranoia. The dominance over the public state by the deep state is based on (and also generates) paranoia. The paradox that power increases paranoia is seen within states as well as between them. It is not restricted to so-called totalitarian states.

Paranoia – bureaucratic The dominance of bureaucratic policy planning by worst-case scenarios, calling for maximized bureaucratic responses and budgets. This leads to the paranoid style in bureaucratic politics.

Seven years after the infamous Bilderberg group was established.

  • JFK’s speech called out the deep state’s secrecy, calling it “repugnant in a free and open society.”
  • President Kennedy also spoke of secret societies, secret oaths, secret proceedings, warning that “the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweigh the dangers which are cited to justify it.”
  • JFK also addressed matters pertaining to the maintenance of national traditions, an anti-globalist sentiment, the threat of calls for “increased security,” which he explained would be the withholding of factual information from an honest press, which is exactly where we are today in America, though the press is no longer honest if it ever was, the exact opposite.

JFK went on to say, “For we are opposed around the world by monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, ON SUBVERSION INSTEAD OF ELECTIONS, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.

“It is a system which has conspired vast human and material resources into a building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Hidden from view. Its mistakes are bu-ried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised.

No expenditure [$] is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.” Dominance by any means! One world government, no U.S. sov-ereignty, none for any country. Must conform to the “New World Order.”

The Washington-based Deep State is the largest single institution ever formed. The Executive Office of the President works through the National Security Council in association with portions of the following agencies and departments:

1. CIA, FBI, and NSA

2. Department of State

3. Department of Homeland Security

4. Department of Defense

5. Department of Justice and its hundreds of thousands of private contractors

6. Department of the Treasury and its nearly as plentiful Wall Street private contractors

7. Judiciary Organizations, including the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which the Supreme Court.

Many of the ostensible kingpins of the “Deep State” intelligence apparatus, as well as their key enablers, are deeply intertwined with the Deep State behind the Deep State. For example, CIA and NSA bosses routinely attend Bilderberq meetings, and often have deep links to the Council on Foreign Relations and/or the Trilateral Commission, two visible organs of the Deep State’s Deep State.

Disgraced General David Petraeus, who was put in charge of the CIA, is a regular Bilderberg attendee and a member of the olobalist Council on Foreign Relations, which  has openly expressed its qoal of undermining national sovereignty in favor of “global governance.” When he was done with his government “service,” as with many other supposed “public servants,” he was scooped up by Wall Street investment behemoth KKR.

Now, he spends some of his time shilling for the end of America and the emergence of a European Union-style “North America.” His agenda and trajectory are typical among Deep State swamp creatures.

Another typical Deep State “intelligence” operative deeply intertwined with the Deep State behind the Deep State is Michael Hayden, who has led both the CIA and the NSA. Like Petraeus, Hayden is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and has attended the secretive annual Bilderberg gatherings. He has also publicly expressed sentiments that, in a sane nation governed by the rule of law, would instantly result in his indictment for mass murder.

“We kill people based on metadata,” he bragged at the 2014 Johns Hopkins University’s Foreign Affairs Symposium when explaining how important the illegal spying and collection of metadata was to the “intelligence” bureaucracies’ machinations.

The Illuminati was not the only secret society that was said to have influenced the UN’s sordid history. Another was the Knights of Malta. The Germans never started World War I. The vatican started WW1. Rothschild’s who own PG&E, and formed the central banking system are Freemasons, the illuminati. Rothchilds controls the Vatican, Rothchild formed Israel, Rothchilds controls the Black Pope and he controls the White Pope. Rothchilds even controls Pentagon. The Vatican and United Nations want to eliminate individual rights.

The Holy See has diplomatic relations with the European Union (EU) in Brussels, it is a permanent observer of the United Nations Organization (UN). It is not the Vatican City State, which is present at the UN today, but the Holy See.

The Vatican and UN along others, all siding together today in their anti-Semitic hatred for God’s chosen people.

Many people do not realize that the United Nations land which it sits on in New York became an international territory on December 2, 2016. The enemy within is now established and sits on international sovereign land. This cabal is trying to form a one world government with the UN, and the Vatican would be the power behind this government.

The UN and Vatican want to eliminate the sovereignty of the United States, and our Constitution which guarantees every American citizen individual rights. The Vatican and UN want to eliminate individual rights, just like the Nazi’s/fascists, to make everyone chattel to the global collectivists.

Rothschild’s who own PG&E, and formed the central banking system are Freemasons, the illuminati. Rothchilds controls the Vatican, Rothchild formed Israel, Rothchilds controls the Black Pope and he controls the White Pope. Rothchilds even controls Pentagon.

The Jesuit order is an absolute monarchy. Their general, otherwise known as the black pope, rules for life. The pattern of their own order has shaped their thinking about all other political structures. Jesuits are sleeping terror cells embedded within our cultures, and they will give their lives if necessary to further the aims of the vatican (though they prefer others to give their lives on their behalf if at all possible). Perhaps now we can understand why men like Edward John Smith, the captain of the Titanic, would deliberately sink his ship to murder all the men on board to ensure the creation of the federal reserve, perhaps the most evil financial institution on earth.

The Rothschilds and their agents, such as the Rockefellers, have been engineering America and its foreign policy almost since its inception. They and their Skull and Bones Wall Street partners staged and funded both sides in WWII, and out of that hellish nightmare was born their infant global government, the United Nations, and their tool of tyranny, the CIA. The father of the CIA, ‘Wild Bill” Donovan, was a Knight of Malta. In order to be a director of the CIA you must be a crusading Knight of Malta and it doesn’t hurt if you are a member of Skull and Bones either. In order to reach the highest levels in the Pentagon establishment, you must be an illuminated Freemason and/or a Knight of one order or another. Notable US military members of SMOM include top crusading generals such as Alexander Haig, William Westmoreland, and Charles A. Willoughby, an admitted Fascist.

The Illuminati had two major reasons for supporting the establishment of the United Nations: the advancement of globalism and the neutralizing of nationalism. The United Nations according to Svali was to be “set up as a shadow, or forerunner, of the Supreme World Council that will represent every nation.” She further indicated:

“The UN has a stated goal of world peace and wants to incorporate under its fold military and peace-keeping functions. But in reality, giving this role to the UN weakens the individual military strength of nations, and encourages them to lean more and more on an external organization, making them less able to resist when the takeover occurs.”

The Illuminati was not the only secret society that was said to have influenced the UN’s sordid history. Another was the Knights of Malta.

Another layer of camouflage between the Illuminati and the UN was the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), “a nonprofit and nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to improving the understanding of U.S. foreign policy and international affairs through the exchange of ideas.” Or so they say. Who belonged to the CFR was not a secret, but what they do certainly was.

After the First World War and their success, the Illuminati again changed their name, this time to the League of Nations, with its headquarters in Geneva. Believing that a war-ravaged earth would be easy prey they made an attempt to form a one world government.

However, the American President at the time, Woodrow Wilson, who was one of the Illuminati, failed to get the two-thirds majority he needed to ratify the treaty. Undaunted, the Illuminati acquired a prime site along the East River in New York – donated to them incidentally by John D Rockefeller – built their new headquarters on it and changed their name yet again, this time to the United Nations.

The United Nations is the modern day Illuminati. Their aim is one world governance. The power and money behind the United Nations is the same power and money that was behind the Illuminati when they first formed.

The Illuminati has been socially revered out of all proportion to their position within the circles of secret societies. They are not the top echelon, they are but another circle further down the pyramid of secret societies. The foundation of this pyramid, the foundation upon which all secret societies are supported, is freemasonry. As you ascend through their degrees of deception and concealment, you will eventually move through higher and higher circles, such as the Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Skull and Bones, and the Illuminati, until you reach the top of the pyramid.

The CFR runs the State Department and the CIA. They work together to deceive and misinform the president into acting in the best interests of the CFR and not the American people. The CFR members that surround the president are known as ‘the Secret Team’. They help carry out psycho-political operations scripted by CFR members in the State Department and the Intelligence Organisations. A group of CFR members called the Special Group, which evolved from the Psychological Strategy Board (PSB), coordinates these psycho-political operations.

Secret society members control the world. They hold all the top positions and all answer to the same people at the top of the pyramid of secret societies. The World Bank, The United Nations, The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), The Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Department for International Development, The World Health Organisation, The International Red Cross, Greenpeace, CND, Amnesty International, the World Council of Churches, the RSPB – to name but a few – are all controlled by the same men and all work together towards the same goal – the dismantling of all sovereignty worldwide and the institution of a single world government. Did you know that at the time of writing there were 1500 newspapers, 100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 1500 TV stations, and 2400 publishers worldwide owned by just 3 companies? That is how the god of this world controls what you think.

Each degree within the masons only has real knowledge of those in the immediate degrees above them. They have no idea what is going on over their heads. This keeps the top masons protected, as even their own members don’t know who they are. Even thirty-third degree freemasons are but lowly subordinates to those in other secret societies. Unlike the true God, the god of this world is not all knowing so he requires this world network to stay informed and through which to channel his orders. All the world’s top terrorist and criminal organisations are secret societies.

The vatican is committed to exterminating anyone who is not a catholic. You will not change them. The Jesuits are terrorists, trained to willingly and gladly commit murder to further the vatican’s goals. Indeed, they believe that without the shedding of blood (the murder of non catholics), you cannot command within the Jesuit hierarchy. It follows them that the Jesuit order is run by men who have committed murder.

The god of this world has set up the Jesuits, and secret societies in general, to gradually and quietly corrupt those they recruit. If you allow the Jesuits to take control in politics, in law, in education, in media, and in other facets of social life, you are walking to the gas chambers of the new world order. The Jesuits will do everything in their power to exterminate you. You will not change them.

The Germans never started World War I. The vatican started WW1

We are looking at the world’s monstrous zero sum game. The USA cannot and will not allow that to happen. The USA cannot continue to survive as a superpower if it loses control of. So, that’s one government, one military, one economy and one cashless currency. Further, since Israel will need protection, it makes sense for the UN HQ to relocate to Jerusalem from NYC? It’s also suggested the Pope will move to Jerusalem from the Vatican. Jerusalem will be the new capital of the NWO?

In Robertson’s novel , the United Nations is mentioned just once, as a kind of relic that failed to deliver the new world order The Antichrist will not draw all men to him, but he will have enough power and control over world affairs and economies that he can mandate to all whether they like it or not. After a while, the Antichrist returns to the earth, disguised as an angel of peace. “By peace shall destroy many.” Daniel 8:25. The Antichrist will be the head of the United Nations. AntiChrist wages a war on anyone who refuses to accept his new world order.

The Antichrist makes utopian promises to the nations of peace and prosperity, if only they will join his “new world order”; however, this totalitarian dictatorship in disguise runs into quite a bit of resistance from other nations, resulting in a war which kills one-fourth of the world’s population.

He will use deceptive covenants and peace treaties to destroy multitudes. He will rise up against Jesus (be anti-Christ), and he will perish in a supernatural way (be cast alive into the Lake of Fire; see Rev-elation 19:20). All of the characteristics of the Antichrist are important, but this is a good place to take a brief look at just two of them, because they will show up in the coming New World Order (world government).

A new world leader, who becomes the antichrist, will sign a peace treaty with Israel. This leader will provide peace for three and a half years, and then he will break the peace treaty by going into the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and declaring himself God. This event is called the Abomination of Desolation. The broken peace treaty will result in three and a half years of war against Israel.

His peace treaty will settle disputes, disarm antagonists, and provide absolute guarantees to everyone. And his peace treaty will be backed by force.

This powerful leader, the antichrist, will seize world attention by such an offer when the world is on the brink of chaos. He will give the world what it wants. He will bring terror under control, guarantee the flow of oil, and temporarily diffuse the time bomb in the Middle East.

However, in reality he has a master plan that will eventually lead him to world domination, if it is successful. For this, he must rely on his charismatic speech. A peace settlement in the Middle East is one of the most important events predicted for the END TIMES.

The signing of this peace treaty will start the final seven-year countdown leading to Armageddon and introduce the new world leader who will be destined to become a world dictator. He is the antichrist.

So here we see that the very event that starts the 7-year Tribulation is when the antichrist makes a peace treaty or covenant with Israel and becomes the world’s false messiah.

When Israel signs the treaty (it must be signed in front of the antichrist), the Tribulation period begins.

As mentioned, the coming world leader will seem like our saviour. Missler summarises that he’ll be an intellectual genius, persuasive orator (like Hitler but better), shrewd politician, financial genius, and unifying religious guru. He first sorts out global finance and peace, and then he becomes a forceful military leader later. All in the name of peace, he promises no more wars, or border disputes, but rather ‘one world’. He’ll promise strength, peace and security. And will insist the world unites.

So, that’s one government, one military, one economy and one cashless currency. Further, since Israel will need protection, it makes sense for the UN HQ to relocate to Jerusalem from NYC? It’s also suggested the Pope will move to Jerusalem from the Vatican. Jerusalem will be the new capital of the NWO? Paul however warns us (1 Thessalonians 5:3), ‘For when they shall say, peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape’.

David Icke suggests the new face of the UN could insist that all UN members disarm, destroying all but 10% of weapons which could be given to the UN aka world army. Disarmament is the only way to prevent another war? The UN, (global government), can then enforce its will.

The most logical question about a one world leader is, Do you really think that the earth will fall behind one man? The answer to that is no! The Antichrist will not draw all men to him, but he will have enough power and control over world affairs and economies that he can mandate to all whether they like it or not.

The United Nations is an organization that has, in the past twenty years, begun to exert its influence around the world by assembling cohesive coalitions of nations and bringing its judgments against wayward governments by the use of such multinational coalitions. The longer this practice continues, the closer we come to a one-world government. If the Antichrist were to assume control of the United Nations, he will have an already established body that has the rudimentary elements of controls and coercion that he requires. The secretary-general of the United Nations is the man at the helm of that organization. The office of the secretary-general of the United Nations is not filled by a world vote, but by a vote of the United Nations membership. The Antichrist does not have to fool the people of earth; he only has to convince a small body of politicians.

After a while, the Antichrist returns to the earth, disguised as an angel of peace. “By peace shall destroy many.” Daniel 8:25. The Antichrist will be the head of the United Nations. making possible the return of Jesus Christ. The Antichrist would need “nations” to rule over. Lindsey identified supranational organizations like the United Nations with the Antichrist, who would use them in his run-up to power.

UN as Cover for War Profiteers – “By peace shall destroy many.” Daniel 8:25. “the economic arms of the Vatican New World Order”; the United Nations which is “a corrupt organization. The C.I.A., F.C.C. (Federal Communications Commission), F.B.I., and N.A.S.A. are all organizations run by the United Nations.

The U.N. will play a major role in the rise of the Antichrist in another way. The world will feel much less threatened by a one-world system because we have been lulled to sleep by the non-threatening United Nations. If the world had not grown up with the benign, often inept, U.N., it may be that the one-world system necessary for the Antichrist would have never been possible.

The purpose of the U.N. is to promote peace. It may sound contradictory that the Antichrist, whose very description sounds evil, would benefit from an organization devoted to peace in a world trying to put an end to war. But, like most dictators, the Antichrist will appear at first to be brilliant and compassionate, just what the world needs. This does not mean that the U.N. or the idea of a one-world system is evil in itself. Only that it will make it possible for one man to sway the entire world.

Antichrist most likely will be a future American president, riding a “white horse” as a hero to leadership of the future United Nations.

Antichrist will eventually rule the United Nations from the “city that sits on seven hills” the Seven Hills of Rome.

Returning to the deeds of Antichrist, we read that: “And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.” (Daniel 8:25). This most powerful occultist, will cause the craft of Satan to prosper. The Luciferians will prosper, controlling all governments and courts. Satan will be worshipped in the Vatican. The Luciferian agenda of the United Nations will be blatant. The Antichrist will use peace and the New World Order to destroy many. He will rebel against the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, and shall declare himself defender of the true New Age reli-gion. Under the disguise of Peace & Safety he shall destroy many millions of people.

We are looking at the world’s monstrous zero sum game. The only way for someone to win is for someone else to lose because there is only so much of this shrinking pie to go around.’ Thus, the feeding frenzy has begun in earnest! It is somewhat strange that the word “oil” is not central in the national dialogue on. The USA cannot and will not allow that to happen. The USA cannot continue to survive as a superpower if it loses control of. Middle East oil. Those are the stakes on the table. That is the (not so) hidden agenda. Political discourse ‘that misses this central issue is nothing more than empty rhetoric.

Now we continue to deplete oil, natural gas and our coal reserves at alarming rates. The country with the most resources will emerge as the new ‘superpower’ of the world. But which country will it be? A superpower can not survive on imported resources when its’ enemies decides to disrupt the delivery of those resources. Cut the supply lines and the power stops.

No nation on earth will give up their worldly desires without a fight. Whoever has the right strategy will survive with the least damage.

Capitalism in this antithetical view is war by other means, a zero-sum game in which one competitor wins and the other loses. The winner ends up fantastically wealthy; the loser winds up on the street.

The world has not and is not likely to become a happy-all-the-time, win-win enterprise. Starkly competitive zero-sum games coexist with increasingly sophisticated non-zero-sum games. We band together to bring down the big game and then fight over how to divide it.

Global corporations’ agendas are different; they are no longer dependent on American markets, investors, workers, innovators, scientists, or engineers as they once were. They have moved into the twenty-first-century global economy. They are increasingly dependent on global markets, investors, workers, innovators, scientists, engineers, and executives.

To continue to believe that these companies are going to perform in a manner that will benefit the United States is not only naive but dangerous to the economy and our future. If these companies are to survive, they must be competitive in the global marketplace. The actions they must take to achieve this goal will increasingly conflict with what is best for the American people. Until people decide to retake control of government, we will continue to slide into an economic abyss.

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