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Western civilization is predominately a dualistic civilization. A dualistic civilization creates fear in the mind of the individual. Therefore, as long as the West thinks in terms of this dualism between man and God, fear will never disappear from the mind of the western man.

The consciousness of the Self is strictly a now-consciousness, unfettered by the limitations of time—past, present, and future, Time is Maya. Maya means relative existence. When you are thinking through the mind there is time. But when you transcend mind there is no time. The ego is working with time through the mind, and the infinite self through no-mind and timelessness of the present “NOW”. A guru is not a man; guru is a state of consciousness. And that state of consciousness is timeless; that state of consciousness is nondual. The goal of transformation is to loosen the tyranny of ego identity, and move beyond the experience of being a separate individual. Then the veil of ignorance is neutalized. The ego has no sense that its capacity for consciousness comes from a larger mind, a limitless awareness. The authentic self is operating on the vertical “timeless” scale and is present in here and now. Therefore the ego fears timelessness. Timelessness is also intuition and the authentic self. Freedom lies in present state of mind, and the walls of the ego is the past and future.

Two prominent features of reality directly experienced and described are its holism and dynamism. The effect that human consciousness artificially breaks the world up into isolated parts and that, as a consequence, someone has to assume responsibility for putting the bits back together again. The task of undoing the fragmentation generated, of imposing order on an endless multiplicity of fragments, has to fall to an agent external to the fragments. This external agent is the ego, which, as we have also heard, tries to control the body. others, and the world. This attempt was bound to end in failure.

Authors believes it’s the very way our Western consciousness works that’s the problem. Seeing parts as the primary reality out of which the whole is contrived is said to be an error. Individual people, nations, insects, plants, and animals simply “do not exist in and by themselves”. The primacy of the whole and its organic order.

Refusing the notion of the whole externally assembled, he sees the whole as parts growing mutually from within. Gestalt theory speaks in this connection of a “dynamic self-distribution” of parts: the whole, neither the sum, nor more than the sum, of its parts, arises pre-cisely in and as the self-governing action of its parts. Order arises spontaneously from within a whole, it isn’t imposed from outside. The parts order themselves. Parts ordering themselves, that’s what a whole is; that’s what reality is. A whole thus stands in no need of an external controller. be the whole my body, the immediate environment, or nature as a whole (the universe).

No ego is needed to watch over and bring order to an otherwise chaotic body. No Supreme Ego—be it God or Modem Man—is needed to watch over and bring other to the universe. Both the body and the universe, unfolding spontaneously, are quite capable. Nor are the ego and its environment found to be separate and opposed to one another. The ego is thus no longer seen as having the responsibility of managing the environment.

The parts of my body naturally unfold as a unified, integrated whole. So do the constituents of nature. And so do my body and the environment. They too form a single unified and integrated whole. Our skin, rather than a bawler between us and the rest of reality, is a bridge uniting us with everything that is not ourselves. The ego and the environment as forming a broader unity, a unity, as will be seen, that finally embraces all of reality. Reality, when listened to, is a natural whole.

The ego is bondage to the past, out of which it is constructed, and to the future, for which alone it lives. The only way to make sense out of a changing order of things is to change with it.

This Self is one with the infinite or indefinable Self. The infinite is the “total Knower of the universe”: infinite consciousness, omniscience. The infinite is timeless. spaceless, and sinless. Thus, the finite ego is the known, and the infinite Self is the Knower.

The existence of the finite human being (ego) depends on the fact that he or she is not separate and apart from the infinite. from God—the true Self, our true Self. Rather is God in space and time as everything else. In Hinduism. God is the sole experiencer, the only knower and seer . The human being as Self is the infinite in the process of identifying with the finite ego. The Self is infinite. The ego is not.

Mystical experience centers in the realization of identity: the identity of the finite ego-object and the infinite knowing subject or Self. Upon the Self’s realization of its true identity, however, the ego with which the Self has identified does not go away. There is no loss of individuality. But individual consciousness and existence are now experienced as a temporary point of view taken by something immeasurably greater than the individual.

In the experience of the ego’s identity with the infinite, the individual realizes that what he or she is has always been what everything else is. The finite retains its reality, but by comparison with the infinite, it is as nothing. The finite personality of the individual is by no means abolished. then, by the realization of identity. Religious traditions teach that the more the finite personality is related to the infinite by way of subordination. “the more intensely personal and unique it becomes”.

The experience of the infinite underlying our existence, far from depersonalizing us, individu-alizes us down to our truest selves. The self-conscious attempt to develop one’s personality is in fact a recent trend in Christianity. Personality doesn’t prosper by dint of hard work, any more than happiness results from the search for happiness. Consciousness as a field, an “integrated pattern of energy” . In this field there may be any number of points of view. The field is the infinite Reality, and “my” consciousness one restricted area or viewpoint. As a Self, the individual human being is the field in the process of containing a point of view.

The finite universe, from the mythological point of view— means from the point of view of Vedanta—is forever being cre-ated by a cosmological game of hide-and-seek or “lost and found.” Every aspect of life is an image in miniature of a single cosmic drama: the self-abandonment and self-realization of infinite Reality in the finite order. In reality, the infinite is said to remain undivided.

The Eternal Now

Realization is said to be an intensely clear attention to the “now,” to things as they are, rather than as they are named. The now is the “door of heaven”. “Eternity is now.” Now is what is, all there ever is. It is from attention to the now, That all other knowledge is elaborated through reflection. Anyone who has any understanding of the eternal Reality, will see life as it actually flows before him or her, and thus will live mostly in the present.

When there is only now, everything is seen as infinite. In the light of the “Eternal Now,” the universe of bodily things is “divinity itself”. Living in this way is said to mean an expanded and deepened awareness of the moment, without preconceived judgments or ideas about reality.

Living in the now means being open and completely receptive to each moment in all its newness and uniqueness. The present is experienced as the only reality, and the world at this very moment is seen to be just what it should be, just right (compare above “Rightness”).

With each now thus lived completely, the individual experiences a deep sense of personal fulfillment. Experiencing this way means no longer being fascinated with the names given to things—labels, it has been seen, are but interpretations based on the past. Having no past, the eternal Self has no memory—has no need of memory.

The consciousness of the Self is strictly a now-consciousness, unfettered by the limitations of time—past, present, and future are simultaneous in the eternal Self and leave no traces. Ego-consciousness, that complex of memories (past) and anticipations (future), by contrast, is bondage to time. Living the Eternal Now is being liberated from time, and at the same time from ego-consciousness. The present is sizeless. There is only room for the infinite, not for the ego. Living in eternity projects living in the present.

Text source above is from; “Psychology and Religion: Eight Points of View”

For many people meditation is difficult to understand and many give up after their first few attempts, but nothing comes easily in life. First we need to have sincere aspiration to realize the Self and know God. Secondly, we need to persevere with our practice by making a conscious effort until we succeed in experiencing the fruits of deep meditation — inner peace, inner joy, divine energy and deep calmness.

Meditation certainly contributes to our physical, mental and emotional well-being, but the true aim is to go beyond the limits of the finite mind and free ourselves from its thought waves (vrittis). In other words, it involves quietening the movements of the mind, bringing it to a state of undisturbed silence, to realize and express that pure consciousness which is the reflection of God within us.

When the thought waves are brought under control, and the mind becomes quiet, then we are able to experience the higher states of consciousness, in which the light of consciousness, turned in upon itself, can experience divine union with God.

In this elevated state of consciousness one transcends the mind, intellect and ego-sense to experience the true nature of the Self, which is Sat-Chit-Ananda (ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new bliss). It is impossible to know and realize our true nature, the Self (the inner knower, which is self-existent) with our limited senses and intellect.

The human mind, which is formed by thoughts, ideas, desires, memories and imagination is finite and cannot possibly fathom the infinite reality. The mind, being a subtle force of matter, creates its own world of experiences and relationships to objects according to its desire. Through desire, attachment, a sense of ego, ignorance and misidentification with the mind, body and senses, we experience suffering, pain and unhappiness.

Through misidentification and forgetfulness dour true nature as spiritual beings we lose awareness of the Self, the very source of inner happiness, inner peace and inner joy. As spiritual beings made in the likeness and image of God we are endowed with an innate capacity to completely awaken to and realize the pure Bliss-consciousness of the soul and our conscious relationship with the Infinite. Meditation awakens us to know and realize our true spiritual nature here and now. Through meditation we re-establish our true spiritual identity and remember our eternal loving relationship with God.

We realize through meditation that we are not the physical form, mind, intellect, ego or senses. We realize that heaven is within, that it is not a place that we go to after death, but a consciousness of God, that can be realized and experienced here and now in this moment. Meditation brings us to the realization that God is above and beyond the conception of the finite mind, that nothing exists outside Him, that in Him we live, move and have our being, and that nothing in this finite world can give us the inner security, inner strength, inner peace, inner joy, love, happiness, freedom, complete satisfaction and lasting fulfil-ment that is in Him. Meditation is the direct way to knowing and realizing that we are one with the Infinite.

The West has accepted only objective experience. They think that within the objective uni-verse you will be able to see the infinite Spirit. That you can-not. Therefore, science is trying to realize the Infinite with the objective method of science. But when you become illumined you will realize that Consciousness is not connected with your finite self, but with your infinite Self. And that can be possible only when you have accepted an illumined soul as your guru.

Therefore, when you are thinking from an intellectual frame of reference, then you create a body and a mind, or matter and the mind, and that is called Dualism. Descartes also emphasized this dualism of matter and mind. But matter is changing, the mind is also changing; both come under the same category. What is changeless? The West has not accepted it. The change-less is not the mind. The changeless is the Divine state.

Oneness and identity will remove all fears from your heart when you think in terms of the Infinite. The knots of the heart will be cut asunder when man sees God as the very Soul of his soul, the very Spirit of his very existence. It is the Spirit that gives power to the mind to think and body to live. You will interpret this Spirit to be finite when you are ignorant, but it will be infinite when you become illumined. Therefore, remove the darkness of ignorance and realize the truth of enlightenment by living a moral and spiritual life which will enable you to be fearless.

The God whom you worship is your real Self. The personal God is the hidden Self. We objectify him and worship him. But when you transcend the subject/object difference there is absolute identity. So, fear is the greatest enemy of man. And the cause of fear is the fear of the unknown; that is, we do not know the future. The past, present, and future will remain when we are ignorant, but not when we become illumined. This is the difference between the philosophical outlook of the East and the West. It is seen in their concepts of time. Time is real according to Western Theology. This is the view called “the linear view of time.” Here, God created time and then time comes to an end, the world will come to an end, and then there will be a second coming of Christ. This is the way they think!

Time is Maya. Maya means relative existence. When you are thinking through the mind there is time. But when you transcend mind there is no time. The ego is working with time through the mind, and the infinite self through no-mind and timelessness of the present “NOW”.

“Evolution belongs to nature, perfection belongs to Spirit. Realize your true nature and be perfect.” Following him, then finally all your troubles will be over. Your long searches in temples and churches, in books and synagogues, will end. Man will have to make the return journey and find, to his great surprise, that He whom he searched for everywhere in the world, the nearest of the near, the dearest of the dear, is his very Self, is the very basis and background of his Consciousness; is his living Existence.

We have come here to earth to attain freedom. Freedom from what? Freedom from old age, disease, and death. Why are you afraid of death? Because you are ignorant. Because you identify yourself with your psycho-physical being, with your apparent self. All troubles will cease when you liquidate your ignorance and renounce your attachment to the flesh, attachment to your body/mind mechanism, and realize your infinite nature, your per-fect nature, your immortal nature.

The Conquest of Fear

Western civilization is predominately a dualistic civilization. A dualistic civilization creates fear in the mind of the individual. Therefore, as long as the West thinks in terms of this dualism between man and God, fear will never disappear from the mind of the western man. Fear will disappear only when western man and western woman raises his or her consciousness to a higher level and realizes the truth that man in his true nature is infinite, not finite. Man is finite when he is ignorant. Man is infinite when he is illumined.

Two doctrines: one, the Divinity of man; and second, the oneness of all existence. As long as you create a distinction between man and woman; as long as you feel the distinction between East and West; as long as you create a distinction berween man and God, you will not be able to remove the presence of fear from your consciousness.

A guru is not a man; guru is a state of consciousness. And that state of consciousness is timeless; that state of consciousness is nondual.

“When a person wants to go somewhere, what does it mean? Really, he only goes from his real Self to the non-Self, since all worlds are changing, thus unreal. “Coming and going is all pure delusion. The soul never comes nor goes. Where is the place to which it shall go, when all of space is in the soul? When shall be the time of entering or departing, when all time is in the soul?”

Therefore, Advaita does not accept movement to be real. All movement is dreamlike. In the realm of relativity, Advaita accepts only one thing: discovery — discovery of the Truth which will make a person free from the tyranny of old age, disease, and death. It´s past time for men and women to think not only in terms of manhood and womanhood, or a mere biological way of thinking, or historical way of thinking, but rather the Transcendental way of thinking. In other words, man and woman should think in terms of immortality, infinity, and uncreated nature. The moment you think that God created man, you break several laws of spirituality. That it is not that God created man, but that man creates God in his mental image. A dualistic experience is when you are body conscious, But when you are conscious of your Atman, your real nature, that is a pure spiritual experience and then there is no distinction between the two.

And that immortality can be attained only when you have realized that your true nature is not finite, but infinite. Your true nature is not mortal, but immortal. Your true nature is not imperfect, but perfect. Yours is the oneness of existence. You enter into diversity when you think of this relative world.

But absolute oneness, absolute identity — that which will remove all fears from your heart — removes the mirage of this world. And then the knots of your heart will be cut asunder. All the doubts will be broken into shreds when man sees God as the very Life of his life, as the very Soul of his soul, as the very Spirit of pure Existence.

It is this Spirit that causes the mind to think and the body to live. This spirit is Yogic fire. When it burns, the mind and body will be transcended, and you will become illumined. Where will your fear be then?

Each time, the experience of transcending from the finite into the Infinite will be newness, absolute freshness. Each encounter, performed through simplicity, weakens the egocentric structure that we have built and whose prisoners we are, causing our unhappiness and the unhappiness of the entire world. The frequency of the moments lived in this manner will finally demolish the walls of the ego. After this happy event, our being will be led by the Divine Spark within us, directing us through Love, Beauty and creative Intelligence.

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