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To open the chest of knowledge , there is one master key which is called Kundalini.
We exist in a “world” which has been quarantined due to the existence of evil and

Awaken: To Expanded Consciousness. No teacher can teach how to awaken the
It will open when the person has a pure heart, proper mental control, healthy
physical practices
There is an inborn evolutionary force that awakens as part of our spiritual
evolution to bring us into verticality. In the yogic tradition this is called Kundalini.
In the Christian tradition it is referred to as the Holy Spirit. Since the term
kundalini is almost universally used. we will use that terminology.
Kundalini is the inherent inner force that opens us to the ecstasy. love. and God
awareness that is part of the transper-sonal awakening. part of which we call
Becoming vertical in our energy flow is a way of accelerating our shift in
consciousness. Verticality is a prerequisite for enlightenment. It is not
At the end of the realization process and the full maturity of the kundalini. there is
a permanent stabilization of the verticalization vortex.
This is the most important subtle energy system in terms of the spiritual evolution
of the human species.
Carl Jung. in Psychological Commentary on Kundalini. said that “when you succeed
in awakening the Kundalini.
so that it starts to move out of its mere potentiality. you necessarily start a world
which is totally different from our world. It is the world of eternity:*
Krishna. inspired by his own experience of kundalini awakening. has written much
to describe its meaning. He says of kundalini.
“A new center presently dormant in the average man and woman has to be
activated and a more powerful stream of psychic energy must rise into the head
from the base of the spine to enable human consciousness to transcend the
normal limits.
This is the final phase of the present evolutionary impulse in man….
Here reason yields to intuition and revelation appears to guide the steps of
This mechanism. known as Kundalini. is the real cause of all genuine spiritual and
psychic phenomena. the biological basis of evolution and development of
the secret origin of all esoteric and occult doctrines. the master key to the
unsolved mystery of creation
Kundalini energy When the energy of Kundalini has opened the channel from sex
center to crown , the energy of the spirit can descend into the body.
This creates an elliptical back – flow of energy (see right ), which moves down and
out the feet ,
up and around the aura , and merges with all that is. Opening Kundalini energy
Kundalini energy is the life force energy in us all.
Energy follows consciousness. Also known as Where Intention Goes Energy Flows.
Focus on selfless Love to open the heart chakra then focus on selfless Love
expression and then surrender to Divine Will.
The Kundalini will purify the root then sacral then solar plexus then heart through
throat through third eye chakras, this opens the crown chakra. Kundalini is felt as
pressure and heat as it moves through the chakras.
We are all equal Divine sparks of God.
It is more difficult to open the Kundalini than it is to know God; and God is simply
love. For love is that which unites all the chakras.
As kundalini energy reaches each chakra, each `lotus’ opens and lifts its flower.
As soon as the energy moves to a higher chakra, the lotus doses its petals and
hangs down, symbolizing the activation of the energies of the chakra and their
integration into the kundalini.
The Kundalini is fully controlled in the Sat Guru or someone who is God-Realized,
the God-man.
Only a God-Realized Being can handle the opening of the Kundalini. Likewise when
a Soul achieves God-Realization, It automatically controls its own kundalini.
When once out of compassion He opens the gate and awakens the kundalini—the
latent spiritual power—you realize that everything is within.
The chakras are located up the main line of the body starting at the root and
making their way up to the top of the head. When all of these chakras are open
and the energy is flowing, that state is called Kundalini Shakti.
Within each chakra there are a specific number of petals of the lotus flower. When
the kundalini is awakened, the petals turn upward.
When the petals are hanging downward, it means that the kundalini has not
opened beyond the base chakra.
No teacher can teach how to awaken the kundalini. It will open when the person
has a pure heart, proper mental control, healthy physical practices (like yoga and
and a positive approach to receiving the guidance of God. It will rise from the
bottom to the top of each chakra, cleansing and awakening from foot to crown.
Every human being is endowed with faculties which can make him as great as God
Himself . In other words , man is potential God .
To open the chest of knowledge , there is one master key which is called Kundalini.
We exist in a “world” which has been quarantined due to the existence of evil and
Ultimately it is simply the “ego”, which exists in each and every one of us. Only
once we have destroyed our egos, and purified (let go of physical desire) our
spirits will we then be removed from quarantine.
This is a path we must all walk on our own.
The ego separates us from God, and divided we fall.
We are all “born” into the “physical world” with the ego-consciousness in control
of the “body”. The ego doesn’t want to lose control of the body and it uses fear to
maintain control. Do not be afraid, just let it go…
To an immortal being, unconsciousness, (or dormancy) is as dead as it gets. In this
dormant state, we act as merely a battery which powers the body.
We are slaves to the body, as a battery is a slave to what it powers.
The body (your vessel which you power) has its own preprogrammed insatiable
physical desires (“sins”) which constantly distract our attention and constantly try
to get us to expend our energy on pursuing its desires.
Only by identifying those desires as they are can one become strong against their
Only once you’ve overcome the desires and influences “of the flesh”, can you
learn to focus on your one true spiritual goal, fully awakening (spiritual
consciousness= heaven), and then awakening others.
The most important thing to remember is: to be physical is to be “dead”.
Only by overcoming the desire to remain physical, can one hope to overcome
death. “Escape” “the World”, your “life” depends on it.
We are all in “Heaven” right now; we are just unconscious of it. God (our spiritual
father) wants us all to simply “wake u

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