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This is an excellent definition of the Old World Order. “Aristotle was right; but he took the effect for the cause. Nothing can be more certain than that every man born in slavery is born for slavery. Slaves lose everything in their chains, even the desire of escaping from them: they love their servitude … Force made the first slaves, and their cowardice perpetuated the condition.” This sums up the Old World Order. They think they can take ownership of things to which they have no right at all. This is a key statement. The New World Order will ensure that all have something and none too much. The members of the Old World Order desire that many will have next to nothing, some will have something and a few — they themselves — will have virtually everything.

The illuminati is one of the most powerful secret societies in the world. The Global Elite is not creating a state like Rousseau’s State, but a Orwellian State. The Illuminati’s revolutionary agenda has not altered. The Power Elite are still in charge. The mass of humanity is still enslaved, still treated with contempt. “Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains.”

“Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains.”

This is Rousseau’s most famous quotation. In our society, you are free, for the most part, in direct proportion to how wealthy you are. The poor are barely distinguishable from slaves.

“It is then, according to Grotius, doubtful whether the human race belongs to a hundred men, or those hundred men to the human race … On this showing, the human species is divided into so many herds of cattle, each with its ruler, who keeps guard over them for the purpose of devouring them.”

This is an excellent definition of the Old World Order.

“Aristotle was right; but he took the effect for the cause. Nothing can be more certain than that every man born in slavery is born for slavery. Slaves lose everything in their chains, even the desire of escaping from them: they love their servitude … Force made the first slaves, and their cowardice perpetuated the condition.”

This sums up the Old World Order. They think they can take ownership of things to which they have no right at all.

This is a key statement. The New World Order will ensure that all have something and none too much. The members of the Old World Order desire that many will have next to nothing, some will have something and a few — they themselves — will have virtually everything.

Rousseau’s State inherently seeks the benefit of all. It would never favour one group over another, never permit some to enjoy great privilege, wealth and power while others are reduced to desperation, poverty and powerlessness. The Old World Order’s version of the State is anathema to Rousseau. If the State does not explicitly help to maximise the potential of every citizen then it is no State at all. It is a tyrant that must be overthrown. Its rule is illegal and no one need comply with it. That is the State in which we currently exist. It is an illegal tyranny of the Old World Order, designed to keep the vast majority of us in degrading servitude to the elite, dynastic bloodlines that have trampled over us for millennia. “It is solely on the basis of the common interest that every society should be governed.” Our contemporary society is governed on the basis of providing maximum service to privileged elites. There is no common interest.

The Globa Elite is not creating a state like Rousseau’s State, but a Orwellian State.

Remember that Albert Pike said, “Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals [emphasis in original] its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the Truth, which it [the Mason] calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it.”

Those who believe they have discovered this “secret to life” often keep it contained within occult fraternities, hoping to keep the vast majority of people ignorant of their supposed “truth” so they can keep others from becoming “enlightened” so they can more easily take advantage of them. This sort of spiritual supremacism often leads to Social Darwinism, which is the philosophy of the survival of the fittest. These people have no concern for their fellow man.

The Illuminati often use “double speak” to conceal their real agenda and present powerful propaganda to the masses who often blindly accept it as the truth without a second thought. The general public have been so dumbed down, they will believe anything their favorite political party tells them and are easily mislead by language and rhetoric that is meant to disguise the speaker’s true intentions. For example, the Department of Defense is really the Department of War, and that’s what it used to be called until the government changed its name in 1949.

The Illuminati’s revolutionary agenda has not altered one jot since Weishaupt’s time. The Power Elite are still in charge. The mass of humanity is still enslaved, still treated with contempt, still denied a fair chance. its immense potential is still ignored.

The expressed intention of Weishaupt was to overthrow stable regimes by replacing all governments and religions with an oligarchic world order. The aim was to control the nations of the world through controlling the world media which was able to manipulate public opinion. It was realistic to believe that through the networking of the global body of Freemasonry it was possible to manipulate the financial markets and committees that govern all forms of trading between nations. The organisation would gain control of world power by wresting control of the proletariat away from feudal and national monarchies through fomenting and financing civil wars. Weishaupt realised that global rule was unlikely to be achieved in his lifetime but world-wide control could be achieved perhaps within the following generation of machinations. Over the generations feudal noblemen had acted as lords and judges of the people in their serfdom.

Exuberant with the Order’s success at the Congress, Weishaupt wrote of his plans: “That we shall have a Masonic lodge of our own. That we shall regard this as our nursery garden. That to some of these Masons we shall not at once reveal that we have something more than the Masons have. That at every opportunity we shall cover ourselves with this (Masonry). All those who are not suited to the work shall remain in the Masonic Lodge and advance in that without knowing anything of the further system.”

While it may be true that Freemasonry was not fully illuminized, this secretive organization certainly provided a made-to-order mechanism to promote the Illuminati agendas….

Author Laurence Gardner explained that to control a population, a cli-mate of fear and trepidation must be instilled and a common enemy must be created. “There has to be an adversary that is beyond clerical confrontation—someone or something that is so powerful at a secular level as to be insurmountable. In this regard, the name of a long defunct eighteenth century organization from Bavaria called the Illumnati has been resurrected … these emissaries of global damnation….”

Author Carr determined that those whom he saw directing the Luciferian conspiracy showed in their writings that their purpose was to enslave “all lesser human beings absolutely, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and force them to accept the Luciferian ideology by application of Satanic despotism.”

“This TRUTH [emphasis in the original] is made abundantly clear in the writings of both Adam Weishaupt and Albert Pike. They say that when the Luciferian conspiracy is finally imposed on what remains of the Human Race, the King-Despot will be served by a FEW millionaires, economists, and scientists, who have been proven to be devoted to the Luciferian Cause.

The ultimate goal is heading towards the Orwellian Society.

An additional aspect of secrecy is that it acts as an enabler of corruption. And so it happened here. The Speculative Masons at the top of Freemasonry were enabled to manipu-late the organization in pursuit of their own occult goal of controlling “all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them,” secure in the knowledge that no one would reveal their activities to the authorities.

Adam Weishaupt was successful in bringing the remnants of the Illuminati together and revitalizing the idea. His goal was the same — to work through Freemasonry to control as many of the world’s nations as possible by control of their national monetary, banking, and political systems. The ultimate goal of illuminism is very ambitious: to have it all by eliminating all forms of government, private property, na-tionalism, organized religion, and the family unit, so they can be gods of the earth and recre-ate it in their own image, a new secular order for the world with them in charge.

The illuminati is one of the most powerful secret societies in the world.Their mail goal is to CONTROL the world and it’s people through a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

They control the money, and therefore they control the world!

By connecting a RFID-chip to the economic system they also have total control of every human being on Earth.

The Illuminati control the public opinion, because they own most all media companies.

They just don´t control the masses, they also controls mass consciousness

Masters of the Illuminati remain in control of the Freemasons and other secret societies, dedicated to bringing Weishaupt’s original plan for world domination to reality. Yet, while the Illuminati appears as a shadowy presence within or among other secret societies, no one seems able to identify specific acts attributable to them. And, unlike every other secret society to be examined here, no one within the Illuminati has ever broken the oath of silence to reveal its inner workings. If you resort exclusively to logic, you suspect that the Illuminati is a phantom organization with neither goals nor members. If you fear secret societies, you believe they are pow-erful enough to deny their own existence.

An Illuminati document called “Silent Weapons for a Quiet War” was found in 1986 in an IBM copier bought at a second hand sale. It was dated 1979. As the vision of the elite is subliminally encoded within the public mind through sci-fi predictive programming, the Luciferian religion of the ruling class is also unconsciously subsumed. Luciferianims has become; religious imperialism, scientific imperialism and technological imnperialism – all merge into a artificial computer god program, or a “scientific dictatorship”, based on Orwellian Surveillance. “Scientific dictatorship, Global Elite, RFID-chip.

Again, the Huxlian theme of a “scientific dictatorship”, emerges. This is the future that the masses have been conditioned to accept through predictive programming.

“Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning , provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarised with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.” (Alan Watt)

This is what the whole field of psychology is about. Not always to interfere in a cynical way, but we all know there are those who weaponised everything they can get their hands on, and mind manipulation technology is one of the Illuminati’s Favourite tools of control. Predictive programming is another form of direct invasion; it is very sophisticated so to speak usually cloaked in science fiction and richly wrapped in the dazzling attire of exciting entertainment. It has now become apparent, and an obsession for people to witness totalitarian and dystopian futures and watch the end of the world brought on by everything from computer games, children’s entertainment, plagues, war, global warming or an ice age, to meteor impacts and alien invasions.

This is deliberate programming familiarising the target audience with potential outcomes that befit the New World Order’s purpose. One of the fears and Fatalistic acceptance. It is nothing but mental conditioning or psychological programming disguised as entertainment. The same manipulators control that entire industry, steering humanity in the Face from all directions as they see fit. The sheer bombardment of mind-numbing genres of soul polluting music, films and TV shows from vampire, satanic occultist and slasher flicks, war and police glorification memes, to end of the world scenarios is beyond overwhelming. On top of this, the news media are continually pumping out assumptive information directing the audience towards their desired conclusions. Their carefully scripted narratives are evident to the discerning eye, not only in the news but it runs through every Facet of society from media to schooling to even the products people consume.

The point is we are being programmed for the desired totalitarian future. Not one we wish, one they crave. The more blindly accustomed people are to their intended result, the more quickly and efficiently it will be adopted. The world facing a major cataclysm of some sort, a favourite theme, gives the climate change fear programme and global economic ‘solution’ tremendous impetus, for example. The world needed a saviour mentality implants the idea of some new global governance or Superman to save the day, no doubt with some enigmatic leader at the helm, the Antichrist!

“The preparation of humanity for the New Age involves psychological and physical warfare in the form of spectacular crimes and events that, filtered through the iluminised media, have a ritual occult and initiatory effect on the populace.” (Robert Livingstone)

Preparing for a universal surveillance system designed to circumvent and invade our civil liberties, and privacy, where they are jeopardising personal freedoms and identity, as the authorities ready themselves for a rising military police state to call for martial law or declare a state of emergency throughout the world. The modern world will be controlled by a global surveillance system, monitored under a dogmatical administration, commonly known as the ‘Big Brother’ or ‘the all-seeing eye’, established under the New World Order to justify martial law and control. The technological innovation that has taken place today has revolutionised society in the art of surveillance, espionage, and ruling. The electronic devices available on the market today can track your movements via GPS and Wi-Fi, using coordinates, and strategically positioned RFID scanners and biometric dataveillance of every human being on the planet. Additionally, technologies that are more conventional can track your locations through smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, cars, portable Wi-Fi devices, household equipment, anywhere. The governments and companies are continually boosting surveillance through cell towers and monitoring your activities online. A person can be seen through cities and public highways making use of comprehensive surveillance systems via cameras that are located everywhere, using electronic monitoring and control of the masses in a global authoritarian society

Also, RFID badges are used to control and monitor access to secure areas within a building, therefore recording data of every site or room accessed by the employee. Furthermore, electronic devices are being installed in corporate vehicles, cars, vans, trucks and aeroplanes to track the vehicles’ locations. The corporations can monitor a vehicle’s trip in real time and know each moment a vehicle or truck was speeding or stopped for too long, whether an aeroplane is experiencing delays or receiving instructions while in transit. Today, everything you do and everything you say often becomes a part of an electronic record that corporations and authorities can use for surveillance and control. Monitoring people in real time by electronic monitoring is like continually standing over your shoulders while you work. Therefore, we are inundated with state of the-art systems, developed under the Antichrist system!

We also freed everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his reheaci so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark.” (Revelation 13:16)

Also, to add to the advancement of smart-cards and biometrics, another important technology that will be merged as the economy moves forward is the RFID biochip implants. Then trade and commerce will be determined using RFID enabled biochip implants as the world moves towards a technocratic power with the complete implementation of the Antichrist system. Today these technological upgrades exist in our passports, banking cards, smarvcards, etc… and therefore the RFID’s have evolved into organic or biochip implants. These implants will become compulsory for human beings to lead a healthy life and succumb to a human GPS drone or conduct transactions!

Biological chip implants (biochip): the introduction of biochip implantations would become a norm as testing is currently undergoing in some parts of the world! What is the biochip implant? A biochip implant is a small (micro) computer chip. inserted under the skin, for identification purposes and tracking and monitoring of individuals. The biochip implant system consists of two components: a transponder and a reader or scanner. The transponder is the actual biochip implant. This implant would become compulsory for humanity to continue with daily life. If you do not receive this biochip implantation, you will not be allowed to trade or purchase anything! The New World Order governments will deem this implant to be a compulsory implant, but if you continue refusing the implant, the Antichrist followers will consider this act as radicalisation or even an act of terrorism! `

The all-seeing-eye all human interactions and influences are carefully being recorded and analysed by selected agencies in order to assure a watchful presence over the people so that they dwell within a set limit and don’t transgress the New World Order collectiveness or limitations set before them or contest these limits; thus giving full allegiance to the one-world government. This is achieved by creating fear, hate and racial profiling amongst people, and discrimination where if someone openly expresses his or her views they will be penalised and labelled a radical or a fundamentalist. Freedom of speech, freedom of information and freedom of expression, in this case, do not exist, as fear and control are the only keys to preventing the sleepers from waking up and discovering the truth; this world we live in is an illusion designed and engineered by the Antichrist and implemented by his followers.

Now that you have read about mind control and predict programming have a dearer understanding of what it entails, you have probably identified situations in your life where you believe your mind has been controlled. For this reason, you need to equip yourself with a defense from mind control and predict programming, especially negative mind control, and the best way to do so is identifying how it can be introduced to you. To accomplish this, you must learn some techniques of mind control. Knowing techniques of mind control and predict programming will help you resist mind control propaganda and ways of predict programming.

Peter Horttanainen

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