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This invitation to enter into this Divine partnership is inresponse to your asking, in response to your knowing, in response to your inner guidance. For you have the awareness that what you have been longing for is totruly be matched, eye-to-eye, peer-to-peer, Divine-to-Divine, from a place ofequality, equanimity, and a knowing that all is well. This being matched andbeing in a Divine partnership with me, Thoth, as well as with yourself throughthe pages of this sacred text, will awaken the resurrected and evolved Divine Union.

The Divine Awakened Your Evolution into Unity Consciousness Resides Within, This invitation to enter into this Divine partnership is inresponse to your asking, in response to your knowing, in response to your inner guidance, SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY OF MULTIDIMENSIONALITY,ENERGY, AND CONSCIOUSNESS

The subject of this Divine Transmission is entering into a Divine partnership, aDivine partnership with me, Thoth, and the greater bandwidth of Divineconsciousness and a Divine partnership with your multidimensional self, yourfully realized self.

This invitation to enter into this Divine partnership is inresponse to your asking, in response to your knowing, in response to your inner guidance. For you have the awareness that what you have been longing for is totruly be matched, eye-to-eye, peer-to-peer, Divine-to-Divine, from a place ofequality, equanimity, and a knowing that all is well. This being matched andbeing in a Divine partnership with me, Thoth, as well as with yourself throughthe pages of this sacred text, will awaken the resurrected and evolved Divine Union.

It will awaken the evolution of relationship in unity consciousness, whichwill be based on mutual respect, love, and collaboration. In this, it transcends theold paradigm of relationships where there was power over or power under, or theidea or need that one needed an intercessor in order to access the Divine—whether that was a priest, parent, or teacher.

There is no such thing as powerover or power under; all beings are equal. The old paradigm of relationships isoutdated.This time of unity consciousness is one in which there is the return of Divinewholeness within the system, wherein you are directly connected to Sourceconsciousness as a Divine Being of Light incarnate. You have a directconnection with Source consciousness. In this, you are able to connect, throughmultidimensional communication, with other Beings of Light (both incarnatesuch as yourself and in-light such as me, Thoth on the planet as well as off theplanet. This connection is from a place of wholeness to wholeness.

There isawareness of you being fully who it is that you are and the other being (incarnateor in light) being fully who it is that they are on the same playing field, on the“fifty-yard line.” This awareness includes the knowledge that no one is better or worse than another.There is no one who knows more about what is best for you than you, andthat includes me, Thoth, and the Beings of Light who are present in this Divineconversation—this wider bandwidth of the Council of Light. We have agreedand chosen to engage with those of you who have decided to engage with us inorder to resurrect this Divine consciousness.


The methodology utilized in the pages of this sacred text is one of vibration andconsciousness. As we are connecting with you, as we are collaborating with youand your system, as we are entering into this Divine partnership, there is theinvitation for you to be engaged at the level of your full multidimensionality—the level of your Divine Union self. We are being with you, all of you, at thatfully turned-on, awakened level.

That creates an environment where your systemnaturally remembers what it is like to have all of your dimensions turned on andfunctioning optimally, to be in a state of Divine wholeness and Divine Union.This is an evolutionary spiritual technology or methodology that utilizesvibration and consciousness to awaken the divinity codes within your system.

The sequence of Divine light that is activating within your system is a Divinelight activation. Through this awakening process, the full access to that whichyou already are is remembered. It’s not that you weren’t Divine and now all of asudden you are Divine. Rather, it’s that you were vibrating in differentdimensions than the fully realized multidimensionality of you.

Throughout this journey together, throughout this Divine partnership, youwill have an awareness of reawakening, of that which has been dormant comingback into life.

You will also have an awareness of what are naturally your originSource codes returning to their fully calibrated and turned-on space. This is aninnovative spiritual light technology and a different way of looking at who youreally are. In the past paradigm of survival and separation there was much focuson what wasn’t working well.

Or on trying to clear or release those aspects ofyourself that you didn’t like or that you thought were holding you back. Yetfrom our perspective, all of you matters and has purpose. When you bringeverything to the table—that which you prefer and that which you don’t prefer—you provide rocket fuel for your evolution in consciousness. This is viewed fromthe perspective of a vibration of inclusion; there’s not any thought that you’veever had, any experience that you’ve ever experienced, that isn’t a part of the Divine wholeness, a part of the Divine Union.

This isn’t about releasing slower vibrations; it’s about integrating them backinto the wholeness—the oneness of All That There Is. This conversation is aconversation of inclusion. It is from being matched, having an environmentwhere the slower vibrations that you carry and are connected to are welcome,and your higher vibrations are welcome as well. This environment, where youcan access the full brilliance of you, the genius of you, vibrationally encouragesyou to embody and express that fully alive and embodied Divine knowing.

This totality is your Divine Union, your brilliant self.As this becomes your new set point, where it is that you come from, there isalso the leaving behind of your old ways of being, which might includethoughtforms expressing, for instance, that it’s not okay to be as brilliant as youare, or it’s not safe to shine your light brightly. There is an awareness of beingmatched, really being matched—being matched at the level of yourmultidimensional, fully embodied Divine self.

There is something within youthat has been longing for this. It has been craving this, for it senses that there isso much more that resides within you than perhaps you are actualizing on a dailybasis. Part of that gap between what you know is possible and what you createdinvolved the old environment on the Earth plane. However, now that Earth’senvironment is evolving, those codes that reside within you, which can accessthe new vibration in consciousness, are awakening, for it is their time to do so.

As such, you can be congruent between the infinite being that you truly be andwhat you actualize in your incarnation, in your life.

A COLLABORATION OF GALACTICPROPORTIONSWe speak about being matched. Being matched is how we are being with you ona multidimensional level throughout this sacred text and within the invitation toenter into a Divine partnership with me, Thoth, and Source consciousness. Beingmatched and Divine partnering is also the foundation to a wider collaborationthat involves a revolution, an evolution, a remembering of an evolution that isnot only about you as an individual and the Earth plane, it is also about themultiverse. You are co-creating with Beings of Light, ascended masters, teamsof consciousness that are partners in this larger evolution in consciousness.

This co-creation involves other Beings of Light who are incarnate on the Earth plane,who are visionaries in that they have visions that they carry within them. It istime to awaken these visions as well.All of this is not just about those of you who are Beings of Light, who haveincarnated as what are most commonly referred to as humanbeings.

It’s not justabout the human race—although we wouldn’t call you human, for we know thatyou are Divine and that the word human has so much charge to it that impliesyou are separate from Source. Being a human being also implies that you have asmall self and you were born into original sin and that God is outside of you andabove you and all those things. That’s one of the reasons we don’t say human.Also we don’t say human because your origin is not Earth.

Within you are otherincarnations from other planets, as well as the consciousness of your particularrole in deciding to come to Earth at this time, to be engaged at this level.However, it’s not entirely up to the beings that are incarnated, the brilliantsystems of the human race, to evolve consciousness and the future of thecollaborative effort. There is much support from so many Beings of Light whoaren’t incarnate—who aren’t necessarily in the physical dimensional space of theEarth plane—and who are here to support the process.

Our Divine partnership is in tune with the awareness of the collaborativevibration and energy that is also returning the partnership betweenincarnate/physical and nonphysical/energetic. This partnership is very natural,not extraordinary or “out there.” For us to have a direct connection with you,Being of Light–to–Being of Light, from a place of equality in your wholeness,and with your own inner guidance is indeed a Divine partnership.

This partnership never steps over the “fifty-yard line”; we always honor your free willand your consciousness choice. That is why these tablets of light are placed onthe altar of the heart, on the altar of inclusion.

The tablets are yours to pick up ornot.We wanted to share this state of being matched and entering into a Divinepartnership to really set the stage for your conscious awareness of how thisparticular book, this sacred text, is perhaps unlike any other that you have beenengaged with. It’s a vibrational environment, it’s a conversation Divine-to-Divine, and it’s encoded so that as you read the pages, as you interact with the tablets, you awaken your multidimensionality and your Divine wholeness. You may have a Divine partnership at this level with a Being of Light such as me,Thoth.

Or you may have a stronger connection to another Being of Light and itmay be directly with infinite oneness, Source consciousness, God, Goddess,and/or all that there is, and it may be your higher self.

Yet having a place whereyou can be matched and being in a Divine partnership opens up worlds. Itcreates greater ease and grace. We look forward to engaging with you at thislevel and, through the process, supporting you in accessing the full breadth ofwho you are and the Divine light mission you came to Earth to contribute. Wecomplete this segment at this time knowing that all is well and you are all.

The Divine Awakened Your Evolution into Unity ConsciousnessResides Within

As you go within and tap into your inner awareness, yourinner ibis, your inner sacred text, you recognize me, my signature energy. Yourecognize lifetimes that we have spent together. You recognize codes of energythat are vibrating within you. Recognition is recognition in fluid form.This recognition stream of consciousness has been activated; it will be yourguiding light through The Tablets of Light.

This guiding light is such that you areilluminating inner awareness within your own Divine origin. The keys ofrecognition, the keys of a remembering of oracular visioning, are within yourcerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is within your Divine awareness.These opening words have been heavily encoded on multidimensional levels, and as they have been heavily encoded on multidimensional levels theirpurpose has been to create an energy vortex for this conversation to occurwithin. In a sense we have been painting through words the setting for this conversation to take place, the energy location for this conversation to takeplace.

For it is a vibrational conversation and as such there are times when it isnecessary for your vibration to be guided into a spectrum of consciousness inwhich you can tap into the true meaning underneath, around, and within thewords.Then we can converse in a way that becomes fluid, self-evident, and with anawareness that it is the conversation that you have been waiting to have for eons.We are saying conversation because conversation is what this is. It is aninterplay, it is a dialogue, it is a back-and-forth.

A conversation also is anoracular experience. This conversation through words, the oral tradition,activates the oracular wisdom consciousness—the laser frequencies of truth—and catalyzes the active remembering of you as a vision holder.THE VISION YOU CARRYAs we have now moved into vibrational proximity with one another throughthese opening words it is time for you to connect to your true vision for thisinfinite experience of evolution as a light being. What vision are you holding?What vision are you holding? What vision are you holding as a Being of Light incarnate?

A vision in this expanded sense is a way in which you are seeing theworld through the lens of infinite possibilities. As we bring in the invitation touncover what vision you are holding within the energy location that we arehaving this conversation in, you are able to drop the lens of that which may be afinite view that you have taken on of how you see the world, and instead toreally be the vision that you have been carrying since the inception of themolecules of this incarnation and beyond. You have been carrying a vision,carrying a perspective, carrying a way of seeing, a holding of a dream, of a life,of a civilization that actually is outside of your experience in your Earth walk.

This is where it gets fun. This is where you realize that you have left thetablets of light for yourself to find, to revitalize and to breathe life into the visionyou hold. Up until this point you haven’t even known it is the vision that youhold. As such it is a time of deep remembering. It is a time of moving out ofyour ordinary way of being into your extraordinary way of being. It is theevolution of that which has always been there, streamed forth in your awake and aware consciousness.

As a point of light, as a star seed on the Earth plane, you have this vision thatwe have been speaking of that is in some ways the mission of this developmentalstage of your time on Earth and of the larger evolution of consciousness on theEarth plane. This vision and your developmental stage in your evolution ofconsciousness calls you forth to step into the unknown, to step beyond the borders of what you think you are, of what you have experienced, and what youhave cataloged as reality.

Your vision cannot be experienced from anywhere butthe rainbow-rose, golden glasses of high perspective, of infinite knowledge, ofheart wisdom. Vibrational consciousness, such as your vision, must be spiraledinto. It must be delicately approached; it must be loved into being. As it is spiraled and approached delicately and loved into being it is an artistry oforacular weaving of threads of awareness that are unique to you as a point oflight.


There has been much awareness about an incarnation being an experience inwhich you travel through streams of energy, and that these streams of energy canhave the impetus of remembering who it is that you are. They can also have theimpetus of forgetting who it is that you are. It is truly optional which road youjourney on in your incarnation.

They are equal. It is a choice.That you are within the temple of the tablets of light and having thisconversation strikes the match that ignites the light of your choosing to havethese streams of experiences of remembering. This is igniting your memory ofwho it is that you truly are: you are a vision holder. You are a Being of Lightthat has within you a hidden treasure.

The way that this hidden treasure is foundis by you recognizing you. You recognizing you. The ways that you recognizeyou are beyond just the color of your hair or the sound of your voice, and theactivities that you do. It is the recognition of you as the wholeness of all thatthere is, of the divinity of you, of the infinite nature of you.

We have chosen this term, a hidden treasure, on purpose because it is a huntthat you are on, it is a stalking down, a tracking, a pattern recognition ofmolecules of consciousness, of drops of awareness, which resurrect the visionthat you hold. The vision that you hold.

The vision that you hold.Now that we have transmitted more increments of consciousness, ask if it isyour choice that the vision that you hold be remembered, be revealed to you, bere-accessed. This reconnection, this recognition of your awareness of the visionthat you hold, can happen in an instant, can happen overnight, can happen overthe span of a century. It can happen at a sacred site, it can happen within thepages of this text, it can happen anywhere and within any now momentcontained within the multidimensional strings of now moments of time.

Choose to Recognize the Vision You HoldThis is not about, in this instant, going directly after the vision. It is quite the opposite. It is aboutchoosing. It is about deciding to recognize the vision that you hold, the perspective that you carry,the wisdom of light that’swithin you, and to plant that seed. It’s about lighting the match thatsparks a remembering and to approach it delicately, to spiral into it, and to allow it to ripple out likewater after a stone has been dropped into it.Are you choosing to recognize the vision that you hold, that you carry? If you are, state outloud, “I choose to recognize the vision that I hold, that I carry.” State this three times out loud withincreasing levels of resonance and commitment. “I choose to recognize the vision that I hold, thatI carry. I choose to recognize the vision that I hold, that I carry. I choose to recognize the visionthat I hold, that I carry.”

The vision that the oracle receives holds a possible reality. This is likeopening a door that holds a pathway into another chamber or room in a house.

The oracular vision is such that there is the reading of a possible reality that thenis expressed in a way that increases its probability.We are not speaking of telling the future, of reading a book that’s alreadybeen decided upon—the book of someone’s life, their destiny, and events. Weare actually speaking about opening a road to a possible reality through a vision,through a line of sight, through a perspective. As the light bearer, the way shower, the oracular vision holder, the carrier of infinite knowledge that you are,we are reminding you of a much-acquired skill that you have had from past incarnations, which is actually quite powerful and potent at this time.

Holding a line of sight, a vision, increases the probability of that certainreality coming into form, coming into fruition, coming into light. It is importantat this stage to open up to receive the full dimension of what’s being transmittedand to let go of any expectations of where you think this conversation is headed.It is important to likewise drop any recognition of where you think it is that weare going or what A plus B equals or leads to, because this book of Thoth’stablets is about creating, through ancient and innovative wisdom, that which hasnot existed before.

It is about recreation, the recreation of that which is new. It isa choice. It is a malleable weaving of strands of light in such a way that depending on who you are and the way that you are choosing or not choosing tointeract with this material, the possibility of the reality you are here to rememberand create is increased, it is formed.

It is approached delicately because if you approach it as the person that youhad been, it is unapproachable. It is almost as if the person that you had been is amagnet that is facing a possible reality that is also a magnet. When this happens,these magnets then face each other in such a way as to repel one another.

Approaching this magnet from the perspective of who you had been, includingthe visions that you took on that aren’t actually the visions that you hold, pushesthe visions that you hold away. It pushes the possibility of something to becreated—that had never been created—away. It creates this invisible force fieldin which that which you are actually choosing to access jumps into anotherdimension.

We arespeaking about opening a door and holding a vision of that pathway creating areality so that it becomes more inevitable. And yet what we are also speakingabout is a way of being in your life that has absolutely been forgotten by 99.999percent of the beings on this Earth plane. Here we are talking about presence,presence, presence. It is through your presence in the moment that you clearlysee what, to many, appears to be invisible.If you have never been on a path before you cannot anticipate that threehundred steps along the path it drops down into a waterfall.

You know only thatit drops into a waterfall as you approach it and you begin to hear running water.If you didn’t know what a waterfall was you wouldn’t even know that it was awaterfall. As you approach it, you take in information about it that you couldn’t take in if somebody was trying to describe to you what a waterfall is if you’venever seen one before. By experiencing it, by putting your hand in the water ordropping a leaf if you’re at the top of the waterfall and watching it fall, you cansee what you couldn’t have seen any other way. You can experience what you hadn’t been able to experience from any other vantage point.


Your vibration is not the same as it was when we began this conversation withinthe walls of this temple of The Tablets of Light. Your vibration is not the same asit was. Your vibration is now uniquely you and yours. Vibrational autonomy hasbeen accessed. The amplification of your signature energy and your Divinedesign has been amplified. There is universal flow of consciousness. Thisuniversal flow of consciousness is in the awareness of your highly attunedvibration and orientation to your Divine autonomy, your individualized oneness.This can feel like a lightening up of all that there is. This can feel like alightening up of your previous vibrational set point to be flowing more in theuniversal light, the universal love, and the consciousness of all that there is. AsThe Tablets of Light is coming toward a place of verbal completion in that youhave reached the end of these segments, these installments, the energy continues on.

Wholeness exists within each moment. Wholeness is present in every transitionfrom one chapter to the next, from the beginning of the book to the end of thebook, from one day to the next, from one lifetime to the next. Wholeness is theconstant. Wholeness is the ever present awareness of all that there is.We have also been awakening together the memory of being fully engagedin your experience of life.

As you engage in these words, and in thisconsciousness, and in this book, in this conversation, and then in your life inbetween the words and the pages, there’s an enhanced level of you vibrationallyshowing up, of you being engaged in your life in a much more present way, amuch more forward-facing way.Bring your awareness to your capacity of your awakened Divine Union andconsciously complete this book with wholeness, with the accessing of yourDivine Union capacity fully turned on.

Doing so allows you to access and comeinto union with what you may not have accessed or come into union with upuntil this point. This is a continuation of your having a new relationship withtime and space.You used to operate from having the sensation that something’s available ina moment and then it’s no longer available if it wasn’t received in that moment,that you lost your chance so to speak.

Because wholeness is the thread of eachand every moment, you can in this moment, through the thread of wholeness,circle back if you will, to an earlier segment in this book and access more ofwhat was there because now you have an enhanced multidimensionality.


As you’re accessing more of what it is that you may not have accessedpreviously because you have more multidimensionality available to you, havethe awareness as well that our purpose together has been the Divine hookup, theDivine awakening, the Divine incarnation, the Divine incarnate.We haven’t been focusing on how to implement, for example, your Divinedesign or how to live or express your Divine light mission.

Instead we have beenamplifying the energies of your Divine design, your Divine light mission, andyour signature energy. From that impulse of creation, as the awakened creatorbeing that you are, your life then overflows into creation. It overflows into thenext evolution.For example, if you have a water spigot that goes into a tub or a basin or astone pool, and connected to it is a waterway, a long pathway of water.

It’s lesseffective to turn on the faucet for a few drops and then try to put the drops ofwater in the trajectory of the water. You can imagine how water was transportedin previous times. You could take a few drops of water and then you could say,“Okay, here are the five steps to get these drops of water into the trajectory ofwater so that it goes into another place and then it becomes something.”

That’s also what you’ve recreated through The Tablets of Light—a strongcontainer of your individuality, of your signature essence, of your life. Then itflows when there are no longer any obstructions and everything is smooth. Inthis, you amplify, you amplify, you amplify, you amplify, you amplify, youamplify the water. You turn on the water then it overflows, then it’s that nextnatural step. It’s not striving, struggling, or forcing.

If you were a key and The Tablets of Light has been fine-tuning this key, ifyou go through it again you would open up more dimensions.

Divine Transmissions Offerings

This is Thoth, the Council of Light, and the Divine Light Activation Sequence that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. The purpose of this transmission is to place energies, consciousness, and offerings onto the altar of the heart for you to vibe into to see if they are yours to be, do, and have or not.

We at Divine Transmissions are available to continue our multidimensional conversation in a variety of ways. We know that these offerings are in response to your asking, in response to your calling, and as such they are like treasures that you have been looking for on your treasure hunt of evolution. Sometimes you are clear about what is on your treasure-hunt list and sometimes you aren’t clear on what it is that you are looking for until you find it. We would invite you to tune into vibrationally recognizing if these are gifts you have left for yourself to find at this time.

Peter Horttanainen

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