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“Soul minds” are veiled. The challenge for some of us seems to be work on “thinning the veils.

There is much in the world to make us afraid. There is much more in our faith to make us unafraid,

“Soul minds” are veiled. The challenge for some of us seems to be work on “thinning the veils. The program itself is run from the structures, which are stretched across various parts of the brain as membrane veils, shutting the conscious from the super conscious, so you are not in connection with all that you are. Thus affecting your ability to expand your reality to encompass the vaster self you truly are. Spirit has called this a four point encoding access. This will likely be a long process to clear all of the four points of clearing. When we begin to live the spiritual life , a reversal of consciousness takes place. The reversal represent change or movement turning consciousness inward from the outer external ego.

There is a veil that exists in between the place you open and close your eyes. It interrupts your awareness and creates a pattern that shifts you between two different levels of consciousness. When your eyes are open, you are in one state, when your eyes are closed, you are in another. This veil was put in place at the time of the Fall of Consciousness to keep you in the limited reality of separation.

This veil holds a rigid structure in place that does not allow the DNA software programming and the coding structure of the DNA to actively integrate into the higher-dimensional chakra system necessary to activate aspects of the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata and pineal gland. These aspects are limited by this veil or partition. This partition is also what holds you in third-dimensional linear time (time as a past—present—future loop) and creates major restrictions to knowing yourself.

There are two partitions within the brain. The first partition is the corpus callosum, a coarse tissue that separates the right and left hemispheres. The original purpose of this tissue was to assist both sides of the brain to communicate with each other. With the Fall of Consciousness and aeons of living in the dense third dimension, this capacity has become significantly restricted.

The second is a vertical nonphysical partition that is perpendicular to the corpus callosum and located between the temples on either side of the head. This partition minimizes the function of the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata and pineal gland and it significantly limits the performance of the seventh and eight chakras in the physical experience. This nonphysical partition, or veil, holds each of us in a narrow field of logic, duality and rigid rules.

When you observe in present-time, the veil is neutralized, allowing observation from the Higher Mind. It’s here where this partition or veil is dismantled and reconstructed into its originally intended function: to open your awareness of the multidimensional consciousness from where you have come. Here the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata, pineal gland and seventh and eighth chakras become more engaged, the ninth, tenth and eleventh chakras become accessible. Here, with the use of higher-vibrational Light and colour vibrations, the coarse tissue of the corpus callosum will be altered into a softer electrochemical gel, allowing the right and left hemispheres of the brain to function as originally intended, in full communication with each other.

“Soul minds” are veiled. The challenge for some of us seems to be work on “thinning the veils,

The veil programs are usually placed in at birth, although can be and probably are, included with many past programs also. There are various “fallen- hierarchies that perform the shut-off programs. the programs of separation and death. The program itself is run from the structures, which are stretched across various parts of the brain as membrane veils, shutting the conscious from the super conscious, so you are not in connection with all that you are. The program itself is from the beings that set up the program, a small group who determine what it will take, and what programs will work well to shut off your divine potential. causing you to feel lost. It is calculated according to your soul weaknesses, and set in a situation that seems to prevent expansion in your life, from the group coming through set situations (these will be situations you find yourself in that continually repeat. with similar energies, and certain groups that hold you back). The program comes into the crown chakra, at full width, so it would be hard to break, travelling down into the back of the neck, and anchoring there. As it is in the brain, it affects your mental ability to commune with God source, your guides, and your higher self. It also affects the body when you are attempting to take divine steps in your outer life, to manifest God’s light on Earth. It may have the effect of immobilizing you. and making it harder to move spiritually in the outer world.

Lower sound harmonics and lower programming tend to lock in together, along with group dynamics. To clear group dynamics, permissions you have given to the group need to be released. This can be done through Vow/Contract breaks. (Affirming this).Certain frequency programming within the DNA and various other structures does not allow divine frequencies to enter, therefore needs release. Various other points at which to clear include-Genetic — through the DNA. Physical — through cellular memory. Allowed through agreement by yourself — opening spiritual doonvays to your access. Your access to the world. Etheric memory (affecting your ability to expand reality).

Thus affecting your ability to expand your reality to encompass the vaster self you truly are. Spirit has called this a four point encoding access. This will likely be a long process to clear all of the four points of clearing that is mentioned above.

Focusing your consciousness multi-dimensionally is about bringing all of your consciousness to the mind, allowing the higher mind to play a part also, and to bring this into your life, as part of it. If you desire for this in your life, you will find that new pathways need to be made within the present brain, on various levels, as it is currently not totally connected to the vaster capabilities possible. This process will be like a rewiring; to enable more refined frequencies to enter into the mental etherics. Most of the brain structure is simply coded out of receiving these higher impulses, much like tuning certain channels out on a T.V. set. Then, they will be pushed back into the subconscious, and accessed through dream state, perhaps, or in meditation. The ideal, of course, is not to need to go back to access, but to be in the present all of the time as this is the vaster part of who we are, and we are here to live that, to know of all that we are, here on earth.

As a result of flawed thinking (caused by a negative programmed mindset), most people either do not have the required tools, or are not interested in obtaining the knowledge for freedom or higher. Freedom and higher consciousness require a desire to be free, effort, work, and change, all of which most people are programmed to avoid. The objective of this kind of programming is to have people lose the ability to think freely. – ‘whatever you do not use you lose.’ Many people often want or seek the benefits of freedom without paying the price. However, freedom is never free.

Another common misunderstanding to the untrained eyes is how freedom is defined. Freedom is generally defined as the opportunity to get a “good” education, a “good” job and be financially sufficient to provide for their families. The definition of true freedom is a freed mentality. A freed mentality ensures people can have all of their desires, and also be in full control of their thoughts and mind.

With mental freedom, people can learn who they are, understand the role they play in the broader scope of the universe; appreciate and value themselves, others, and the natural environment, and be much better equipped to understand how societies and organizations are structured to control the minds of the masses.

Once you are able to free yourself mentally, finding the real purpose for your existence will no longer be a challenge. Many people, regardless of how well educated they are, regrettably continue to be very narrow-minded when it comes to matters about the process and methods of achieving mental freedom. They feel this way because they are either unfamiliar with the subject, or have been programmed to reject such information as real and essential.

Thinking that mental freedom is something that can easily be attained is a colossal mistake. It requires a strong desire, clarity of thought, discipline, effort, work, courage, sacrifice, and change. Most people are just not prepared to be free -they have no control over their thoughts or their lives.

A large portion of their decisions derives from their societal programming. This fact is suppressed by the widely held view that people make decisions based on their personal choices and preferences. This view is merely a misconception. What many are ignoring either through ignorance or deliberate rejection is the fact that, the choices people make derived from their subconscious programmed condition and manipulated mentality.

You may be asking yourself, “if everyone can change his or her condition by simply changing his or her thinking, why then more people are not doing so?” The answer is, lack of knowledge that they have the power to do so, lack of motivation, or closed-mindedness due to social conditioning.

“When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions.”

When we begin to live the spiritual life , a reversal of consciousness takes place which is proof that we have entered the spiritual life. To live the spiritual life it is a reversal of consciousness that is necessary. This cannot be compared in any way with the different faculties or possibilities one has in the mental field. As a consequence of the total change and reversal of consciousness establishing a new relation of Spirit with Mind and Life and Matter. The ability to energize the spirit enables us to reverse the aging process to some degree.

The reversal represent change or movement turning consciousness inward from the outer external ego.

And as soon as one is turned towards the spiritual life and reality, one touches the Infinite, the Eternal, and there can no longer be any question of a greater or smaller num-ber of capacities or possibilities. It is the mental concep-tion of spiritual life which may say that one has more or less capacity to live spiritually, but this is not at all an ad-equate statement. What may be said is that one is more or less ready for the decisive and total reversal. In reality, it is the mental capacity to withdraw from ordinary activities and to set out in search of the spiritual life which can be measured.

In practice, pranayama has to be executed in upward direction. That is to say, the vital air needs to be drawn from the lowest level towards the upper regions of the spiritual body. This convention follows the principle of reversal of currents, which is fundamental to sadhana. What does this principle signify in the concrete? By nature, currents flow in downward direction governed by the law of gravity.

A plant, however, reverses this natural downward flow by directing the water upwardly from the root into all its branches, leaves and petals. This capacity of the plant to reverse the direction of the natural flow is essential for its survival, because only in this manner the plant is able to obtain the life-giving liquid. Just as the plant reverses the downward flow of the water, in the same way pravayama entails reversal of the downward course taken by the vital air, and that means to direct the breath upwardly from the lower to the upper bodily circles.

To effectuate reversal of the vital current is the core implication of Sadhana. What succeeds once this reversal has been accomplished? For the plant, transcending the rules of gravity becomes a matter of utter survival. For man, however, to master this basic requirement of sadhana opens the way to a higher level of spiritual accomplishment: it leads to Divine/Oneness, to spiritual consciousness and delight of bliss embodied in the Divine Being. And this Supreme Divinity, – the source of the most sublime delight of bliss, is identified with the manor manum, with the Man of the Heart. Once cidananda is evoked, once the presence of the highest reality is called forth, man has readied himself to meet the Supreme Man and thereby to fulfill the central quest of his Sadhana.

Accomplishment of this ultimate state becomes feasible only once all spiritual activities are turned inwards, because attention focused inwardly enables the mind to fully assemble and to secure sufficient power of concentration to recognize the inner divinity.

The ego in the Indian psychological tradition is a manifestation of the mind and not of consciousness. It masks the spirit, the self. Shrouded by ignorance, the ego masquerades as the self. Therefore, tearing down the veil of ignorance, taming the ego, transcending the limiting adjuncts of the mind to allow the true light of the spirit to shine and reflect on the mind of the person, become the focus of spiritual psychology. This is what is involved in the process of transformation of the person. Yoga, for example, is a method of training for such transformation.

There are three intra-psychic processes involved in ego-transformation. They are aspiration, surrender and rejection. Aspiration is the motivating factor, the driving force to feel the presence of the divine spirit. If spirit is consciousness-as-such, aspiration is the desire to access consciousness-as-such. Surrender refers tc the openness to witness consciousness-as-such with no prior notions, attitudes and expectations. Rejection is the throwing out of all those ego accretions that cloud consciousness-as-such, so as to allow the unencumbered play of the psychic being. The function of the psychic being is accessing consciousness-as-such to guide and transform both our individual and collective life.

Transformation involves tracing the route back from existential suffering, con-trolling craving and attachment, and transcending the limiting adjuncts of the mind so that the clouds of ignorance hovering around the person are dispelled and the person experiences states of pure consciousness. Such experiences are the transformational resource and gateway to realization, the discovery of the spirit within. Spiritual psychology in the Indian tradition is positive psychology that promotes health, happiness and joy in a non-ego binding manner. It is the joy of the spirit and not of the ego that the transformed person experiences.

The spiritual consciousness, the spiritual life reverses this principle of building; it bases its action in the collective life upon an inner experience and inclusion of others in our own being, an inner sense and reality of oneness. The spiritual individual acts out of that sense of oneness which gives him immedi-ate and direct perception of the demand of self on other self.

Our mundane nature, which is not entirely covered by spiritualisation, is taken up and converted into supramental nature. As we observed, in spiritualisation the whole of nature is not included. It goes up to a limit and stops. But here there is a total spiritualisation. Not only the individual life but the world experience is taken up, related to the individual experience and raised to a divine truth and plenitude. That part of the world experience in which a gnostic being participates is automatically elevated to the supramental nature. These are some of the general outlines that our mind can formulate of the gnostic nature. But what is important to note is that it means a radical reversal of consciousness.

In spiritualisation our consciousness undergoes a change of coating, a change of texture at its peaks, but it mostly remains what it has been all along in its evolutionary career. With the arrival of the supramental consciousness there is a radical reversal, radical because once the reversal takes place, there is no going back. In spiritualisation, by deviating, by diluting, it is possible to suffer a diminution and change of orientation of our spiritual nature. That is what they call the fall, fall from yoga, fall from spiritual consciousness.

With the gnostic consciousness, it is a radical change, so much so that there is no possibility of changing back or falling from that nature. Once the consciousness is reversed, our mental cognitive standards are no longer sufficient. We cannot anticipate, we cannot govern the gnostic behaviour from the mental standpoint. Another difference is that our mental thought bases itself on the consciousness of the finite. Finite is what is bounded, what is limited, maybe a large finite, a vast finite, but all the same a finite.

Mental thought separates what it perceives, what it analyses from what it does not. But the supramental thought is based on a consciousness of the Infinite. Wherever it sees, wherever it works, it is from the infinite point of view that it moves. Infinity is the first truth of that consciousness, just as division, finiteness is the governing truth of the mind.

Christ consciousness is the involuted result of mortal progression: In other words, the evoluted ‘result of mortality is: sense consciousness, its ascending principle being the opening of cosmic light that makes for metaphysical (mental) devel-opment. The culminated advancement of men-tality is spirituality, the gaining of the Mind of consciousness opening its own laws of unfoldment whereby spirituality is identified and the truths of Being are revealed. Sense consciousness, the first -aspect of self-conscious development, gives knowledge of the physical; metaphysical develop-ment gives knowledge of mind and its control; Cosmic consciousness climaxes the metaphySical with knowledge of spiritual principles. These principles, realized, begin their own unfoldment in consciousness, identifying Christ and the con-sciousness of Truth.

As cosmic consciousness reveals the nothingness of both good and evil of mortal sense, the Truth of Being ascends, the mergence of the cosmic and Christ consciousness being effected in the surrender of the will of the flesh. This surrender is culminated in the giving up of the love of the flesh, effecting at this point the opening of the powers of .God’s love. The Christ consciousness not only reveals suffering to have its place in redemption, but also brings knowledge of the service which all forces of darkness perform. In reality, the Christ consciousness reverses the tendencies of the metaphysical as perfectly as the metaphysical reverses the tendencies of the physical. This reversal is developed in cosmic consciousness, being effected in laws of unfoldment rather than in the will of man. The ego discovers the greater blessing that is brought through suffering for the spirit’s sake, loyalty and adherence spiritual principles precipitating ofttimes greater struggle’s than those ‘experienced on the lower planes of advancement. As the chastening law of Christ is set up, the ego discovers God to be the one presence and the one power, inclusive of all activities, good or evil; for ‘the, greatest woes incidental to spiritual development s yield their advancements. Christ sz consciousness reveals the true status of all conditions of life.

The Construction Of The Abyss. The veil of ignorance. The Abyss is an illusionary barrier of darkness between our Earthly consciousness of physical mortality, personality and ego, and our spiritual consciousness of the Universe and its infinite energy resources. Individually and thus collectively we each must Face and pass through the Abyss to reunite our complete nature, and to gain the awareness of our eternal spiritual nature and the Universe. Collective fear is the only thing preventing the veils from being lifted completely. Removing the ego shield so that the path to the superconscious connec-tion is consistently clear is our goal. The ego is the veil. The ego is the first layer of human consciousness and is the mass consciousness. This veil is controlled through fear programming.

The fall of consciousness and our regression in awareness took place, a veil of darkness was constructed within our collective consciousness that acted to conceal the knowledge and power of the Universe from us for a time. This veil, known as the Abyss or bottomless pit (names given to it at a time when there was obviously much fear as to what was happening, is an amazing construction that reflects completely our needs to evolve and learn responsibility. The Abyss is an illusionary barrier of darkness between our Earthly consciousness of physical mortality, personality and ego, and our spiritual consciousness of the Universe and its infinite energy resources. It acts to separate the two so that our Earthly consciousness can pass through the real experience it needs to learn responsibility.

We are kept within its boundaries to experience, expose and eventually exorcise the potentially destructive elements of our nature, while the Universe outside is left relatively undisturbed by these destabilising experiences. Individually and thus collectively we each must Face and pass through the Abyss to reunite our complete nature, and to gain the awareness of our eternal spiritual nature and the Universe this may come to serve. The darkness of the Abyss reflects back to each of us the weaknesses and fears of our own egos. It is an illusory barrier that we compose by the fears we project, and on the other side lies our spiritual awareness that works to compel us forward and through (`cailing’ us forward).

Nothing in time stands still, so if we do not progress, then what we build may stagnate and begin to disintegrate. Evolution inspires and compels us to progress and offers the only true steps forward, and to cross the Abyss, as we cannot see beyond and receive no guarantees, we have only Faith in this heart felt inspiration to take those steps. To cross the Abyss we are compelled to surrender our animal instincts of self-preservation, face and relinquish our fears, and step into the unknown with no guarantees of where this tiny lead or even if we shall survive or pass through…., and all we have to trust and have faith in, is that one simple impulse and need to progress. It is like being compelled to go on a quest for self-discovery and truth, and then coming to the edge of a chasm. You know you have to go forward to succeed, yet the fall before you is dark and bottomless.

Fear (the voice of your self-preserving animal nature and rational mind) imagines all the horrors that may lie in that darkness and begs you to turn back to the places and way of life that you know, using any means to justify fear. The evolutionary and soul’s need to know truth and purpose, and to discover our real identity and nature, that compels us on and will not allow us to rest (the calling of your spiritual nature and awareness), tells you that the darkness is just an illusion and that there is a way through in front of you. If you choose to trust this voice, as opposed to that of fear, you will be able to walk forward and cross to the other side, to reach the answers that await and realise your true potential. This is the real step of faith that acts to transform our primary instincts, and I can share from experience, that once you take those wholehearted steps into the unknown, to lay your life on the line, then the darkness dissolves completely and the truth is revealed.

What is the single thing mostly preventing us from discovering the truth and how can we overcome it? Not as close as you would like to be and not as far off as you might imagine. Collective fear is the only thing preventing the veils from being lifted completely. Humans do not fear darkness; they fear a light too bright for their unaccustomed eyes. They shield themselves and avert their eyes to prevent the truth from being told. Humans have become overly comfortable, complacent and agreeable to a reality they have outgrown. It is time to listen to the words heard within so that humans can create a reality based on that rather than responding to the endless external stimuli that greet them daily. The distance between human to God is not outside, it’s the layers of belief systems, social programming, all fear orientated issues, that envelope us hiding our light within.

As they give up their social programs, not only they set examples that its totally safe to shed these boundaries for better future but they as collective trigger humans to see for themselves that these do not serve them any purpose. A slow awakening is taking place, in all humans, when their consciousness is getting clear in the collective burning, of these Twin Flames who are spread over the whole world. When these Twin flames tranmutate, their pain to love they create Love and Light and as they become in sync with balancing of their masculine feminine energies in them their power becomes more potent. So they serve as a big prism of light scattered in different parts of world.

The day when these twin flames will come in union, this spectrum of light will be more powerful and It will light up the earth to, the fullest, making every human realize that all these years, they were trapped in fear and they have power to change their life once they see their remote in light, seize their power in no time,

We have known about this coming of age since humans created time and questioned reality. The wisdom that is needed to understand such a shift of awareness was gifted to a few, misinterpreted by many, and simply ignored by the masses, until now. This alteration of our consciousness is about human evolu-tion, removing the veil that separates us from complete connection to source. It is about raising our vibrational level to match the energies that are morphing all around us, removing resistance so we can effortlessly flow inside these shifting times. In this way we will remember who we truly are, and actually be able to live in this knowledge without being torn apart in the process.

Removing the ego shield so that the path to the superconscious connec-tion is consistently clear is our goal. Mankind at the beginning of all incarnations more than remembered our con-nection and agreement with the oneness. At that time we knew we were source energy slowed down into physical beings for the purpose of self exploration. Liv-ing in divine abundance, grace, health and wisdom, we enjoyed the multitude of blessings that came with simply vibrating on an equal level with source energy, albeit in a denser vehicle. Eventually, this level of awareness no longer served us, as there were many other exciting adventures to embark upon that taught us what we could not learn by living in complete love. The “Dark Ages” of man came, the slowing down of our vibration caused by thoughts, emotions and actions that were not in harmony with the highest vibra-tion from source.

When the Earth moved away from the heart center of the galaxy, humans began disconnecting from source in our own hearts. The masculine energies began to take control and we began to have the emotion of fear for the first time in our collective consciousness. Fear produced such disharmony from source that we severed our connection almost entirely. We created this situation by using a magnificently powerful force in the universe—our egos, manifested by our collec-tive human thought and emotions for the purpose of discovering just how dark human nature can truly get.

“There is much in the world to make us afraid. There is much more in our faith to make us unafraid.” Humans are evolving into a higher bioenergetic form, removing the denseness to be filled with higher vibrational light energy.

Those who remained fully cognizant of the oneness, even when the blanket of darkness compromised any awakeness, were called Shamans, healers, the enlight-ened, the known ones, mystics, seers, saints, lamas, and gurus. Purposefully and with ancient wisdom passed through generations, these wisdom holders kept their vibrations in harmony with source for as long as they could, holding on to the ability of one touch healing and one thought manifesting. Eventually, even those of higher frequency began to slow through the inertia from the vibration the planet was holding at the time. Simply being became doing. We went from being the oneness, to losing our connection to the divine and having to create methods to get back home. Hence, techniques were formed by our wise ones, rit-uals and whole systems created, simply to be in divine connection and wellness once more.

Technology has advanced so far in that we now have incredibly high quality methods for sending information quickly around the globe, and from the Earth to outer space. Fiber optic cables are made of glass wires thinner than a human hair but transmit more information than a 1″ copper cable.

The fiber optics can conduct higher frequencies due to their components and construction, with zero interference, whereas the copper cables are dense in frequency. Before we begin doing the clearing work necessary for enlightenment, we are like the copper wires. Thick with layers of our personal ego energy, built upon through many lifetimes, doing our best to have a life wrapped up in a bulky egoic comforter. Once we begin to clear away the need for the protection, we become lighter, freer, and become like fiber optic wires.

So, connection to source is simply a matter of upgrading our energetic wirings and removing the trapped static energy within our bioenergetic fields so the higher frequencies can flow. When we chose to live in a slower, denser vibration (through life style choices or unawareness), our knowledge is limited because we do not have the capability of gathering the higher wisdom that comes through the faster channels. As we lift our vibrations, we are able to connect to source in a way that we can not only hear but completely understand the message.

We become better receivers, enabled conduits and a perfect match to source energy. We are moving from lightworker (copper cables) to light beings (fiber optics). We have now regained the ability to once again tap into source for full disclo-sure. An ancient paradigm is being reborn in the 21″ Century, one that states we are source energy, that we have never been separated, that techniques are to be used like training wheels until we have grown into our full remembrance. And, we are being upgraded in every layer of our being to store this higher wisdom so that future generations can use us as a spring board into an even greater connection.

Becoming keenly aware that the old paradigms of techniques keep us mired in the 3 dimensional realms will be the challenge. Because we like our stuff, our ways of doing, it comforts us as humans to let change be someone else’s job.

“If you learn only methods you ll be forever tied to those methods, however if you learn the principles behind these methods you’ll be free to devise your own (method)”.

Then one will be able to move past the ego, which is the first layer of our human awareness. Once the ego hold is breached, you can then begin to erase the subconscious blackboard full of fear scribbling that hold us in our disconnection. The superconsiousness, or full connection, will food into your awareness once the veil of the subconscious is dissolved. This will bring with it the ability to simply live in fully aware connectivity to our divine self.

The ego is the first layer of human consciousness and is the mass consciousness.

It is vital to move past the use of techniques so we can once again unlock the doorway to the new paradigm. Doing keeps our mind active and our emotions attached to the (sometimes unconscious) reasons behind the doing, blurring the connectivity by the swirling surrounding energies of thought and emotion. It is necessary to cut away the maya, the illusions of ego, to become the blank slate, the hollow bone that spirit moves through. We must become no-thing (the no-mind) so that all things can exist within.

These years will be a time of great turmoil and fear for many people who will not understand the changes that are occurring. It will not be until after the days of darkness when humankind has a “mass revelation” so that the veils of physical illusion are finally torn down.

The real inner experience of following conscience, putting behind us the selfish fears of survival, and stepping wholeheartedly forward into the unknown, carries us across the Abyss and displaces the old animal priority instincts with new priorities of faith, love and spiritual intuition. This then exposes the knowledge and nature of the Universe and of the eternal `life’ of our conscious spiritual entities, so that balance is restored and we can move on to the rest of the Universe and beyond in our own evolution. There is no way around this, for in time we each must face our fears and the repercussions of our actions, to be able to evolve beyond them. Only by carrying the light of real experience forward into the unknown, can we come to cross and dissolve the darkness of the Abyss, and thus become whole again.

The way to develop and bring forward our Christ nature was shown to be simple, for we bring forward and expose our inner soul and feelings. It is through the experience of love that Christ comes to be realised: by laying ourselves bare, admitting and facing our fears and weaknesses, and embracing and connecting with the energy and life force of all that surrounds us. This dissolves the superficial perspectives we perceive and identify with through our ego personalities and their temporal animal natures. It breaks down the boundaries of physical separateness and substance, to bring us together in the collective and Universal identity of energy and spirit. This, we were shown, would open the doors to understanding the Universe and knowing our true eternal natures. Death would no longer be a threat or carry fear for us, and our creative potential and use of energy could abound. This is the only way, through embracing our naturally evolving Christ nature, that we can find true peace and fulfilment here on Earth.

The premise was that when the oppressed masses via learning processes of self-reflection threw away ‘the veil of ignorance’ they would see clearly and thus become enlightened, and due to this very fact they would release themselves from their self-imposed captivity and resist exploitation.

Intuitive Mind is a spiritual vision of the highest order. It is a power of knowledge by the identity of consciousness. In this state of mind, the subject consciousness is identified with the object consciousness. The subject goes out of itself and meets the object. It may be called a spiritual perception or direct awareness of objects. The direct and close perception of identity is more than conception, thought and sight. The flash or blaze of knowledge penetrates the mass of ignorance or the veil of nescience. Intuition in its native consciousness is a projected consciousness of the Supermind into the human consciousness.

It is difficult for beginners to understand a mass of terminology. When a consciousness of union comes, we become aware that the veil is only a concept of our own minds, a veil of ignorance.

There is cosmic ignorance as well as individual ignorance. We come in touch with cosmic ignorance in deep sleep. But when we awake, we have a thicker veil of untruth, of unreality, hiding Truth, in spite of our waking consciousness. In deep sleep we forget most of these … Our whole mind is clouded and covered by masses of filth and dirt which have to be removed.

As we awaken to the truth of our beingness, spiritual teachings centered around being an individual consciousness seeking to be unified back into the whole of divinity or one divine consciousness void of individuality will fall away, as we will consciously recognize that we are simultaneously an allness (collective divine consciousness), a onceness (our own divine consciousness), and each and every other onceness (all other individual divine consciousnesses). All-at-Once Consciousness will be consciously awakened in waking awareness and we will no longer suppress our oneness (in lieu of our collective divine beingness) or suppress our allness (in lieu of our individual divine beingness). We will naturally shift to a higher conscious perspective, and we will never again think of divine consciousness (divinity) or any other individual soul consciousness (others) as separate from our own eternal beingness. In this way, our self identity will shift from a singular perspective to a state of beingness able to consciously reflect our simultaneous, all-at-once nature. We will then be better able to experience our lives from a center that is simultaneously both an individual consciousness and a collective consciousness, fulfilling the divine blueprint of our conscious awakening.

The human ego has become the god this world and therefore acting as divine consciousness and supermind.

Fear is the result of not knowing that, as Souls, there is nothing to fear. In becoming human, our consciousness becomes Earthbound. The knowingness that we are not separated from God/Goddess is repressed, denied, and blocked. Divine Consciousness, Divine Love, Divine Abilities, Divine Order, and Divine Safety become hidden behind a fear-based illusion of a limited and painful human existence.

Connect with your Divine Self to release negative emotions. As the fogs of strong emotions dissipate in the light of your Divine Self, a path opens up into many higher states of consciousness that are only possible to experience with flowing and peaceful emotions.

Evolve your desire body so that it responds to Divine Will and to your Divine Self rather than to mass consciousness or other people’s desires.

You are stronger than mass consciousness, especially one that is based on fear. Your divine self and the light of radiant heart are stronger than any mass consciousness based on fear. These invocations assist you to know they are more powerful than any projection or mass consciousness idea.

There are other regions in the world where the collective consciousness of the masses has become far removed from their spiritual identity. This has caused an imbalance in the energies of those regions.

The state of the world reflects the consciousness of humanity, which is overshadowed by fear. Fear stimulates false beliefs and wrath and takes us to war. Fear destroys hope and mutilates the heart and mind; it kills faith and paralyzes the soul. We have let fear overpower our behavior to such an extent that we have given it form.

The process of spiritual evolution to become a spiritual master requires us to reverse this by undoing all the mass-consciousness programming.

The purpose of bringing to the forefront the many forms of programming we receive throughout life, especially if it creates fear, makes it dear how easily it can distract us from becoming aware of who we really are and why we have chosen to express our being through a life on the physical plane. There is, however, a revolution going on today and it is an inner one, one to get back to the realization of our divine nature by uncovering the presence of the God within us. This, if we choose, can be achieved in part by reprogramming ourconsciousness to become aware ofhow great we really are.

The term “mental programming” has a negative connotation because it implies mind control, and in a sense it is because it subconsciously controls how we think and even believe. Therefore, the term “reprogramming” can also have the same connotation. The Mental Equivalent. This term seems to be a little more harmonious yet it basically means reprogramming. So, whenever we want to change or reprogram our belief system, we can present to our mind a mental equivalent.

High vibrational energies of love and light are unfolding and sweeping across the planet as individuals begin to awaken and come into die awareness of who we really are and realize the power that is within us. Just as a caterpillar has with itself the inner awareness to know when it is time to become transformed into a beautiful butterfly, so are the souls of love and light awakening to their true selves and beginning to do the work they came upon this planet to do. Sadly, there is something that prevents such an awakening. Deep or strong programming based on fear can be a barrier and prevent such openings.

Don’t think for a moment that the only people affected by these programs for human experimentation and mind control were the victims. We were the guinea pigs for a vast program of mind control for the general public. There was indeed an agenda for these experiments. The “conspiracy theory” is no theory but a great threat to humanity. You might wonder what you can do about it. The answer is to seek your own personal freedom. Make your own journey to be free from every aspect of fear programming. Begin right this moment: Make a list of every way fear affects and controls your life; then find the keys to the shackles of your mind and set yourself free. Wake up, before it is too late.

To live life in the lower realms of 3D demands that we lose our connection with God in order to experience duality, both sides of the opposing energies of our world.

In the physical world, we lose a great deal of our conscious

The human ego has become the god this world and therefore acting as divine consciousness and supermind.

This god of this world has created and veil of ignorance to keep separation in place and this prevents humankind to identify themselves with the ego-body-identy as the real self and not the divine higher real self. The real divine spark is captivated in the world of matter or the three dimensional world/reality. In same way this god acting as god, divine consciousness and supermind, humans identifying themselves through this ego-body-perception. In the three dimensional everything seems to be freedom, but isn´t. Humankind in held in mental slavery and we think of slavery in the physical sense readily, but the worst form of slavery is not the slavery of the physical body. The worst form of enslavement is the enslavement of the soul. Therefore this world keeping humankind in a state of low vibrational frequency because this prevents spiritual knowledge from activate or awaken the real soul. Lack of knowledge and spiritual ignoranbe keeps the soul in the sleep state or slumbering state. Fear is a part of this programming to keep the vibrations in a supressed state of the mind. Fear also the open up the brain channels for susceptible to programming.

For example there is a constant computer generated speaking voice in the airs. That is constant stalking and literally speaking, beaming and looping fearful sounds, words and voices. Words as; “now its dangerous”, words as; worry or worries, words as; panic, and words as; now he is mad, or now he is going mad, beaming and looping words as anxiety, hurry up every one to two seconds, day and night, both indoors and outdoors. And constant interfering and more frighten is that neighbors of organized gang stalking is been controlled by same computer generated speaking voice. They using same methods of harassment interference. This is the god of this world energies in actions and isn´t the divine god. The powers of maya rules this world and there is a veil of ignorancre in place tp prevent anyone pericing through this veil of ignorance or veil of the ego.

Then the divine god is disconnected in the three dimensional world they also is disconnected from the heart chakra and Christ Consciousness and therefore is linked to the anti-christ energy of this world.

The Ego is the Veil

There are always skeptics, but eventually they will be silenced as a result of the sheer volume of material. As this evidence grows it will eventually be taught as a matter of fact in schools as the decades pass because it will be known as science, thus becoming part of the mass consciousness. Fear of death is our most primal fear, but if we know that even death holds no terror for us, what have we to fear? When we know that we ultimately have nothing to fear, then a most profound and lasting change for the better will be brought to this world. All those systems of thought and plays for control over the masses of people will meet their deserved dissolution.

To adjust to these changes we must prepare our gross, subtle and causal bodies to receive, decode and ground the higher frequency energies that are beginning to dominate in New Age of Spirit. We must awaken our sensory apparatus to have the direct experience of awareness of our Spiritual Being and the Supreme Self.

As we release our own fear conditioning, we help release mass consciousness from the matrix of fear, and help install a new matrix of Love on planet Earth.”.

In this age we must take responsibility for our own choices and directions. We can no longer be passive agents who allow themselves to be manipulated by unseen forces. We have a conscious choice to direct our energy towards fear or towards love. Our challenge is to extricate ourselves from the fear-based programming that we are subject to in our daily lives. This programming is designed to keep us in ignorance and uncertainty; to keep us operating within a context of competition and survival; and to keep us divided and isolated from our oneness.

Carl Jung describes that “states” (as a collective) and “religions” (another form of collective) engender and promote a mass consciousness that circumvents individuality as well as physically and psychically enslaves man through the psychic attack of fear. In the opinion of Dr. Jung, both state and religion foists itself as God-like or the saving grace of man. The psyche knows better but unless man becomes aware of his own lack of awareness, he fails to become free; he submits to the veil and those who would ensure its place is solidly maintained as a barrier.

This is a Science of Spirit… an evolution of from lower levels of the emotional body awareness of the human animal to higher levels of consciousness of the philosophers of nature. The key to the evolution of consciousness of the philosopher and the premise for existence is to make known the unknown in nature by creating more choices. As evolutionary beings… alchemists can conquer the limitations in their minds and bodies… creating a rapid “inner awakening of consciousness” to higher levels… to know that they as individuals and as a collective are one with Nature = Spirit… creating in traditional terms an awareness of an “Invisible Spirit”… Consciousness” within us all.

So in reality, the brain does not create thoughts any more than a radio creates the music it plays, but is a receiver of thought, like the radio tuning into your favorite station. We can see from the perspective of a universal foundation in consciousness that the human brain is like… an automated Scanner of radio frequencies continuously picking up chatter on the bands that it tunes to in the moment… it was designed to tune into higher not ‘Iowerrrr’ levels of for the sake of evolution.

It is our “lack of consciousness in society”, and our attitudes, that manifest the “Nature of our Materialistic Corporate Reality”.

Without the “Awareness of being Aware in the present moment” of the environment in which we live… we maintain exclusively a personality mindset of bodily needs. This is the “instinctive mind” that belongs to the human body (the cells and the DNA) and not the spiritual being that animates it… We are overworked emotionally and taxed heavily as consumers of toxic products in our nine to five jobs of wage slavery in our modern day Society.

The ego-body-perception is not “true consciousness” but a body emotionally programmed with the awareness of a “primitive human instinctive animal” in his habitat to be observed living in maze by all sentient transcendent beings on all levels and on all planes. When we do become conscious of a moment of transcendent awareness and have a few brief moments throughout the day that we cherish…

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