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There is great stimulation that is created by participating in this particular Colour Code. It is of the Air element. It provides an openness in the mental body and an openness in the physical body to receive unlimited thought processes. It has a much higher vibratory level and frequency range than the all-encompassing red Codes.

The red Coding carries an extensive vibration and is part of a sound template that you know of as “Om”. The other aspect of this all-encompassing Coding is the presence of the sound template El Shaddai, which carries with it the Fire element.

Red is a very vast template that has an effect on the physical body, and all of form. It begins to allow a vibratory shift in the denseness of the body itself and the consciousness within the body. We speak here of both the Earth body and the body of the whole of humanity, as well as yours. When you work with the red Coding and the first chakra, you put in place a foundational piece to allow the interdimensional bridging into the physicality and also into the full chakra system.

Not only are we raising the vibration of the physical body, but we are also raising first and foremost the way in which the chakra system functions within the physical form, making it more refined and of a much different amplitude. When you use the red Coding and bring it into the first three chakras, it begins to set the stage, so to speak. It begins to refine and level out the energetics of the third and fourth dimensions.

It makes those three chakras more open and receptive to then begin to receive what is being drawn into them from the refined mental— emotional body. It also stimulates creativity. In the Fall of Consciousness there was much fragmentation and separation between the mental and emotional bodies.

There was created the energetics of ego and fear. When the red Coding is installed in the first three chakras, it levels out these fragmentations. Those three chakras begin to function from a different dimensional vibration and in an electromagnetic form that is entirely different The fragmentations begin to dissolve. Through the utilization of the red and other Colour Codes of the yellow and the blue, those two bodies change. They merge into a unit and operate at a much different vibratory level — higher, balanced and precise.

The main goal and desire is to open up another space within this Christed planet that will assist you, and those who are now embodied, to make significant alterations to this continual warring faction that takes place in the name of God. This particular energetic is composed of colour and sound, conceptual principles and certain vibratory levels that must be established at this time on your planet. This energetic I bring forth is the yellow Coding.

It has been for quite some time on your planet associated with the nature of the Christ Consciousness. Yellow is held within a triangle, which intensifies the way in which it can be applied. It affects the mental body, in that it provides mental stimulus to search out solutions that bring about peace, harmony and joy. It therefore affects the emotional body by creating emotions that reflect those Christed thoughts of peace and harmony.

There is great stimulation that is created by participating in this particular Colour Code. It is of the Air element. It provides an openness in the mental body and an openness in the physical body to receive unlimited thought processes. It has a much higher vibratory level and frequency range than the all-encompassing red Codes. It is also enhanced by the sound current of the ninth Ray.

What we plan to do now is begin to explore another Colour Coding. This Coding has to do with the colour blue and the vibration of that colour. The vibration of this Colour Coding is not a singular vibration or a singular Coding. It has a dual aspect to it. It can have a very high frequency range and a very short range.

This blue Coding serves a dual function to raise the vibration of the mental— emotional body to a higher frequency range, making the merging of the mental—emotional bodies more coherent and stable. It divides the way in which the frequency ranges are distributed so that a lower amplitude can reach deep within the bowels of the emotional body to further escalate any third-dimensional emotion that lies dormant, or in the unconscious, that has not yet been transformed into a fifth or sixthdimensional resonance.

That is what this Code does! It has the ability to step down the frequency range, adhere to the discordant vibration that is there and very easily, consistently stir it and raise it to a greater level of frequency. The emotional body can then merge more coherently with the mental body that is already vibrating at a much different vibration because of the presence of the yellow Coding that has been established earlier. This Code changes the entire dynamic of that huge emotional body! It short-circuits emotional patterns in your emotional and physical bodies.

Having that yellow Coding present and usable, and aligning it with different parts of the brain was very valuable. It built a foundation, so that as we explore some of these other Colour Codes, the vibration continues to escalate. As it escalates, more of the brain is engaged and made usable. The production of hormones and the production of various chemical components within the body are established at a different rate. And the cells begin to function at a greater rate. The electrical components within the cellular system operate at a much greater rate. The body itself begins to resonate at a much higher frequency range. It begins to hold frequencies of Light, not only within the Unified Field, but within every cell of the body, every atom of the body! The Living Light Body.

There are two elements that are involved in the Colour Coding of the blue. One of them is the Earth element, and the other is the Water element. You have the stability and the fluidity. The stability of the Earth energy enables all of the Coding to be very applicable within the bodily structure of form. The fluidity of Water brings about change in a very swift manner; in a way that has ease to it without great destruction.

You are able then to merge the mental—emotional body in a very stable, cohesive way. You also are establishing a very stable bridgework and resonance between the physical world, the physical body, and the nonphysical, because this mental—emotional body is part of both. The upside of this is that what is manifested manifests very quickly. You are already beginning to see that in your own life. As you think, it gets manifested very quickly. Acknowledge its presence and begin to draw it into you. That is one of the magnificent results of having it established in the system; you begin to see a much greater, bigger, overall picture of the functioning of all levels of yourself.

Understanding the green, indigo and magenta Colour Codings Within our limited human language, we are able to describe the first three Codings (red, yellow and blue). Green, indigo and magenta, however, are energetics that are accessible only while in a fifth or sixth layer of thought and in the higher dimensions. Here is a brief description of each. Green Coding This Code is given to humanity to assist in healing the fragmented parts of the individualized Soul as it expresses itself in the physical realm. It assists in bringing together the physical parts of you, as well as the nonphysical parts. It’s associated with a sphere, which at times is seen as spiralling. It has no beginning nor end. When green is coupled with attributes of the yellow and blue Codings, it creates a pure white Living Light of Source.

Green’s healing capacity is drawn from and used through all the elements, especially the elements of Earth and Air. It draws from the natural attributes of planet Earth, such as trees, herbs and other vegetation. The Air element is purified by the plant world and can be drawn into the body through the breath to begin to alter some of that fragmentation. The fifth element, Love, is also an aspect of this Coding.

Indigo Coding The indigo Coding is drawn from the upper seven chakras. It expands the use of the second Triad and the Eye of Horus significantly. When the indigo Coding is drawn into the Sacred Heart it activates the violet flame and much more.

Magenta Coding Through the use of the indigo Coding, you become aware of the vast opportunity the magenta Coding provides. The magenta Coding is drawn from beyond the upper seven chakras. As it is drawn in, the physical brain is reconfigured to think from the mind of the Christ Consciousness. This activation allows the Soul to fully enter the Sacred Heart and occupy the physical body.

The elements and the Elementals

Long before the creator gods began creating mutations. long before the Fall of Consciousness occurred. all beings were unified. This all changed as the mutations grew. As Earth became more and more dense. the mutations found their way into this density. A group that was most affected by this was the Elementals.

The job or purpose of the Elementals was to reflect the Love and Light of Creator back to those who came to visit Earth. But as mote and more creator gods created without the Light of Creator. there was less and less Light to reflect. and the Elementals. along with Earth. began to decline. The Elemental% area group of four quiet beings who are committed to their purpose of experiencing and reflecting Love. It was through the Lost these beings held that the beauty of Earth was created.

The Elementals create in harmony and balance and with Love. Love was a key component to how they existed and how they related to themselves and all who visited planet Earth. When the mutations expanded and the Fall occurred. the only way to prevent humanity (and the Elementait themselves) from being completely lost forever was for the Elemental% to give up the single most important aspect of who they were … Low itself.

The mutations and distortions had interfered with the survival of Faith to such a great extent that the Chaued Love was removed. If Earth was ever to return to its Chested state of consciousness. the Elementals would have to transform themselves and their way of being so humanity would survive. Can you imagine giving up the most important. precious thing in your life for another? Can you imagine giving this up without knowing if you’d ever retrieve it? That is what the Elementals did.

They gave up their most precious sense of themselves and became separate from All That Is to save us. Separation. distrust, competition and fear grew. The Elementals were greatly affected by this separation and isolation. They fragmented. disappeared and went into hiding. As time has passed. many attempts to step out of the separation of the third dimension have been nude. Atlantis was one such attempt. On their own the Elementals also have made progress in re-establishing their purpose.

But they too experience the same mutations of anger. blame and resentment that we humans experience. Much of the Elementals’ resentment and blame was directed at humanity. The pain and loss of their essence and purpose to exist was because of humanity. Unfortunately there are many chapters in their esolution that are filled with darkness. Unlike humanity the Elementals are not creator beings and do not have free will. They cannot freely create with choice or bring about a fifth-dimensional consciousness. These things can only be done by a human being.

To raise Earth. however. the Elementals are essential. And for the Elemental to succeed, the Lose they once held must be returned to therm for without Love they cannot know or reflect Love back to humanity. The Faith can only be transformed when humans become the Lose that we are. Only then can Love be absorbed by the Elementals to be reflected and transformed into beauty.

Peter Horttanainen

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