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Man’s existence cannot be limited to awareness (consciousness) and memory, instinct or habit (subconsciousness). Meditation reveals to man the superconscious state. Both the superconscious and the subconscious are silent witnesses of the conscious.

The striking difference is that the subconscious is a passive witness, while the superconscious is a witness-consciousness. The one is ignorance and the other is knowledge. The average man makes use of his surface consciousness and relies entirely on his vast pool of subconsciousness. He remains unaware of the immensurable vastness of his superconsciousness.

Scientifically it has been shown that most humans make use of less than 10 % of their potential. The vast mass of humanity is very little removed from the brute. In many instances the power of control is little higher than in beasts.

One is inclined to say in many the power of control is even less than in beasts! The majority has very little control over the mind. Meditation teaches man that all knowledge has its source in the concentration of the mind.

The three states merged, reveal to man his untapped intelligence: the other 90% or more of his true potential. Our consciousness is only a part of the three states that constitute our nature and that project it into infinity.

Through constant practice of meditation the mind gradually unravels its innermost secret wealth and treasures. Man discovers new worlds manifesting themselves in the once dark abyss of his illumined mind. Man’s spiritual perfection is the goal of meditation.

The whole object of meditation is to raise the kundalini, that spark of the great primal energy lying dormant in man. It is the dormant divine energy in all humans. Awakening of the kundalini is man’s spiritual birth. Only an awakened kundalini makes meditation successful. Without this inner light man cannot evolve.

Only an awakened kundalini can end math eternal quest and reveal to him the mystery of life, of his birth and of death. According to yogis there are two ‘pathways’ in the spinal cord, ‘Ida’ and Pingala’, through which the afferent and efferent currents travel.

They are the two lesser psychic currents. The channel called the `Sushumna’ runs through the centre of the spinal cord.Vital force is stored in the sushumna. It is the live filament through which the kundalini rises. Its extremities end in the muladhara chakra at the base and the sahasrara at the top. It is the live ‘passage’ of salvation.

The yogis state that the sushumna, which is usually closed, has to be opened by the power of meditation. The energy has to be sent down to the base of the spine causing the kundalini to rise.

The kundalini will ascend from one centre to the next one along the sushumna, altering the senses. One is spellbound. One begins to see this world changed. It is bliss. When the kundalini goes down to the lower centres, one again becomes the old self.

When the kundalini ultimately reaches the brain through all the centres, everything vanishes and man perceives nothing but the One Existence. Nothing else exists. He is the One Existence. No more a slave, he is a transformed being.

AN IMPORTANT VITAL ENERGY, Kundalini lies dormant at the base of the spine. Kundalin means “coiled,” thus, Kundalini waits like a sleeping snake until awakened, when it appears like a twisting flame. Kundalini begins at the base of the kanda, meaning “bulb,” which represents the lower three chakras.

The Kundalini heats up the lower chakras, which burn like a cooking fire under a pot of stew, releasing healing energies into the upper chakras. It may be awakened through spiritual practice, and because Kundalini is a powerful energy that bridges the body-soul connection, many spiritual aspirants attempt to activate its power.

Yet Kundalini often remains elusive, sometimes awakening during an illness with a fever or a kriya, a rapid spiritual awakening, sometimes following dramatic or unexpected events. This may be followed by sleepless nights that are a result of Kundalini energy burning through the body, attempting to heal and integrate dramatic change, shifts of consciousness, or information. Originating in the mulhadara chakra, Kundalini uses the polarity of female and male creative energy to drive it up the central channel of the spine, or the sushuma nadi.

Kundalini may be activated through spiritual practice, but it cannot be invoked through sheer will or force.

When the Kundalini has activated the relevant chakras in the body, the soul will be able to understand knowledge, experience bliss etc. Thus, the awakening of the Kundalini has been associated with bliss, liberation etc. The soul understands knowledge, experiences bliss, etc. through using the body. Thus, the Kundalini is actually helping the soul to use the body efficiently.

When the Kundalini unites with the energies of the soul at the Sahasrara Chakra, the soul is able to experience the blissful state of the soul to a tremendous extent. It is the body that allows the soul to experience the virtues, including bliss, that are within the soul. The raised Kundalini helps the soul to experience the bliss that is within the soul, via the body. The greater the bliss that is within the soul, the greater the bliss one could experience during an experience.

were intended to raise it. That can be dangerous for you. It should rise on its own. The Kundalini is naturally rising on its own without harming the body because:

I. you are walking in as per the World Drama.

2. there are Confluence Aged souls who have become very powerful spiritually and so the walking in process has begun.

3. God’s energies are there protecting you during the walking in process.

If you give the Kundalini a command to rise, it will rise irrespective of whether it harms you or not. But when it rises naturally, it will only rise to bring you a lot of benefits. For example, since you are involved with the walking in process, the Kundalini will help transform your body when the Golden Aged world is being materialised.

When something has to happen as per the World Drama, even the Kundalini flows along with what has to happen; thus, even the Kundalini assists to allow a requisite materialisation if that has to happen. For example, if the person has to be given a perfect body to walk in, the Kundalini and chakras will begin to function in such a way that the person is given a perfect body. The Kundalini will safely rise up, as per the World Drama, to do this.

A kundalini awakening is what happens when the pool of energy that lies at the base of the spine awakens and travels up the spine and out through the top of the head. There are a lot of different descriptions of how this actually happens, primarily because the experience is different for each of us.

The seeker who purposefully awakens their Kundalini can discover increases in energy at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels that frequently cause them to see the world and its inhabitants in a much different way than the ordinary person.

Kundalini adepts can experience noticeable gains in psychic abilities, sensory perceptions and overall physical health, as well as a new spiritual outlook. All of these dramatic effects are caused by the realization and integration of the seeker’s entire self into the greater consciousness of the universe. In short, the seeker can now actually feel his or her place in the interconnectedness of all things.

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