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The United Nations is the greatest fraud in all history. The Knights of Malta (formerly Knights Templar) are the premiere secret society of the Vatican these days. Washington, D.C. is the new Rome, and the Vatican represents the Old Rome. It goes deeper. The new Rome represents the New World, and old Rome represents the Old World.

John E. Rankin (D-MS, 1921-53) said: “The United Nations is the greatest fraud in all history. Its purpose is to destroy the United States.”

The “deep state” or those trying to implement a New World Order are believed to be pulling strings in the background.

The lessons learned from open conflicts with the European powers led to the next and most sinister phase of the Jesuit takeover of world society. They realized that the most effective and efficient method of seizing control of a society was by their already useful tactic of infiltration, but this time in secret. The instruments of that infiltration would be the many secret societies which they targeted and assumed control of.

The international nature of the Masonic brotherhood made them an ideal tool for using its membership to advance Jesuit goals. Publicly, the Vatican and the Masons were enemies; but F. Tupper Saussy found evidence linking them, and Jon Eric Phelps notes that Adam Wieshaupt, the founder of modern Bavarian Freemasonry was a Jesuit agent.

The Knights of Malta (formerly Knights Templar) are the premiere secret society of the Vatican these days, but they are subservient to the Jesuit General. Many of America and the Western World’s power elite are Knights of Malta.

Once they spread their influence through the secret societies worldwide and coordinated with the English Roundtables to impose a worldwide network of control, the whole phenomena evolved into what we know of today as the New World Order (or what the elite-controlled press so disingenuously refers to as Globalism, as if that is something to be desired).

The Globalists have many nicknames, but their agenda is one and the same. It is total control of this planet. They have many factions who compete with one another for position and advantage like a group of churlish relatives, but the ultimate goal is always unchanged. And the Jesuit overlords lurk in the background, pulling all the important strings.

If you know anything about the history of the elite Brotherhood, then you will know that the Rothschild’s banking faction developed the art of financing wars from both sides of a conflict by utilizing the secrets of Central Banking with their ability to create enormous debt loads in the resident populations resulting from the issuance of government authorized fiat money.

The incredible profits generated by war, reaped from both the winners and losers, led to a syndrome where induced wars became a way of life for the overlords because of the vast financial profits and additional benefits derived from it.

In addition to massive financial profits, war results in many other “‘benefits” for the overlords. Some of the most important to them are increased centralized control of the population by government, increased militarization, and the public fear of conflicts to come, leading them to let their “peace-loving” statesmen do all their thinking for them.

But the Jesuits have a much darker rationale behind all the world conflicts they have overseen in the last 600 years. They have used all of these various wars as cover-ups for their mass exterminations of Protestants and all other non-Catholic peoples worldwide. This is the real horror of the Jesuits and the Vatican. They are the most prolific mass murders in all of human history.

No one and nothing else in known human history compares to their record of calculated genocide. Now you know why we must stop this evil. The Vatican, as it is now, is the incarnation of hell itself. There can be no doubt of that.

The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta is a Roman Catholic organization based in Rome with around 13,000 members worldwide. The group was founded in 1048 by Amalfian merchants in Jerusalem as a monastic order that ran a hospital to tend to Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land.

The Knights of St. John were just one of a number of Christian military orders founded during this period –including the fabled but now defunct Knights of Templar.

There goals were as follows: create a world government, abolition of all ordered governments, abolition of patriotism, abolition of private property, abolition of all religion, abolition of inheritance, and abolition of the family unit.

The Illuminati desired a universal republic with equality, fraternity, and liberty free from social and religious dogma. The following words sound familiar: liberty, equal-ity, and fraternity. They were the concepts that started the American and French Revolutions. When the Illuminati were discovered by the governments (monarchs) of Europe, they hid their philosophi-cal doctrine inside Freemasonry.

In addition to Masonic symbols and astrological signs, the capital mimics Vatican City. Why would this be necessary or important? Washington, D.C. is the new Rome, and the Vatican represents the Old Rome. It goes deeper.

The new Rome represents the New World, and old Rome represents the Old World. Both the District of Columbia and Vatican City have a similar dome (Capitol Building in Washington) which represents the womb of Isis (mag-netic feminine energy of mother earth) facing an Egyptian obelisk (Washington Monument) which is Osiris (masculine cosmic energy of Lucifer).

This is an occult alchemy wedding between these two Egyptians gods that produce the symbolic antichrist Horus (one-eyed god on the dollar bill).

Those who believe the United States was founded on Christianity and visit the Capitol for the first time will be surprised by the stark contrast to historic Christian artwork of the ascension of Jesus Christ compared to the “heaven” George Washington rises into from within the energized Capital Dome/womb of Isis. It is not occupied by angels, but with devils and pagan deities important to Masonic belief. These include Hermes, Neptune, Venus (Isis), Ceres, Minerva, and Vulcan (Satan), of course, the son of Jupiter and Juno to which human sacrifices are made. (Recall that Vulcan is the entity that brings “the seething energies of Lucifer” into the Mason’s hands.)”

Juno is a NASA space probe orbiting the planet Jupiter. It was built by Lockheed Martin and is operated by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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