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The Unfed Flame: That Beats Your Heart

The Unfed Flame: That Beats Your Heart

The driving force to be in many super universes in the now moments as one mental awareness as you is timeless soul travels that you were meant to experience not just as your dreams and intuition, trust and allowance. As the years go by on earth, humans of mass quantity’s have been detached and separate from the totality of their soul self and soul travel natural abilitys become extinct to the DNA of the physical which creates more unseen and blinded worlds, called astral and lower worlds.

  • When the kundalini pierces the seventh chakra he/she will have the ability to leave the body and can travel anywhere on planet Earth and outside Earth.
  • When the kundalini pierces the seventh chakra he/she is able to read the Akasha Records for everyone on planet Earth or have lived on this planet before us.

Akashic records are a universal chronicle of everything that has ever been thought. The records are stored energetically, and beings with special training and skills can read them as you would read a book or a transcript. The akashic record is where every person’s identity resides, and only God and the angel of transition have the keys. No one can interfere or see into it, as it is under God’s divine power. The Akashic Records are an etheric record of all the experiences of every soul that ever lived. Soul can tap into the universal memory through the art of meditation and with guidance a soul can read the imprints recorded by the Time Lords of Light, known as the Record Keepers.

The Akashic Records contain the entire cosmic drama in all its dimensions, including the past and the future, The storehouse of all knowledge. Not only the events, but the literature, philosophy, physics and metaphysics not only of the earth plane, but of many planes in this infinite internal database. A man gets what he is destined to get. Even a God is incapable of stopping it. Hence, one should not bewail or be surprised at the events. The line of fate cannot be erased. The universe together with all other realms of existence is a reflection of God’s infinite intelligence and creativity.

The Akashic records begins its pre-destined travel through time and space. Along its travels, it incarnates many times, growing spiritually and at the same time, fulfilling its purpose. All these records combined into one file are your personal Akashic Records or Akashic library. These records utilize the law for every action there is an equal reaction and a person in a present incarnation creates their new experiences based on the past events of their previous lives. These sacred folders hold the very essence of who you are as a spiritual being and as a physical human including the history of your past and present life in this magnificent realm. The Akashic records are also called the “Universal Library” or the “Eternal Book of Life” which dates back to the beginning of life and all actions are weighed on the scales of eternal justice. A man gets only those things he is destined to get; he goes only to

Another illusion we have is our body is who we are. We are not our body; we are a soul that lives in the body.

The Veil of Bondedness to the Physical Body  was set up was a bonding of the soul to the physical body to prevent conscious soul travel! As we all know, when we leave the physical body we are free spirits and can travel anywhere we want in the infinite universe with the power of our mind! The second we think, we can travel there! Because of mankind’s low state of consciousness, this had to be prevented on a conscious level so this was only allowed to occur when we slept! This added to the person’s belief that they were a physical body, however, this could not be helped because of the misqualified energy that could be created if the soul was allowed to consciously roam the universe while being run by the negative ego. It was actually done as a self-protection as well! Through the process of Spiritual evolution, this ability could be consciously developed, but only when the soul was ready to use its energies in a more masterful, Spiritual and qualified manner!

The  Veils of Time and Space was placed by GOD and the Godforce is the veil of time and space. In the higher dimensions, there is no linear time! This, in truth, is an illusion of third-dimensional existence. In the higher dimensions, there is just the “eternal now”! This is why a person can view past and future lives! Why the future can be foretold to a large degree! In the higher planes, there is a process much like multidimensional existence! Space does not exist as it does in the First Heaven of GOD! It is much more of multidimensional reality! So, the veil of time and space and third-dimensional reality and linear time is built into this existence.

Mankind added to this veil, however, by densifying matter, as I already described in the beginning of this chapter! Through the process of Spiritual evolution and meditation, the transcendence of time and space can be experienced and developed even while living in a physical body, however, not until self-mastery in a Spiritual sense is achieved to a certain degree!

To be universally norm, one will have to start over, strip ideals, perception and belief from a human stand point, for the after worlds do not function in the same manor. Unless both human and alien come to common grounds on how to travel and interact in the higher worlds, super universes, and let the natural abilitys of the soul become the driver of all races. Of all universes, fear and separation will continue to separate all universe worlds.

The driving force to be in many super universes in the now moments as one mental awareness as you is timeless soul travels that you were meant to experience not just as your dreams and intuition, trust and allowance. As the years go by on earth, humans of mass quantity’s have been detached and separate from the totality of their soul self and soul travel natural abilitys become extinct to the DNA of the physical which creates more unseen and blinded worlds, called astral and lower worlds.

This means nestled in your physical DNA structure you will find more codes of super universe DNA to put the puzzle of life together, only now as a complete wholesome resonance of who you are in relation to the rest of everyone else, you are activated.

Some skills and talents are like a time capsule; dormant until discovered or injected for future use through energy work. Divided by time line perception conscious worlds of density essences are live pools of energy plasma worlds, which supports and enable time travel/lines, higher conscious communities and pure bliss worlds and abundance

The slower the energy is due to density levels of those worlds, not necessarily a past or future moment rather a taking in as one whole experience. Which is the soul identity originators reality yet soul entities within feel a domino effect of time line experience the highest soul mind has already experienced as you even because the location and awareness in the super universes the totality of the soul is active in.

The soul mass conscious that you are a part of, even known as one of you in another future lifetime as a soul group aspect of you can create harmonic situations for you as you, though you for you and as them through you.

To continue to experience in other life times, by soul travel amenities you set up in the now and past which affect the future through natural soul energy harmonic projection and travels. Encased as you now, then revisited by you in the infinity time line as sectional life persona conscious dimensional experiences, interactions and emotions. You are a soul walker of light and because there is no beginning or end in infinity soul living harmonics you can soul travel anytime or place by simple thought and impress focus.

Tangibility and intangibility are only divided by unseen energy’s and self needs Your eternal goal and purpose to re experience and re construct every second if not in soul completion and unity, enabled through time travel holographic-soul movement and self free will purposes and needs.

Our world is bounded by our five senses and expanded by the sixth, metaphysical, sense which appears to transcend the limits of time and space. But Aurora Quartz shows that this sixth sense too can be transcended to move into a quantum field that is non-local, everywhere and nowhere at once. Consciousness is omniscient and omnipresent, seeing all, knowing all and creating all. Aurora Quartz demonstrates what it is to be a particle that is a wave and a wave that is a particle, to travel backwards or forwards through time and realize that there is no time at all. It shows that you create the event being observed. Immersing you in a quantum field: the holographic universe; multi-dimensional consciousness and mystical inter-connection called bliss or unity consciousness, Spirit or Source.

The Kundalini comes into my sharp focus with her slender body that is as fine as the stalk of a lotus flower. Her snake-like shape is twisted in three-and-a-half turns with precision. The glow that radiates from her coiled frame is brilliant like a flash of lightning. Her sweet murmur echoes the rhythmic hum of love-smitten honey bees. She is the source of all beautiful poetry. If I could raise her to my crown chakra, I could transcend all illusions and dualities and attain the state of supreme consciousness.

A Glorified Body which many describe as possessed with extraordinary vitality, capable of seeing and hearing with dazzling acuity and sometimes able to travel anywhere in space or time at will.

Given two entities, if they can know about each other or transfer information from one to the other, even if they are separated by a distance that is more than light can travel in a second, then the two entities are said to possess the nonlocal property. We know that light travels at a speed faster than that of any other entity in the universe. Since we know that electrons and souls can “know” about each other, there must be some agency that travels faster than the speed of light. This is called the nonlocal property, which is possessed by both electrons and souls. This non-local agency is said to be divine. Through it, all souls can be in contact with each other. Moreover, through it, the absolute consciousness can be in contact with each and every soul.

Finally, you have the tool that will raise us all in love, Kundalini, chi, or the Holy Spirit. The prodigal son will intellectualize love until the chi is weakened and God seems lost in the center of the universe somewhere. You’re Christ and the guardians who direct through it will speed the energy of chi within you and everything you touch as your aura warps at the speed closing in on God speed. God speed is even faster than the speed of thought and could not desecrate itself. Using our free will to recapture the love and project it in a new dimension is why we are here. As we give that love, we receive the gift of functioning in a deeper dimension. The fascination here is

n the new Earth body by mentally lifting up into the air by using the power within the spine, and travel anywhere.

This release of mysterious kundalini energy transforms both body and soul . First of all , a red – hot energy is released from the mūlādhāra chakra in the coccyx and travels up along the backbone , entering the sahasrāra chakra at the …

“Ever since mankind has started ignoring the psychically and Spiritually equipped pineal gland it has fallen on merely physical-material plane and endless pains have fallen on mankind. Mankind must now relearn to activate pineal and the other psycho-spiritual bodies either through cosmic energy dynamics or through practice of Rajyoga or the Tantric ways or other such practices. Kundalini Shakti is said to be activated through these and happiness and bliss with peace are bound to follow. This light energy may be transformed into electrical, magnetic or chemical energies in body. Once processed, this energy must be transported and must be stored somewhere.

Actually the ultimate form of all energy is light. Energy and light can be transformed into matter and back again to energy. The hypothalamus is the commander of the autonomic nervous system and the Pineal gland is in proximity to the autonomic nervous system, so it is logical that new energy transportation may either activate this system or it may use this system as vehicle. Parasympathetic nerves and its hormones and chemicals may be more useful than the sympathetic system. As the sympathetic system increases the body needs (e.g. thinking, fighting stress, excitement etc.), the parasympathetic system is known to reduce the energy needs.

It keeps the person serene and at mental peace and alters the metabolic requirements to a lower state and puts it to sleep. There may be other hormones or chemicals too. The role of the temporal lobe and limbic system may also be important. It may work as a regulator if not receptor and may be psychically involved in directing the energy in proper pathways.

Deep into the limbic systems or in the parts of the medulla oblongata, this energy may ultimately be stored and from time to time, may be recalled, charged or recycled. The medulla oblongata has all vital centres and therefore can be proposed as a storer of vital energy.

Thus there are energy receivers or receptors, processors analysers, transformers, storers etc to explain the energy logistics. As this form of energy mathematics is different from what we conventionally are used to in the form of food and calorie mathematics; we will call this micro-food or mind utilisation food.

Here, we have talked about the Sun energy, but one may use any source from the cosmos, i.e. air, water, plants, earth etc.

Also apart from the retina and pineal gland, skin and other senses may be responsible for receiving the energy. In short, this opens up tremendous possibilities. This micro-food can solve the food crisis on Earth and in fact is the only possible food in present context for somebody who wants to be a long-term space traveller or planet traveller.

Amazing! It is time to note, that our routine food is not the only source to sustain the body. The role of mind: Whatever said, in this step (i.e. the step II of deriving the energy from the sun and transforming it in body), the mind may play the crucial role. It is well known that the mind has an enormous capacity, the soul has even further or infinite capabilities. Through Sun Tratak and Meditation, tremendous capacities are born which will bring tranquillity to the mind and also slow down the metabolism, as mentioned in step 1.

The mind can do everything including so-called miracles. It can revitalise the body, it can heal diseases, it can know things in advance and it can manipulate the laws of physics. It’s unclear till this date whether the mind is a separate entity or the pineal gland itself. The faith and blessings from Yogis and Gurus have their own roles sustaining one’s self in adverse situations. On religious days, under high spirits and a cultivated atmosphere, a few people surprisingly do unusual things like walking on fire or piercing pointed swords through their bodies without damaging themselves. If similarly, someone fasts, these phenomena may help to pull him/her through the period of physiological problems until one enters chronic adaptation phase.

The Exact location of the Soul in the human body

Frontally speaking soul is located just above the middle of the eye brows in the forehead. Internally, it is located exactly where the Hypothalamus and Pituitary gland is. Can you imagine this in 3 dimensions inside your brain. This is central juxta-position of the entire body’s control mechanism. This would make it 11/2 inches internal to the forehead. But scientists cannot see this soul, which requires divine eyes to see it.

This is linked with the body’s King or the Master hormone centre known as Pituitary Gland located in the little concave recess in the sella turica, just below the crossover of optic nerves known as Optic Chiasma behind the orbit . From here all the biochemical and biophysical information are related via the Hypothalamus—Pituitary route to the rest of the body via chemical messengers and nerve transmission.

Definition of a third eye:

What is a Third Eye? A third eye is an eye with which you can see things you cannot see with the visible or physical two eyes. What more is there to see that one cannot see with the two eyes? Ask the Scientists and Medical Professionals about the enigma posed by the lack of night time vision with the eyes closed and the body’s mechanism to see in pitch darkness. They simply do not have any answer to this problem. That is where my AsliBhagwan steps in and opens their night time vision. What America spends with billions of dollars on their space projects and voyagers one can see with the third eye — if it is fully opened. One can travel free of charge anywhere in the Universe and beyond. Does not cost a dollar! 

The white light of the Soul i.e. Scientists Quantum of Light is the Third Eye of the human beings.

The third eye is a phenomenon dealing with attempts to explain body’s ability to see things beyond the normal limits of the physical eye. It is the spiritual eye which allows one to travel beyond the realms of the physical planet. To activate this body has various Chakras or energy centres running along the various nerve supplies. The third eye is also associated with the Agya Chakra or between the eyes.

The Third Eye is opened according to modern day experts due to harmony of Pineal Gland and Pituitary Gland which are in fine tune or balanced in higher level of consciousness during Meditation. This results in a magnetic field forces in the head of Positive and negative which creates the light effect inside the head.

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