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The truth is, as sages past and present have said, that you have the answers you seek. You have the magic, the miracles, the power and the tools – they’re all there right in the centre of your heart. That’s where you’ll find what you’re looking for.

The truth is, as sages past and present have said, that you have the answers you seek. You have the magic, the miracles, the power and the tools – they’re all there right in the centre of your heart. That’s where you’ll find what you’re looking for.

There’s one thing that psychics and scientists can agree on: everything in the universe is made up of energy. That includes you. Right now there is energy moving through every cell of your body, every atom of the air that you’re breathing and every part of the chair that you’re sitting on. Energy is alive. It’s here and it’s now. It’s what we’re made of and it connects us to everything that was, is and ever will be.

Energy is a subtle vibration, but it moves quickly. It’s completely neutral, but it responds to our emotions and actions, and we respond in turn. We all know what it’s like to walk into a room and be met by a ‘bad vibe’. If a drama’s kicked off at a party just before we’ve turned up, we’ll feel something in our belly swirling round and telling us to move away or even leave. It’s the opposite when we experience a ‘good vibe’, for instance when we meet a friend we haven’t seen in forever – we feel so happy in their presence we don’t want to leave. The truth is, we all respond to the vibrations around us.

The almighty universe we live in responds as well when we put our own vibes out there. It’s as if the world around us is one huge mirror and it’s reflecting every thought we’ve had, every emotion we’ve felt and every action we’ve taken. Our outer world is a huge reflection of our inner beliefs and the beliefs of those surrounding us in our life.

In order to live a more meaningful life, a life of purpose, joy and fulfilment, first you have to believe it’s possible. The almighty universe does want us all to be fulfilled in every possible way, but it honours our free will. We were sent to this Earth to experience a good life, but it’s something we have to choose. So we need to raise our vibrations. Then our external world will begin to reflect the loving feelings we are cultivating within and we’ll begin to experience a life beyond our wildest dreams.

The time has come. If you’re ready to fly high, all you have to do is get spiritually high! Let me show you how to raise your vibration…

Many of us forget that we have the power to shape our reality. Many of us forget that we have the ability to live life from a place that is so magical and so purposeful that we feel an amazing sense of belonging and positivity as we move through the world. This place of being is not something that is reserved for a select few. This place of being is accessible to anyone and everyone. And the good news is, this place of being is not even hard to achieve. All you need to do is open your mind to the possibility that there is another way to live your life, and that there is a way to live a life that is filled with positive energy and magical opportunities. With this shift in awareness, with this openness to explore and start work-ing with the energy of the Universe, you can start living a life that is bigger and more abundant than you could have ever imagined for yourself You can start living a life that feels like it was designed specifically for you.


If you want to know what your ultimate purpose for being here is, then you need to rediscover your soul. Your soul is at the core of who you really are. When your soul came to earth, it came equipped with everything that it needed to fulfill your purpose and your destiny.


Awakening is the process of becoming aware of your energy, of the energy around you, and how to use this energy to create a life that feels fulfilling and connected. It is the process of discovering why you are here, who you really arc, and your infinite potential. Awakening is simply about coming into a new level of awareness, and part of this new awareness is understanding that you are more than just your body and more than just your mind. Think of awakening like the most powerful ah-ha moment of your life—a knowledge that shakes you so deeply that your entire life starts to shift and change. After viewing yourself as just a three-dimensional being, awakening allows you to understand that you are so much more than what you can see, almost as if you have opened your eyes to the fullness and energy of what surrounds you for the very first time.

Your awakening process may be particular to you, but you will begin it like everyone else: with a strong, burning desire to take control of your life and change its direction; to take responsibility for your life and the energy that you put out into the Universe. It starts with a fierce longing to stop seeing life in just one color and instead experience every color of the rainbow. Suddenly there is a force that feels bigger and brighter than you.

Suddenly there is a force so grand and so strong that when it moves through your body, your entire being can’t help but feel electrified. This impulse causes you to open your eyes and sec life in a new way. This impulse stems from your desire to change, and helps you to start the awakening process. Awakening is magical and beautiful, but it can also be painful because it requires you to come face to face with all the fears and past hurts that you may have buried away, denied, or ignored. In order to awaken to who you are, you have to peel back all the layers that you have collected over the years and start seeing yourself as you truly arc. These layers are essentially conscious or unconscious blocks or barriers that you have built up around yourself out of fear, self-doubt, pain, or lack of confidence. Often these layers are formed out of protection. but over time they can create blockages that can inhibit you from moving forward and leave you feeling stuck. When you peel back these layers, you can start to awaken to the true potential of your life.

When you’ve returned to your soul energy, you can love yourself and start expressing yourself from a true, authentic place. When you can just be unapologetically you, when you can tap into that inner essence and understand your power and divinity—that is when you will feel at one with life. That is when you will awaken. To create this level of shift in your life, you have to be ready and willing to stand up and take responsibility for your every thought, experience, and feeling. You have to be willing to take ownership over your life, face your fears, and understand that your happiness is only yours to control. It is when you find this level of power in your life that you can take the steps to shift your life in a positive direction.

Each chakra has a closed position and a released position, almost like a water faucet. If it’s turned off, the water cannot flow. The contraction of fear tends to close the chakras. The lower chakras relate to the heavier, more physical aspects of being, and the upper chakras relate more to the spiritual realm. The lower chakras are of the physical plane, while the upper chakras are of the astral plane. Each of us is a pole, grounded in the Earth plane and carrying the very highest energy of the crown chakra.

Sometimes we prefer to be more in the body and avoid the spirit plane, or more in the spirit plane and avoid the world and the body. There are many different material and nonmaterial planes. Some have a very heavy density, and a very low vibration, and some have a much higher vibration. The emotional and physical bodies and the Earth plane do have a lower frequency vibration than the spirit realm. Our human effort brings body and spirit together, thereby helping to raise the heavy vibration of body and Earth. Don’t think of heavy vibrations as bad and high vibrations as good.

Think of the strings of a cello; there are low strings and high strings. One is not better than the other, but they each offer a different energy. As we work to clear discordance among the lowest vibrations, we are clarifying and raising the vibrational frequency of the body. This raised vibration allows us to live in the world with more freedom, less suffering, and more kindness to others and ourselves. When the chakras are open, each tunes to the one next to it.

This is the same process as tuning our example’s violin, by holding your finger on the string as you play it, and then tuning the next string until it vibrates to the harmonious tone. An open chakra’s resonance enhances the vibration of the others until the whole collection of the chakras, the entire meridian running from the first to eighth chakra, is open and radiant. Each chakra still has its own vibrational frequency, but they are all in tune with one another. Open chakras spin. When the physical or energetic bodies contract, that contraction to some degree shuts down the harmonic energy movement between the chakras.

The energy becomes discordant because the chakras are not open and have stopped spinning. If you stub your toe, it hurts. If you sit down and hold the foot in your hands, massage it, and offer loving energy to it, then the vibration of your kindness changes the nature of the experience of pain. If, instead, you curse at the pain, you can feel how the whole body further contracts. The chakras close; the whole body moves into a lower vibrational frequency and becomes increasingly discordant. The discordance is really the result of the closed chakras, which have closed due to the unbalanced contraction.

The more discordant the energy becomes, the more your habit energy leads you to react to that discordance by closing down even further. We can learn to feel this spin, and to feel the openness or con-traction of the chakras. I personally feel it as though my body was closing in and shutting down; my breath becomes rigid and shorter; and my muscles contract. When the chakras are spinning, my breath is easier and my mind is more peaceful. I feel in harmony with myself. There will be an opportunity to explore these sensations in the guided meditation below.

Most of us have come into this incarnation with the intention to hold peace and love in the face of difficult experiences. Because we have forgotten the deeper truth of our being, we try to enact this intention through only the lower chakras. Or, having remembered that truth of our being, but finding the Earth plane situation unpleasant, we prefer to abandon the lower chakras altogether. These are habits we need to release. We have come to this heavy-density Earth to shine light into the darkness. When we hold all of the chakras open, it helps to bring a higher vibration into this Earthly environment; it brings light to the places where there is darkness, pain, and fear. So through our courageous work, we raise the vibrational frequency of the entire Earth plane, thereby making this plane a much more vital force for love and light.

Realize how easy it would be to become ensnared in that low vibration and have the chakras close. The closing of the energy field is the conditioned way to create a safe place for yourself, like the tur-tle withdrawing into its shell. Watch the impulse, if there is one, of wanting to withdraw. Instead, stay as present as possible. (Pause.) Without letting go of that place of suffering, move the attention up into the heart center, touching the heart area with a gentle pres-sure. Breathe into the pressure and release. Continue to move up into the throat, then into the third eye and crown chakras. Touch the core of being at the crown chakra, and then breathe the high vibration of that Unconditioned essence through the body and down into the base chakra. When you do this, you are raising yourself into the highest vibrational frequency of which this body and mind are capable.

The human body houses seven major chakras, or energy centers, each spinning or vibrating at a different rate (speed).

The First Chakra (Root Chakra) keeps us grounded to the Earth. This chakra Is concerned about survival — food, shelter, water, clothes and people to love and care for us. This center vibrates more slowly than others because it is the one energy center that most closely connects us to the Earth, which is very dense The Second E:hakra, in the center of our abdomen, which deals with feeling, creativity and thoughts, and our feelings about being a boy or girl. The Third Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) deals with creating what we need to live comfortably in the physical world. Because the Root. Second and Third Chakras all deal with the physical word, they vibrate more slowly than our upper chakras. As we move into the Fourth (chakra, our heart. we begin to find a much higher (faster) vibration. At the heart level we begin to be less and less concerned with our physical world and more interested in the spiritual aspect of our being. The spiritual pan of us vibrates much faster than the physical pan, because our body is dense matter and our soul is light. The higher we move In our chakra system toward the Crown Chakra  at the top of our head, the higher the vibration. The closer we come to being one with Cad, the faster we vibrate because we are closer to pure low and light.

WE CHANGE AS WE RAISE OUR VIBRATION God is. always has been and always will be. God never changes in vibration. Part of our process of growing and learning on the Earth, however, is to continually raise our vibration, becoming more and more God-like. When we came to Earth, separating from God, we lowered our vibration to accommodate our desires on the earthly plane. The process of evolution involves moving ourselves back to the God vibration. As we raise our vibrations we become less concerned with what is happening in the physical world. We do not care as much about possessions. We become more interested in how we can help others and the Earth. We begin to sense things from a higher place, from the position of our Higher Self rather than from our conscious, physical self. We begin to know what is right for us from an Inner feeling and we begin to trust that inner feeling more and more often. Look around at the many different types of people who live on the Earth. Some might be world travelers, some might move frequently, or some might simply keep making new friends, changing their hairstyle or their clothing. There are other people who always seem to look the same In appearance, live in the same house, work at the same lob, never traveling, never clanging. They seem secure in feeling that where they are at present is where they will always be. Or is it?

Change is movement. As we evolve closer to God, we automatically begin to make certain changes in our life. We begin to release old belief systems. habitual ways of doing things. old structures. We begin to honor what we feel inside as valid, something we need to pay attention to as opposed to what people tell us to do. We to begin to know that what is true lies within, not without. As we grow spiritually, we become aware of our own Gad-power. When we stand in our own personal power, we become leaders rather than followers. We do what we feel is right for us, no matter what others think of us. We release our fears and insecurities. We do not let other people control us. We change.

As we begin to change and evolve in our consciousness, all aspects of our being are affect-ed. The physical body begins to change its appearance. It might look younger and younger, radiating more health and vitality. The body reflects positive change in the way it moves and relates to others. Or the body might go through periods where it needs more rest, different foods and more water than usual. Perhaps it even craves certain vitamins and minerals to keep it strong and healthy. Listen to the body. The body really does talk.

Our emotional body takes on a different picture as well. We begin to feel more loving and compassionate toward others, even when they are not very nice to us. We find we are no longer afraid or insecure. We no longer worry about what is going to happen tomorrow. We do not feel so emotionally involved in the physical world. Thus we do not tend to get as upset about situations and people as we used to. Our mental body begins to think in a more positive, loving way. It no longer seems to let negative thoughts control the actions. We begin to operate from the Higher Mind, from God. As we begin to focus on positive, loving thoughts, we project these thoughts to others. Our spiritual body raises in vibration as we grow spiritually. The more we operate from the consciousness of the Higher Self, the greater is our light; thus our vibration is raised as well.

Spiritually speaking, we often refer to the unknown as a vast, dark abyss, a void, something we cannot see into to determine how deep or expansive this darkness might be. It is like enter-ing a cavern without a light, moving carefully into the darkness, with the mind moving from one fear to another — fear of failing, fear of death, fear of being lost and so on. It is the same scenario in life experiences.

We fear change because we do not know what is on the other side of this vast darkness. Will we get hurt? Will we lose everything we have gained up to this point? Will we lose all our friends and be alone in the world? Will others disapprove of us as we change? Will we no longer be acceptable to our families or society? The universe demands that we grow. To change is to grow. To eliminate the fear of change, we must learn to trust in God. This is not easy for us because we are unable to trust what we cannot see or feel. We must remember that God is a part of us just as we are a part of God. Therefore, God is ever with us and supportive of our changes. As we surrender to change and allow change to take place in our lives, we are able to release the past experiences that keep us from growing spiritually and move into a place where we begin to create the kind of life we want to have for ourselves and our family.

Resistance to accepting new things in our life because we are comfortable in the security of what we are experiencing.

We rationalize, “Why do something new when I know what I can expect from the way it is now?” As we grow spiritually, we become aware that the material things of the physical world are not as important as we thought they were. As we perceive the situation, we begin to see things taken away from us or things not working out for us in a given area. We feel that we must be doing something wrong. What is taking place, in fact, is a nudging by the universe to move on, to allow room for growth by being willing to change and accept the new thoughts, feelings and ideas coming into our awareness. The longer we resist what we are being encouraged to do by universal energies, the more difficulties we will have to face. It is the way the universe tells us it is time to move on, time to grow. Our response can move us easily and effortlessly into a place that does work for us, or into a place where we continue to grow more and more unhappy. We have free will. We have the choice.

First, there is no failure unless we fail to try. All we can ever do, all that is ever expected of us from our Creator, is that we do our best. Each experi-ence is a learning process; there is no right or wrong way to do something. If we do something that does not work out, we are encouraged to try something new This is the way we learn. Lessons are the reasons we came to live on Earth, because they provide growth. When we make a change in our life, the change first affects us and then others. Many, many people do not like to make changes, nor do they like to see their friends or families make changes, either.

Thus friends may attempt to talk us out of making changes in our lives, telling us that if we do a particular thing, they will not be our friend any longer. They might even ridicule us, hurting our feelings. Oftentimes we believe that if we make a change, it will not meet with the approval of our family and friends. We often feel that we will be punished for making a change, whether it is something positive or not.

We need to realize that any change we are encouraged to make by our own feelings is a change that can only be helpful to us in our growth. We must realize that punishment often comes from another person’s refusal to see that change is in our best interest, or from their belief that the change will have a detrimental effect on them or others.

We can-not change anyone else, no matter how hard we try. It is important to realize that other people do not have power over us unless we give them that power, even our parents. We must learn to communicate lovingly to others what we feel. In this way we can help them understand our feelings and what we hope to achieve through the changes we want to make. We are not here on Earth to create conflicts, but to lovingly help one another grow and prosper in God’s love and light

The Earth is being raised into this higher rate of vibration to purify itself and because it is time for this Earth to go into a finer rate of vibration in order to survive. Your Earth is not going to explode or be destroyed for even man cannot destroy this Earth. By thinking positive, you can help the Earth.

Your Earth-plane, as well as your universe, is increasing in the energies that flow through it. As this keeps increasing, you will feel vibrations of the Earth in your bodies, in your minds, and you will feel it coming from the Earth into your bodies. As your Earth-plane goes into these higher rates of vibrations, your bodies are affected. Your minds are affected. Some of you will handle these vibrations and understand what is happening in your bodies. Some of you have already felt little changes, but there are more to come.

You will feel great energies coming into your physical being, as well as upon your Earth. Ask to learn how to handle these energies and to allow it to open you more spiritually. Allow your bodies and your minds and your brains to allow these energies to go in to open you so you can see into your future. Then you can see into others’ futures to be able to help them, as well as to help yourself. You will know and understand things as you travel farther into your future.

When you go to bed this evening, ask to see into your future and what you need to do to help yourself. As you do this, you will get the wisdom that is needed for you to progress further into your future. It does not matter what happened in your past. I want you to concentrate on your future for that is what is important at this very moment. With the energy patterns around your Earth and around your body, your future is what is important.

As your Earth-plane is being raised into a higher rate of vibration, it is also receiving healing. It is also expanding and your Earth is being visited by many outside of the Earth, not just your Angel realm, but from other dimensions. We are here to help, not to hinder and not to destroy. We are here to help you to realize what you are doing to your Earth. You have things going on all the time, day and night. These energies from all these things you are doing, like your electric running all night and your TV’s running all night and all day. That is sending vibrations out into your atmosphere. As long as it is not too much, it will not harm anything, but so many more people are doing it all the time that it is not helping the energies of the Earth.

This electricity is in your atmosphere and you are directing it to where you want it to go. When you live in different parts upon your Earth, it is different day and night. Like your body needs a rest when you sleep at night, your Earth needs a rest from the vibrations to allow these vibrations to stop for a while and to know how to direct them to the right places.

The Earth’s vibrations are being raised. It will help bring peace upon your Earth. It will also help bring peace from other universes for you need to know that you are the creator, either to destroy or to expand.

Because your Earth-plane is moving into a higher rate of vibration, there are going to be trillions of people open to more of the powers. There will be more energy within them and around this Earth-plane. Some of you feel that and some of you do not. It is a rate of vibration. Your Earth-plane, your physical body, and everything you touch is a rate of vibration. What that vibration pulls to it depends on the rate of vibration.

There are going to be many changes upon your Earth. There will be good things and there will be bad things, which happen even in your own lives. You as an individual can take control of your life and make yourself happier and make your world a better place to live by being a positive individual. Think positive to allow positive things that make you happy to happen in your life. Learn to control your physical body by talking to it. Say what you want, not only in your physical body but also in your world. By doing these things, you bring peace and love to yourself.

You will have to waken for as your Earth-plane moves into a higher rate of vibration, you feel it in your bodies. When you feel this in your body, you know something is going on whether it is the physical or the mind that is opening for you.

In the future, you will have to be ready to handle those energy flows. As you meditate, these energy flows come in and out of you. You will learn to handle them if that is your desire. If it is not, you will go by the wayside. You will get off your spiritual path because you will not be able to handle it. Humans are not doing what they are supposed to do; therefore, the Earth is moving into this higher dimension. Human minds and bodies have to be ready. You have been given warning and you have been given signs. You will be given more signs and warnings as you walk into your future. Because of your weather patterns and because of the vibrations around you, you must learn to deal with these to protect yourself from radiation patterns and electricity patterns. Be ready to handle the White Light when it comes to you.

Peter Horttanainen

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