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The surface of our minds, all we usually know of ourselves, and what we usually think is the whole. may be correct, confirming, respectable. We may feel we are indeed ‘cultured’. But that surface is only a veneer. Underneath it. lie emotions and cravings, and passions and fears which the conscious mind may shun to recognise most of the time, but which still boil and ferment under that deceptive surface.

Ego is the reason the Archons manufactured royalty and a social structure and, in a smart way, they got the go ahead by the masses. This did and still does contribute to the power of the Lower Lights.

It’s a front, like the Reptilians being in control of the manipulation when it is really the Archons. Ego is the root of human difficulties, but it was engineered this way. Ego divides countries, states, towns, and people.

The pervading consensus reality, 3D reality as most people experience it, is only a subconscious agreement, a ‘box’ to repress our senses to mostly only the five we experience through the greatly limited physical body, logical mind (left side of the brain), and the tiny visible light spectrum.

This limited perception of reality is especially supported by the Western, Newtonian model of ‘if we can see it, we can prove its existence’ which currently dominates mainstream science. There have been many advances in Quantum Physics that directly confront the limiting viewpoint of mainstream science and offer a much more expansive picture of a multidimensional reality with multiple parallel universes occupied by non-physical entities and beyond the constraints of the time and space illusion. In order to survive in this ‘prison’ of limited perception, a 3D Self version of us (or unaware or unawakened ego or personality structures or personas) is created out of a self loving need to ‘fit in’ with our reduced capacity and limited bandwidth of expression and with the dynamics in our birth families.

The 3D Self becomes distracted by the plethora of meditative realities of our modern world (i.e. the entertainment industry, technology, careers, money, relationships, etc.) to stay ensconced in the ‘body/mind’ reality. In general, the 3D Self is motivated by instant gratification, avoidance of feeling anything ‘negative’, wants life to be comfortable and safe, has a low level of curiosity, and goes along without consciousness with what the masses are doing. Our 3D Self can lock us out of our soul gift capacities and anything that might elevate us beyond the body/mind reality.

We are then blocked from reconnecting to Golden consciousness and remembering how powerful we actually are when we are expressing as our most authentic selves with an expanded consciousness. In this disremembered state, (which we have chosen on a soul level) we become open to energetic attack by outside forces and negative entities. It seems that an ancient race of reptilian Aliens called Archons (as named by the Gnostics) created a type of holographic matrix over the Earth that keeps those who have chosen it capped at lower dimensional frequencies.

Until they awaken to their Sacred Humanity, these Humans serve as energetic ‘food’ for these Archons, who may have penetrated high levels of government, finance, and entertainment through hybrid beings and possession. It is believed that this group has formed into what is referred to as the Illuminati, the New World Order, etc.

Humans generally do not know what the seven deadly ‘sins’ or ‘thought forms’ are or of the Divine spark resident within their own heart. This ignorance is fostered in human nature by the influence of the false-god and his Archons (demons). Their ultimate mission and goal is solely based upon keeping men and women ignorant of their true nature and destiny, keeping the Christ Light trapped within darkness for their own morbid purposes. When the human Soul is trapped within darkness, the dark beings pull or suck the light essence from humans, so that they may feed off and ‘psychically’ manifest things in our world for their own desires. Anything that causes us to remain attached to Earthly, material things, serves to keep us in enslavement and bondage. The ‘Evil One’ or lower cosmic ruler, the evil adversaries, demons and evil beings, roam this world seeking to Spiritually ruin and enslave and feed off the essence of the Human Soul. Upon physical death, the bound human Soul will be enslaved and bound to eternal darkness to wander helplessly lost upon the psychic, Earthly realms.

When mind or Ego is disconnected from the heart and Spirit of the All, the human runs his or her life by the psychic Ego without listening to the truth, knowledge, and wisdom of the heart. … This ignorance is fostered in human nature by the influence of the falsegod and his Archons (demons).

Chemistry vs Alchemy: Chemistry is a science that deals with the composition of properties and substances. Alchemy is the science of converting the non-physical into the material, and transmuting the material back into the non-physical Alchemy is NOT magic. It is the science of vibrations. Tavistock Institute. Part 81

The Archon overlords, the ones who’ve transformed planet Earth into this soulless place, exist on a vibrational frequency similar to the one we operate on.

Soul-Catching Net: “Recycled” at Death What is jeopardizing your happiness, and threatening your spiritual energy? Political corruption, corporatocracy, surveillance, false flag attacks, central banking, GMOs, geoengineering, Zionism, Illuminati bloodlines, the radiation agenda, alien intervention is all the nonsense at the intersection of consciousness and conspiracy. Why? Because the conspiracy is all about suppressing your idea of Who You Are. It’s about convincing you that you are nothing, no one. It’s about convincing you that you are just a biological machine, fit to serve as no more than a cog in a machine or just another brick in the wall. Mainstream science to this day still denies the existence of consciousness just because it can’t get a handle on it with the 5 senses. Its simplistic solution is to disregard anything it can’t measure.

You have probably also realized that the true manipulators at the helm of the conspiracy are non-physical entities, which various religions and cultures have referred to the Archons.

Reincarnation / Soul-Catching Net / Soul Net? The idea is that upon death, our soul or consciousness separates from the body and then undergoes a process where its memory is wiped clean and it is recycled — reincarnated — into another body to repeat the same process. In this way the Earth becomes a literal prison planet from which it’s very difficult to escape. The soul net is placed there as an artificial energetic grid (not the natural energetic grid of ley lines of Planet Earth) to prevent any soul from getting through. Thus the Earth remains a closed system where new people are constantly born for the purpose of powering the economy and generating (negative) emotion for the Archons (Malevolent otherworldly entities) to feed off, not remembering Who They Are or what the real situation is. The soul net ensures the planet remains a trawling ground for the Archons to trigger our emotions (which they expertly do through the media, war, fear and other methods of deception) so they can get fed. The Conscious Energies:

The Conscious Energies: Your consciousness, or electromagnetic energy, is constantly recycled back into physical form- unless we can transcend the 3rd dimension, and are not forced back by the energies that seek to hold us here, by keep our energies vibrating at a low frequency. The key to over-standing consciousness is to over-stand what your mind is truly capable of. Vibrations & Frequencies: Over-stand that thoughts are things without physical form. Everything in existence began with a thought…thoughts are vibrations.

The ALL of the Mind:

The All is Mind, the Universe is mental. Modem science informs us that there is really no such thing as matter, and that which we all matter is merely intemipted energy, or force energy at a low rate of vibration. “Even, material science has abandoned the theory of matter, and now rats on the basis of energy.”


Alchemy is the power, or process, of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of value. Alchemy is merely the adjusting of vibration and frequencies of energy to either make if physical or non-physical. We do this frequency adjustment when we boil and freeze water. When we freeze water we lower its vibration to a physical solid state. When we raise the vibration of water by heating it up we convert the water to air which puts it in a somewhat non-physical state. Your thoughts operate in the same manner.

What you visualize in your mind is in a sense a physical object that exists in a super high frequency of non-physical existence.

Alchemy is the science of converting and materializing thoughts to a physical solid/frozen ream of existence by lowering the vibration. Everything you see in existence today, whether it be a cellIphone. car, computer. hat, or shoes, it began with an idea, or a thought. the brain acts like a radio, or television receiver from a broadcasting station, which is the core of the galaxy. What resides at the core of the galaxy…are Gods. ‘Thought’ is Light energy’

Chemistry vs Alchemy:

Chemistry is a science that deals with the composition of properties and substances. Alchemy is the science of converting the non-physical into the material, and transmuting the material back into the non-physical Alchemy is NOT magic. It is the science of vibrations.

What is God?

We must over-stand that God is electromagnetic energy- energy that can exist in its purest form in dark space. In other words, the ALI. is spirit…infinite spirit energy. Electromagnetic energy carries a real essence of memories you must decipher to really over-stand yourself, and reach a God-like state of existence. Over-stand that the Universes come in pairs; one non-material, and one material. They vibrate You vibrate. All things vibrate with energy. The highest vibration allows you to interact into both world and realms. the act of creation begins with an act of perception. Waves loon into particles after an act of perception, ALA Quantum split tests performed in physics (Atoms appear like waves of energy instead of panicles). Let no one set paradigms into your mind that everything that is, just is, because it simply happens to he. Wake up! Their knowledge is crude and practical. Connect your essence to the cosmos to become a True Genius!

The Archons has created a system for re-cycling the human soul in a constant loop, that works as mind-prison for the third dimensional lifestyle on planet Earth. Mankind is both enslaved and spiritial imprisoned by the Archons.

“And all the rulers of the ceons and the rulers of the Fate and those of the sphere turn to the matter of their refuse; they devour it and do not let it go and become souls in the world. They devour then their matter, so that they may not become powerless and exhausted and their power cease in them and their kingdom become destroyed, but in order that they may delay and linger a long time until the completion of the number of the perfect souls who shall be in the Treasury of the Light.”

“Until a certain number of perfect souls attains the treasure of the Light, there will always be battle with the Archons on Earth. When the number of perfect soul is achieved in the treasury of the Light, then the Archons will be defeated. But that’s what the Archons do, recycle souls so that they may not attain the Treasury of the Light.”

Ultimately, what is known as the reincarnation cycle is nothing but our individual experience as GOD within finite matter, it is GOD wanting to play, experiment all possible states, therefore also in the state of finiteness, and apart from infinity. Only when we cross the threshold of non-dualistic consciousness can we become truly Free. In truth, we are not any of the historical personages. We are none of the identities re-membered, we are not names, nor missions, nor relations, nor good or bad. We are a stream of consciousness experimenting a split reality. We are not our bodies, nor our mind, or Ka. We are THAT.

In present time, they rely solely on negative emotional energy from humans, animals, and even negative energy from ghosts and those who have not passed over, or who have tried but haven’t succeeded. They have a grid around Earth in your solar system, which includes the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

The grid is controlled by an artificial intelligence, which now controls the Archons. The grid runs their program because they created it. The program has a safeguard and a virus protector to protect the program from being bought down. Awaked people has the ability to change the Archons programming in its deepest levels. The more people who is awakening the more they help break through the veil of ignorance or breqk free from the Matrix and the Archons mind-prison. The Archons know this, and therefore prevents anyone to break through their veil of ignorance.

There is a frequency in your solar system that is trying to keep all of you under control. This is why higher vibrational Beings such as you, who are reading this, had to come back or come here and be part of the mission. You know how to handle the human body and manipulation here, because you have been here before or been given the necessary program. You have the tools to help humanity break free, which also helps the Archons and all Beings throughout the universe and beyond break free. What is happening here affects the evolution of all.

With the capability to recycle souls within the solar system, the reincarnation process in your universe has also affected the evolution of other universes. This will soon change, which is why all this is happening now.

The Archons are able of capturing, tricking, and recycling souls. They have been able to basically recycle their power source, which is negative emotional energy. In their ability to do this, they have been able to create many factions within the solar system to help contribute to their agenda by possessing other Beings.

Human bases under Reptilian (actually Archonic) control and Super Soldiers have the same technology as evolved Beings from planes beyond, all of which contributes to their control. They use Reptilians, powerful families, and corporations as front men for their operations.

In truth, there is a spiritual war going on planet Earth and all are a part of it. Those in the thick of it are completely unaware of it—meaning the masses of humanity.

When you merge your Higher Self with your soul, the lies of archons cannot enslave you — at least not for long! You will wake up eventually. You will know who you are as a human and you will not go along societal rules and expectations as you will know them to be archonic.

Archons want to keep people operating on a low-level of consciousness. To do that, they keep the society sensual. When human sensuality is continuously activated through suggestive ads and in other ways, higher spiritual states cannot unfold.

Sensuality also creates a barrier between man and woman. Archons, of course, do not want humans to understand each other and unite. Therefore the Archons don´t want people to understand how the universe actually works, and that is how they have been in power for thousends of years.

It’s only when we transcend sensual impulses that we will be able to see each other for who we really are, and see in each other tremendous value and divinity which is now obscured due to the attention being kept on the lowest chakras and due to humans being recreated in the image of archons.

If you don’t see archons with your peripheral vision, you will certainly not see them directly. They like to remain unknown. They like to use humans as puppets to do their dirty work whilst they themselves remain in the background.

When we direct our awareness to their-created products, like entertainment or place it on their puppets, they can feed on it. And they can feed on this awareness when it’s translated into emotion. They especially love the emotions of fear, lust and terror, as they release a lot of low-vibration energy.

If you learn to control your emotions, you will protect yourself from becoming archon food. And when you unite yourself with the Higher Self, you become so sensitive that you actually feel when those entities try to feed off you.

Archonic influence doesn’t end with your death. They will try to get your soul to be recycled so that they suck your energy over and over again. If you belong to any major religion, you are already in their net and your soul will be recycled.

When you escape all of their traps, you will feel like you have lost the burden that you were carrying all this time without knowing it. If you experience this feeling, be sure that you escaped one of their traps.

Try to be free from all human constructs. Try to be free even from human expectations. Our society is controlled by the archons, so the masses don’t have their own thoughts but the thoughts of archons. All those expectations imprison us and blind us to our true natures. It’s the nourishing of our true selves that gives us freedom, and that’s why archons try so hard to distance humanity from who they really are.

They want to make us forget our humanness, and since we are already born without understanding who we are (divine and unique beings), they do their best for us to never know it.

Everything in our society is set up to entrap us. Go to any mall and any product you will pick up will probably be designed for your own destruction of some sort, be it toxin-infested food, toxic beauty products or something that is designed to appeal to your ego and therefore silence the inner voice.

The society hates those who wake up because the society does the will of the archons. What the archons love – they love, and what the archons hate — they hate. In The Matrix movie it’s told that as long as people are plugged into the matrix, they are the enemies. This cannot be closer to the truth.

Everyone that you know indeed acts as an agent for the dark rulers of this world. And many people who think themselves awake and good are actually in deep asleep and unconsciously working for the enemy. It’s may not be possible to be awakened without the rising of kundalini, because if your lower self is not merged with your Higher Self, who can give you an insight into what’s truly happening? You would never believe the truth of this world unless it’s given directly by the Lord/Creator/Higher Self. Also, it’s only when you experience the truth directly due to this union, that you really start understanding what’s going on.

How archons slowly destroy human morality; desire for fame and power is a sign of spiritual immaturity; growth after divine union.

Humanity is slowly struggling towards the light, but there are many dangers on the road. It’s too easy for the archons to mislead humanity and take them by degrees away from the path. They do this by introducing something that only seems of the light but it really isn’t.

Archons want you to seek happiness in places where it doesn’t exist. They got people addicted to searching for happiness in other people, food, experiences, things, riches and sensations. Yet happiness can only be found in truth, which is within. Nothing else is fulfilling and worth pursuing as a life’s purpose. Archons want humanity to always be on the go, always taking action to feel happy, always searching for things that make them feel satisfied; yet always staying unhappy (apart from temporary neurotic happiness), because they search for happiness in all the wrong places. Thus, their struggle to find happiness continues until they die.

Happiness can be found when you distance yourself from external things and center yourself. It’s not found by pursuing things outside of you but by getting to the truth that’s deep within. External search for truth in the end leads within too.

Truth is found not by adding but by subtracting. You should eliminate things from your life to get to that part of it which is pure and unadulterated. That part that’s covered up with a heavy blanket of consumerism, selfish desires, sensuality and addictions. When you get to who you really are, you will get hold of that which never dies, and that is real happiness. All the promoted-by-the-society things and attitudes only cause it to be covered up and humans as a result develop false self-image that creates misery.

When you find the truth of who you are, all false desires fall away and you start taking action totally in alignment with your true nature.

To understand life directly, we are going to undertake a journey from fragmentation to homogeneity, from partialness to Wholeness, from the movement of knowing to the action of understanding, from the slumber of knowledge and experience to the state of being Awake or Awareness. When the higher stage bombards the lower stage, it dissipates the lower stage which goes to abeyance. The higher illuminates the lower. and not vice verso – this lays foundation of a creative principle. Tavistock Institute. Part 80

The Consciousness, the Life Field expresses itself in two dimensions. The known is at the lowest frequency of consciousness, or lowest quantum enagy potential of Consciousness. The Unknown is at the highest frequency. or highest quantum energy potential. Each higher stage is synergistic to its junior components; it includes them but is more than them.

When the higher stage bombards the lower stage, it dissipates the lower stage which goes to abeyance. The higher illuminates the lower. and not vice verso – this lays foundation of a creative principle. The mutation or radical transformation of the human psyche happens when it is bombarded by higher consciousness. so mutation is governed by Consciousness, or by the Unman:fest.

We are all human beings. we am the rest of mankind, we are the rest of humanity. Your brain is not yours, it has evolved through thousand and thousand years. The memory or thought-structure is shared by mankind. Thinking is a playback of thought coupled with ‘feeling and response of the nrinory culturalmist rebgious. communal – which is calkd willing. Willing flows to reaction.

Thinking is common to all of us, so thinking is the movement of all mankind, it is not individual thinking. You are concerned with global thinking. You are concerned with the world. with all humanity. We live in the past and the mind can project itself into future. We are conditioned. We have constructed an aggressive and violent society. There is global disorder, the threat of wan, poverty, fear, and so on – we are responsible for that. We live in pain, misery and conflict.

Conflict wears out the brain, makes the mind old. We have gathered psychological imbalances and ecological challenges. Life is movement in relationship – man with nature. man and man, man and other. organisnn, and mart and environments. The thought suucnue cannot have tight relationship with others.

The answer to this paradox is anbedded in psychological search, seeking out inwardly and finding out for oneself a tremendous area that is beyond all I thought It is to transcend thought or ego, be aware of the fat in the non-dual realm, the”understmdmg of bre directly”, laming and ba explore the all.incluswe dimension of Consciousness or Life Field. It bestows understanding, intuition’ (insight), spontaneity, right action and meditation. That action is bon of I intelligence – intelligence, love and compassion, all go together. This is one hamansous marmot of the dawns= ofConsciousness a Life Field.

This is really a sacred thing and the beauty is in itself and not beyond it. Knowledge Human consciousness is a multidimensional activity. In the common waking state, it expresses itself at the lowest hierarchical expression of consciousness. At this level. the mind cuts itself into the subject and the object, and the subject gathers experience and knowledge (information) and I stows it in the brain as frequency and amplitude infomunon called memory.

Human consciousness is a multidimensional activity; it implies that it can express itself at different quantum energy potentials of consciousness. It can express itself to inquire into the meaning of Life, the nature of the Reality, the Truth sustaining facts. Each quantum energy potential of Consciousness can knock down a structure at a lower quantum energy potential, so it bestows unpolluted, uncontaminated and non-evaluatory perception.

Awareness – Exploring Consciousness and Mutation of Psyche

When attentivity is established over a long chronological time, it makes another quantum jump and it is called awareness. It is awareness of the Wholeness, the Oneness of Life. Awareness energises the supreme Intelligence. The movement of organic Intelligence in the complexity of cosmic Life, is a movement born of non-duality and conducted in non-duality. There is no association with volition. It is non-voluntary.

Awareness brings mutation or transformation of the whole being. Mutation is a radical change in the quality of the mutant, in the substance of the mutant. It is not a peripheral change. It is a radical change in the whole of the mutant. Mutation leads to non-verbal communion between what is outside me and what is within me. Understanding, Learning, Action and Meditation Understanding is not in the symbolic-dualistic frame of reference, but it is embedded in the non-dual frame. It is timeless perception. Understanding comes only when the mind is very quiet.

Perception has nothing to do with knowledge (information). The perceptions are born of non-duality and responses are born of spontaneity. Spontaneity bestows right action. It is insight alone that can decondition the brain. Understanding, learning, action and meditation are one harmonious movement. These belong to the realm of non-duality. If this is clearly understood, there is no wastage of energy. To learn there must be total freedom. This one movement is also called meditation. Meditation, or the transcendence of the conditioned mind, is not the result of physical or mental activity. It is in the relaxation, it is in the non-movement, it is in the non-action of the conditioned, that the non-conditioned begins to operate.


The roots of every action, every thought and every emotion, are in the subconscious. And that subconscious regulates, directs and controls the nature of the conscious action. The scientific mode of mind, all-inclusive attention, observes the objective challenge, the nature of subjective reactions and the causes of the subjective reactions simultaneously, and such an awareness is always ahead of the reactions. When such reactions face the awareness, they lose their momentum and I am not carried by the reactions. The reaction exhausts its momentum and arrives at the simple, innocent silence. It results in freedom from the momentum of reactions. A response which is free from the momentum of reaction is a natural response.

So natural response is a response which results out of understanding of the wholeness of challenge, reactions and the roots of reactions. The natural response is in the realm of non-duality. Natural response emerges when reaction comes face to face to the light of attention, so we expose the reaction to our attention, to our sensitivity, to our alertness. The simultaneous awareness of the total movement is meditation. It is a new approach to life, in which we observe the objective challenge, the subjective reactions and the causes of the subjective reactions simultaneously without identifying oneself to any of them.’


My brain is the brain of humanity. Every cell in the human brain holds memory of the million years of man. So memory or thought-time is of the humanity. Mutation is a psychological revolution of the whole memory content. It implies to transcend or decrease the matter content of consciousness. Mutation is growing into a new dimension of consciousness, or in other words, a new quality of consciousness with its pristine glory.

It is a shock to discover that whatever man has gathered (the known, thought, memory) in centuries is worthless, ashes. It is evident that humanity took a wrong turn. This has to be rectified by an inner journey of self-discovery from self-observation through self-knowledge to Silence. Man has to be a light unto himself. Truth is a process of self-discovery. No one can give the truth to another. Only the truth can liberate the mind from its own ideation.

Thought has no place in the investigation of the inner because thought is a part, limited, fragmentary, divisive and dualistic. When you see that the subject is the object, there is direct perception of the fact.

The Unknown energy is a cosmos, the known energy is a chaos. We have to transform the known to the Unknown through higher expression of the Unknown. It is the Consciousness that can transform the chaos to cosmos. To live a life rooted in attention and awareness adds a new dimension to the quality of daily perception and living at every moment; it is living in communion with the immutable law of nature.


It is the total renunciation of the movement of conditioned mind, so the mind goes to non-action. The discontinuity of the conditioned ego takes one to a different dimension altogether, where knowing or experience may not happen at all; but perception, understanding, learning and action —ea new dynamics of behaviour — may get activised.

The non-action of the I-consciousness — or in other words, silence of the conditioned mind — is a different dimension, where the highest frequency of Consciousness bathes the brain cells, so there is no identification, no fear, no violence, no psychological imbalances, no ecological challenges, and so on.

Silence is totally unconditioned, the emptiness is unconditioned. It is a nudity of Consciousness. The motionlessness of speech, the motionlessness of the thought structure, the motionlessness of the subject (the ego, the self), then that relaxation is the emptiness of consciousness. Thought-freeness of consciousness shall release Awareness.

If Awareness is stabilised over a long chronological time, it blossoms to perception of Spirituality, the Wholeness of Life. It is an inner voyage of self-discovery from self-observation through attentivity to Silence. It is a journey from human consciousness (successive consciousness) to Simultaneous Consciousness, and living in the dimension of Silence. It is an enquiry on behalf of the human race for an alternative way of living, an alternative culture, an alternative dynamics of human relationships.

The living and moving Silence settled down in the neurochemical system is called state of meditation. Meditation implies to see and live in the wholeness of life. Meditation is an alternative way of living, living in the Emptiness.


It is the physics of consciousness. It is an all-inclusive awareness to every aspect of Life. Life in its wholeness is holy and sacred. Reality is measure-free and concept-free. The emptiness (Life Field) which fills the room is immeasurable. When you are aware of the fact, the truth behind the fact, you learn which blossoms to the transformation of the psyche.


All experiments over the past uncountable aeons regarding relationship of the mind to acquisition, accumulation and preservation of wealth; relationship to knowledge, experience and authority have not changed; or in other words, man has miserably failed in radical transformation of his psyche. Man urgently needs mutation of mind. Some of the characteristics of mutation are as under:

(a) Mutation is a sudden, abrupt change, happening in the totality of a thing. It is decrease in the matter content of consciousness, it enhances perceptive sensitivity of consciousness, which will flow into higher hierarchical level of expression of quantum energy potential of consciousness. The mutation of the human mind is unconditional total decrease of matter content in the whole human consciousness.

(b) Mutation will destroy everything that the mind has built the enclosure around itself in the name of defence, of security in the psychological field. This will bestow freedom which leads to ending of ego, the “I-ness”, the “me”.

(c) Mutation implies a quantum jump from symbolic-dualistic frame of reference of mind spectrum to non-dual and non-conceptual frame of reference of Mind Continuum. It bestows awareness of the fact, which is the wholeness of life, the fact. This regenerates intelligence.

(d) Intelligence bestows intuition (insight), spontaneity and right action. There is freedom from tension, conflict and contradiction. One lives in the timelessness. Every act is fulfilling.

(e) Man emerges into a new dimension of life, in which direct perception of rality will be the channel for his consciousness to function.

(f) Man oscillates between different quantum energy potentials of Consciousness, the Life Field. If man is aware of the highest quantum energy potential or maximum frequency of Consciousness, he is said to live in the spiritual realm, the Absolute Realm. If he lives in the lowest quantum energy potential of consciousness, he is said to live in the relative field of consciousness or successive consciousness, or sensual world.

(g) Perception happens in a non-dual frame of reference. Perception is the foundation for mutation. Perception and mutation, if sustained for a long chronological time, flower and blossom to love. Love is state of being in which one has arrived at the humility to act without the ego. In this state, one does not want to use lift as a tritons to an end, but is satisfied in living life as an end in itself.

(h) Perception is direct communion with reality, with milker spontaneous movement in truth and reality. Perception is timelessness. Truth or reality or life is a moving thing, a living thing, which is fresh every moment, which is new every moment. And to move with it, to get into the rhythm of that free movement of life, which is freedom, which is mutation, which cannot be seen or perceived at through any action of the mind.

(i) The non-identification with the subjective world, non-identification with the momentum of the mind, results in silence, which blossoms to intelligence. The intelligence is the untapped unexplored and unactivised dimension of Consciousness, and this is the foundation of all real religions. The intelligence guides the socio-ecconomic-political relationships and heals all psychological imbalances, ecological challenges, and so on.

Concluding Comment

Life is a multi-dimensional phenomenon and human beings who are expressions of that phenomenon are themselves multi-dimensional organisms. Life is self-generated, self-sustained, self-perpetuating and self-regulated phenomenon. Life is Infinite, Eternal and Immutable. Life is an expression of Supreme Intelligence.

Life, or Universal Consciousness expresses itself in three dominant modes:

(a) biological — seeing or hearing, smelling or breathing, waking state or deep sleep state, and so on;

(b) the known, the time-space matrices, the manifest, the conditioned energy: and

(c) the Unknown, the Timelessness, the Unmanifest, the Unconditioned Energy. As a symbol, we may compare the known to a drop of water and the Unknown to a fathomless and boundless ocean. The known is limited, finite and transient, and the Unknown is immutable, infinite and eternal.

We have brought the human race to an explosive situation and our life is poised on razor’s edge. From deep within the human psyche (known) there has developed a terrible power (conditioned psyche) that threatens the extinction of all life-supporting systems in a foreseeable period of time.

The conditioned psyche is leading the human race to self-annihilation or self-destruction. Life oscillates between different quantum energy potentials of Consciousness. When higher energy state encounters lower energy state, the latter goes to abeyance. Human being seems to be born with two dominant faculties — faculty of self-awareness and understanding of life directly.

Self-awareness is in the field of duality, time, the manifest, and understanding is in the realm of non-duality, timelessness, the Unmanifest. It is the Unmanifest that governs the wholeness of life. Life is the Divinity, the Wholeness.

To understand life directly, we are going to undertake a journey from fragmentation to homogeneity, from partialness to Wholeness, from the movement of knowing to the action of understanding, from the slumber of knowledge and experience to the state of being Awake or Awareness.

This involves a major conceptual shift to complementarity in place of competition, convergence ip place of conflict, holism in place of hedonism. We must heal the split within the human psyche; we must gather the diverse fragments of human consciousness and weld them into a glowing whole; we must effect the transition to a holistic world-view to replace the present fractured and fragmented consciousness of the human race.

It is the birth-right of every human being to grow into that dimensional transformation, an entirely new way of living. This will guarantee human survival and excellence.

Man is an amphibian who lives simultaneously in two dimensions — (a) the known, the time-space-causation matrices; and (b) the Unknown, the timeless. As a symbol, we may compare the known to a drop of water, and the Unknown to a fathomless and boundless ocean. The known is in the field of time, so it is limited, transient. The Unknown is in the realm of timeless, so it is eternal, infinite and immutable. The known is at the lowest quantum energy potential of consciousness, while the Unknown is at the highest quantum energy potential of Consciousness. When consciousness with lower frequency encounters the higher frequency, the lower frequencies gets annihilated. We want a revolution, psychological revolution, in which the whole human race is an equal partner. This revolution regenerates Intelligence, which resolves all human challenges.

“A new scientific approach would include subjective experience as valid information and address all forms of human experience — including intuition, spirituality and mystical encounters”.

Mystery of Man: Arthur Eddington hinted at the emergence of the mystery of man from the study of the mystery of physical nature: Knowledge is only an empty shell — a form of symbols. It is knowledge of structural form, and not knowledge of content. All through the physical world runs that unknown content, which must surely be the stuff of our consciousness.’

Teilhard de Chardin concludes: Finally, it breaks down completely with man, in whom the existence of a within can no longer be evaded, because it is the object of a direct intuition and the substance of all knowledge. The true physics is that which will, one day, achieve the inclusion of man in his wholeness in a coherent picture of the world’

Lincoln Barnett wrote: Niels Bohr puts it, “We are both spectators and actors in the great drama of existence”. Man is thus his own greatest mystery…. Least of all does he understand his noblest and most mysterious faculty: the ability to transcend himself and perceive himself in the act of perception.

The great neurologist, Charles Sherrington, wrote: Today, Nature looms larger than ever and includes more fully than ever ourselves. It is, if you will, a machine, but it is a partly mentalised machine and in virtue of including ourselves, it is a machine with human qualities of mind. It is a running stream of energy — mental and physical — and unlike man-made machines, it is actuated by emotions, fears, and hopes, dislikes and love.”

Richard Feynman wrote: Living things, masses of atoms, DNA, protein …. Dancing a pattern ever more intricate…. Out of the cradle onto the dry land. … Here it is standing…. Atoms with consciousness…. Matter with curiosity…. Stands at the sea …. Wonders at wondering…. I…. A universe of atoms…. An atom in the universe.

That is what it means when one discovers how long it takes for the atoms of the brain to be replaced by other atoms, to note that the thing which I call my individuality is only a pattern or dance. The atoms come into my brain, dance a dance, then go out; always new atorns but always doing the same dance, remembering what the dance was yesterday.

“Man is a miniaturized cosmos. Since atoms with consciousness are looking at atoms with consciousness, we have the experience of wonder and mystery whenever we look at the universe. We are looking at ourselves; mind looking at mind. It is this process which we call the universe (time-space matrices)”.

There are higher dimensions beyond Earth. The ego acknowledges itself. The ego understands it is separate from other people. It understands it will die and one day no longer exist as it does right now. The ego is tied to temporary experience, consciousness is not. When we push beyond the awareness of one’s ego, one expands in infinite consciousness. Tavistock Institute. Part 79

There are higher dimensions beyond Earth.

Regardless of one’s belief system, the notion of resurrection offers a model for understanding transition. One of the most prevalent symbolization of resurrection is in the biblical story of Christ. As told, Jesus of Nazareth was put to death, crucified, on a large man-made cross and, after burial, was resurrected.

This particular “rising from the dead” has been remembered and celebrated for centuries by a large pan of Earth’s population. The cross of the crucifixion of resurrection is itself an important symbol and a key to other dimensions. That cross symbol-izes the intersection of dimensions and the multidimensionality of all existence. It teaches us that (horizontal) reality in the material plane, the third dimension, is intersecting with (vertical) reality beyond, in other dimensions. The cross tells us that death, or the exit from the third dimension, is access to the dimensions beyond and access to what some have decided to call “heaven.”

The dimensions beyond the material plane might appear to some to be heaven in that physical suffering may not be possible there. But remember, there are places beyond the physical body where other forms of energy disturbance, tension and knotting—similar to emotional pain, energy conflict and other chaos—may exist. Whether or not we interpret such an energy arrangement as similar to physical pain, there are parallels.


Their shall come an Exalted ken of Beings to 5,4 Dimensional Earth • They will be known as The Diamond Beings. The aniral of there mull-dimotrional. multi:Arta! Dagen of Pare Conutorunen and Diamond Techirokt mill mark the most araptikur Epoch in Human Erollaion and for Life on New Earth. The am.rai of the Diamond Rare sill her& the imprinting of the next Great Age at human and planetary mammas —The Diamond Age — An Age new expetieneed on Earth at any point dining human Silence. A New Goan Age it mmn us. sub a Great Linedutiona, Age to follow: A Diamond Age (Nicola Christi).

Transfomiers of consciousness have been incarnating throughout human history. In the past, they have been recognised as singular beacons of light. Since the mid-1930s a mass wave of ambassadors for the Light began to incarnate, namely; Light-workers, Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbow Souls. These are the “way-showers,” for humanity, blazing a trail for human evolution. I lowever, a new wave of consciousness transformers are due to arrive in the not so distant future, they will incarnate through the Rainbow Souls, and are to be Imown as the Diamond Beings. Diamond Beings will begm to arrive from around 2030 until approximately 2060.

These Beings are highly advanced and will align human consciousness with the level of the Diamond N find. The years beyond 2060 represent the Diamond Cycle for humanity. Diamond Beings arc an expression of multi-dimensional, multi-faceted consciousness -hence the term ‘Diamond Beings’ Many new facets of consciousness will be introduced to the human race by these Beings. The purpose of the arrival of this wave of advanced Beings is to channel wisdom from dimensions beyond the 3rd/4th./5th/6th and to bring new Diamond Technology to the world in order to advance the evolution of humanity. They will also imprint 6’h dimensional Diamond Consciousness into a 5th dimensional Crystalline world. Many reading these words will return as part of the Diamond Wave. The first wave of Diamond ‘scouts’ are among us already, however they number very few, and most of these are not yet fully consciously aligned to the Diamond Frequency.

At our current level of evolution humanity is simply unable to imagine what the arrival of the Diamond Beings will initiate and bring with them. Unprecedented shifts within human consciousness, the energy field, and internal structures within the human brain and body will have taken place. These changes will impact human genetics, the light-body, DNA, brain function, and physical health. The experience of suffering will belong to the past and will be considered a rare occurrence.

What is a dimension? Let’s start with looking at a subject as a whole, then focus on specific parts. Let’s visualize the Great Body of God. IT is made up of many dimensional patterns, or frequency patterns. God created these dimensions so that the inhabitants are not generally able to see beyond the one they are primarily on. We are on the Earth plane. Therefore, we are in the third dimension and generally cannot see beyond the third dimension. We are here to experience living in the third dimension as our primary home. This dimension has what we need to master it and grow. We will then move up to master the next dimension that we need. The word “dimension” is not always under-stood or used the same by spiritual authors. In actuality we do not live in only one dimension. We live in our physical bodies, our astral bodies (emotional body), our mental bodies, and spiritual bodies. We flow between the different dimensions all the time.

The atom is the most elementary division of consciousness in this universe. Subatomic particles have consciousness also, but it is part of the whole, not divided. Your current explorations into the understanding of these particles and discovery of their power is one aspect of the expansion of consciousness that is going on now on Earth. They symbolize the higher energies that are available to become a part of your physical reality. The new elements created in your atomic accelerators and other experiments which your physicists carry out are presently very unstable at your level of energy use. As you learn to use atomic energy creatively, they will become more stable and will eventually become a normal part of Earth’s material substance. The subatomic particles symbolize your stretch to integrate more of the potential of the universe, your own potential, really, into your physical-plane, conscious reality.

We exist beyond level five of the earth – consciousness . We are a level of energy , and we are a system . We are connected with the consciousness of earth for various reasons . But we are not of these dimensions . “ When a being of the earth – consciousness is released from its physical form , which means that it no longer exists in — or will no longer be tied into – earth energies , then it moves into a different energy dimension that goes beyond levels one to five.

The ego is the outer wrapping and includes our body and how we present in the world. It includes our mind and how we are conditioned to think. The ego holds our will to survive. From its experience, it has preferences of likes and dislikes. The ego is conscious of our personality and how we identify ourselves in relationship to others on the Earth.

The ego acknowledges itself. The ego understands it is separate from other people. It understands it will die and one day no longer exist as it does right now. The ego is tied to temporary experience, consciousness is not. When we push beyond the awareness of one’s ego, one expands in infinite consciousness. One becomes available to the concept: if I am not my body and I am not my personality, then who am I? One’s spark of light merges into higher states of expanded consciousness. One opens doors. We exist in this world, but can also take refuge in higher frequencies during meditation where the body and the mind cannot go. In these higher expressions of our consciousness, we can restore, balance and renew. Our ego comes back to Earth and is ready to perform its Lightworker mission.

The Lightbody contains many portals to higher consciousness. Higher consciousness assumes there are different plateaus or channels. Each channel is at a different frequency. As we grow in the understanding of this, we can resonate at higher frequencies of consciousness. There are three portals to higher consciousness that are discussed here. A portal is a doorway or an opening to another dimension beyond our everyday reality on Earth. As one progresses, one opens doorways to new understandings.

We are just beginning to raise the consciousness of the whole world in a global community. Many beings will pass from earth never realizing the next level of the game of life.

The ability to gain an overview of the planet Earth , which has occurred only in the past quarter century, already heralds the creation of a planetary civilization and planetary consciousness . It lays the foundations for achieving an overview of Earth.

Ultimately, going into space is not about a technological achievement but about the human spirit and our contribution to universal purpose. Space should be seen as a metaphor for expansiveness, opportunity, and freedom.

Since all it wants is the infinite, but since it is terrified of accepting the necessary death, it goes about seeking infinity in ways that prevent it. Since the ripple wants release and is afraid of it at the same time it arranges compromise and a substitute. Instead of finding actual Godhead, the ripple pretends itself to be god, cosmocentric, heroic, all-sufficient, immortal. This is not only the beginning of narcissism and the battle of life against death, it is a reduced or restricted version of consciousness, because no longer is the ripple one with the ocean, it is trying itself to be the ocean. Tavistock Institute. Part 78

These “worlds” [or dimensional-levels] are not separate regions, spatially divided from one another, so that it would be necessary to move in space in order to pass from one to another. The higher worlds completely interpenetrate the lower worlds, which are fashioned and sustained by their activities.

What divides them is that each world has a more limited and controlled level of consciousness than the world above it. The lower consciousness is unable to experience the life of the higher worlds and is even unaware of their existence, although it is interpenetrated by them.

But if the beings of a lower world can raise their consciousness to a higher level, then that higher world becomes manifest to them, and they can be said to have passed to a higher world, although they have not moved in space.

The various levels, then, are mutually interpenetrating and interconnecting. But not in an equivalent fashion. The higher transcends but includes the lower–not vice versa. That is, all of the lower is “in ” the higher, but not all the higher is in the lower. As a simple example, there is a sense in which all of the reptile is in man, but not all of the man is in the reptile; all of the mineral world is in a plant but not vice versa, and so on. “The more highly evolved,” explains Wachsmuth, “always contains in itself the attributes of the earlier, yet always develops as a new entity, an activity clearly distinguishable from that of the other.’”

Thus, when the mystic-sage speaks of this type of mutual interpenetration, he or she means a multidimensional interpenetration with nonequivalence.

The explanation, by the mystic-sages, of this multidimensional interpenetration forms some of the most profound and beautiful literature in the world.

The essence of this literature, although it seems almost blasphemy to try to reduce it to a few paragraphs, is that “in the beginning” there is only Consciousness as Such, timeless, spaceless, infinite, and eternal. For no reason that can be stated in words a subtle ripple is generated in this infinite ocean. This ripple could not in itself detract from infinity, for the infinite can embrace any and all entities. But this subtle ripple, awakening to itself, forgets the infinite sea of which it is just a gesture. The ripple therefore feels set apart from infinity, isolated, separate.

This ripple, very rarefied, is the causal region (level-S1, the very beginning, however slight, of the wave of selfhood. At this point, however, it is still very subtle, still “close” to the infinite, still blissful.

But somehow not really satisfied, not profoundly at peace. For in order to find that utter peace, the ripple would have to return to the ocean, dissolve back into radiant infinity, forget itself and remember the absolute. But to do so, the ripple would have to die–it would have to accept the death of its separate self-sense. And it is terrified of this.

Since all it wants is the infinite, but since it is terrified of accepting the necessary death, it goes about seeking infinity in ways that prevent it. Since the ripple wants release and is afraid of it at the same time it arranges compromise and a substitute. Instead of finding actual Godhead, the ripple pretends itself to be god, cosmocentric, heroic, all-sufficient, immortal. This is not only the beginning of narcissism and the battle of life against death, it is a reduced or restricted version of consciousness, because no longer is the ripple one with the ocean, it is trying itself to be the ocean.

Driven by this Atman-project–the attempt to get infinity in ways that prevent it and force substitute gratifications–the ripple creates ever tighter and ever more restricted modes of consciousness. Finding the causal less than perfect, it reduces consciousness to create the subtle.

Exercise 1: Designing Your Portal into Metascension

Your way, your access, your key, your vehicle into your own state of expanded consciousness can be designed by you. Who better? First design a vehicle, something you can ride to the higher level of your own consciousness and something you can ride in and out of the physical dimension to heal. What do you think such a vehicle would look like? Next imagine that this vehicle must serve as not only a vehicle into the realm of your expanded consciousness but also as the very doorway or portal the vehicle travels through. What would you do to turn this vehicle on, to activate it? Is there a switch on it? Imagine that you can decide at any point in time to start your vehicle, that this is a matter of your consciousness activating this vehicle.

Now take your vehicle for an exploratory ride …

To shift the locus and focus of your consciousness, raise what you think of as its “vibration” to attune you to the tremendous expansion of your reality available to you. Create an opening in the “wall” between your realities and focus on that opening, seeing your vehicle of transport at that opening and concurrently seeing it as that opening.

Prepare the Way You can prepare yourself for a shift in your reality, for a transcendence of your world. Prepare yourself by exercising your consciousness, by building your connection with your core self. Get to know your consciousness. Feel it standing separately of your body; feel its essence. How confident you can be of your consciousness, of its enduring nature and of its free will, is the de me to which you can know in advance of leaving (or traveling to and from) physicality that you can exist independent of a physical body. Prepare the way for your self and your species and perhaps also your ecosystem to expand beyond its existing reality into a new reality to change patterns of existence that call for change or healing or exiting.

Metascend to a New Niche

The human species is a species of consciousness rather than a species of physical biological body. The human body is the vessel that the human species has inhabited to travel within while inhabiting the physical plane on Earth. Evolution of the species of the human consciousness is under way. Pull this fantastic process into the consciousness of biological humans, including yourself. Assume conscious control of your evolution. Select the niche or niches you will reach into, expand into, evolve into well beyond the physical plane. You can hang onto your physical-plane niche, continue to occupy it, but whatever you choose to do about your physical-plane “can’t live with/can’t live without” paradox, do not miss the opportunity to also evolve beyond physicality. Get going! The time is now!

Before we can lift the veil, we have to arrive at some kind of concept of what is behind the veil. We have spent so many centuries approaching life either objectively or subjectively, dealing with either cause or with effect, that lifting the veil is no easy matter. Behind the veil is a completely different reality, a reality we cannot imagine until we have experienced it. Ascension consciousness is a kind of divine Gestalt where the whole is not only more than the parts, but when they come together they become different from the sum of the parts. Tavistock Institute. Part 77

Science tells us that even our cells are communicating with each other, that a subconscious intelligence is telling our hearts to continuously beat, that a digestive intelligence is processing our food, and that this subliminal intelligence is fulfilling all our countless bodily functions of which we are not remotely aware. As such, our “sub” conscious mind contributes far more to our daily lives and total being than just the fraction of our selves constituting our conscious awareness. Rather than our conscious awareness being one-eighth of our total intelligence, it is more like a fraction of one percent.

It is as though, like computers, we have this superconscious, all-inclusive, transcendental intelligence stored in our selves, our hard drives, but we have to have the right software in place and know how to use it in order to access the information we desire. I believe that if we are fully conscious beings we can, through the software of meditation or prayer, go from our limited conscious mind into our subconscious minds, and by clearing the way at that level we can open ourselves to the superconscious mind of God.

Accepting the reality of our connection to superconsciousness is the major step we must take on the road to ascension. If we can fully accept our innate ability to listen to the superconscious mind, we do away with the superstition that we are helpless victims of circumstances, that there is a “will of God” apart from that that is within us. We can free ourselves from any outside influence over us whatsoever. We can realize that heaven is right at our fingertips. All we have to do is to open ourselves up to and let the superconscious flow through our different levels of consciousness into conscious awareness. We enter this world- like murky ponds into which clear water begins to flow until the whole pond becomes transparent, at which time we are fully conscious.

Webster’s Dictionary points out that the word, “conscious,” comes from the Latin word “conscire” meaning “to know,” and primarily relates being conscious with being aware. So the conscious mind is the aware mind, and to be fully conscious is to be fully aware. Because only a spiritually enlightened person fully knows what he or she is doing and why, when a person becomes fully conscious that person becomes a spiritual master. To be fully conscious, one has to be aware of the double thread—actively aware of one’s divine being in relationship to the earth and at the same time aware of one’s self and other beings at their physical, mental, and spiritual levels inclusively. Being fully conscious means having the capacity to be simultaneously aware of physical appearances without losing sight of one’s spiritual significance and one’s relationship to the whole of life.

“Science isn’t getting anywhere in trying to understand or explain consciousness. I think the reason for this is that we are still stuck in a paradigm, which has eventually got to crash the paradigm that claims that the material reality that we observe is the fundamental reality. I think the new paradigm, which will emerge, isn’t fully here yet. We are heading towards a very different point of view than we had in the past. It is not space, time, matter, and energy that are the fundamental reality; instead, consciousness is the fundamental reality, out of which space, time, matter, and energy emerge”

In the Spectrum of Consciousness, Ken Wilber authorized our personal quests with his uniquely modern twist of agreement. He wrote, “The only believable, the only scientifically reliable authorities today are those conscientious explorers who have experienced all the various levels of consciousness, including both that of being an ego and that of transcending the ego” (Ken Wilber, Spectrum of Consciousness,


Therefore if any man be in Christ (Christ consciousness), he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation; to wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:17-19).

For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition…for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace; And that he might reconcile both unto God in one body (Ephesians 2:14-16).

Webster’s Dictionary tells us that reconciliation comes from the Latin word “conciliare,” which means to bring together. The dictionary defines the word as “to make friendly again, to compose a difference” and “to make consistent, compatible; to bring into harmony.” If I had to choose a single word that would sum up the consciousness of the entire Christ message and its unique emphasis, it would have to be “reconciliation.” Taken as a whole, what’s new about the New Testament is its insistence on reconciliation, both in terms of objectively bringing together two or more people or things and, subjectively, the necessity of reconciling our man of earth selves with our man of God selves.

Until we can look right out at the world and reconcile the human or material with the spiritual or subjective and see that they are one and the same, we will never know that it is all God.

Before we can lift the veil, we have to arrive at some kind of concept of what is behind the veil. We have spent so many centuries approaching life either objectively or subjectively, dealing with either cause or with effect, that lifting the veil is no easy matter. Behind the veil is a completely different reality, a reality we cannot imagine until we have experienced it.

Ascension consciousness is a kind of divine Gestalt where the whole is not only more than the parts, but when they come together they become different from the sum of the parts. Psychologically, according to Webster’s Dictionary, a Gestalt is “any of the integrated structures or patterns that make up all experiences and have specific properties which can neither be derived from the elements of the whole nor be considered simply as the sum of these elements.” That is what takes place when the Christ consciousness is finally attained, when the subjective and the objective are reconciled and become one and a totally new self comes into being. That new self is not a refinement of the old self but is a completely new self. That is what happens when one is truly born again.

Through meditation and other practices of self-examination, we realize that our waking or superficial consciousness is a fragment of a wider whole. Every individual has in him this vast whole of consciousness, the great tank, of the contents of which the conscious self is not fully aware. Our personal consciousness knows but a small fraction of the sum total of our conscious states.

The main problems with the human mind is that the user is only in direct conscious contact with a fraction of the whole.

The conscious part seems to be located somewhere between the ears and behind the eyes. At any one moment in this very limited space the larger part of our current waking thoughts and feelings are experienced, our sense data interpreted and our present actions planned, initiated and monitored. It is also this tiny space that feels at that instant most closely identified with our innermost selves — our personal beliefs, attitudes, values, memories, likes and dislikes, loves and hates, and the other passing clutter and baggage that goes to make up one’s mental life. But we are only aware of a very restricted amount at any one time.

The ideas, feelings, images and sensations seem to flow like a stream past a blinkered observer standing on the bank.

We can’t see far upstream or downstream, but we can take in between one to two seconds worth of what goes past. This is what comprises the conscious workspace, the experiential here and now. Beyond this present awareness lies a vast and only partially accessible knowledge base. Some of the information contained there is in the form of previous life events (episodic memory), though this becomes very patchy for the time before we were five years old, maybe even later. Other parts of it are used to make sense of the world (semantic memory).

And yet other knowledge structures (called schemas) control our routine perceptions, thoughts, words and actions. We have a rough idea of the contents of this long-term knowledge base — not all of them, of course, but enough to be aware of the general headings. But what we don’t know is how stored items are called to mind.

The reality is that while we are conscious of the products of such retrievals — the words, feelings, images, thoughts and actions — we have little or no awareness of the processes that seek them out and call them to mind. Understanding this is very important since most of our mental lives involve a continuous interaction between the conscious workspace and the long-term memory store.

Actually our senses can know only a small fraction of the facts of the universe . Each individual is constantly experiencing effects from his environment of which his conscious mind is entirely unaware . All objects , alive or dead , give off radiations with potent effects upon man ‘ s mental and bodily activities.

To me it is transparently urgent for Man to understand more deeply what Man is, and especially the human mind. We have by now explored far, and with such unbelievable success, outside of Man, into the Atom and now into Space. But we are all witnesses of the psychological immaturity of the human beings in whose hands these newly discovered secrets of Nature are being used to threaten Man himself, the whole structure of our life. We must also have felt the force of materialistic values, the greed for possession of things, sweeping away our finer sensitivities, and values for that which cannot be bought and sold. How penetrating and mighty are the influences which play upon us constantly.

Yet in facing the outer world and its impacts. if we are a little thoughtful. we realize, that influences from outside cannot affect us without striking an answering chord from within us. It is to this answer that we have to listen, and hear its echo from our own depths. Only then can the echo die away and leave our minds clear and free, unshaken by whatsoever outer storms may come. In the present World Crisis, it is important that there should be some people who are thus free, to remain unshaken and steady. to be lamps steadily glowing. whatever darkness may be outside – darkness of Man’s unconsciousness, even if we avoid the grim darkness of another world conflict.

Most of us may have known that the Great Teachers of Mankind have always urged the importance of man’s knowing himself, and have told that this self-knowing must fill the journey of our life.

But until now, the challenge has gone unheeded, or largely unheeded, down the generations. It is significant that in this very age of such discoveries and such conflict and turmoil. precisely now there has arisen anew and from several quarters, the stimulus to us to become widely and deeply aware of ourselves.

What is unconscious in individuals becomes cumulatively the hidden and unknown in the mind and heart of humanity, and our individual lives and our collective societies are being battered and sundered by all this.

We must awaken. But not only must we. It is not mere necessity. Indeed, it is surely the way to that which it is to be truly human. Herein lies the way to our greater happiness, creativity and freedom.

The mind, our mind. has great depths hidden under the surface mind of everyday rational action and thought and decision. Modem psychology has. in theory at least, made us aware of the unconscious mind.

Therefore, any enquiry into the hidden background of our minds, would need to be pushed very deeply. It would need to go deeply into what is special to ourselves, our own personal. but hidden, aspirations, ideals, hopes, fears etc. And the enquiry would also need to go deeply into what we have in us in common without neighbours, and ultimately with men everywhere. (The collective unconscious. as the great Swiss psychologist CG. lung has termed it). In these hidden depths of our minds, some residue of past cultures there may be. but also we have to be ready to confront the marks within us of all the influences, of all the family and social prejudices. the community conventions and demands, and the imprint of age-old religious bigotries: The subtle, and yet powerful, impact of these is constantly moulding and defining our lives. We are under the sway of collective hopes and unfulfilled, but long-pursued dreams.

The scars of the whole humanity are within ris. expressing themselves as primordial fears and violent passions. There are remnants within us still of the primitive man who was our ancestor: From parents to children, generation by generation, all this is handed on especially In the exposed, vulnerable years of infancy and early childhood. The heritage is planted within us. without our ever knowing it.

The surface of our minds, all we usually know of ourselves, and what we usually think is the whole. may be correct, confirming, respectable. We may feel we are indeed ‘cultured’. But that surface is only a veneer. Underneath it. lie emotions and cravings, and passions and fears which the conscious mind may shun to recognise most of the time, but which still boil and ferment under that deceptive surface.

Human culture was becoming so refined, we thought. so enlightened. But obviously we deceived ourselves. During this very century there has been eruption after eruption of brutality and violence in massively destructive wan, in social revolutions, in racial hatred, in religious strife.

Man’s inhumanity to Man has been flagrant and wanton. And now, out of the scientific discovery of the means to split the atom, man has forthwith devised weapons of mass destructiveness and horror, beyond the device of any prior epoch. Yet all this is the complete opposite of the so-called ‘culture’ of our surface minds, individually and collectively. So how could Man act in all these ways with brutality and violence, unless the potentiality for such action lay within him, even if normally deeply suppressed from expression. even if hidden away from his own consciousness about himself?

And how could communities and nations be so, which is collectively mankind, unless, for the most part, individuals were themselves in such a condition of conflict, violence, tension—and above all in such ignorance of their own depths and powers and passions? The deep and violent tensions are hidden even to ourselves in that mostly we live for a lifetime with ourselves without ever knowing ourselves.

Now those who undertake the voyage of self-discovery, who are therefore steadily uncovering all that had previously been hidden in themselves and so coming to a real self-knowing would come to discover a secret well of loneliness, most deeply within. They would discover a hidden fear of ‘me’ alone, and separate from the whole movement of life. They would then obviously have to enquire deeply into the very essence of this sense of intense loneliness, and this fear.

Our minds revolve in endless self-centred thinking, around ‘me’ and ‘my’ gains and losses, ‘my’ desires and despairs, ‘my’ past and ‘my’ future. And this very thinking around ‘myself, endlessly self-centred, brings vastly more unhappiness than happiness to us all. But is this the inevitable and final state of our minds?

The surface mind having thus become still, then the deeper mind can unburden more of itself to the surface and become known. There is progressively more conscious and less unconcious in the mind. In this way, the extent of the still layer of mind increases, becomes more extensive. Until at last the whole mind may be still, receptive, passive, listening and no longer the intensely active initiator.

Then that moment might be reached when the mind abandoned its self-centred movement, its endless movement around the “me”, and instead, waited totally upon the action of that something from beyond itself.

Then, and only then, could the mind be said to be an utterly new mind. It would be freed of its old involvement with the burden as well as the fascination of the past, and with the anxious concern for me and my affairs in the future.

Freed of all this, the restlessness stilled, then our minds would become truly creative. At the same time. our hearts, freed at last of the mind’s calculations, would be truly open to the Highest, to the direct religious experience.

Find the root of everything, look for the origin of everything. We just use a fraction of our divine power. Grasping the Root of Divine Power. Find the root of everything, look for the origin of everything. This was the true essence of cultivation. All powers have their origins, their birthplace. To tread the ancient path meant to search for the origin, to search for the path that led to the everyonés Higher Divine Self. A sacred space is a focused portal and spiritual gateway to worlds beyond our own. Tavistock Institute. Part 76

Find the root of everything, look for the origin of everything. We just use a fraction of our divine power. Grasping the Root of Divine Power

Find the root of everything, look for the origin of everything. This was the true essence of cultivation. All powers have their origins, their birthplace. To tread the ancient path meant to search for the origin, to search for the path that led to the everyonés Higher Divine Self.

A sacred space is a focused portal and spiritual gateway to worlds beyond our own.

Ancient path of Ethereal Opening, seeking for the ancient, exploring the most primitive strength of the Dao. Find the root of everything, look for the origin of everything. This was the true essence of cultivation. All powers have their origins, their birthplace. To tread the ancient path meant to search for the origin, to search for the path that led to the beginning. It was a path that would lead to eternity, which was why it was called the ancient path. Perhaps it was because of dao or power that one could open up an ancient path and break through, allowing them to transcend the river of time and escape from the passing of time. They would not die or perish, their true bodies’ hearts would not be destroyed by the passing of time.

Man revolves on an axis of self-hood, and the alternations of spiritual day and night result, not from God turning away from us, but from our turning away from him. We live too much to the cold, dark, external—we localize too in uch in our habits and tastes—we submit rather to the sway of the earthly, than to the centrical influence of the heavenly body. If we held the earth with a loose baud, we should live in a perpetual atmosphere of sunbeams. The wind bloweth where it listeth ; so is every one that is born of the Spirit. In the spiritual life there is freedom of motion ; the spiritual man follows the path of light, and cannot be subjected to the icy durance of a polar winter.

Whence arises the pain, the bondage, the misery of man, but from his looking to the external, and render-ing ‘undue importance to the creature life. What are the jars and afflictions to which humanity is liable, but the clashing of rival potsherds ? We turn to the creature instead of turning to the light, and the orbit of one is disturbed by the orbit of another. If we live to the internal life, we escape the troubles of the external. If we centre towards God, we dwell in perpetual light. Our glory is evolved when we turn our back upon the world, and look to the unseen. All misery and discon-tent comes from the creature source, and result rather from envious contrast, than from real hardship.

Here the creature rises to his proper sphere ; asserts the divinity of his birth, and the dignity of his being. The realization of this kingdom, is not deferred as some suppose, to the contingency of an indefinite post obit.

The only death required, is the death of self-will. Godliness hath the promise in this world, as well as in the world to come; but the promise is made to the new man, not to the old one. We receive the necessaries for the external, through faith of the internal; wherefore it behoves us to look at the former through the latter—to behold the visible in the light of the invisible world, not to overshadow the invisible by the obtrusion of the visible.

Do we not perceive in nature, that everything grows towards the light? Where the fruit is beneath the soil, the blossom is above. So man grows in the stature of wisdom, as he turns towards the centre of spiritual light, and submits to the attraction of the divine power. He must blossom above, to bear fruit below. He cannot derive true benefit and nourishment from earthly things, but as his intellectual man is expanded to the sun and the dew of heaven.

The larger a spiritual body becomes, the higher its magnetic power. The dragon drew a third part of the stars ; so we find to the present day that a very large proportion of mankind affinitize to the antagonistic or antichrist principle.

The celestialized word is a counter magnet, of far more powerful diameter. Scriptures says; “I, when I am lifted up, will draw all men unto me.” As the seed of the serpent and satellites of the dragon, we progress only on our belly, and feed upon dust ; with all our natural subtlety and sagacity, such is the proneness of our mental posture, that we mind only earthly things. As Moses who is a figure of the outward law, lifted up the brazen serpent in the wilderness, so Christ who is a figure of the inward law, lifts up the Son of man.

We are animalized, not by the divine law of our being, but by the earthward tending, money getting propensities of our material nature.

Peter Horttanainen

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