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The seed, then, is crucified on the cross, it is raised in power, for nowhere does the crucifixion mean death. We ‘cross” animals to improve the breed, the qualities. Crossed electric wires produce a more powerful current. This third force, we are told, is adtually the product of the blending and intensification of the other two

Above the third chakra, there is a huge knot, or nerve ganglion, that makes it very difficult to move from the lower earth centers to heaven. It is from these chakras that we get the negative emotions of fear, passion, and anger; there are no negative emotions associated with the higher centers.

Twelve stars are the twelve functions, typified by the twelve zodiacal signs which she has mastered through physical regeneration. The seed or “Son-Sun” is born in the Solar Plexus in both man and woman. The seed or “Son,” born in this manger, or Bethlehem, is taken up the pneumo-gastric nerve to the base of the brain, Golgotha, or “place of the skull.

Noah is Hebrew for rest. Ararat simply means a mount or elevation. In English we say hill, mound, peak, mountain, etc. So in both Greek and Hebrew we find Nebo, Pisgah, Ararat, pinnacle of the temple, Zion, Gibeon, used to typify brain and pineal gland.

Ark, or boat, is used to symbol the seed (fish or Moses) born in the solar-plexus to be carried up through the regenerative process to the pineal gland. Moses was found in an ark and the ark of the covenant was carried by the children of Israel (see Jacob’s 13 children) through the wilderness and across Jordan, where the ” waters stood up at the City of Adam.”

Adam means earth or sand. At the source of the spinal cord there is a body called medulla oblongata. Medulla means marrow or thick oil or ointment. This oblong body (oblongata in Latin) is a bed of mineral salts of the body and marrow. This precious oil (Christ) is received there by secretions from the cerebrum, the upper brain the ” Most High.”

This oil flows down the spinal cord to the Caudia Equina, and this is a symbol of the Jordan and Dead Sea of Palestine.

Jordan means the “Descender” or oil flowing down. Witness : Dove or dive to descend. Dove, i. e., a diver ” The Spirit of God descended like a dove, and a voice said, This is my Son,’ ” etc.

This occurred after the baptism of Jesus, the seed, in Jordan, the oil or Christ and the seed was then Christ-ened. The children of Israel (seeds born in solar plexus) are carried up the strait (“Narrow way that leads to life eternal,”) known in modern physiology as vagus, or pneumo-gastric nerve. So, then, the poetical writer of this sublime epic could truthfully say that the twelve tribes (twelve mineral salts of the blood) “Set up stones” where they crossed Jordan, for the great nerve or “strait” crosses the medulla at the head or source of the spinal cord.

The animals taken up to Ararat, the pineal gland or “Pinnacle of the temple,” simply means the transmutation of animal desires and propensities by saving the ark (seed) and crucifying it at Golgotha where it Crosses Jordan in medulla, the “Place of the Skull.”

River Jordon is the nerve fluid or marrow of the spinal cord which rises in the Medulla Oblongata and ends at the Cauda Equina, a thick, salty, sticky fluid, that the Hebrews call the “Dead Sea.” Synonyms of “Water of Jordon” are: Christ, an oil, and I. 0. H. N., the formula of marrow. “

And the tree of life stood in the midst and bore twelve manner of fruits.” At the soles plexus where the pneuma gastric or Vagus Nerve, from vagrant, a wanderer, com-mences to branch or wander, a Son or seed is born, fruit of the tree, every month, when the moon is in the sign that the Sun was in at the birth of the individual.

This is the Jesus born in Bethlehem, beth or house. Lehem means bread. Any materialised substance is bread or dough or maso, (mass or Mason). Free (Frea), Masons, still war over Maso and Mason. N or Nun, fish added, caused the trouble. “Thou shalt not eat, consume or waste of the fruit of the tree, or thou shalt surely die.”

The serpent, sexual desire on physical plane, said: “eat, thou shalt not die,” but they ate and died, for sexual desire “was a liar from the beginning.” Jesus was baptized of John in Jordan the fluids of the spinal cord, and then became Christ Jesus who was crucified. The word Christ means an ointment or oil, a smear; paint or varnish is a smear that saves wood. The precious ointment of the Jordan saved or redeemed the germ.

A FISH craves his protection from a bigger FISH. He saves it and places it in a jar (solar plexus) which, growing larger and larger, communicates to him the news of the forthcoming deluge. (Mote gold fish in jar). Vaivasvata Manus the Son of Surya, the Sun, and the Savior of our race, is connected with the seed of life, both physically and spiritually. The significance of the above is apparent. In the Bible we find this statement: Joseph shall have a double portion.’ Joseph is one of the children of Jacob, which means circle’ in Hebrew. His none was afterwards changed to Israel, so that the sons of Jacob are also the son: of Israel. The signs of the Zodiac are also referred to as the children of Jacob, and when applied in physiology, refer to the solar plexus, and the twelve forces centered there. All the forces which enter the body of man are received in this part of the body, and are sent out from there. Joseph represents one of these dii isions or centers, and this is one of his portions. The other is the pineal giant that also being Joseph. Thus all the so-called tribes referred to as Gad, Rheuben, Levi, etc., etc. refer to the forces operative in the huntzn body, and not to bodies of people. We find, then, this seed, fruit, fish, bread and savior, born in the solar plexus. We must lift up, save,or raise this seed. “If I be lifted up I will draw al men unto me.’ — John 12:32. It must be taken into the spinal cord or, in other words, be baptized of JOHN. It must be anointed with oil. We find that there is oil present in the spinal cord.

In the book of Joshua, we find the story of the Ark of the MOST HIGH GOD being taken by the Priests of the Twelve Tribes into the Jordan, and again, in the New Testament we find the identical story in the baptism of Jesus of John (oil), in the Jordan. The Hebrews told their story, in the Old Testament, and the Greeks gave theirs in the New Testament. In Joshua’s (fish in Hebrew) story we find that he commanded the sun and r:Jen to stand still, while he slew his enemies.

The semi-lunar ganglion, is tached to the solar plexus, is identical with the moon. Nerves from this plexus extend to the lower parts of the body and, in fact, connect with the organs of generation. No wonder Joshua commanded these forces to be still so that the seed could pass into the Jordan in safety. For, we find that just below this passage-way into the spinal cord is another, called the ‘fish-gate, which leads directly to the genitals. If the lower desires are not stilled this seed or fish will be “swallowed,’ killed by the generative fish.

When these lower forces are controlled, the High Priests of the body, the higher forces, are in command, and the seed is taken into the Jordan. ‘At the time of the flood, when the Jordan overflowed its banks- and ‘stood up,” was the Ark carried into the Jordan This proves conclusively the exact location, physiologically, of the entrance into the spinal cord. For this portion of the cord is the broadest – it is where it ‘stands up , or contacts with that part of the anatomy termed Sodom and Gomorrah.

At the place where the ARK entered the “water,’ twelve men were chosen to set up stones, and the Bible tells us that “They are there to this day.

These twelve stones correspond to the twelve Dorsal vertebrae, to each vertebra of which a nerve is attached that forms part of the solar plexus. These twelve nerves terminate in the solar plexus.

They are the twelve priests whose services enabled the Ark to enter the “River of God.’

The twelve forces, then, bore this ARK out of the water. They broke down the walls of Jericho and entered the city with the ARK of the MOST HIGH GOD. In the New Testament story Jesus was baptized in the Jordan. Then, when the time came for His crucifixion, He went to the Garden of Gethsemene. In anatomy this is near the Medulla Oblongata, with the olives on either side, a physiological fact, as any anatomy proves.

There are two “pyramids, also, at this place. In anatomy, Golgotha (place of the skull, in Hebrew) is the base of the skull, where the spinal cord enters the head. At this point is a double cross mach by the Adi, The Pingala and the pneumogastric nerves.

Can we any longer doubt that the ancient records told the same story as is found in our own Scriptures, and that it was all in regard to one thing, one process the MASTERY OF THE BODY?

The seed, then, is crucified on the cross, it is raised in power, for nowhere does the crucifixion mean death.

We ‘cross” animals to improve the breed, the qualities.

Crossed electric wires produce a more powerful current.

By the process of crossing, or crucifixion, therefore, this seed took on added power, in fact, received the “illumination,’ which the seed had previously asked for The hour has come. Father, glorify thy Son that thy Son may glorify thee.’ At the moment of glorification or illumination, the seed did not say God, my God, why bast thou forsaken thee.’

It, moreover, is not at all in keeping with the tenor of the request, just previous to passing onto the cross.

God, my God, how thou dost glorify me.’ Does not this seem more in keeping with the calm and earnest request “Father, the hour has come, glorify thy Son that thy Son may glorify thee?”

Read John and note glory and glorify. John, or Ioannes, is ointment, or oil, here personified. Glorify means to illuminate – to give light – glow ray.

The passing of the seed over the crossed nerves, and its passage into the pineal gland, does, in very truth, cause the illumination – the flash of light, the raising or illumination of consciousness of the individual in which this process is allowed to take place. For it is man that prevents its accomplishment.

After the crucifixion the ‘body’ of Jesus is claimed by Joseph, and it is taken by him into his own tomb, where no man had ever been laid. This Joseph is the same Joseph – the father of Jesus, the pineal gland, for no other man, no seed had been absorbed by the gland previously, for this is the first seed that has been saved. In other words, the Son returns to the Father, the seed returns to its source. The Father and the Son have become ONE. No other explanation save a physiological one can make clear this statement of Jesus. “And greater things than I do, ye shall do for I go unto my Father.” The first seed that has been saved apparently makes this statement. When the first seed is saved, the entire body is changed. It vibrates at a higher rate, the fluids are purer.

In the spinal nerve system three different forces have been discovered, each on a different frequency, two of which can be registered and traced by instruments, but the third, as it near’d the Pineal, is soon beyond the’range of all scientific instruments. Its vibrations have been estimated to be in the billions of cycles per second.

Some assert that this third force is the real Kundalini, the current entering the Sushumna at the Muladhara chakra (root of the spine), and that the Sushumna does not energize until the force of the Ida and Pingala has reached the forehead.

This third force, we are told, is adtually the product of the blending and intensification of the other two, which increase in power at each chakra on the ascension, then return to the sacral plexua and enter the Sushumna at the Muladhara, flowing upward and activating the chakras as it flows.

The Sushumna rises and crosses the base of the skull and ‘contacts the Apia chakra at the Pituitary back of and between the eyebrows, then pastes upward to the Pineal, below the thousand-petalled Sahasrara – the crown of the head.

The Pituitary gland is magnetic (receptive, female), and is concected with the Ida nadi, which crosses the spinal cord at the same point as the Pingala, and extends down the left side of the,spine;tothe Kanda. Then tint the sem-ilunar nerve ganglion this Ida and Pingala merce..into the solar plexus. The pneurnagastric nerve, rising, in the fourth ventricle of the brain and connected. with the cerebellum, crosses the. spinal cord at the base of the skull where the Ida and Pingala cross. It sends branches to the throat, lungs, heart, thymus, stomach, etc., and ends in the solar plexus, the abdominal brain, consisting of twelve large nerve ganglia, sometimes symbolized in the Bible as the twelve tribes.

For the moment, man’s spine has a purely anatomical, physiological function; its spiritual potential is still dormant. So far, only Adepts have succeeded, thanks to the powers of their Spirit that they have awakened, in mobilizing the spiritual potential of the spine and in using it to accomplish tremendous spiritual and magical work in the world.

We have seen the relationship between the solar plexus and the brain. They are the two poles: the one masculine and emissive (the solar plexus) and the other, feminine and receptive (the brain). And how do the two poles communicate? Through the bridge and keyboard of the spine coupled with the autonomous nerve system!

The Soul is domiciled in the head, while the Spirit is centered in the belly. The spine and the related autonomous nerve system provide the bridge for the harmonious communication between the Soul and the Spirit—the heart or solar plexus king the bridal chamber for the Soul’s wedding with the Spirit. The Book of Revelation ends with St. John’s vision of the heavenly city, the New Jerusalem, and a description of the walls, the foundations and the twelve gates. Through that city flows a great river.

The roots of the Tree of Life which St. John describes as king on both banks of the river, therefore, are the groups of nerves and ganglia on either side of the spine. The spine is the link between heaven and earth—our heaven and our earth. The river, says St. John, takes its source at the top of the mountain, “proceeding from the throne of God”. In man, the top of the mountain, heaven, the center, is his belly, and the earth is the rest of his body.

And he showed me a pure river of water of life, dear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river, was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits, and yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of nations.” (Rev. 22: 1-2)

How can the tree be on both sides of the river? If we take this description literally it does not make sense. In reality, of course, the tree astride the river is a symbol; it exists also in us, and the river, too, Rows through us. For it is we who are the city, and in the center of that city—in the belly (heart and navel)—flows a river with a tree growing on its banks. The solar plexus represents the tree growing on either side of the river and the river designates the currents and vital forces flowing through it from the throne of God and the Lamb at the navel. And where are the roots of this tree?

The roots are the twelve pairs of dorsal ganglia and nerves: twelve branches which produce twelve fruits a year and they, in turn, are linked to the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

In the chest, are the twelve thoracic ganglia, corresponding to the twelve ribs. The great semilunar ganglia, the largest of all and sometimes called the abdominal brain, are in the abdomen, by the side of the coeliac axis.

Above the third chakra, there is a huge knot, or nerve ganglion, that makes it very difficult to move from the lower earth centers to heaven. It is from these chakras that we get the negative emotions of fear, passion, and anger; there are no negative emotions associated with the higher centers.


Within the susumna nadi there are three psychic knots of energy, known as granthis. The Sanskrit word granthi means a knot, a tied-up force, or an obstacle to one’s spiritual growth. These knots restrict human life to instinctive, emotional and intellectual levels. If lower desires become dominant in a person, the flow of prana gets obstructed and short-circuited at the first knot or Brahma granthi, diminishing the flow of energy to the higher centres. The path of the kundedini is obstructed, preventing its upward movement to the crown centre (sahasrara chakra). When ktmdahni is activated it rises upward through the chakras, and pierces successive veils of ignorance in the form of knots (granthis), which changes the perception of reality and consciousness.

The final knot is rudra granthi which is associated with vishuddhi and ajna chakras Idle next two chakras, at the level of the throat and in the middle of the forehead, respectively]. Vishuddhi and ajna sustain . . . the intuitive or higher mental body.. . . When rudra granthi is pierced, individuality is dropped, the old ego awareness is left behind and the experience of unman-ifest consciousness emerges beyond ajna chakra at sahasrara [the seventh chakra located just above the crown of the head].’

In Rudra granthi, your ego awareness, mental awareness, and physical awareness are dissolved. Your sixth sense or eye of intuition develops. Once the knot of ego-awareness and intellectual pride is broken, your spiritual energy transcends duality and sees the truth. Your consciousness is lifted, and your individual soul merges with the universal, cosmic soul.

When the Visnu granthi or mental knot is pierced one gains control of the subtle body, releasing identification with the mind.

Of all of the seats and places in the subtle body, the third eye is the easiest point to control everything in the subtle body because it is both conscious and unconscious, dark and light. It brings into equilibrium the left and right side

As you will recall, the process involves entering the pineal gland (or third eye), in essence “carrying” the listener to the threshold of that doorway of their own awareness so they can access the theta brain-wave frequency.

Through theta wave meditation, we can open our Third Eye and access the delta waves that unite us with Universal Energy

The pineal gland is associated with a more subtle energy center in the etheric or vital body.

“Tisra Til”, the “Third Eye” is the “Seat of the Soul

Sixth chakra Ajna is also known as the Third Eye, the Eye of Shiva, or the Eye of Intuition

Daath, the hidden Sephiroth, might be the third eye.

The invisible sephiroth — called Daath, the “third eye of Siva” among Hindus, and the a symbol in ancient Egypt — it is located between the eyes and universally stand for spiritual illumination and power.

our bondage to speech, the Vishnu-granthi showing our bondage to emotion, and the Rudra-granthi showing our bondage to thought.

When this is opened, you suddenly have the ability to see and predict things that are not seen in the physical realm.

This process of transmitting the soul current through the tenth door (tisla til or eye center), and untying the knot of the soul and mind …

It is called the rudra-granthi, which is as it were the door to perfect union with the divine and total elimination of the experience of duality …

The root, heart and brow centers each contain a granthi (knot) that the kundalini has to break in the course of the journey, and that the second knot (in the heart) is known as that of Vishnu. The granthi or knot associated with the heart center represents a major challenge to contemporary psychology. It obstructs the evolution of consciousness to the next level, and to pass through it requires a whole new orientation to inner and outer reality.” The nature of this obstruction is “the ignorance and fears that hold us to duality” (i.e. the belief that we are separate from God). He goes on to say that the dynamics of its transcendence lead us to “a marvelous leap in consciousness and our capacity for intuition, creativity and empathy…”,.

The knot at the third-eye center, called the rudra granthi, is a kind of inner gatekeeper that prevents our awareness from entering the spiritual centers in the crown of the head. This knot holds us in the illu-sion of separateness. Once this knot is opened, there is a profound change in our awareness of ourselves. We begin to realize directly, through experience, that our consciousness is not confined to the limits of the physical body.

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