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The reptilians have cut the planet earth and the residing humans off from the rest of creation. When they did this, they were free to do what they wanted with the planet and the ones residing on it

Fear is essential to how the reptilians control humans. Fear is the “reptilian wavelength”. People can return to their inner state of consciousness they had when they were still a part of The Oneness. Fear creates separation from Oneness. The reptilians have cut the planet earth and the residing humans off from the rest of creation. When they did this, they were free to do what they wanted with the planet and the ones residing on it. The Ome World Government follows same concepts.

Reptilians ans and Reptilian-humans: All humans have a a {{Reptilian brain.” Also called the Triune Brain, it is said to be responsible for our more basic, “less evolved,” impulses. Growing out of the Reptilian aspect of the self is essential to evolution, and an argument could be made that the baser emotions ruling human behavior, such as jealousy and greed, are a direct result of the lower brain and Reptilian functions. So, some might argue that all humans have some Reptilian in them.

Some, however, believe this is a result of direct DNA tinkering by the Reptilian Race when they first arrived on this planet, long ago. Some believe that they genetically altered the human race by also unplugging our DNA from twelve to two strands. This was only one of the ways they have kept humans “down,” and “asleep.” It is well known that the human race has been functioning with only a small percentage of their brain power being used.

Remember our vision is limited to a lower density vibrational frequency field, but it doesn’t mean that everything exists within our perceptional abilities. We can only perceive a limited light range. Their appearing to shapeshift is actually a vibrational shift on their part, or our part!

The Draconian Reptilians (from the Draco star system) are responsible for the origination of the Orion inter-galactic wars and their influence on Earth appears to be widespread. This information is just beginning to be understood by Earth humans. Most people continue to doubt it, for if they have not had direct experience with a Reptilian being, it is not a part of their reality. Fortunately, the combination of people “waking up” to past life and galactic memories, and people speaking up about their present life interactions with these beings without fear, is spreading knowledge of their existence.

If you can accept a lower Matrix, or interdimensional form of entity, then you might be able to accept that they are responsible for the Lower Matrix of Control that rules much of the darkness on this planet. There are those who believe that this matrix of control originates off of this planet, elsewhere in our solar system. (Saturn and the moon). It appears that the genetic tinkering did not end with the ancient human/Reptilian hybrids but continues today through the work of human-Reptilian scientists.

Most people believe that a soul cannot be snatched; other authors believe that this is incorrect. At the time of death, or under intense torture to a point close to death, the soul abandons the body. The soul is an electromagnetic field of energy which can be “captured” and held. The Reptilians learned, over many hundreds of thousands of years, and much experimentation, how to capture a soul and reprogram it. It can then be reinserted into the original body, or into a clone. Through implantation, much like a computer, the clone becomes under the control of the Handler.

The Reptilian is said to be able to re-cycle the human soul by a system they have created and control. The base for this system is built up around; fear of death, birth and death cycle, and negative karma cycle or negative karma loop of feedback. All these factors keeps human within the lower matrix and fear is the main component to keep humankind down and suppressed and oppressed.

Perhaps it is worth another look, at why this may be true. Perhaps the soul has been compromised; or perhaps the soul is Reptilian of origin and not human. Simultaneously, there are also humans who made contracts with the Draconians while undergoing intense torture in an “off-planet” experience. These individuals under duress of torture agreed to work with the Reptilians. If your journey to off-planet experiences brings up such a memory then you were such an individual and still carry the implant today. What is important to realize is that the contract to carry this device is under your free will to break; however, many of the individuals who carry this contact believe that they cannot break it, or do not desire to do so. It is very possible that the implantation and enslavement has been going on so long that it has become comfortable. The fear of breaking the contract is too intense.

Humans is said to have some implant that control humans.

The creation of these robotic beings is one sure way; no soul, no conscious, no karma. Just like a computer is karma-free, so too is a robotic being. Many “psychics” have been implanted, and are under the control of Reptilian Handlers, and they can be either aware, or unaware, that their power is not coming from the Light, but from the Dark.

Being heart-centered in your approach to life is the clearest way to avoid the dark agenda. The Reptilian implanted self is ego-based, and knowledge is not used to liberate, and enlighten, but to enslave. Dark witches and warlocks are often implanted and although they appear to be “all-powerful” and their clients marvel at how much information they have about the client’s life; much of it is being downloaded from a Draconian source. It appears, through various reports, that Reptilians who have not been blended with human DNA can easily move between dimensions.

People can return to their inner state of consciousness they had when they were still a part of The Oneness. This is the time of consciousness prior to the establishment of an individual ego; this is the time when a soul attains enough consciousness to experience the nature of a separate reality, yet not enough to feel alone. In this state of being, a soul feels completely held within the loving womb of God. There is no fear, because the soul has yet to experience separation. There is no feeling of being alone, because the soul has never been alone.

Every person has a story to tell about how they first separated from the One. Duality begins with the separation out of the One.

The world that we live in is on a set frequency range very similar to a radio station on a receiver.

The reptilians have cut the planet earth and the residing humans off from the rest of creation. When they did this, they were free to do what they wanted with the planet and the ones residing on it. They have left a trail of destruction and chaos not only on the physical realm of this planet but in the spiritual realm also. Consciously knowing, that humans, the planet earth and all that makes up the planet are all part of the same collective spiritual energy as themselves, in which they know as creation. Therefore, to watch this planet and everything that resides here suffer; it was like sitting back and watching a sibling getting tortured. For thousands of years this planet has not accessed the higher frequencies of consciousness and from what the creation was teaching through them. This took away our freedom to evolve by freewill, which has left humanity seeing the only option for us, as “that is just the way it is”.

In the beginning, earth was a wonderful place, creative frequency waves were able to penetrate through and different beings could send out cosmic information energy and help in the evolution of earth. Beings and everything on this earth were amazing, as everything connected to the knowledge of all of creation. Even when we look back now, at so many things that we cannot explain in our history and how we could have done that, when we would struggle or could not do it today.

With all of our technological advances, we still cannot imagine how this would be possible. That right there says so much. As earth began to evolve into a wonderful planet of all possibility eventually, the race in which we call the reptilians (darkness) took it over. These reptilians through use of the moon as a broadcast, through human genetic alterations and interbreeding, beat out light and began their reign over this planet.

They blocked our the higher vibrational frequencies that kept earth freewill and evolving and broadcast their own low vibrational frequencies. These low frequencies have kept earth in this shut down state, as low frequencies are the only frequencies that darkness can access. Negativity, sadness, chaos and destruction are what these broadcasts create and it is what feeds them.

These people behind these strategies is same people or reptilians who will give birth to a One World Government. They create the mess in this world and then provides the solution; the solution they create is designed to fit the mess they create. This is how the Reptilian Mind is working and has been working for thousends of years, generation after generation.

If someone constantly creates different synchronized and unsynchronized mess in this world, then people think these problems must be solved a new solution, and this is the Reptilian method for their silent takeover of planet Earth.

It is like having the same radio station on for thousands of years, same broadcasts over and over, never learning to evolve or the meaning of evolving itself. The ultimate tyranny is not control by martial law but more as control by perception. Slaves, who have no idea of their slavery, have no idea that there is more then what you see right now. Everything that we know is all part of this reptilian agenda. They have had the plans for this earth and everything on it since they started their tyranny over us. Of course, their predictions turn into prophecies, as long as we keep following the agenda, and the longer we follow it, the more they tell us “see I told you so”!

This is methods is a kind of mental programming, social mind conditioning and predictable programming. This method is based on Hegel´s Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis, and in this process the Illuminati creates the mess and then provides the “Solution” and this make them to the Synthesis.

By creating the mess they can implement new methods of mind-control-technology that always motivates their actions and these fits their agenda for more control and more enslavement.

These people will never liberate humans from their domination and their tyranny of this world, and the One World Government is a concept of total enslavement of all mankind, Government and nations believing they will be part of new super-mega-empire, when they actually will be trapped by huge deceptions.

The Illuminati keep their plans just for a few selected people, the other people will be fed by the selling argument; people and nation must unite to save the planet, and good people want to save the planet, but they want be able to this with a One World Government. Instead they will be disconnected from their inner soruce of power and brain capacity, and be connected to global world brain that will feed or programs their brains. The ultimate tyranny is not control by martial law but more as control by perception. They fear people who can evolve beyond them and slowly activated more than the 6-8% of their brain capacity.Think if you could use 100% of your brain capacity and not just 6-8%.

To protect their future as Reptilian Rulers and their Reptilian Bloodlines they must disconnect humans from their decsions making and connect them to the global world brain.

Interestingly, the reptilians had been pursuing the Aryan peoples around the universe, because the blood of the white race was particularly important to them for some reason and the blond-haired, blue-eyed genetic stream was the one they wanted more than any other. They had followed the white race to Mars, she said, and then came to Earth with them. It is far from impossible that the reptilian arrival on this planet in numbers was far more recent than even many researchers imagine. An interbreeding programme only a few thousand years ago between the reptilian Anunnaki and white Martian bloodlines already interbred with the reptilians on Mars, would have produced a very high reptilian genetic content.

David Icke writes; Firstly , when we open our hearts to love , the heart chakra spins with tremendous speed and power , whipping up the frequency of our incarnate consciousness to the highest vibrational expression of life , pure love. The subsequent leap in our personal frequencies will lift us out of the vibrational pit of fear and onto levels far beyond the lower fourth dimension.

The reptilian control will be over because they will be on a different radio station , if you like, and they will have to face the consequences of their own actions on their road to enlightenment . The choice is ours , fear or love, prison or freedom. The Reptilians using fear to make people beg for change, and this change is the One World Government and this will enslave people and mankind. At same time they selling in the concept of the One World Government, they working in the shadows how to depopulate Earth with billions of people.

“If you wish to control a mass population, you have to disconnect them from the true knowledge of who they are and their own infinite potential to manifest their own destiny and control their own lives. You have to persuade them that they are insignificant and powerless so they will live their lives in accordance with that.” This is where religion has been one of the most effective weapons of the Illuminati and the reptilian bloodlines.

“This is obviously very related to religion, which is, the greatest form of mass mind control yet invented. So is advertising and television. But mind control goes much deeper than that. The Illuminati-reptilian mind-control projects have produced literally millions of mind-controlled robots in endless walks of life, who are programmed to carry out the Illuminati agenda.

Extraterrestrials that are hybridized with Reptilian based genetics operate in strict hierarchical systems of rank, and defer to their superior groups. These beings have been manipulating the human world of affairs for thousands and thousands of years, since the Atlantian Cataclysm for their own purposes. See the Ages of Humanity. These are inter-dimensional and extra dimensional beings known as Fallen Angelic in ancient history and they use many technological manipulation methods to Mind Control and negatively manipulate the future direction of the human race. Once such negative manipulation is installing the Armageddon Software into the planetary brain.

Humans who understand their true nature, power and worth would be impossible to manipulate … Only by delinking humanity from this knowledge has it been possible to orchestrate the reptilian-Brotherhood Agenda over thousands of years. The creation of religion and official “science” has been fundamental to that and … the same secret societies were responsible for establishing both.

Fear is essential to how the reptilians control humans. Fear is the “reptilian wavelength”

More broadly, the construction of fear is said to stimulate the kind of society and behaviour the reptilians desire, and to do so through “vibrational patterns” leaving traces in our DNA. As if that was not sufficient, the reptilians are also claimed to work their mind control through technology, including “implants” of thought control devices.’ These are, again, part of the plan to take control of human agency so that it is locked to a fearful existence on this plane of being. A preparation for this, is the weakening of the mind-body through vaccines, which have been a tool of keeping mankind ill and functioning below par, and an important development in getting “access keys to the body-computer”. A way to vaccines is to create a mess that need people take “their” vaccines, create the mess and provide the solution.

Marrs’s main interest lies in the influence of “secret societies” on economics and politics.8′ These are the main areas where he sees the limitation of human freedom, and where the abuse of power by the conspiracy interferes deeply with the lives of people. They do so, for instance, through the production of wars and economic crises, both of which spread anxiety, fear and misery, leaving more control in the hands of the conspirators. Economic matters acquire a special importance for “thought control”: not only are the media generally owned by the conspiracy, their revenues controlled by big business, but — by listing a set of prominent media figures as “members of the Bilderberg group,

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