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The real meaning of verse 22:5 in Book of Revelation actually means sushumna swallows time and death and is part of the kundalini process, and with it follows total liberation, and how to awaken to the real reality

The real meaning of verse 22:5 in Book of Revelation actually means sushumna swallows time and death and is part of the kundalini process, and with it follows total liberation, and how to awaken to the real reality

The few who do have the spiritual energy/kundalini awaken generally have a temporary and/or partial awakening at first, resulting in temporary mystical experiences, what are called “sabikalpa samadhi.” Only a very small number of these individuals would then, following many more years of continued spiritual effort, have undergone the expansion and purification of their consciousness to the point where they have the capacity to hold the flow of kundalini energy permanently at the crown chakra and brain, to have an ongoing state of mystical consciousness, what is called “nirbikalpa samadhi,” or “liberation.” According to the yogic trad-ition, this extremely rare state of nirbikalpa samadhi, or ongoing cosmic consciousness while fully able to function in the world, was manifested in the world’s great spiritual Masters


Once the yogin has acquired the capability of awakening kundalini, he attempts, through various stages of sadhana, to channel it upward through all the chakras. This process is called urdhva-kundali or shat-chakra-bheda. It is compared to the opening or blossoming of the chakras, since they are portrayed as lotus flowers, and also compared to the transformation of the profane and mundane path into a regal path, in which “there is no longer day or night,” since the “sushumna swallows time.” This the deeper meaning of Book of Revelation verse 22:5

In addition, God’s people will have his name written on their foreheads. This points out God’s ownership. God’s people had been “sealed” (7:3), and this seal previously had been described as being in the form of the Father’s name (14:1). The point is that this is the same group—God will bring his own safely to his eternal kingdom.

There shall be no night there: They need no lamp nor light of the sun, for the Lord God gives them light. And they shall reign forever and ever. (Revelation 22:5)
Earlier in Revelation, the “sea” was the source of the satanically empowered beast (Revelation 13:1). This has led some to interpret the statement there was no longer any sea in Revelation 21:1 to mean that the source of evil in the world is gone. No longer will there be opportunity for rebellion in God’s creation.
John’s statement that there will be no more sea in the new earth is the first of seven things that are “no more.” The other six promises are that the new order of things will have no more death, mourning, weeping, pain (Revelation 21:4), curse (Revelation 22:3), and night (Revelation 21:25; 22:5).

Bookf of Revelation 22:5

And there will be no more night; they need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever. The point that there will be no more night was noted in 21:25. This indicates that there will be no more evil, no more darkness, and no more time (for God had created day and night, along with the sun and the moon, to mark the passage of time—Genesis 1:14-15). The people in the city will need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, as was also noted in 21:23 (see commentary there). Zechariah had prophesied, “On that day, the sources of light will no longer shine, yet there will be continuous day” (Zechariah 14:7). The result of the entire book of Revelation is in this verse: God’s people, those who have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus, will reign forever and ever (see also Daniel 7:18, 28). It is interesting to note that 22:3 and 22:5 are parallel in the participle verb form, translated “they will serve” (22:3) and “they will reign” here. This identifies the nature of our reigning. Those who believe in Christ will become rulers, reigning in his kingdom of life, where there is no death (see also 1:6; 5:10; 11:17; 20:6; 22:5; Romans 5:17, 21; 2 Timothy 2:12). what a promise this is to those who love Christ! we can reign over sin’s power, over death’s threats, and over Satan’s attacks. Eternal life is ours now and forever. Though this promise has its greatest fulfillment in the future, it also has a significant immediate impact. In Christ, death loses its sting (see 1 Corinthians 15:50-57). We are still subject to the physical suffering and death brought by sin in the world, but we are free from the eternal spiritual separation that we would experience outside of Christ. Also, in the power and protection of Jesus Christ, we can overcome temptation.

In general, yogic techniques such as asana and pranayama are designed to devitalize the ida and pingala nadis by withdrawing their supply of prana and directing it to the brahma dvara. This concentration of energy in the root cakra creates an enormous heat, which jolts the kundalini awake as if a snake were whacked by a stick (HYP 3.66). Aroused, the kundalini then blasts off through the central channel to the crown. This results in samadhi, which is said to swallow (HYP 4.17) time and death, in other words, to lead to immortality and Self-liberation.

In order to reach every chakra, it is a standard procedure, in yogic practice, to concentrate gradually the mental and imaginative focus on each of them, by recalling their meaning and by employing the symbols and mantras that traditional teachings attribute to them. In such a way the awakening power is properly led and induced to act.

According to the texts, those who have been successful in awakening kundalini (a selected few among all the apprentices) do not necessarily know how to bring the process to conclusion, for this is achieved by only a few. After each ascent, kundalini returns to the muladhara-chakra, taking again the “dormant” form, which characterizes the average human condition. Kundalini should be recaptured and reactivated in this chakra, and then led higher and higher, overcoming all obstacles blocking the access to each chakra. It is said that when kundalini reaches a given chakra, all the pranic forces that depend on it are reabsorbed into their radiant center.

Let us learn more about the true nature of the serpent of fire. In his reflections on how to awaken the Divine within, Carl Jung states:

“To activate the unconscious means to awaken the Divine, the Devi Kundalini – to begin the development of the supra-personal within the individual in order to kindle the light of the gods. Kundalini, which is to be awakened in the sleeping Mooladhara world, is the supra-personal, the non-ego. For this reason Kundalini is the same principle as the Soter, the savior serpent of the Gnostics.”‘ The Kundalini can be compared to a cable coiled in on itself made out of numerous interweaving fibers. She rises and unfolds her coils, piercing each chakra at the center. The thickness of the Kundalini, that is to say the number of her fibers, starts to diminish if the chakras through which the Kundalini passes are constricted or only partially opened. Her force is reduced correspondingly. If the lower chakras are properly dilated, the Kundalini progresses. If the upper chakras are blocked, only a few filaments will reach the Sahasrara.

Taken from the standpoint of the cosmic cakra system, then, we can see that we are still very low down, that our culture is a culture in muladhara, only a personal culture where the gods have not yet awakened from sleep. Therefore we have to awaken Kundalini in order to make clear to the individual spark of consciousness the light of the gods. In the thought world and in psychic events we can reach this other state of mind, we can look at ourselves from the sak.pna aspect, but then everything is reversed.

Then we see that we are sitting in a hole and that we do not go down into the unconscious, but that in gaining a relation to the unconscious we undergo a development upward. To activate the unconscious means to awaken the divine, the devi, Kundalini—to begin the development of the suprapersonal within the individual in order to kindle the light of the gods. Kundalini, which is to be awakened in the sleeping muladhara world, is the suprapersonal, the non-ego, the totality of the psyche through which alone we can attain the higher cakras in a cosmic or metaphysical sense.

For this reason Kundalini is the same principle as the Soter, the Saviour Serpent of the Gnostics. This way of looking at the world is the szikstna aspect. The Rama aspect is the inner cosmic meaning of events—the “subtle body,” the suprapersonal. The pare’ aspect, which Professor Hauer called the metaphysical, is for us a purely theoretical abstraction. The Western mind can do nothing with it.

Carl Jung writes that the symbol of the serpent represents “the hidden or underground divinity concealed in the recesses of physical nature and in the instinctual forces of the human psyche itself.” She is the common denominator, the bridge between the seemingly separate individuals of this world, the Mother of us all. She, too, is the source of the collective unconscious and the eternal images (archetypes) through which all the people of the world express their deepest longings and insights.

For hundreds of years in India, the mythic elements of her story have served as fertile ground for intense devotion and meditation as a path to Self-realization.

Kundalini is a symbol of the infinite spiritual potency, coiled like a spring ready to unleash its energy, residing in each of us at the subtle root of our being. Snakes have long represented both knowledge and, since they periodically slough their skins, self-transformation. But Kundalini’s hibernation reminds us that we are “asleep” to our own authentic identity. It’s said that her mouth covers the entrance to the sushumna nadi, our path to liberation.

For those devoted to awakening kundalini, the true aim of our practice is to bestir ourselves from our spiritual dormancy and move toward full self-realization.

We have said that the cosmic-microcosmic relation, the link between the Cosmic evolution and the human microcosmic evolution consists in the fact that the seven point programme of the Virata is built in each and every human being as the psychosomatic and spiritual instrument of self-realisation. We have also mentioned that self-realisation is the opening of the seventh chakra.

The implications of this happening are as follows:

On the microcosmic level the opening of the seventh chakra at the individual level represents “the synthesis” of self-realisation. It is firstly the integration of all the different elements° of the human person. It is also the synthesis between the Human and the Divine, the Finite and the Infinite, the overcoming of the Limit.

On the cosmic level the opening of the seventh chakra of a great number of people represents the opening of the seventh chakra of the Virata. The relation between Epistemology and History, the link between knowledge and evolution is the fact that, when a sufficient number of human beings will have expanded their level of awareness to the dimension of self-realisation, the seventh point of the cosmic programme will be implemented.

This is when the time stops, death stops and immortality begins. You wake up before time swallows you and before this earth gulps you. Then, you swallow time. This is samadhi. Samadhi is that state where you feel you can stay like that for a million years. It is a state where the mind freezes. It is just like things remaining fresh, if they are put in a fridge. Samadhi is the refrigerator of your life. It is the secret of youthfulness, the secret of bubbling enthusiasm and the secret of renewal of life. It is steadiness. But we have the wrong understanding of samadhi. ¨

Einsein says; A human being is pad of the whole, called by us Universe; a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely but the striving for such achievement is, in itself, a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.


So why do we imagine ourselves to be separate from the whole in the first place? The good news is that it’s not our fault! It’s not due to “original sin,” or a plague cast upon humanity. In the Judeo-Christian ethic, we find an answer in Genesis, which says that immediately following the act of creation “there arose a mist.’ This mist is what the Hindu and Buddhist scriptures refer to as mays, or illusion. It is the sense of separation from the whole, the mist of duality that we arc subject to. We did not create it. It is part of the cosmic scheme of things that we break through this illusory fog and awaken to our true nature. This is the spiritual warrior’s journey to a consciousness of beholding Reality.

THE LAW OF BUOYANCY Each of us is an individual expression of an unfolding collective, cosmic destiny. As we begin to understand this, we do our spiritual work with a deeper level of commitment, focus, and enthusiasm. We begin to consciously explore and participate in the laws gov-erning the universe. The essence of life is invisible, and its laws are invisible. However, empirical evidence of their existence is revealed under the proper conditions when a proper container is provided.

Unfortunately, our awareness is afflicted and obscured by beliefs in lack, limitation, self-importance, guilt, and shame, which prevent us from perceiving Reality.

SURRENDER: THE STANCE OF THE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR Surrender is a bold spiritual stance, the stance of a spiritual warrior, because what we are surrendering to is the next stage of our evolution. And as we surrender our all, we create the inner spaciousness for Life to be seen as it is. As egoic obscurations such as doubt, fear, worry, self-importance, greed, and envy—are cleared, we become more and more of our Authentic Self.

Likewise, when the obscuration of separation is removed from the inner cyc, the mist is lifted and we see life clearly. We realize that there is only wholeness, oneness. During those times when you realize that you are held hos-tage by the tyranny of trends, just laugh and be grateful that you busted yourself. This is the beginning of clear seeing. Give thanks that you have become sensitive enough to catch yourself right at the outset, before you got carried away.

This is aerodynamic spiritual progress!

You are beginning to enter the beholding state of consciousness, witnessing rather than reacting. An advanced level of beholding is experienced as you grow into the realization that just as you are a hologram of infinite pos-sibilities, so are others in your environment, whether or not they are conscious of it. You realize that just like you, they too long to know themselves, to be happy, to express their innate talents and skills. It may not appear that way, but we all have an innate desire to experience our spiritual birthright of happiness.

Begin to consciously break your agreement with the medioc-rity present in the tyranny of trends. No longer consider trendset-ters as people who are to be admired or imitated. Break free from the hold of what society tells us we should be like. Be drawn into the presence of those who exemplify the next level of human evo-lution—a spiritual teacher or spiritual community. Each of us has arrived on planet Earth to behold, to participate in the adventure of exploring the truth.

Something magnificent, something joy-filled, something peaceful, something resurrecting, something jubilant, something victorious is happening now. The strongholds of negativity and crystallized thought and habit patterns that have emerged from the ego’s sense of separation have no more power over you. They are being dissolved right now, re-qualified, redeemed.

Peter Horttanainen

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