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The Power of the Kundalini – When the kundalini is awakened and fully risen, this center point “stretches out” and forms a three-dimensional yantra whose apex is at the crown of the head where illumined consciousness realizes the union of Sakti and Siva.  A new center presently dormant in the avenge man and woman has to be activated and a more powerful stream of psychic energy must rise into the head from the base of the spine to enable human consciousness to transcend the normal limits. This is the final phase of the present evolutionary impulse in man

Kundalini is a great spiritual power hidden in male human body . Because of its coiled nature it is called ‘ kundalini ‘ . Kundalini is supposed to be stored up at the end of the spinal cord .

It is the immanent force or will to help higher ascents in evolution . It gives spiritual foundation . When Kundalini remains inactive , man acts with his normal strength and knowledge , but with the awakening of Kundalini , he acquires super – human strength and power.

Tantrika transforms his or her pschophysiology and awakens to his or her true identity as that divine consciousness-power which resides within the innermost depths of the Self.

Truly speaking, this universe is the inseparable reflection of consciousness. While reflecting in a mirror the sun neither loses light nor heat. In the same way, while the supreme Mother (Paramba) reflects as, and into, the universe, she loses no lustre.

The Godhead becomes the universe and all beings in it, enfolding itself into an infinitely varied cosmic dance. However, once manifested as all living beings, the Godhead in each case conceals its true nature (svarupa-samkocana). Tantric ritual and yogic practices provide the tools for the sadhaka awaken to his or her true nature as that supreme consciousness-power which is the source and goal of all creation.

The key to achieving this realization is initiation into a Tantric lineage of perfected ones (siddha-sampradaya) stemming directly from the mouth of the Godhead and capable of revealing the technologies of self-perfection.

Initiation includes training in the specialized ritual and yogic procedures that produce transformations in consciousness as a result of the manipulations of the fluids of the physical body and the energies of the subtle body. Across sectarian divisions,

Tantric systems of sadhana, share certain common features. In each case, the aim is to reverse the process of cosmogenesis and return the Godhead’s projected manifestations back to their unmanifest source.

During sadhana the practitioner encodes in his or her microcosmic form the various parts of the Godhead’s macrocosmic form. divinities, phones, graphemes, elementary principles, worlds (lokas), and I-cognizers”

 In this way, the sadhaka reproduces the process of cosmogenesis within his or her own psychophysiology. He or she then reverses this process by harnessing the regressive power of the visarga-Sakti’ and awakening the kundalini-Sakti seated at the base of the subtle physiology.

Once awakened, the kundalini-Sakti ascends through the central channel, its ascent representing the dissolution of the universe in which all manifest forms are absorbed back into their unmanifest source in ParamaSiva at the crown of the head.

We are born with a source of energy that potentially gives us the power to cleanse and purify our energy bodies, remove karmic debris and attain enlightenment. This powerhouse, called the Kundalini, has been referred to as the fire serpent, inner heat, holy spirit, sacred flame and inner fire by different spiritual traditions. It has been universally recognized as a potent spiritual force. Although we are all born with this hidden power, in most persons the Kundalini remains dormant. Awaking the Kundalini is important for your spiritual growth because as it cleanses and purifies the negativity in your energy channels, it offers you the purification necessary to achieve Oneness with All-That-Is.

There is an inborn evolutionary force that awakens as part of our spiritual evolution to bring us into verticality. In the yogic tradition this is called Kundalini. In the Kabbalistic/Essene tradition it is called Ruach Hakodesh. In the Christian tradition it is referred to as the Holy Spirit. Since the term kundalini is almost universally used. we will use that terminology. Kundalini is the inherent inner force that opens us to the ecstasy. love. and God awareness that is part of the transpersonal awakening. part of which we call verticalization.

This is the most important subtle energy system in terms of the spiritual evolution of the human species. Carl Jung. in Psychological Commentary on Kundalini. said that “when you succeed in awakening the Kundalini. so that it starts to move out of its mere potentiality. you necessarily start a world which is totally different from our world. It is the world of eternity: Krishna. inspired by his own experience of kundalini awakening. has written much to describe its meaning. He says of kundalini;

A new center presently dormant in the avenge man and woman has to be activated and a more powerful stream of psychic energy must rise into the head from the base of the spine to enable human consciousness to transcend the normal limits. This is the final phase of the present evolutionary impulse in man…. Here reason yields to intuition and revelation appears to guide the steps of humankind…. This mechanism. known as Kundalini. is the real cause of all genuine spiritual and psychic phenomena. the biological basis of evolution and development of personality. the secret origin of all esoteric and occult doctrines. the master key to the unsolved mystery of creation….

Swami Muktananda. a recent spiritual master in the yoga of kundalini who has awakened the kundalini energy in thousands of spiritual hopefuls. said. “It is only when the Kundalini is awakened that we become aware of our true nature. of our greatness.- He points out that “as long as the inner Kundalini is sleeping. it does not matter how many austerities we follow. how much yoga we practice … we will never realize our identity with our inner Self … The awakening of the inner Kundalini is the true beginning of the spiritual journey.”

Once your Kundalini is awakened, the key practice for spiritual evolution is meditation. Through regular meditation, slowly but surely, the Kundalini rises along the spine to open up the chakras, finally reaching the crown chakra. Then the individual soul is no longer limited and becomes One with the Absolute.

The Indian scriptures describe the Kundalini endlessly. They say that it is the most subtle energy, more subtle than the finest filament of a lotus stalk. It is known as Parashakti or Adishakti, the Prime Energy, the first energy, the energy which is beyond all energies, the energy which was before the manifestation of creation. It caused creation, and will still remain after creation is dissolved. The yogis state that the Kundalini contains within itself the light, brilliance, and heat of thousands of suns, as well as the coolness and luminosity of thousands of moons. The Kundalini is all of this in one energy, and even more.

The ultimate goal of human life is to attain self-realization, to return back to the state from which we have all come. Once the Kundalini forms the body, it becomes dormant at the base of the spine, and must be awakened for spiritual evolution to occur. This process begins when the Kundalini is activated, transforming our consciousness and leading us to ask ourselves, “Who am I?”

The brilliant and enigmatic inventor Nikola Tesla was quoted as say-ing, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” ‘Ihis is along the lines of how the number 3 relates to the number 9 and other technical areas of advanced mathematics and connection to sacred geometry.

Some people experience some energy flow in their spine without its going all the way to the head; this could be called a partial kundalini experience or kundalini awakening. While a gradual awakening is more common, some people have a totally unexpected full kundalini experience.

This type of experience is more likely to occur in people who are involved in spiritual practices such as meditation, intense prayer, deep absorption, or concentration.

Some people with fully awakened kundalini can activate it in other people. Kason believes “that once a kundalini pathway to the brain has been opened it never shuts down completely, and is much easier to reopen”

All reality is governed by one mighty law which is simultaneously bio-logical and spiritual: Thou shalt evolve to a higher state of consciousness via the kundalini process. This law of evolution, Gopi Krishna says, can be objectively demonstrated in people with unquestionable proof using the techniques and technology of science. “The awakening of kundalini is the greatest enterprise and most wonderful achievement in front of man.”

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