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The New World of the Fifth Kingdom. First of all, we must understand that the Fifth Kingdom of God is a Finished Kingdom already existing in the invisible, and that it comes forth into manifestation as a radiation of individual consciousness.

As we move into the Fourth Dimension we are lifted into omnipresence, the spiritual vibration beyond the limitations of time and space. Here we find the energy of cause, the realm of Divine Mind, Ideas and Creative Force. It is the plane of spiritual consciousness that corresponds to the Fifth Kingdom, the Kingdom of God.

Think of it this way: The fourth kingdom of the human is centered in the third dimension of effects. while the Fifth Kingdom of God operates through the Fourth Dimension of Cause. We must also define the word “human” before we can understand what “non-human” means.

First of all, “human” is a name given to something that does not exist. it is a label applied to that which Is perceived to be a part of the fourth kingdom—the human kingdom—yet there is nothing written in the Akashic Records by Supreme Intelligence that says this kingdom ever existed.

There is. however, an impression in the Records caused by the conscious vibrations of entities identified as those who came/ram the soil, i.e. Earthlings. what does this mean? The significance Is that the crowning gloty of Creation was not a race of human beings but Beings of Light—Spiritual Beings, Divine Individuals fully ordained as Holy Ones of the Most High. Then where did humans come from?

The Ancient Ones tell us that Beings of Light descended into the third-dimensional plane to experience physical matter, and they subsequently became so identified with the form side of life that spiritual consciousness was replaced by material perception. This happened over millions of years and the end result was an imprisonment of the entities in the dream state on the Earth plane.

Death and birth were two of the effects of this entrapment.

Talk about a fall! Former Cosmic Conscious Beings who had full access to all dimensions were now reduced to finding release from the Earth vibration through “death”—then reentry through a physical body involving the fusion of cells by means of sexual reproduction with birth following the gestation period. This was the first instance of what we now call evolution—the evolving of cells into a physical form, all initiated and tarried to fruition on the Earth plane.

Thus the designation of “beings of the soil”—which is related to the Latin word humus, from which came humans, which led to the word human. It is interesting that the word humiliate comes from the same root word as human, and when you think about It, it Is a little humiliating for Beings of the Light Realm to have to sit around and wait for the development of some fertilized egg and then to be sucked into an energy vortex to begin the process of physical growth.

Anyway, as time went on an entire body of third-dimensional knowledge was created, which became the “human domain” and later glorified as the human kingdom, the fourth one up from the bottom. And what does “non-human” mean? Simply to have a vibration in consciousness that is predominately spiritual.

It means moving into the Fourth Dimension, into Omnipresence, the spiritual vibration beyond the limitation of time and space. Here you find the Energy of Cause and the Realm of Consciousness that corresponds to the Fifth Kingdom, the Kingdom of God. To the phenomenal world you appear as any other human being, but your consciousness is dramatically different.

Gone are fear, reactive emotions and other undesirable aspects of personality, and in their place are the qualities of Divine Individualism. As a Being of Light you have dominion over the outer world because you are capable of expressing Fourth-Dimensional Reality into the third dimension and actually molding it according to your highest Vision—the Vision of Truth. All is progressive, and you will find yourself moving from one level of spiritual consciousness to another, and then another, and in the process you will find greater happiness than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

The Promises for Those who walk in the Light.

Throughout the Scriptures and sacred writings we read of trials and tribulations coming to this world, and in each passage there is always a condition, which If met. will provide refuge and safety. Look at the 91st Psalm as an example. It says …”He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty: Notice that It says dwelleth. which means to live. inhabit, abide—and not to sun in when things look tough and run out when everything seem rosy.

The result of this staying in one place? He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler and from the noisome pestilence.._he shall cover thee with his feathers…his truth shall be thy shield and buckler…a thousand shall fall at thy side and ton thousand at thy right hand. but It shall not come nigh thee…there shall no evil befall thee. neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling; Now there’s a significance to all those bodies being piled up at your feet. It is a graphic way of saying that people simply cannot be protected if they are not in the spiritual vibration.

In ‘mortal consciousness- one plays the law of averages and partakes of the game of chance. In spiritual consciousness “the dice of God are always loaded” in favor of those dwelling in the Secret Place. And the 46th Psalm promises the same thing—”God Is our refuge.– In other words, when we abide in the consciousness of Spirit we find shelter.

By finding our refuge within. in the one Presence and Power of our bring we are protected even though “the earth be removed and the mountains carried into the midst of the sea…though the waters roar and be troubled. though the mountains shake with swelling; The promises are there for those who walk in the Light. and we could not ask for more because we cannot violate spiritual law—the Law of Consciousness. It shall, be done unto you according to the state our, consciousness.

The bottom line is that each one of us must seek and find and know our Holy Self and let Spirit do the rest through our meditations and uplifted consciousness. We must become detached from appearance, knowing that whatever happens in the phenomenal world is simply consciousness in expression—providing safety and protection for those in the Light and learning experiences for those who remain in the darkness.

Your thinking mind is not your consciousness; your thoughts feed your consciousness and it is the trend of your thoughts and emotions that shapes your consciousness. Consciousness is your awareness, understanding and knowledge about everything that has been a part of your individual experience.

And until you pursue the level of Christ or Cosmic Consciousness, this particular energy vibration that you are remains a part of the collective consciousness, which is the sum total of the mental-emotional experience of humanity. for the “human” being, consciousness Is the pattern through which the Light-SubsUncetnergy of God flows to create in the physical world that which corresponds to the individual’s dominant vibration. The Ancients described this as consciousness “not in control.”

The effect produced in the outer world matches not only the person’s belief system. but also the race mind beliefs that have been unconsciously accepted under the hypnotic spell of mortality. Does consciousness have power? For the un-awakened, It functions as the outlet through which creative energy flows into form and experience, i.e. it works as an effect to produce a like effect. Yet, we can say that consciousness has power. under law, to express itself.

As we move up into higher levels of consciousness, a sense of mastery (control) dawns in us and we begin to consciously cooperate with the Source within. we move from religious fallen man/woman Into experimental metaphysics and on up to practical mysticism where the spiritual faculties are opened and we, as Consciousness, become Cause to our world. This is Consciousness in control, the Consciousness of Dominion.

To summarize, we know that if consciousness is focused exclusively on the outer world of form, the creative energy released will be totally conditioned by human consciousness which Includes the universal belief that “if anything can go wrong it will? It is a belief system that says that good is subservient to evil; that light can be overcome by darkness; that accidents, sickness, lack, failure and conflict are the natural order of things. However, we also know that if consciousness is predominantly spiritual, the energy expressed will be from the Mind of God within, which manifests as harmlessness, wholeness, abundance, fulfillment and harmony. So we have a choice—to live as a human being, or as a spiritual being.

Do you see now why we all must give up our sense of humanhood? Do you understand why we must accept the truth that in a state of human consciousness we can do nothing? Have you realized that only by giving up the material sense of existence, by surrendering all attachments on the third-dimensional plane, can we ever manifest the Kingdom on Earth? The Kingdom Defined. The four kingdoms on the third dimensional plane are the mineral, plant, animal and human.

The Fifth Kingdom is the realm of Harmony, or Heaven. It is the Spiritual Consciousness of the Fourth Dimension. To live in the Fifth Kingdom means to experience, right here in physical form on a physical planet, all of the attributes of the spiritual plane. It means that the Circle of Life that you call your individual world will be a manifestation of Love.

Now imagine what a world—your world—created out of the Energy of Love would be like. Could there possibly be any lack, limitation or insufficiency? No. Could there possibly be harmfulness in any area? No. Capture the vision of what this means. A world reflecting a spiritual consciousness would be awesomely beautiful.

Nature would have a different look as the lower kingdoms sing together in joyful harmony—and your immediate environment would reflect divine order, peace and goodwill. Your body would feel youthful, strong, and cooperative. Your feeling nature would be lifted to new heights of love, joy, gratitude and contentment, and your mind would dwell in the currents of constructive power and creative action for the greatest good of all.

In no time you would realize that you have an all-sufficiency of visible supply to meet every need and live life more abundantly. You would also notice that the people attracted into your immediate world are gentle, loving, and helpful in every way. And soon, if you are not already in your true place, you would find yourself moved into the perfect opportunity to experience joyful fulfillment in your work.

Even with all of this glorious good surrounding you, you would know that you as a thinking, reasoning personality had nothing to do with it. You were simply a witness to a rather hellish kind of existence being replaced with a heavenly environment—without you even taking thought except to be AWARE of the Truth of your being. How do you find and move into that Kingdom which is your true estate? Let’s find the answer.

The New World of the Fifth Kingdom. First of all, we must understand that the Fifth Kingdom of God is a Finished Kingdom already existing in the invisible, and that it comes forth into manifestation as a radiation of individual consciousness.

This Kingdom of Harmony is the Real World, the New World—”new” to our human experience. In truth, it has always existed as the Will, Plan and Purpose of That Which we call Supreme Being, or God. This “other world” in which most of us presently live is the collective consciousness made manifest, and it has been called an illusion because it is temporary, not permanent, thus not real. Yet both the Real World and the world of shadows are an outpicturing of consciousness.

One is our human concept of reality projected on the third dimensional screen of life, and the other is the Truth of Reality projected on the same screen. Everything on the “screen” is an effect, from the physical body to the physical universe, and the cause of these effects is consciousness. The effect can be a humanly-conceived appearance or a God-conceived

Reality—depending on the state. level, vibration of consciousness. When Jesus said, “My Kingdom is not of this world,” he was explaining that Spiritual Reality must not be confused with appearances—that “this world” was not created or outpictured by Spiritual Consciousness which he represented, but by the mortal consciousness of the race mind, universal or individualized. Now we see one signpost on the path leading to the Kingdom.

It reads: “Attempt not to change that which has been created by man, but let Consciousness reveal that which has been created by Cod. “We could also say that you cannot change the motion picture from the audience. You must go to the projector, which is consciousness, and change the film.

The point here is that if you attempt to fix, change or heal a thirddimenslonal effect with a third-dimensional consciousness, all you are doing is repairing a fake wall with fake plaster. It might look good for a time but sooner or later it is going to fall apart again. Now let’s look at more signposts on the path.

“You of yourself can do nothing, and God’s work is already completed, so when does that leave you it leaves you with a priceless gift on which the future of humanity rests: Consciousness. “We must all reach the point where we understand that humans, using the mortal mind as power, can only continue to build the scenery, paint the drops, arrange the props and play the role in the amateur playhouse productions on earth.

And we must also realize that God’s Kingdom is finished and was pronounced “Very Good.” But the Almighty didn’t just say “ft is done” and leave it at that. The next step was to give the Kingdom and “all that the Father has” to the Holy High Self, the I AM of each individual being.

Thus the Will Plan and Purpose of God—for the individual and the world—was planted in consciousness under the care and supervision of the Christ within, the spirit of Individuality, with these instructions: “Let the Kingdom radiate like the rays of the sun; let it flow like a mighty river, to be manifest in the visible world in accordance with the unfoldment of consciousness.” What does this mean? Let’s And the answer in this meditation: Spirit of the Living God within, my precious Reality, I have given up everything. surrendered all to you, and now I come be fore you as a spiritual child seeking only the Kingdom. I know now that you are the keeper of the Kingdom and that you love me so much that it is your good pleasure to give me, your joint heir, the fullness of this sacred Gift. I now open my entire awareness of being to receive the radiant rays and the mighty flow.

I feel the infilling. Oh God I feel it! Throughout my being I am experiencing the pouring in of Divine Substance, Light, Love, the radiant Essence of Mind, the infinite Supply of the whole Kingdom of God. I am being filled, filled, filled…my cup runneth over. My mind and heart are saturated and permeated and overflowing with the creative Thought-Energy of God, the Divine Thoughtforms of the Fifth Kingdom. The invisible Kingdom has come. The Lord’s Prayer has been fulfilled. I am now the Kingdom Consciousness, and I know that I now possess all that I could ever need or desire for all eternity.

I am now ready for the Invisible Kingdom to be manifest in the visible world of form.I now consent to the expression on Earth of the Will, Plan and Purpose of God. It is happening now. Look! The Kingdom is radiating from my Consciousness like the rays of the sun, flowing like a mighty river. The Divine Thoughtforms are being projected into visibility. I see this … I feel it.

Where there was loneliness and emptiness there is now love and fullness of companionship. I see this…I feel it.

Where there was lack and limitation there is now abundance. I see this…1 feel it.

Where there was illness there is now wellness. I see this…I feel it.

Where there was conflict there is now peace. I see this…I feel it.

Where there was sorrow there is now joy. I see this…I feel it.

Where there was a human sense of being there is now the spiritual livingness in the Kingdom of God—my Kingdom on Earth. I see this…) feel it…and it is so!

We are told that we must step out of the kingdom of men (controlled by the world, the flesh and the devil) into another kingdom which … and mineral— are found in man; and their synthesis, plus another factor, the divine intellect, we call the human kingdom. … He founded the kingdom of God on earth, and produced a synthesis of all the kingdoms in nature, thus causing the appearance of a fifth kingdom.

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