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The Lost Teachings of Christ. The bible is a manual of physiological regeneration.  It’s a manual for ascension. Kundalini awakens the brain. As the Kundalini energy rises through Sushumna, large amounts of high octane energy reaches the brain. The energy flows from RAS and Thalamus to the Cortex and awakens dormant, under active parts of the brain. The OIL is created in the gray matter of the brain and flows down the spine to become the sexual fluid, your job is to return 10 percent back to the head, that’s the prodigal son returning back home. It’s all HIGHLY mystical, that’s the resurrection.  Santa Clause in the human brain (Part 3 of 4)

The Lost Teachings of Christ. The bible is a manual of physiological regeneration.  It’s a manual for ascension. Kundalini awakens the brain. As the Kundalini energy rises through Sushumna, large amounts of high octane energy reaches the brain. The energy flows from RAS and Thalamus to the Cortex and awakens dormant, under active parts of the brain. The OIL is created in the gray matter of the brain and flows down the spine to become the sexual fluid, your job is to return 10 percent back to the head, that’s the prodigal son returning back home. It’s all HIGHLY mystical, that’s the resurrection.  Santa Clause in the human brain (Part 3 of 4)

In freemasonry, there are 33 degrees.  Jesus died at 33 years old.  There are 33 bones in the vertebrae. The bible is a manual of physiological regenerationIt’s a manual for ascension.

For we find that just below this passageway into the spinal chord is another plexus, the sacral plexus, called the “fish-gate”, which leads directly to the creative organs. If the lower desires are not stilled, this seed or “Fish” will be swallowed up by the generative fish or fire.

The sacral region of man’s body, near the base of the spinal column is of a spongy character into which is secreted from the blood, a small amount of oil, at the same time that the blood throws out refuse into the bladder. In the East this gland is called Kundalini and in the New Testament is known in its Greek name – Kardia. In the most healthy, wise and vigorous men the oils in this gland is a fixed oil. In the average kind of man it is more or less volatile. This oil is known as the “Blood of Christ”.

This oil usually makes its way out again through the capillaries into the blood stream. This oil is the consciousness principle or illuminating substance of the body and therefore the healing power within the body for it is verily Life Essence and God Essence.

Kundalini awakens the brain

As the Kundalini energy rises through Sushumna, large amounts of high octane energy reaches the brain. The energy flows from RAS and Thalamus to the Cortex and awakens dormant, under active parts of the brain – especially in the frontal lobes. The whole Brain now begins to pulse es unit generating Coherent, high amplitude brain waves within all frequency bands. Maximum amplitude will usually be in the Alpha band. however, fast EEG Activity in the Beta and Gamma bands will be strongly Increased in the frontal area.

The thick, oily and salty substance composing the Sacral Plexus, “Cauda Equina,” (tail of the horse) may be likened unto crude Petroleum, (Petra, mineral, or salt, and oleum — Latin for oil) and the thinner substance, oil or ointment in spinal cord, may be compared with coal oil; and when this oil is carried up and crosses the Ida and Pingala (two fluid nerves that end in a cross in medulla oblongata) where it contacts the cerebellum (Golgotha— the place of the skull) — this fluid is refined, as coal oil is refined, to produce gasoline — a higher rate of motion that causes the ascension of the airship.

The Chrism oil rising with the electrical energy in the SOLAR plexus.

When the oil (ointment) is crucified — (to crucify means to increase in power a thousand fold — not to kill) it remains two days and a half, (the moon’s period in a sign) in the tomb (cere bellum) and on the third day ascends to the Pineal Gland that connects the cerebellum with the Optic Thalmus, the Central Eye in the Throne of God that is the chamber overtopped by the hollow (hallowed) caused by the curve of the cerebrum (the “Most High” of the body) which is the “Temple of the Living God” the living, vital substance which is a precipitation of the “Breath of Life” breathed into man — therefore the “Holy (whole) Ghost” or breath.


The OIL is created in the gray matter of the brain and flows down the spine to become the sexual fluid, your job is to return 10 percent back to the head, that’s the prodigal son returning back home. It’s all HIGHLY mystical, that’s the resurrection.  Santa Clause.

In the materialistic world the Santa Claus story has become a commercial thing about consumerism and giving way 10% of your income to be saved or resurrected misleading people about how to find God or self-realisation.

Its through Yoga and Meditation people will return their Christ Oil to the UPPER BRAIN and achieve real enlightment and illumination. The BIBLE is actually a  manual for ascension.


The true anointing

The Pineal Gland is the “Pinnacle of the Temple.” The modus operandi by which the oil of the spinal cord reaches the Pineal Gland is described in Part II

This is hanukkah

“The festival of lights” The original menorah had SEVEN candles, representing the SEVEN chakras. it was changed to NINE to represent man’s lower mind that must be overcome in order to receive the light.

The 8 days of hanukkah are a symbol of the oil of Christ rising to the brain and opening the seven chakras, then comes self realization which is always symbolized by Gods number which is Eight. The “son of man” which is the renewed mind, comes after the crown chakra is fully opened.

This is when man’s lower animal mind, symbolized in the number NINE is overcome.

In the temple they found only enough purified oil to kindle the temple light for a single day. But miracously the light burned for EIGHT days. Do you see?

The temple is always the brain that was built without tools, in seven years.

That’s the meaning of the 8 days of hanukkah.

In order to raise the kundalini you have to overcome the five senses, and you have to have oil in your lamp, that is Chrism, you must not have wasted it through sex.

The Oil and the Lamp

The rock poured me out rivers of oil. (Job 29.6) ( the pineal gland secreting the oil down the spine. )

His strength is in his loins (muladhara chakram) and his force is in the navel of his belly ( the solar plexus ). (Ps. 40.16)

He that believeth on me, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water (a symbol of the energized spinal fluid ). (John 7.38) The belly is the place of the solar plexus energy.

The worm (serpent of kundalini) shall eat them like wool ( them are the thoughts that arise from the lower mind, they are eaten up by the regenerative fire of the kundalini )

Bring pure oil for their lamps (the Chrism or Christ oil ) to cause the lamps to burn continuously.

(Lev. 24.2) This is spiritual energy (dew or oil) which regenerates man. It is the ever burning lamp of the Rosicrucian tomb. It is the energy of the Divine Spirit or Higher Self in each of us.

As is the oil tree from which the anointment Chrisma comes.  The Chrism is the source of resurrection”. Krishna

 C.G. Jung recognised the link between the Divine Feminine and the Eastern principle of Kundalini.

 He understood that the Kundalini was the representation of the Goddess within each of us.


Is the Holy Ghost the Kundalini? Was the Kundalini a central principle in early mystic Christianity?

Such an assumption would help us reinterpret many parts of the mainstream bible, for example; In the Gospel of John, Christ explains to the Pharisee Nicodemus, ” Verily I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and the spirit; he cannot enter the kingdom of God”, this second birth far from being a licence for so many born again Christian fundamentalists is something much more mystical and subtle in nature. 

To be “born of the water and the spirit” describes the awakening of Kundalini. She is often described as a divine mother whose ascent within the spine of the seeker gives them rebirth into mystic/gnostic awareness, the ‘divine water’ is its nourishing energy. The Kundalini enters the Sahasrara and there unites the seeker’s awareness with the self or spirit. This is described as a blissful, infinite experience of the kingdom of God within. Thus, Christ’s ‘born again’ Christianity might actually refer to those Christians who have entered the realm of direct experience of divinity, in the state of self realisation.

Kundalini (that is Kundalini in latent form). He who is able to arouse that power (Kundalini), will attain liberation. If Kundalini sleeps above the throat (that is, if aroused Kundalini goes into the state of samadhi in Sahasrara), the yogi will be liberated; but it will cause bondage for spiritually ignorant persons, should Kundalini sleep below the throat (i.e., it is not possible to attain spiritual knowledge, if Kundalini remains in a coiled state in muladhara)’

More about Kundalini: ‘In the muladhara, lies Kundalini, who is spiritual consciousness, very bright-shining like a million lightnings, in the form of mantra with fifty matrika-units, endowed with thirty-eight forms of superpower, supremely subtle and capable of passing through the Brahma-, Vishnu and Rudra-knots’.

Then we can have self-realization and God realization. How-ever, this path is very difficult to walk. One has to walk on this path which seems to have no end, all the while fighting with his own mind. Who is ready for such a daring journey? Everybody is easily over-powered by the sense pleasures and none wants God, truly speaking. That is why, only one in a trillion will be able to walk on this path. Only when all the ties of the heart are cut asunder, the moral man becomes immortal. This is the true teaching of the Vedas. Breaking the three knots is the most essential step in Sri Vidya and Kundalini Yoga. The seeker should break the three knots of Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra. In our physical body there are three knots or granthis.

The first knot is called brahma granthi. which is between the coccygeal and navel centers. Unless this knot is opened. one cannot realize the Truth, the realization of the living God abiding in one’s own body. Since human consciousness is in the braluna knot, it remains completely absorbed in material and sensual desires.

The second knot is called vishnu granthi, which starts from the navel center to below the pituitary. There the five sense telephones are always busy with the external world and the mind is not able to achieve God-realization.

The third knot, rudra granthi, remains between the pituitary and fontanel. If a true seeker with sincere desire withdraws the senses from the coccygeal center and remains concentrated above the pituitary, then surely he will perceive that God is dwelling in the cranium. At that stage he will get constant God-realization. In every activity he will feel that God is the only doer. Then he will constantly think of Him. No matter where the compass of his actions turns the needle, the concentrated subconscious attention will always point to north, the presence of God on the top of the head.

The awakened kundalini breaks them open, disentangles their energies, vitalizes and balances them. Three of the cakras represent a particular challenge to the yogin. Thus the Tantric and non-Tantric scriptures mention three knots at the base of the spine, the throat, and the “third eye.”

You are living a totally artificial life now. This is not going to land you anywhere in the kingdom of Divinity. A yogi should have a daily schedule that is totally different from that of the ordinary people. When the world sleeps you have to be awake and do sadhana. The Lord says so in the Gita.

Kundalini is the sleeping spiritual power in the “lowest” center in the hu-man microcosm. Bardon calls it creative power – the power which is used for imagination and creation.

The spiritual power from above – crown chakra – must flow down to the Kundalini center to awake it by spiritualization of it – some-how an act of transformation/alchemy, then the Kundalini is flowing up awakening all centers in the body and uniting with the spiritual power of the crown chakra which means perfection – Shiva-Shakti.

A state of full awakening is reached when the person is completely spiritualized (by Kundalini or special training before).

The opening of the vishuddhi chakra, or throat center, gives the power of clear speech and freedom from dis-ease. This is one reason yogis look younger than their actual age. The opening of the sixth center, called the ajna chakra or eyebrow center, accompanies the (ego) death experience. Your ego fragments into a thousand pieces, and there is a spiritual resurrection.

A person at this stage is known as twice-born in the words at Master Jesus. The second birth takes place when one’s dormant spiritual energy awakens. The physical body received at the first birth is  spiritualized in the second birth. With the second birth, we automatically enter the kingdom of heaven, or higher realms.

Seven-ness is an underlying principle of the universe, and a common denominator in various faiths and traditions around the world. Human awareness has seven levels; the universe divides into seven realms or planes. We are a permanent soul, or Atman, transcending layers of ignorance as we rise through our levels of awareness. The soul has paranormal powers. Scientists compare these personal case histories to quantum objects. We can choose from various methods for raising our consciousness to higher levels. One time-tested method is to awaken our kundalini, the dormant spiritual energy we all possess.

Jesus Christ and his disciples were also prime examples of advanced Gnostics. At this point

Gnosticism had people claiming to be enlightened spreading their mystical experiences and knowledge. These individuals were presenting themselves as messiahs. These Gnostics were capable of magic, being multidimensional, and could bring down fire down from the heavens.

The “elite” enforcers sought the opportunity to seek power and prestige through the church to ultimately remove mystic teachings. They understood, that with the spread of Organic

Gnosticism, the enforcers had to gain a power and control to manipulate their way to the top. The corrupt enforcers became in power of the church and began to remove all the mysticism from church teachings and left just the watered down written words from the apostles. From here was created the Bible.

Though an earthen vessel, it is com-posed of more of Light’s energy than most people realize; and therefore, the physical envelope is the focus of integration in the physical octave of the other three bodies.

The mental, or air, body—the vessel of cognition, thought processes, reason, logic, and concentration for decisive and discriminatory action—is just beneath the etheric in vibratory rate. When it is purified holy, it becomes the pure vessel of the Christ Mind, and the etheric and mental bodies are fused as one.

The desire, or water, body—the vessel where the feelings and emotions undulate with the currents of desire stimulated by memory, mind, will, or external causation—is larger and more dominant than the more concentrated mental body.

Whereas the Christ Mind ought to dominate both mind and emotions, if the desire body is not disciplined and under the control of the Holy Spirit through the Higher Self, it can cause ship-wreck to the soul’s evolution lifetime after lifetime.

The physical body is the focus of integration for the evolving soul, which must gain its freedom and self-mastery in the physical octave. The etheric chakras, the seven major with the eighth, are anchored in the three lower bodies; these—including the threefold flame in the secret chamber of the heart and the seed atom as well as the Kundalini (the Life-force) at the base-of-the-spine chakra “—are the centers for the spiritual fire and the interchange of the higher and lower energies for the purpose of spiritualization, transmutation and the emission of Light, or the Christ consciousness, to the planetary body.

Now, the nature of Kundalini power should be investigated. It is stated: ‘Lightning-like luminous and subtle Kundalini lies within it (muladhara); she is ‘seen’ in concentration, and as a result all sins are destroyed and liberation is attained’ (—Adwayatarakopanishad,

So, Kundalini is subtle, that is, she has no material form, and she is super-luminous. Consequently, she is beyond the senses. But she is ‘seen’ or realized in concentration. This means, when the sense-consciousness is transformed into concentrated superconsciousness, it becomes illuminated by the luminous Kundalini.

At this stage all worldliness vanishes and the yogi ultimately attains liberation. This indicates the spiritual nature of Kundalini. It is stated: ‘Kundali is in the form of eight coils around the eight cosmic principles. She remains veiled by encircling completely the entrance to brahmarandhra (passage to the sahasrara centre).

When Kundali is coiled in this manner, the functioning of the life-force is maintained, and, consequently, alimentary and other functions of the body are carried out.

When the dormant and supremely splendorous Kundali is aroused by the control of bio-energy in combination with supra-heat-energy, she appears in the Hrit centre. This means that Kundali power remains in eight coils around each of the eight subtle centres from the muladhara to the indu, causing the manifestation of knowledge arising from the activation of five senses, sense-mind, sense-consciousness and intellect.

This coiled state of Kundali also causes bio-energy and all organs of the body to function. The coil indicates the dormant phase of Kundali in which the spiritual consciousness remains unmanifested and the sense-consciousness is aroused. In this way, eight great creative principles are in operation. They are the five sense principles located in the lower five centres and the sense-mind, sense-consciousness and intellect in the upper three centres. In each centre there is a coil, and this makes a creative principle situated in an appropriate centre manifest in consciousness.

So, Kundali is the spiritual power-consciousness. When she is in coils, spirituality remains hidden and worldliness comes into being. When Kundali is aroused from her coiled state, spiritual power and spiritual consciousness are manifested. It is further stated: ‘Very bright like ten million lightnings and extremely subtle like a lotus-filament, Kundalini is in that (i. e. the muladhara).

There is the cessation of unspiritual knowledge. The “seeing” of Kundalini causes the destruction of all sins’. Here also Kundalini is described as supremely luminous and subtle (without form). She is the central spiritual power-consciousness. When she is aroused, unspiritual knowledge and worldliness disappear.

About the coils of Kundali-power it is said: Kundali-power is of the form of eight coils above the Kanda; she is the cause of bondage for those who are unspiritual, and of liberation for the yogis’

The coils of Kundalini cause bondage. The coils are the unmanifested spiritual power and consciousness. Consequently, eight coils release the senso-intellectual knowledge of an unspiritual character.

This is the cause of bondage. But a yogi, by concentration, arouses Kundalini by causing her to uncoil and, ultimately, attains liberation. So, when Kundalini is coiled, spirituality is blocked, and when she is uncoiled, spirituality is manifested.

The two phases of Kundalini have been more clearly stated here: ‘When the power in the muladhara (that is, Kundalini-power) is asleep (that is, coiled), the knowledge of the objective world appears due to sleep (that is, spiritual unconsciousness). When the power inherent in Kundalini is aroused, the true knowledge of the three worlds (that is, the spiritual knowledge at the three levels of mind, power and matter) is attained.

He who has gained the knowledge of the muladhara (and Kundalini) goes beyond darkness’. When Kundalini is in coils, the senso-intellectual knowledge is manifested, and when she is mused, spiritual knowledge appears. These are the two phases of Kundalini—coiled and aroused.

The power aspect is intrinsic to Kundalini. Highest spiritual knowledge arises when Kundalini-power is mused. It is said: ‘The knowledge coming from the arousing of Kundalini.

About the nature of Kundalini, it has also been stated that: ‘Kundalini shines like ten million lightnings and is without form; she is with fifty mantra-sound units and mantras; she is endowed with thirty-eight forms of superpower (kala); she pierces the three knots (Brahma, Wishnu and Rudra granthis) and is in Muladhara; and she is all spiritual knowledge’.

Kundalini is formless, because she is not gross; she is only known in concentration as something very luminous. This luminosity is the spiritual knowledge-light which shines forth fully in concentration as the nature of Kundalini is all spiritual knowledge-power. She is the source of mantra power and through mantra she assumes an appropriate form and exhibits thirty-eight kinds of superpower. Further exposition of Kundalini has been made in the following statements: ‘Kundalini is as bright as ten million suns and as cold as ten million moons; . . . she is without form and her being is the being of Supreme Being; . . . she is in the nature of supreme yoga’.

 And: `Sadashiwa (Supreme Being) is united with Supreme Kundalini’.  ‘Kundali is the root of all beings; she is divine and subtle, and she is all bliss and in the nature of consciousness; consciousness is she in the universe and is in the form of yoga’ – ‘In the fire-light in the muladhara lies that living power Kundali, who is supremely luminous and endowed with eternal force; she is in a latent form in three coils’ – ‘In subtle form of dhyana (deep concentration), the knowledge of shakti (power) arises; the shakti is Supreme Kundali who is in the nature of Supreme Consciousness’.

These statements have clearly expounded the nature of Kundalini. Kundalini is very luminous, but this luminosity is without heat, as she is also very cool like ten million moons. The implication is, that in deep concentration when consciousness, being free from restlessness and infatuation, becomes calm, uniform and one-pointed, it is then illuminated by splendorous Kundalini. The luminosity is not indicative of having any form, as she is formless. The luminosity is the spiritual light from Kundalini, glowing in concentration, by which consciousness is spiritualized.

Kundalini is in the nature of eternal, living, spiritual power and consciousness. At the highest concentration of spiritual power, Kundalini becomes one and the same with Supreme Consciousness. Kundalini is the living spiritual power; not intellective or imaginative, but a real and most powerful entity in spiritual life. Consciousness is purified and completely spiritualized by the spiritual radiations from Kundalini.

At the highest level of superconscious concentration, consciousness becomes wholly of Kundalini. Kundalini is in supreme yoga, that is, in nonmens supreme concentration.

This means that Kundalini as Supreme Consciousness is also in supreme concentration; Supreme Consciousness in any other form is an impossible phenomenon. It is a sealed book to those who are not in a state of supreme concentration. The nature of Kundalini is yoga, because consciousness associated with her is concentrated superconsciousness in which her form, as concentrated spiritual light, penetrates, and by which it is super-illuminated.

At the highest level of super-conscious concentration, the spiritually illuminated superconsciousness is finally absorbed into Kundalini herself, who is then in non-mens supreme concentration. This is why it has been said: ‘Kundali is eternally the master of yoga’.

Kundalini power is the yoga-power. She is the source of yoga; so it is stated: ‘We concentrate on Kudalini … who is in the muladhara and all bliss and all yoga and the yoga-mother’.

It is also stated that: ‘Kundali is the bestower of yoga’.

Yoga is attained through Kundalini. Kundalini is called Mahakundalini. It is stated: ‘Tripura is the primordial power; she is the Supreme Power; she is Mahakundalini; she also is in the triangle of the muladhara’.

When Supreme Power is in her supreme spiritual aspect, she is Mahakundalini. In this aspect, Supreme Power as Mahakundalini is united with Supreme Shiwa; so it is said: ‘Sadashiwa (Supreme Shiwa) is united with Mahakundalini (in the thousand-petalled lotus)’.

She has been called Mahakulakundalini, because Maha- kundalini is also in the muladhara as Kulakundali. Kundalini lies in the triangle within the muladhara, so she is called Trikonashakti (triangular power).

Kundalini lies in three fundamental forms. It is stated: ‘Kundali is in three forms, viz., eternally conscious, latent, and in concentration .

Kundalini as supreme spiritual power is also Supreme Consciousness; this is why she is never without consciousness. But Kundalini appears as unconscious when her spiritual power is not manifested and her spiritual consciousness does not penetrate into sense-consciousness, because of its impurity and many-pointedness. This is the latent form of Kundalini and she is in that form in the muladhara when consciousness is oscillatory owing to constant senso-mental radiations into it.

But she is perpetually conscious in the sahasrara. The latent form of Kundalini is actually the state of yoga-nidra (—sleep) in which all her power has been withdrawn into herself and she is supremely conscious of herself as Supreme Consciousness.

The great rishi Atharwana said: From the practice of khechari mudra (an advanced control exercise) arises unman; (Consciousness without oscillation) and from that yoga-nidra; when a yogi attains yoga-nidra, he goes beyond time’.

Unmani is that state in which consciousness is free from all oscillations. It is the highest state of superconscious concentration which ultimately leads to yoga-nidra, that is, non-mens supreme concentration. Nidra means sleep, that is, a state in which consciousness becomes nonconsciousness.

When sense-consciousness is transformed into super-consciousness, samprajfiata yoga (superconscious concentration) is attained. When superconsciousness is coiled into Supreme Consciousness, it is the state of asamprajfiata yoga (non-mens supreme concentration).

As in sleep sense-consciousness is coiled into non-consciousness, so in asamprajiiata yoga superconsciousness is completely coiled into Supreme Consciousness; therefore it is called yoga-sleep. The only possibility of approaching Kundalini is when she is in a latent form in the muladhara.

Only in muladhara, is it possible to arouse Kundalini from her yoga-sleep (samadhi) and get our consciousness illuminated with spiritual light. Her supreme conscious aspect is beyond sense-consciousness. But when she is in a latent form, sense-consciousness is not at all influenced by her. Because sense-consciousness is so impurified and diversified by pleasure-seeking desires and enjoyments and all forms of worldliness, it is unable to receive spiritual light from Kundalini.

The sensory mind is so strongly tied by various worldly principles that it cannot free itself unless those principles are removed by some other power. It has been so powerless by its strong attachment to worldly things that one cannot even think of abandoning them; rather one feels pain in being passionless.

So long as this decontrolled mental state continues, Kundalini is naught. This state of affairs can only be overcome by the purification of the mind by abstention and observance and by the arousing of Kundalini. The arousing of Kundalini is the process of the spiritualization of consciousness.

The aroused Kundalini manifests absorptive power by which all worldly principles are absorbed, and causes spiritual radiations into consciousness.  

The seat of Kundali is within a very bright triangle. The triangle Is situated at the middle point of the perineum. The triangle containing the seat of Kundali is within the muladhara.

This Is why Kundalini is called Adhere-Shakti (Power in muladhara). The shining triangle at the perineal region is within the muladhara.

Therefore, the seat of Kundalini is within the triangle situated in muladhara. In this seat, Kundalini is in a latent form. It is stated: In the posterior aspect of adhere (muladhara), the three nadir (pranic power-lines) (ida, pingala and sushumna) are united. . . . In adhara is Pashchima-Linga (that is, Utiga situated behind in the triangle of muladhara and is Supreme Consciousness in a spiritual form) where lies the door (to the brahma nadi); one becomes free from all worldliness when this door is opened. In the posterior aspect of adhere, if the moon and sun (the ida and phigala flows) become Still, there stands the Lord of the universe; the yogi becomes absorbed into Brahma In concentration. In the posterior aspect of adhere, there are different aspects of God in form.

When inspiration and expiration through the left and right nostrils are controlled, the sushumna (central force-motion line) flow starts, and Kundalini is aroused and passes through the six chakras situated within the sushumna, and ultimately goes beyond brahmarandhra (the end point of brahma nadi, and consequently sushumna, to reach Sahasrara).

Those who enter the brahmarandhra attain the highest spiritual state’.

Here the arousing of Kundalini and her passing through the subtle centres have been described. In the posterior aspect of muladhara lies sushumna (fire-like central fon:c-motion line) and there ida. (white force-motion line) and pingala (red force-motion line) have been united with sushumna. There is the specific form of Shiwa (Supreme Consciousness) termed Pashchlma-or Swayambhu-Litiga, around which Kundalini is in coils. The door to brahma nadi is there. The entrance to sushumna is, as it were, in a collapsed state when Kundalini is in latent form. At this stage, the pranic force currents are creating ida and phigala flows, and as a result inspiration and expiration continue through the nostrils. By controlling inspiration and expiration by kumbhaka (suspension), the ida-pingala flows are stopped; and with the development of kumbhaka the entrance to sushumna is opened.

Kundalini is also aroused by kumbhaka and enters sushumna, and, step by step, passes through all the chakras lying within the sushumna, and ultimately, passing through brahmarandhra—the end point of sushumna, reaches sahasrara.

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