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THE ILLUMINATI – The Worlds Most Dangerous Secret Society. Amschel Mayor James Rothschild essentially confessed in a magazine article to joining an occult group in Colorado and spoke about the shining eye above the pyramid’s one-dollar bill. His occult group was part of the Lucifer Organization bent on nothing less than ruling the world.

The Illuminati. The very name is enough to cause fear and revulsion in the heart of any sensible, free-thinking individual. Rumored to be the impetus behind both the American and French revolutions of the 18th century as well as both world wars, the notion of a secretive shadow organization of puppet masters pulling the strings behind every social movement—progressive or not and every mass calamity has been the source of mass speculation and paranoia throughout history. How did an obscure Masonic offshoot established by a rogue Jesuit priest in 1776 come to encapsule world power the likes of which is beyond the wildest dreams of even the most greedy of would-be dictators?

The truth is, as far as the Illuminati is concerned, very little bedrock evidence for their continued proliferation can be found. The ultimate nature of a secret society is just that; a secret. And perhaps no other society has been so successful in shrouding themselves in mystery, deceit and misinformation than the Order of the Illuminati. So successful that millions of Americans don’t even realize they hold their trademark right in the folds of their wallet: the dollar bill. Look at the backside and observe the enigmatic eye in the pyramid, crowned by the banner “Novus Ordo Seclorum”—the New World Order. If that’s not enough to convince you of the ultimate plot of their designs, then read on. What you refuse to admit just might haunt you in the end.

Given that the Rothschild dynasty currently own an estimated half of the global wealth, the notion of international free market economics in practice is simply erroneous. Given their strong prominence within similar global conglomerates of secretive elite financiers such as the Bilderberg Foundation, and their historically documented practices of financing almost every imaginable war during modern history (as well as their current and publicly stated support of Zionist causes in Israel and abroad), even the most skeptical reader should smell a rat behind the myth of free trade. Let’s instead view the Rothschilds for what they are: robber barons of the most nefarious caliber imaginable. And highly successful ones at that.

The initial statutes of the Illuminati state that their goal is to “put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them.” And while that may have been true in a progressively enlightened 18th century European framework, time has shown again and again just how quickly those ideals were corrupted by parties seeking absolute greed—and absolute power. These days, the agenda behind the Illuminati’s machinations include:

1.) The establishment of a one world government, complete with one world military and police and one centralized currency. This is the true promise of the “Novus Ordo Seclorum” mentioned previously in the chapter. And both the establishment of NATO, the United Nations and more recently, the European Union, are tangible reminders of the success of the Illuminati’s mission.

2.) The establishment of a centralized bank controlling all financial transactions. At the heart of the Illuminati, greed is as critical as power and control. The existence of summits such as G-8, G-12, Bilderberg sponsored conferences, as well as the recent economic breakdowns that have plagued so much of the United States and Europe all bear the hallmarks of classic Illuminati design.

3.) Advanced micro-chip monitoring of citizens as a need for surveillance and control. This technetronic method of monitoring, as predicted by Illuminati member Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book Between Two Ages : America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, is just one step closer to the ultimate control of the Illuminati begun with the establishment of the Social Security identification system and bar-code product identification. In time, this surveillance has also included digital monitoring of Internet activity, widespread wire tapping techniques and covert government intelligence agencies.

4.) An absolute totalitarian state in which freedom of expression is prohibited and dissenting opinion will be stifled. Widespread physical and character assassinations of those who have set out to expose Illuminati schemes has been well documented. Failing to submit to Illuminati designs, for example, the U.S. Select Service System, IRS review, and even the Registry of Motor Vehicles can and have resulted in fines and imprisonment. Other more extreme cases have included murder, blackmail, extortion, bankruptcy and arson.

The Knights of Malta (formerly Knights Templar) are the premiere secret society of the Vatican these days, but they are subservient to the Jesuit General. Many of America and the Western World’s power elite are Knights of Malta.

Once they spread their influence through the secret societies worldwide and coordinated with the English Roundtables to impose a worldwide network of control, the whole phenomena evolved into what we know of today as the New World Order (or what the elite-controlled press so disingenuously refers to as Globalism, as if that is something to be desired). The Globalists have many nicknames, but their agenda is one and the same. It is total control of this planet. They have many factions who compete with one another for position and advantage like a group of churlish relatives, but the ultimate goal is always unchanged. And the Jesuit overlords lurk in the background, pulling all the important strings.

If you know anything about the history of the elite Brotherhood, then you will know that the Rothschild’s banking faction developed the art of financing wars from both sides of a conflict by utilizing the secrets of Central Banking with their ability to create enormous debt loads in the resident populations resulting from the issuance of government authorized fiat money. The incredible profits generated by war, reaped from both the winners and losers, led to a syndrome where induced wars became a way of life for the overlords because of the vast financial profits and additional benefits derived from it.

In addition to massive financial profits, war results in many other “benefits” for the overlords. Some of the most important to them are increased centralized control of the population by government, increased militarization, and the public fear of conflicts to come, leading them to let their “peace-loving” statesmen do all their thinking for them.

The Rothschilds have been accused numerous times of being Luciferians. Amschel Mayor James Rothschild essentially confessed in a magazine article to joining an occult group in Colorado and spoke about the shining eye above the pyramid’s one-dollar bill. His occult group was part of the Lucifer Organization bent on nothing less than ruling the world. The eye of Lucifer himself looks through the famous eye in the pyramid. Personal dealings with the Devil are commonplace among the Rothschilds, they claim.

What is most disconcerting is not that Satan-worshippers came to rule the world? It is the fact that any group came into such power.

Two checks for several thousand pounds each were made out to Karl Marx by Nathan Rothschild. They were once on display at the British Museum, which received them from Baron Ferdinand Rothschild’s donated collection. Recall that Baron Amschel Mayer von Rothschild, known as a Knight of Malta, is believed to be the real Architect of the Bavarian Illuminati, and had enlisted Weishaupt to do his bidding.

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