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The Illuminati plans, Book of Revelation, and how this is linked to the upcoming One World Government, and how near is the end or birth of this? The Babel dream is soon no longer a dream, but could be reality not far away, or it may already in action as a BETA version in the shadows.

The original tower of-Babel dream of a worldwide government with one ruler.

It was here in ancient Babylon that mankind first had its dreams of a one world government . It is here where the Tower of Babel was built.

The goal of this beast is established in the concept of a human-created and human-run utopia, a kingdom of peace, prosperity, and egalitarianism, a kingdom of God without God.

“To maintain a position of superior power one must maintain an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to oneself. It is important to create a maze of illusion in religious stories so that all others are fooled into believing that they are inferior and unworthy of being equal individuals. As it becomes in the heavens so shall it be on earth.”

People throughout history have spent a great deal of energy searching for the rise of the anti-Christ.

The many myths of the anti-Christ assist us in understanding how this “spirit”—this energy—acts within each of our souls. Currently, the common conception of the anti-Christ is of a world leader who will head a one-world government, one which will make all people subservient to that government if they want to live and prosper. They will worship that gov-ernment and leader as godlike figures. The anti-Christ will appear benign, charismatic, well-liked, seeming to have all people’s best in mind, but he will be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a despotic leader who will sacrifice the in-dividual for the good of the anonymous whole.

Under the Antichrist the world will once more unite, realizing the dream of a political, economic and religious government that extends over the whole world. With the world thus united, God will be directly challenged.

At Babel it was a tower — man’s attempt to glorify himself. Then comes a strong dictator who plunders society for his personal aggrandizement ; he dreams of a worldwide empire and storms into war. Eventually come defeat and collapse.

Without the empire, the Antichrist will not possess the global platform to seize absolute authority over the people of the world. Attaining world government through war would take too much time and too many resources, all the while inspiring too much resistance.

What is required is for world government to take root first, thereby enabling the spurious forces to engineer a relatively peaceful and bloodless coup, only being required to forcibly subdue three of the ten trading blocks.

In fact: “After coming to an agreement with them the [ten kingdoms], he [Antichrist] will act deceitfully, and with only a few people will rise to power” (Dan. 11:23). The future Antichrist will ascend to power on a peaceful platform of deception as the messiah of peace, not war; he will return to war only after he has usurped absolute power. “When the richest provinces feel secure, he will invade them and will achieve what neither his fathers nor his forefathers did. He will distribute plunder, loot, and wealth, amongst his followers. He will plot the overthrow of fortresses—but only for a time” (Dan. 11:24).

Progressive liberalism, globalization, and world government all lead to the Antichrist; this doctrine is simple, straightforward, and startling.

The Antichrist will form what is prophesied to be the eighth empire on the back of the seventh empire. The Antichrist will illegally seize power from the ten-horned empire, establishing a new and succinctly different empire. The empire of the false messiah, of the false Zion, will be established through a skillful coup d’etat, which will destroy nationalism, borders, and all currencies; most of the world will unanimously celebrate this covert triumph, intoxicated by Socialist, false hopes and utopian expectations for the future. The people will cheer the false messiah, crowning him The Sovereign Lord of AII. what will seem so right under the righteous cause of peace and prosperity will be so wrong. Centralizing so much power into so few hands will provide the opportunity required for a new Nimrod, an absolute dictator of war, to seize absolute power almost uncontested.

The Antichrist will first appear to be the answer to the world’s prayers, the long-awaited, divine hope of the world, while all the time relentlessly campaigning for power. The Antichrist will “succeed in whatever he does” (Dan. 8:24). He will then transform acutely once the world government has given power to him.

Meanwhile, Babylon will be enforcing a tribute from all the free trade flowing around the world. Babylon will become so opulent, so powerful, and so influential over the people of the world that the greedy, global government will become deliriously jealous of her. This lavish tribute, as described in the conspirator’s seditious doctrines, will be a “progressive” tax on all transfer documents of all business transactions, which will have to be submitted and paid weekly. These conspirators will believe that all established capitalist and business oligopolies will gladly pay this tribute in return for the peace and safety guaranteed by the state.

The glorious Babylonian age of peace will only last three-and-one-half years from the signing of the Covenant of Death that brings it about to the time it is annulled. The global leaders will conspire with Babylon’s rising star, the false messiah, to overthrow Babylon and remove her from power over the people.

The Antichrist will substitute himself for Babylon; the world will worship both him and Satan openly and not in secret, as observed today. Again, it is the doctrine of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy to eliminate all religions except for third, secret, unknown religion led by the false messiah, once he seizes power. The Antichrist will become his own religion, the new religion of his sponsor. “He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshipped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God” (2 Thess. 2:4).

The Antichrist likely will declare his rebellious empire to be some form of a heavenly/galactic government: “You said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mounts of the assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain’ (Isa. 14:13).

The Antichrist will come equipped with superhuman skills. One should expect the disguise of a peacemaker. His political and negotiating expertise will be unmatched, again supported by the successful negotiation of the Covenant of Death.°

His mind will compute at a genius level, particularly with respect to spiritual matters. The Antichrist will be preselected from superior Rex Deus stock, tested, and prepared to know how to use his genius brain and its apparently unlimited capacity. The Antichrist will be viewed as the ultimate spiritual guide sent to humankind to lead them into the next plane of existence.

He will appear to solve most, if not all, the world’s problems, and he will sell these ideas like no other. One can expect oratory skills that will hypnotize the masses, all will have a peaceful, positive demeanor—at first. The future, false messiah will seduce the world; its people will love him like no other. The people of the world will wonder after him, asking, “Who is like the beast?” The whole world will be astonished and follow the beast (Rev. 13:3-4). “He will invade the kingdom when its people feel secure, and he will seize it through intrigue” (Dan. 11:21).

The people will acknowledge the autocracy of the false messiah, but they will acquiesce, unexplainably glorifying him with a devotion bordering on insanity. The aura of the Antichrist’s authority will inspire an unsurpassed, mystical bowing of the knee before him, a reverent fear before him of all peoples.

The limitation of the five senses

The five-sense prison It is clear why the Illuminati have spent so much time and effort destroying and suppressing the knowledge of reality, consciousness and creation that would set us free of the five-sense illusion.

The throat chakra is ruled by Mercury, the planet representing communication in all its forms

The fourth chakra corresponds to Wednesday , named for Woden (Or W-odin, Odin), the high god of the Germans , who died on the world tree , Yggsdrasil , in order to gain the … The fifth chakra , which corresponds to Tuesday , is the level of fear and death .

The Aryan race is said to be a mix of the Reptilians and The Nordics (there of the Nordic Reptilians). Some say the Nordic Reptilians is reptilians in disguise.

Mercury is known as one of the Trickster gods.

The * Mythologicale Mercury This multifaceted god was known in ancient Egypt as Thoth. Mercury was identified with the trickster, or the trickster archetype, in those cultures that consciously recognized the trickster.

The fifth chakra is represented by planet Mercury as the “Trickster God”, that controls all communication, and at same time the present fifth root race is represented by the “fifth chakra”.

Communication is; Mind Control. Brainwashing, Syntethic telepathy, Voice to skull technology and all these can be used to trick the mind to believe you hear voices when they are syntethic created and beamed into the mind. The fifth chakra is the hearing sense and all the silent psychological warfare weapons is based on silent frequency sounds. This includes mind control and control thought technology (remote viewing techology).

Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is the ruler of Gemini. Gemini represents Satan’s “Great Twins” – both the Antichrist and the False Prophet (Book: ‘Heavenly Signs — Grand Design for the Rapture”). Mercury has the meaning of magician, juggling impressions taken in through sight, sound, the intellect and creating patterns that form your perception. This planet also symbolizes controlling thoughts and impressions with its horns and cross oriented glyph. Mercury is a sign of the Antichrist, the beast, or the man of lawlessness as described in the Bible. Mercury not only rules communication, it represents controlling thoughts. Thought processes, ideas and sensory information from both unconscious and conscious sources all need to be coordinated and understood.

Mercury, represented by the horned glyph is a sign of the Antichrist. The fifth chakra is the first upper chakra that is disconnected from God Triangle and three first sepiroth. Then it is disconnected from the reference of divine knowledge, it may have created Science, Scientific Dictatorship, Artificial Computer God, One World Government and so on.

Is the Antichrist – A one world government….? All of the world powers will surrender their sovereignty to the Antichrist (17:13), who will reign over all the kings of the earth from his great capital city (17:18). That is, the original tower of-Babel dream of a worldwide government with one ruler.

Someday—and according to believers in “Mystery Babylon” that day is closer than we think—Babylon will be revealed as a Western power promoting a one-world led by the antichrist. No one will be able to “buy or sell” without receiving the “mark of the beast” on hand or forehead (see Mark of the Beast).

For those who believe Armageddon will literally come as described in the Bible, “Babylon” today signifies what they consider to be the entire institutional/political system entrenched in the power structure of the world.

Globalism is here, and the advanced technology necessary for setting up a one-world government and economy already exists. Crises of epic proportion are erupting with sobering frequency and regularity, paving the way for more and more change.

Initially the Antichrist will succeed in establishing a totalitarian one-world government to dominate the earth

To control the whole and it habitants, the Antichrist must set up a new form government that gives him all the power, the One World Government is such design, and is based on technology, mind control, and thought control.

The man known as the Antichrist will dominate the political, military and religious events of the last days. It is vital that we understand the Bible’s revelations about the Antichrist. The people who live under his rule will face a terrible choice when he claims to be “god on earth.” He will demand that everyone worship him and receive the Mark of the Beast. The Scriptures declare that anyone who receives his Mark will be damned forever to hell. The martyrs who reject the Antichrist’s claims and worship Jesus Christ will receive the gift of eternal life in heaven. If we are to have a clear understanding of the amazing times we live in, we need to examine the prophecies about the revival of the Roman Empire and its coming dictator — the Antichrist.

We are rapidly approaching the greatest crisis in human history. The choices facing mankind are truly awesome in their magnitude and terrible consequences. The world is drifting toward a whirlpool of unimaginable destruction. This apocalyptic disaster could mean the end of human life; perhaps the end of history itself. Rampant nationalism and ethnic hatreds, combined with the devastating power of nuclear and biological weapons, could easily lead to horrors that would eclipse the worst excesses of World War II. On the other hand, the New World Order could easily become a vehicle for a totalitarian government that would extinguish all hope of human freedom forever.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” A strong case can be made for the argument that human freedom can only exist for a long period of time in a political system that divides power among different groups to create natural checks and balances between competing interests. However, current trends are leading us inexorably toward a New World Order in which all power on the planet will be possessed in one supranational institution led by one supreme leader. Even if the first few leaders of the world government are benevolent, eventually an evil individual will arise who will use this absolute power to create a world-wide totalitarian dictatorship.

The fifth race is born under Mercury.” (the Aryan race.)

The five planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) of the macrocosm are paralleled by the five human senses.

The planet Mercury is associated with Satan as the “Morning Star Laid Low,” and its name in Greek means “The Burnt One”.

In fact, when one begins to watch the highly publicized crises of the world today and the solutions being proposed to solve them, it becomes evident that in each instance the proposed solution almost always leads toward a world government

How do I reach that reality beyond the five physical senses?

Would people leave the five senses reality even if they could, in same way as the chained beings in Plato´s Cave Allegory…?

The five senses are our way of experiencing this place in which we find ourselves, the Linear DFSR. The perceptions of the five senses are interpreted by the brain. The brain is by default an automatic self-regulatory physical organ that uses the inner world of thinking to keep each sentient being within a narrow bandwidth called consensus reality. The brain ‘mirrors’ the five outer senses with five inner senses that provide each being with memory, imagination etc., that also fit with consensus reality. It is this inner reality to which we retire when we are asleep and when we are dying. Thus brain seeks to confine each being within its own narrow interpretations through ignorance, fear and greed. Conscious awareness is what we are without all the conditioning and thinking.

In order to move beyond the linear dualistic five sense reality, it is necessary to step back to a point prior to societal conditioning. Throughout our lives we are only essentially in one place, (and of course one time – Now!). For most westerners this place is in our head, behind our eyes. For many Easterners it is in the heart, the centre of the chest area. These places are where we, the hidden watcher, choose to seat our conscious awareness, our only way of knowing or experiencing anything about this place in which we find ourselves.

The Emerald Tablets, as translated by Maurice Doreal, describe how the serpent entities of another frequency possessed the bodies of those in power in this five-sense reality

Everything that you experience on 3rd density Earth is an illusion of the mind, as your reality is mostly determined by electrical impulses interpreted by your brain.

Many on Earth are left brain prisoners, slaves to their hidden masters who manipulate the five sense reality from behind the scenes. In essence, we have been disconnected from our higher selves.

Take a look at the world now. We walk down the street talking on our cell phones, or not even talking, texting one another, spending hours sitting in front of a computer. We are absorbed in technology, taking us further and further away from nature, Spirit, and our Self, and our love of Self. In the original design, man and woman were created to have and maintain a connection with Spirit. Because of all the distractions and noise in our technological world, we are separated from the Divine, from our Selves.

The mind, brain and five senses work together to decode holographic data and presents it to us as solid objects that we are familiar with – sticks and stones, earth, heavens and so on. We believe this to be true: we see an apple, touch it, smell it, taste it, hear the sound as we munch it. As each sense confirms the others, we conclude that the apple is real and solid. It is the mind that actually sees, feels, tastes, smells and hears. By this mind/brain/five-sense combination we become attached to and identify with the world of form. We become attached to the thoughts of the past and of the future and fail to live in the now. In other words, consciousness is held prisoner by the mind/brain/five-sense coalescence.

Every future that has unfolded throughout history has been based on a direction taken by the mind. Artificial intelligence, after all, is just another notch on the belt of human intelligence; therefore, predicting that we will be surpassed by a Frankenstein race of supercomputers is very premature. We need to know our full capacity before taking bets on any future. Until metareality becomes a common experience, being human has not reached its full creative capacity. Settling for a better dream isn’t good enough—an upgraded illusion is still an illusion.

Everything you perceive at this moment through the five senses—the solid walls of your room, the faint movement of air in your lungs, the brightness of the light streaming in through the window or emitted by a lamp—is a simulation, a construct that engulfs you in a virtual reality. On the one hand, we are set up—brain, body, and mind—to conform to virtual reality, the result of a collective hoodwinking that has taken many thousands of years to create.

This makes things very tricky. A prisoner has an incentive to dig a tunnel to the outside world, because he knows that there’s something lying beyond the prison walls. The virtual reality you now experience offers nothing on the other side that you can touch, taste, feel, hear, or smell. But something does lie outside virtual reality, which I’ll term metareality. Metareality is the workshop where consciousness creates everything. It is our source and origin, a field of pure creative potential. Metareality is not perceived by the five senses, because it has no shape or location.

Yet it is totally accessible, and it offers our only means to escape simulated reality. Once you realize that you are engulfed in a simulation, it dawns on you how infinite the creative power of humans really is. We fashioned our world using not bricks and mortar but one invisible material: consciousness. In a scientific age, this assertion seems incredible, if not absurd. From inside the simulation, creation can be viewed like a movie of the universe unfolding from the big bang onward, along a time line that has taken 13.7 billion years. How can this mind-boggling arena, bounded by time, space, matter, and energy, be essentially fake? To find out, it will take a personal sense of curiosity and a touch of adventurousness to go beyond conventional wisdom. Consciousness is present in every second of our lives, yet conventional wisdom takes it for granted. This isn’t like missing the forest for the trees. It’s like living in the forest without seeing any trees at all.

We can run around in the five – sense reality all we like , campaigning and complaining , moaning and groaning about the state of our lives , but nothing will change .

Since we are prisoners of our senses and of our minds, unable to examine reality except through the dark, clouded screen these interpose, science has no way of knowing how much (or how little) of its conjecturing is fact, and how much is

Ralph Waldo Emerson understood, that little minds have little worries, big minds have no time for worries. Big or small, we are prisoners of our own mind. Our world is the size of our mind. We only can free our mind. We only can change our mind.

One of the most famous allegories in the history of philosophy is Plato’s cave allegory, from the Republic. The allegory concerns prisoners in a cave. Being chained, the prisoners can only see a wall of the cave; and all they can see of the world are what they see on this wall: the shadows of the objects outside. The allegory can be used to raise many philosophical issues.’ Here is one: how do we know that we are not in the same situation as the prisoners in the cave, in that we only ever see reality distorted? Maybe there is something about our senses or, more generally, our minds that makes it the case that we always have a distorted view on reality. For example, maybe our senses — our windows on the outside world — systematically deceive us. We are all familiar with the fact that sometimes things can look different from what they really are like; their shapes, sizes, and colors can be different from what they appear to be. What if this is so on a much grander scale than we ordinarily suspect? What if the senses always deceive us?

Man is not developed enough to see outside of his idea matter. He is in the idea, prophesying of what may come, hereafter.

The moon is a figure of the natural man. Its light is borrowed (or the light of the opinions of the sun). It thinks it has life of itself, but the sun’s light knows that it is the reflection of the sun’s light. The wise man, in like measure, knows that the light of the body (or natural man) is but the reflection of the scientific man. Our misery lies in this darkness. This is the prison that holds the natural man, till the light of wisdom bursts his bonds and lets the captive free. Here is where Christ went to preach to the prisoners bound by error, before the reformation of science.

Eckhart Tolle, writer of The Power of Now, says we can all escape the prison of our own minds by recognizing that what we think is our whole life is actually comprised of a conceptual reality of thoughts, views, opinions and knowledge. It’s not real in other words. This reality is what we regard as ‘I’ — ‘a mind-created false sense of self that will soon come to an end.’ Instead, we can learn to embrace the stillness inside us, he says: our true reality.

Develop Your Sixth Sense

The notion of a “sixth” sense, something that exists beyond the five senses in humans, evolves from the argument that the senses seem to come in pairs. Davis (1979) proposes that these pairings are based on the mechanisms involved: Taste and smell operate chemi-cally; hearing and touch operate mechanically by responding to air vibrations and motion. The last pair uses electromagnetic forces.

However, sight is the only recognized sense, leaving a great deal of speculation about the proposed sixth sense. Many believe that this sixth sense allows us to redefine the boundaries of our five senses to feel, understand, and perceive beyond the known and the seen.

When we think sixth sense, we conjure up the intriguing i-foursome: instinct, intuition, imagination, and insight. Sixth sense research is inherently controversial, but Rupert Sheldrake (2003) bravely tries to provide scientific evidence to sup-port sixth sense inquiry. He purports that the prickly sensation of being stared at or the sense of foreboding that becomes reality are rooted in our biology. He suggests morphic fields organize the devel-opment and behavior of organisms and that telepathy is a morphic field that allows organisms to contact over distance such as sensing who’s on the phone before you answer.

Premonitions that precede tragedy are another type of morphic field. Sometimes referred to as extrasensory perception, Davis (1979) speculates that the bones act as a magnetic sensory organ to sense low level electromagnetic activity. Perhaps that is why we feel vibes or have a feeling in our bones.

Now the exploration of physical reality can no longer help us to evolve, or even to survive. Our experience is expanding beyond the limitations of the five senses, and we are becoming aware of nonphysical reality—intelligence, compassion, and wisdom that is real but not physical. We are also beginning to see the dynamics that underlie physical appearances, and as we do, we are becoming more interested in them than the appearances they produce.

In other words, the human species is becoming multisensory. The five senses are a single system whose object of detection is the physical world. The physical world is all that the five senses can detect, but multisensory humans can detect more. They have hunches and insights, and they see meaning in everyday circumstances, among other things. Within a few generations, all humans will be multisensory.

The goal of five-sensory humans is to survive, which they have done by developing the ability to manipulate and control external things. That is external power. Multisensory humans are not satisfied with controlling more or having more. Their goal is spiritual growth, and they understand power in a new way—the alignment of the personality with the soul. That is authentic power.

Multisensory humans evolve by creating authentic power. They know the Universe is not a dead or random arena in which Life happens accidentally, and they explore nonphysical causes and effects, in addition to physical ones. Millions of humans are now realizing that they are more than enzymes and molecules, and more than bodies and minds. They are becoming aware of themselves as souls, yet the five senses cannot detect the soul. In other words, humans no longer need to believe that they have souls because they are beginning to experience themselves as souls.

It is beyond your three dimensional senses, but it is not beyond your conscious awareness. Your consciousness is the gate you pass through to get there. You are the gate through which you pass. Your own expanded awareness is the key that unlocks the gate and allows you to see beyond what seems to be, into what is. First you must believe it is possible, then you must step beyond the possible-known into the probable-unknown.

Multisensory perception is emerging in every culture and race and at every age level. It is a gift from the Universe that is appearing at the appropriate time, just as cognition—the ability to think and reason—was a gift that appeared in human experience at the appropriate time. Multisensory perception brings with it the new potential of an authentically empowered human species whose relationships and social structures are built on the values of the soul. (Today´s structure is built on the values of the ego capitalism and greed).

That potential is brought into being choice by choice.

The five senses—taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell—together form a single sensory system whose object of detection is physical reality. This sensory system cannot detect nonphysical reality. Humankind is now moving beyond the limitations of the five senses. It is becoming able to access data that the five senses can-not provide and to utilize that data consciously. In other words, it is becoming highly intuitive. This is multisensory perception. Multisensory perception does not replace five-sensory percep-tion. It adds to it. Multisensory humans perceive physical circum-stances, but they also see meaning in them that five-sensory humans do not. Multisensory humans do not deduce or conclude meaning in their five-sensory circumstances. They perceive it directly. Multisensory humans feel what is appropriate for themselves regardless of what their five senses tell them and their intellects condude. Learning to use multisensory perception does not re-quire faith. It requires the openness to experiment with your inner sense of knowing when you feel it. Your inner sense of knowing is your access to nonphysical reality. Nonphysical reality is your home.

Our five senses cannot detect the existence of these waves , but that does not make them unreal. “Your soul is that part of you that is immortal. Every person has a soul, but a personality that is limited in its perception to the five senses is not aware of its soul, and, therefore, cannot recognize the influences of the soul.

When he is living under the influence of the five senses and receives their help, a man, if he starts preaching about Reality, will receive grace and sorrow. We must understand this well. When we are living within the world of the senses, we cannot preach about Reality which is beyond the world of senses. Only when one has conquered the senses will he be able to know Reality. Only then can he preach about Reality.

The spiritual realms are not distant planets where we go when we leave this earth plane, as some suggest, but are all around us here and now, beyond the five physical senses. We tend to say that the spiritual world is another world, but in reality we are already in it here and now, but cannot comprehend it through our low density within the material body. We are all spirits encased in matter, whether we like it or not. The material aspect is dense to many vibratory aspects we encounter in our quest to know and to understand.

We all have the potential to expand our awareness of reality beyond the parameters of the five senses.

In traditional cosmology, matter is simply a scaled down represen-tation of infinite life, the life of Heaven, which exists beyond the range of our five senses on the celestial planes. The original Reality is not molecular or atomic, or even energetic, rather it is divine, bliss-ful consciousness, full of the power of Being. Infinite consciousness is the Divine Source. In ancient India it was referred to as Sat-Chit-Ananda, existence-consciousness-bliss. It has multiplied itself into this universe of particles, energies and planes of consciousness in a fractal way such that each part reflects the pattern of the whole. If we want to understand the ladder of being on its higher ranges, we must work with a set of perceptions and a language of reference that can go beyond the scientific limits, useful as these are when dealing with matter through the lens of the five senses. Here the archetypes and the primal plot-lines of myth come into play.

The process of widening that takes place when human conscious-ness encompasses that which transcends it is sometimes called em-powerment or initiation. As instruments of awakening and enrich-ment, archetypes have played an important role in this process from the earliest times. In contemplation and divination, as well as in myths, rituals, philosophy and cosmology from the dawn of recorded history, archetypes have carried us forward in our quest for Truth.

Jung wrote:

We understand only such thinking as is a mere equation and from which nothing conies out but what we have put in. That is the manner qf working of the intellect. But beyond that there is a thinking in primordial images — in symbols that are older than historical man; which have been ingrained in him front earliest times, and eternally living, outlasting all genera-tions, still make up the groundwork of the human psyche. It is possible to live the fullest life only when we are in harmony with these symbols; wisdom is a return to them. It is a question neither ef belief nor knowledge, but qf the agreement ef our thinking with the primordial images ef the unconscious. (Modern Man in Search of a Soul, pgs. 129 – 30)

Our DNA was changed because of this reptilian intervention so that we can no longer access the world beyond the five senses. we merely “operate through the reptilian brain”, which keeps us in a continuous survival mode of fear and aggression.

And this is part of the conspiracy: “they want to lock humanity in the five senses, so we don’t perceive beyond it, we are locked in that prison”. This prison refers to “the nature of reality itself’, and it is of prime importance, Icke argued, because “what the control system doesn’t want us to know is that this reality—the one we think we are experiencing now—is an illusion!”.

In every one of our cells, over half the strands of DNA have been turned off or deactivated.

Some believe that the reason we have this reptilian brain is a result of direct DNA tinkering by the Reptilian race when they first arrived on this planet long ago. Some believe that they genetically altered the human race by also unplugging our DNA from twelve to two strands. This was only one of the ways they have kept humans dumbed down and asleep. It is well known that the human race has been functioning with only a small percentage of their brain power being used.

The reptilians have cut the planet earth and the residing humans off from the rest of creation. When they did this, they were free to do what they wanted with the planet and the ones residing on it. They have left a trail of destruction and chaos not only on the physical realm of this planet but in the spiritual realm also.

Consciously knowing, that humans, the planet earth and all that makes up the planet are all part of the same collective spiritual energy as themselves, in which they know as creation. Therefore, to watch this planet and everything that resides here suffer; it was like sitting back and watching a sibling getting tortured. For thousands of years this planet has not accessed the higher frequencies of consciousness and from what the creation was teaching through them. This took away our freedom to evolve by freewill, which has left humanity seeing the only option for us, as “that is just the way it is”.

In the beginning, earth was a wonderful place, creative frequency waves were able to penetrate through and different beings could send out cosmic information energy and help in the evolution of earth. Beings and everything on this earth were amazing, as everything connected to the knowledge of all of creation. Even when we look back now, at so many things that we cannot explain in our history and how we could have done that, when we would struggle or could not do it today.

With all of our technological advances, we still cannot imagine how this would be possible. That right there says so much. As earth began to evolve into a wonderful planet of all possibility eventually, the race in which we call the reptilians (darkness) took it over. These reptilians through use of the moon as a broadcast, through human genetic alterations and interbreeding, beat out light and began their reign over this planet. They blocked out the higher vibrational frequencies that kept earth freewill and evolving and broadcast their own low vibrational frequencies. These low frequencies have kept earth in this shut down state, as low frequencies are the only frequencies that darkness can access. Negativity, sadness, chaos and destruction are what these broadcasts create and it is what feeds them.

“The reptilians not only come from another planet, but are also from another dimension, the lower level of the fourth dimension, the one nearest the physical world. Icke writes that the universe consists of an infinite number of frequencies or dimensions that share the same space, just like television and radio frequencies. Some people can tune their consciousness to other wavelengths, which is what psychic power consists of, and it is from one of these other dimensions that the Anunnaki are controlling this world — although just as fourth-dimensional reptilians control us, they are controlled in turn by a fifth dimension. The lower level of the fourth dimension is what others call the ‘lower astral dimension.’

Consciousness Beyond the Brain

Perhaps the most revolutionary discovery regarding the nature of consciousness is the fact that prior to birth and after death, when the central nervous system and brain are not functioning, consciousness is nevertheless still present, accurately recording details of what is occurring in the immediate environment. Remarkably, consciousness predates one’s physical conception and even continues after death when all neurological activity within the physical brain and central nervous system has shut down.

None of our five senses reflect an accurate picture of the full range of reality. Even our sense of sight, which predominates over other human senses, varies tremendously from person to person. Similarly, we can hear sounds only within a very limited range of frequency, and smell an even smaller range of fragrances. In such a predicament, how can we ever reach consensus on the nature of outer reality, let alone the higher reality within?

We Are Multi-Sensory Beings

The good news is we are much more than physical beings with five outer senses. In fact, we are multi-sensory beings. We have five outer senses and five inner senses as well. The Sant Masters have said that through these inner senses we can see and hear realities beyond the physical. Unfortunately, few of us have any knowledge of the existence of these inner senses, let alone how they can be accessed. Fortunately, the great spiritual traditions of the world all show us the way through the art and science of meditation.

Spiritually asleep, we are literally prisoners in the cage of the physical body. As we begin to awaken and realize that we are a soul inhabiting this body, then, paradoxically, the former prison of the physical frame becomes holy ground—the temple of the spirit, where the source of all truth resides. Through daily meditation we come to see that we are spiritual beings trying to having a human experience, not human beings trying to have a opiritual experience. We come to realize that we have spiritual bodies with which we can traverse higher realms of Spirit.

In order to transcend the physical plane at will in meditation, we must be masters of our own house — in full control of our own body, mind, thoughts, actions, and desires. Then and only then will we be ready to claim our divine destiny and experience the unimagi-nable beauty and bliss of God. When our time here on Earth is done, we return to the everlasting realms of spirit from which we came to consummate our final merger in God. Yet we need a special passport to make this journey. It is not, of course, an actual creden-tial or qualification, but something far more subtle and precious.

As we continue our spiritual practice, our intrinsic inner con-sciousness begins to reassert itself over our bondage to the ordinary mind. We finally learn that our attention, which is the outer expres-sion of our soul, can be directed and controlled. We realize that we are not at the mercy of every thought and desire that passes through our body/mind. We begin to understand that while we have a mind, we are not the mind; we are conscious beings. To understand our unique predicament, let us explore the metaphor of the charioteer and the wild steeds.

The Earthly life teaching and programming people and all mankind to believe they are their Ego, and they is been teached and programmed they just are the physical body witch the ego is attached to. Then people walking around and living and experiencing their life through the ego.

The Masters say that living as a slave to one’s unbridled (ego)-desires makes it impossible to contact the soul.

To the spiritually wise, uncontrolled desire is a sort of “misfit love,” the counterfeit version of the love of God. When we are lost in desire and identify ourselves completely with our earthly roles, we have no clue to where the source of lasting happiness and real love lies. Attached to that which is impermanent and transitory, we can never experience what is real and lasting within us. This does not mean that we cannot strive to live meaningful and successful lives in the world. We need to realize, however, that even if we attain worldly success, we will not necessarily be any closer to true happiness, inner peace, or self-realization.

Meditation is the means of discovering the source of true wealth within us It is possible to live a balanced, fulfilling life in the world and still be devoted to our spiritual life.

As we continue the spiritual journey, we are increasingly able to subdue and eventually control our desires. What then arises is an increasing ability to consciously control our thoughts. At pres-ent, we have little idea what is going on in the thought processes of our mind. In fact, brain researchers say that we have over 60,000 thoughts per day. Most of these thoughts are largely unconscious, below the level of our awareness.

As awareness grows, we not only realize how entrapped we have become by our own minds, but we see the door to freedom as well. We recognize our greatness as soul — as a conscious entity, a drop of the ocean of all-consciousness.

In reality, we are spiritual beings, with our roots in these ephemeral higher planes of exis-tence. The vast majority of people have forgotten their spiritual origins. Their conscious minds think only about those matters they can touch or taste or feel with their physical five senses. And yet it is this realm of spirit that is the hidden reality behind the true nature of health and illness when viewed from the per-spective of vibrational medicine and its understanding of the multidimensional human being.

The Illuminati on Earth. How does they work? Why low vibrational is their frequency. How they manipulate mind and world. How they interfering What does the Reptilians fear most?Why they plannning the One World Government?

“If you wish to control a mass population, you have to disconnect them from the true knowledge of who they are and their own infinite potential to manifest their own destiny and control their ow lives. You have to persuade them that they are insignificant and powerless so they will live their lives in accordance with that. ” This is where religion has been one of the most effective weapons of the Illuminati and the reptilian bloodlines.

A fully awake, mentally sharp, population is the last thing you need if you want to control them.

And you must feed the masses with teaching based on illusions to control them; To maintain a position of superior power one must maintain an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to oneself. It is important to create a maze of illusion in religious stories so that all others are fooled into believing that they are inferior and unworthy of being equal individuals. As it becomes in the heavens so shall it be on earth.”

A fully awake population is the last thing you need if you want to control them. They have kept humankind in a state slumberness and ignorance, so they just have access to 6-8% of their brain capacity, and the fear a fully awaken population or if they could activate all 100% of their brain capacity.

Because of these fears they prevent humankind from become a fully awaken, so they building a system of a global world brain and this will disconnect all their decsion making to them, and the One World Government is design to protect them and prevent humankind from awakening from their programmed illusionary world and the state of ignorance. The masses ignorance is their safety valve.

So the goal is to design social and world events that´s creates a mess in the world, so they can direct humankind into accept the One World Government. The outwardly purpose why they want to create the one world government is to believe people and nation must unite to save the world, but the hidden purpose is to secure the future as the dominator of Earth and dominator above humans/humankind. In same way the protect their reptilian bloodlines, so will they protect their position as the controller and dominator of the masses.

Everything that could be good for people and humankind is turned to junk. The 10 disconnected dna strand is junk. An inactivatedd Pineal Gland would make people fully awaken, but is turned off and affected by flouride. Movies is entertainment for people minds, but for the Illuminati it is mind control, fear programming and predictable programming. The One World Government selling argument is people and nations must unite to save the world, but it will lead to total enslavement and lost of all powers, connection to their divine self, lost of all human rights.

The Reptilians behind the Illuminati naturally know better than anyone how to manipulate the reptilian brain and it is through this that humanity is largely controlled and directed.

The Illuminati practice is to say one thing and do another, because they know the public will accept the lies through laziness. The powers that be say to each other in secret meetings, “Keep them busy, busy, busy, back on the farm with other animals?’

The point is we are being programmed for the desired totalitarian future. Not one we wish, one they crave. The more blindly accustomed people are to their intended result, the more quickly and efficiently it will be adopted. The world facing a major cataclysm of some sort, a favourite theme, gives the climate change fear programme and global economic ‘solution’ tremendous impetus, for example. The world needed a saviour mentality implants the idea of some new global governance or Superman to save the day, no doubt with some enigmatic leader at the helm, the Antichrist!

“The preparation of humanity for the New Age involves psychological and physical warfare in the form of spectacular crimes and events that, filtered through the iluminised media, have a ritual occult and initiatory effect on the populace.” (Robert Livingstone)

There’s kind of a race on. They had been aware that this awakening was coming and therefore they’ve been preparing for it. What we’re seeing now is a race between them locking everything down to the point where there’s no margin. You see this is why they want microchips. In the end, these few centimeters at the back of the brain are key. That’s because the micro-chipping is about the external, but the external manipulation of the sense of reality becomes created reality and that’s manifested by the brain.

Why are they telling us what they want and what’s coming in movies?

Surely, they don’t want us to know. They do it, because the more they’re feeding that information into the subconscious mind the more that is becoming the future reality of the subconscious mind which then becomes the manifested reality of the conscious mind. It’s like putting information into a computer and then pressing enter and it comes up on the screen.

What we are dealing with is a force hidden from human sight that understands how reality operates, how we interact with it, and how we create it. It is a set up in society through its control of science — not least through funding and peer pressure and all the other stuff that goes on. Through the media and what we bravely call education, which is keeping from people this understanding of reality.

Thus, if you know how “reality” works and know how you can manipulate people to perceive the reality you want is what is played behind the scenes. All the stuff they put in movies and television programs is far ahead of what they’re seeking to create. You know the reality that we’re experiencing here every day. You stand and look into the night sky and you see all those lights, all those planets and stars – billions of light years away. What you are seeing exists in that form only or in a few cubic centimeters at the back of your brain where the brain decodes information in electrical form through an illusory physical reality which is actually holographic.

So, if you want to bring down this whole conspiracy, to its real bottom line, it is about what controls those few centimeters at the back of your brain. That’s because if they do it by programming your sense of reality, you will perceive and thus manifest your individual and collective experience of what they have programmed you to decode and manifest. They’ve proven that humans are builders, designers, creators, so they simply program us to manufacture what they want for private gains and control — it’s all happening below our radar.

In fact, it goes much deeper than that.

When you expand your mind, you go beyond consciousness and gain a greater sense of awareness. You are increasing your potential every time you do that, because you have the power to control those centimeters at the back of your brain that are creating your visual reality. Therefore the programming gets harder to impose itself. Then your mind starts to truly open up to new possibilities and way of life. The globalists are programming the public, because they believe of possessing a spiritual influence to do this. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, they believe it — and they will not stop until they do it.

The globalist moving forward of their own inertia like a juggernaut.

Their mentaility and all their work is based on secrecy, work in the shadows, unseen, hidden, clandestine, masquerade, shadow government, secret socities….

Scriptures says tye expert took the key of knowledge and kept it for themselves, and hindering others to get it, and the hindering others who trying to enters the higher heavens or higher levels consciousnesss.

The higher up you travelling the more they will attack and trying to destroy you.

Their weapons is FEAR. This creates an atmosphere they are experts on. They are experts in the area of fear, stress, and triggering emotions and thoughts of worries, anxiety, panic and so on.

They are expert of spiritual and psychological warfare, and turn the human ego against itself and it can turn the whole mass consciousness against awakening people who can see through the illusions.

This one thing they fear most; awakening individuals. They call them targeted individuals, when they actually are empowered individuals.

Humans just use 6-8 % of all their brain capacity and this is because of all the Reptilians fear concepts, and brainwashing, mind control……methods they using

Their worst fear is also if humans would growing above them and could fight back against all their psycgological warfare strategies, their mind control and indoctrination of the human mind.

They fear humans have the power to free themselves from their entangling clutches of control.

If somenone begins raising their inner vibrations, wil make them inducing more stress, more fear, more stalking, more interference to create a balance on favour for them.

No one can fight therse power with human powers, or human based knowledge, or using the human five senses.

They must connect to their inner higher God self, nothing else can break through their defense wall or the veil of ignorance.

People don´t know how to fight a unseen powers, who is using hidden knowledge, and hidden technologies

Some say they don´t fear anything, but they fear a lot things

They fear losing their position
They fear losing domination of everybodies life
They fear knowledge and awakening people
They fear peeople begin develop more than their 6-8% brain capacity
They fear people who raising their inner frequencies
They fear the most fear is lost of wealth
They fear people no longer reacti to fear with fear

Scripture says; fear not. One must overcome negativity and fear to get to the highest place of them all.

They have controlled, programmed the human mind and mankind for thousends of years, so its not easy to fight against power that has controlled humankind for so many generations and for eons. Therefore people give up even before they started

People whi identifying themselves jsut with the ego has lost from the beginning. The ego cant fight the ego, because the ego is the enemy one must overcome.

One need to find the inner powers and connect to inner divine self. The Divine Higher Self knows how to breal through the veil of ignorance, and the Divine Self fears nothing because it knows it is eternal. The ego the opposite and is temporal, and therefore “fear of death” is created by the ego and Reptilians.

When they using threatening psychology they using it for they want people to back off. If this is enough, they begin to create economic strategies of fear of lost of incomes, because this is related to humans survival.

All these are stratgies of organized gang stalking, make them jobless, homeless, and driving them towards madness with gaslingting and wickedness psychology.

In same way they created “fear of death”, they have created a state or concept of “madness”, which in basic is manipulation of the mind.

The only thing that can be related to madness is the ego. The Divine Higher Self can´t go mad, because there is no madness is the divine state of consciousness.

If people identifying themselves they can triggering a loop or wave thougt and emotions patterns that creates a total chaos of the mind.

The Divine Self don´t react on fear and it doesnýt react to madness plans and conrtcuted plans.

To summit up: No one can battle the Reptilians with the human mind and human ego, because it reacts on fear and can be driven to madness, the divine self dont react on fear and their is no madness in the divine self.

They may trying to make people believing they going mad

Everything that threatens their position is crazy for them. If you moving against these powers they will say you are mad or crazy, and make everyone to make them believe the targeted his mad.

But this equation is quite easy to understand; anyone who is crazy don´t be targeted with stratgeis to drive them to madness. The one´s who not is mad they want o drive to madness, just because they not are mad.

The main goal in organized gang stalking is to drive the targeted inidvidual to madness. Not because they are mad, but because they not are crazy.

The price one pay for awakening is been targeted with driving crazy and madness strategies

Paranoia is another strategy they using against awakening people

Fear is a backburner the reptilians and their crossbreeds have turned on high to ensure we stay in a panicked mode.

This is the dimensional field , also known as the lower astral to many people , which resonates to the frequency of low vibrational emotions like fear.

Saving knowledge is to know the self to be one with the Highest ; he fears nothing for there is nothing beyond himself to …

The choice you are making as you say these words is, quite simply, to reinvest as the witness to the situation in such a way that you can detach from the outcome or decision of what this thing is. Everything you see before you, high and low and in between, is a creation. And everything you see before you may be witnessed, once again, in a new way. As it is seen in a new way, the relationship you have with it is transformed. And as it is transformed, you disengage from the old way and you call into being that which exists in a higher octave.

This is a system of re-creation. It is not a calling into manifestation of the new, and we will teach that shortly. You must understand, each one of you, that there is nothing that can be claimed by you, high and low and in between, that you are not in agreement with.

So the moment you decide that you are a victim to something, you give it great power, it becomes your god, and you are in servitude to the false god of fear who would try to teach you who he is as the master of your world. Fear, we would say, in whatever guise it presents itself, is always a liar. There is nothing you could fear that is not meant to frighten you, and the action of fear is always to create more fear.

As you disengage from the vibration of fear, what you actually do is claim the Kingdom, because the Kingdom actually exists without fear. Do you each understand that the Divine Self as you holds no fear? The Christ cannot be in consort with fear because it does not exist at that level of vibration. Is it possible to live here? Yes, it is. But you must decide for yourselves that you have the right and you are willing to let the self become liberated from the structures you have chosen that invite you to attend to the self as the one who is fearful.

Nothing can be changed until you agree that it can be, and nothing can be claimed by you until you first know it as something that can be so. We have taught you possibility in prior teaching; we have told you that nothing can be claimed until it is first known as a possibility, and that is still so. When you claim things, when you choose things, you must always inquire why you choose what you choose. What you get from it, in many cases, will be what you expect, but if you are looking to the physical realm to solve your problems, from here on you are going to be challenged in many ways.

The claims that you have made thus far are actually designed to liberate you from the need for the physical realm to be the problem solver. That does not mean you do not exist here. That means, simply, that you realize that the physical realm is an echo of consciousness and, consequently, you go to the Divine Self as the Creative Self to support you in what is required to be transformed in the world you see before you.

The powers don´t use any time to target people who is powerless, because powerless beings is no threat to their strategies. The Divine Beings is what they fear and if humans could work enough long time they will connect with these powers, and they fear these awakening powers.

Divine Knowlegde was not meant to a few people, but it was meant for humankind, but the ego become the part who want all power for itself. The One World Government in the end represent this; to create a one world leader.

Because you do not acknowledge the unlimited and infinite power that you hold. Because you believe that everything comes from outside, instead of fighting for the expansion of the soul in love. That is why you limit yourselves and you live the shortcomings, because you do not believe that you hold them and you do not live the emotion that you have those things.

The capacity of the mind is unlimited, and about what you could create by thinking you are afraid even to dream about, because you do not experience abundance by feeling abundance, hence opening the gate of doubt. Nothing in the world is limited than thinking and the mind that doesn’t dare to generate abundance through the programmed vibration before existing inthe physical plan. You don’t try to impose your opinions to those around you. Let everyone create his own experience.There is richness for everyone. But you must believe in this truth.

You have been teached and programmed to believe the powers is outside you and not within. They want lead people from inner Kingdom within, and connect them to the outer and external ego. This is to give away one´s power to the rulers and Reptilians. One must connect to the inner Divine Kingdom to overcome all negativity and fear.

Fear nothing. You are protected . Advance into any new field you will. All is open to one who comes with pure motive.

This is also a strategy they using; to make people feel unsafe and scared, It works like this. The Reptilians working after Hegel´s strategy of; Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis and they become or make themselves to the savior of the day (Synthesis). They create the mess and provides then the solution. This system is also used to create fear; they create fear and this increasing the need of a protecting government, and people will then give them more power and they access more and more of people´s life areas.

They create the mess and provides the solution.
They create fearful events and then provides the need of more protection.
They are expert on these strategies.

Reptilians cannot threaten divine power, they can only pose a threat to the Divinity’s conception of themself and to the Divine Persona their servants want to believe in.

The reptilians themselves live in a fear-based system containing specific hierarchies. They fear the humans because they see them as a threat.

The Reptilians on Earth and The Illuminati.

The Reptilian Race has never been peace-makers, but war-makers through the galaxies and planets they trying to control. A fear based mind control system can´t be build up around peace and love, but is built up around fear, conflicts, domination and wars. They even make people believe they are the peace makers that want to save the planet and save the planet, but they are the one´s who creates the mess to create a desire within people they must unite and nations must unite into a One World Government, and in the hands of the Reptilians who created the mess of the world.

They using Hegel´s theory of thesis and antithesis and turn people, groups or nations against each other, and then provides a solution to solve the problem. United Nations was based on these principles after WW2, and now they want give birth to the One World Government. There will come some form of negative huge happening the Earth never has seen before. This will make people beg for a change, and give away all their powers into the reptilians and then it is to late to change anything.

The Reptilians knows they can´t take over the planet with a war, so they must take it over without a war, and therefore playing an whole other game of plans. They will use a silent war strategy and people will not even be aware there is a war in action, and this is there best card to play. Its like significe them as secret socities and the more hidden, silent and in the shadows they can work, the more they moving their frontline forward, and then it may be to late to others to make a counter move. There is silent frequencies in the airs that is constant working on the subconsciousness minds of people and programming their minds. They can take over people´s minds silently in a slow process. These actions is known as MIND CONTROL PROJECT “MARATHON”

Those who seek to divide and conquer don’t want unity. They know that by triggering a Reptilian Regression, a Mammalian Meltdown or a Neo-Cortical Apartheid, they can get us to react to the world around us in their best interests, not ours. They sell unity and create united enslavement.

Manipulation was done to make the masses think in a Reptilian way—without them knowing it.

Few people know that 95% of our DNA and parts of our brain are asleep because of the interference by this reptilian race. They limit our awareness. Some say we’re half human and half reptilian. Back in the bible’s days, the reptilians were perceived as demi-gods by the people on Earth.”

People use around 6-8% of their total brain capacity because of the Reptilians. Think if you could use 100% of the capacity. This is what the reptilians fear most, that humans actually could growing above them, so therefore they must prevent this from happening, and will therefore enslave the whole world into a One World Government or a Global World Brain. The goal is to disconnect people from their 6-8% brain capacity into a computer based brain. This would secure that people never will get the ability to raise uo from this ignorance and spiritual sleep.

The Reptilians are programmed to believe they are the superior form and believe themselves more ” God – like.

“To maintain a position of superior power one must maintain an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to oneself. It is important to create a maze of illusion in religious stories so that all others are fooled into believing that they are inferior and unworthy of being equal individuals. As it becomes in the heavens so shall it be on earth.”

David Icke says, reptilians only care about domination or exploitation. In the end they want domination of planet Earth and the will get this control through the One World Government. The planet Earth was not given to the Reptilians, but with technology they want control of Earth and control of everybodies mind and consciousness.

The Reptilians main agenda is to subdue the human race and dominate the earth.

Mind Control “This is obviously very related to religion, which is, for me, the greatest form of mass mind control yet invented.

The specific aim of the Reptilians and the Grays is to take over Planet Earth through covert mind-control.

The primary fallacy with which the reptilians control our minds is the notion that they genetically created the human race and placed us on this planet, so therefore they are superior to us and we should worship them as gods. Not only did they not create us (we were created from a large pool of alien D.N.A. including earth primate D.N.A. by benevolent races including the Nibiruans as an experiment), but they are in no way superior to us. Yes, they have advanced technology, but our spirituality is in far greater power. Also, the malevolent aliens controlling Earth today could not have done it alone. They needed enough humans so sell out their own race in hopes of receiving some great gift, and this has been done all over the world with the secret government, the Illuminati, the militaries of every country, secret Nazi orders and especially the ancient black Gnostic serpent cults of Bavaria. The invading aliens needed the global economic and fraternal connections of the Bavarian secret societies, whereas the human ‘elite’ needed the alien mind control technology, so an arrangement was made where the Bavarian elitists (and other globalists connected to them) would receive a certain percentage of the planet once the New World Order commenced.

Then the reptilians strip the planet of its resources like water , minerals and DNA information . The infiltration of human society via secret societies is a key method of reptilian control.

Media, science, politics, religion, and the rest are used as a “control system” to manipulate the way we experience reality.

Controllers and manipulators in our world today play on our fear- based reptilian brain.

Controllers and manipulators in our world today play on our fear-based reptilian brain. Constant warnings of terrorism, never-ending wars, financial collapse, and planetary melt downs instill a continuous low grade fear in us. When this occurs our reptilian brain wants to do anything it can to regain control or a sense of safety. The fear clouds our ability to reason and discern between truth and fiction. It can literally drown our innate sense of wisdom, which is ever present within each of us. In order to gain control over the unreasonable fear, we first must recognize its presence.

The Reptilians’ purpose for introducing a fear-based system was to prevent humanity from becoming aware of the astral realms. If humans do become aware of the other dimensions of their lives, they’ll also become aware of the Reptilians. If that occurs, there is no way the Reptilians could maintain control.”

They regard human beings as inferior, stupid and many times use forms of mockery to create intentional harm for their own. The Reptilians have developed high psionic abilities, which they use for mind controlling other entities.

The division between the house servants and the slave progeny of the master who believed themselves to be above everyone else. The divisions, orchestrated by the white masters, gave new meaning to the term divide and conquer

Darwin´s evolytionary theory was based on the facts to create a illusion of a master race and the slaves (the masses)

The Reptilians controlled the human race, and for the destruction of the Egyptians. The Reptilians own 90% of the world’s currency, and 100% of the government.

The reptilians are everywhere, in malls, supermarkets, on television and of course are our rulers. Policy has a reptilian agenda of population control. Are related major diseases and are responsible for human wars. If self-proclaimed superior blue-blooded, noble and enlightened by his wisdom. Hide the true history of humanity and cultivate fear and terror, their main sources of energy. Darwin´s evolytionary theory worked in two ways; to hide the reptilian heritage on Earth and programming people with Darwin based doctrines, and the other reason was to create a illusion; To maintain a position of superior power one must maintain an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to oneself. It is important to create a maze of illusion in religious stories so that all others are fooled into believing that they are inferior and unworthy of being equal individuals. As it becomes in the heavens so shall it be on earth. They are master´s in creating illusions for mankind and their programmed perception of reality.

Our DNA was changed because of this reptilian intervention so that we can no longer access the world beyond the five senses. We merely “operate through the reptilian brain”, which keeps us in a continuous survival mode of fear and aggression (3:10:00). And this is part of the conspiracy: “they want to lock humanity in the five senses, so we don’t perceive beyond it, we are locked in that prison”

The last 5,000 years of history should be rewritten, they have contaminated collective mentality and our DNA, humanity has been manipulated for millennia,. Our limits are the 5 senses with which we perceive only 0.5% of reality and the whole universe . But the truth would emerge with the dissipation of maya as the Veda call it, a veil or fog preventing man, just endowed with his 5senses, from seeing the true reality, but spiritual freedom and quantum physics are our lighthouse in the fog, they Are the true reality and true science. We do not see reality with our eyes, but with our brain decoding the electrical signals that our visual cortex perceives from an illusory three-dimensional holographic reality. Therefore we have the illusion that the physical world is outside us, but the only place where the physical world exists is inside brain, there is no external one buy only an internal one. If you look at a table, it will appear out of you, but it exists only in your mind, your brain decodes the vibrations and electromagnetic waves,perceived by his 5 senses, (touch, sound and colors of objects and surrounding reality that we believe to perceive are nothing but waves and subatomic particles decoded by neurons in our brain (ex:crystal clear white light) . The outer universe does not exist, the universe is inside our brain, each of us perceives it in a different and subjective way. This premise will cause some of you confusion and repulsion, but in others it will open the way to the awareness of true reality.

Unfortunately, we are limited to only five senses and four observable dimensions (three of space and one of time). The information we have about the outside world is through the windows of the five senses. But our senses are limited, so perhaps it is not reality we perceive.

There are battles happening between realities, especially the stronghold of the collective reality, to break free from and reach true guidance regarding life’s purpose. The collective reality has the power to influence thought and emotions as if one were enslaved by an unseen force that can be sensed but not logically identified. This force (delusional programming) is real. It is the root cause of all suffering happening in the world since the fall of man.

When someone attempts to break free from the false reality, the system will meet this with resistance by strategically trying to regain the power it has lost in previous battles. Each temptation, or battle for power, to force you back into the old system will be a fight you will have to win in order to impose your will over the false programming of the collective. In order to do this, the impeccability of one’s actions and thought processes must follow the system that governs the new reality, or ultimate reality.

The path in the beginning will not be easy, but with each success, there is always a little joy and freedom from within to be found. This is the beautiful and exquisitely wonderful journey of discovery. It will break the mental bondage created from a delusional world and thrust you into a free state of consciousness. There you will find freedom from the prison of the mind; freedom from slavery caused by the false programming.

To engage in the inner battle is to take on the warrior’s journey of the individual expression of Source, from which everyone comes. This means to become a warrior of light. Many decide not to undertake such a journey because of the fear of change and the relative comfort of accommodating a flawed system for so long.

This is what is known to most as “facing reality,” or accepting an unfair world, as what is the norm. Anything different threatens to break up that system. Because their reality is based on the limited perception of the five senses, many people stop themselves from going to the next level of consciousness.

This fear also stems from the ability to let go and allow Source to work in your life, instead of trying to control the outcome. In fact, a plan has already been set in place for each one of us. To think contrarily is an error that will cause most to believe they can control events, only to fail in the end.

The warrior’s path is difficult, but progressing along it is well worth it. Change of any sort, whether it be good or bad, requires one to face the fe; of trying something new and be willing to feel uncomfortable at first um transformation happens. As a warrior, one will face many battles to becorr free and, through one’s acting impeccably, become strong enough to able to radiate an energy that influences other people’s realities as well.

This is something that benefits not only oneself, but others just as much. can be considered cooperative development. Belief at its core is the substance that binds and changes reality to different perception. Belief is a word that is highly underrated for the pow’ it has, as well as the multidimensional effect it has on reality. Whr changing a perception of, or understanding about, reality, one’s actions an thoughts should parallel one another. This strengthens faith and knowledg which increases belief.

To simply say “I believe” is not enough, unless yot whole being reflects it. The subconscious (soul) development must come I agreement in obedience to the higher self. There is an energy pathway that goes from the mind to the subconscious and on to the higher self. The: three must have no obstructions if we are to clear the way to manife reality. Once the conscious and subconscious are in alignment, the bell’ becomes a reality.

The subconscious needs repetitious programming. more battles are won, a foundation is created by gaining knowledge, whir consequently increases confidence and faith. As one’s perception changt to fit the new reality in everything done in thought and action by winnir battles, the more power to break free comes into play.

The battles wi usually go against false perceptions. Always try to be aware of yin thoughts and actions. This will give you strength in the face of a delusion subconscious programming system. As we are all mostly on cruise contrc most of the time we are largely not even aware of what we are truly doing.

The transformation of the subconscious is a process that takes constant reflection and gives awareness with all its preprogrammed control. This practice will keep one mindful in changing subconscious perceptions so that one’s impeccability becomes flawless. One can feel when the system of the mind, subconscious — or soul — and the higher self, align. There will be a focused balance of nonconflicting feelings to the new perceptions. Even if you do not feel like taking a right action, contrary to your old beliefs, you should act it out anyway. When someone decides to do this when they normally wouldn’t, it gives them the most power to win battles. This will be going against the grain of past conditioned reality. Over time, it becomes natural to you. It will not be a battle then, although you will not gain anything if it were not a challenge. In the beginning of your journey, the battles will go against your feelings because of the agreements held in the current reality. Once the scales are tipped, the feeling will start changing to be in line with the reality created.

The five-sense prison It is clear why the Illuminati have spent so much time and effort destroying and suppressing the knowledge of reality, consciousness and creation that would set us free of the five-sense illusion.

“it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” (Gal 5:1)

Those who rule the earth have a great fear themselves, and that is with all the billions of people on the planet that could become aware of what they are really doing, thus rebelling and they themselves taking control.

The reason most people will not take the time to investigate what is really taking place on their own planet is because they are too afraid to. The idea of ‘fear’ has been driven into everyone for thousands of lifetimes and everyone carries their own unconscious fear with them, whether they agree to it or not. Until each person decides to confront their own illusions about what they have so easily accepted and agreed to, then they will stay asleep for lifetimes to come with the Elites as their masters and controllers. As a person sleeps with their embodiment, they are the effect of everything around them, and most of all themselves.

The Cycle of Samsara Samsara in common parlance means a set of objects presently in the possession of a human being. But in religious terms, it means a cycle in which these entities stay back after death and the soul owning these possessions passes on to take possession of another set of entities. The soul carries with itself nothing more than the consciousness, and may be some emotions. It leaves behind this world, which in the eyes of soul is simply an illusion, or a virtual projection of reality termed as maya in Hindu religion. The concept of samsara is relevant only in the context of reincarnation.

In Buddhism, at the moment of death the consciousness of our five senses (not the sixth sense), acts as the seed for the spawning of the new consciousness in a new biological structure, conducive to the volitional impulses at the moment of death (which are themselves affected by previous volitional impulses).

In most Indian religions, life is not considered to begin with birth and end in death, but as a continuous existence in the framework of samsara. It has been stated by the learned that the cycle of birth and rebirth is accompanied with the experiences of pain and misery therefore it is in the interest of human beings to break or terminate this cycle. The cycle of birth and death on earth is formed from 8.4 million forms of life, only one of which is human.

The Illuminati has at least for 5000 years planning, control and programmed humankind, so it will take some years to change this programming of the mind.

The One World Order Brats, have so many different diversities for people to get lost in, so that they can secretly go about their business of a complete and total takeover of all material things, and even the thoughts and ideas people create. Again, they do not want any competition, as they fear being second best and taken over themselves.

The Elites have actually invented to subdue the masses into another type of dream world that never resolves itself. It is true there are heavens above the earth, and there are gods, Angels and saviors, but again, there is a much bigger picture that is not seen or has been experienced by most. But then again, very few people will have the courage to test and explore what is within this writing. It is really all about the programing all of us have gone through for untold lifetimes.

The reptilians have used the white race as their main route to global control , but they have crossbred with all races.

Our life could be happy and prosperous if we were aware of our potential strength but we do not know who we are and we live in a constant disharmony. The reality we create unconsciously is illusory and precarious for a fundamental reason: we have been programmed to be slaves. For millennia reptilians have dominates us, for them we are guinea pigs or breeding animals. Reptilian civilizations know how to use the universal portal in their favor, use the matrix to control us. They are practically the operators who push the enter button by sending programs and data depriving us of consciousness about who we really are. Our DNA / RNA is the software that the power (elite) has installed in us to receive these programs: our DNA / RNA decodes these programs and obey predetermined orders like an unconscious robot. These data give us several Illusions: of living in a solid world, of fear of not surviving, of the ego fragmentation, of separation from the whole, of illness and death, of conflict.

Part of your strength is to think as an individual. They want you to use your mass cinsciounsess mind, because that not people´s own thought, but just thinking as others who is programmed how and what to think.

Humanity is being controlled and enslaved in a false matrix.

It is from another dimension, the lower fourth dimension, that the reptilian control.

The ultimate manipulator of the Matrix is five – senses.

They’re a part of the outer matrix that secretly forces itself upon humanity in order to exert control. They can talk to the human mind by transferring thoughts, which lead us to conclusions that they want us to accept. They need humakind stays in the world reality limited to the five senses.

The Reptilians are responsible for the tampering of human DNA; they are billions of years old and excel in control and shape shifting. Reptilian DNA is still present on earth today and can be found in autocratic and oppressive structure and regime (governments, illuminati and so forth) they have infiltrated this planet for eons to brain wash and control humans into becoming mini versions of themselves. In altering our DNA, the light had no way of being anchored into this planet as we were unplugged (figuratively speaking) from the collective grid (consciousness). The remnants of the Reptilian race stand out like sore thumbs where ever they go!

The specific aim of the Reptilians and the Grays is to take over Planet Earth through covert mind-control methods, much as the secret government is trying to do. These two groups are intimately connected. Most people think of world takeover as occurring only by military means such as bombs and guns, but those are not necessary if the people and the leaders can be manipulated by mind control, hypnosis, and brain implants.

reptilians need us; our soul matrix is what they need to survive. We don’t know why exactly, but we believe it is the only reason they are here. Very few alien species have a soul and those that do other than humans living outside our solar system are weaker souls than ours. For whatever reason humanities soul matrix is why they are here and what they need to survive.”

Mankind is controlled completely on the living Earth as much as in between lives. It requires fantastic confront to find out exactly what we have to face between lives.

We have been under this alien reptilian rule for the last ten thousand years. As our technology grows, the reptilians keep giving more of their technology to the government and military to institute complete global mind control.

Reptilians based religions is based on FEAR. This result they are the force behind the repression of human populations in this galaxy, instilling fear-based belief systems and restrictive hierarchies on planets with human populations.

The Reptilan s Systems and other institutions are based upon symbols. Everywhere we look we see a symbol of a business or institution, which can be their logo or insignia.

The Reptilian System is based on hierachies and pyramid structures.

The Reptilian system is based on mind control. At the very core of Icke’s system is the notion that the world is covertly controlled by a race of reptilian entities.

The Reptilian system is based on technology

The Reptilian systems using colors, symbols and presented fronts, or created ideas.

All of these systems want others to recognize who they are without even having to say or print words, but simply see their symbols of (mind) control.

The aphorism of powerful occult bloodlines has always been “order out of chaos” because they are in the business.

Our reptilian ancestors operated almost entirely by routines , and the reptilian parts of our own brains and still operate largely that way.

A theory; Once on Earth, the Reptilians knew that humanity would rise up against them if they were discovered. Therefore, they disguised themselves by shapeshifting and created a hybrid human-alien race, the blond-haired, blue-eyed “Aryans,” to carry out the Reptilians’ wishes.

The Reptilians use these individuals to create political and economic chaos so that they may feed on the fear and anxiety that surround wars, revolutions, and economic depressions. But Icke’s theory is ulti-mately hopeful: if people can understand their potential to transcend this reality and to recognize their oneness with the universe, then the Reptilians will be over-thrown. This revolution will usher in an age of freedom, harmony, and spiritual growth for all mankind. David Icke’s claims act as an attack on the modern world and the power struc-tures that give it shape, while also espousing a type of millenarianism. Millenari-anism is the idea found in many religions and ideologies that the world will soon undergo a profound change due to some cataclysm, the arrival of a savior figure, or another paradigm-shattering event that will result in the creation of a utopian society. Yet Icke also unleashes scathing attacks on the global financial system and the monopolization of political power by individuals and corporations. His theory offers an explanation of sorts for decreased social mobility, increasing personal debt, and the continued aggrandizement of wealth by the ultra-elite.

Than fake saviors will descent to save hurilans in the Second coming event and restore order out of chaos to form One World Government. But not before more people die in one day than in two world wars. And the scariest of all – remaining humans will be genetically altered again with brain chip – mark of the Beast by the new false Gods not to question their masters ever again. Sounds unreal? Is this an unreal future, just sci-fiction or could it be reality.

Scriptures warning for the future in Book of Revelation. The Order of Chaos is method is in play, and genocide action is also in play to begin depopulate Earth, and the One World Government actions is also in play, and new technologies constantly working for control and mind control people, and RFID-chip is also mention in the Book of Revelation, so this may not just be sci-fiction.

The human intellect was intended by Nature to “bring order out of chaos.” But through greed for power on all levels and in all quarters of leadership may has instead, wrought chaos out of order.

From “Order of Chaos” to “Chaos Out of Order”. This becomes rulement by dis— order of chaos

Our choices have been the only true source of darkness (ignorance) on this planet. It is very important for us as individuals, and even more so as a species, to understand how our choices have led to a lack o fa true heart connection. To repeat a point made in an e lrlier chapter, when the true, full heart connection has been made, the human brain integrates the lower mammalian and reptilian brains into its service. But when the heart connection is not made, the process is reversed; the two lower brains integrate the human brain into their service.

Through ignorance each generation since “modern” birthing practices were adopted, has compounded the problem, skewing us farther and farther off the track that leads to heart intelligence. At the ego level of consciousness, as Richard Moss points out, our certainty about things is always at the expense of the knowledge of self”

“Ra was the Egyptian falcon god of the (Sun), symbolizing the order of chaos, the light of the darkness.”

“Pharaohs wore snakes on their crowns to show that they were of royal reptilian lineage. These are the fallen ones of heaven. These are the keepers of ancient knowledge, the guards, the knights of war and economical colonialism, and the illuminated ones that hide enlightenment. These are the dark minds that seek to possess us and challenge us. These are the ones that make slaves out of humanity!”

Isn´t it the the reptilians on Earth that represent the royal reptilian lineage, and the pharaohs was desrcibed as the “Fallen Ones”, so is the God´s who is said came from Heaven, they who fall down from Heaven or is the Fallen Ones, and they make everything to be at that position they fall from,a and one part of this strategy is to create a illusions of separation.

⦁ The division between the house servants and the slave progeny of the master who believed themselves to be above everyone else. The divisions, orchestrated by the white masters, gave new meaning to the term divide and conquer
⦁ To maintain a position of superior power one must maintain an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to oneself. It is important to create a maze of illusion in religious stories so that all others are fooled into believing that they are inferior and unworthy of being equal individuals. As it becomes in the heavens so shall it be on earth.
⦁ Darwin´s evolytionary theory was based on the facts to create a illusion of a master race and the slaves (the masses)

The reptilians have enslaved the human race to do their biddings over the millennia. They are said to control the world governments and thrive on wars, to provide their sustenance. In a way we do not understand. This race has reportedly derailed the humans from their original evolutionary directive, with their enslavement tactics.

The Reptilian´s desire is to rule your mind, to decide your destiny, to keep you bound, to make you feel defeated, to make the mind become a casualty, a prisoner of war. The battleground in the mind is a very serious place. It is a high place that is dominant with principalities and high powers. The Devil’s kingdom is his own regiment: a kingdom to distract you, a kingdom to disturb you, a kingdom to disorder you. It is a kingdom that is systematic and structured. His kingdom is an operation that comes to eradicate, to disturb, and to distract from the plan of God; a plan to take the mind to a high place, to control your own imagination, to be under the dominance of evil forces. His target point is to create an open door to the mind, something to attract the mind’s weakness.

The enemy targets the mind as a place of slavery, a place to keep the mind in chains. This battle that the mind wrestles with has been instituted and has been programmed in the mind since the foundation and the beginning of slavery.

Icke has done research via bloodlines and explains why the elite are always the same bloodlines. David Icke states that an elite group of families with a royal lineage rules the world. These families share the same reptilian bloodlines. But about the reptilian statement there will be much discussion. Here are some quotes for book from the article by David Icke The reptilians: Why they are obsessed with bloodline and ritual:

These reptilians and their allies have corrupted Earth DNA with their own and this genetic infiltration lies dormant until it is activated by the vibrational fields generated by the Illuminati secret society rituals, and others in the public eye like the carefully designed coronations and official ceremonies of many kinds. This activation is now also being inflicted upon the general population through technology on Earth and in space, no doubt, and this channelled entity said that the cloning programme is there to develop designer bodies for the reptilians of the “in between world” that would not require the overpowering of an already incarnate consciousness. Once activated, the DNA opens the body to possession by these reptilians and other beings, and this is what is happening, for example, to Freemasons in the rituals that most of them deliver parrot fashion while having no idea of their vibrational significance. The Illuminati are obsessed to know a person’s bloodline. The bloodlines determine the potential for the activation and possession by the reptilian beings.

These people are more reptilian than the general population, and the “hybrid bloodlines” to which they belong date all the way …

All of the Illuminati bloodlines are connected, and the “purity” of the hybrid DNA is carefully protected through controlled breeding and mar-riages. Thus a non-human race controls and manipulates humanity through hybrid bloodlines.

They may be, wrote lcke, both “native” reptilians and “outer space” reptilians on earth at the same time. They control the Global Elite and Brotherhood by a combination of methods. They have crossbred with human beings, creating creatures that look human but are inwardly reptilian. These “hybrids” are possessed’ by their “fullblood” reptilian masters. The hybrid “bloodlines” continually interbreed, moreover, so that the Brotherhood is not simply nonhuman but is also the product of intentionally manipulated unions.

This stuff may seem harmless, but paranoia, along with its demonizing discourse is a deeply destructive force. When mild paranoia holds hegemony, you get prime-divider societies, enforcing their dominating imperative and proliferating their zero-sum games. When acute paranoia takes over, we get totalitarian regimes, unlimited wars, and genocidal drives. As funny as it may seem, it is not. The point is not whether this is still marginal or not? When it goes mainstream, it is already too late. The point is what routes is it likely to travel along, and what do we do to protect ourselves from it?

As the dark force believes it is separate from the Source, it is stuck in survival mode where it must take the energy drawn from the lower-ego desires of money, prestige, and power from others. Most souls will not consciously surrender their power, so the dark forces have to use trickery and deception in order to gain the victim’s life force energy.

There is one way called an entropic energy exchange. When this occurs the darkness can take light and convert it into an array ofdistorted impulses, whereby the illusion of power and superiority is manifested as a sort of ego-dominion. This transfer of power cannot hold indefinitely, so after a while the illusion will disintegrate and the light will return to the Source.

On Earth at this time a transition period has been initiated whereby light energy is being directed into the dark, dense corners of the planet and many conspiracies are coming to the surface. The vibration of Earth is so low right now that this is taking time, time that is speeding up to the perception of many Earthlings who are finally sensing the truth. The most ostentatious conspiracy on Earth right now concerns the reptilian factions. They originate in many density worlds and are spread out though many sectors in the Orion, Sirius, and Alpha Draconis star systems.

Most of the governments and police forces of the world have been penetrated by these forces, the ones who take fear and give fear in return. The military-industrial complex is one of the ways human herds are quelled with technology and war.

If they can infiltrate these governments, then the ordinary man on the street is easy to take over and control, even without they understanding they are mind controlled and govern by other forces.

The Dark Forces will remain in power until a certain mass of people wake up to the greater reality ofwho their rulers really are.

The Illuminati began as a series of secret mystical orders, but over time has been corrupted by power, greed, and the interbreeding bloodline families seeded by the “gods” of the Bible. The members of this faction originally called themselves the “Illuminated Ones” because of the higher spiritual knowledge they gained, but after a while many freedoms were taken away (the order of the Druids is an excellent example ofthis). As centuries passed it became harder and harder to gain entry into these organizations, which were prided on secrecy. Instead of schools they became cults that practiced demon worship and blood sacrifice. Today, the Illuminati is composed of international bankers and members of the power elite including presidents, prime ministers, Roman Catholic officials, and generals of war. They meet in secret and perform rituals designed to increase their hold over society, this hold of hypnotization perpetuated by the media and education systems of many nations. Their control of the entire monetary system also ensures them the capability of moving power influences anywhere on the planet. They control the movie industry and many professional actors who have surrendered themselves to Lucifer and the New World Order. They not just control the movie industry, they controls the world through it, and they also invented the movie industry. For people the movie indutry is entertainment, for the Reptilians it means control, domination and mind control.

Icke speaks widely about the corruption inherent in modern institutions. Media, science, politics, religion, and the rest are used as a “control system” to manipulate the way we experience reality, to “program our minds” into acquiescence (19:00-25:00). He discussed how these institutions are dogmatic and inward-looking: “politics, science, education and media. They all stand on the same postage stamp. And anyone who wants to step off it and explore another area is ridiculed and condemned” (31:00). Icke integrates all of these different institutions in one pyramidal view of society in which the centralization of power is the organizing principle (3:36:00). At the top of this pyramid, which is visualized as an illustration, resides the cabal who are leading us into a global totalitarian control state. The cabal is described as a network of secret societies and powerful families, sometimes captured under the phrase “Illuminati bloodlines”.

Icke made it abundantly clear that “the road to tyranny began when these reptilian arrived here, before that the world was very different” . He sketched an image of a time long ago when people lived in harmony with the world around them and were connected to higher levels of consciousness. “And then there was a sudden change,” Icke explained, when “an energetic schism at the level of the metaphysical universe” fundamentally altered life on earth, “and we became distorted from the magnificence and harmony we were before”.

Our DNA was changed because of this reptilian intervention so that we can no longer access the world beyond the five senses. we merely “operate through the reptilian brain”, which keeps us in a continuous survival mode of fear and aggression.

And this is part of the conspiracy: “they want to lock humanity in the five senses, so we don’t perceive beyond it, we are locked in that prison”. This prison refers to “the nature of reality itself’, and it is of prime importance, Icke argued, because “what the control system doesn’t want us to know is that this reality—the one we think we are experiencing now—is an illusion!”.

Icke proposed that “the world we think we are experiencing outside of us, is [actually] inside of us. We are creating it”. Everything around us is, according to Icke, our own individual projection of the “metaphysical universe”, “eternal consciousness”, or what he often referred to as the “waveform base reality” . Pointing to his head, Icke said that “it’s all going on in here” . This projection is, however, not entirely our own as “the control system is manipulating 24/7 the way that we decode reality”, because when “you can’t control millions physically, you have to control the way they perceive themselves and the world” .

Mainstream institutions play an important part in making these “prisons for our minds”, but Icke pointed to another method of mass mind control: “the moon-matrix.” He argued that the moon is actually a hollowed out planetoid brought here by these reptilian entities, which is most probably the cause of the energetic schism, and emits a frequency which distorts our interpretation of reality. And that is “the bottom line of this conspiracy”: controlling our perception of what is possible and real so to enslave us while we believe ourselves to be free. But a change is going to come, Icke told us optimistically toward the end of the show, “a totally new era is in the process of moving into human experience”, a “new epoch of enlightenment and expansion, of love, harmony and respect”.

His argument is that an “energetic change is coming”, and that “truth vibrations” are going “to wake people up from this slumber” and ultimately “heal the schism” (5:03:00-5:23:00). And “it’s going to be extraordinary”, we are told; “we are going to emerge from the abyss—the suppression and all the rest of it—and remember the fantastic potential that humans once were and be who we really are” . In order to open ourselves to these “truth vibrations” and to “go down this road of freedom, we first need to free our minds from the programming of a lifetime”, Icke urged us passionately.

We need to unlearn what we were told in school, school being a primary mode of indoctrination:

“It Is not there to enlighten us. It’s there to program us with a certain perception of reality which we carry through our lives so we will be good little slaves. Free our minds from the belief that the mainstream media is interested in telling people the truth about what is going on in the world! It’s there to do the opposite! It Is there to tell us the version of reality the control systems wants us to believe, so we will respond and react the right way. Free our minds from the fake “change” politics (we are offered!! Free our minds from the fake fraudulent false-flag terrorist events! Free our minds from the idea that Big Pharma is in any way interested in human health, It’s not about human health, it’s about Big Pharma wealth! Free our mind from the fear that controls the world! Free our minds, more than anything else, from the idea that we are just “Joe Public”, that wel’vel got no power. The choice is to become conscious!”

Icke urged the audience “to remove the barriers of belief and perception that keep us from enlightenment” “Enough!” Icke shouted as he brought the show to its end, “it is time to fly!” Given the massive applause Icke received, his audience seemed ready for it. !de’s super-conspiracy theory merges stories of banking scandals and institutional corruption with theories about the supernatural potential of humankind and globalized networks of hybrid reptilian bloodlines. And yet all is put in one surprisingly cohesive narrative which captures his audience’s attention for hours. In the following sections, I will show which cultural sources of epistemic authority Icke draws on to make his extraordinary conspiracy theory of everything plausible.

You will have to understand sooner or later that the games are regulated for the purpose of the New World Order. The game is about to understand it before it is to late. The One World Government will not be like its presented for people and the public. Their is a Illuminat hidden in agenda in place.

You will have to understand sooner or later that the games are regulated for the purpose of the New World Order.

You got to here through the most massive and comprehensive of Human replication, Psychopolitical interactions, Microwave harassment and Mind control. It goes far beyond the old idea of “Brain-washing” for these things are now used against you IN MASS!

The ONLY way to conquer a man is to capture his mind. Control a man’s mind and you control his body and all his actions. Most of you never even notice all the things that affect you subconsciously–you don’t even know what to look for. For instance, the doctors’ offices are filled with people looking for help for the “sounds in their head” and “the awful tones and ringing in their ears”. Why? It is simply pulsed tones presenting signals and messages totally accepted by the mind and fully qualified by everything your enemy shows you on the television, radio, in papers–all media.

Psychopolitics is simply mass mind-control through any method desired at the hands of the politicians.

Anais Nin said, “When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become autonomous. We cease to grow.” When the One World Government is in place and etablished, then does peoples opinion no longer mean something, and the mind cease to grow. When everything becomes automatic people lose knowledge. They more automatic human becomes the more they lose their humaneness.

When you open your mind and heart to the Infinite that is you, the Divine programming drifts through your field of awareness just like clouds drift through the sky. The divine operates not in a static mode but in an ever-evolving and innately personal knowing beyond language. Language is inadequate for describing something beyond the five senses.

Network television is used for mass mind control. When you watch television every day, your thoughts are not your own (it´s thought of the mass consciousness).

Mind control is the way of our society. Project MK Ultra is an example of overt mind control.

Over time we become desensitized to the realities of our choices and can literally create our own hell – cut off from the highest energy this universe has to offer. Once the low vibrational soup of our own creation becomes normal to us, our progeny will not know anything different and will become almost completely severed from the infinite consciousness of the universe. Once this happens we would degenerate into little more than cyborgs with very little creative force. We can see the early stages of this going on today with young people locked into their computer devices. We can become more and more like the low vibrational archons who are methodically working to manipulate us into that future which is each day becoming more and more alarmingly a reality.

Whenever Reptilians become aware of an evolved soul on Earth, they implant them with control devices that prevent a natural awakening to the fourth and fifth dimensions.” Organized Gang Stalking targeting awakens souls or empowered individuals (targeted indivdiuals).

When the Archons created bloodlines thousands of years ago to facilitate their political, spiritual and economic control of the planet, they did not take a break. The process of control, which is much like the hive mind, is well advanced and infiltrates every aspect of our lives, including family and relationships. Be mindful that as we attempt to raise our vibration, archontic forces will be working methodically to discourage us from attaining this alignment. They do not want us to reconnect with the universe. Don’t worry about this though because a high vibrational existence is infinitely more powerful than the low vibration of the archons. As long as we keep focused on raising our individual vibrations, everything not resonating with us will fall away.

The reptilian “overmind” is described by channelers as the collective mind of the Draconian elite which can invade the higher human brain and attempt to control it.

The government is what we call the old brain , or sometimes the ‘ reptilian ‘ brain

When, at last, the ‘ lid of the Overmind ‘ is pierced , the Supermind descends into, and transforms, the whole personality.

The strong , hard and bright lid of mind – mind constricting , dividing and separative ” has to be pierced through and an aperture effected for consciousness to ascend into the higher ranges and for the Light and Powe

The Fouth Dimensions that controls and has domination over the 3D Earth Dimension and controls the human ego/mind/consciousness.

Icke argues that reptilians live, unseen, all around us in a fourth dimension. This dimension is significant, he says, because it is ‘the traditional home for the “demons” of folklore and myth’. Again, just as demons are able to work through their human accomplices in witch-craze and satanic panic cosmologies, so, in Icke’s thought, ‘fourth-dimensional reptilian entities work through hybrid bloodlines because (being part reptilian] they have a vibrational compatibility with each other’.

‘Follow the Illuminati-reptilian bloodlines from the ancient world to now and they have ALWAYS taken part in human sacrifice ceremonies and blood-drinking. The sacrifices to “the gods” in ancient accounts were literally sacrifices to the reptilians and their hybrid bloodlines. The story of the blood-drinking Dracula is symbolic of the reptilian “vampires”. As to why the vampiric reptilians need to drink human blood, the answer is simple. If they do not, they are unable to ‘maintain their DNA codes in their “human” expression’. In other words, without blood, ‘they manifest their reptilian codes and we would all see what they really look like’.

Icke believes the reptilian brain in humans (in its present form) is not natural or normal but a product of reptilian genetic manipulation. “It acts like an enormous microchip and locks us into their control system,” he says. “Its primitive, emotional, fear-based sense of reality provides the perfect vehicle for collective control and the conflict and insecurity so essential to divide and rule.”- If Icke’s hypothesis is correct, it would mean the human species is part reptilian; or, put another way, each and every one of us is a human-reptilian hybrid.

According to Icke, the reptilian bloodlines came into being as a result of reptilian genetic engineering, and their purpose on this Earth is a very important one. It is by operating through these bloodlines, he says, that the reptilians control humanity, as they’ve been doing for thousands of years. For you see, the reptilians are indigenous to the Fourth Density, which exists within a different vibrational frequency range from our world, which is the Third Density. Our Third Density and the reptilian Fourth Density, despite differing slightly in terms of vibrational frequency (density), occupy the same space and hence interpenetrate each other. They are like neighboring radio stations. The reptilians, then, are not extraterrestrials in the true meaning of the term. They are extra-dimensional beings; they originate from outside this dimension. Icke says the reptilians have the technological capability to manifest in our density, but only to a very limited extent. And this is where the reptilian bloodlines come in to the picture.

They are from the lower fourth dimension that the reptilians control and manipulate

The fourth dimension is a lower dimension, and it has lower vibrations. There are different levels of the fourth dimension: the lower, middle, and upper fourth dimensions. There are some very high beings in the fourth dimension. But the lower fourth dimension contains ghosts and other negative spirits who can often be mischievous. Some of these beings are parasitic, and they attach to people on the third dimension.

“What is know of them in terms of their genetic stock is that the word itself, Nibiru, is a word of Orion origin which means “the joining of two tribes”. Apparently this original tribe was created as a marriage between a princess of reptilian-human ancestry from Orion and a group from Sirius of human origin. It was a marriage of alliance, millions of years ago.” From a Earth perspective Freemasons merged with the Illuminati.

Freemason worship the morning star and planet Sirius.

It is this fourth dimension which holds the other three dimensions together

Some authors believes that Satan and demons can also occupy the fourth dimension so that human beings can “ have limited powers to carry out dominion over the third dimension, influencing your circumstances.

While we do recognize certain realities and truths in these teachings, it is also important to realize that the devil occupies an evil fourth dimension. God, however, is holy, unique, and almighty. The fourth dimension is always creating and giving order, and carrying out dominion over the third dimension.

Satan controls Earth and have domination of the human race. This is nothing new and can easily be found in texts.

“The fourth dimension is always creating and giving order, and carrying out dominion over the third dimension”, it may be order out of chaos.

Remember the fourth dimension has power over the third dimension, and the human spirit, within limitations, has the power to give order and creation. God gave mankind dominion over the earth (Gen. 1:26-28), or said another way: God gave mankind power to control our three-dimensional world; and this dominion or power to control can be exerted from the fourth dimension.

These dynasties have the same line of blood as the current Illuminati, they have the same hybrid DNA ( half-human and half reptilian). Since their DNA contains ‘the reptilian’, the illuminati can interact with them from the third to the fourth dimension.

As a matter of fact, human DNA / RNA is a powerful electromagnetic antenna used to transmit doubts, fears, violence and self-destruction to the entire world community; that’s why they need large amounts of plasma: this way they create, from the fourth dimension through human DNA, an interdimensional breach so to perpetuate the collective hypnosis creating an illusory and false reality in our brain, dominating our lives. We are computers programmed to be subjugated by power.

The thought of the humans on this planet evolving beyond the Draconians/Reptilians is their greatest fear,” and therefore You must be suppressed and subjugated into fear and confusion as a so-called primitive race. Darwins theory was based on this, to create an illusion of them as superior, they are the Master´s and the masses the “Slaves” or the primitive race.

This control system is a mental manipulation, since the people to be controlled must be a gear of national machine, must not have passion or purpose, must accept common logic without rebellion. Those who have a purpose, rebel to the mass standard that wants them unwittingly and unhappy; they acquire wisdom and awareness, love life and rejoice in the work done with passion and purpose. Having a goal to be achieved, increases your self-esteem and your will, it increases your ambition and love for yourself, creativity will overcome your self-imposed limits. If you have a purpose in life do not trust people who do not think like you as they will sabotage you believing they are doing your own good, so that you will avoid failures and disappointments, but will destroy your dream with the so-called pragmatic mentality. Have confidence in yourself and stand up to those who want to bring you into the meek and depressed flock.

We live in an era where creativity can help you not be slaves of a crisis created to get you succumb to the fear of not surviving.

Icke writes; A pyramidal structure of human beings has been created under the influence and design of the negative manipulators on the Fourth Dimension, the Prison Warders. They control the human clique at the top of the pyramid.

All subconscious minds are in contact with one another, forming a common pool. When the subconscious is allowed to speak, you can never be sure “whose” subconscious will speak up. In another vein, when Cayce refers to the astral plane, he is referring to that particular “frequency domain” of the fourth dimension where the subconscious dwells—both that of the channel and that of others—embodied and otherwise.

In the midst of living in the above mellow drama, we were told that the tyrants who are attempting to control all of humanity are getting more vicious and powerful. These beings from the low fourth dimension that are here on earth right now trying to control everybody and everything.

All subconscious minds are in contact with one another

Mass consciousness

Collective shadow

The Beast dwells in the sub consciousness

Illuminati have access to the sub consciousness part of humans

The false prophet of Revelation, as a sense of self limited to ego-awareness or the ego-bound human mind, can also be loosely com-pared to the ego-concept of Jungian psychoanalysis. According to Jung. an individual as an ego was the center of his conscious mind. Freud’s ego-concept was more vague, although according to him, the ego-principle, while active, creates an experience of conscious awareness. Western psychoanalytical theory admits ego’s limitations, but dots not view them as delusory as does Eastern philosophy and religion.

The image of the beast

“And he [the beast that came up out of the earth) deceives those who dwell on the earth… to make an image to the beast [that rose from the sea)” (Rev. 13:14). As we remember, the beast that rose from the sea represents in these interpretations the delusiveness of ego-conscious-ness. At the same time, the beast is a personification of the whole ego-consciousness. When those who dwell on the earth make an image of the beast, it is the different components of human consciousness, such as the ability to think and to imagine, which are creating the image. This creation is thus a function of the human mind; that is, the image of the beast is a mental image. This mental image reflects the characteristic nature of the person’s own ego-consciousness. It is a projection of the ego-consciousness. The subconscious plays an important role in the creation of this projection, as the subconscious is part of the ego-consciousness. And finally: because St. John uses the expression “an image of the bead’, he emphasizes that the created image is delusory.

According to the first interpretation, the image of the beast is a mental God-image created by human beings. Although it is supposed to be an image about God, human characteristics are reflected in it. Interpreted in this way, the im-age of the beast is an ideal type for a superficial and delusory religion.

The image of the beast reflects superficiality because it is only an image. In a superficial religion, a person actually believes in mental images and doctrines. The image of the beast is also delusory, because in it are reflected the illusions of the ego-consciousness: duality and ego-desires. Human beings create their God-images with concepts that have opposites, and they expect their God to fulfill their desires and wishes.

Furthermore, the image of the beast is an ideal type of an superficial and delusory religion, because it is a projection born only from the ego-consciousness. Usually the human consciousness, however, includes, along with the ego-consciousness, strains of a deeper con-sciousness, or the consciousness of the Self, although the boundary between the ego-consciousness and the consciousness of the Self is not always easily defined.

Human spirituality is generally many-stranded, so that even a false God-image, born from the ego-consciousness, exists side by side with selfless actions and genuine spir-itual experiences. The superficiality and delusion which St. John clarifies through the image of the beast, can thus be only one strand of spirituality, manifesting itself either faintly or in more well-defined ways.

Another reason that the mythical image of the beast is an ideal type of a false religion is that it can include all false human images of the divine, varied as they are both in substance and in ethical value. (In their most narrow sense, the God-images have reflected the special characteristics and interests of one cultural group only. But the more elevated God-images have perhaps been created by prophets who re-count a state of oneness based on their personal experiences.

Their descriptions change their listeners’ God-images but only according to the degree of ego-consciousness each listener retains.) While depicting the image of the beast in Revelation, St. John may have been curious as to how the God-images come about, but the image is also an appropriate mythical image for a new stage in his spir-itual progress. Having fully experienced the bliss of oneness and hav-ing at that moment overcome ego-consciousness, St. John surely sees clearly the inimical and delusory nature of his old religion.

The reign of Freedom, which thus keeps ‘laws of Nature’ at bay, is, however, precarious in as much as it depends on the fulfilment of two exacting conditions.

The first condition is that the conscious personality must keep the subconscious underworld of the Psyche under the will’s and reason’s control.

The second condition is that it must also contrive to ‘dwell together in unity’ with the other conscious personalities with which it has to dwell together on some terms or other in the mortal life of a Homo Sapiens who was a social animal before he was a human being, and a sexual organism before he was a social animal.

These two necessary conditions for the exercise of Freedom are actually inseparable from one another; for, if it is true that ‘when knaves fall out honest men come by their own’, it is no less true that, when persons fall out, the Subconscious Psyche escapes from the control of each and all of them.

Thus the gift of consciousness, whose mission is to liberate the human spirit from the ‘laws of Nature’ ruling over the subconscious abyss of the Psyche, is apt to defeat itself by misusing, as a weapon of fratricidal conflict between one personality and another, the freedom that is its raison d’être; and the structure and working of the Human Psyche

“The shadow can also stand for the less individualized part of the personality, the collective shadow which corresponds to the most primitive, archaic level of the human mind—the level which links us with our animal past—often symbolized by a beast or some sort of anthropomorphized animal.” In myth the shadow is encountered as the trickster. The latter is an ar-chaic and virtually universal mythic figure such as Loki among the ancient Norse. According to Jung, the trickster has persisted from archaic times to the present.

The Illuminati dictate the policy and view of almost all areas of society . … It is through the mind and emotions that the game is played with the subconscious reality the number one target .

The programmers are always trying to outdo what they’ve done before. They are not satisfied with the old recipes for scrambled brains, they keep inventing and refining new methods. Anything and everything within their grasp has been tried. They have found that ELF and VLF electro-magnetic waves can be used to control people’s thoughts. Harmonics and sound waves are used to manipulate the RNA covering of neuron pathways to the subconscious. Harmonic generators (code named “ether-wave”) are able to imbed detailed commands which are linked to audible triggers.

Unfortunately, the Illuminati now have the capability via their fronts to implant transmitters that will communicate messages to the human brain that are received via computers. The ability to literally have a single World Brain is within the grasp of the elite. Unfortunately, the technology is here already (and in action).

The enemy targets the mind as a place of slavery, a place to keep the mind in chains. This battle that the mind wrestles with has been instituted and has been programmed in the mind since the foundation and the beginning of slavery.

For the better part of plysicai one. two centuries now, our species has been indoctrinated more and more in the idea that the physical world is the sum total of our reality. Secularism in its various nuances has slowly but surely lowered the heavy lid of naturalism over the warm cauldron of our congenital spirituality. We have been programmed to suppress any urge to allow the possibility of a reality outside of nature because such an idea has been so effectively sold as parochial, unsophisticated and ignorant. For so long, we have marched in lock step with so-called intellectualism, afraid that the slightest misstep toward spirituality will cost us our place on the modem bandwagon of thought.

A transmodern view would also decenter the ego, but in favor of recentering the psyche in a larger, transcendent self that encapsulates the ego. That is, a transmodern approach posits a level of the psyche beyond the ego which is not unconscious, not conscious, but transconscious. In transpersonal psychology, transconsciousness is an awareness of the es-sential wholeness of the self and of the oneness of the universe. It is a recognition that the egoic common sense of the separate self is an illusion that keeps us divided from one another. Transconsciousness releases the spiritual impulse that modernism contains within the Thinking Man and postmodernism represses into unconsciousness. Whereas most people experience transconsciousness incompletely, it is the intuition of its pos-sibility, however dim, that imbues life with meaning.

The Shadow hides in the unconscious, but it is well represented in our conscious mind through its earthly ally, called the Ego. To conquer the Shadow is essential to our existence and the fulfillment of our destiny. This battle is a work of a lifetime and in certain cases, the work of many lifetimes. The Shadow can not be destroyed, for that would be self-mutilation. Our only remaining alternative is to transform it through self-redemption. In essence, this lies at the heart of every human life, whether the transmutation executed or not. To lessen the burden of this task, some, if not all of us, at one time or other, individually or collectively, will project our own Shadow onto others. This then results in unjustified guilt-complexes, witchunts, and on a larger scale, genocide and war.

This deeper layer of human psyche is the ” collective unconscious . Its the “collective” because this part of the unconscious is not individual but universal ; in contrast to the personal (ego).

The consequences of holding the collective conscious for ransom in the oubliette of our cultural and unconscious and collective Shadow is that locks up all the psychic energy and fluidity of consciousness we need to get stargates of out of stealth mode. We can´t see the stargates at present because of we lack the fluidity and consciousness we once had. We have locked up all our treasures of consciousness. All the freedom and fluidity and understanding we once had got bound up.

“The Devil’s kingdom is his own regiment: a kingdom to distract you, a kingdom to disturb you, a kingdom to disorder you”. Its much like how organized gang stalking is working. Street theater for the eyes (to distort seeing sense), noise harassment and sound frequencies and psychological communication street theater for the ears (to disturb hearing sense), and wickedness pscyhology, gaslighting, manipulation (to disorder perception of reality). This is the basic keys for organized gang stalking actions; to distract, to distort, to disturb, to fragmentatize reality. Then the “Reptilians” rules the world, the organized gang stalking actions is simular to the Reptilian desire to control human minds and their destiny.

The Reptilian´s desire is to rule your mind, to decide your destiny, to keep you bound, to make you feel defeated, to make the mind become a casualty, a prisoner of war. The battleground in the mind is a very serious place. It is a high place that is dominant with principalities and high powers. The Devil’s kingdom is his own regiment: a kingdom to distract you, a kingdom to disturb you, a kingdom to disorder you. It is a kingdom that is systematic and structured. His kingdom is an operation that comes to eradicate, to disturb, and to distract from the plan of God; a plan to take the mind to a high place, to control your own imagination, to be under the dominance of evil forces. His target point is to create an open door to the mind, something to attract the mind’s weakness. This is smuch how organized gang stalking working in action.

When you open your mind and heart to the Infinite that is you, the Divine programming drifts through your field of awareness just like clouds drift through the sky. The divine operates not in a static mode but in an ever-evolving and innately personal knowing beyond language. Language is inadequate for describing something beyond the five senses.

The Reptilians worst fear is if people begin to open the heart and connection to the infinite and their divine self, so they must prevent these action by a counter move, and the One World Government is such counter move that enslaves everyone, and this will protect their position as dominator over others, and control of planet Earth.

The Reptilian way of dominance is to targeting the human senses, and silent frequency weapons such syntethic telepathy, voice to skull technology, and organized gang stalking is using noise harassment as a sound weapon to distract, disturb and disorder the mind, reality, perception by targeting the five senses.

The Body is very often the personification of this shadow of the ego

This is how the Illuminati control humankind by divide and conquer, order out of chaos, fear, predictable programming, and what the reptilians fear most and how this is related to why humans just can use 6-8% of their brain capacity, and how these factors is related to why they must create the One World Government. The real purpose isn´t to that people and nations must unite to save the world as they want people to think. Its related to fear and human brain capacity.

‘Divide and conquer’, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF TERROR, The thought of the humans on this planet evolving beyond the Draconians/Reptilians is their greatest fear,” and therefore You must be suppressed and subjugated into fear and confusion as a so-called primitive race.

⦁ We live in an oligarchy. There is an elite class, and then there are the masses. The elite need to justify why they are the ones who should rule. They must therefore portray themselves as superior to the masses.
⦁ The government is worried about what the people are going to do when they wake up – everything is designed to fit their purpose and gives the government control of institutions that the people can’t defend themselves from.
⦁ One of the reasons we cannot effect change through the current political system is that it was designed behind the scenes by the elite to ensure that it would stay that way. Its actions is beyond humans awareness and humans is subconscioulsy controlled and programmed by the “Reptilians” that governs the world. Fear programming, conditioned programming, predictable programming controls the human mind. Fear creates an emotion, psychologcal and social envoriment of low vibrational energies and this keeps humans suppressed into darkness, ignorance and lack of knowledge.
⦁ The division between the house servants and the slave progeny of the master who believed themselves to be above everyone else. The divisions, orchestrated by the white masters, gave new meaning to the term divide and conquer
⦁ To maintain a position of superior power one must maintain an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to oneself. It is important to create a maze of illusion in religious stories so that all others are fooled into believing that they are inferior and unworthy of being equal individuals. As it becomes in the heavens so shall it be on earth.
⦁ Darwin´s evolytionary theory was based on the facts to create a illusion of a master race and the slaves (the masses)
⦁ The old formula for empire building is ‘Order out of chaos’; make the chaos, provide the solution, create the new order. The principles of rulers were later refined and documented in the Middle Ages by the politician Niccolo Machiavelli (1969-1527) who wrote ‘II Principe, outlining the principles of leadership in the hope of prompting a ‘restorer’ to rescue the Roman empire.
⦁ Oh yes, so grand the illusion of freedom will be, that they will never know they are our slaves. when all is in place, the reality we will have created for them will own them. This reality will be their prison. They will live in self-delusion. When our goal is accomplished a new era of domination will begin. (One World Government)
⦁ Members of these roues will think they are one with us never knowing the truth. They must never learn this truth or they will turn against us. For their work they will be rewarded with earthly things and great titles, but never will they become immortal and join us, never will they receive the light and travel the stars. They will never reach the higher realms, for the killing of their own kind will prevent passage to the realm of enlightenment. This they will never know.
⦁ We will always hide the divine truth from them, that we are all one. This they must never know! They must never know that color is an illusion, they must always think they are not equal Connect these words with the concept of Master race and Slaves with this; To maintain a position of superior power one must maintain an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to oneself. It is important to create a maze of illusion in religious stories so that all others are fooled into believing that they are inferior and unworthy of being equal individuals. As it becomes in the heavens so shall it be on earth.
⦁ This was the purpose with Darwin´s theory, to create the illusion of separation, and this was the purpose when Francis Bacon replaced God with Science, and he was the founder of Freemason.
⦁ And from Proverb 25 we can see how Francis Bacon who translated and edited King James version created separation between the Freemasons and Non-Freeman (the masses, and benefit the freemasons. It has the same purpose as Darwins theory had; to create an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to oneself (Aristocrats, Freemasons and the masses). Here is Bacon´s translation; In examining Proverb 25 again, one may assume that slaves, or non-freemen, could not be raised to the level of kings. therefore, in designing Freemasonry, none but freemen could be admitted, for non-freemen could not be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason and placed on the level with kings. Only freemen baring a desire for knowledge could be admitted, for they do not fulfill their roles as Master Masons unless they make use of the privileges conferred upon them by trying to search out what has been concealed.

The thought of the humans on this planet evolving beyond the Draconians/Reptilians is their greatest fear,” and therefore You must be suppressed and subjugated into fear and confusion as a so-called primitive race. They must never learn this truth or they will turn against us. They must never know that color is an illusion, they must always think they are not equal. Through these strategies they have make themselves powerful and the make the human masses powerless, and when they implement the One World Government then people will be even more powerless. They fear humankind will awaken and evolving beyond the Draconians/Reptilians

Darwins theory created this; The thought of the humans on this planet evolving beyond the Draconians/Reptilians is their greatest fear,” and therefore You must be suppressed and subjugated into fear and confusion as a so-called primitive race. The consequences of this suppressed state has been that humans just have developed around 6-8% of their whole brain capacity. What method is the basic tool of control and suppress; FEAR, lower vibrational frequencies, fear programming through movies (the illuminati owns the movie industry and tehy invented it).

The inventor of the One World Government is same people who creates the mess and then provides the solution, and it is meant to look like people must unite to save the world. Or they create the mess so people think they have to unite into their solution. This is the outwardly selling argument, but the real purpose is that they fear humankinds awakening from the ignorance, the deceptions, wakening up from the suppressing powers and so on.

⦁ Darwins theory created this; The thought of the humans on this planet evolving beyond the Draconians/Reptilians is their greatest fear,” and therefore You must be suppressed and subjugated into fear and confusion as a so-called primitive race.

⦁ To maintain a position of superior power one must maintain an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to oneself. It is important to create a maze of illusion in religious stories so that all others are fooled into believing that they are inferior and unworthy of being equal individuals. As it becomes in the heavens so shall it be on earth.
⦁ One reason why they need to give birth to the One World Government is; They must take the earth intact and without a war for they want the planet for their own usages. Also, why do you think they know they must control us NOW, before we develop any further? We only use 6-8% of our brains, what’s going to happen when we use all of it? The goal is to connect everyone to a artificial global world brain, and people will then even lose their 6-8% of brainpower.
⦁ Power means the power to do anything to the other human being and those who are in power don ‘ t want to lose their seats of power. They don’t believe in peace and free trade for under develop countries. They want the old regime monopoly; they want control that’s all.
⦁ So the reptilians has created an illusion that they are superioer to others, their worse fear is humans developed beyond the Draconian/Reptilian race, and as a result humans have just developed 6-8% of their alll brain capacity, and they fear people who could connect to all their 100% and become fully enlighten in consciousness, and before it is to late for them they must enslave all humankind into a artificial digital world brain which is practically a syntethic global world brain that then will control everybodies mind and consciousness.
⦁ In the One World Government they will lose all theri human rights, they will lose all their ability to vote for a leaderr or politics, there will be no need for politics in a one world government and the world leader is choosen by the few reptilian top leaders and people will never be able to change this, and they will lose their connection to their soul, their spirit, to God, and they will lose connection with their 6-8% of their brain capacity and instead be connected, controlled and programmed by a super mega computer, and this will become the new artificial computer God. This make them happy, but does it means everyone will be happy.

They working in three levels at same time;

  1. Create the mess, stage events, broadcasting fear news, wars,
  2. Planning for the One World Government
  3. Planning to how depopulate Earth with billions of people, at worst it may be 2/3 or 85-90%, and the guiding stones says 500 millions people is the ideal numbers of people on Earth. Once the 500,000,000 figure was reached, humanity would be easier to control, and the world’s gene pool be repopulated with the “superior” Aryan genes. The inner world of humans and the reptilians that rules the world living after ancient agendas from Egypt times. These plans was in action then and is in full swing today. No one knows the exactly procent or numbers of depopulation program, just that they are in action. Genocide through chemtrails, gmo, vaccines
  4. People wouldn´t accept a “Third Reich” society, and they wouldn´t accept a “Fourth Reich” either, but if they changing the name and call it something else then will people accept same ideas, values. Depopulation and genocide was then and is now, persecution was then and is today´s organized gang stalking., the it was one World leader and everything is heading against One World Leader choosen by the reptilians themselves, not elected by people.
  5. Scriptures tells about the Antichrist system will raise in the end of times. People wouldnt acccept a Fourth Reich society, but it has another name they would, and they would not freely accept a Antichrist society either, but they will have no choice because they designing the whole society in such technology way, so every one must have RFID chip to be able to buy and sell things.

When people refuse to wake up up to this coming fascist state there will never be a return for them and them who comes after them.

What this world is creating a world that disconnects people from their naturally social meeting points to get educated, spiritualized, socialize, informed and instead more and more connects totally with their artificial worlds, internet, and this is part of the work to create the global world brain. This is done by disconnecting all outer social meeting points and instead connectinmg to the artificial and virtual reality, and this builds the new brain sturctures of control, mind control and the new order in the brain. The new syntethic global world brain.

“Power means the power to do anything to the other human being and those who are in power don ‘ t want to lose their seats of power.”

The royals do not want rebellious groups in large masses. It could affect the entire collective consciousness of the human race. Certain elite of this world know of the disasters to come and chaotic agendas, but they have underground cities for themselves already prepared. Whereas, if the royal elite of the Draconians were to present themselves today. People would rebel against their system and possibly unite and raise the human collective consciousness. They cannot have that for their regime. You must be suppressed and subjugated into fear and confusion as a so-called primitive race. Masses of humans from the civilization we are in at this very moment would not be so ready to convert to an alien reign over the Earth. That does not happen overnight without some rebellion. And upon rebellion there are risks and chances of the human consciousness raising and growing over Draconian rulers—if they were unmasked and revealed out in the open. If humans consciously knew they could all unify, set a course and change human history and raise human consciousness significantly. You must be constantly divided against each other, and within yourselves. Your collective consciousness as a race cannot evolve to the same level as theirs. The thought of the humans on this planet evolving beyond the Draconians is their greatest fear,”


Would any government, corporation or psychiatrist willfully promote such horror today, you ask? The answer is quite obviously YES. Governments’ agencies, and the corporations that work with them towards the New World Order, are prepared to promote anything that will help them to achieve their objective of total social control. History has demonstrated that to us repeatedly, loudly and clearly. As for the question of why; for one thing, if you terrify the public and make them fear for their safety, they will allow you to implement draconian law enforcement practices, disarm them, and keep extensive records on them, and they only have to tell you that it is in all in order to “protect you”, of course. And secondly, it promotes the decay of the current form of democratic political system and leads societies to search for alternatives to current political methodology. Of course the alternative has already been planned. It is called “New World Order”, and it won’t have your safety or interests at heart.

Fear has always been used by powerful elites to control and subjugate the masses. The old maxim “divide and conquer” is being played out to limit in every corner of the planet to ensure that everybody is frightened for their personal safety, and scared or suspicious of those around them. This too, is mind control.

This globalized brethren is a virus that infects one’s consciousness. … who need change the most of all! For their Order is designed for only control; to divide and conquer.

Regarding current events, your publication fits precisely the “divide and conquer” New World Order protocols.

The motto of all rulers who spread bondage is divide et impera, divide and conquer. Through division, the powers of inhumanity are now dominating men.

Hierarchical systems of oppression have historically been created to maintain confusion and division.

The division between the house servants and the slave progeny of the master who believed themselves to be above everyone else. The divisions, orchestrated by the white masters, gave new meaning to the term divide and conquer

These are the myths and methods used to ensnare us into division and bondage.

We must continually be on guard against division

The political divisions among his enemies which made his early conquests possible , were themselves made possible by spiritual divisions of four hundred years ago .

The devil doesn’t want to make peace he wants to excite violence and make acts of war which cause deaths and destruction

And what better way to do it than to divide the body of Christ in the house of God, by using the people of God to enslave themselves. Human is said to be the only species that built their own mind prison, humans is born free, but in chains everyhwere.

They foster division and polarized realities so that people spend all their time defending one position against another, even on trivialities, thereby fracturing the mind and disconnecting it from the Infinite which brooks no polarity or division. This is the basic understanding of Hegel´s Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis, and this the methods Iluminati is using for ‘divide and conquer’ mankind, and their other methods is based on “Order Out of Chaos” that creates confusion, and that´s make it easier to affect people in a desire direction, goals and plans they want achieve.

Wherever there is separation, division, duality, there is confusion—not an ’emptied mind: An emptied mind permits of no subject nor object: “freed from all kinds of duality, including dualities of self and other, self and the world, one and many, time and space, being and non-being”. Empty or not empty. Thought or no thought.

“The valley stream”—mindless—”is preaching the Dharma.” It is not concerning itself with some supposed mind that has ‘ceased thinking:

The isolation of the divine from the emergent scientific interests was already implicitly present, as noted before, in the Cartesian epistemology. The dualistic two-world theory of reality had pervaded intellectual history from Plato down to Luther, but it was the Cartesian division between the divine and the human as the epistemological stand that proved decisive for the breakthrough of modernity. That original division was now focused as the duality between mind and body.

From duality arises division , form or pattern and , simultaneously , as a part of the same thing, space and time.

Out of duality arises; division, space and time, so they must create the illusion of separation to create the illusion of duality, and through this gives them power to control others.

By detaching itself from the duality of observation and observer, The mind achieves self-liberation from division; By thus smashing the [contrived] practitioner The mind frees itself from striving and seeking; By discarding the [concern for the] fruit of inner development, The meditator unshackles himself from hope and fear; By eliminating the [sense of the] “self” or the “I,” The mind emerges victorious in its battle against inner adversaries; By dismantling the clinging to substance, The meditator will gain liberation from both samara and nirvana.

Perhaps the most fundamental category of self – division is that between mind and body.

Illuminati using Hegel´s method of Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis, and they create the mess and then provide the solution or made themselves to the savoir (the synthesis) that saved the day.

Our heart is divided mainly because of our mind. Our mind believes that there are two worlds, two realities. One is the physical world—the everyday world of me. you, everybody else; the houses, cars, planets, and galaxies. The other is the world of spirit. the world of mystery—the unseen. invisible world, the world of total harmony. the world of purity. of pure light, pure radiance, perfect presence. the world of the divine. For a long time throughout the inner journey. we tend to think that there are two kinds of experience. as if there were two realities. two worlds. Even when we have a spiritual experience. we imagine that it came from somewhere else, from the “other world; from spirit, or from the spiritual dimension. So there is a division in our mind, a duality. We believe in a duality between the world and the spirit, between matter and spirit, between the body and spiritual na-ture. This is a deeply held belief, very profound. It is not a matter of conscious, mental conviction. You may study and believe in the teachings of nonduality. but the way you are in the world will exemplify your actual underlying convictions. Every thought we think, every feeling we feel, every action we take implies the position we hold about this world and the ways we perceive it. For most people. nothing else exists beyond the visi-ble; there is only this world, and you try to survive and make the best of it. Those who are involved in spiritual practice usually think there is more than what appears to us as physical reality. Regardless of what we believe, including our notions of nonduality or unity. we still think and behave as if there were two worlds. And this belief splits our heart.

Resort to the understanding of non-duality, for the truth is non-dual; however, action involves duality and hence functions in apparent duality thus, let your nature partake of both duality and non-duality. The reality is neither duality (for it is the mind that creates division) nor unity (for the concept of unity arises from its antithesis of duality). When these concepts cease, the infinite consciousness alone is realized to be the sole reality.

The dividing and conquering of earth’s people has resulted in the fragmentation of the world’s population, and a basis for war. The principle of ‘divide and conquer’ has been applied throughout the history of mankind. Power mongers love to cause divisions. Divisions enable them to gain and retain power by reducing their adversary’s capability, and thereby crippling them. Leaders encourage their followers to have nothing to do with those not in their ‘approved’ group.

They establish a ‘party line,’ or pattern of speech, to make a clear delineation between ‘them and us’, this also helps to root out ‘turncoats’. Power becomes complete when followers become sufficiently brainwashed to assure their obedience.

Mind control is the aim of all those seeking power. Power, glorious power, is what rulers become inebriated on. When the drug of power is combined with the drug of riches there no longer remains room for practical thinking, or any inclination to consider natural law. The dividing of humans into permanent groups is contrary to natural law. There is no ‘legal’ reason for us to be divided. The ‘illegal’ reason is the recalci-trant attitude of humankind.

The cause of our becoming divided is due to greedy, power hungry, individuals desiring to have control over us. We have been designed to function as individuals who can operate either inde-pendently, or in cooperation with one another. Our intellectual ability easily includes these facets in our lives. True freedom shall always elude our grasp if we remain divided into mind controlled groups.

A basic precept of natural law is the promotion of life, in the broadest sense possible. Natural law requires humans to treat others as they themselves want to be ed. This principle does not allow for division, yet humans have been dividing themselves in every way possible

In ancient times tribal rulers gathered their supporters with much the same techniques as they do today. By the use of glib speech, bribery, materialistic per-suasion, or force, they divided people into controllable groups. They obliged their followers to have nothing to do with their adversaries.

With division accomplished, alienation can easily become entrenched. Estrangement engenders distrust which leads to fear.

The stress of fear rouses defensive behavior.

Sociologists have determined the main reason people migrate is fear for their lives. Once having moved to the ‘other side of the mountain’ the gene pool is isolated, dominant characteristics make themselves apparent. Visual differences become more apparent as generations multiply. Divisions become even greater as racial differences become more apparent.

From this it can be seen how ‘politics’ is a cause of producing the different races of mankind. The lust for power (a form of greed), has physically distorted mankind, resulting in racial divisions. This demonstrates the fact; wrong thinking can result in physical distortion. Although each race has physical strengths the others do not, each also have serious weaknesses. Logically we would be far healthier as an amalgam of all races. These permanent divisions of humans are contrary to natural law, both physically, and morally. . .

The word oppress comes from the Latin oppressus, past participle of opprimere, (“to press against”,”to squeeze”, “to suffocate”).Thus, when authoritarian governments use oppression to subjugate the people, they want their citizenry to feel that “pressing down”, and to live in fear that if they displease the authorities they will, in a metaphorical sense, be “squeezed” and “suffocated”, e.g., thrown in a dank, dark, state prison or summarily executed. Such governments oppress the people using restriction, control, terror, hopelessness, and despair. The tyrant’s tools of oppression include, for example, extremely harsh punishments for “unpatriotic” statements; developing a loyal, guileful secret police force; prohibiting freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press; controlling the monetary system and economy; and imprisoning or killing activists or other leaders who might pose a threat to their power

We will never die and our integrity is more important than our present body. We use to be Gods of our own universes, but now we are fallen and no one will help rehabilitate us. We have total amnesia when we should have total recall. No one is encouraging us to throw off our chains. We’ve only been given inhibitions. No one has allowed us to know our true potentialities. We’ve been oppressed and mind controlled by alien beings for the purpose of making us unknowing slaves. We are entertained and defrauded by television each day while the alien agenda relentlessly unfolds. When word gets out that we’ve been mind controlled, oppressed, held down and used by a reptilian race to further their own nefarious purposes, mankind will break out of his chains. It will be endgame for the reptilians. That’s why the reptiles know that this secret must never see the light of day on planet Earth. That’s also why every human must discover this secret and make it known to every other human. Together we can undo the mental blocks to our individual memories and use existing technologies to get out from under the oppression of the reptilians.

Ultimately, the Illuminati would like to eliminate any type of caste system where people are able to achieve a certain level of existence thereby creating one ruling class with everyone else as the lower class. This way, they can control economies, major industries, the media, religions and all other aspects of human existence. It is even believed by some that they are seeking to reduce the world’s population to roughly 500 million people through pestilence, and disease which is not too far fetched although this would greatly contradict their plan to make the entire population working class slaves. Nevertheless, world domination has been their aim for thousands of years and it was never meant to be accomplished in a single generation but rather it was to be the culmination of years of control and manipulation that was to be reached over several generations. They have hidden behind the scenes of history for a very long time beginning with the “Brotherhood of the Snake,” a secret society dating back to ancient Sumer. According to Icke, this group is controlled by the reptilians and is the core center of today’s global secret society network.

One of their primary goals is to keep spiritual knowledge away from the masses because to them, it is to be shared only by a select few. This esoteric and powerful information is only exchanged among the initiated. This is to ensure that the selected few (which is almost always the ruling families), can reach the goals they decide for themselves and for others.

This select few has since become the power elite and has ruled over mankind unsuspectingly for thousands of years. Due to industrialization and modern technology, the Illuminati have been able to make long strides in the last decade. But, in order to completely pull off their plan they must first lower the standard of living in developed countries. Once this happens, the living standards of the third world countries will be raised to the same standard as the developed countries creating one standard of living world-wide.

This is necessary because in order to create a one world government, the living standard must be similar all over the world thus allowing them to have a uniform world in which to rule. Their first attempt at a one world government was in 1920 with the “League of Nations” (which was the precursor to the United Nations), but they were unsuccessful. But they didn’t stop there.

Over the years, they have continued to pursue a one world government and they have recently moved into place by establishing the “United Nations” (UN), which is nothing more than a front organization for the Illuminati to unite the countries of the world into one government. If you recall, both World War I and II were both attempts to establish a world government. After World War II, people were at their wits end so they welcomed the United Nations when it was founded.

The official policy of the UN was to safeguard the peace, so as not to create another world war. But what we find here is a typical example of how the Illuminati work. They use a tactic that David Icke calls “problem-reaction-solution,” where first they create the “problem” by starting a war which in turn brings about a certain “reaction” from the population, who is now in need of a “solution.” So they create a solution to the problem they themselves created by founding the United Nations (UN) bringing us one step closer to their agenda and a One World Government.

Since the very beginning of all civilizations, there has always been a ruling class that has sought to have dominion over the masses. They feel it is their birthright to rule and lord over the people. The Illuminati believe we are sheep in need of a Shepherd. This mindset has caused them to treat the masses like nothing more than gullible and ignorant “Sheeple” that will never wake up and realize that we’ve been duped into believing in false propaganda and outlandish lies. Now is the time for all of us to understand once and for all who is behind this intricate plan of deception and world domination.

Cicero wrote;

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not traitor, he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.”

Over 200 hundred years ago, William Pitt once said; “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it.” This was a truism of Lord Acton’s statement which implied that “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Many people find it hard to believe that there is a very small group of people whc secretly run the world with all-powerful and unrestrained dictatorial powers. They dispute the extent of this operation believing it to be too “fantastic” or too “enormous” to be real. They still choose tc believe that our government and its coterie of chosen politicians carry out the democratic process in favor of the people. But, you will find that the Global Elite is diametrically opposed to our interests as they are motivated by nothing more than greed and the lust for power and control. This is why they have worked in the shadows acting as the planners and instigators behind the monetary system, wars, globalization, industrialization, and the entire economy for hundreds if not thousands of years. They seek to usurp control of the planet through the avenues of major corporations, faulty politics and academics.

Very few collapsed empires made a comeback as the Roman Empire did, exchanging fallible Gods for an unseen, unquestionable, feared God that was gaining popularity using the teachings of the miraculous and popular Christ. Old ‘pagan’ rites and traditions were incorporated into the new belief to make the transition more acceptable to old allies. This was a smart move as it ensured the continuation of the ruling family’s power base and kept them in favour with the people who felt that the old gods had abandoned them.

Part of the technique for expanding an empire is subversive division of groups of people. The aim of the game is to gain control over two allied groups by turning them against each other or an imagined enemy then stepping in to protect the first group in exchange for payment of assets such as land, gold, metals, slaves, oil or other valuable resources for protection and armaments. Once accepted as an ally, the imperial power takes over the group by installing a subservient leader, thus securing the empire’s material interests. Once a strong hold has been established in the first group, the empire will use the people of the first group to attack its old ally, the second group.

This technique was known to the Romans as “divide and conquer”, and today it is still used in ‘Psy-Ops’.

The old formula for empire building is ‘Order out of chaos’; make the chaos, provide the solution, create the new order. The principles of rulers were later refined and documented in the Middle Ages by the politician Niccolo Machiavelli (1969-1527) who wrote ‘II Principe, outlining the principles of leadership in the hope of prompting a ‘restorer’ to rescue the Roman empire.

Another sneaky technique is to gather the people or allies against a supposed enemy either by creating a real or imagined threat (e.g. Weapons of Mass Destruction). Another is to move your allies by presenting a moral or religious threat. The story of the war against Troy is a typical example even though it maybe fictitious. The Greeks needed an excuse to unite and mobilise their people and allies against Troy. Troy was an extremely rich city that controlled one of the major trade routes and the Greek King Aga-mem-non wanted it. Menelaus (brother to the King) was deeply insulted and dishonoured when his wife Helen ran off with Paris a Trojan prince (was she playing a part in executing the plan?). This was the moral/idealistic excuse the Greeks were waiting for. Was a massively expensive ten-year war fought for an ally’s honour or for the treasures in one of the richest cities on the Aegean? The old formula for empire building is Order Out of Chaos; make the chaos, provide the solution, create the new order. (See Hegelian Dialectic Triad.)

Setting two groups against each other still goes on in our societies to keep people mesmerised by the emotional highs of competition and eventual victory. Even in politics there are usually only two major parties to choose from at election time with smaller parties around the fringe.

To maintain a position of superior power one must maintain an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to oneself. It is important to create a maze of illusion in religious stories so that all others are fooled into believing that they are inferior and unworthy of being equal individuals. As it becomes in the heavens so shall it be on earth.

This is the basic understand how and why they created/invented Darwins Evolutionary theory.

The phrase “survival of the fittest”


If the truth is kept hidden (SQR), power over the masses can be maintained and freewill diminished.

Most of the old religions seem to be modelled on a trinity of characters, which could have represented the trinity of our Sun, Earth and Moon. Many so-called experts have vehemently denied that the basis of religions were astrological, however there is more than enough evidence to show that the influence of the Sun, planets, Moon and stars were paramount. Taking into account that the patterns found in microcosms reflect those found in macrocosms, this basic model could represent the genetics of creation and its three forces, as follows…

The SUN is the giver of energy. It is consistently giving forth, no matter what surface is presented. It is mainly gaseous and suppos-edly not very dense except for an iron core.

The MOON is the reflector of light. It has a light side and a dark side and is a cold, dense mass with no atmosphere. It affects the tides and fertility of the Earth and appears like an opening and closing eye during each lunar cycle.

The EARTH is prolific with life. It is warm, moist, gentle, tempes-tuous, passive, violent and nurturing. Its waters swell to the Moon. The Earth receives the energy of the Sun and with the influence of the Moon nurtures life.

This is a natural trinity. Without it life as we know it could not exist. Each part has its function and neither one or the other is evil or good, they are just necessary. “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking snakes it so” from Hamlet by the playwright William Shakespeare. Through the Trinity runs the essential duality: male and female, hot and cold, night and day, light and dark. To keep the balance of duality both polarities are essential; the illusion hides this fact to create division, pitting one against the other with the power of words.

Many Greek words and myths originated in Egypt, as they were once close partners in commerce. Ancient Hebrew contributed much to both of these cultures and vice-versa. Hidden knowledge can be found in some words, one is the Greek word ‘theo,’ as in theology, going back to the Egyptian word for gods, ‘theoi, which means ‘those who arrange, organise or plan Theo is associated with the words ‘teth, ‘theta’ when connected can lead you to a theory. And out this the word theory come theories, and out this comes “Science”, and Science replaced God and took over the system of beleif, and Science become the “Scientific Dictatorship”, and this growing empire leading and heading towards the “One World (“Empire”) Government.

The quesition is no longer to “divide and conquer” as specific land, or area or people, today they have technology to “divide and conquer” the whole planet and all people, all races, all religions and take domination of everyone, this includes take over people minds, their consciousness and connect them to the Global “Empires” Digital/Artificial World Brain.

The word “divide and conquer” is associated with control. domination and wars, and to be able to make the whole planet in the hands of the few, they must silently take over their land, resources, nations and so on, under the domination of One World Government.

The outward and public reason is that people and nation must unite into the One World Government to save the planet and save the world and save the people, and at same time the planning plots to depopulate billions of people. Genocide is nothing new and with new technology they can use new hidden methods, and the wars is not using bombs, but a silent and invisble war, that people don´t even sees or understanding is in full swing.

In Greek the first letter of Christ is a cross, X as in Xmas. The first cross symbol for Christ looked like an X with a P in the centre, the Labarum or Chi-Rho (see Chiron the wounded healer and teacher of Greek mythology). Chi (cross) Rho (red) could also refer to the Red Cross, Cross Rose, Rosi-crucis.

Maat is usually termed the key element of ancient Egyptian society, bearing a meaning of “harmony,” “order,” or the like. Path. It was also said to be the forefather of the Order of the Rosy Cross (Rosicrucianism). Among the more famous celebrities who belonged include: Dante, John Dee, Sir Francis Bacon, Spinoza, Robert Boyle. Out of this Francis Bacon give birth to Freemason.

Francis Bacon was the founder of Freemason, and he replaced God with “theory” or “theories” and this become “Science”. Theory and theories was the key they needed to lead the attention away from God and Creation, in a direction of their own will and own desires and hunger of power. And after this they begun to rewrite and re-shape the world and history in the way that was in their control and in the hands of their power, new theories one after one replaced God and Creation, into the the hands of the inventors of the new. Slowly people begun switch their thinking from God to Science as the new God, and technology become the new God, and scientific dictatorship continues to ‘divide and conquer’ and expands their “Empire”.

To date, no dear statement has been found by any Mason or writer, except Francis Bacon, as to the true meaning of the Divine Plan, or of the Lost Word hidden within the sublime imitation of that Plan, Freemasonry. But a careful study of the above quotation should convince the thoughtful searcher that: (a) Its author could be none other than the creator of Freemasonry; (b) Freemasonry was intended to imitate the Divine Plan; (c) The author of Free-masonry determined to conceal his identity within it, even as the Creator of all had “lost” Himself in His Divine Plan. Had this not been so, this quotation would probably have read ” … first deter-mined me to imitate the Divine Plan.”

It is said Francis Bacon has found the lost keys and the understandings of the Divine Plan of God and Heaven. By study Proverbs 25 he changed or manipulated the words to benefit the Freemason orgnaization and their brotherhoodd as Freemason.

Francis Bacon was the founder of Freemasons and he was father of science which replaced the belief system from God into believing in science. And Francis Bacon was a editor and translater of King James Bible and he changed and manipulated the text to benefit the Freemason organization.

In examining Proverb 25 again, one may assume that slaves, or non-freemen, could not be raised to the level of kings. therefore, in designing Freemasonry, none but freemen could be admitted, for non-freemen could not be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason and placed on the level with kings. Only freemen baring a desire for knowledge could be admitted, for they do not fulfill their roles as Master Masons unless they make use of the privileges conferred upon them by trying to search out what has been concealed.

From Francis Bacon´s translation its clear that the masses (non-freemen) can´t reach the highest levels of enlightment and consciousness, it was just for the elected, the free-masons. This is same hidden purpose as Darwins theory had; “To maintain a position of superior power one must maintain an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to oneself. It is important to create a maze of illusion in religious stories so that all others are fooled into believing that they are inferior and unworthy of being equal individuals.” They all using same methods, psychology, scientific mind control to ‘divide and conquer’ other people, their thoughts, their minds, lifes, and their consciousness. They have succeed to create a illusion of separation, call it a veil of ignorance, a veil of fear, the abyss, and everything has one purpose to split and fragment everything into pieces, and the five senses tool can´t see the bigger picture or the wholeness, so people´s ignorance is the global elites safety valve.

This is how the Freemason, Illuminati, Global Elite thinking when they ‘divide and conquer’ mankind for thousends of years, and all of them indoctrinate each other with same belief systems, and because people want to advance in their carreers, and become more infleuncial, get richer and wealthier they allow themselves to follow all the others, and in the end these strategies results in psychology, methods and technology that can mind control and brainwashing the masses of population. And much of the pyramid structures of power is based on the reptilians way to ‘divide and conquer’ , the few controls the many. The One One World Government is based on same concept to expand their “Empire” and hunger of power to take over every nation under their domination. Instead of bombs, they using another silent “friendly” strategy to take over their lands and resources. The One One World Government is selling dream of peace, that is not peace. The reptilians have never created peace through evolution and the history, they have created wars and infiltrated lands, nations and governments. The infiltrator has a become a “friend” to follow, and into the One World Government.

The military-industrial complex is involved in all kinds of experiments in mind control and psychic warfare. If people really knew what was going on behind the scenes in this world they would never, ever let themselves go on automatic pilot even for an instant. Not only is the government using psychic warfare, radionics, and brain-washing techniques, but so are the negative extraterrestrials. We are basically in an all-out war right now with negative alien (ancient ideas) civilizations that are trying to take over this planet, and people are not even aware of it. This war is not like the movie War of the Worlds with its physical bombs; it is a war of mind control.

The lower matrix controls the software of the brain. Even though you are slaves, this program makes you think you are in control. The software program is designed only to support your five senses and doubt anything other. Written into the program is the Witch-Burning Program, the Inquisition Program (today´s Organized Gang Stalking program) and the belief that anyone who does access anything other than the five senses is working for the devil and must suffer a horrible fate.

This world doesn’t tell you is that you can escape from his Matrix also through your mind. Your mind is the portal to the higher dimensions and all it requires is for you to release your fear of letting go of the imprinted belief systems.

To maintain a position of superior power one must maintain an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to one-self. It is important to create a maze of illusion so that all others are fooled into believing that they are inferior and unworthy of being equal individuals. The system of heir-archy is still present in our societies and is based on the control systems of military institutes.

The influence of military hierarchy can still be seen but was stronger in the time of our grandparents who were seen to be more convential, strict and stuffy. Other than religion, ‘class systems’ have always been used by rulers to control their empires. Two well-known examples of these hierarchies are the Western Trinity or Three-Class System and the Hindu Caste System that was created by invading Aryans to keep native Indians subservient.

The Three Class System of Western society having an ‘upper class’ of wealth, a ‘middle class’ of administration and a ‘lower’ or ‘working class’ is an illusion created to keep the empire orderly and the plebeian masses controllable. Above this class system is another hierarchy of ruling families who compete for power using the classes below them much like chess pieces. The game of Chess is an ages old model of imperial hierarchy, take a look on the chess board and see who stands closest to the rulers.

Maintaining an empire is tricky and most empires collapsed under their own greed, using up resources that were hard to replace. imperial civilizations are programmed by the most basic of instincts, the most prominent being the urge to dominate to prevent being dominated. The instinct to dominate becomes an obsession beyond reason and is expressed as an aggressive accumulation of resources. The problem is that this drive is not rationalised and citizens of the empire become emotionally locked in to the process of status progression and resource accumulation, even when this process is proved to be detrimental to the whole empire. This obsessive behaviour is still manifesting in our modern world driven by corporate empires. If the status-hungry ruling families are not taking the lead in curbing the demand for material wealth in concern for their own survival then the civilisation will eventually collapse under the strain of trying to hold it all together.

Most empires collapsed through fatigue, broken communication lines, poor leadership, insanity, abuse of power, degradation of agricultural land and forests, division of wealth classes and attack from the neighbours they robbed and subjugated. As an empire dies, it goes through the death throes of initiating last minute and ill-planned desperate measures.

The Romans sent troops forward to grab more resources without sufficient support and pay as the political, financial and moral situation back home gradually deteriorated. The politicians fiddled around and sought to keep their positions with ‘bread and circus’ to appease the masses. The government fell into debt as corrupt officials and the elite families emptied the states coffers for extravagances and family treasuries.

Towards the end, unity, order and control crumbled, enemies attacked, the empire and loyalties were divided. They could not pay their armies that began fighting each other and looting the cities. Thousands died in the internal civil and religious wars. Be wary when the empire stops paying its troops and public servants.

After annihilating opposition, the Holy Roman Empire became the ultimate empire ruling over all the kingdoms of Europe and the Near East headed by men chosen as God’s direct representatives; they became the ultimate ruling elite.

Many empires collapsed because of sudden environmental catastrophes such as the great drought that the Mayans experienced and the ‘Mini Ice Age’ (1250-1850 AD) that brought about wide scale famine due to failed food crops.

Lesser known is that the Mini Ice Age was preceded by the `Medieval Warming Period’ (approximately 950-1250 AD) that allowed Viking agricultural settlements to flourish.

According to researchers, the collapse of the Classic Mayan civilisation could have been brought about by their ruling class’s desire for greatness. Especially in the Copan Valley region the working populations of the Mayan city-states were fed with food grown on soil fertilised by plant-matter from shallow lakes. These wetland areas were maintained from water catchments in forests upstream. The forests were gradually cut down to supply wood for burning lime to make plaster used to build the bigger and better monuments demanded by the ruling families. During this time (250 AD to 900 AD), the climate was warming and from 850 AD drought in their fragile lands became more frequent. The lakes dried up after the forests were gone and eroded acid soils from the cleared hills covered the fertile valley soils. In effect they helped to bring about their own demise by feeding their craving for power and status.

Gradual and catastrophic climate changes have brought down civilisations as the whole network of imperial economics depends on consistent growth. Besides solar fluctuations, volcanoes and comet events, man has been responsible for the decline of empires. The clearing of forests to make way for agricultural practices can bring a dryer environment or desertification and, if combined with adverse natural changes, could lead to the collapse of regional food production and the breakdown of the supporting system that the populace relies on. Our current civilisation depends on a global network of industrial food production, which has become more independent of natural forces but, has created a situation of non-regulated forest clearing and over-harvesting of natural resources, which in itself contributes to change in the weather on a global scale. Our industrial method of food production also depends on a limited source of energy in the form of fossil oil and will come to an abrupt end if resources are not channelled into providing economical energy alternatives.

“Learn to grow your own food; this skill is more valuable than money. “We’re only truly secure when we can look out our kitchen window and see our food growing and our friends working nearby”.

An imperial system is government by the oligarchy, for the parasitic oligarchy, feeding on the people. Today’s Democracy is supposed to be “government by the people for the people” as Cleisthenes the father of democracy intended it. This has never been the case, the plebs’ become factory and cannon fodder for the hidden ruling families. Capitalist or Socialist it does not matter, the ‘plutonic’ rule, and the `plebeians’ pay a heavy price for not recognising their servile situation.

“Divide and conquer”

This was the initiatory stage of the development of Reptilian mind-control technology, which has since been used in all their conquered territories.

When it comes to Jo mind-play, “divide and conquer” was the operative phrase: Sowing paranoia and ambition between two allies, as well as taking every opportunity to encourage one of your enemies to jump on another of your enemies.

The Illuminati are thought to be elite men, those on the top who control the International bankers and seek to take over the world. Their agents are bred, educated, and trained and placed behind scenes at all levels of government. As expert advisers, they mould government pol-icy so as to further the secret plans of their masters. Those, who direct the Illuminati, always remain the dark unidentified and generally un-suspected. They divide to conquer, supplying arms and money to both sides, instigating people to fight and kill each other, in order to be able to achieve their objectives. They foster terrorism of atomic and nuclear warfare and deliberately cause famine. Their primary goal is to form a one-world government to have complete control of the entire world, de-stroying all other religions and governments in the process. They are to obtain absolute control of the press, world radio, and TV channels so that all news and information could be slanted to convince the masses that a one-world government is the solution to our problems.

Divide and conquer. This is a very important technique for gaining power. The dividing and conquering of earth’s people has resulted in the fragmentation of the world’s population, and a basis for war. The principle of ‘divide and conquer’ has been applied throughout the history of mankind. Power mongers love to cause divisions. Divisions enable them to gain and retain power by reducing their adversary’s capability, and thereby crippling them. Leaders encourage their fol-lowers to have nothing to do with those not in their ‘approved’ group. They establish a ‘party line,’ or pattern of speech, to make a clear delineation between `them and us’, this also helps to root out ‘turncoats’. Power becomes complete when followers become sufficiently brainwashed to assure their obedience. Mind control is the aim of all those seeking power. Power, glorious power, is what rul-ers become inebriated on.

There is in reality, then, no division between the Old and New Testaments or the people of the Judeo-Christian tradition. It is a false division, contrived, beloved—always the divide-and-conquer tactics of the fallen ones.

The fallen ones who had invaded planet Earth divided the people.

As the people began to divert their attention from their God Presence, they became more and more vulnerable to the divide-and-conquer A of the fallen angels. The civilization became divided by the warring factions of its tribes. The people were losing the inner spiritual battle between the forces of light and darkness within them. And their division, both within and without, allowed them to become enslaved under the powers of darkness.

These ideas originate from the old concept, ‘divide and conquer or divide and rule’, radically transforming the public perception

The masses become so weakened , confused , discouraged and terrorized they will accept one – world government as being the only ruler of the World.

Lucifer was the fallen one.

Lucifer organized them into divisions, battalions, and companies and then assigned leaders.

When ancient humans said they saw wars in the heavens, they were referring to the battles in the earth’s atmosphere and the surrounding space. The ancestors of humanity and other beings struggled with great wars, fighting each other for control of the resources, slave labor, and for control of you in the heights. The fallen angels were on the earth exploiting these races and slaves. This was a troubled time as each species were fighting for their own piece of this planet.

The fallen angels are not interested in money; they already control the money of the world. They are interested in power and control over the planet itself. They may put forward many seemingly humanitarian schemes and plans, but behind them all is their one-pointed goal of amassing greater world control. This is the profile of those who face the judgment. When we know the profile of the fallen angels incarnate we can understand why, by their inner align-ment with darkness, they are determined to snuff out the candle of freedom in the heart of every freedom fighter on earth, nation by nation, people by people.

Isn´t this concept much like how the plan of the Iluminati looks like; take over lands, nations, their resources, people´s freedom, destory religions, and create a One World Government.

It is easy to think the modern humans is driven by modern thoughts, when, in fact they are controlled, conditioned and programmed by people who follows the old ancinet order, and they control people secrretely, and the next move is to take domination of the whole planet and all nations.

The dividing and conquering of earth’s people has resulted in the fragmentation of the world’s population, and a basis for war. The principle of ‘divide and conquer’ has been applied throughout the history of mankind. … Power becomes complete when followers become sufficiently brainwashed to assure their obedience.

In due course, the aristocrats devised a diabolic system of divide and conquer. They created an enhanced system that enrolled the indentured servants of European descent on their side by elevating their status through what came to be classified as “white privilege”.

The OWO have no interest is using psychology to improve society, just to manipulate it.

The oldest game of imperialism – ‘divide and conquer’.

The principle of divide and conquer is a part of imperialist policy.

The ego is our common enemy. It poisons our minds so that we insult, offend and hurt each other, and harbour thoughts of revenge. But the true enemy, i.e. our own ego, keeps well hidden. This has always been the guiding principle of the dark powers: divide and conquer.

The New World Order has put in their final steps in place to bring upon the One World Government. They have used several methods to put the Nation to sleep. Those methods are pushed through the television to create division and to create idols.

They use the divide and conquer to gain control over all aspects of your life even down to what you drink, eat, and wear.

The etymology meaning of the word “Government” is to control the mind.

It is the nature of the ego to divide and conquer. Where it cannot divide, it cannot conquer. Every thought either separates or unites.

Ego would have us believe that we are separate and isolated be-ings in a world full of countless other separate and disconnected beings. Based on that belief, we must fortify our existence in order to survive; we must become one up on everyone and everything. In that capacity, ego’s mission is to strive for superiority. Its nature is to divide, conquer, challenge, confront, exceed, surpass, possess, overcome, alienate, estrange, cut off, crush, overpower, and destroy. These are qualities of warfare, not love. They rob us of the happiness we all claim to want. Yet our endless persistence in believing we are separate beings makes these destructive quali-ties both predictable and inevitable.

The motto of all rulers who spread bondage is “divide et impera”, divide and conquer. Through division, the powers of inhumanity are now dominating men. Rulers play with the emotions of human fear and draw out of its bottomless depths endless new aggressions against other men. This deep fear in man can affix itself to race or religion or any other prerogative which gives men status and identity. By causing men to identify their selfhood with property, set ideas, and possessions, fear drives men to the idolization of existing realities.

Divide and conquer – separated people from everyone through fear and insecurity.

The strategy of separation and isolation is no different from the ancient war strategy of divide and conquer. We now move through a former war zone, with manipulation, separation, isolation and assimilation being the weapons used to conquer the target who loses due to unawareness that a battle was ever in progress.

The division of self is practiced in three ways — through emotional insulation , through isolation , and through intellectualization . Emotional insulation is the separation of feelings from ideas and actions .

The driving forces of reductionism – separation , isolation , difference , atomism – do not contribute to creative self – discovery.

if you divide and conquer to gain members on your side in disputes. When you make decisions that alienate some and promote others, you create an environment of mistrust.

A basic way of control, divide and conquer is by using fear. One such strategy is the creation of fear of death.

One of the striking form of dehumanization—is the form of dehumanization that often leads to genocide—is how repetitive its themes are.

No matter how tiny and vulnerable the persecuted popu-lation is, their dehumanizers perceive them as posing an existential threat from which they urgently need to defend themselves. Often, the dehumanizers regard those whom they dehumanize as part of a powerful, shadowy conspiracy that controls world governments and the mass media.

Dehumanizing a group of people can be a very effective way of justifying a war effort.

One way in which a (shadow) government at war can try to minimize the negative impact of civilian casualties is to dehumanize the civilian population. If people think of the population as less than human, or, at least, less worthy of life than their own, it is easier to gain support for the war effort. The enemy population maybe depicted as violent, unintelligent, or “primitive’ Being at war naturally creates this sort of “us vs. them” mentality, but propaganda can be used to reinforce it and to steer it in a particular direction.

Many of the uses of dehumanizing propaganda are dangerous and destructive, but genocide is arguably the worst. Unfortunately, genocidal propaganda continues to play a role in the world today, and it all begins with dehumanization. Whenever you’re presented with the idea that some people’s lives are inherently less valuable than others, for whatever reason, it is quite possible that you are looking at an instance of dehumanizing, and potentially deadly, propaganda.

Folk legends regarding the evils of a group are very effective in promoting the necessary level of fear. Detailed conspiracies about wide-ranging plots are also useful.

Setting up such criteria can have the added effect of provoking fear in a great portion of the population, since many people will find themselves in a grey area somewhere between one group and the other. In a bid to prove they belong to the majority group, these people will often become the most ardent zealots for the cause of genocide.

When paving the way for genocide, it is vital for propagandists to inspire hatred while eliminating the humanity of the target group.


It takes an extreme propaganda campaign to fully dehumanize a group. It takes nearly as intense an effort, however, to raise a group or an individual far above everyone else. Nevertheless, clever propaganda can make even the most ordinary human being seem like a god.

The figures that are deified are often at the center of a pivotal social movement, or are important leaders of a country. In totalitarian nations, the leader is nearly always deified—indeed, a great deal of the state’s propaganda efforts may be geared towards that purpose—in order to further cement the power of the state.

In the most obvious examples of deification, an individual may literally be viewed as a god by his or her followers. This can be accomplished by propaganda that promises people a greater purpose in life. Miracles and evidence of the divine will be fabricated or simply exaggerated to lend credibility to the person’s divinity.

And because they are ascribed powers of reasoning beyond those ofthe rest of us, their logic is beyond question. This is perhaps one of the most dangerous forms of propaganda, simply because it removes the potential that there will be an easy avenue to rational discourse in the future. Once deification has taken place, logic is entirely excluded from the picture.

In troubled times, people may actually welcome the deification of a leader. It can be comforting to feel that a divinely powerful person is in control.

Outside ofthe government arena, leaders of organizations and movements are also occasionally deified. Once elevated to a godlike status, they hold even greater sway, and are much less open to questioning or debate. This provides a movement with a central, guiding voice and removes internal dissent and fracture. The short-term benefits of cohesion may be seen as a worthwhile trade-off for the freedom and equality that are sacrificed.

Another cost is dehumanization , whereby people no longer see others as worthy of human treatment .

The rulers, progammers of the world has set themself resolutely to distort reality, break its human image, dehumanize it.

Dehumanization is a hidden process of destroying the human image, and destroy the image of God, and replace it with another kind of worship. This kind of worship could be the One World Government, or the One World Religion that follows with it.

The only ones who benefit from war are the ones who rent out the mercenaries, sell the weapons, and build the new “infrastructures.” What could be more beneficial than inciting the world’s two major religions to clash by dehumanizing whole populations? We may choose to believe it’s about “being right” or “democracy” or even “God,” but when it comes right down to it, for those who are engineering the conflicts, it’s all about the money and power. It is no longer a secret that depopulation is one of the global elite’s goals.

The Reptilans slowly, silent and effetively taking over the world.

Such statements have been made openly in United Nations meetings, one of the elite’s minions, agrees “it’s a must.” High-ranking officials in all factions are also convinced, and it’s not difficult to speculate why. Put yourself in their seat. A third world war give the depopulation process a leg up almost instantaneously with the sophistication of weaponry available today. There are no more “foot soldiers with rifles” anymore. Mass casualties will surely cause the world’s structures to collapse, opening the door wide for the one-world government, the so-called New World Order that politicians are always talking about, to come to full fruition. The “elite” are no strangers to using manipulation to achieve their goals. Instigating conflict, keeping the masses divided so they are less likely to unify over idealism, is what they do best. The more we fall into their trap, the more they revel in our stupidity.

The One World Government sell argumnet could look like this; It is likely that we shall have one world government with a better life for ALL peoples. This is the purpose to make people believing in this new dream, but the contradicted problmes is that “ALL” also means depopulation of 85-90% of population, so the promise is not for ALL, but for a few, 10-15%.

Its for the global elite.

On one hand government schools and correctional centers preach strength in diversity and to make (everybody) to make them all alike. Let’s call it what it is: The genocide of future generations to limit population growth in preparation for the New World Order! Fewer people are easier to control.

“Rights and liberties are the essence of a person’s humanity. Every person is born with them because they came into being under the auspices of [their] creator”

“We lost our subsistence rights in the above case. In other words, we lost our right to survive.”

This is supposed to be “The age of reason” – (Thomas Pain), not a return to the old idea of hereditary rule, rank, and privilege. He was so sickened by the misery, poverty, and degradation caused by hereditary rank and privilege.

“These are the time that tries men’s souls?’

In the process of dehumanizing people everything in sinking deeper into which literature and all the sciences would sink, were everything will be about hereditary. There is a ruling super-upper-class-elite that serves as master´s and seems themselves as God´s of Olympus and then there is the masses or the “Slaves”

Sellinga dream to “EVERYONE about a better world and a world with hope, WE must “UNITE” to save the world, but the the promise is made to “ALL”, but it will depopulate 85-90% of all people, or 2/3 of them based of hereditary, based of the “Master´s and Slaves”.

He instilled in everyone the central idea of the one world hanging in the darkness, the one planet sustaining life, the one human-ity, the one flowing, eternal human spirit necessary to preserve it, and we followed his lead. It took enormous energy to sustain the interest of the governing powers of the world, to satisfy their thirst for power, their ingrained need for self-determination, and to bring them to a consensus that survival of the species was dependent on a unified security. He spoke persuasively, casually at times, like a neighbor leaning over a back fence; other times his words were electrifying, invigorating their consciousness. They fell like dominos. He knew intuitively how to appeal to the most hardened political heart. The treaties that had held the world together in a loose and wavering peace for generations were abrogated collectively and replaced by sovereign power and authority. The world saw the birth of a great, global force directed to preserve our worldly freedom. It was as though we awoke to a world none had imagined and none had foreseen. When he spoke of the unnecessary division of powers, of the absent need of disparate governments to manage a lasting peace, of the strength of one absolute governing voice for all, it seemed a logical progression—one government controlling one economic future under the guidance of one church and one pontiff. Impossible. Unimaginable. Suddenly very real. The world marveled when he declared that one day the official seat of the one world government would be moved to the Holy City as this would fulfill the prophecies about the coming Kingdom of God on earth.

The war has already begun. World war 3 is underway and maybe only a select few are able to see through these last diplomatic efforts towards the inevitable war.

World War 3 has already begun : It is a battle for the minds of the masses – not the individuals , the masses.

We are entering this period of World War 3. This is nothing but the Hegelian dialectic, Order Out of Chaos! The Illuminati intend to trigger this massive war to drive the sheeple to their New World Order, One World Government.

Today, in the 21″ century, the Hegelian thinking affects the entire social and political structure of the world. This He-gelian Dialectic Principle is the framework for guiding every individual’s thoughts and actions into conflicts that will lead to a predetermined solution. It is extremely im-portant to understand how the Hegelian Dialectic Principle shapes the individual perception in order to implement the ultimate synthesis. Secret Societies, (through the current “king of fierce countenance”), use the Hegelian Principle as one of the elements towards world control.

This is the Hegelian Principle, explained in a few steps:

  1. Take two opposing viewpoints:
  2. Use Dialectic [argumentative] Thinking;
  3. War the one with the other and rub them up against each other until there is nothing left. 4. This is called “Thesis” verses “Antithesis.” The re-sulting clash brings about “Synthesis” — the desired end result. In this way the Secret Societies can be equally active on both sides to bring about the Synthe-sis — using “craft to prosper.” (DAN 8:25)

An example of the Hegelian Philosophy would be:

• First, there is thesis, then, anti-thesis – these oppo-sites are rubbed together to create a desired synthesis.

• Create a problem such as WWI or WWII, with two or more opposing sides.

• Then, out of war, provide stability and World Peace — through the vehicle of the United Nations which has been marketed as a peacekeeping operation.

• Synthesis: The United Nations is accepted in the world, but is slowly changed from a “peacekeeping force” to a “global police force.”

• The Masonic (Secret Society) Motto used to describe this philosophy is “Ordo Ab Chao” or “order out of chaos.”

This is the principle that is being used worldwide to suc-cessfully set up and take down rulers. Papal Rome’s ulti-mate goal is a synthesized New World Order or One World Government, free of all dissenters. Papal Rome believes it has Divine right to use this principle to attain its goal.

The entire plot of how Illuminati and other secret societies and organizations plan to enslave the entire world through three facets: a One World Government, a One World Church and a One World Bank.

The operational history of The Order can only be understood within a framework of the Hegelian dialectic process. Quite simply this is the notion that conflict creates history.

In Hegelian terms, an existing force (the thesis) generates a counterforce (the antithesis). Conflict between the two forces results in the forming of a synthesis. Then the process starts all over again: Thesis vs. antithesis results in synthesis. The synthesis sought by the Establishment is called the New Order. Without controlled conflict this New World Order will not come about. Random individual actions of persons in society would not lead to this synthesis, it’s artificial, therefore it has to be created. And this is being done with the calculated, managed, use of conflict.

The Hegelian Dialectic theorizes that ” conflict brings change , and controlled conflict brings controlled change .

There are only two motivations – greed / profit , and / or the desire for a one – world government brought on by a worldwide … in the Hegelian dialectic is collusion between multinational corporations / banking interests War.

Repeated cycles of the Hegelian dialectic ( which is itself based upon the occult Masonic concept of the ‘ mechanistic world ‘) continue until the Synthesis ( = One World Government , or the New Underworld Order ) is achieved.

The Jesuit Intellectuals predict out next move and encourage us to throw off the oppressive yoke of Transhumanistic Totalitarianism and Fascists Technology and we will be saved. They play both sides of the debate. Why? Because they are masters of manipulating us using The Hegelian Dialectic. They control THE RANGE OF DEBATE to lead it to their desired outcome – their outcome.

The Illumine informs, it will be the Age of Aquarius (called in some circles the Age of Information) that will bring about the shift in the evolutionary consciousness of humanity. And the Illuminated Ones don’t have a clue on how the masses are going to react once fully awakened to the lies and deceit that has been dealt to them over the centuries. Thus, in the case of anarchy and chaos; in 1954 a new society called, the “Builderburg Group” was created. Consisting of the wealthiest and most powerful organizations acquiring more of it has exploded in these times of ours. The Illumine informs, it will be the Age of Aquarius (called in some circles the Age of Information) that will bring about the shift in the evolutionary consciousness of humanity. And the Illuminated Ones don’t have a clue on how the masses are going to react once fully awakened to the lies and deceit that has been dealt to them over the centuries. Thus, in the case of anarchy and chaos; in 1954 a new society called, the “Builderburg Group” was created.

The purpose of the NWO is total control over the masses. Illuminati’s ultimate plan to keep the world’s wealth and resources under the control of a select few (a plan that is being implemented on the world today).

Because politics and religion were the two hands that molded and governed societies since antiquity, and because the two were continually at odds with one another; Adam Weishaupt planned to bring about a NWO that would eradicate all sovereign governments and all monotheistic religions that the holder of the keys of the world may reign over both (government and religion) ruling society through a One World Global Government and a One World Global Church. Before the Great Awakening of humanity, Weishaupt wanted his organization, the Illuminati, to be in a position of sovereignty over all. And all of this was purposed to be done through what is term in esoteric thought as the “Hegelian Dialectic.”

More important, rewriting law and history changes the entire fabric of a society. Tavistock programming has been masterful with these techniques, as well as with the use of the Hegelian dialectic, or problem, reaction, solution. This method basically involves fabricating or intensify a problem, offering a draconian solution, then settling for a “compromise” that nevertheless furthers the intended goal.

95% of the world’s problems have been artificially created by the manipulating body for their own purposes. The media works to make you think that these global elite-created problems are natural. The people controlling the top of the pyramid control 98% of media coverage and use it to cover their created program. Big newspapers and TV stations are told what to report by the controllers.

We are close to this one world government the Bible predicted, the technology is there for it and most of the leaders of the world are pushing towards it. What needs to transpire now is some kind of cataclysmic incident that will be so enormous and vast and horrifying in its scope. This event has to be so dreadful and atrocious, that every continent and most major countries on the planet will be affected in some way. Whether it will be induced on purpose (wars always create monies and more jobs within the government) or incidental, a war will happen, and it will tip the scales of an already shaky global economy to unprecedented lows.

When this transpires, the leaders and the panic-stricken citizens will gladly pledge their allegiance to form an alliance with anyone or any organization that will bring them perceived peace and financial stability. This will cause nations to willfully give up all of their national sovereignty, which is surrendering governance, economic, and religious independence to whomever these nations have formed their alliance with.

There are some who argue that World War III has already begun; a war that is being waged for the minds of men and in which … revolutionary warfare, especially as it recognizes no boundaries and there is no formal drawing up of battlelines.

The third one is not an atomic war. Instead it makes the revival of the Middle Ages complete by taking us back to the migration of nations. It carries with it a maximum of lawlessness in a highly developed constitutional state.

Unlike World War II, World War III is not fought for the sake of democracy. Its symptom is that democracy has turned suicidal. Its symptom is that the fact that indecency, the acceptance of provi-sions and bribes, irregularities, nepotism, lack of objectivity, and corruption are no longer the exception but the rule. Its characteristic gesture is shrugging one’s shoulders. World War III: the loss of imagination. The fading of the public sphere as a result of the unchecked proliferation of information. World War III takes from millions of people the fundamental human right: the right to work. World War III: Critical thought capitulates to advertisement. The critical establishment resigns itself to conducting staged battles about minor events and ignores the events that concern millions.

The World War III

The victory march of falsehood, not the great, heroic falsehood a la Machiavelli, but the ugly, small, unattractive, lousy, greasy every-day lie.

World War III is not fought by power blocs against one another, but in every country, every city, every village, every house.

⦁ World War III seals the demise of science because of its unstop-pable development.
⦁ World War III has devalued the truth and destroyed our vigilance.
⦁ World War III has effected equality among poisons.
⦁ World War III: letters have been dethroned by numbers.
⦁ World War III: the collective guilt of all human beings. There was no peace treaty after World War II. It was simply over.

Likewise, World War III will simply be over one day. And people will wonder how it was possible for it to happen in the first place.

The man-made food crisis has also already begun, with hollow cries of world food shortages and ensuing unreasonable inflation, such that the poor in every country weep into the night as they see basic staples go out of their reach and far, far away from their bodies crying for nourishment. At present we are in the midst of an artificially created global war, designed once again by the wealthiest elite of the world, who are making millions from the sale of munitions and other weapon systems along with all other trappings essential for carrying out modern warfare.

Here is some example of psychological warfare or organized gang stalking actions.

After I wrote about the ancient meaning of number 19 around 27 july, eight different sources of harassment, heart attack increasing actions, stalking actions was in play at same day at 19th august, including two departments and Landlord, plus four more actions, all synchroinized at same day, 19th august, and the eight action included raising your indoors temperatures to levels for heart attacks and cardio vasucular risks. The coomunity gang stalkers now provides you a job, and organized gang stalking now becomes the nine factor for harassment.

The 19th August it was planned for the Public Employment Agency call you and make a “Action Plan” for searching/finding a job.

Here is three days of organized gang stalking actions betwwen 17-19 august. To sum it up there were 8 different sources of organized gang stalking actions at play at 19 august. Two of them begin a few days before the 19 august. They raised your indoor temperature to 25 degrees even when the elements was turned off. It was 25 degrees 03.30 at night, when the outdoors temperature was 18-19 degrees. So they targeting and torturing your mind and body with heat yo can´t turn off, they targeted your mind with intense frequencu sounds to create sleep deprivation, and your can´t turn it off either, and neighbors noise harassing on and off all day, and some night all night.

19 August there was 8 sources of organized gang stalking action in play.

  1. Some days before the 19 august they also begin to target your mind and body with heat, by raising yout indoor temperature to heart attack levels, from 20 degrees to 25 degrees. This also begun some days before the 19 august. They have technology to raise indoor temperatures to heart attacks levels, at same time they create sleep deprivation, targeting your mind with frequencies, noise harassment, create constant high levels of stress.
  2. Two nights with intense freqeuency sounds to create sleep deprivation and 2½ hours of sleep before the phone meeting with the employment agency. There is a constant syntethic computer generated speaking voice in the airs that literally is speaking, and beaming and looping sounds. words,voices, and sometimes 4 sounds at same time.
  3. Neighbor harassment from apartment above all night betwen 17-18 august, and then less between 18-19 august
  4. Noise harassment outside your window begins just a minute before the phone meetings is gonna start
  5. Planned stalking action planned to 19th august by the employment agency
  6. Interupt phone call affter a few minutes, phone company interference or other department interference
  7. Planned Landlord construction actions at 19 august to check ventilation system and take with them the timer to the kitchen fan and didn´t delivery a new day after
  8. Social wellfare service synchronously worker sending an mail 19 august and writes she will send me a “working action plan” for me to sign and send it back and return it, but is hasn´t come and it was 18 days ago.

(I write this text at saturday 5 september, and monday 7 september the social wellfare service replies, and she write she will send the work plan later this week. This is also a system in action. Everytime you write something down about their organized gang stalking or how they don´t have replied for 35 days or 21 days, same day, or day after, or first day after the weekend they suddenly replies. So they create waiting time for weeks, and when you after weeks write something about how they working, then they replies as a form of remote viewing stalking. Its a system in place in to create wating time and it is a system to reply so soon as possible when you write about their actions.

Here is the organized gang stalking action from day before the 19 august and all actions 19th august

16-19 August; They have raised the indoor temperature to 25 degrees some days before the 19 august, and 24 degrees is when the heat is increasing risks for heart attacks, and cardio vascular problems. So their is a constant stress. sleep deprivation, intense frequency sounds, and heat sources. They simply trying to create heart attacks, or a total breakdown. This is the purpose with all organized gang stalking actions.

17-19 August: Organized Gang Stalking Actions begun two days earlier at 17th August. Purpose was to create sleep deprivation for two days and make you tired before the phone call to planning the action plan. So for two days a computer generated syntetized speaking voice beaming and looping intense frequency sounds for two days, and at same time neighbors in apartment walking above your head and dropping things on the floor during the night, stomping on the floor, door slamming, shadowing through the all day.

19 August: The phone call from the Public employment agency was planned to 11.00, and just a minute before they begin noise harassment with working tools outside your window

19 August: Time is now 11.00 and they call from the Employment Agency and just after a few minutes the phone call is interupt. Just few weeks before this the phone company has switch off your phone and disable your phone number. So the job you have been seeking now has a inactive phone number, so the employers can´t reach you, so it may be the phone company who disable and interupt your phone calls. When the employers from companies trying to call you a few weeks later they can´t reach you, and you get no missed phone call messages at all, they comes day after.

19 August: Now its knocking on your apartment door, and now the landlord and its contracted workers has planned to check the ventilation system, which they already checked earlier this year and for six months ago. After they checked the ventilation system they took with them the timer to the kitchen fan and said the will delivery a new one day after, and 5 september they still haven´t delivered it. Create “waiting time” and taking the kitchen fan timer symbilize “control of time”.

19 August; The Social Wellfare Service worker sends a mail at 19 august and saying she will make a “working action plan”, and send it to me via post then I need to sign it and return it. She wrote she will send it no later than next week, so I should have it 31 august or 1 september, and it hasn´t still come.

The social wellfare worker writes after 35 days and after 21 days;

⦁ Mail from her; “I can not see if you received feedback on your email during my absence.” (Mail from social wellfare service worker after 35 days and no reply from her or her collegues)
⦁ Mail from her; “Do not know if you have received an answer from my colleagues” (Mail from social wellfare service worker after 21 days and no reply from her collegues)
⦁ Then she wrote she don´t know if her collegues has replied to my mails, it does mean they must have a system based on that her collegues replies on mails when she isn´t is at work), but they don´t reply on the mail I sending them.
⦁ The social wellfare services answers a mail after 21 days, after I wrote down all the actions that started at 19 august. I wrote down this post saturday 5 september, and she replies on mail first day after the weekend 7 september. These reply-stalking action is not new. Every time you write down something, then they reply as a form of stalking. This is also part of a organized gang stalking system. Every time I have wrote down someting about their stalking actions to use in a later post, then they replies at same day, or day after. They even sending email after ordinary working time after 16.00, after 17.00
⦁ When you write something they stalking your mind, and their is a system in place based on; to suddenly answer when you write something down. its some form of remote viewing mind control.

So after her 5½ months of absence from work the first thing she begins with is organized gang stalking actions; Requires me to contact the employment agency, requires me to send in activity reports, requires me to send in papers of all bank acounts. Purpose is to create stress and control.

So after she is back from her 5½ months of absence from work (“I can not see if you received feedback on your email during my absence.”. Then she is back for some days or some weeks and after 21 days sending a mail; “Do not know if you have received an answer from my colleagues”

Mail 19 august mail; Will send you a work plan home to you no later than next week based on the new planning. I will need to send the work plan by post as a signed work plan must be returned to me. You will receive two work plans so that you can keep one yourself.

Mail 7 September mail; “Will during the week that comes also send your work plan both via email and mail that you requested.”

This is same social welffare service worker who is using psychological communication manipulation and trying to make you believe your hear things, and she is using gaslighting strategies by use of mail. She sending a appointment time via mal, and dayafter there is a another mail with a new time, and someone else has removed the first mail from your inbox. Just to create confusion and part of gaslighting, And when you write about new mind control technolgies and how they can mind mapping your mind, then she has made a mind map to your appointment (Remote viewing and mind control)

So imitating and mirroring you daily living is part of the organized gang stalking system. And when they replies to mails after, they answer to these synchronously after week when you write something down about these organized gang stalking actions. If its late during the day, they sending mail after 16.00 and even after 17.00, and if its weekend they replies after the weekend. They replies synhronously as a form of stalking.

In a mail a week before the 11th august the social wellfare service worker wrote;

“You need to contact the Public Employment Service to establish active planning. You have previously been in an internship when it was a long time since you were out on the regular labor market. Talk to your administrator about this. Your planning with the Public Employment Service will form the basis for the right to financial assistance and you therefore need to email me or post a copy of your action plan with the Public Employment Service and activity report.”

The key word is; Your planning with the Public Employment Service will form the basis for the right to financial assistance. If she doesn´t send the action. It has five purposes

  1. The first purpose is to create stress and rush in one way,
  2. The second purpose is to create psychological worries and create insecurity about the right to financial assistance.
  3. The third purpose is to create “waiting time”, and waiting tiime can trigger stress and insecurity. Waiting time creates a daily life they can control, but you cant control the waiting time.
  4. The fourth purpose is to create an emotional, psychological, social enviorment they can control, but you can´t control. For example they have raise the indoor temperature from 20 degress to 25 degress (and 24 degrees increasing risks for heart attacks, and cardio vasuclar problems, they warmwater temperature constant is changing from warmer to colder, or from colder to warmer, and the changing brightness on your computer screen from lighter to darker, from darker to brighter in real time when you write, read, or searching jobs, so they create an enviroment of actions they can control, but cant control, as when they raising the indoor temperaature to increasing risks for heart attacks and cardio vascular problems at 25 degrees.
  5. The fifth purpose may be; to create control for them and insecurity, doubts and confusion for me. By providng me a job they can influencing your day more frequently and more hours per day. First they keeping your out of the loop for searching job for more than five years, Either the public employment agency or social wellfare services has required me to send in any activity reports for more than five years, because the organized gang stalking purpose has been to make you jobless or keep you jobless to break you down, without any hope for future.

What does all these actions have in common?

⦁ Synchronized Gang Stalking action at same day 19th august.
⦁ Before the 19th august I published a post 27 july about the ancient meaning with number 19. This is how they organized gang stalking your life and mind, with simultanously and synchronously actions were its purpose some way to stalking, or imitate or mirroring what you thinking or what you writing about and planning their actions after that. So two department contacts yoy at same day and landlord workers appears at same day as well.
⦁ The Social Wellfare Service worker and Landlords contracted workers who checked the ventilation system took with them the timer to the kitchen fan and didn´t delivery the new timer to the kitchen fan day after, and social wellfare service haven´t send you any action plan as she said. The purpose is to create control, to create “waiting time”

So they not just stalking or imitating, or synchronizing their actions to just that day to the 19th august, they then create action that creates an effect of “waiting timr” and an effect of action they can control, but you cant control – when they dont delivery the timer to the kitchen fan day after as they said, or when the wellfare service worker hasn´t send any action plan via post to sign for 18 days. Usually if she isn´t available on her work you usually recieve a mail, an this time no replyes by mails. The goal is to keep you out of the loop of information and they therefore design their action in such way to create obsucles, stress, worries, insecurity and so on.

This how organized Gang Stalking action taking place. Its stalking your daily life actions, and imitating them or stalking them with simultanously and synchronously actions.

All these actions appears just at 19 august and after I publish and wrote about the ancient menaing of number 19.

If you listen to music they begin to beaming and looping these music chorus indoors and outdoors, and even at night.

If you watch reality shows they begin to beaming and looping their voices into your apartment, and even outdoors while you exercise/running

If you watch sport programs they begin to beaming and looping these commercials they playing in the pauses of the gane, or tournament you watch.

If you write about new technology, mind control and how they can mind mapping your brain, then the social wellfare service has made a mind mapo to your appointment.

If you write about how information can travel in speed of light, then they flying military air planes over the roofs.

If your television has 5 cm white stripe in the tv screen, then they have created a news article about a famous painting which has white stripe within the painting.

Here is the text I publish 27 july about the ancinet meaning of number 19, and updated later one month later.

Numerology of the number 19, 1 uses power over the others for selfish gain—The 9 is not just other people, it is the emotional and dramatic part of you. The number 19 gives a sense of urgency. When Eve, whose name has the value of 19, is wedded to the Beast by love under will then she is raised to Binah as Cosmos, by which all worlds below are ordered. The ancients called 19 the “Prince of Heaven,” where the “prince” symbolizes the Sun.

World Health Organization (WHO) and their Serpent logo, the medical meaning with serpent and sword King Arthur (The sword (Excalibur) indeed is the sword of spirit.) The meaning of number 19, The number 19 gives a sense of urgency. If 19 is in the physical there will come all kinds of physical tests of endurance. The ancients called 19 the vibration of – surrender. The ancients called 19 the “Prince of Heaven,” where the “prince” symbolizes the Sun. Mind Control Project “MARATHON” controls 85% of the masses through ELECTRONIC MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES.

The sword which is used in the medical logo has the same symbolic meaning as the sword — Excalibur — mentioned in the story of King Arthur. The sword of King David is shown to be inserted inside a stone. The sword (Excalibur) indeed is the sword of spirit. Only the One who will take this sword out of the stone will be worthy to be the King. It is offered to all who would like to take up the challenge. But only the One who can take the sword out of the stone is the Anointed One.

The kundalini, which is the spiritual force in the human, is like a sleeping serpent within the first spiritual center (controls solid factor, stone) in the human body. This first center is the very bottom of the central energy current (passageway) which is connected to the two other currents in the spine. When the kundalini has not been raised. no spiritual realization can be gained. and man is a rational animal. Therefore the sword of the spirit (Excalibur) cannot be used. This process has been symboliztd by Excalibur being planted inside the stone (latent spiritual forces).

The kundalini should be raised. which is symbolized by taking the Excalibur out of the stone. Then the two-edged snook of spirit can be used for a great puipose or His Will. Such a person becomes an instrument for God or King Arthur. As the intention (spiritual energy) is directed toward mundane life and the external world. the sword is useless and is engrossed into the stone (first chakra).

But when intention or spiritual energies are directed to-ward things higher than mundanity. then the sword. with His Grace. will be loosened up (raising of the kundalini) and will become a double-edged sword of truth which will cut through the falsity. and its owner will become a Knight (Elect).

As it was said. to take the sword out of the stone and to become the King was offered to all. That is why many mighty men answered the call and took up the challenge. But none of them succeeded. Then Arthur. the Anointed One, a humble man. only through His Grace. was able to take the sword out and proclaim himself the rightful owner of the title of King. It was through him, the Anointed One. who was a channel for God to radiate His truth and Grace, that the other mighty men became unified and the Round Table became possible.

Numerology of the number 19

In 19/1, the 1 is the self. The 9 is everyone else. The root is 1, the self again. Translated, the 1 uses power over the others for selfish gain—thinking only of how it can use others for selfish reasons. It may be in a past life you took undue advantage of people. This was a misuse of personal power that you will be tested on in this lifetime. The 9 is not just other people, it is the emotional and dramatic part of you. The number 19 gives a sense of urgency.

The other reconstructive number is the 19. It is called “The Collector of Customs,” for this number vibration means that we will pay in full. It is the endurance vibration, or number of a test incarnation. It brings everything to a focus, winds up old Karmic accounts and starts anew. If 19 is in the physical there will come all kinds of physical tests of endurance. Only when we can do ten times more physical than anyone around us, and do it uncomplainingly, have we won. How much can we stand? The 19 makes us learn to stand all that our highest desires demand. If our desires call for strong physical endurance, then 19 sets the situation from which we cannot escape until we have paid in full measure, pressed down and running over. When 19 is in the.soul vibration our test will be with both life and death. The 19 leads us’to the edge of the grave and teaches us to look acrocs death to life, and from loss to gain. Our hearts are tried until we can merge all our consciousness into the 10 or the 1 plus; and looking _neither .backvard nor forward, just walk on—letting life do its best or its worst. The ancients called 19 the vibration of – surrender.

The ancients called 19 the “Prince of Heaven,” where the “prince” symbolizes the Sun. 19 comprises both the first and last single-digits, 1 and 9, and represents a vibration of initiation, because you’ll be pushed to stand on your own two feet having accessed the gamut of wisdom contained within the 1 and the 9. Thus you may attract many changes and shifts in your life that require you to start from scratch.

The number 19

An intriguing, yet highly speculative, correlation may exist with the number 19 and some earlier goddess and lunar-orientated societies. For eample if you think of it as an ancient lunar observatory or temple, also has a possible connection with the number 19 in terms of a cycle of years. Every 18.61 years a rather rare astronomical phenomenon called ‘the southern extreme of the major standstill’ occurs. The Greeks said the sun god of the north, ‘whom they called the Hyperborean Apollo, visited the northern temple of the moon goddess once every 19 years, a mythic expression of the coincidence of solar and lunar calendars.

From the medical meaning with serpent and sword King Arthur (The sword (Excalibur) indeed is the sword of spirit.) The meaning of number 19, The number 19 gives a sense of urgency. If 19 is in the physical there will come all kinds of physical tests of endurance. The ancients called 19 the vibration of – surrender. The ancients called 19 the “Prince of Heaven,”

What may be the hidden purpose be by a mind control project named “MARATHON” be? Its like the meaning of number 19; triggering a emotion and sense of urgency, all kinds of physical tests of endurance, and the purpose may to break down or surrender. How or does they mind control people mind; vibrations and frequencies. Sound or harassment creates vibrations and frequencies and organized gang stalking seems to have character of constant 24/7 ongoing “MARATHON” program. Its like a mechanical juggernaut program.


There may be a mind control program in action called “MARATHON”. Specific techniques has been perfected, tested, and are in general use today. Reports says that 85% of the general population under mind control. For some reason, about 15% of the population appears to have some yet unexplained natural immunity and cannot be easily controlled. Therefore, mind control research has never stopped. The code name for the current active project is reportedly MARATHON.

Somehow organozed gang stalking may be part of the whole mind control program that is in action in today´s society. Then 85% procent is under MIND CONTROL this may explain why people everywhere seems to follow some kind of mind stalking control program and organized bullying program, like robots. Follows a automatic, repetive program of stalking, bullying, harassment, shadowing, interference, remote viewing in endless of ways., 24/7, day and night, indoors and outdoors.

The basic key for mind control is through fear, and organized gang stalking includes fear and intimdation. Fear has been used for thousends of years to control people. Fear is based on low vibrational frequencies.

“God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power and love and self-control.”. Through fear follows mind control because people give up their divine beliefs based on God and Love. The 15% that for some reason of the population appears to have some yet unexplained natural immunity and cannot be easily controlled. They may refuse to be controlled by FEAR and MIND CONTROL by others.

The “Beast” is the “Chaos”, so the Beast creates Chaos to Control the world and humankind.

The Beast System) will control the world’ financial transactions that will become a cashless …

In Bible prophecy is revealed the awesome military and police power of the end – times , beast system that shall rise up in the last days . Today’s emerging New World Order

chaos and rebellion from where the beast arises, represents the climax of human rebellion against God’

The pagan system of Nimrod was against God, and this world systems is based on NImrod money systems.

Chokmah represent Duality, Chokmah represents Chaos, Choakmah represents Wisdom

The second Sephira, Chokmah represents the original concept of duality. Chaos is another title of Chokmah.

Chokmah is also the Divine Will , the Logos , the Word whose vibration is the creative essence of universe

He is called Chaos for He is the Creator of the Duality that initially destroyed the profound simplicity of the ONE .

The meaning of Number 19

The condition of the people or “slaves of because” is an abomination since doctrinal enslavement leads to the actual torment of incoherence and dispersion of will—ultimately, to exhaustion of all energy and death as finality (Liber AL vel Legis, II: 27-33 and 54; 111: 19). In the previous aeon, the mutability of the force called Leviathan or the Beast could be fixed to the cross of time through obedience and faith to the letter of the law. This is no longer possible since the lie or curse implicit in all written down words of truth is being made known—even if this is but dimly perceived. Lurking in the subconscious dream world of all is the abominable truth that cannot be spoken.

The number 779 is also that of “Kamephis”, the Black Snake, linked to ophis the serpent and the eye of beholding. The ajna chakra or third eye corresponds to Chokmah on the Tree of Life, whose number is 2 or Beth, the Magus of Tarot that creates worlds through duality. When the Serpent Power passes through the aperture of Da’ath and opens the Eye of Shiva (ajna)—when the eye and the serpent are one—the objective universe is no more. Duality is abolished; Reality or Gnosis is “that which remains” (Liber AL vel Legis, II: 9).

The factor of 779 is 19. When divided by 19, Hrumachis yields 41, the number of “on high”, “forgetfulness” and “to the sea”. Hrumachis has arisen in silence as the enigmatic Sphinx. In time there is forgetfulness of the Word that orders and harmonises cosmos. When man is the sole minister and governor of his destiny his soul is thrown to the sea, to be tossed upon the secret crest of the Beast of Chaos. When Eve, whose name has the value of 19, is wedded to the Beast by love under will then she is raised to Binah as Cosmos, by which all worlds below are ordered.

The Beast and the Beast system he leads represent the final efforts of humankind to rule the earth without God in what Jesus called “the times of the Gentiles” (Luke 21:24).

The One World Government; the final efforts of humankind to rule the earth without God

Today´s world system is known as the “Beast Systems” or the political Beast systems of the world, and it is same force and power who seeks to take domination of whole Earth, and create a World without God, or a Garden of Eden without a God, without a soul, without a Spirit, and become more like a machine, human-cyborg, artificial controlled, connected to a digital syntethic gloabl world brain.

The key governments of Satan’s beast world-system are the horns of the beast.

The apostle sees the beast as the final world government—the anti-Christ, anti-God coalition—headed by a revived Roman Empire.

The Beast from the sea is the Roman Empire.

Revelation 13 : 4 clearly tells us that Satan himself is the unseen power behind this Beast system.

John warns that Satan will use this end – time beast – system to attack the saints ( Revelation 12 : 17 ) .

This beast represents the enemies of Christianity who oppose it with physical power , e . g . , the Roman Empire , totalitarian antiChristian governments.

The kingdom of the Beast could possibly represent Human Ego — the carnal mind of pride, and all of its shortcomings. The plagues of God against the Beast could be symbolizing how, in the battle between our Spirit and our Carnal Mind.

The beast is interpreted as a symbol for the ego-bound human mind.

And all the world marveled and followed the beast. So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” (Revelations 13: 3 bottom-4)

The beast in the above verse is now giving reference to the ten horned Super Government of the Illuminati, which will be the culmination of the previous seven governments before it. The word marvel is taken from the Greek word, “thaumazo,” and it means, “To have in admiration, to admire” The world will hold the Beast’ ten horned Global Government in high regard. This is why they followed the beast (i.e. the Illuminati Super Global Government.) It is written the people of Illuminati’s Super Global Government worshiped the dragon (i.e. the same dragon who gave authority to the beast.) As mentioned earlier, the dragon is Illuminati’s symbol for wisdom and gives reference to the wisdom used in constructing and governing societies. The word worshiped is taken from the Greek word, “proskuneo.” It means, “to prostrate oneself in homage (do reverence to, adore).

The worshiping of the dragon is a giving of allegiance to the Super Global Government (i.e. a reverence to, and adoring of the wisdom that brought about the Super-Government.)

The Super Global Government will create The One World Government.

New method of organized gang stalking; the indoor temperature in your apartment has changed degrees from 20-21°C (69.8F) to 25°C (77F), and 24°C creates cardiovascular risk

The WHO’s 2018 guidelines give a strong recommendation that a minimum of 18 °C (64 °F) is a “safe and well-balanced indoor temperature to protect the health of general populations during cold seasons”.

he Building Research Establishment has generally considered 18-21 ºC as a comfortable temperature for a living room during wintertime,

What is a healthy room temperature?

The basic level of warmth required for a healthy and well-dressed person is 18°C. This standard is recognized by the World Health Organization

Here are some basic benchmarks for indoor temperatures:

24°C – cardiovascular risk
18-21°C – comfortable temperature
18°C – minimum for comfort

For a few days the indoor temperature in your apartment is been changed; from 20-21°C (69.8F) to 25°C (77F), and 24°C creates cardiovascular risk.

The elements are turned off, so it is not the elements that have raised the room temperature by 5 degrees.

The indoor temperature is constant around 25°C even 03.30 in the middle of night/early morning when the outdoors temperature is 19°C , and is 25°C 08.00 i the morning when there no sun outdoor and outdoor temperature is 20°C .

It´s 5-6 degrees warmer indoors than outdoors even when the elements is turned off.

So their must be an external source that increasing the heatning of your indoor temperature.

They targeting your mind day and night with freqeuncy sounds, beaming and looping words and voices, and beaming and looping music chours, and now even targeting you with some heating source.

24°C creates cardiovascular risk, and this is how the organized gang stalking is working.

The warmwater temperature is constant changing from warmer to colder, or from colder to warmer, or is turned off for 4-5 days, or turned off for some hours.

Your brightness on your computer screen constant changing in real time when you writing.

So somehow they have the ability to raise your indoor temperature without using the heat of elements

Constant high intense sound frequencies
Constant beaming and looping sounds, words, voices, music chorus
Constant high room temperature
Constant noise harassment

This creates sleep deprivation, inducing stress, indoors room temperature heat 24°C creates cardiovascular risk

Together sleep deprivation, inducing stress, heat and harassment creates cardiovascular health risks

High indoor temperatures

High temperatures and temperature variations harm health. Human response to heat is dependent on the body’s ability to cool itself (249). An important cooling mechanism is perspiration and its evaporation from the skin and, therefore, because high air humidity can reduce and eventually prevent net evaporation, the health effects of high temperatures depend also on relative humidity (or more precisely the dew point temperature of air). High outdoor temperature is associated with thermal discomfort (250) and adverse health outcomes, including higher rates of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality and emergency hospitalizations, across a range of study designs and across geographical regions.

Studies have shown an association between high indoor temperatures and adverse health effects.

Do residents living in housing where indoor temperatures are above 24 °C have worse health outcomes than those living in housing with indoor temperatures below 24 °C? The categorical cut-off point at 24 °C was chosen based on the conclusions of a previous WHO working group on indoor environment finding that “there is no demonstrable risk to human health of healthy sedentary people living in air temperature of between 18 and 24 °C” (213).

The systematic review focused on the following priority health outcomes:

all-cause mortality
hospital admission.

Indoor air humidity

Humidity is the amount of moisture or water vapor in the air. Relative humidity tells how much water there is in the air relative to how much it can actually contain.

Humid air (high humidity) or dry air (low humidity) can have adverse effects on our bodies.

Some signs of too humid indoor air include

feeling sweaty or hot
frizzy hair
sleep interruptions
respiratory problems
asthma and allergy problems

Too dry indoor air may cause

irritated skin
dry eyes
chapped lips
bloody nose
itchy throat
asthma and allergy problems

You might experience the signs soon after the exposure to the air pollutants, or years later. The immediate effects are usually short term and treatable.

A healthy blood pressure is considered to be between 90/60 millimeters of mercury (mmHg) and 120/80 mmHg.

They found that for every 1°C decrease in temperature, there was an increase of 0.48 mmHg in systolic blood pressure and 0.45 mmHg in diastolic blood pressure.

For individuals in the coolest homes, the average systolic blood pressure was 126.64 mmHg and diastolic was 74.52 mmHg. Those in the warmest homes were 121.12 mmHg and 70.51 mmHg, respectively.

In my apartment they have heating up the temperature with 5°C

And a study from housing expert Richard Moore outlines exactly what damage can be caused by having homes at certain temperatures;

24°C+ – Cardiovascular risk of strokes and heart attacks
21-24°C – Increasing discomfort
18-21°C – Comfortable temperatures

So the interest question is; what within humans controls humans, and what forces is synchronising and simultanously controls all these action at same time and to same day?

They can see what you doing, what you hear, see, what you think, when you think, what you write, what music you listen to, when you make breakfast, lunch, dinner, when you moving indoors in your apartment, when you leaving your apartment and when you arriving, were you going, and main purpose is to constant distort reality with street theater for the eyes, noise harassment and psychological communication theater for the ears, and mind control, thought manipulation and gaslighting for your perception.

So because of all these actions their must be something beyond this world, beyond the three dimensional reality of this world, beyond the five senses, beyond the reality and world they have conditioned humankind into.

⦁ The ONLY way to conquer a man is to capture his mind. Control a man’s mind and you control his body and all his actions.

⦁ The reptilians have enslaved the human race to do their biddings over the millennia. They are said to control the world governments and thrive on wars, to provide their sustenance. In a way we do not understand. This race has reportedly derailed the humans from their original evolutionary directive, with their enslavement tactics.

⦁ The Reptilian´s desire is to rule your mind, to decide your destiny, to keep you bound, to make you feel defeated, to make the mind become a casualty, a prisoner of war. The battleground in the mind is a very serious place. It is a high place that is dominant with principalities and high powers. The Devil’s kingdom is his own regiment: a kingdom to distract you, a kingdom to disturb you, a kingdom to disorder you. It is a kingdom that is systematic and structured. His kingdom is an operation that comes to eradicate, to disturb, and to distract from the plan of God; a plan to take the mind to a high place, to control your own imagination, to be under the dominance of evil forces. His target point is to create an open door to the mind, something to attract the mind’s weakness. This is smuch how organized gang stalking working in action.

Here is some examples that shows how they trying to control your, mind, reality, life, world, sleep. health, perception, warmwater temperature, indoors tempature, brightness on your computer and so on.

Is the human body been hijacked through the history of evolurion, or is human an experiment of the archons, or does Reptlians control the sixth sense and from their they can control the human five senses, and therefore targeting the five senses and the last sense of the five is the hearing sense, or fifth chakra, and gang stalkers using noise harassment, and they using frequency weapons, ELF, syntethic telepathy, voice to skull and silent of quite wars technoogy is in use, day and night, indoors and outdoors.

⦁ They wants control the temperature on you warmwater, and is constant changed from warmer to colder. from colder to warmer, or is been turned off for 4-5 days

⦁ They want control your indoor temperature and have raising it from 20 degress to 25 degrees without any use of any elements, so they have technology to raise indoor temperature without any use of elements.

⦁ They want control your brightness on your computer screen and constant changing it in real time, from brighter to darker, then from darker to lighther, even when you searching for job

⦁ They turn off street light or part of it at night, and turn on street light outdoors daytime when the sun is shining.

⦁ They controls your phone connection. They disable your phone and phone number. When you have a new phone number and the phone calls is interupt when they calling from employment agenciy

⦁ They not using cars and trucks to stalking, they also have ONE broken front light or dear light, or driving around with lights turned off. This symbolize the Single Horus Eye. Its not just one car or truck its many, so it must be a reptilian system of mind control.

⦁ They using car engines as a way of mind control, and when they standing at red light they turn off and then turn on their engines when you passing them on the walkway.

⦁ They using people as obstucles so they walking cris cross on walkway when you passing them and are outdoors and exercise/running, or they change from one side so you have to change direction to run on the other side, and when you passing them then begin to walk very slowly. Its a system of control. It can´t be other thing than a other planetary being as Reptilans ways of MIND CONTROL.

⦁ They using mind psychology and when you are outdoors and walking on the walkways and passing people everyone looking downwards to your feet or shoes. And this is also a system of control, maybe to suppress/oppress or downgrading.

⦁ They have changing sound on your compuer while you listen to music and subtlle raising or lowering the volume, or from louder to lower.

⦁ They wants control how many hours you sleep through sleep deprivation and noise interference

⦁ They want control time and create events, projects, renovation/contsruction work that starts several weeks later, and during this time you wait to them to be started you must be at home all day for 2 weeks, then 6 weeks and 5½ later they come. This is a reptilan ways of mind control, create waiting time, and control were you go and when you go.

⦁ They Landlords contracted workers who checked the ventilation system (which the checked 6 months ago) took with them the timer to the kitchen fan and don´t delivery a new next day as they say they should, so they want´s control time as well. TIME is been controlled by SATURN or the MOON.

⦁ They want control when you make breakfast and begin make soft hitting sound in walls or floors every morning, or start fake coughing on the balcony every morning, or door slamming

⦁ They want control when you make lunch and knocking on your door to check ventilation, or some other to sign a paper, or they calling for a job interview and all at same time, when you begin make lunch.

⦁ They want control every thought you thinking, and interference with door slamming, dropping things on the floor, stomping in the floor, make high pitch screamings, honking horns,

⦁ The want control internet connection and disconnecting your internet with regular intervalls

⦁ They wants control your phone and switch it off an dsiable your phone, or interupt you phone call while the public employment agency calling for make a action plan for searching job.

⦁ They seems to want to control or affect your heart beat because people in apartments around playing looping drum beat sounds that sounds as heart beats and beaming/looping them faster and faster.

⦁ They want control your emotions and thoughts and there is a constant syntethic computer generated speaking voice in the airs that is beaming fearfull words as; they gonna kill you. beaming words as; anxiety, panic, hurry up, now he is going mad, or now he is mad and so on. This computer generated speaking voice in action day and night, indoor and outdoors.

⦁ They triggering you fight and flight reactions by instilling fear, stress, worries, anxiety, panic. and they just not beaming and looping fear triggering words. Department constructs events that triggers fear of lost of income, and people in food queue talking about insurence, and there is no money on the bank account. Everything is designed to instill and triggering fear.

⦁ They want control your perception and these constant action of noise harassment distorts reality and disturbs perception, and at same other working with gaslighting strategies, and there is a computer genereated speaking voice in the airs that constantly beaming: “Now he is mad” or “Now he is going mad”

⦁ They imitating and mirroring everything you listen to, wacth on tv, tv series, when you watch sports, and then beamimg and looping these music chorus, other peoples voices from reality shows, or commercials from sport programs

⦁ They (departments) imitating or mirroring what you writing about. If you write about the ancient meaning of number 19, then they create meetings, construction work, mailing you, and all other form of stalking actions at same day. Both people, Landlords, and departments.

⦁ They imitating or mirrroring if you tv have a white 5 cn stripe on the screen, then there is a news article about a famous painting which has white stripe in its painting

⦁ They trying to gaslighting you and the goal of organized is to drive the targeted individual to madness,, doctors changning shirt during visit at healthcare, social wellfare service worker sends two different apoointment times, and the first is then been removed from your mail.

⦁ They using information to create mind control and healthcare informs humans have a suicide gene, that humans have brain in the stomach, and that stress kills, and therapeut has business cards in a medical package.

⦁ They trying to control your sleep, health, five senses , mind (thought and emotions), reality, life, world, information.

⦁ They stalking by foot, cars, trucks, helicopters, and through communication.

⦁ They trying to control your mind with all forms of sounds, frequencies, noise harassment, syntethic telepathy, voice to skull, sound from all forms of power tools, honking horns, revving engines, human made sounds. For example they can create outdoors events (street theater), or using subtle threats psychology to triggering your world, or if you wacth a movie or tv serie, or if someone sings a songs, and at same time intennse sound frequency sound begins targeting your mind, or if something is happening in a movie the can begin door slamming, or dropping things on the floor above your head. Every night begins with some form sound harassment, some for 30 minutes, some night for some hours, some night all night. They trying to create a constant loop of noise, and beaming and looping all forms of sounds into your mind.
⦁ This syntethic computer generated speaking voice controls people and controls their minds. The Organized Gang Stalkers and the harassing computer generated speaking voice in the airs using same methods of stalking, interference, harassment
⦁ Who is said to Being is Control of THIS PLANET and WHO controls everyone…or who is controlling the human ego?

People who is talking in their phones using some form of mind-perception-reaility hacking of your senses. They speaking in such way they trying to hacking your mind by descibing were you going or what is in front of your eyes. For example if you going for a meeting and almost has arrived to the place people appears around and it sounds like this while the walking andtalking in their phones;

⦁ I can see it
⦁ I´m almost there
⦁ I´m soon there
⦁ I can´t see you
⦁ I´m soon there
⦁ I´m on my way
⦁ And while yuo walking along side these talking people they begin picturing and describing the envoriment
⦁ Street theater is constant in action when you going outdoors to distract and affect your seeing sense.

They can interfere with your mind and reality; They can see what you doing, what you hear, see, what you think, when you think, what you write, what music you listen to, when you make breakfast, lunch, dinner, when you moving indoors in your apartment, when you leaving your apartment and when you arriving, were you going, and the main purpose is to constant distort reality with street theater for the eyes, noise harassment and psychological communication theater for the ears, and mind control, thought manipulation and gaslighting for your perception.

So how is reality actually constructed, by of whom, and how does the Ego, Mass consciousness, subconsciousness and Third Eye actually working since they can see, hear, when you think, or moving, and simultanously and synchronoulsy stalking, imitating and mirroring every move, and every thought, and stalking by making sounds, or noise.

it works as some form of perception hacking of your sight sense and this includes street theater actions for the eyes.

And they using this type of psychology for your hearing sense. This above was for the eye sense of interference.

When you are outdoors and may walking to some meeting, or to food store, and may thinking what to buy, or if you need to prepaire something, then people interfering in real time as a way of mind hacking your hearing sense or interfering to overthrow your thoughts or thinking. Has humankind been enslaved by other Beings through evolution, and these are the one who controls much of the human ego, mind and perception. Has the Reptilians somehow hijacked the Third Eye of humans and therefore by fear keeping humand in a state of ignorance and low vibrational frewuencies?

The common strategy is to control your mind. Every time you thinking a thought they honking horns, make some loud harassment sound, at home they door slamming, bangning in the fence outside your apartment window, dropping things on the floor, walking heavy on the floor, shadowing from rom to room, and dropping things on the floor when you write a mail, dropping things on the floor when you log in to your internet bank. So they can see what your are doing, seeing, watching, where you are in your apartment, when you moving from one room to another, when you leaving your apartment or arriving for mention some example. All actions is in real time, simultanously and synchronously.

So when you are outdoors and walking they interfering with your hearing sense. They using words as;

⦁ I hear you
⦁ I can hear want you thinking
⦁ Exactly
⦁ Precisely
⦁ That´s correct
⦁ Psychological communcation street theater is constant in action when you going outdoors to distract and affect your hearing sense.

There is a system in place that constantly trying to control your mind, reaility and perception. These example above is just a few examples how people walking around and talking in the phones in way to create interference. After a few times you begin to see that foollwos some form of mind-interference-hacking-program of your senses and perception. Its a system of control. So what is controlling the human ego or who controls the Earthly 3D ego and perception. The common strategy is to distract, distort, and disturb your reality and perception, so there must be something beyond the earth based ego-mind humankind may be trapped in, and all these actions may represent some form of hacking forces of the mind.

Then does other people and forces constantly working to distract, distort and disturb you dailiy life with gaslighting strategies

⦁ They distract
⦁ They disstort
⦁ They disturb
⦁ They using wickedness psychology
⦁ They beaming and looping same sounds for hours
⦁ Computer generated voice in the airs beaming and looping “Now he is mad”, or “Now he is going mad” – the goal with gang stalking is to drive the targeted to madness

And in same way there is a system in place to create sleep deprivation before every meeting, every appointment, job planning interview, or job interview, and every night before or even two night before they beaming and looping intense sound frequency sounds to create sleep deprivation.

Another system that is in place is to place things on one place and then place same thing in your backyard to create some form of mind control stalking effect. If you thinking about buying a new thothbrush then they place a thothbrush in your backyard, and if you visiting the food store they have dropped a lined paper in the food queue, and when you are home someone has dropped a lined paper in your backyard.

Neighors in apartment above for example suddenly begins constantly fake coughing every 1-2 seconds for 25 minutes. After a few days when you have become sentized to it, then they begin to fake coughing when you make breakfast, when you eat your breakfast, when you eat your dinner, and when you then visting the pharmacy the pharmacy now also begin fake coughing for 15-20 seconds, and when you walking in the food stores and may thinking a though, then people stalking your mind with some form of fake “double coughing”.

So what or who controls the human mind? Is human controlled by other Beings, Reptilians, or who or what Controls the human ego? And from where does all these methods of mind control. mind interference, and mind stalking origin comes from? These is just some examples of all actions. The common thing is to create noise or sounds, as a weapon for control of your senses. Is reptilians in control of the sixth sense and from there they can control the five senses, and when they implement or anchoring some form sound or noise harassment actions these is then been used by all other people in the way the Reptilians want.

They shadowing your life, and neighbors walking around and stalking you in your apartment by make heavy walking when you moving from one room to another, or walking outdoor on your bacony and begin fake coughing every morning you make breakfast, or door slamming.

Thery using sound of looping drum beats from apartments and beaming and looping these for hours and then turning them off and on simultanously and synchronously when you write, read or thinking.

They using television and live sport program to interfere with your thoughts, When you watch winter sports the commentators make a soft throat clean sound, or if you watch snooker on tv the sport commentator stops comment the ongoing game for minutes and suddenly begins, and this every time you thinking a thought about the game or a daily thought of life, and this going on through the whole television broadcasting, and the television broadcasting constantly creates a high pitch distortion sounds in the middle broadcasting.

They interfering when you write a mail, when you visit your internet bank, and neighbors begin drop things on the floor.

This is reality and mind control, so these gang stalkers are they another race, reptilians, or are they stalking by the human ego, stalking through mass consciousness, can they using your five senses to spying on your life, and have the ability to remote viewing your mind, thought and reaality, or has the human race been infiltrated by the Archons who have taken over the human ego, mind, consciousness, or is humans created to be a working slave, or was humans social genetic engineered to follow instructions within a matrix like a robot follows its programming.

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