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The five senses has not the ability to decode the energies around us or the higher energies in the Universe, therefore become trapped within a Earth 3 dimensional limited perception to understand the reality, the world, and Universe. You are all Divine but unknowing to be, we live in a third dimension but we have a second dimension awareness: our perception of reality is limited to our 5 senses, we are not superior to the vegetable, mineral and animal world as our brain makes us believe.

The five senses has not the ability to decode the energies around us or the higher energies in the Universe, therefore become trapped within a Earth 3 dimensional limited perception to understand the reality, the world, and Universe. You are all Divine but unknowing to be, we live in a third dimension but we have a second dimension awareness: our perception of reality is limited to our 5 senses, we are not superior to the vegetable, mineral and animal world as our brain makes us believe.

Most people in the world have lost awareness of their divine nature as a result of involvement in the world of illusions and limitations. Their consciousness is imprisoned in the lower chakras. The higher consciousness in the so-called normal person is practically asleep. Some might even say it is non-existent. Only a rare few souls take the initiative to develop beyond conditioned living in ego-consciousness, and seek to regain their freedom by awakening and raising their consciousness to a higher level.

Divinity’s Descent Yoga comes in with a brilliant system. It suggests that the polarized consciousness descends in a spiralling movement of energy, and as it descends, as it ramifies. as it stretches out, it becomes matter. Consciousness moving becomes energy, and when the movement is slowed down it becomes matter. This is pure physics.

As consciousness condenses into matter it forms the various elements, and the difference between one element and another is a difference in the frequency and wavelength of their vibrations. As consciousness descends there is space (ether) -everything is in space. And when something starts moving in that space. it becomes air. When air moves there is friction and therefore fire, and when the gases Collide and fire is generated, water is also generated, and then water condenses into solid substances. One is not totally different from the other – the difference is merely one of vibratory frequency.

We have this whole system of elemental stages of creation and the chakras. These subtle elements (earth, water. fire, air. ether) represent the various stages of manifestation outward from Spirit to matter, the descent of the soul-consciousness into matter; and when reversed the ascent from matter to Spirit. The theory starts at the base of the spine. at the moladhara chakra, where the final point of descent has been reached. Energy apparently moving away from the centre has become solid, earth. The earth is considered the muladhara chakra.

How do you contemplate this? How do you visualize this? How can you focus your attention on this? For that purpose the yogi sages suggest a physical or physiological counterpart as a focal point of attention. The earth centre is that pan of your anatomy which comes into contact with the earth, it is as simple as that!

A little way above there is the water element, the next subtle element, located where water collects in the body. This centre (svadhis chakra) represents both water in its simple form, and also the nectar of immortality. Just a little higher from there is the manipura chakra (solar plexus). the fre element region – we even call it the gastric fire. It is quite simple. Higher still is the heart region (anahata chakra) which represents air, which is obvious – the lungs and oxygenation. The throat region (visuddha chakra) is a lithe space (ether) in the throat. Then we go on to the mind —the ajna chakra In the forehead.

Divine Consciousness via the soul has descended from the causal sphere to the gross sphere through seven levels of consciousness, from subtle to gross. As the soul descends stage by stage through the seven levels of consciousness into the physical body, it becomes more and more identified with the body and mind. until it seems to have forgotten its original nature.

On its descent down through the chakras, the soul first feels itself distinct or separate from God at the ajna chakra, located at the junction between the eyebrows. It is interesting that the lotus symbol of this chakra has only two petals, and in that state there is already a sense of duality.

At the Ajna chakra the soul is still ever aware of God; it has not forgotten God. Although there is a distinction, there is no bondage at this stage. But as the soul descends farther down through the other chakras, it begins to lose its conscious fellowship with God. His presence is not very dear, it is partly obscured. When the soul reaches the heart centre, the awareness of God is still there, but the longing for God is beginning to diminish.

As the soul continues to descend to the lowest three chakras, below the heart level, it becomes more and more entangled in bondage. The soul forgets the existence of God or Spirit, and its direction goes toward matter. The soul in this state is fully enclosed in the consciousness of its own gross physical form.

In this form the soul is identified with the body and mind, and is primarily concerned with the three lowest chakras — muladhara (coccyx centre at the base of the spine), svadhis chakra (second chakra or sacral oentre), and manipura (third chakra or lumbar centre, opposite the navel). Vrttis subtle vortices of energy created by samskaras (the conditioned patterns of response that drive our behaviour). karmic actions, and waves of like and dislike that create our mental tendencies, desires and habits, enter the subconscious mind and spine. and then get submerged in these lower chakras.

Each chakra represents a higher level of human evolution of awareness. The aim of chakra awareness and meditation is initially to bring the lower chakras into balance with the upper or higher chakras, so that our lives are not conditioned and governed in a mundane existence by lower chakra consciousness.

Most people in the world have lost awareness of their divine nature as a result of involvement in the world of illusions and limitations. Their consciousness is imprisoned in the lower chakras.

The higher consciousness in the so-called normal person is practically asleep. Some might even say it is non-existent. Only a rare few souls take the initiative to develop beyond conditioned living in ego-consciousness, and seek to regain their freedom by awakening and raising their consciousness to a higher level.

It is only when the spiritual nature of a person becomes sufficiently unfolded that the divine power hidden within the person’s heart begins to awaken. Then we transcend the illusions and limitations that have imprisoned us, and regain full awareness of our real Self. Yoga and meditation techniques assist us in raising our consciousness by influencing life-force (prana) and energy in the spine.

When energy is liberated from a chakra, it can then be channelled and integrated into our whole being.

Stimulating and activating each chakra gradually awakens consciousness at that level. In the upward return journey through the seven levels of consciousness the soul becomes more and more disidentified with the mental—physical form, and becomes more and more aware of God.

As a result the soul rises from the gross to the subtle state of consciousness. In this higher state of consciousness we regain the memory of our true identity: that our true essential nature is the Self, separate from body and mind, and not separate from one another as we had thought.

As we transcend further, we go beyond even the subtle state and come to the causal state, where we feel we are Godlike in nature; we feel one with God — there is no separation. But even this is not the highest. The highest is still beyond this causal state.

Unless you become transformed from your present limited state to a state where you can directly perceive God, how will you perceive Him?

The fact is that higher Consciousness is here and now, but because we are unaware and not paying attention to it, we are not cognizant of it; it is hidden from us. It has to be brought forward so that we can become aware of it. And since our state of consciousness is also our state of being, we not only have to become aware of it, we have to become identified with it, and function with it. That is the purpose of all spiritual effort.

Meditation is simply reminding yourself again and again that you are not the limited physical body, but the Infinite Spirit. Meditation is arousing the memory of your real Self and forgetting what you imagine you are (Divine Being)

Don’t wait until tomorrow, make meditation a top priority in your life now and practise it regularly. Connect your life with conscious awareness in the stillness of God. Persist in your practice of meditation, do not give up, then you will begin to experience the joy of being fully present, here and now. Meditation will give you the inner strength to deal with all of life’s problems. Make meditation a fundamental part of your life, and live in the divine consciousness of your Self, then all forms of creativity, and success will find expression in your life. Realizing the divine image of God Self within you is the ultimate success. Meditation will introduce you to your real Self, and will reveal your purpose here on earth. Ultimately, meditation will liberate you from all suffering, and separation, and take you into the love, peace, and eternal bliss of oneness with the Divine, the source of lasting happiness and security.

Jesus said: ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.’

FIRE IS THE SUBTLEST OF THE ELEMENTS in the elemental mandala and the most difficult to understand from the point of view of physical properties. It is the least physical of the elements, yet it is present in all transformations at all levels. When earth transforms into water, it is the warmth of fire that causes the transformation. Earth becomes molten in fire. An alchemist would say that the molten rock had undergone an elemental change from earth to water. In today’s language, we would say a phase shift had taken place. In transforming water into air, the element of fire is again present as the catalyst for the phase shift. We could say that fire is the very spirit of transformation.

The struggle to lift the instinctual sense-driven life into higher capacities is centered in the relationship between the spleen chakra and the heart chakra.

The second chakra, called Svadishhtana, meaning “one’s own place,” is the water center. The third chakra is the fire center, and is called Manipura, which means “the jeweled city.”

In bhuta shuddhi (purification of the elements), earth dissolves in water, water evaporates in fire, fire merges into air, and air disperses into akasha (the void). All of the principles associated with the earth element present in the first chakra are absorbed into the water element. Then the water element (and all the principles associated with it) are absorbed into the fire element, and so on. The elements (tattvas or bhutas) are not pure like the tanmatras; they are mixtures. The element earth is a combination of all five bhutas: akasha, air, fire, water, and earth. Water is a mixture of akasha, air, fire, and water; fire is a mixture of akasha, air, and fire; air is a mixture of akasha and air. Akasha is in essence having all yet being nothing (void). That is why akasha is the purest and lightest. Air is heavier than akasha, fire is heavier than air, water is heavier than fire, and earth is the heaviest and densest of all.

Towards the Ajna Chakra where the I-consciousness is absorbed into super-consciousness

As we move upwards on our journey through the chakras, we now reach the third chakra. We have moved from the centre symbolizing elemental earth to the centre symbolizing elemental water. We now encounter elemental fire. We have moved from the functions of survival and reproduction to the centre representing the sense of self and place in the world. We have moved from the relative simplicity of the fourfold lotus to the growing complexity of the sixfold lotus. Now we reach the tenfold lotus. This chakra is depicted with ten petals coloured a smoky purple. We have arrived at the third chakra. According to the Western system, this chakra is attributed to the colour yellow. We naturally relate positively to this bright, strong colour. It is of course the colour of the sun which is at the centre of our solar system. The solar plexus chakra is often likened to the personal sun. It is the personal furnace, the storehouse of life energies. The element of fire is attributed to this chakra. Its animal symbol is the red ram which is sacred to the fire god Agni. Its yantra is the embellished downward-pointing triangle which symbolizes dynamic spiritual activity. This centre is called Manipura, which can be translated as ‘filled with jewels’ or `city of jewels’. The mantra Om Mane Padme Hum, translates as ‘Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus’. Gemstones were often forged from the fires of the inner earth. This centre is related to the process of transformation symbolized by the action of fire.

Tavistock Institute Part 17. Through water and Fire. Keys to the Suppressed Wisdom of the Ancients. Water represents the second chakra, negative ego and mass consciousness, and need to move through the fire (third chakra) to overcome 3 rd earthly based limitation of the mind, reality, perception and consciousness. Tavistock controls and manipulate this spiritual progress for mankind.

Keys to the Suppressed Wisdom of the Ancients

The Tavistock Institute is working with mass mind control and mass brainwashing of the masses.

The mass consciousness is been controlled, manipulated, condtioned, and programmed through the second chakra. Its represents the water chakra, and it represents the negative ego, and its represents mass consciousness, and this mass consciousness is what the Tavistock Institute is programming.

Lack of knowledge and suppressed wisdom of the Ancients is what keeps mankind trapped in the lower matrix and in control of the Illuminati Mind Control Technologies

Lack of knowledge prevents people from decoding the second water chakra and third solar chakra, and fear supppress perception of reality and higher levels of consciousness.

To be free from these mass mind control progams, technologies one must enter the second chakra into the third chakra which is the fire chakra or third chakra. Mankind must move through water and fire to be free from power of Illukinati, Freemasons, and all other mind controlling organizations and so on.

Through Water and Fire

Water chakra is the second chakra and Fire Chakra is the third chakra

The journey from eternity to eternity is a journey through water and fire. As we look from the center, we can look back to the water, or the flood, or the sinking of Lemuria, and Atlantis. Thus, there are many vague memories of a flood in the so called past. As we look to the so-called future, we an see the fire at the end of the beginning.

Thus, we must look both to the past and to the future at the same time in order to see what the journey through the water and the fire is. We have water on one side and fire on the other. Thus, the so-called lake of fire at the end of so-called time is not something to be ignored as the figment of someone’s imagination, nor is the water at the so-called beginning of time the figment of someone’s imagination.

Of course. both the water and the fire are of the imagination, but as we know, the imagination is as real as anything else. Thus, we are concerned with actual water and fire. The lake of fire is as real as anything is supposed to be, and it is not something that we should seek to escape. for we need to go through it in order to learn the lesson of fire and water. Thus, the place of safety is realized by going through the fire, and overcoming it. Thus, when one survives the water test, one has yet to survive the fire test. Thus, the Solar Travelers go through the lake of fire, for they are ready to create a new solar system.

Thus, the Solar Travelers reconcile fire with water. The Solar Travelers bring the water and fire together as one, yet not one. This is how the sun is cooled off, or how the creation is performed. We have a vague memory, and a record of how the creation took place in the so-called past, but now we can look forward to the new creation instead of looking back to the old one. The same creation is about to be performed again. Some wonder how, and some wonder when, and some wonder where, but the Solar Travel. as do not concerns themselves about these things, for they are there when the creation takes place. They are the creators of it. and are aware of the creation taking place.

Those who do not pass the water and fire test will not know when the creation takes place, for they will be taken out of creation while it takes place, and then put back into it after it is over, but they will not know how they got there, and the creation will again be a mystery to them until they pass the water and fire test.

Thus, the Solar Travelers bring the creation to the present, or the center where the whole play can be seen at the same time. Thus, the so-called beginning and the so-called end of creation are seen at the same time. Thus, the water that cools the fire is not in the so-called past, and the fire is not in the so-called future.

The water and the fire meet at the same time and become one, yet not one. Thus, fire and water become aware that they are the same thing. Thus, when the water and the fire meet, they become one. and then split. Thus, this brings forth the new creation. When the fire and water meet, creation ends. or is burned up. yet comes forth as a new creation. This is the point that creation an rest, for creator and creation have become onc, yet not one.

The creator is not separated from Its creation, nor is It just one with it. The creator and the creation both become aware that they arc one, yet not one. They are neither male, nor female, and birth and death is at rat. Thus, the creator first gave birth to every living creature. and then It gave birth to Itself. Thus, the creator is the creator of all things, yet the creator of one thing. Thus, the creator goes through the complete cycle of creation before It becomes aware that It has been crating Itself. Thus, each creation will eventually give birth to itself, or will go on creating until it does become aware of itself. Thus, the creator will create everything that can be imagined, and eventually it will get back to itself, and give birth to Itself.

It will then be neither male, nor female, but both in one that it is neither one, nor the other. Thus, the creator learns the lesson of creation, and can rest from Its labors. Thus, one learns to create without creating. for creation is seen for what it is. Creation is an illusion, yea reality.

Thus, when one gives birth to oneself and become the solar body or soul body, one can create something without creating it. Thus ones creations need not interfere with the creations of another. Thus, one an Mite, and then do away with the creation without it affecting another. Thus, the solar body an materialize something. and then dematerialize it. Thus, one eventually learns that creation is creation, yet not creation. It isn’t an easy lesson to learn. Thus, the journey through the water and the fire is the journey from creation to creation, or from eternity to eternity. Thus, the end time events are concerned with the so-called fire test.

Fire is not what it appears to be. nor is water, but we must learn the nature of them. We must face fire as we would death, or anything else. We know that death is not death, and birth is not birth, for they are one, yet not one. Thus, water is nor water, and fire is not fire, for they are one, yet not one. Thus, we must go beyond the illusion of things, and reconcile illusion, with reality.

When the Solar Traveler realizes that fire is an illusion, it can form a body that will undergo fire, or a body that is one with fire, yet not one with it. The solar body is one with fire. yet not one with it. The solar body is fire, yet not fire at the same time. It is water, yet not water at the same time. It is solid, yet not solid at the same time. It is infinite, yet finite at the same time. Thus, fire doesn’t burn the solar body, for the solar body is fire.

The sun doesn’t burn itself, for it is the sun, yet not the sun at the same rime. Thus, fire can be overcome, and the solar body has already overcome it. Thus, the fire test is being presented to the entire universe. It is not just a test that someone gives you, for the test is in accord with the nature of things. The tat coma at the end of a so-called cycle. The lake of fire is a tat, and you are not forced to take the test, for you are the one giving the test.

Another can pass the test, and be an example to you, but if you do not follow the example, and do it yourself, it won’t get done. The Solar Travelers can bear the wrath of God for you if that is what you want, and they will, for they always do, but your salvation comes by bearing the wrath of God with them.

One dies for all, yet all must die for one. One can lead the way, yet each must lead its own way. Thus, we can bear the wrath of God to-gether, yet not together. Thus, we can act as one, yet not one. Thus, to bear the wrath of God for another is to save oneself. Thus, you are not asked to give your life for another, for you must choose this for yourself. If you give your life for something that you didn’t actually do, you will be saved from the destruction, for you will reconcile fire with water. But if you do not choose to give your life for something that you didn’t actually do, you will die anyway without knowing why.

Thus, to escape the wrath of God, one must bear it. When one bears the wrath of God, one reconciles the God of love with the God of wrath, and bears the wrath and love of God at the same time. Thus, wrath is canceled out, and love is canceled out, and the solar one is born, yet not born. Thus, the lake of fire is there, but it is not what it appears to be. We see that all things end with the lake of fire, begin with the new heaven and earth. Thus, we go from the water to the fire, yet we never left it. We started at the center when we started our journey.

We started out as an unmanifested star, or sun, and. we end as the manifested sun. Thus, we never went anywhere. We are always on the sun. The Solar Travelers never move anywhere. They are always right where they are, and that is everywhere, yet nowhere at the same time. Thus, the Solar Travelers do not need to seek shelter. They remain at the center of the sun through the water and the fire. There is nowhere for anyone to go to escape the so-called lake of fire, and the Solar Travelers know this, and go right through the fire.

Thus, we find that all things come back to the so-called center. The water on one side, and the fire on the other side are but two sides of the same thing. The water and the fire meet. Thus, all things meet at the center. Now we can see the nature of the one cosmic war chat rakes pace at the so-called and of time. We can see how the so-ailed battle of Armageddon will be fought, and why it is fought at the so-called center of the earth.

We can see how that they come from the four corners of the each to do battle, and why it is the battle that ends all battles. We can see that this battle is neither in the past, nor the future, nor the present, but in all these places at the same time. This battle takes in all from eternity to eternity. for it is the reconciliation of all things into one, yet not one. Thus, we find that we are always on the battle ground, for we never leave the center, except as projections of ourselves.

The only nape is the sun, or the center, and that is the lake of fire, but only the Solar Travelers know this. No matter where one goes, one is still at the center, for the center is every-where. This is why there is a cosmic battle being fought. The four corners of the universe appear to be opposed to one another. Thus, the four corners of the earth come to the center for battle. Thus, we can sec the nature of the four angels of the four corners that are ready for battle. We can see how this is the battle to end all battles. None an oppose the four angels, and this proves itself when it is tried.

The lesson is learned when it is seen that nothing is opposed to anything else. Thus, when this battle is ended, it will be seen that all things RC one, yet not one. The Solar Travelers start at the center, and end at the center. Thus, they never need to move anywhere, for they are everywhere. yet at one point. Thus, when the solar traveler comes back to where It started, It must end all conflict, or neutralize all things, and bring them into balance. This is what happens when one Solar Traveler returns home. That is, It ends all conflict within Its so-called small world, or the world of Its creation.

This so-called small world is equivalent to all worlds, and what happens in one world, happens in all worlds as far as the Solar Traveler is concerned, for all worlds are one world, yet not one.

Thus. one new creation indirectly affects all creation. for one new creation is equivalent to all creation. Thus. we need to see how it is that things appear to oppose themselves, and then we will see how all so-called opposition will be brought to an end.

First, we have the conflict with God and Satan, or the positive and negative side of things, or the north and south of things. Then, we have the spiritual travelers, and the So. lar Trawlers in conflict, or the so-called neutral conflict. or the east and west of things. Thus, we have the four corners of the earth represented at the one cosmic battle. We found that the conflict of Satan was an illusion. Satan seeks to keep one in hell, or prison, so it appears. But we know that we must return to this so-called hell. Thus, Satan is neither for or against us. While Satan seeks to keep us in hell, God casts out of heaven those that don’t belong there.

Now, while Satan seeks to keep one in hell, It is also telling people the so-called way to es-cape hell. It does one thing. and preaches another. Thus, Its gospel is preached in the world of matter, and it appears to be a contra-diction, but it is just in conflict with Itself, and isn’t aware of what It is doing. In the worlds of Spirit. God does the same thing. for It seeks to get people back to the world of matter, yet at the same time, It becomes the spiritual trawler and goes into the world of matter to deliver those that are that to take them to the world of Spirit. Thus, this appears to be a contradiction also.

Thus both God and Satan have a dual role to play. But the conflict doesn’t end with the spiritual travelers, for they find that there is still some conflict with the Solar Travelers. Only the Solar Travelers know that there never was a conflict to begin with, and only they an end it. and it does end with them. Thus, all things meet at the center that is not a center. All things meet at the center that is everywhere, not just at one point.

The Solar Trawlers bring all things into balance by reconciling all not one with all bodies in the universe. The solar body is at the so-called center of an infinite number of bodies that it has created while becoming aware of Itself. Thus, the solar body was the first body, and it becomes the last body to be created, for when it started its journey, it wasn’t aware of Itself, and was as the unmanifested star. Thus, it started as itself. Thus, it was born in the beginning, yet it was not born, for it was always there, but unaware of itself. Thus, It needed to be born again. Thus, at the so-called end of the journey, it is born again, and becomes the manifested star. Thus, although we were never actually born, we still create ourselves. Thus, we are neither born, nor are we not born. Thus, by the time we have created ourselves, we have created the whole universe, for we used the trial and error method. It took a while to get the job done, but it is a job well done when it is finished.

One eventually learns that one is both Bride and Bridegroom, and that one always was and always will be. That is, one is neither Bride nor Bridegroom, male nor female, yet one is both without being either. Thus, the solar body is neither male, nor female, but it can assume either a male or female body, but these so-called male and female bodies are but projections of the solar body. Once the solar body becomes aware of itself, we become aware of it. We are the solar body, yet not the solar body.

The solar body forms a body around itself. Thus, it can form a body around itself on any one of an infinite number of planes. The four corners of the earth also can represent the four sea-sons of the year, for these will be reconciled at the end.

The four angels holds the seasons in their hands, for they are the seasons, yet not the seasons at the same time. The four angels control the whether at all so-called points of the compass. Thus, it can be seen how the disturbances of nature mentioned in the book of revelation can be carried out. The four angels all work together. The whole universe works together as one, yet not one, whether it knows it or not. Thus, the Solar Trav-elers are aware of all from beginning to end, and beyond that on both sides. Next, we have the spiritual travelers and they are aware of all except the details of the nature of the Solar Travelers. God, as one knows God is aware of all below the spiritual travelers.

Next, Satan is aware of all below God. Thus, all have a certain part to play in the overall pattern of creation, but all are working to-ward the same goal. Thus, there is an appearance of conflict until we get to the Solar Traveler, but when we get to the Solar Traveler, the conflict is neutralized, and all things are seen to be in their rightful place. Thus, we have the four so-called independent workers of eternity. Of course, there are other workers that come under these so-called four independent workers. Thus, all have workers both above and below them.

That is, the outer sun, and the inner sun are realities, yet they are illusions at the same time. When this awareness is realized, reality and illusions become one, yet not one. The outer and inner sun meet at the so-called center, and we are at the so-called center.

The water and the fire meet, and we become the sun, or the new creation. Old things pass away, and all things become new. The new Sun is a light unto itself. Day and night is no more, for day is reconciled with night. Eternal day and night meet and become one, yet not one. All things are, as it were, neutralized. Thus, there is neither male, nor female, hot nor cold, for all things are in balance as creation takes a rest.

So it is when a soul returns home again. This rest is waiting for all who can become aware of it, for all who return to the center from which they came. Therefore, all things start with the Solar Traveler, and all things end with the solar traveler. The Solar Traveler is the beginning and end of all things. Thus, we started as the unmanifested sun, and ended as the manifested Sun. We started in the water and ended in the fire. We start where we end, and end where we start.

The beginning and the end are one, yet not one. We are at the point where we can become aware of the beginning and the end at the same time. If you have followed what I have been saying through my writings, you will see that I have brought you to the point where you can see both ends of eternity at the same time. All records up to this one are not complete in that all of eternity is not accounted for, or both sides of eternity is not accounted for. This is a record of the complete cosmic cycle from one side of eternity to the other and back again to where we started.

Accordingly, everything we find, we lose, and that is the cosmic lesson to learn. We find ourselves and then lose our-selves. When we find one, we lose it, for it becomes what we are, and then becomes an independent co-worker in the King-dom of the Sun. Now since the Transcendent One is the ultimate of that which can be found, to find It is to find all things. Accordingly, when the Transcendent One finds you, It has found all things.

Thus, when the Transcendent One finds you, you can give up the search, for you will have found It. You then become the co-worker of the Transcendent One, for you become the Transcen-dent One. You become free of all and servant to all. It then becomes one for all and all for one. Thus, all are being gathered up and brought into the Kingdom of the Sun.

The Transcendent One has found the Kingdom. It has found everything that belongs to it. It has caught or cap-tured the entire universe of universes, which is the Kingdom of the Sun. At the same time that It captured the Kingdom, It turned it over to Its captives. Thus, It allowed Itself also to be captured. Thus, the captives become the chosen ones.

Thus, each must learn to capture, without capturing; and to allow itself to be captured, without being captured. The student allows itself to become a captive of a Master. But the Master must allow the servant to become Its Master.

Thus, everything in the universe becomes both Master and servant. Thus, each become the most bold of all things in the universe. But at the same time, each become the most humble of all things in the universe. Each, therefore, becomes the balance or the reconciliation of all things.

Thus. if anything sect itself up as God. it will fall or be captured, for one so-called God cannot compete with all infinite number of them.

The transcendent God of the universe does not claim to be God, for if It did. It would only lose that position. That which is needs no claim or mod of what it is. for it is all things and nothing, at the same time. When one claims to have found oneself to he God. one will lose both oneself and God. And when one claims to know God, one will lose the knowledge of God.

And that, of course. is why knowledge has ceased in relation to the old world. Those who worship what they refer to as an unknown God have also lost the knowledge of God. The time has come to reconcile the unknown and the known God. For both the known and the unknown God have been captured by the Transcendent One.

The Kingdom of the Sun transcends the realm of matter. It goes all the way to the realm of spirit and beyond that. Thus, its no wonder It has become lost. It is not at the bottom of the ocean. It sunk all right, but not into the ocean, It sank into the realm of matter. It is transcendent of both spirit and matter.

Thus, It became spirit and then matter. Thus, you were allowed to get just as lost as anything could possibly get. The realm of matter is the so-called lowest part of the universe to hide, but nonetheless, you have been found in the realm of matter. There really is no place to hide, for the hidden things of darkness are, indeed, come to light. Since you have been found in the realm of matter, you must, by the nature of the thing, come captive with me unto the Kingdom of the Sun. Thus, we must resurrect ourselves from the realm of matter and go home or come home, for we don’t simply come or go. We raise the vibrations of our consciousness, and thereby raise the planet up from the realm of matter.

We go and come at the same time. The Kingdom of the Sun is not just a physical or spiritual Kingdom, for It is that and more, for It is transcendent of both spirit and matter. It is the reconciliation of spirit and matter. It is the transcendent consciousness, the transcendent everything. Thus, we must move the planet with us as we go. We must move into an interdimensional association with the transcendent consciousness of the Transcendent One. For we are held captive, by our own rules of the game, to move with the captor. Thus, we will move all things out of the positive-negative world concept and place them in the Kingdom of the Sun where all dwell in transcendent freedom.

The Crucible of Being

Now that all are being gathered unto the Kingdom of the Sun, we must speak boldly and enter boldly into the throne of grace. Both religion and science can now recognize just what the sun in the sky represents. Within the scope of religion and science, we can include all things. Science can recognize the sun as the center or the neutral ele-ment in all things. It sees all things revolving around the sun.

It is the neutral element of science that makes for the chemistry of change in all things. Thus, the neutral element is the melting pot where all things go through changes of vibrations. It is the neutral element that allows one element to change into another. Thus, the neutral element is, indeed, a crucible for melting down anything. It is the cosmic fire for purifying all things. Thus, the sun, the neutral element, is the lake of fire mentioned in the Bible.

The science of chemistry has been trying to realize the nature of itself. But there is much confusion in the world of chemistry. It has come to be something that has defeated itself. It has lost itself, and has become a thing of matter. One relates it to the changing of base metal into gold. Chemistry is transcendent of itself just as all things are. It is ones being that is to be tried in the fire and brought forth purer than gold.

The trial of one’s being is much more precious than gold. For when one is tried in the fire and becomes one with it, gold itself will conform to the pattern your mind makes for it. Thus, the streets of gold is not just an imagination of someone.

For in the Kingdom of the Sun, all the elements of nature conform to the mind of its inhabitants. The elements are conscious of themselves. That is, they have the same consciousness as anything that relates to than. Thus, it is a waste of time trying to change metals. for what little good it might do even if you did change them would be insignificant compared to what one can do by changing oneself.

It is not necessary to force nature to do anything, and it only hinders the process when one does try to force things. When one captures an element of nature. that clement becomes one’s servant.

Thus, one need not force anything. It is a matter of capturing the elements, and then freeing them so that they can serve willingly. We must function in harmony with them, and allow them to function in harmony with us.

Since the Transcendent One has captured all the elements both above and under the sun, all the elements are set free to serve It. Thus, the heavenly cities are actually built by the minds of its inhabitants.

The elements that have come through the fire into the Kingdom of the Sun are the purest of all elements, for they are the elements of the reconciliation. They vibrate at the level of transcendency.

Therefore, the dements of the Kingdom can change their form to conform with what the mind of it, as reflected in the mind of an inhabitant of the Kingdom, has set for it. Thus, one literally has everything to gain by becoming an inhabitant of the Kingdom of the Sun. But the cost is great.

That is, the cost appears to be great. One must face the crucible of being, and have the elements of one’s body purified. It is a matter of facing the crucible of being willingly. One does face it unwillingly, but one doesn’t know that one does.

Thus. one must remain in fear of it until one does face it willingly. This is the same with the concept of death. One must learn to die, as it were, daily. Thus, dying willingly. Those who do not learn to die willingly die anyway but they don’t even take that into account.

It has led captivity captive. The captives are being led to freedom. Thus, all are free to move as they will. However, one cannot even will to go back to the old, for one must. of necessity, move with the rest of the universe, for no one wants to be left alone. All the opportunities will be in relation to the reconciliation of all things.

There is a job for everyone, but the nature of it is the opposite of what has been the trend. Now that we are moving in relation to the reconciliation, we need to realize the nature of the reversal of things. Since we are moving in relation to the new universe, we need to realize what relationship is the suitable one for the time.

Now that we have brought the old cycle to an end, we must relate to the new one. We need to realize how the old world ame through the melting pot; how the old world was neutralized: how we brought the old cycle to an end. All these things. we are realizing now. We have brought the old world to the transcendent end of itself, for there is no actual end to anything. We brought it to an end in our transcendent consciousness. We moved from the realm of time/eternity into transcendency, and then back into time/eternity.

We begin the reconciliation that has neither beginning nor end. In the old world, things were moving apart in consciousness. They were moving that way because they were let move that way. But now that which !meth has been taken out of the way. The forces that held the old system together have been removed. They have been put through the fire of the neutral elements. The neutral ones came to outnumber the positive/negative force. That brought the old world, as it were, to its knees. The world came to bow before the transcendent Christ. All things were put under Its feet.

Thus, with the end of the old system of the world, we begin the new, for the neutral ones became the transcendent ones. Thus, the reconciliation is begun. We are moving consciousness toward the reconciliation. The things that were let fall apart must now be reconciled. As the falling away marked the end of the old world, we can secehow it brought itself to an end. It simply fell apart.

Now we are going to do what none ever thought possible. We are going to pick up the pieces and put the world back together again. That which had a great fall is being put back on the wall. We are now reconciling the possible with the impossible. There is nothing that doesn’t come under the reconciliation. All things above and below the sun are being reconciled.

Thus, when we realize the nature of the reconciliation, we can see how the reconciliation affects all things in the universe. We can see how time is reconciled with eternity. We are in time, but at the beginning of eternity. This is a matter of consciousness, for we were always in both time and eternity. We are just changing our relationship of identification.

We are relating to the new consciousness of eternal day. We are now relating to the beginning, not the end. We are at the beginning, but we are reconciling this beginning with the end of this cycle. As we reconcile the beginning with its end, we will have reconciled all things within and without the cycle. That is, by the time we reach the center, all things will have been reconciled. And when we get to the end of this cycle, we will at that time transcend it and start another movement of consciousness, and go forth again in the other direction.

Of course, that is in the far distant future, at the other end of this new cycle. Thus, our purpose for being at this time is to function in relation to the reconciliation. Any other purpose would be sense-less at this time. Just as we had one purpose in coming down into matter, we now have one purpose in moving out of matter. All are now serving the reconciliation, whether they know it or not. Revo-lutionary changes are taking place all over the world. Thus, an infinite number of things are coming under the reconciliation. Thus, each thing as an individual thing is coming under the reconciliation.

Each thing is reconciling itself. Inasmuch as a thing reconciles itself, all things around it reflect that reconciliation. Thus, the entire universe is coming under the reconciliation. The whole and the part arc becoming reconciled. Thus, each individual will find his place in relation to the reconciliation. Each starts from where one is. Each reconciles what one is doing with what all are doing. Each reconciles what one is doing in relation to the positive-negative concept.

That is. each reconciles the positive world with the negative world. The two so-ailed ends of a thing are being reconciled with the center. Whether it be one thing or an infinite number of things, all are being reconciled. The reconciliation is a thing of consciousness. We keep the reconciliation of all things at the forefront of the mind at all times. We no longer think in terms of separation.

We no longer think in simple positive and negative terms. We are reconciling the positive world with the negative world. Thus, one of the things to be reconciled is the language of the world. Thus, all the languages of the world are coming under the reconciliation. Those who are working with languages will have the responsibility of reconciling and building the new language that all the world can speak.

It is not that someone will sit down and write a new language. The language will develop as the concept of the reconciliation demands it.

The old language cannot serve the new consciousness, for it cannot express itself fully. The new language will be the reconciliation of the positive and negative concept of speech. The entire universe is being born again.

Just as it took it an eternity to die, it will now take an eternity to be born. Birth and death, destruction and creation is not an instantaneous thing. Each take an eternity to be performed. The instantaneous aspect of birth and death is in relation to the Transcendent One.

The world has been brought to an end in the transcendent sense. Thus, you can now enter the new world of the reconcilia-tion by an act of faith. Even if you would, by an act of faith, reject the new world consciousness, that would not affect it in anyway. It would only show you where you are in relation to the transcendent universe.

Accordingly, all can now become free of the old world by an act of faith. You arc not forced to recognize the Kingdom of the Sun. You will be allowed to make your own decision in relation to It.

However, now that we have come to the new world consciousness, we an see just how much freedom of choice we ever had. For example, in the old system, we had a positive, negative. or neutral choice. Of course, that is all one ever needs in any cycle of time. The only other choice, and the only one left for those in the old system of things, is the transcendent choice. It is the choice, decision, or the act of faith that marks their birth into the new-born Kingdom of the Sun.

Thus, ultimately we find that there is no such thing as a choice. That is, we find that we have four choices. The four choices are all that one ever needs, and all that one will ever get. This may stem like a hard thing to face, but that’s how it is. So that’s the way I’m telling it. Thus, the newborn Kingdom is being offered to all, and all will make one of the four choices in relation to it.

Accordingly, if you think that you have escaped being captured by the Transcendent One, you can now forget it, for you have all been caught, as it were, sleeping. You had to be awakened from your nightmarish dream. Your dreams will now become the reverse of what they were in the old system. They will no longer be in conflict with themselves.

Thus, your dreams will now reflect the reconciliation of all things. Your dreams will now reflect your waking life. Dreams are now seen to be but a pan of your waking life. Your dreams were dreams of confusion because your waking life was a life of confusion.

Accordingly, everything that one has learned about dreams is now used up, for everything is now reversed. We need no longer seek to interpret dreams, for dreams are now become a part of one’s waking life.

They have come under the reconciliation. As we move the positive and negative world toward the neutral center, we are reconciling the dream world with the waking world. We are, therefore, uniting heaven and earth. We an now move in and out of the body. We can go from one dimension to another. We are reconciling all dimensions into the one central dimension, the Kingdom of the Sun.

Thus, while we are in the so-called waking body, we are conscious of our dream body. And when we are in the so-called dream Body, we are conscious of the waking body. Thus, we are come to function in parallel bodies. This is not something to consider a difficult thing, for it is but the natural process of reconciling the positive and negative world. When we reach this point in consciousness, it becomes as natural as anything an get.

tavistock institute 16

From perception from the five senses. This limited state of perception has lent itself automatically to the authority of the psychiatric gurus who have somehow convinced themselves that they have mature minds and therefore should govern the fate of everyone else’s mind. As a result, their egos have manifested a society where the average human is but a mind-controlled slave of the Illuminati, and those in high professions who administer this inoculation are but puppets in a play. The hidden hand connects these diabolical acts of aggression to the reptilian rulers, the real masters who own the whole planet. Every supposed “patriotic” organization is but a veneer for the hidden agenda, the scheme to turn every man, woman, and child living on this planet into a battery. Yes, some of you have seen the Matrix movie trilogy. We have been turned into sources of energy for the extraterrestrial and innerterrestrial rulers. They need us to survive, for without low vibrational human emotional energy, they would have to vacate and search for a new home.

So, the Reptilians must create a mental. psychological, social and culture enviroment that triggers, produce and stimlates fear, because fear is based on low vibrational frequencies.

⦁ Fear and low vibrational frequencis blocks information and access to higher levels of knowledge
⦁ Fear may be the key componenet the Reptilians need to be able to hide themselves in the 3rd Earthly density of dimensions
⦁ Fear and low vibrational freqiencies suppresses people into a false matrix reaility, based on projection into the mind.
⦁ Fear and low vibrational produces illusions and ignorance to the masses and it creates mass mind control weapons and technologies for them

Think of this; without low vibrational human emotional energy, they would have to vacate and search for a new home. So their whole One World Government project is not based on higher vibrational frequencies of love, but of low vibrtaional frequencies of fear. So the end product of the One World Government will enslave everyone into a low vibrational mind-prison, not liberate them through high vibrational frequencies of love. They need an enviroment based on low vibrational frequencies and this hunger for more greed, wealth, power and domination now includes to control every humans mind and consciousness. This will be done through the digital global world brain.

Are they the descends of the God´heritage or the fallen one´s?

⦁ They need us to survive, for without low vibrational human emotional energy, they would have to vacate and search for a new home.
⦁ “The Reptilians are an aspect of life that represents spiritual separation. They are opportunists. Humans are now experientially separated and unaware of who and what they really are. When it is time for the human race to remember their immortal nature, the Reptilians will not be able to co-exist with them any longer.”
⦁ They need fear and low vibrational frequencies to be able to manifest themselves, and low vibrational energies is the opposite to higher vibrational freuencies of God
⦁ They have created syntethic technological devices to replicate higher communication system; syntethic speaking voices, syntethic telepathy, voice to skull technology
⦁ They using illusions, mind control, brainwashing, mk-ultra programming, fear programming, predictable progamming, Order Out of Chaos, Hegel´s Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis
⦁ They have created a lower matrix, controls the five senses reality, feeding and programming mass consciousness
⦁ They have created a mind-prison and enslaved mankind into their reality
⦁ Now they want to create a One World Order, not to save the planet or mankind, but for save themselves and their position as dominators of mankind. They want depopulate Earth´s habitants with number from 65-90% less people on Earth in the future.
⦁ They create man-made disasters
⦁ And their goal is to constantly keep mankind busy, occupy their minds, disconnect them from higher knowledge and higher levels of consciousness

Does a real race of God need to use these methods, or does the fallen one´s need these methods to stay in control and power mankind? What may your conclusion be….?

Crucial to maintaining the human psyche in disconnected ignorance is the manipulation of low vibrational emotions and thoughts of fear.

The way the Reptilan Bloodlines enslave a race is they reduce the number of D.N.A. strands in that race’s biological blueprint, trapping it in a vibrational prison. This prison keeps the race in a low vibrational frequency wherein the thought patterns of the race are restricted. These reduced thought patterns keep the race in a fear-based system where each member of the race fights for survival with the other members and does not evolve its intellect and spirituality. This is a perfect example of what is happening on Earth now.

The Reptilians are experts in creating solutions that enslaves mankind and gives them more power. The coming One World Government is such solution. The Digital Global World Brain is another example, and third example is the RFID-chip that is mention in the Book of Revelation, without it no one can buy or sell anything.

The Reptilian Group’s only calling is conquest, dominance, and enslaving the unelite.

The invention of a barter system acts in a twofold process. One, the ability to accumulate power and two a method to enslave the human race and keep their minds occupied.

The elitist who run this world through corrupt monetary systems (federal reserve banks) want Luciferianism therefore implementing the diabolical problem reaction solution strategy seen today in our misleading war on terror scheme.

Another psychiatrist from the Tavistock Institute was German Kurt Lewin, who became director in 1932. Lewin developed a social engineering strategy that has become known as the shock doctrine. Lewin is credited with much of the original Tavistock research into mass brainwashing and applying the results of repeated trauma and torture (of individuals) in mind control to the society at large. Of course such work was couched in more benign language. Lewin is credited with the model of the change process of human systems. The key to Lewin’s theory was to see that human change, whether at the individual or group level, was a profound psychological dynamic process that involved painful unlearning without loss of ego identity and difficult relearning as an individual cognitively attempted to restructure his or her thoughts, perceptions, feelings, and attitudes. In short, Lewin was postulating that if terror was used on a widespread basis then control could easily be exercised from an external point. Another way of stating this is that through controlled chaos, the populace can be brought to the point where it willingly submits to greater control.

Throughout the twentieth century, the Tavistock Institute has continued to engage in similar acts of public deception to promote a war mentality, a technique they later began to refer to as “mass brainwashing.”

It is likely that the methods laid out in the document will be inspired by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London and its interconnecting offshoots.

The Tavistock Institute is linked into many high-powered elitist groups and think tanks—Bilderberg group, the Stanford Institute, the Institute for Social Relations, the Hudson Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Hoover Institution, the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

At the conclusion of W.W.II, Tavistock began to establish a global network of psychiatric research centers, in order to influence the ideologies of mass populations. This subversive network, which was funded primarily by the Rockefeller Foundation together with large corporations, included such establishments as the Stanford Research Institute, the Center for Research in Group Dynamics.

Pay attention, the signs are all around us. Lies and manipulation run the show as the Luciferian elite’s mind control us with images of what they want us to know through the media.

Fear-based programming of the minds through politics, religion, and the media, poverty, removal of the middle class, bankrupting nations, big business—these are just a few of the realities that are forming our lives in the coming years.

Combining the social sense with the use of mechanical manipulation in the mind of the founder , the false hierarchy attempted to use the vows of poverty , chastity , and obedience as a means to justify the ends of the fallen ones.

This type of mentality has been fostered by globalists before the Nazis and is continuing to be implemented today through man-made disasters, man-made diseases, chemtrails, chemical warfare, wars, and famine. Today this includes psychological warfare through technologies as; Syntethic Telepathy, Voice to Skull Technology, Quiet Wars Technology.

refer to themselves as the Olympians

In the book Between Two Ages, the fellow called for the establishment of a global government, and, in the manner of a thug operating a protection racket, indicated what the global elite (implying the Illuminati, who refer to themselves as the Olympians—an oxymoron if ever there was one) would do to punish the masses if they resisted. This included geophysical warfare and satellites which emitted a frequency (presumably 12 Hertz) capable of initiating mass epilepsy as the satellite passed overhead.

The major outcome of the Deauville conference was the founding of the Club of Rome in 1968. Policy Directive 200, the club called for a massive global population reduction by means of famine, plague and controlled nudear warfare.

The club’s first report was “The Limits to Growth.” It claimed that sci-entific research was an infeasible method for attaining material progress, stating that the only way was to permit a global government to control the allocation of resources.

The underlying theme to all if this is material wealth is somehow equated with God favoring you, if not directly falling into Lucifer’s good graces as Freemason. And so, this Matrix, Artificial Simulation Model of reality is really nothing more than rehashed greedy Mystery Babylonian to seduce modern minds into a relationship with the occult though New Age Pantheism.

And NASA is a Freemasonic occult organization, and thus a Kabbalistic Luciferian based organization.

The Illuminati have negated our most powerful weapon and have turned it against us.

The scions of the Illuminati bloodlines believe themselves to be far above the religion of the pitiful, lower consciousness masses.

The Elite-Illuminati-Brotherhood network are often members of extreme sects based on ancient rites and Lucifer.

The One World Government with one world leader will be ruled by the Luciferian Consciousness, were people´s minds will be connected to super-mega-computer and this will become the new computer God. Luciferian Consciousness is based on Artificial Intelligence Technology.

The proud spirit of Lucifer , conscious of his own maguificent endowment , refused to bow in worship to the Sacred … the Arians and Manicheans of earlier time , the Rosicruscians and Illuminati of the Middle Ages , the Masons of our own day.

Bailey said that the “new race” will be distinguished by “a state of consciousness which is the Aryan or mental consciousness or state of thinking.

Psychological methodsemployed bythe Nazis including”groupthink” and “semantics distortion” were part in parcel of the much broader perception management program designed to limit people to the five-sense world and to reactions stemming from external stimuli. Most are aware that the Nazi eugenics program aimed at creating a master Aryan race.

Mankind is living within or inside a Matrix controlled ny the Reptilians in fourth dimension

The Matrix

Five senses reality

Predictable programming

Reptilian brain

The Light will not interfere in human free will while the Luciferic stream has no such ethics. It has used whatever means necessary to create conflict, confusion and ignorance. All three of which bring to mind what has been one of Lucifer’s most effective vehicles for suppressing knowledge, understanding and mental liberation. It was his invention and it has served his cause so wonderfully well. Only today, nearly two thousand years later, are we beginning to cast off the yoke it has imposed on human evolution.

More negative energy increases the power of the Luciferic consciousness.

The Luciferian Consciousness constant interfering, create distractions and disturbs.

What started as a method has invariably led to a macabre madness. A desire to control has led to a need to suppress and dominate. We have been turned into a zombie nation and the sheep are ready to sheer. Behind all nefarious deeds being perpetrated on this planet by positions of political, religious, and social power is the system of Luciferic consciousness to which the Dark Lords adhere. Powerful bloodline families have mastery over the dark arts; they have altered their genetic form and are facilitating a change in ours, however, there are two potential outcomes to this: (a) the latent 10 strands of D.N.A. in our chromosomes get unscrambled and reconnected,

The conflict between the thesis and antithesis has been promulgated through four stages: (1) Monarchism (thesis) faced Democracy (antithesis) during World War I, which resulted in the formation of Communism and the League of Nations (synthesis); (2) Democracy and Communism (thesis) faced Fascism (antithesis) during World War II, which resulted in the United Nations (synthesis); (3) Capitalism (thesis) faced Communism (antithesis) during the Cold War and Vietnam War, which resulted in Socialism (synthesis); (4) Socialism (thesis) now faces Terrorism (antithesis) and the result will be the New World Order based on the worship of Lucifer (synthesis).’ Powerful Reptilian/Aryan bloodlines orchestrate these events from behind the scenes through secret societies. Once the most powerful secret societies from Atlantis, Lemuria, were infiltrated by the Reptilian-Aryan bloodlines, a false system of faith was started by the first monotheistic religions so the people would feel safe and not question authority.

The next synthesis to expect is the One World Government, Lucifer becomes God in this world,

⦁ Learn to decode energies
⦁ Raise the inner vibrations to higher levels
⦁ Develop and possess enough moral strength to control his own mind and to free himself from Luciferian force
⦁ Meditation

Human beings are able to control reality, if they can get rid of the illusion of the dual mirror. The only problems is, that the reptilian bloodlines who controls mass consciousness don´t want people and mankind to understand reality. The mind is a creator because everything is thought. The more powerful the consciousness, the greater its potential to create. On the non-physical frequencies thought creates directly by rearranging the energies into whatever the thought visualises. Tavistock institute Part 15

If we had to rely only on our computers to understand the Universe we would not get very far! This is an amazing indication of the power of the human mind!

Human beings are able to control reality, if they can get rid of the illusion of the dual mirror. The only problems is, that the reptilian bloodlines who controls mass consciousness don´t want people and mankind to understand reality.

The manipulators do not want us to know that we are eternal beings of light and love with limitless potential; nor that we can change the world by changing the way we think; and certainly not that we are all One, all equal parts of the same whole, on a journey of evolution through experience. People who know and live all these things are not nearly so easy to control and direct. It would be much better to persuade us that we are cosmic accidents with no future, or imprison us in the dogma of some rigid religion, and do everything possible to ridicule and repress information to the contrary.

The mind is a creator because everything is thought. The more powerful the consciousness, the greater its potential to create. On the non-physical frequencies thought creates directly by rearranging the energies into whatever the thought visualises.

Every time we think we create an energy field, a thought form, and this is how telepathy works. One person produces the thought field and another decodes that field, mostly without even knowing it. The power of thought to create love and harmony or hate and disharmony is endless and we are all capable of producing both. The manipulators I speak of in this book know about this power to control people by the use of thought or ‘psychic attack’ as it is called. They direct thought energy at targeted individuals and try to control their thinking.

Their aim is to de-link us from the higher levels of ourselves. During an incarnation, not all of our mind, consciousness, incarnates and becomes subject to the severe pressures and limitations of a dense physical body, only part of it.

The higher self can be likened to Mission Control. It knows the reason for the incarnation – what we have chosen to experience and who with – and what we have chosen to do in service to humanity, the planet, and Creation in general. We feel the urgings and communciations of the higher self in our intuition. We feel drawn to certain places, people, and ways of life. It shows when we say “fancy meeting you here”, “what a small world”, and “what a coincidence”.

If we lose touch with Mission Control, our higher consciousness, we can get ourselves into terrible trouble and be prone to some stupid and destructive behaviour. Think what would happen if we were on the Moon in a spacesuit and someone cut the link with Mission Control. We would have only two sources of information – what is coming in through the eyes and the ears. This would, by definition, be extremely imbalanced, because it would only contain information from the world immediately around us. We would lose contact with those who can see the wider picture.

So if we can be encouraged to switch off the connection with our personal Mission Control, the higher self, and the manipulators can at the same time control the flow of information coming in through the eyes and the ears, we can quite easily forget who we really are and what we are doing here. This has happened to billions of people, who have thus become a form of robot.

Within the brief summary here is contained the knowledge as you will appreciate later that can not only free the human race from its current mental imprisonment, but also provide incredible technology to produce limitless, non-polluting energy. Why and how this knowledge has been kept from the mass of the people and what has led humanity along such a dark and destructive path is the story we will now tell.

Lucifer is not an essential part of the positive-negative balance. He is a disrupting, disharmonious aspect of consciousness which is not necessary for human evolution. More than that, Lucifer’s efforts to close off the channels that link humanity to its higher understanding have blocked, not advanced, our evolution.

Humanity has become a target for the Luciferian Consciousness by the Rulers, Global Elite, The Cabal System, The Illuminati, and the Reptilian Bloodlines and so on, and all secret societies.

Creation is not some random, uncoordinated, every-droplet-for-itself chaos. When this Luciferic consciousness began to make its disharmony felt, the higher levels of Creation began to intervene because it was imposing its misunderstandings on others and breaking the universal law of free will. Something had to be done, as they say.

This is where humanity comes in. Again, contrary to popular belief, the human consciousness stream has an enormous capacity for love and compassion. We are not what we seem to be, but then nothing is ever what it seems. A decision was made at the collective level of human consciousness to give this disruptive mind called Lucifer an opportunity to find its balance again and to re-synchronise with the rest of Creation.

Every species has a collective mind to which all of the individual ‘droplets’ are connected. We are multi-dimensional beings, with each level having its own awareness and ability to think and make decisions. So it was that the collective mind of humanity agreed to set aside its own evolution for a certain period to give the Luciferic consciousness a chance to re-balance itself. This highly negative consciousness was unleashed on this part of the Universe.

It was not only humanity which agreed to this, the collective minds of other universal civilisations (extra-terrestrials) did the same, and not only the physical level was affected. Everything is multidimensional, including the Universe. In the same space occupied by this physical world are all the other levels. The Luciferic consciousness began to operate on those levels, too.

The effects did not happen overnight. But disharmony creates more disharmony and, once the Luciferic consciousness had begun to disrupt the balance and flow of the energies, it started a roll which would gather pace on an ever-steepening curve.

Disharmony created even more disharmony. Lucifer is clearly not a being with horns and a tail. He is a large aspect of Divine consciousness which chose to work against the Source. Like all consciousness, he generates thought patterns. It is the same principle as that employed by a radio station when it transmits its wavelength to the world.

Once transmitted, the wavelength can be picked up by any radio tuned to that station. Everyone is transmitting thought patterns every second. So, when you have a powerful and evergrowing aspect of consciousness pouring out negative patterns of great disharmony, it is easy to see how vast areas of other consciousness can be affected.

Once they are tuned to your wavelength you can, like a radio station, feed them any information you wish them to hear. In consciousness terms, these transmitted patterns can appear to be thoughts of our own when they really originate in the minds of others.

In such instances, we are merely tuning to them without realising it.

The Luciferic consciousness and its broadcasts were designed to create imbalance.

Lucifer feeds off negative energy and the more of that that he can generate, the stronger and more powerful he becomes.

His impact began to grow and affect a wider area. Other droplets were imbalanced by the disharmony and turmoil and joined the ‘team’ or the collectively the Luciferic consciousness. The thinking and perceptions of increasing numbers of entities in this solar system and galaxy were affected.

The Luciferic consciousness, far from taking the opportunity to re-balance itself, was trying to take over and turn harmony into the image of its own imbalance. The moment arrived when the ongoing process of disharmony was such that a call went out across the Universe for volunteers to dedicate themselves, for however long was necessary, to reverse it. The ocean of consciousness was ceasing to be a gentle, balanced flow. In some areas it was more like a tidal wave of emotional and mental turmoil and torment.

Waves of these beings began many civilisations on the Earth, including the ones we know as Pan, Mu (Lemuria) and Atlantis. These civilisations were much more advanced in their technology and understanding of Creation than we are today. Plato talked of Atlantis more than two thousand years ago and it has been a theme that has recently grown more powerful in the human mind. it was a continent in what is now the Atlantic Ocean.

Atlantis was powered by the use of non-physical energy, the harnessing of the sea of energy around us. Crystals were part of this power and light source and all the power and warmth they needed was produced without any pollution or damage to the Earth. That knowledge is going to be available to us as the present transformation continues. Indeed, much of it is already available but has been suppressed to protect empires of self interest. There was no religion as such at that time but there were places where people went to learn the laws of Creation and how to use energies to create harmony and to speed the positive progress of human understanding.

Over aeons of existence, the Luciferic consciousness had learned how best to disrupt harmony and how to imbalance other aspects by working through their emotional levels. The production of negative energy by whatever means available was the motivation because such negative energy feeds it and gives it greater power. The reason for conflict was irrelevant as long as there was conflict and a production line of negative energy. Planets were destroyed, either by direct intervention from Lucifer or by his thought patterns scrambling the consciousness of others.

“Our DNA was changed because of this reptilian intervention so that we can no longer access the world beyond the five senses.”

The five senses has not the ability to decode the energies around us or the higher energies in the Universe, therefore become trapped within a Earth 3 dimensional limited perception to understand the reality, the world, and Universe.

You are all Divine but unknowing to be, we live in a third dimension but we have a second dimension awareness: our perception of reality is limited to our 5 senses, we are not superior to the vegetable, mineral and animal world as our brain makes us believe.

Peter Horttanainen

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