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The false promise of eternal life through technology, with new body parts and perpetual updates to your brain (enhanced neural networks), along with software and hardware updates, will be from the autonomous and self-directed slaughter-bots, setting the stage for a 5G electronic prison net run by the Lucifeciati Elite and their Fallen Angel Overlords; enabling the obliteration of our entire species. In view of the “transisms” – the foremost transition we should be worried about is the transition from distraction to disaster.

The human race has come to the point of no flesh left alive. Transhumanism and genetic engineering, when coupled with the hybridization of human-animal “genetic constructs,” are thrusting us back into the Golden Age of mythological monsters and godlike humans. Superheroes, robots and demon-possessed machines will take humanity to the brink of extinction.

The false promise of eternal life through technology, with new body parts and perpetual updates to your brain (enhanced neural networks), along with software and hardware updates, will be from the autonomous and self-directed slaughter-bots, setting the stage for a 5G electronic prison net run by the Lucifeciati Elite and their Fallen Angel Overlords; enabling the obliteration of our entire species. In view of the “transisms” – the foremost transition we should be worried about is the transition from distraction to disaster.

One mind, one world language, one world monetary system, and one world numbering system! We are there, and pretty soon we will see a one-world government forced upon us.

At a certain time in the prophetic future, there will be a crisis on the whole earth. This will not be just a crisis in one country. This crisis will grip the whole earth or four winds, the Bible says. This crisis is going to set the stage for a New World Order. In Daniel and Revelation, it’s pictured as the beast or the beast system. This New World Order that is going to come, is an end-time attempt on Satan’s part to repeat the Tower of Babel, which was his first attempt at a One World Order to set himself up as king. God confounded the tongues of the people and ruined his plan. But Satan will make another attempt at the end of time. This crisis at the time of the end is going to shake the nations and the people of this planet. The governments of the world will want someone to give them peace and prosperity. Of course Satan is always standing ready to answer people’s prayers. He has planned a New World Order on the way to a ONE World Order. This progression is clearly seen in Daniel’s visions and especially seen in the Book of Revelation.

In these visions, there is a crisis. Then there is a beast, which represents a system that is going to coerce all the people on the planet, into this system.

So what is the matrix or the system? Control, the system is a fabricated world of lies and deceit, built to keep the human race under some type of control, in order to reduce or degenerate the human being to a beast, the mark of the beast.

Why the Matrix? Because in the movie The Matrix, the matrix was described as a fabricated world of illusions that seemed real to the senses, but in reality everyone that was living inside the matrix was actually asleep in some type of stasis.

The Beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise his authority…He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. All inhabitants of the earth will worship the Beast. The Revelation of St John (New International Version): 13, verses 5-8

Think of this; how can the “Beast” force “all inhabitants of the earth will worship the Beast. (Book Of Revelation), and how this is related to how the masses (mass consciousness) is unaware (the mind is blinded) of what is happening in this world.

The masses of humanity are as yet totally unaware of the spiritual realities that they now must consciously confront. They stand unknowingly at the threshold. Not even the events of this century so far have awakened them: for them physical life is always completely absorbing and usually exhausting. The masses in their blindness have become hopeless victims of a whole series of world disasters and today they stand bewildered and alarmed and ready to panic into any plausible policy of violence. It is the tragedy of the ordinary man that he never listens to the warnings of the prophets until doom is upon him, and then he is too terrified to listen and too stupefied to understand, and in any case too late. One would have thought that he would need no prophet to convince him that he is faced with world catastrophe and disaster. The problem is that the average person is unable to read the changing scenes of the times.

And link above text to the understanding of this; “He cannot appear until the Restrainer, the Holy Spirit, is removed” (2 Thess. 2:6-7). He is a Gentile, because he arises out of the sea (Rev. 13:1),

This terrible time will be far worse than any other tyranny in human history. It will be characterized by the introduction of the totalitarian secret police control system of the Beast. Previously, no matter how horrible the totalitarian control, it was occasionally possible to bribe a border guard with gold or to buy some food with silver coins. However, the Mark of the Beast system will eliminate money in all its previous physical forms and force men to buy and sell through a system that will require the possession of your own individual Mark as the key to your ability to “buy and sell.”

Weishaupt wrote, “I shall therefore press the cultivation of science, especially such sciences as may have an influence on our reception in the world; and may serve to remove obstacles out of the way…Only those who are assuredly proper subjects shall be picked out from among the inferior classes for the higher mysteries…And in particular, every person shall be made a spy on another and on all around him.” “Nothing can escape our sight. This is the base of the Big Brother mentality, you can´t see Big Brother. but he can see you, and the mentality is; there is no place to hide from it.

Adam Weishaupt about the importance about owning Media

Adam Weishaupt wrote, “By establishing reading societies, and subscription libraries, and taking these under our direction, and supplying them through our labours, we may turn the public mind which way we will.”

He and his fellows also understood how powerful controlling newspapers could be to smear their enemies. One correspondence reads, “We get all the literary journals. We take care, by well-timed pieces [articles], to make the citizens and the Princes a little more noticed for certain little slips.” Their “certain little slips” refers to anything they say or do that will not be looked at favorably by the public, and the “well timed pieces” will be sure to inform people of this if they didn’t like that person.

Peter Lalonde gave this fear of computer-age technology an even more grotesque expression when he conjectured that soon the government or large corporations might begin implanting computer microchips directly into human flesh, possibly even on the right hand or forehead, as Revelation long ago predicted: “It could well be that what [John] was referring to almost 2000 years ago was what is known today as the computer microchip.”

Lalonde warned that once we have received the “microchip” mark of the Beast, the Antichrist will have the technological capacity already in place for regulating even the most minute details of our lives. Expanding on this fear of the “Big Brother” powers associated with new technology, other prophecy writers have given currency to the rumor that a giant supercomputer is being created for the purpose of taking over the world’s banking system and creating a cash-less economic system, as was prophesied in Revelation.

The system, or the “Beast” could be a gigantic computer that occupies some floors in a Administration Building at the Headquarters. This computer could be capable of assigning a number to every person on earth in the form of a laser tatoo. Then, through infared scanners, this invisible tatoo would appear on a screen.”

They can create mind control programs to directly affect humans via television, radio, internet, magazines and newspapers, education, pharmaceutical, health, finance, computer games, music, and advertising.

The Orwellian mentality is blended in belief systems. within daily use of products, hidden in technology people use every day, hidden in subliminal message in advertising, in movies, computer games, music and education, news and tv-programs, drinking water, gmo in foods, chemtrails in the air, nanoparticles, vaccines.

Weishaupt wrote..”And in particular, every person shall be made a spy on another and on all around him.” This is the Big Brother mentality that have caught humankind in this state of mentality, and this is today´s organized gang stalking.

As the interests of these diverse power brokers coalesce. they come to define our reality In ways that George Orwell prophesied in 1984. The military-corporate-religious complex is the ultimate megasystem controlling much of the resources and quality of life.


The desire to dominate and control our environment is a desire that humans alone of all the animals possess, and humans is the only species who invented their own mind prisons (The Matrix).

And we have become unwittingly enslaved to the dark, destructive agenda of this world. Exactly as in The Matrix.

Once again, the crux of the error here, the nature of this rebellion, and the essence of our damnation or fall from grace (if such they are), lie in the strange capacity of humans to project their desires, hopes, fears, and beliefs outward, to seek meaning outside of themselves rather than in the only place where meaning might logically be found—within. By neglecting and denying the inner processes of the psyche and soul, and focusing exclusively on the outer achievements of mind and body, we have effectively stripped existence of all meaning, purpose, value, and yes, reality.

The Propaganda of Darwinism

“This isn’t about Darwinism but about propaganda. We all swim in a vast sea of propaganda. Why is it not only pertinent but essential to grasp this? Because propaganda techniques are what were, and still are, being used to propagate the Darwinian religion. Once you understand this, you can easily see through the tricks, tactics, techniques and manipulations of public opinion going on all around you, not only with the spread of evolutionary lies and pseudo-science but politics, religion, public morality everything.

And once you see it, it loses its control over your thinking and your opinion funning.

This is not conspiracy theory. This is simply the way governments and other groups function today through the media, public education and advertising.” — Gary Hitch

There are other industries developing methods of spying upon, conditioning and controlling the masses. Your television and other broadcasted frequencies are good examples. Reason this how many people are willing participants in creating, utilizing, and misusing technology in ways that go against basic human rights and universal law. How many people use technology in ways that are harmful, enslaving, invading ones right to privacy? Mind manipulation or controls outside of universal law are serving the Archons or what some refer to as the Beast.

Beyond The Mind Control Technology, “The plan to take over the mind of humans has been developed in stages. Scientism is the result of hundreds of years of Luciferian mind control. They can control the human mind through “white noise”, through hearing systems, syntethic telepathy, voice to skull technology, a “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data”, spy through HD-TV, programming through television, Chemtrails, Nanoparticles, RFID-chip, Artificial intelligence (Al), Remote neural monitoring (RNM, EM targeting of populations and individuals, 5G technology access to DNA, “Hive mind”, Nanoparticle delivery: sensors, microprocessors, other electro-optical technology, Remote genetic engineering of DNA, and Replace Nature with virtual reality

A research later conducted by Oskar, KJ., on the ‘Effects of low power microwaves on the local cerebral blood flow of conscious rats’ (1980), showed that, “By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligible speech may be created” by microwave hearing for “camouflage, decoy, and deception operations”

ORWELL’S 1984: There have been other warnings about the NWO. An insider, George Orwell, published a book in 1948, which he entitled Nineteen Eighty Four. It is a fictitious work about the future of the human race, as desired by certain elites he had come to know. Orwell’s work stands as a prophetic warning. One of his teachers was Aldous Huxley,”who wrote a similar warning with Brave New World. They both understood the Luciferian’s goals. There is no Christ in Orwell’s world, Big Brother is really anti-Christ. Leviathan, the piercing Serpent, is, we believe, one of the names of the Antichrist. The Orwellian nightmare will.

[F]or Orwell no return either to tradition or to religion is possible. If society cannot be saved, he is scarcely interested in saving himself from society, and if it is damned, then he pins hope not to his own art or soul but to the unpolitical recklessness of the ‘proles’. He was a man more deeply concerned with the political future of society than with his own life or work, though he did not believe, at the end, that any political solution was possible. ( … )

The endgame is to get the entire population chipped with RFID tags and that the global economy would be controlled by elite banksters and politicians. The RFID-chip will be connected to the beast system of the economic and political system. The RFID-chip will forerver trap humankind within the structures of the carnal mind. They will force humankind to transform or merge the human body with technology and through this create a digital world brain and a world of cyborgs. This will be the end of Creation. This digital global world brain will be the god of this world, or the system of anti-christ.

James 4:1 reveals how the carnal mind is designed to protect the carnal desires of this world or the desire consciousness of this world, and Revelation 13:17 reveals how the RFID chip system will protect the carnal beast system of the mind; nobody will be able to buy or sell – or do much of anything, for that matter – without the RFID-chip. The RFID will captor the carnal mind into the lower matrix and prevent spiritual progress

The stronger our ego structures become, the more difficult they are to overcome. Automated behaviours make us less conscious, and our goal is to become more conscious. By consciously behaving in a manner that is different to our normal pre-programmed ego reactions we can gradually re-program them. But this won’t dissolve their structure — ego structures can only be dissolved through inner work.

But rest assured, it will all change quickly. Those same digitally augmented powers that the masses will so gleefully accept will swiftly turn to a loss of Free Wil and autonomy as the A.I. beast system takes full control of the minds, hearts, and souls of those who had willfully neural-aced into the Digital Abomination. The price for the desire for power will be the loss of soul. Lucifer will employ the use of nano-particulate smart dust and wireless 5G technologies to place Mankind online with this digital Abomination of Desolation. The RFID Chip, so talked about, will not be necessary. Smart Dust micro-chips will cover the earth…in the air, water, soil, oceans, in the blood stream of mankind. It Ix only be the Holy Spirit and Will of mankind that will be able to resist what is to come. It is the Will of each individual soul that will possess the power to resist the Digital Beast System from WITHIN.

This Invisible War in the soul of Mankind will be the Final War of Man.

A monopoly on the means of communication may define a ruling elite more precisely than the celebrated formula of “monopoly on the means of production.” Since man extends his nervous system through channels of communication like the written word, the telephone, radio, etc., he who controls these media controls part of the nervous system of every member of society. The contents of these media become part of the contents of every individual’s brain.

The Reptilians naturally know better than anyone how to manipulate the reptilian brain and it is through this that humanity is largely controlled and directed.

The Reptilian mind becomes the human mind and you can see this happening all the time as the Reptilian ‘hive’ mind becomes the human ‘hive’ mentality. The collective tyranny of the human mind. They have backsliding humankind into Darkness. They are the Masters of the Pandemoniun, Hive Mind.

ORWELL’S 1984: There have been other warnings about the NWO. An insider, George Orwell, published a book in 1948, which he entitled Nineteen Eighty Four. It is a fictitious work about the future of the human race, as desired by certain elites he had come to know. Orwell’s work stands as a prophetic warning.

One of his teachers was Aldous Huxley,”who wrote a similar warning with Brave New World. They both understood the Luciferian’s goals.

In Nineteen Eighty-four, Orwell tried to warn the world of how things would be if the Luciferians succeed. In this world the ideal government’s “Big Brother” is in control. Cameras are everywhere, even in private homes watching every move.

The government is absolutely dominant, micromanaging every detail of every life. Everyone is a spy ready to turn in their neighbor. Individuals are taken into state custody and never seen again. It is a bizarre world where opposites have been reconciled, as is Luciferian dogma. You have the “Ministry of Peace,” whose duty it is to ensure a constant state of warfare exists. The “Ministry of Truth” is in charge of the media which keeps people form knowing the truth and only propaganda. This media continually tells the people that the criminal mastermind is plotting against them, the reason for the perpetual warfare. The “Ministry of Love” is responsible for the hyper-surveillance of the people and their imprisonment and torture if at all seen as a threat to the power structure of “Big Brother.”

The left brain hemisphere is said to be the mind prison controlled by scientific dictatorship of the ego who has become the god of this world.

If a technologically advanced extradimensional race has decided to implement a gradual takeover of a planet and its inhabitants, what kind of strategy would it use? First they would look to how they could maximize the efficiency of the invasion process and reduce the expenditure of resources that they have to generate themselves. To achieve this goal the secretive infiltration of the core societal organizational structures such as: religions, medical, financial and legal systems, would be ideal to shape the value systems that generate reality belief systems they want to control. Through the engineering of a labyrinth of self—enforced enslavement policies based on fear and intimidation among the earth inhabitants, they would achieve the use of minimal “off planet” resources by piggy backing on the earth-human resources. The people on earth would effectively enforce their own enslavement as well as enslave their own global human family by giving up their rights and their resources. This is very effective for takeover and invasion with minimal resistance or revolt by inhabitants who are unaware they are being invaded. This is called the Archontic Deception Strategy.

They, Them, Those who have absolute rule over the earth and Their Created Environment, which has been established as a way of life for so many, are very afraid of themselves and all others who stand to be equal with everyone else. They do not want any form of equality, They only want what they want and for everyone else to obey or be eliminated. This is the cold facts of this Physical Realm with Those who have not taken the time to explore beyond their material senses. They have used the humans as pawns for untold lifetimes and eons, and some people are just now waking up to this fact. They have established the idea that there is not enough for them if there are too many others that exist here, so They have devised a huge array of devious plans to get all the control they need and to also get rid of any opposition. Since the beginning, when the first Reptilians set foot on the earth and created their human clones as slaves, they have manipulated what has taken place, as is shown in Human History, Their slanted history, to ploy the humans into ‘believing’ in what They have created as the only reality there can be. So today, the humans of the earth are so over-confused that all many of them can do is to walk down the street and stare at their cell phones and text mindless stuff to their friends, controlled by MicroWaves that are used are for Mind Control.

Peter Horttanainen

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