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The Emergence of Atheism — a Godless Kingdom, The Jesuit Order in America controls everything. The Illuminati used Atheism, through Napoleon and the French government, to bring down Papal Rome

• paganism worshipped many gods.
• Arianism denies the divinity of Christ.
• True Biblical Christianity accepts the teachings and divinity of Jesus Christ, the Creator God of heaven and earth.
• Atheism is a disbelief in the existence of deity — the doctrine that there is no deity. This belief system is one of total denial and defiance of any Supreme God. “Atheism is a ferocious system that leaves nothing above us to excite awe, nor around us, to awaken ten-derness.” Rob Hall. Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary.
• The Illuminati used Atheism, through Napoleon and the French government, to bring down Papal Rome No. 1. Atheism is a promoter of:

  1. The theories of evolution;
  2. Exalting man above God and thereby denying the existence of the Creator God;
  3. Worshipping the “Goddess of Reason” which is “Humanism.” Reminder:

The ultimate plan of the great deceiver is to set up an antichrist system of Luciferian worship through-out the whole world (New World Order). The ultimate tool of the Papacy is to use the Hegelian Principle to craft this One World Government. In order to succeed with this plan, craft and deceit were used (such as the Hegelian Principle) throughout all systems of world governments. Whether it is realized or not, the Papacy and unsuspecting godless nations, are intricately woven together to bring this plan to pass. Secular history brings on stage the players, or puppets, on the strings of the puppeteer. Observe the Hegelian Principle at work and the frequency of use throughout history.

• France: The worship of the Goddess of Reason was instituted at Paris in 1793. This was later followed by worshipping nature deified, also considered a “god of forces.” Lucifer is also known as the “god of forces.”

The end result will be a synthesis or one world religion under a New World Order, with a Papal political/religious head.

Vietnam was a Jesuit war designed to create a Catholic super-power in Southeast Asia.

Introducing Sun Worship

Lucifer sought the worship that belonged to God and God alone!! For finite beings that had cast off their allegiance to their Creator, the devil had the per-fect and most ready object for men to adore and worship. He chose the most powerful thing in man’s visible universe, the sun. Through Nimrod, the great grandson of Noah, sun worship was introduced. As generations passed, the devil’s sun worshippers began to make monuments in honor of the sun.

Stonehenge in England and the Parthenon in Rome were just a few of the memorials in the sun’s honor. After millennia, the build-ing of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome was shaped in the form of the sundial, in honor of the sun.

Towards the end of the war on terror, there would be a universal manifestation of Lucifer’s doctrine of sun wor-ship; it will be seen in the honoring of the day that honors the sun. It is called Sunday. Laws to worship on the day of the sun will spread all over the earth because the devil, (or dragon of REV 13:4), wants everyone to worship him. Most of the earth will choose to honor this pagan day the day that is steeped in devil worship.

There are so many dear, dear people who have no idea that by worshipping on the day of the sun that they are honor-ing the devil’s counterfeit. They have honored this day, in ignorance, all of their lives. This is what they have been taught, and seen practiced, by their parents. grandparents, and their religious institutions.

Honor God or Lucifer? This universal manifestation will be brought out in the public view in full display, before all of mankind. All the world will be brought to honor the doctrines of Lucifer or the One who deserves worship. Throughout the Bible, it is clear that worship of God is due Him because He is the Creator.

“0 come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our maker. (Ps 95:6) Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people, and the sheep of His pasture.” (Ps 100:3)

From its very beginning, the Military Order of Jesuits were so structured and designed with their training to be able to undertake any kind of dangerous mission from assassination, propaganda, forgery and theft Their primary mission was then; and remains now for the complete defeat of any and all forces in opposition to the authority of the Jesuit Catholic Popes, and specifically it is against the Protestant, Jewish and Muslim Religions and against GOD.

DANIEL 11:31 And forces shall stand on his part and they shall profane and pollute the sanctuary even the fortress and shall take away the continual and they shall set up the abomination that makes desolate

THE JESUIT PRESS (NOW CONTROLS AMERICA) – The_ Jesuits HAVE NOW TAKEN: total control of every News Anchor or President of every Major Media Broadcast Station in America. (profane & pollute) And just as the Bible and GOD’S Prophesy calls for:

…The FORCES of JESUIT Media have now stopped the messages of GOD’S Voice of freedom of religion.

And in America, GOD’S MESSAGE has been restricted and even will stop because these Media anchors and Presidents are ….not even one in support of GOD:

❖ NBC – Brian Williams -Jesuit Catholic – Socialist Democrat
❖ ABC – Diane Sawyer – Jesuit Catholic – Socialist Democrat
❖ CBS – David Rhodes President – Jesuit Catholic – Socialist Democrat
❖ CNN – Aaron Brown – Jesuit Catholic – Socialist Democrat
❖ FOX – Bill O’Reilly – Jesuit Catholic

And to look even further, there now appears that nearly every back up position is also filled by “anti-GOD, Jesuit Catholic Socialist Democrats.

Why is that necessary unless they wish to gain total control of America that is currently a free Nation with freedom for The Individual American which only comes from GOD! The News Media in America is now the Jesuit Catholic Socialist Democratic News Media. It represents no other religion or politics but Jesuit Catholic Socialist Democrat…BUT WHY? There can be only one answer America’s NEWS Media is no longer a free press but is now just as was Europe under Hitler and Mussolini!

THE JESUIT SUPREME COURT (NOW CONTROLS AMERICA) – THE Jesuits HAVE NOW TAKEN: total control of America’s Supreme Court! (taken away the continual)
•• • The initial goals of Jesuit Catholicism, in America have now been
❖ achieved since the elections of 2006 and 2008 under the leadership of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton in the area of the SUPREME COURT!!
❖ Anthony Scalia -Jesuit Catholic – Socialist Democrat –
❖ Anthony Kennedy – Jesuit Catholic – Socialist Democrat
❖ Clarence Thomas – Jesuit Catholic – Socialist Democrat .
❖ Ruth Ginsburg – Jewish – Socialist Democrat .
❖Stephen Breyer – Jewish – Socialist Democrat .
❖ John Roberts – Jesuit Catholic – Socialist Democrat .
❖ Samuel Alito – Jesuit Catholic -Socialist Democrat
❖ Sonia Sotomayor – Jesuit Catholic – Socialist Democrat
❖ Elena Kagan – Jewish – Socialist Democrat .
There is NOT even one Protestant, nor one Muslim on the Supreme Court, even though they are more than 50% of Americans!

But, why is that necessary unless they wish to gain total control of America that is currently a free Nation with freedom for THE INDIVIDUAL AMERICAN! The UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT in America is NOW THE JESUIT CATHOLIC SOCIALIST DEMOCRATIC SUPREME COURT; that hates GOD!

The Jesuit Supreme Court represents no other SYSTEM OF JUSTICE but Jesuit Catholic Socialist Democrat…BUT WHY?

THE JESUIT MILITARY (NOW CONTROLS AMERICA) THE Jesuits HAVE NOW TAKEN: total control of America’s Military! (abomination that makes desolate)

Commander in Chief – President – Barack Obama – Jesuit Catholic, communist thinking -Socialist Democrat Second in Command-
President -Joe Biden – Jesuit Catholic – Socialist Democrat THIRD in Command
Department of Defense – Leon Panetta -Jesuit Catholic – Socialist Democrat
Chairman Joint Chiefs – Martin Dempsey -Jesuit Catholic – Socialist Democrat Army- John McHugh -Jesuit Catholic Fourth in Command
Director CIA – General David Petraeus – Jesuit Catholic – Socialist Democrat


The Civil War was started by Jesuit General George Beauregard! That was essentially the same conditions that exist in America today! The Jesuit Catholic Socialist Democratic United States Military is controlled throughout the top five levels by only Jesuit Catholic Socialist Democrats… BUT WHY? There can be only one answer America’”s Military is no longer representative of a free government, representing a free people but is now just as was Europe under Napoleon, Hitler and Mussolini!

Since 1690. They are now simply, choking the very lifeblood of our freedoms into a certain and final death grip from which individual freedoms in America cannot survive! It would truly be difficult for me to imagine why America does not know of the activities of these bloody monsters, if, I did not understand the strategy of Satan and the Jesuit mind! First we must understand that Jesuit Catholicism and the Church of Rome are the richest entity in the world! And you will see in the following pages of this book that GOD said that is a “Great Error” of faith and the primary reason Lucifer was thrown out of heaven and renamed Satan! So Jesuit Catholicism is acting in an ANTI-GOD.


The Legacy of laws of “Simony” in Jesuit Catholicism originate from Simon Magus, who attempted “to buy, with money,” from Simon Peter the gift of healing by laying on of hands. Simon Peter rebuked him and ‘THE WATCHMAN reminds us that it was Simon Peter, before his death, who did “bitterly ” rebuke Simon Magus and THE MESSENGER tells us of that in:

ACTS 8:20 May your money die with you because you have thought that the gift of GOD may be purchased with money; you have neither part nor lot in this matter for your heart is not right in the sight of GOD. Repent therefore of this, your wickedness and pray GOD that possibly the thought of your heart may be forgiven you for I perceive that you are in the gall of bitterness and in the bond of sin.

And indeed that idea that anything can be bought for money is the mainstay of Jesuit Catholicism and many strongly believe, as do I, that Simon Magus was indeed the originator of Catholicism! Certainly it could never be Simon Peter who would never allow even to be called pope as its meaning is “blasphemy” to GOD THE only HOLY FATHER!

Regrettably our forefathers had been forced to live and even many times to die because of the laws of “Simony” as developed by the true founder Simon Magus through Jesuit Catholicism!

They had been forced to live for centuries with the burnings at the stake just because they had indeed translated the Latin Vulgate Bible into English and they could now read the TRUE words of GOD, and not have those words falsified just so the priest could get a tithe or offering under the practice of their laws of Simony! So now they truly were blessed as they were living in that world where they could freely worship their CREATOR GOD and live their lives without the death, the oppression and repression and certainly without the taxes and interest payments of the British Government and it’s Kings, Archbishops and Popes of England and Rome. Yes America and the world, the same taxes and interest they impose an all the world since then and even today in 2012.

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