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The Emerald Tablet, the philosopher´s stone, Thousands of ot herseekers will walk past the true path that is evident to you because it is yours to show the way, it is yours to illuminate, it is yours to shine the light upon. TheTablets of Light is a reactivation of Divine consciousness inhabiting the humansoul. That is how it has always been

The Emerald Tablet. Through examples of persons who, over the ages, have unleashed the tablet’s powers, each part of the document is scrutinized to reveal its complete meaning. Then the entire content of the tablet is envisioned in a single remarkable engraving from the early seventeenth century. In the second part, the recipe upon which all alchemy is based, the Emerald Formula, is revealed and elaborated on with specific techniques on how to apply each step. The goal is for the reader to personally experience the renewed energy and amazing synchronicities unleashed by transmuting the lead of one’s innermost being into gold.

Thus, the whole goal of the alchemical art lay in “the general idea that the powers of the cosmic soul must somehow be concentrated in a solid, the philosophers’ stone or elixir, which would then be able to carry out the transmutations that the alchemists desired.” It was an attempt to reconstruct, for specific cases, the descent of specific minerals from that undifferentiated ((cosmic soul” or medium as exactly as possible, in order to incorporate that “cosmic soul’s” very powers of.transmutation in ordinary matter. As Holmyard states it, “The underlying idea seems to have been that since the prime matter was the same in all substances, an approximation to this prime matter should be the first quest of alchemy.” 8 The ability to confect such a “philosophical gold” would indeed give its possessors an awesome power. It is important to view this quest for the Philosophers’ Stone in a much wider context in order to reveal its true significance.

In any case it is to its possession of the secrets of alchemy that Paracel-sus ascribes ancient Egypt’s power: “If you do not yet understand from the aforesaid facts, what and how great treasures these are, tell me why no prince or icing was ever able to subdue the Egyptians.”60 But the alchemical science itself he clearly states came horn Adam, whom he calls “the first inventor of arts, because he had knowledge of all things as well after the Fall as before.”‘ Because of this plenitude of knowledge, Adam was also able on Paracelsus’ view to predict the world’s destruction by water.

The connection begins with Paracelsus’ statement that he “will teach you the tincture, the Arcanum 1, the quintessence, wherein lie hid the foundations of all mysteries and of all works?'” Again, file that reference to “quintessence” in the back of your mind, for it will play a significant role in deciphering the possible influences at work in the thinking of a brilliant modern theoretical physicist in part three. According to Paracelsus, this arcane operation is to be accomplished by means of the Holy Spirit. But once one delves into what he says about this Holy Spirit, one perceives the connection:

This is the Spirit of Truth, which the world cannot comprehend without the interposition of the Holy Ghost, or without the instruction of those who know it. The same is of a mysterious nature, wondrous strength, boundless power. The Saints, from the beginning of the world, have desired to behold its face. By Avicenna this Spirit is named The Soul of the World. For, as the Soul moves in all the limbs of the body, so also does this Spirit move all bodies. And as the Soul is in all the limbs of the Body, so also is this Spirit in all elementary created things.

One can see the logic of Paracelsus (and other Western Christian alchemists) at work, for the alchemical work of confecting the Philosophers’ Stone by embodying “the Spirit” into matter is the alchemical analogue to the Incarnation, where the Son becomes incarnate. The Son becomes human, the Spirit becomes the matter of the Stone.78 Thus, since this “Spirit”-as-transmutative physical medium is the quintes-sence of the Philosophers’ Stone, the Stone in turn confers not only longevity and even a kind of immortality, but it is also indestructible/


“No fire or other element can destroy it. It is also no stone, because it is fluid, can be smelted and melted.”

The persisting mystery of alchemy is precisely its persistence. That is, if the possession of the tremendous powers of the Philosophers’ Stone was the goal of alchemy, why then did no one notice, over the several centuries if not thousands of years of its practice, that no one ever actually did it? How does one account for the persistence of the practice in the face of, presumably, the centuries’ accumulated mountain of failures? Ancient and mediaeval man was no less rational than modern man, and repeated failures would, eventually, have led rational people to abandon the whole enterprise as a futility. How does one account for the persistence of alchemy through the centuries when faced with the enormity, and the likely futility, of its quest to confect the Philosophers’ Stone?

Schumaker: “Separate the volatile part of the substance by vaporization but continue heating until the vapour reunites with the parent body, whereupon you will have obtained the Stone”.

Trithemius: When the ternary has returned to Unity cleansed of all impurities “the mind understands without contradiction all the mysteries of the excellently arranged arcanum”.

Bacstrom: the black matter becomes White and Red. The Red “having been carried to perfection, medicinaly and for Metals” is capable of supporting complete mental and physical health, and provides “ample means, in finitum multiplicable to be benevolent and charitable, without any dimunation of our inexhaustable resources, therefore well may it be called the Glory of the whole World”. Contemplation and study of the Philosopher’s Stone (“L. P.”) elevates the mind to God. “The Philosophers say with great Truth, that the L.P. either finds a good man or makes one”. “By invigorating the Organs the Soul makes use of for communicating with exterior objects, the Soul must aquire greater powers, not only for conception but also for retention”. If we pray and have faith “all Obscurity must vanish of course”.

Trithemius: The Philosopher’s Stone is another name for the ‘one thing’, and is able to “conquer every subtile thing and to penetrate every solid”. “This very noble virtue… consists of maximal fortitude, touching everything with its desirable excellence”.

Bacstrom: “The L.P. does possess all the Powers concealed in Nature, not for destruction but for exhaltation and regeneration of matter, in the three Departments of Nature”. “It refixes the most subtil Oxygen into its own firey Nature”. The power increases “in a tenfold ratio, at every multiplication”. So it can penetrate Gold and Silver, and fix mercury, Crystals and Glass Fluxes.

Burckhardt: “Alchemical fixation is nevertheless more inward… Through its union with the spirit bodily consciousness itself becomes a fine and penetrating power”. He quotes Jabir “The body becomes a spirit, and takes on… fineness, lightness, extensibility, coloration… The spirit… becomes a body and aquires the latter’s resistance to fire, immobility and duration. From both bodies a light substance is born , which.. precisely takes up a middle position between the two extremes”.

Schumaken The product of the distillation and reunion will “dominate less solid substances, but because of its own subtlety it will ‘penetrate’ and hence dominate, other solid things less pure and quasi-spiritual than itself”.

Burckhardt: “Thus the light of the Spirit becomes constant.. [and] ignorance, deception, uncertainty, doubt and foolishness will be removed from consciousness”.

Burckhardt: “the little world is created according to the prototype of the great world”, when the human realises their original nature is the image of God. Schumaker: “The alchemical operation is a paradigm of the creative process. We may note the sexual overtones of what has preceeded”

Hortulanus: “He here teaches in an occult manner the things from which the stone is made.” “the stone is called perfect because it has in itself the nature of minerals, ofvegetables and of animals. For the stone is three and one, tripple and single, having four natures…. and three colours, namely black, white and red. It is also called the grain of corn because unless it shall have died, it remains itself alone. And if it shall have died… it bears much fruit when it is in conjunction…” Newton: “on account of this art Mercurius is called thrice greatest, having three parts of the philosophy of the whole world, since he signifies the Mercury of the philosophers…. and has dominion in the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, and the animal kingdom”.

We, a wider band of consciousness, are now moving into the forefront tointroduce ourselves, for we are also accessible within the lineage of Thoth andwithin the pages of The Tablets of Light.

Light that are movingmore into the forefront of this Divine Transmission.

In order to share the full spectrum of multidimensional consciousness ofeach tablet, they were divinely transmitted—brought forth orally and capturedthrough audio recording and then transcribed and compiled into this sacred text.

You may be wondering at this point how you enter this temple from yourmultidimensional wholeness. Some ways that could assist you in making thisslight adjustment in how it is that you are with this sacred consciousness is toimagine that you are walking into each tablet. That each tablet opens upmultidimensionally as you engage with the material in that tablet. Just like apop-up book would go from two-dimensional to three-dimensional as you openit, each segment creates a sacred architecture that forms a hologram that you canbe within.

This scribed text is an environment. This environment has treasures,keys, codes, and frequencies that serve to unlock that which resides within youthat is currently dormant that you are choosing to activate at this time.You can think of each tablet being like a room in a temple, with hieroglyphs and light language on the walls. Certain elements in the chamber of the tablet areaccessible the longer you are in the consciousness, for some are grown into.When you walk into a chamber in a temple you don’t enter into it with theexpectation that you are going to instantly understand each sacred symbol orhieroglyph. You enter into it with openness, with a sort of osmosis energy thatyou can absorb the high vibrational energies that are in the chamber.

The Tablets of Light has been brought forth through the Divine and yet it tap sinto a larger bandwidth of consciousness and panel of Light Beings. Therefore,most times when Thoth is speaking he refers to himself as we.

As we begin our somewhat lengthy conversation about the infinite being-nessthat you are, we are entering into sacred remembering territory. We are enteringinto the space in between the space. We are entering into the light in between thelight. This space in between the space and this light in between the light is yourDivine heartbeat. It is your Divine compass. It is your Divine knowing.

As you tune into that which is new,innovative, and remembered it is old, ancient, and forgotten. That is to say thatthat which is scribed, that which is encoded, that which is sacredmultidimensional wisdom is vibrating in many planes of light simultaneously.The simultaneity of these light codes is such that the codes are operating likemany vortices within many vortices within many vortices within many vortices.These spirals of light, these multidimensional vortex energies, are unraveling—unmasking and revealing what has been there all along.

Old is new, ancient isinnovative, forgotten is remembered.The Tablets of Light is a sacred text that has been waiting for its time to bereborn, and this time of being reborn is now. We are using this language of beingreborn so that you may cognitively comprehend that The Tablets of Light isensouled, it is alive, and it is a being with many incarnations with a purpose. Justas you, dear one, have waited in the streams of Divine light for the time toincarnate that you have chosen, so has The Tablets of Light been waiting in theinterdimensional space, in the interlife portal.


The Tablets of Light is a scribed text that is alive, multidimensional, a Being ofLight. Each person that chooses to read this sacred text is also a carrier andbringer forth of infinite knowledge of sacred codes of light. These sacred codesof light also have varying gestation periods.

These gestation periods vary foreach of you and each of the scribed consciousness, and yet the time to uncoverthat which you have held within your DNA records, your Akashic timeline isnow.

This is the reason for your incarnation at this time.You have traveled across the multiverse to this place called Earth. You holdwithin you the sacred texts of other solar systems, of other times, of other waysof life.

You are a light bearer, a way shower, a consciousness evolver, whichmeans that you are on a journey of epic proportions, one in which you are self-creating, self-initiating, finding your own way. It is as if you are walking insidethe bowels of Earth in the darkness, with your own light finding your way andbearing the light, showing the way to others and, in the process, evolvingconsciousness.

Sometimes the path that is laid before you, which you walk upon, is alreadyopened. Other times you forge through the closed doorway, the forgottenpathway, the nonexistent path—because you know that is the way. When youknow that is the way it is evident to you and to you alone.

Thousands of ot herseekers will walk past the true path that is evident to you because it is yours to show the way, it is yours to illuminate, it is yours to shine the light upon. TheTablets of Light is a reactivation of Divine consciousness inhabiting the humansoul. That is how it has always been.

Again, it is simultaneously old, ancient,and forgotten—and new, innovative, and remembered. You are a diamond lightseed of galactic divinity, multifaceted, exquisite, unique, and brilliant. TheTablets of Light is a text that you left for yourself to find in order to remind youof who you truly are, to remind you of why you’re really here, to call backwithin your own heart an awareness of your Divine origin.

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