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The Elite are presently working very hard at cultivating FEAR among the masses. They do this by staging, or broadcasting, natural or man made disasters, wars and pestilence around the world at regular intervals. FEAR keeps people ASLEEP. Someone who is ASLEEP has no FREE WILL. They are enslaved. FREE WILL is one of the fundamental laws of this universe. The Elite have broken that law by taking away the FREE WILL of billions of living beings in this planet.

Understanding the Effects of Time on Conscious Manifestation

The ego has become the “God” of the collective awareness among energy systems within the mass of collective energy. The dividing factor of separation from spiritual energy and God’s energy was when the ego entered and took over the unconsciousness of the energy system. As long as the ego remains in control of the energy system, the truth of knowing God is inhibited. Spiritual energy and God’s energy must converge to allow total connection to the higher levels of consciousness. The ego suppresses spirituality and God’s energy, thereby, disconnecting the energy system from believing in anything greater than itself.

The mass of collective energy is the reflection of the false reality belief system. The false reality belief system is built upon all the errors of the ego. The ego is weak and vulnerable and in constant need of protecting itself. Errors are ways for the ego to hide and protect itself through the adversity of life. Errors reinforce the perceptions of illusions. Illusions are distractions from the truth. The false reality belief system within the mass of collective energy is built upon the illusions of the ego.

The ego likes to be in total control. Ego based energy systems are separated from God’s energy and are considered their own God. They believe only in that which they can see. They look in the mirror and see a reflection of themselves. What they don’t realize is that the reflection is only a false illusion providing only a temporary sense of physical security. What is seen is not what is true. The reflection in the mirror only shows the result of the energy being projected through the body as a whole. The ego believes that, it, is protected by a physical body, and that it should supposedly last forever. This perception provides the ego with a sense of unconscious contentment.

Being in control is a great need for the ego based energy system. Being in control is the ego’s protective mechanism for resolving its insecurity and vulnerability. The ego based energy system has chosen to be separate from God’s energy and therefore must rely on its own stream of consciousness for guidance and the answers during life on Earth.

Energy systems that have to be in control are often plagued by insecurity, fear, and anxiety. There is a broken feedback loop within the stream of consciousness that cannot be resolved. The energy system’s out of control internal conscious state is coaxed by the need to be in control of all external situations. Being out of control can convince the ego to create the illusion of having the need to be in control.

The ego has become the “God” of the collective awareness among energy systems within the mass of collective energy. The dividing factor of separation from spiritual energy and God’s energy was when the ego entered and took over the unconsciousness of the energy system. As long as the ego remains in control of the energy system, the truth of knowing God is inhibited. Spiritual energy and God’s energy must converge to allow total connection to the higher levels of consciousness. The ego suppresses spirituality and God’s energy, thereby, disconnecting the energy system from believing in anything greater than itself.

Maintaining the collective unconsciousness of the mass of collective energy in a negative state of mind will only give more power to the ego making reconnection of the spiritual and God’s energy impossible. Without the mind of God, people are the products of the mass subconscious – until we are ready to participate in the final freeing of spiritual man from the dominion of the sense consciousness. in the Bible as “the carnal mind,” “the natural man,” “the mind of the flesh,” etc. … may have than a consciousness arising wholly from the five senses, this consciousness is wholly of this material realm.

The human being is considered to be nothing but a bio-computer made up of organic matter. And computers do not have a free will. They are meant to be manipulated and programmed.

Mass consciousness is a programming mentality program to become like all the others that also is programmed to be like all the others. And if one not follow this programmed progamming one will be excluded or the ego needs the collective cobsciousness to be able to exist. Humans can still decide how this influence us. We cannot change others. We can only change ourselves. One cannot change others or their programming to become like the others to fit in, one can only change the own programming to not become like programmed machine. When others understand how this programming is working through the mass consciousness they will be anle to free themselves from the enslavement-matrix-programming.

What is crucial for the globalists in order to keep the pubic unaware is by keeping information from entering the conscious mind, and the corpus callosum is the alpha bridge between left and right brain hemisphere. Negative programming and fears makes the alpha bridge to dissapear.

The power elite continue to bombard the collective unconscious with fearful programming and fear-concepts in order to hold your wandering minds at bay.

When the corpus callosum is shut off it just not block new information, fear blocks ones visions, it blocks new ideas, it blocks new concepts, fear blocks the third eye of intuition, and this blocks and prevents hyper-communication, and blocks new dna strands from be activated. Fear, stress, worry, or hyperactive intellect prevents successful hyper-communication or the information will be totally distorted and useless. In nature, hyper-communication has been successfully applied for millions of years. Fear is the autopilot thinking pattern and the autopilot of the mind is the controlled mind and is the opposite to intuition (third eye).

An anxious concern or worry is unbelief, is a fear which stops—blocks the free love-light flow of the divine energy Source from within. Fear blocks communication with God. Fear blocks bliss and theta brain waves.

“The ruling elite have devised ChemTrails as a means of covertly micro chipping us all in order to create antennas inside of us via nanotechnology so as to make us totally controllable via a “Psychocivilized” (electronically mind controlled society).

This new era, has already started with the forced reengineering of our planet and us humans. ChemTrails are not only changing the environment we live in, but are changing us from the inside out. Planetary re-engineering goes beyond controlling the weather. The people behind geo-engineering are after the human race. Transhumanism.

Transhumanist intend to replace all natural laws with their own set of rules which will make it easier to control it all. It is nothing more than an agenda to destroy humanity and human nature. It seeks to devolve and enslave humans in a way that will be irreversible.

If transhumanism can destroy humanity and the human nature, this mean that ‘AI’ may even be more dangerous than nuclear weapons

The daily news programs concentrate the majority of their programming on getting us to accept what they want us to believe, and incorporating it as part of our natural environment. The entire population is unknowingly subjected to many covert subliminal transmissions through overt mind manipulation programming through major media, entertainment, news, video, games, and significant programming. The Global Elite easily promote overall programming of the entire population through telecommunications around the world, used to manipulate and control national and global views through planted stories in the media. Extensive social manipulation and programming are brought about through consciousness modification programming involving health and mood-altering substances placed in the air, food, and water supply. The media is no more than a disinformation campaign to discredit the truth and promote any government agenda or program.

Even new age philosophy has been infiltrated and manipulated to keep your general perceptions continuously controlled and manipulated. All of history has been thoroughly manipulated so that you will only know what they want you to know. Everything around you is designed so that you only see and hear what they want you to, to keep you ignorant to the reality of the way things really are. The educational system reinforces preplanned programming, while the media verifies lies to keep building and forming our culture.

The distortion of man´s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there.

The dark forces are no longer only reaching for man’s mind and intellect, they now want to absorb his entire consciousness, the being as such, including ‘heart and soul’. The individual aspect of this battle: the role consciousness plays in meeting the different forms of outside influence, and their subtle effects on our free will — which is no longer that free when we allow ourselves to be influenced.

The global materialistic system can only survive within the dualistic tension of supply and demand. Stagnation is tantamount to a threat to this system. Content people are a potential danger because they might be interested in other things than mere production and consumption. Apparently, this system depends on people never finding real, inner peace! Is this the reason why the world is constantly being flooded with new needs, demands and products? At least one thing is obvious: The result is not content satisfaction but restless gratification. In order to avoid a saturation or stagnation of the turnover, consumption has to be continuously increased by the creation of new artificial needs, by new ways of propaganda, and by opening up new markets If that is no longer possible, consumption has to be expanded by yet another method, namely by increasing destruction.

To affect any changes one must first cancel, eliminate, remove the currently installed programming and only then can you reprogram. The subconscious mind can only react or respond to existing programs already contained in your mind’s memory as the collective shadow within the lower matrix of the archons. Fear is such pre-programmed pattern that is social and evolutionary engineered to limit awareness of this world and limit knowledge to understand that you are divine being.

By changing ourselves, we also change the world because we are constituent parts of the world. Consciousness is the essential determinant and the instrument of free will. Therefore, in manipulation the `lever’ is first positioned on people’s consciousness.

If transhumanism and technoracy is growing humans will be treated as machines and not humans, and as consequense; computers do not have a free will. They are meant to be manipulated and programmed. Machines cannot become like humans, but humans can become like machines. They will be manipulated and programmed in same way machines and robots is been programmed; to follow the instruction. This is lost of the free will they think is their free will.

The Elite are presently working very hard at cultivating FEAR among the masses. They do this by staging, or broadcasting, natural or man made disasters, wars and pestilence around the world at regular intervals. FEAR keeps people ASLEEP. Someone who is ASLEEP has no FREE WILL. They are enslaved. FREE WILL is one of the fundamental laws of this universe. The Elite have broken that law by taking away the FREE WILL of billions of living beings in this planet.

When fear is programming the human mind to be in the sleep state and lack of free will they become susceptible to fear, and fear is component that holds control and power over the mind and make it susceptible for programming of the global elite.

“Wherever energy is tied in knots of self-deception, of dissonance, of selfishness, fears, doubts through the ego – thus, when the momentum of dissonance becomes too great, the top of the threefold flame cannot spin. When its three plumes are of different height, out of balance, it cannot spin, and therefore the resurrection fires do not glow. Light is the alchemical key. The alchemical key, is the key to the key. The key is the Apocalypse or cruxifixion of the state of duality and the outcome is Oneness, Harmony and Balance. In this balance the energies starts spinning and the threefold eternal starts to glow. Without the cruxifixation of duality, there can be no transforming (resurrection), no ascension, and without the bridge (cross) between the physical matter and spiritual dimension , there can be no Oneness (crown).

The remainder of our consciousness split into our subconscious and super-consciousness. Our brain function also split into two parts, losing its connection through the tunnel found within the corpus callosum to the Pineal Gland, our third eye, which enables us to see our ‘soul’ members and the unseen worlds. The vortex within our Tree of Life stopped moving.

To re-boot our computer and activate our systems, we need to re-connect our bodies and our brains, to re-open the vortices throughout our Tree of Life, our brain and our body, to unite our head and our heart. Then once again we can resonate with all energetic beings floating in our electro-magnetic field, around our ‘self’, the Sun of our ‘soul’, without fear.

We have to learn how to manage the positive and negative qualities of these energies, which all manifest through us at a physical level and we have to learn how to manage them in a non-fearful and compassionate way enabling them to express the light essence of their being through us.

Becoming aware one enables us to re-activate new dna strands and understand our physical two-strand DNA personality and the ten strand ‘junk DNA’ where we find the non-physical, archetypal, sub-personalities of our psyche.

The initiation process functions as the portal access key, that unveils the coded genetic programs. This unveiling, activates the DNA recoding process whereby the dormant strands are reconnected, realigned, recalibrated, and activated, to provide the ethereal network system, that facilitates multi-dimensional communication and experience. With upgraded system functionality, and through the process of system recalibration, there is greater allowance.

During recalibration, and as these ascension codes are being fired within our grid encodement, our physical biology is going through that which is similar to energetic detoxification, system defragmenration and reformatting. This vibratory action is making way for the activation of the new templates that will be installed upon our new grid matrix. As our initiation is raking place,we are being reaibrated into the higher pyramidal chamber of light frequencies that our readiness calls for. After we have been energetically wired, made aligned and our frequency level has reached the therapeutic and safe point, our newly installed blueprint, and its electronic configuration are activated and amplified.

As new energy paves our energetic network system, it accelerates the vibratory activity of the electrons that make up our atomic structure. This activity induces the creation of a better, cellular framework, while quickening our ascension into higher energetic rhythms and planes of awareness.

Initiation is for the purpose of system reconfiguration. Reconfiguration quickens our transmutation and transfiguration. The initiation process can be characterized by an intense period, whereby the experiences that assemble around us, would turn out to be those definite triggers that would serve as mirrors, for the clearing of some of the deepest discordances and misqualified energy states, within our grid … our mental and emotional filing cabinets.

During such strategic moments, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual clearing is done at the root level, as inharmonious files are progressively peeled off, layer after layer, and repolarized. Thus, as we are purged of some of the vile stuff we need to let go, we are said to be travelling light and gaining altitude.

As we predispose our mentality to vibrate at the frequency of gratitude, appreciation, and acceptance, the discordant energies we hold are activated, brought to the top and transmuted by the alchemical flames of the higher frequency state of equanimity we have chosen to vibrate at. In other words, the lower frequencies that produce our (stuckness’ are dumped into the great incinerator . . . the activated multidimensional perspective frequency of gratitude and empathy.

They are incinerated and repolarixed. In other words, this increased vibratory action within the accelerated electron spin that the higher frequency has activated into being, is that which converts our carbon-based frequencies into crystalline-based frequencies. We are now ready to anchor more light within our cellular structures, (or both personal and planetary service.

It is after the activity of alchemical purging fires are done, that we become cleared enough for the DNA recoding process to begin. DNA recoding will hardly take place, when we bypass the inmluable, preparatory process of energetic clearing Genetics engineering is in progress as our genetic blueprint is being upgraded, wired into our etheric network, connected, realigned and activated. Emotional and mental clearing, aid in the building of the energetic, network communication system, and in the construction of an inter-galactic connection to facilitate the Oneness experience of all of God’s creation.

The process of clearing our mental and emotional files induces a shift into our multi-dimensional and multi-body energetic systems. Without energy clewing. and without going through the electronic, initiation process, there is no assimilation or absorption of higher light frequencies. Without being initiated into dimensions of higher light frequencies there is no ascension. There must be room in the ‘inn’, to let in the light. Through energy clearing, we create an electronic receptacle that functions as a fit, anchor system, with which we can assimilate and ground more light.

As we absorb more light for personal benefit and for facilitating earth’s consciousness state, we are fulfilling the Divine Intent within the planetary project … that the destiny of every human is ascension and union with the Divine Presence.

Through the initiation process, we assimilate and hold more intelligent light, thereby raising our cellular vibration. In other words, the initiation chamber is where the electrons that constitute your atomic structure are activated for an accelerated spin, and your recalibrated system is made to correspondingly respond to your raised vibration.

With system reboot, there is the decoding of the sacred geometry, resident within your internal, pyramidal ascension chambers. As your system reboots, you also experience the recoding of your dormant DNA strands, for multi-dimensional living and for greater experience of your perpetual state of liberation and freedom. Initiation and recalibration predisposes you to the process of anchoring and activating your higher dimensional energy system, aligning you with the level of energy download, that you are prepared for.

The light that you assimilate, is indeed information, and consciousness fields, coded with programmed, sacred geometry. These codes will begin going off within you long after the initiation is completed, and while you are waiting for the next initiation process. It is geared towards the unfolding of and recall of your mission assignment and how to fulfill it.

Meditation teaches man that all knowledge has its source in the concentration of the mind. The three states merged, reveal to man his untapped intelligence: the other 90% or more of his true potential. Our consciousness is only a part of the three states that constitute our nature and that project it into infinity. Through constant practice of meditation the mind gradually unravels its innermost secret wealth and treasures. Man discovers new worlds manifesting themselves in the once dark abyss of his illumined mind. Man’s spiritual perfection is the goal of meditation. The whole object of meditation is to raise the kundalini, that spark of the great primal energy lying.

Meditation does not depend on anything external: the mind is the only means. When we meditate we focus on the superconscious state of the mind, beyond the senses.

The moment this veil of ignorance or darkness is torn to pieces by our incessant efforts or by any other means, we discover that we are light which is our real higher self. Receiving the divine flash means discovery of the real nature of our self which is all light. It is the awakening of our soul from its slumber — a kind of spiritual awakening.

The moment you fully realize your control over your destiny (through the right use of your mind), the picture of your life will begin to change for the better. It changes because you see the obliteration of the veil of ignorance that once held you bound. That veil is what causes the ignorance and blindness of the mind.

The mass consciousness of humanity created “time” and humanity also created the “negative ego”. Fear and time controls the human mind and perception. When you observe in present-time, the veil of ignorance is neutralized, The now moment is eternity, there is no past and future in the reality of your soul’s unlimited existence, The controllers don´t want humankind living in the essence of present time, because it will rend the veil that controls humans minds on Earth, The important difference with the Now moment vs. linear time is that you do not build perceptions in the Now moment., You build perceptions from your experiences in linear time, The linear time perspective creates past-future reality and disconnects the real present time as the real divine Self. You have been teached and programmed to be afraid to listen to your One Self. Negative programming in this world makes humans afraid to listen to their One Self because it means no more compromises. Only the ego would have you make compromises. In Reality, there are no compromises because you are an unlimited One Self

How did the ancients know about alchemy, such as the manufacturing of monatomic gold in the form of white powder that could be ingested, thereby introducing a conductive material into the physical body that would heighten conscious awareness?

Why was knowledge of this rite and other secrets limited to pharaohs, priests, kings, and wise men? What was hidden from the people at large? Exactly the same information that was taught to select apprentices at the mystery schools: access to higher consciousness led to altered and infinite reality. In the first part of this book, we will explore evidence of ancient times and people. What the ancients left behind was every key that we need to know about who we are and what we are capable of.

Once we have a grasp of the concepts the ancients left for us, we can learn how to apply them to this now. For instance, when do people begin to realize that the possibilities of life are much greater than they had previously imagined? Is there an impetus, a moment in time, or some vast or tiny change inside of them that flips switches of awareness? Is this an individual happening, or does it occur across the populous of the planet?

Does consciousness actually expand, or do we just reconnect with it? Does our consciousness have anything to do with our creative processes? Do we create our own realities, or do we just live in the realities that we find ourselves in? Do we have the power to change our realities as individuals or as groups? Is there a time when consciousness evolves and awareness becomes keener? If so, are we affected physically? Do our brains change in response! Does our DNA have some special coding or instruction contained within it that instigates or responds to higher awareness under certain circumstances?

Does intelligence make us more consciously aware? Does conscious awareness make us more intelligent? Are there signs of impending awareness expansion, and if so, how can we recognize them? Inherently, we are created to seek our source, to reconnect with our divinity, and yet in the current world condition, many of us feel empty, unfulfilled, even lost. We aren’t even sure of what we believe because there is so much information available to us.

We grasp at the tried and true, or we become immersed in religion, hoping that it will fulfill us, or we try every esoteric practice that comes along. Inside, we feel a need to return home, but we can’t seem to remember where home is. We want to feel emotional expansion to the depths of our being, but we have covered our emotions for so long that we aren’t even sure how emotions do feel.

We confuse our emotions with our mental perceptions and make our way rationally through our limiting thoughts. We seem to forget that we are capable of great depths of emotional maw-rience. We become unhappy, dissatisfied, and bored, succumbing to the idea that this must be all there is. How sad is that?

What if we realised that it is all simple! We can. We can find that we are everything that we seek and that everything we seek also seeks us.

What if we realized that we are capable of creating whatever reality we want, anytime, anywhere! What if we didn’t just know we could? What if we did? All chaos is ‘nothingmore than a series of simplicities that have become entangled.

Thus our term matter-consciousness is equally valid as mass-consciousness and therefore also energy-consciousness.

The masses are made up of individuals and to change the consciousness of the masses — the consciousness of the individual must alter. As we alter our consciousness and awareness, we will understand who we are, why we are here, and what part we are destined to play in creating this new age.

The ancients knew these secrets, and now you will too. The consciousness of change is a very real state of being. It is not a gimmick. We don’t have to buy anything. We already are the change! The consciousness of change is our sense beyond our five physical senses, and it is even greater than our intermittent sixth sense. The consciousness of change leaps into the universal construct as our seventh sense. Our seventh sense is infinitely aware, even though we may not be conscious of that awareness. But what if we were? What are we missing? How can we open the door to our seventh sense, so that we can take advantage of all that creation has to offer us?

Itf one can control one’s mind, one can, in a sense, control the totality of reality or at least modulate one’s perception thereof.

The best way to activate the intuition is to adopt a spiritual practice, since these practices teach a focus of attention. Spiritual practices include yoga, meditation, prayer or any repetitive, rhythmic activity that does not seek meaning and that is used with the intention of increasing spiritual awareness. The purpose of spiritual practice is to quiet the conscious mind and create a space within the mind. With much practice, this unconscious mind can be kept open. When this occurs expanded awareness results and the intuition is active in providing insights from the spirit self to the unconscious. Getting the conscious mind to let go of its hold on reality is tricky. The conscious mind is a master at figuring out how to fit things into the boxes it has made. There are structures in the mind that support our notion of who we are.

You’re in a space where the time vibrations of past, present, and future do not seem to exist. You’re in the center of time, in which nothing exists and everything exists simultaneously. You’re in the eternal, infinite, timeless moment of here and now. You’ve transcended time and physical reality.

This is completely natural for your soul but it can be a little scary if you’re focused on your physical consciousness. Your fear will pop you right out of this place, but if you can stay there for a while, you’ll discover what time is really all about and how you create your Earth experiences.

Actually, this is an awesome experience when you get past your fear and start to explore where you are and what this space is all about. Within the center of time, the energies for everything exist; you can create and un-create whatever you want. You’re between the vibrations of time, and the whole of time (no pun intended) is open to you.

You can explore it to see what’s there, what you can learn from it, and all the things you can do and create in this spiritual space. The first time you enter this space, it’s totally black. But you don’t have to go exploring in the dark. When you energize this space with white light—the light of your soul—you’ll see all the vibrations contained within this sphere of no-time and no-thing.

You may realize that being in the center of no-time is a par-adox because you are actually here, there, and everywhere at the same time that you are nowhere. Since the nature of your soul is movement, you decide to create some waves in the fabric of time. You decide to go exploring to see where and how your soul was created and born. With that thought, you move through the vibrations of eternity, through the circles and spirals of white light, through the revolving points of energy, to see the birth of your soul. You can travel anywhere you wish through this sphere of timelessness.

As you experience the vibrations of time—and gather infor-mation about the true realities of time and your soul energies in this place of no-time that encompasses all the vibrations of time—you realize that in every moment of every existence, you’re in a continuous motion of time and flow of energy as you create and experience every moment in every life. See, feel, and be in the center of time, in the middle of nowhere, in the center of everywhere, to discover all you want to know about the eternal vibrations of time. You see and know how and why your soul exists, and what it experiences through all the vibrations of time.

The next time you enter this space, it will already be ener-gized with white light, with the light of your soul and the imprints of your thought energies and feelings. As you’ve discov-ered, this is a place of creation in which energy can be shaped and molded, created and un-created. This sphere of timelessness can be accessed at any time you want to go into and through the vibrations of time.

The soul was created from light, the light of the creator. You were cre-ated as with all souls, in the image of God. You were created to create. Your soul has existed always, and always will, into infmity. True time is difficult for you to fathom as you all live in a time illusion on the earth, in which there is a past, present, and future. This time helps you to put everything that you are experiencing into perspective, so that you can track your progress by going from one step to the next in succession. In your time it is difficult for you to focus on the present time because of images coming to you from your past, and your imagination into the future.

In a sense, this is how you are creating your life as you know it on the physical level. Time in reality is the eternal now, there is never hurry or impatience to get to the next moment, as the future does not exist; the present holds all, contains all, is all, and is all there is.

Your soul is infinite; it always has been and will always be, as it is in the ever present now. Time on your plane is an illusion just as every-thing else is, it is the stage that you have created in which to act upon, and is furthering yourself as a soul in progression. It is your decision to be where you are; no one has put you here. What would be the purpose of that?

You are not some one else’s puppet on a string, made to dance for a higher power within a matrix, and you are not here to serve a higher purpose other than to empower yourselves and help others to do the same. You can choose to give your power away to anyone or anything, as this is your choice as a free agent, but you did not come here to serve another purpose at another’s bidding.

Your soul has its own light and is complete within itself, just as the cells in your body are complete in themselves. Cells are not dependent on other cells around it to make itself whole, yet all the cells together complete the body, each one contained in itself, help to complete, and is a part of the whole; and so it is with each of you. You are all one, all a part of the whole and yet you are complete.

You will understand and feel this more when you are able to raise your vibrations, as you are raising above and dispelling the illusions that are all around you. You are as you believe, and unless you can come above the illusions, you are a part of them, it is as simple as that. You have the power, as spiritual beings, to come to the truth, if you did not, you would have never created this existence on earth for yourself. You must wake up to your power, you must come aware of your inherent capabilities and your intuition in order to pull yourself out of the continuous cycles of incarnations. You will need to change your way of thinking and open yourselves up to greater possibilities.

If you owned a mansion, filled with windows and doors, filled with light and every possible exquisite furnishing, all you could ever imagine wanting or desiring, would you be content living in the basement where it was dark and desolate, where hardly a light could emerge? This is your present condition beloved ones, there is so much more waiting for you and no one is holding you back except for yourselves. Reach for the light of truth, for it is this that will set you free, help is awaiting you for the asking, we are overjoyed when your spirit calls out and makes a sincere request for assistance.

As your vibrations begin to raise, a glimmer of hope enters into your heart as you rise above the denser levels and know within that you do not have to remain a part of that which you had always considered to be your reality,. There is a brighter passage way that opens up to your soul, if you will see it, follow it, and do not deviate or scatter your energies. Higher vibrations will bring you to the truth, and as your understanding of the truth grows, there is nothing that can be hidden from you as you will become the light.

No one will be able to sway you or pull you from your chosen path, as all the illusion , confusion, fear, and doubt that has been surrounding you for eons of time will fall away so that you can see dearly. You will feel on overwhelming sense of peace, and being blessed to have finally found your way. You will be amazed at the simplicity of the truth that had been previously shrouded in complexities of illusion, misinformation, rituals, psychological thinking, religious beliefs, tradition, false prophets, programming, and etc.

You will be able to see how your ego has fooled you into scattering yourself in all directions. You have been looking outside of yourself for the truth, when the truth was within you all the time, waiting to be discovered, waiting for you to come to the awareness of your soul, and going within to complete yourself rather than looking without into a world of falseness. Not until you come to this place will you truly be in the light.

The ultimate goal is to evolve to the place where you are again a whole consciousness. This is indeed difficult to put into words, because you have such a limited concept of the real you, it is hard for you to comprehend that consciousness is an open spiritual system, a powerhouse. But getting back to other forms, there is an inner communication between you and your other forms, again we will say even though they are in different parts of the universe you are all one consciousness, we are not using the term all one consciousness in the same text that we usually do, because we are explaining pm to you.

If you looked for all eternity within your body you could not put your finger on your own consciousness, this is to say, if you could travel within your own body you could not find where your true self resides, if you cannot be found even by yourself within your body, then where is the real you?

This is why we have told you throughout these classes to expand what you are conscious of, you have such a narrow way at looking at the real you, you cannot conceive if your consciousness is able to create the body that you know as you, it can create other bodies as well.

Remember, consciousness is not limited, you are only limited to the self that you know because of the way you think, if you do not realize that the self that you know is not your entire identity, then you will indeed be limited. You do tune in to these other parts of you from time to time, because you are all a part of the same consciousness therefore connected, but as long as you believe the form that you see is the only you, then you will indeed be limited.

Faith, not fear. When you believe in yourself—your abilities, your future, and the possibilities in your life—you build a strong brain chemistry that sustains your focus and motivation.

Separated consciousness is rather susceptible to the mass energy of others’ separated energy.

The ego that controls humankind is the force that creates separation. It works like this; separation means humans are disconnected from their real divine higher self and the divine source of light.

We get caught up in working with our five senses, usually to the extent that they are being modeled around us. Blocking out our MULTI AND META-SENSORY POTENTIALS AND ABILITIES, we are often unable to tune back into our Soul Consciousness and our inner knowledge, thus learning to depend on external forces to show us how to live an Earthly life. Through the cycles of time, a mass consciousness has developed which does not incorporate the knowledge, wisdom, and truth of the Soul. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is the prevailing human view of life usually based on misbeliefs and disbeliefs that have been handed down from centuries of restricted human programming. To break the cycle of operating under mass consciousness, we must find a way to return to SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. That’s what living as a human on Earth is really about.

Humanity is under a mass “negative hypnosis”

The world is living in a mass negative hypnosis of separation that does not exist in reality. It only exists in our minds.

The problem is that the negative ego tells us that all we are is the body. In … Awakening from the Spell of Matter In this new millennium humanity as a whole will wake up from the spell of matter.

This is illusion and spiritual teaching contaminated by negative ego programming

Man’s problem is that of dual vision … recognizing another reality other than the Absolute, besides which there is no other. What we recognize, we materialize. Separation only exists as the illusion platform within the dual mind of form-consciousness. Separation is the ruling principle in the plane of duality . . . that which keeps the pendulum swinging. The apex frequencies can be instructional to the masses, resident in the realm of polar opposites .. . base-consciousness (mass consciousness). At the bottom of the pyramid is where the masses reside in consciousness. This is usually represented on the pyramid as the two extremes of the pole which must be reconciled before our desired estate can come forth. How we perceive, interpret, observe and recognize energy, determines whether or not we reconcile our discordancies.

Mind control (mass consciousness hypnosis). Mass consciousness primarily lives in the Lower Mind, using logic and emotion as primary modes of information/decision. Film and television are undoubtedly the most powerful techniques in the mass technology of mind control.

One of the forces that can stifle your force of will is the illusion of a communal or shared material-plane reality. This illusion is a highly deceptive one, suggesting a perceptual harmony in which large numbers of people believe that they see the same or very similar realities. Perceptual harmony allows a large group consciousness matrix to overtake or overlay your own individual consciousness matrix. While this sounds sublime, lovely and convenient as well, perceptual harmony can have its dark side. Once your own consciousness matrix is fully sucked into a mass consciousness matrix, it loses its ability to effectively determine from outside the mass perception the actual nature of the mass matrix and can no longer decide for itself how the energy of your consciousness gets used. Although this can be a positive development, only clear discernment can detect the right use of one’s will in this engagement with a mass consciousness matrix.

Man’s problem is that of dual vision … recognizing another reality other than the Absolute, besides which there is no other. What we recognize, we materialize. Separation only exists as the illusion platform within the dual mind of form-consciousness. Separation is the ruling principle in the plane of duality . . . that which keeps the pendulum swinging. The apex frequencies can be instructional to the masses, resident in the realm of polar opposites .. . base-consciousness (mass consciousness). At the bottom of the pyramid is where the masses reside in consciousness. This is usually represented on the pyramid as the two extremes of the pole which must be reconciled before our desired estate can come forth. How we perceive, interpret, observe and recognize energy, determines whether or not we reconcile our discordancies.

As you begin to receive a deeper understanding of your Whole Self, the energies within and its relation to vibrations, frequency, and density and varies dimension you begin to align with your higher self, the part of you that is your Soul.

We Are Living in an Artificial System That Doesn’t Suit Our Consciousnesses.

You are currently living in a system on earth that does not suit your true nature – which is love. You are in a low vibrational situation in the fourth dimension, which has been hijacked by malevolent beings who control your people into thinking of themselves as far, far less than who you truly are.

A bird in a guilded cage is still a prisoner,and whether your lives on earth are to your liking or not, you are still living as far less than your birthright allows for. You are trapped in mass consciousness.

Mind control (mass consciousness hypnosis). Mass consciousness primarily lives in the Lower Mind, using logic and emotion as primary modes of information/decision. Film and television are undoubtedly the most powerful techniques in the mass technology of mind control.

The mind, the quintessential seat of consciousness, merely uses the brain as its primary organ of choice. With new revelations from organ transplant recipients, apparently the mind uses other organs as well. In fact, new research suggests that every cell has consciousness, giving rise to a new term, cell memory.

The study of the mind (and the brain) has led to a deeper understanding of human consciousness, yet ifs fair to say that through this vast exploration of dreams, cognitive inventories, hypnosis, meditation, DNA, EEGs, and M RI s, our knowledge, at best, is still embryonic. Current research in the field of consciousness reveals interesting insights about a phenomenon that only grows more fascinating with further study. For example, distant healing, remote viewing, premonitions, synchronicities, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, spontaneous healings, and much more only begin to substantiate that mind, as consciousness, is certainly not a simple consequence of brain chemistry, though there are many who still believe this.

This much we do know: Much like a laptop computer, mental well-being is the ability to gather, process, re-call, and communicate information. We also know that stress compromises the mind’s ability to do all of these functions. Information is constantly gathered and processed through the portals of the five senses for a variety of reasons (from threats to simple curiosity). Yet it’s no secret that information comes into the conscious mind in other ways, including intuition, meditation, and what can only be explained as extrasensory perception. Just as we know that the mind can generate stress without any outside stimulus, the power of the mind to heal the body is also well documented.

The Sense of Imagination—sometimes called the sixth sense, it links the physical and the non-physical senses.

The Sense of Balance—calibrates our inner and outer worlds. It works together with the sense of imagination to create a bridge between the first and last five senses.

The Sense of Life—also called the sense of light and darkness, calibrates and observes the life force. It is linked to and connected to but does not involve sight. Its symbolic attribute is the solar plexus, the 3rd chakra.

We use these last seven senses to access information beyond space and time. Psychics and mediums are simply people who have learned how to use these senses in a more conscious manner. It isn’t magic, any more than electricity is magic. With practice and time, you can acquire the skills that will allow you to see the future.

The ego can´t see the future because is perception base is located in leaden consciounsess, or the past-future consciounsess, so the ego tyring to control mind, life and Earth by making it so predictable as possible. This includes tranforming the human mind into a autopilot state that even more disconnects awareness, intuition and wisdom. Fear programming then even may welcome a predictable lifestyle, and the computer world represents “thinking for you”, and transhumanism and technocracy is the process when humans become more and more like cyborgs connected to a digital global brain. The more predictable they can transform humans the less awareness and brain capacity they will need. From a humanity persepctive humankind is progressing backwards not forwards. People may even believe the RFID-chip will be something good for humanity, but it will end all spiritual progress on planet Earth. The RFID-will caught everyone into the econmoic beast system and become trapped within its structures of the three dimensional world and reality.

James 4:1 reveals how the carnal mind is designed to protect the carnal desires of this world or the desire consciousness of this world, and Revelation 13:17 reveals how the RFID chip system will protect the carnal beast system of the mind; nobody will be able to buy or sell – or do much of anything, for that matter – without the RFID-chip. The RFID will captor the carnal mind into the lower matrix and prevent spiritual progress.

When less part of the brain capacity is needed you are not even exerting your conscious awareness enough to even be aware of what you are even doing at the moment you are doing it. This is in combination by making make everything so predictable as possible reality and life becomes mechanized and robotized. This make it even easier for the controllers to control the mass consciousness and control everybody destiny.

The old world paradigms of separation, egotistical power and control through fear. The heavy density of these lowest vibrations has had a stronghold in our world for centuries. Fear vibrates at a low density frequency. Third density understanding keeps humans in a low vibration and cages them into the physical world. The ensuing ‘chaos’ ensures humanity is kept in a space of limitation, suffering, and illusion (veil of ignorance).

Fear is paralyzing. Fear prevents us from moving forward with our dreams, goals and desires. Fear blocks the heart from expanding, loving fully and feeling pure joy. Fear brings discomfort into the cellular structure of our bodies and minds. Fear rips apart the cohesive structures and fabric of our souls and has even destroyed entire families and societies. Fear blocks. Fear stifles. Fear keeps us in judgment of others. Fear darkens the soul and snuffs out “the light.”

Many experts in the field of metaphysics would like for you to believe their way is the only correct way, their insights are grander, and their channels are more real. This is metaphysical dogma. At some point you will be expected to see, feel and think for yourself, for confidence, creating a firm basis of your own understanding, connection to source and disconnection from being a “sheeple” (sheep + people). Creating a solid foundation is beneficial for grounding.

Everything in the universe is energy in varying degrees of speed or frequency. For instance, we know that an ice cube is solid because the atoms that create it move very slowly and are packed tightly together. When heat causes the atoms to move faster, friction between the atoms is created, and the atoms separate due to dissonance or dishar-mony. It becomes too uncomfortable for the atoms to stay together. This distancing of the atoms reflects in the consistency of the material which becomes water. If the heat continua, the atoms move further apart, and this separateness is reflected as steam.

Our bioenergetic field works the same way. Coming into the physical is the process of first separating an infinitesimal speck of source energy, then slowing down the vibrational signature of that energy in degrees so that it becomes our personal signature, until we finally develop the solid material of our body. The body is actually the smallest, slowest, densest piece of our bioenergetic makeup. There are many layers of varying degrees of frequency that constitutes who we are. We are kept from entrancing or merging into everyone else by personal fields. The field is our aura, our energy bubble that holds our pieces together while we live in earth world. Like an egg shell keeps in its contents.

Grounding is field coupling to the earth, the process of merging with the earth’s vibrational resonance which aids us by slowing our energetic signature sufficiently to form a physical body. Earth energy attracts us like gravity, it is the magnet that holds our energetic vibration in physical form. Insufficient grounding causes us to lose cohesiveness in our fields, creating disharmony within our atoms, and literally disassembling us from the lowest level first. This dissonance creates disease and issues which are designed to remind us to get back into our bodies! Because it is here, in the physical, that we accomplish our goal of reconnection to source by removing karma, being grounded is vitally important.

We are spirit slowed down to material, but when a person fears being in the physical, the energy cannot completely dedicate to being here. Energy flows where focus goes. Smaller amounts of higher vibrational energy that is slowed sufficiently to form the body equals less energy the body has for vital health. It is the same with the ice cube being only partially frozen. The consistency is not there to form a fully functional entity. The earth is the refrigerator for our ice cube body. The physical, with only partial connection to earth, loses its functional ability to perform; it loses integrity, and begins to separate in the energetic structures.

The ego’s only playground is in the physical realm. Once we return to spirit, there is only oneness; the separated parts of mind merge. The more unattached to the physical realm a person is the larger the ego must be to hold onto the field coupling tether. The ego relaxes when it does not have to fight to keep a person in earth world. Doing grounding techniques will ease ego angst and allow for greater control over the mind.

The more automatic, mechanized, monotonous and routine-oriented humans become the more they lose their ability to transform, or change or progress in self-realization. The more they lose this ability the more enslaved they become. Freedom is the ability to be able to change and transform. This world keeps human tuned into one dimensions or one low vibrational state of frequency. Then the ego can´t exist in higher state of consciousness without being dissolved the real freedom and liberation is to find beyond ego-duality-preception.

The more automatic, mechanized, monotonous and routine-oriented and predictable humans life becomes the easier they can be programmed to not change or tuned itheir life into higher levels of consciousness.

Mental alchemy is the process of transmuting your thoughts to improve your life and expand your mind, while spiritual alchemy is the never-ending process of transmuting a soul personality from a less refined one into a more refined one. As we know, everything is energy—everything vibrates. The difference between one substance and another is based on its rate of vibration. Thoughts, feelings and beliefs also vibrate. As a spiritual being, you also vibrate and exist on many levels.

Alchemy is the process of replacing or transmuting lower, negative vibrational energies with higher, positive ones—at every level of your existence—body, mind and spirit.

Every decision you make is based either on your ego or your higher self. Spiritual alchemy is therefore the process of incorporating more and more of your higher self into your life decisions. When you align with your higher self, your energy and the power of your intent increases. This is a positive, self-reinforcing cycle that leads to mastery and self-realization.

In the three dimensional world and reality humankind is disconnected from the higher state of vibrations because of the actions and dominated ego. Low vibrational enviroment keeps humankind disconnected from Divine knowledge and light because the don´t vibrate fast enough to be in touch with higher realms.

When you tap into your innermost self and radiate that energy, you are no longer as influenced by external energies (ego-mass consciousness). You are freer to live a life of Heaven on Earth. And, having tapped into the ultimate energy source, you can help others to connect with their own divine power. You are not only improving your life, but the world as a whole. If your goal is to lead the most joyful, empowered life possible, then your choice is simple. Employ alchemy at every level of your life for both personal and global transformation.

The lower qualities bind the ego to the lower nature, and to attain liberation these must be raised and transmuted. There is a gradual increase of capacity,—an unfoldment, as it were, of means through which liberation is to be arrived at. The qualities, however raised or transmuted, are to be regarded as the non-ego, but only as they remain qualities—distinct and separate. As the higher qualities become more and more complete and harmonious, they lose their limitations and merge gradually into the one Ideal from which they have emanated. There is greater multiplicity among the lower qualities than among the the higher, because separateness and conflict prevail among the lower and not among the higher.

EARTH NEGATIVITY IN THE REQUESTS BELOW REFERS TO THE PLANETARY MASS consciousness and how it affects your thinking and your life. We live immersed in media sensationalism that puts all the worst of human nature and planetary destruction in our awareness at all times. All that is negative around us is forced upon us twenty-four hours a day. We have learned suspicion of other people and that all events are disasters, and we have learned to live in fear. Joy never makes the daily news. Such a weight of fear and negativity affects us, and it affects those around us. Some people react to it by lashing out at others—by sending out their fear in the form of greed, hatred, jealousy, and other negative emotions, directed specifically at individuals or just in general. This bombardment stays with us, and it pulls us down. The process that fol-lows attempts to separate and protect you from that constant bombard-ment of planetary fear.

Escaping the planetary mass consciousness is difficult since the mind and Earth is bombarded with negativity (24/7) of the time from places on Earth. Fear is a state of frequency that is been used to control the masses and mental vibrations. This strengten these negative frequencies and streghtens the old past consciousness. This keeping the negative mind or ego attached to the three lower physical chakras.

The chakra hierarchy can also be seen as mirroring the evolution of the human species. Prehistoric humans existed at the level of the root chakra, concerned mostly about se-curity and survival. Next followed a period of magic and mystery. Today, humans — collectively speaking — have advanced to the stage of egoic the power chakra. This is the mass associated with , located at consciousness the third chakra. This implies that collectively we have four more phases to go.

A Divine Human, recognizing that the mind is an artificial intelligence software program, upgrades the software so that it will embrace the true Divine self image. It purges the subprograms (subconscious) that do not support the true Divine self image. A Divine Human has no subconscious, deep conscious or connection to mass unconscious. A Divine Human is a fully conscious and aware being. A Divine Human brings its own Divine Plan into the solar plexus and connects directly to the Universal Intelligence. When duality is been transformed into Oneness that human living in the present reality of “now and here”. Past, Present and Future is then not three state of the mind, but One flow of present energy. Present time has no linear time hierarchy of past and future.

Your energy body is connected to an energy grid of mass consciousness.

Time is a creation with many hidden qualities to the conscious mind. Time was created by humanity when they first began to form the ego, which believed it was separate from the totality of the soul. The ego created time so the charkas, subconscious mind and conscious analytical mind could use its past perceptions to calculate its future probabilities. Time is a mass consciousness creation, time is not a foundation of reality that was here before humanity existed. The mass consciousness of humanity created it. When God created physical existence, time did not exist until humanity created it. To the mind time seems like a foundation of reality that is not flexible.

Time is a creation that can be transformed by the power of divine love. Time is elastic. It can expand or contract. When you become enlightened, you move from living in the creation of time to living in the “Now” moment.

The now moment is eternity, there is no past and future in the reality of your soul’s unlimited existence. Living in the ‘now’ moment does not mean that you have no remembrance of events of the past or that you do not plan for the future. But it does mean that you stay in the divine power of the ‘now’ moment. If you did not create linear time you would live in the Now Moment in which you would progressively experience, but not because of past or future. The important difference with the Now moment vs. linear time is that you do not build perceptions in the Now moment.

You build perceptions from your experiences in linear time, and you refer to those for your next experience. This is why humanity created time to begin with, because once we thought we were not safe, we thought we needed this system.

In addition to the conscious-unconscious tension, Jung also addressed the tension between individual fulfillment and the necessity of some measure of conformity to social and cultural reality. While one must adopt a persona in order to relate to social conventions, he warned against the danger of becoming more identified with the persona than with the self. It is only as an individual that one can find meaning in life, since subservience to collective conscious ness leads to dissociation from the unconscious and absorption into the mass mind.

The ego creates separation within the mind, and its creates alienation from the real divine higher self, and this strengten the process to be absorbed into the mass mind and mind control programming.

The process of spiritual evolution to become a spiritual master requires us to reverse this by undoing all the mass-consciousness programming. To do this we must undo all the mass consciousness programming! We must get in complete control of the subconscious mind and not let it run us, and instead we must become the total computer programmer of it!

Our task as human beings is to use the mind, first to consolidate, then to separate our egos from the mass, then to lift them clear of instinctive levels toward the true Self.

Its sector of lower vibration (Lower Mind) serves as our organ of logical thought, our vehicle for concrete thinking. Because of our predominant, and often conditioned, thought patterns, the Focal Point’s primary reference rests here, directing most of the mental body’s force-matter to the brain in the physical body, which records the ongoing thoughts and emotions of the per-sonality; the “i.” A diffused and less conditioned consciousness, it creates a small ‘envelope’ identified strongly with our emo-tions and ego. Focusing on this dimension of awareness limits capacity and options, and we easily getting entangled in the external world. This aspect of the analytic mind predominates in most people today; it is mass consciousness.

At this time mass consciousness grids controls the mind on planet Earth. The one most people are connected to is the polarity grid that runs on the surface of the Earth. Just like our minds are an auxiliary artificial intelligence software program for our bodies. It has all the polarity programs loaded into it. It is what is described in the movie Matrix. Right now the grid is being heavily bombarded by fear-based propaganda and it is affecting the emotional body of everyone plugged into it.

This means you do become free and disconnected from the reservoir of the energetic grid of duality; as you become a conscious creator that will never again serve the collectiveness of the mass group anymore that are still part of the reservoir of the energy grid of duality. In other words, for the very first time in your life, you will create what you desire without using the dualistic field of energy that surrounds most humans. It will be a time when you begin to focus on “who you truly are” for a change, and not on trying to serve someone else.

When you observe in present-time, the veil is neutralized, allowing observation from the Higher Mind. It’s here where this partition or veil is dismantled and reconstructed into its originally intended function: to open your awareness of the multidimensional consciousness from where you have come.

The linear time perspective creates past-future reality and disconnects the real present time as the real divine Self. They have place a veil of ignorance to control humankind and the masses. If humans was connected and could observe in present time, the veil of ignorance would be neutralized, so the Archons must keep humankind trapped within the dreamstate between past and future. In the present time persepctive the veil would be reconctructed into its orignally intended function.

There are many levels to this control but they all work towards the same end – preventing us from alignment with the universe. This is why because archons prefer hierarchical structures they make it easier for the few to control the many.

Of course the talking points come from the highest levels of the religious, government and media hierarchy which are then filtered down into the masses. At that point we pretty much take over and control one another. This is the hive “mass” mind in action.

The ego’s need to control is a lack of trust in life, and that lack of trust keeps us out of the flow. The ego isn’t in touch with life, so how can it trust it? In same way of understanding the ego is not in touch with life and is not in touch with the present time, but in past-future and within the dreamstate. Some mention this as the slumbering state of mind, illusions or maya, or a hypnotic programming state.

The Earthly Life Mind is immersed in the maya-hypnotized existence, remains in ignorance, deeming himself to be a physical being. The maya-hypnotized ego creates the distortions of reality or distortions of the powers within. The first distortion-error that man has made is believing that power is outside him, the second distortion-error is made through believing in the dying nature of man, and not the undying nature of the real Self/Soul. The third error-distortion of man´s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there. The human body system and chakra system has “three knots”. These knots are found within the energetic interior of our psychic system. They are problematic because they bind us in a state of ignorance, distort everything we experience, and lock up our wisdom. These mind-errors is the mind-illusions that distorts reality. Another term for illusions is “maya” and the “dream state” of the mind is the maya-hypnotized mind.

“The (alien) group” requires that we don’t develop our natural psychic senses (open the third eye and learn yoga science of liberation), because this would give us the ability to see beyond “the veil of ignorance” that’s been set in place around us for eons and thousends of years. With our natural psychic senses fully developed, we would begin to intuitively become aware of their presence and the lies that have distorted our perceptions of ourselves and our world for so long. Recognizing and developing our psychic abilities would free us from the clutches of any deceptions that they have used against us for most of our history. It has been deeply ingrained into the social fabric to doubt and even ridicule anyone who purports to have psychic powers. The commonly held belief that we don’t have these abilities is by itself the greatest impediment to our being able to develop and use them. The heart center is surrounded by what has been called the “veil of tears,” and it is the last veil to be cleared on the path of enlightenment. We learn then to see beyond the illusion and limitations of ordinary reality.

Most of us have been playing this third-dimensional game over the course of many lifetimes. As a result we tend to think it’s the only game available to us. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The third dimension is a box of rigid, inflexible beliefs. It is very dense and operates within a specific set of rules and structures that solidly hold many thoughts and emotions in a fixed reactionary state. We have access to the third, fourth and fifth dimensions simultaneously; however, due to our habits and rigid beliefs, most of us never recognize that we have the opportunity to choose differently. We stay in the third dimension by unconscious default. The third-dimensional box is structured in duality, linear time and separation. It’s our rational mind that keeps this engaged.

Everything is conditional and choice does not exist in the third dimension. The third dimension is a reactionary state of either this or that. Much more becomes available when we recognize our fourth-dimensional state of choice in present-time, but until then the third dimension is our only choice. The reactionary nature of the third dimension also produces another condition of the third dimension: fear.

Another powerful limiting aspect of the third dimension is one of the most pervasive and unquestioned beliefs that affects and structures our lives. This is linear time. Linear time is the belief that time, and therefore our lives, flows in a certain, absolute pattern of past, present, future. This belief is the default assumption of mass consciousness. Most of us think and act as if it’s true because events appear to validate this group agreement. However, this belief is incorrect.

Third-dimensional time was not created as a straight line of events with a beginning, middle and end. It’s actually a continuous loop consisting of past and future, with a single identified point known as the present moment (or present-time). It’s here where we can take the opportunity to make new choices based upon past experiences and future desires. Far more often, however, we make decisions by reacting to situations with the emotions of fear, doubt or lack of self-worth.

Our decisions about the future are based upon the painful past or an uncertain, worrisome future. Our third-dimensional lives become a series of reactionary experiences of resisting what we feared, rather than allowing what we desired. We begin dragging the past with us into the future.

Another powerful aspect of the third dimension involves the rational mind. Most of us perceive our third-dimensional experience predominantly from the limitations and filters of the left hemisphere of the brain and the rational mind. The strong, well-developed rational mind serves us well in this noisy third-dimensional environment. Its job is to keep us safe and help us fit in but fear and misuse cause the rational mind to operate more from a position of limitation than possibility. We expect the rational mind to perform tasks and participate in activities for which it was not designed. We’ve come to depend upon it far more than necessary and therefore have forgotten how to think from the heart. Thinking from the heart requires the whole brain and numerous spiritual abilities, including imagination and creative insight. Our awareness and range of choices have been greatly diminished and our innate spiritual abilities and potentialities are at best weak, and at worst completely hidden from us.

Moving beyond the third dimension

It’s critical for our wellbeing and our path to the Living Light Body to understand and recognize the aspects of the third-dimensional box that we have been living in. Duality, reactionary present-time and the rational mind are all intricately woven into the fabric of the third-dimensional matrix. By becoming aware of these underlying templates upon which the third dimension operates, you begin to have the choice to step out of it. You can reconstruct and remember a significant part of yourself, thereby becoming free to move beyond the limits of the third dimension and experience the possibilities of the fourth dimension, the fifth and beyond. Multidimensionality can be available to you. Everything in the third dimension is conditional.

Our ego’s linear world is rooted in categories of space and time. The duration of a moment’s experience requires the act of an ego to transform the undifferentiated flow of time into units that cohere and last, that yield a past and anticipate a future.

The human species, above all the creations on the Earth plane, possesses the unique ability for Dream Creation. So powerful is our development of this natural abilitywithin us, that we even possess the power to alter our perception of reality toreweave the fabric of the dream simply by changing the way we think. We can alter the nature of our environment with our moods, and emotions.

The whole of the Earth responds to us, and the whole of the animal kingdom is in awe of our ability. We can alter our consciousness to the extent that our perceived reality, will actually bend the light. Then in a manner of speaking, reality will conform within its allowed awareness and comply with our demands.

On more than three occasions we have literally changed the nature of reality for the entire planet, and some say the confines of our solar system as well. Yet for the most pan, mankind remains asleep and unaware of our former realities through most of our journey. There are those among us who are not asleep, who have removed themselves from the web of social consciousness and have become the caretakers of the Light as well as the darkness.

There are Grand Masters who have walked in their original form for untold thousands of years and continue to do so, and are among us from time to time. You could say, “But this is impossible.” Yes it is, if you were caught in the ordinary manner of perceiving the time-space matrix of conceptualized reality. In order to accomplish this, each of these Masters learned to think in extra-ordinary ways.

They broke the rules and went beyond their own limited thinking. They learned to hold the frequency and even perform this wonderment at will. They have moved out of the first and second attention and now are creating for themselves extra-ordinary ways of Being. These illuminated Beings have unlocked the doorways that separate the dimensions, and are able to access the fifth dimensional understanding.

Further,they are able to come and go at will, and perpetuate an immonal state of Being here upon the third dimensional plane. The how and why to this phenomena is seen in its simplicity. These Beings who were once just like any other Being, have expanded their Awareness to the extent that they have moved beyond the limitations of ordinary existence, the existence of the collective consciousness. They have embraced an extra-ordinary existence by choice and maintain their own Separate Reality.

They are no longer caught in the consciousness of the masses that tells us if we go out into the rain, we will catch a cold, and so we do the consciousness that ahuman Being can only jump so high when you get older you die life is temporal. And so the whole of Humanity responds to that established belief pattern. People have for the most pan bought the program, and they follow the street signs and never break the rules.

Within that reality, we much like bacteria, collectively get caught in a unified field of Body-Mind Commitment. We are not free Souls, unless we have exercised and owned our right to Divine heritage, and we take the courageous step and start living for our own reality, clearing out the useless programming and making the space for the miraculous the space to manifest.

Body-Mind Consciousness tells us that we have these five senses in which to perceive the reality around us. These are our tools for participating in the game of life. When you are in the womb you still have a direct connection to the Source of all life, the original Consciousness, and respond with all your senses many more than five.

The process of this original Consciousness and how it works, could be scientifically explained as non-referral, self-reliant, self-acting, data loops, communicating through light particums that move through matter by way of little fibers called neuronal connectors. These fibers function very much like fiber optics in the physical. Thought in motion becomes light.

Light is activated by emotion which, in turn, is communicated through electricity. These patterns of bio-physical behavior, being the viaduct of the Great Mystery we call God, make up the Universe of the human body.

We possess much more than the five senses that facilitate the awareness of Body-Mind Consciousness. There is also intuition, reason and the eighth element, which we shall call Divine Awareness.

When we understand that these three additional senses also compose part of the physical body, we enter a place of true perception. This is the path of the initiate in achieving Mastership. We need to think of ourselves as being able to go beyond the consciousness of those who came before us to become more than the paradigm of being limited to fivesenses of Body-Mind Consciousness. Limitation is the embraced reality of billions of human Beings who are caught in the trap of living in the ordinary existence.

The limited existence of accepting the menu of sanctioned belief patterns is very difficult to break away from. It is for most, a very difficult task to break the Body-Mind Commitment, which has become our devotion to ignorance. We are after all, creatures of habit. To go beyond, requires that you develop objective Mind, the Mind of Self.

By gaining mastery of our emotional thought processes, and altering our brain patterns through Will so that we ignite both hemispheres simultaneously, we can change our perception of this reality from mundane to ecstasy.

Remember that the ordinary perception is experienced within Body-Mind Consciousness, and limited by the process of the Mind. It is also stuck in Body-Mind Commitment. It is not capable of accessing that which is established beyond the constraints of the collective consciousness. It is capable only of perceiving mass, for it is a creation of the mass.

The greater reality that composes mass, is energy. Energy is part of the original consciousness. It is in the holographic fields that surround mass. It is the very stuff that creates mass, that holds it together and expresses as form, which is coagulated, thought. Thought realizes itself through feelings, that manifest into action, that creates physical reality. This is Simple Stuff.

It is the Universal Law, but remember, the Mind is not naturally aware of Universal Law. But it can be taught. The Mind relies upon intellect. Both are caught in the laws of physicality, the electrical forces of positive and negative poles.

Mind does not possess the information or the ability for deciphering reality. It comes from the exterior reality and it is only one aspect of our physical reality. The Mind is in charge of the maintenance of the Body. Mind alone is limited to physical third dimensional reality so it can only create from within the limitation.

Through creating from limited awareness, we have manifested an entire world of disharmony. A world full of disillusionment, devoted to the perpetuation of ignorance. For once the mind discovers that there is an alternative to ignorance, like turning to the God Force within, the Source of Eternal Light is again rekindled within the Human Spirit.

We no longer turn to the Dream for the answer. An enlightened Being knows that the Dream is no more real than their reflection in the mirror.

This world don´t won´t people to awaken from this dream-world-reality, and is therefore kept in or caught up in the middle of past-future consciounsess.

As we expand our awareness within the three-dimensional world of space (length, breadth, depth) and time (past, present, future), we start to appreciate the tapestry of life in which we live. We reconnect to higher vibrations that wind though and around the linear life, characterized by cycles or patterns which naturally repeat themselves and are reflected in the cycles of the body and the seasons of nature.

It’s critical for our wellbeing and our path to the Living Light Body to understand and recognize the aspects of the third-dimensional box that we have been living in. Duality, reactionary present-time and the rational mind are all intricately woven into the fabric of the third-dimensional matrix. By becoming aware of these underlying templates upon which the third dimension operates, you begin to have the choice to step out of it. You can reconstruct and remember a significant part of yourself, thereby becoming free to move beyond the limits of the third dimension and experience the possibilities of the fourth dimension, the fifth and beyond. Multidimensionality can be available to you.

The incarnation wasn’t about falling. it was about getting up. It is waking up from a dream. Leave a mind. Hymnopopic dissolutions. It is a mind-trick.

Such a mind-trick can require incarnations to get over. If one believes they fell, they fell. It’s simple. we have created many religions, philosophies, and ideologies. what fall reflected in them? We can call it a natural attitude as who believes they are fallen. it is a false belief because they think it also created time.

Time is always an illusion about time itself appearing. Read it through awakened incarnated eyes. See through yourself. Time is a fulfillment ideology. Time will appear as if this or that. We must fulfill it by making time means something. It is all fallen times. Separation is an idea. It creates an as having profound distance from ourselves. Such extreme distances within us are the measure of our own beliefs.

The ego’s need to control is a lack of trust in life, and that lack of trust keeps us out of the flow. The ego isn’t in touch with life, so how can it trust it?

Surviving separation becomes your way of being, and nothing within separation will save you.

Therefore, our ego identity is reinforced and rooted in defending, comparing, and competing with the projected external world we believe is threatening and separate from our self.

The paradigm of form. from etheric to the physical is a different abstraction within the illusion than the paradigm of time. In a world of separation the illusion of time is born and lifetime after lifetime, moment after moment appears to be happening sequentially rather than simultaneously.

The illusion includes the entire paradigm of time, and time obeys very different laws within the different realms within the illusion. In this physical realm, time is linear and based in a mutually agreed upon, made up model. Years are separated into months, months into days, days into hours, hours into minutes, minutes into seconds . . . the illusion of past and future are born. The illusion includes all time that ever existed including all our past, present, and future lives. The illusion of separation uses the trick of time to divide the one eternal now moment into past, present, and future.

Time is a jail where creative thinking lies bound and gagged by perception. This idea of linear time gives the sense of things progressively happening from past to present to future. The ego needs time in order to maintain the idea that it is a separate body. The concept of time seems very real to the mind because the body does age and eventually expire.

Time is a construct of the ego mind. It is useful to ego so that it can get you to invest your energy into the idea of finality or death or oblivion. If you invest yourself in the idea of an ending to your life, which most people believe is physical only, you will urgently do all you can to find meaning or happiness according to the ego’s standards. This is a game the ego plays because it knows you believe you are the body, which will have a finale. You see yourself and others aging and dying, so time must exist. But is this a result of time itself? No. It is a result of physical matter doing what it was made to do: make short-lived experiences. Time disappears when your attention is taken away from the belief that you are a body.

What ego does not want you to focus on is timelessness, which is only contained in the present moment. We lose awareness of the present moment, which is eternal, because we get bound by time and space. This is why we feel stressed most of the day because we feel as if we do not have enough time in the day to get the things done that are required for us to live our lives. This idea of a lack of time creates stress in our bodies. We feel the lack in our financial lives. We need more money, so we work more.

The very purpose of time is to bind and to limit, for that is how things get measured.

The trick of time is based in the false belief in separation, limitation, and loss . . . every moment is a loss, a death to the next moment. We lose the now moment when our mind is engaged in thoughts of the past or the future. The illusion of time makes death, separation, and limitation appear possible.

Change, death, loss, and suffering are inevitable in a world of time and separation. Within the illusion of time everything eventually dies, nothing is ever permanent or eternal.

Enlightenment can never be found anywhere in the world of separation or time, regardless of any amount of good work or spiritual discipline. It is like searching for air to breathe while deeply submerged in water. There is nothing wrong with the water … however, if you want to breath air into your lungs, you will need to change the context of your environment and enter into a whole new world by getting out of the water. We awaken, or get out of the water by transfonning our dual-based thought system into a non-dual thought system. Once our thoughts are immersed in the truth of Oneness, perfection, and love the external world reflects back perfect love.

There is no stability either in past or future because there is only change.

It is in this atmosphere that one becomes free so the soul can fly. From this stance we learn to trust our observations without making a single compromise because of what other people say.

It is our own observations, made from a heightened state of awareness, that can transform us. True presence takes courage and authenticity, which means we must stay with our observations even if they look totally wrong. Our own observations are better and closer to the/our truth. Resulting decisions and actions are in keeping with the natural flow of the situation before us.

The work of the ego; The illusion of separation uses the trick of time to divide the one eternal now moment into past, present, and future. Eternity doesn’t divide the moment of now or the flow of energy into past, present and future.

Within that past, present, and future self, there are many false assumptions. First of all, we are making boundaries. The past self is the one we have in our memory. The present self is the one we rarely observe; we are aware that it is somewhere around, but we are hardly ever actually connected to it. The future self is the one on which we pin all our hopes; the one that is going to do wonderful things, be absolutely happy, become totally concentrated, and so on.

Now is the only time there is. The present is independent of the sequencing which you impose on time; it is not limited by time unless you impose limits upon it. Now is where you meet God, for He is always present. In the present, the Truth reveals Itself as your Mind, and only then can your mind live again as Truth. Whatever you may do, whatever you may believe, has no meaning unless it arises from the Truth of your Mind. All else, whatever it may be, is the continuation of the meaningless patterning of the ego.

As long as the past continues to dominate your mind, the present cannot be revealed to you. In the present you live, move, and have your Being. You learn and transform only in the present. To fully enter and abide in the present, the past must be released, forgotten, even for a little while. The present blossoms in a mind that is empty, receptive, and quiet. Like Truth, it cannot come until the mind makes room for it and meets its conditions.

Orwell stated; “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

When you are constantly busy in your mind, reliving the past or projecting a future, the present is covered up by the constant flow of thoughts and images, none of which have their origin in the now. Truth enters a quiet mind in which the meaningless activity of constant thought has ceased, and stillness prevails. Truth will never force Its entry but can only respond to sincere invitation. When the continuous busyness of mind and body characterizes your life, Truth is not welcome and will be missing from your experience.

The only thing you need do for Truth to return to your awareness, is be willing to receive It. This is not as simple as it sounds for your mind is split into many parts, and contains conflicting wishes, desires, and even goals. Your mind must be integrated in its entirety, inner conflict resolved, and a condition of, at least, relative peace restored. To attain this integration and stability in which willingness can meaningfully develop, is the goal of spiritual practice.

We are quire certain that these three selves are all called “me.” In fact, it is even more complicated than that. When we bring the past to mind, it is then the present. When we bring the future to mind, that also becomes the present. So what we are doing is not only putting boundaries around three separate selves, but we are also pursing boundaries around time and splitting it into three parts as well.

The result of all this is that we fail to live fully; because to live is to experience, and we can only experience now. All the rest is either memory or hope. By dividing both ourselves and time into three parts, we then find ourselves anxiously awaiting the future, or often regretfully thinking of the past. Happiness completely escapes us because, when we take that kind of stance, there is no room for it to arise. Pleasure does, but nor happiness. Happiness or inner joy is always connected to tranquility, and a divided self in a divided time frame is not a tranquil state to be in.

Since, however, everybody lives in this way, we are not even aware of how futile it is, or how false. We think life is like that, until we come into contact with Christ Consciousness or the Buddha’s teaching and see that it does not have to be that way, that there is another possibility. When, through mindfulness and meditation, we have become totally aware, if even only for one moment, we may have an inkling of what it is like to live in the present. The past is gone, the future has not arisen, only the moment exists, and it is eternal.

Thus, “be here now” and “living in the present moment” become teachings on the insubstantiality of space and its fictitious boundaries; they become fruitful meditations that catapult one out of the limits of past, present and future. Where can Consciousness be located? What can hold It? In Indivisible Consciousness, where can there be increments of time? Each apparent “moment” arises from Infinity and dissolves back into Infinity. Time, space, and the resultant flows of cause and effect all take place in Consciousness, yet Consciousness has no “in” or “out.” Like physical (insentient) space that is all-pervasive and which contains galaxies and all perceptible objects without ever being affected or displaced, Consciousness permeates all worlds, realms, atmospheres, concepts and objects without ever being divided, and is Awareness itself, Sentiency itself, the one Light that makes everything perceptible to the mind.

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