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The Constant Gardener

In some ways, the meaning of Christ is a perennial question, because as we awaken to it, Christ increasingly permeates our consciousness. Then Christ is not a definition. It is a discovery.

There’s a consciousness that’s the seat of our being and it is interconnected with everything. It’s interwoven with divine love and divine wisdom that is everything, and so the process of that divine love and divine wisdom going from the general to the particular manifesting as us is a process of Christ.

Whether we use the term Christ or not, if we trace any mystical lineage or lineage of spiritual awakening, there’s a point at which we reach into Christ.

On this planet, Christ is the agency of being one with everything and one with loving and living that wholeness manifesting out into life from loving. That is Christ regardless of what any group may be calling it. All the lineages lead to Christ and that’s what I mean by Christ in the context of Soul.

Various groups and individuals project their limitations or elaborations onto Christ. The most common use is to demonize and push against or use a concept of Christ to demonize and separate us from others. With all the various and conflicting viewpoints, it is left to each of us to find our way to Christ and the ways we understand that according to how we are put together.

Our heart knows and we need not put too much focus on what others say or how authoritative a belief system claims to be. It is how It arises within us. Christ is not someone who is coming to us from outside, especially not as a particular denomination.

When we perceive Christ as coming from the outside it is because it is also arising inside of us. We have been seeded internally with Christ from the beginning. Jesus of the Bible, who was an awakened Christ, said that he would come as a thief in the night and that the place we would find him was within.

We have to consult the place of truth to know, and that place begins with our inner teacher who resides within. In this sense, you could say that Christ is the center of the truth that we came from and our inner teacher is a form of that truth. Many teachings share a concept of and name for an inner teaching or teacher.

Our spiritual essence will be awakened from its slumber when comes back. The true Gnostic, on awakening from his slumber, realizes who he is, where he has been, and where he is going.

We don’t do anything to make ourselves new. Instead, something is done to us. An outside force God himself acts on us and changes us in a way that only he can. In fact, the idea of “change” is not adequate here. God goes further as he exchanges us. In place of our old self, he makes us into a new self. This new self is not some “thing” we possess. It is us! We are literally of our being. and actually new at the center of our being.

DNA : God’s Ladder Jesus’ DNA fact: DNA changes in certain circumstances The Bible paraphrased says, “When we become Born Again we die to our own selves.” (old DNA) Theory: I say once we become Born Again we exchange our old DNA for the DNA from God’s very own family DNA and that if we could measure these differences we would see them. We are now in God’s family We are now brothers with Christ We now share his DNA We spiritually are born into God’s family We spiritually evolve into God’s own family The aim of this book is to show you the connection between Jesus, the Yin Yang, Tao, DNA and Jacob’s Ladder

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