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The boundaries of your reality have to be loosened in order for you to see into the great mystery beyond, Multidimensional presence is the ability to be in different dimensions or locations simultaneously, We live in a world in wich ordinary people become pawns in a game played by men of power, Most people don’t inhabit a living reality but a conceptualized one

The Earth we are speaking of is what you perceive as your planet. Your planet is not all what you see or think it is. For example there is a constant computer generated speaking voice in the airs that is stalking and harassing by beaming and looping sounds, words, voices, commercials, music chorus and beaming and looping fear mongering words every 1-2 second.

For example today I have a appointment to social wellfare and they have been beaming and looping sounds and electro magnetic frequencies to create sleep deprivation into the meeting. The morning then continues with stalking cars outside your window, constant door slamming, honking horns everywhere when you walking one hour to the meeting, helicopters is stalking, and when you standing outside the social wellfare building the computer generated speaking constant beaming and looping intense sound, and beaming and looping Onsala, Onsala, Onsala and that is where the landlord is living. And when you then walking into the social wellfare building and waiting 15 minutes you find out the social wellfare workers is been sick. When she is sick she sending mail to inform you she have recieved daily invoice paper, but when she is sick and have booked in an appointment she does not send email in time. So the organized gaang stalking started with a whole night with sound harassment and a night without sleep, and no meeting and two hour walk, and then they beaming Onsala Onsala Onsala which is the landlords home. This is how organized gang stalking is working in this area of land.

Spiritual knowledge will deepen your understanding of what lies beyond the third dimension, particularly the fifth dimension, which can best be understood as the place everyone else calls heaven. But the fifth dimension is not a place that we are going to; it is instead a vibration we are becoming! So you don’t have to leave “here” to get there; you are already where you are. By beginning to notice and understand the differences between 3D and 5D, you will be able to shift more readily into your fifth-dimensional self that is ready and waiting for you!

The fifth-dimensional experience is essential to the future of humanity. It’s an emerging notion where science merges with philosophy and spirituality. Our wake-up call is that we are deeply connected to our consciousness, and that our science, nature, and philosophy are becoming merged into a new way of being—waking up in fifth dimension. It is the paradigm shift of paradigm shifts. Spiritual knowledge will change the paradigm to the new.

Working with your Higher Self will give you the keys to waking up in 5D. This book will help guide you in that direction. Developing a Higher Self connection is the one key that will unlock everything else. Your Higher Self is different from your lower self that provides intuition yet is tied to your ego/desires. Your lower self is reactive; your Higher Self is proactive. Your Higher Self is ahead of the curve; your lower self is reactive to the curve. Connecting to your Higher Self is a game changer.

Being in fifth dimension is a frequency choice. It’s also about using what’s available to assist you when you fall out of the higher frequencies. This means your movement to fifth dimension isn’t a direct arrival. Being there doesn’t guarantee you’ll stay there. Certainly once you’ve been there it becomes easier and easier to reach. If you do move back into third dimension, it’s a movement that will keep oscillating until you can hold the higher frequency all the time. Meditation is spiritual exercise fort the soul. Its through meditation practice one become stronger, so one is able to hold the higher frequency state, and at same time meditation also building new ways and threads within the mind, into unused part of the brain.

⦁ Multi-dimensional Man
⦁ Multi-Dimensional Reality
⦁ Multi-dimensional Consciousness
⦁ Multi-Dimensional Perception
⦁ Multidimensional Evolution

Multidimensional presence is the ability to be in different dimensions or locations simultaneously.

Since you are the multi-dimensional being that you are when you bring in this pure unbiased energy to pattern your creations, then those in power such as religion, government, businesses, family, and friends, lock you into a consciousness that only results in everyone and everything outside of you becoming your master in what you will manifest for your reality. This is what you are asleep to!

What you don’t realize is that your human consciousness becomes owned and controlled by everyone around you as if you are a slave to them. These groups and more will keep you locked into repeating your creations over and over, all because of you are a slave to your belief patterns. You will do it by following their “will” and not your soul’s “will.”

The human consciousness, and how it has been programmed, deals with just one aspect of itself, and it tries to relate everything that you are experiencing to it from one dimensional phase, thus leaving out all other aspects of yourself.

You see, the first thing in understanding energy is that you must recognize that your core essence is of Spirit Consciousness and that you are a divine being first and foremost that holds the authority (power) to create and manifest whatever you please, even the human body. This also means that your core essence is of no form or no-mind.

You see, from these billions and billions of potentials that we all created together a long time ago, the greatest and grandest potentials we, as souls, chose to express and bring into our life to experience first was “belief systems: and with the creation of it, came the belief in duality. Through belief systems we found that we could structure our creations in a manner where they feel very real to us. So real that we could lose ourselves in our own creations, which we did. Therefore, it is your dogmatic belief systems that are preventing you from rejuvenating your physical body because you are not accepting “who you truly are and “how energy works. You see, once you understand “who you truly are: and that you have the oneness of your own divine essence, you would actually see and understand that you did expand your consciousness to the point where you re-created yourself into something you were not., and through this become the ego-body-identity, and not the real higher spiritual divine self.

Therefore, since your physical body has the make-up of a dualistic energy force, because of your beliefs, you have the tendency to believe that everything, including God, is in a state of having two parts. Therefore, it is the doctrine of opposing forces where good and evil always determines the course of your thoughts, beliefs, and the actions you place on this pure unbiased energy coming into your consciousness for expression.

So, knowing from a soul level, that energy has to evolve back to its original form of oneness and neutrality, we souls chose the path of evolution (soul growth) as the means to move forward in our quest to answer the question, Who are we?” This way, when our energy got stuck, because of forgetfulness being part of our consciousness, we knew that energy would go back into itself to explore the reason for it being stuck.

You see, the reason why governments and religions are so successful in keeping us in a hypnotic state is that they tap into our primitive mind, the “pre-adolescent self”. It is through your ‘pre-adolescent you’ where government and religion easily hijack your freedom to become sovereign and an independent soul.

Our desired outcome for this first shift will be a consciousness which is totally clear, and a new sense of self or identity, enabling us to move forward with confidence.

‘The time has now come for us to be bold and move out from behind our mind-filters of selective perception and face the fiillness of the light. There exists a vast reservoir of inter-related knowledge in which a far deeper truth is always consealed within multiple levels of meaning. A new, more universal perspective will make it possible for us to see through the fog of our present conceptual confiision.’

The second major shift is to a more fluid and open system of thought and perception which includes a fully holistic paradigm of thinking and an unobstructed vision of reality (seeing beyond the goldfish bowl). Our earlier views, including some of our beliefs about life and the universe, may be challenged by these radical new ideas, but this does not mean that they were (or are) incorrect In fact, they may have served us well up to this point but will simply be inadequate to explain the new Insights and experiences which come with a higher level of consciousness and perception.

In order to expand our perception of reality, the pathway has to be further cleared for the passage of consciousness through our minds and this involves having to enter our unconscious and change those conditioned mental structures (called ‘constructs’ in psychology) which govern our present consciousness and perception. It is likely that these structures are neurologically hard-wired, but some groundbreaking work has shown that they can be reconstructed using powerful processes which involve taking in new ideas and engaging inner experiences which are way outside of our normal field of interpretation, thus forcing a shift. In this regard, we will be introduced to some hidden ‘dimensions’ of our mind, in which we can work directly with energy and even create alternate realities which radically challenge these pre-conditioned structures.

‘We must learn to tailor our concepts to fit reality, instead of trying to stuff reality into our concepts’.

For the final major shift, we are invited to move into a totally new experience of life by reconnecting with our ‘authentic’ or true selves on a different level of reality (in other words, coming to realise that we are not ‘goldfish’ at all and climbing out of the bowl). However, this requires a huge amount of effort and energy, and this energy will need to be gathered from much higher sources of con-sciousness which are available to those who know where to find it. A storehouse of energy is within reach and available within our own consciousness as accumulated energy stored in our own archetypes deep within our unconscious mind.

Another and even more powerful source originates outside our own consciousness, in the embodiment of more universal archetypal forms, revealed in religious scriptures as the celestial hierarchy of spiritual masters, angelic beings and spirit guides, and often referred to collectively as ‘Spirit’. The processes at this stage are therefore designed to bring about our final awakening into a state of absolute clarity in which we can escape from the collective delusion of the world of appearances and rediscover our origins in the ultimate source of all consciousness, sometimes called the universal or ‘divine Mind or Intelligence.

The final outcome for this shift should therefore be a new state of consciousness and clarity which includes an ongoing ‘intimate’ and mutual relationship with our own unconscious mind, a permanent connection with our true (authentic) self and the potential for communication and interaction on all levels of consciousness and reality. ‘Once there is a certain degree of Presence, of still and alert attention in human beings’ perceptions, they can sense the divine life essence, the one indwelling consciousness or spirit in every creature, every life form, recognize it as one with their own essence and so love it as themselves.

Until this happens, however, most humans see only the outer forms, unaware of the inner essence, just as they are unaware of their own essence and identifij only with their own physical and psycho-logical form’

‘All spiritual disciplines are done with a view to still the mind (stilling, lowering, quitening and emptying the beta brain waves). The perfectly still mind is universal spirit.’

As the processes become more powerful, we can harm ourselves emotionally if our minds are unsettled or in conflict. To be successful on this path, we have to learn to relax and cultivate a quiet and restful state of mind.

‘Not to be able to stop thinking is a dreadful affliction, but we don’t realize this because almost everyone is suf-fering from it, so it is considered normal. This incessant mental noise prevents you from finding that realm of inner stillness that is inseparable from Being.’

‘If you want to reach a state of bliss, then go beyond your ego and the internal dialogue. Make a decision to relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved, and the need to judge. Those are the three things the ego is doing all the time. It’s very important to be aware of them every time they come up.’

We presently all function under the guise of a false sense of self or “ego” formed by our experiences in this world. The ego is not who we really are, but is little more than an accumulation of self-awareness surrounded by a collection of self-centred thoughts and memories, beliefs, doubts, fears and insecurities. Somewhere in the midst of all this clutter is still that oasis of pure consciousness which we can rediscover and learn to accept as our true nature or ”authentic self. This has been trying to assert itself since the moment, when as children, we first became self-aware, but has been prevented by the constant activity of our minds and those self-limiting beliefs related to the ego which we have allowed to form, and now influence our actions, consciousness and perceptions.

Once we come to realise this, it is possible to consciously begin to expose and peel away the ego together with its muddied contents, making way for a new and more authentic experience of self.

“Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”

The inner structure of our ego is built up of conditioned thoughts, ideas and core beliefs about ourselves which form unwritten “rules” in our unconscious mind and govern our thoughts and perceptions of the world around us. And if these are self-limiting or negative, they will certainly handicap our efforts to unfold our higher consciousness. Fortunately, research has shown that we can change these rules bv being prepared to assimilate new views and perspectives and to expose ourselves to experiences outside of our present worldview.

If we really wish to unfold our consciousness and perception, we will have to create the psychological space for this to happen by seeing ourselves as not just as a body, but rather as multi-dimensional beings with an almost limitless potential.

⦁ Multi-Dimensional Reality
⦁ Multi-dimensional Man
⦁ Multi-dimensional Consciousness
⦁ Multi-Dimensional Perception

Over the millennia we have all been subjected to historically conditioned thoughts, ideas, beliefs and attitudes that bind us to different versions of reality. These all form what is generally known as a paradigm. As life on Earth continues to unfold, it will become increasingly clear how those who are attached to the ways of the old paradigm will remain so, but those who are aligned with the new paradigm will move into the reality of the New Earth.

Throughout history, fear has always been a tool used in the process of our social conditioning and we have not really been encouraged to think for ourselves. We have been taught to believe only what others tell us it is “safe” to believe, whether in the form of sacred scriptures or scientific theories (which usually only provide one piece of the puzzle). And this has limited our view of reality to what has been handed down to us. Even today we continue to be influenced by information supplied by the media and powerful political, financial or religious movements, each of which has their own agendas.

“We live in a world in wich ordinary people become pawns in a game played by men of power.”

“Most people don’t inhabit a living reality but a conceptualized one”

“Each of us can manifest the properties of a field of consciousness that transcends space, time, and linear causality”

“The boundaries of your reality have to be loosened in order for you to see into the great mystery beyond”.

“Consciousness is light, the luminosity of the life and Mind of God”

Scientific research from many disciplines can show clearly that the true nature of our consciousness is multidimensional and a fundamental part of our multi-dimensional universe. We can no longer conform to the limitations of 19th and 20th century materialistic ideas about what it means to be human. Our current manifesta-tion in a three-dimensional body is a projection of this multidimensional consciousness. While our brain/mind contains a vast collection of DNA memories, healthy cell memories, mythological memories, and experiential memories, it also keeps track of its own space and time.

Our multidimensional consciousness, however, is much more than the body/brain/mind it sets in motion. It is beyond the conventional three-dimensional measurements. Multidi-mensional consciousness is not even limited by the four dimensions of spacetime. It can provide the mind (with its sensory systems and their memories) with information beyond the reach of the physical body, beyond the know-ledge of the mind. Researchers of psi phenomena from all over the world have shown this to be true, while many of us continue to study why and how it is possible. It is time to pay attention to the results of this research, and to contemplate what it means for all of us.

All fields of human study and endeavor—education, medicine, biology. botany. physics and technology—will be changing as this vast potential of multidimensional consciousness becomes realized within each of us. We are co-creators in the ongoing game of evolution. There is no need to be limited by the old mythologies of history. We are free to explore the multidimensional realms available to our awareness.

Consciousness — This word has been used to mean so many different aspects of the human psyche that now it must be defined by any author before it can be used. It can refer merely to the act of being aware, or awake, as in the question we might ask of someone who is just waking up, “Are you conscious?” Others have used the term to refer to that timeless aspect of ourselves, that part of us which is in tune with God. That has been called our “higher consciousness.” The higher consciousness is said to be able to bring events and ideas into awareness from beyond space and/or time. Pre-cognition – Putting the pieces together is a ability when the all of the brain components has been united from the state of duality into Oneness, this is the cognitive dimension of future consciousness, everything then exist in present time.

Ascension is higher frequency and higher frequency is more awareness. They all describe the same thing. Third dimension is becoming aware of fourth dimension, the realm of higher frequency and more awareness. At one time in Earth’s history people thought planet Earth was the center of the universe and all else revolved around it. Now people think their bodies are the center of their consciousness.

To heal our physical ailments and to gain our ascension we need to attract more light. Not only optical light but also spiritual light. The energy of light flows into our body and our subtle bodies to keep all our four lower bodies energized.

Currently humans have a two strand, DNA double helix that is active. Light is the food that feeds our DNA. Our DNA short circuited as we fell into denser and denser frequencies within the planes of matter and we ended up with only two operating strands of DNA. Certainly negative energy blocks the flow of light.

Now if our entire DNA and genetic code were active, we would be far wiser and evolved as a human species as we would be absorbing more light into the DNA. We would be fully plugged into the universe and have access to the knowledge of the cosmos, as we would be assimilating the full power and creative potential of all the rays of light. We would probably even remember from where we have come and our experiences in other existences and even other planets, because we would be expressing all elements in all the rays of light. We would probably be conscious of the fact that we are multi-dimensional beings and ‘We are Gods’ -John 10:34. With fully functional DNA, we would be beings of knowledge with “no-ledge” to our wisdom and understanding, being able to access all knowledge. With this increase in knowledge, we would almost certainly be a more humanitarian and compassionate life form. We would be the beings of light and spirit that our creator intended. The DNA also seems to be the link between the physical and the metaphysical and spiritual planes or non-physical dimensions.

As you increase your light quotient through positive activities, purifying your consciousness and by purifying your lifestyles and using certain spiritual practices which magnetize more light to you, then we can expect the 97% junk DNA to become activated and the two strands of DNA would eventually evolve into 12 Strand DNA. Scientists now know that the DNA can repair itself. So in the future, once human DNA does evolve into 12 strands, then the human species would become a fully conscious and fully awakened Divine beings of light.

When humanities two strand DNA evolves into 12 strand DNA, we will be fully plugged into the source of light and codes of information flowing through the twelve dimensions and we shall be a fully functional divine man/woman in manifestation, as we will be fully connected to the seven major and the other five rays.

We as human consciousness evolve towards higher potential a greater acceptance of the principle of vibrational medicine and the hidden holographic universe. The revolution in consciousness and healing assist us in understanding the concept of humans as multidimensional beings and in comprehending the evolution of consciousness through states of illness and health. So it is up to us to apply our human potential and wake up to our consciousness towards developing a new hope and approach of healing the body, mind, and also spirit, our true nature our spiritual higher self.

Superconsciousness is soul that exists beyond body and mind. It is the soul that gives birth to the mind and the body. The soul can be viewed without dimension through consciousness, time, and space. When we expand the ordinary mind, until it impinges on the superconscious mind, we are able to feel God’s presence. Our spirit is the conscious force that is life itself. We incarnate to the physical world to evolve our souls and taking ideas from spirit within and interpreting those ideas as form and experience in the material world. Time and age exists in the physical world but in the spiritual world, it is timeless. When it comes to evolve the soul there is no age and no limits, therefore, you can progress to another dimensions. But in time, the lower vibration of soul in the dense physical body became conscious of only the third-dimensional world.

Since we are manifested with an infinite consciousness from the divine spark, at this stage, we are experiencing the divine of our own being or oneness with God. This consciousness shows the cosmos to consist entirely immaterial, spiritual, and entirely alive; it shows that there is no death, that everyone and everything has eternal life and that the universe is God and that God is the universe. An experience of higher dimensionality is achieved by an integration of experiences and level of consciousness. After certain experiences of deep meditation on the plane of three-dimensional consciousnesses, we can transcend a totally different reality where all opposites are unified into an organic whole.

Ancient cultures knew the secret of human evolution, so much so that many were able to lift their consciousness to move to various dimensions of existence. The binary view of life or death must be vanquished in favor of a new worldview consisting of multidimensional awareness. It may seem like science fiction, but many scientists agree that multiple dimensions exist. If this is true, then why wouldn’t we want to explore these dimensions? Granted, we would need to leave the comfort of our three-dimensional existence to explore a multidimensional world, but who says the new world is not even better than our current world? What if a multidimensional existence is ten times or one hundred times more exciting, fulfilling, and loving than our current state? What if miracles were as commonplace and as simple as breathing? What if all of our DNA was suddenly switched on, leading to a higher level of existence seldom ever dreamed of by modern man?

The soul-consciousness-awareness continues to advance in its evolution to other higher, more refined energy fields (some esoteric schools call this next level the Mental plane), where knowledge, rather than emotions, plays the dominant role. We correlate this progressive wisdom with the concept of everything being a continuum of energies evolving in geometric proportion and therefore allowing further progress in quality and refinement. Evolution never stops, and one can eventually exist at ultra-high-frequency realms. Older teachings speak about such Causal planes. They say that consciousness has such a high frequency and subtle existence in those planes that there is no adequate concept or imagery for us to comprehend. We will know this level only when we are ready for it in our evolution, but we can move toward this await state by inner work of self-regulation and self-discipline.

Dimensions have a frequency. Humanity has existed within the lower frequency of the third dimension for thousands of years. It is not about a specific location; it relates to a level of consciousness. During Earth’s pivotal years, humanity is experiencing a gigantic dimensional shift. As people begin to reside more fully in the higher frequencies, they can more easily access the wisdom of their hearts and move out of their fear-based agendas. A shift like the one occurring now is revolutionary and unprecedented. No previous generations have lived through, or have completed, such a radical change in consciousness.

A multidimensional being has the capacity for expanded levels of thinking and being. New-paradigm thinking is often associated with multidimensional approaches. This means a wider spectrum of ideas and options. As humanity evolves, people become increasingly aware of the universe’s larger reality. This is because people learn to perceive things they could not perceive before. Sometimes this happens when an instrument like a microscope reveals a structure not seen before. There is a learned tendency to define reality by what we can see or prove through physical means.

As people grow spiritually, they increase their ability to perceive reality through more subtle means. A person learns to broaden his or her perception of reality to include both the physical and spiritual worlds. Intuitive abilities, honed with training and practice, can help a person to expand his or her range of perception. The more that a person uses these abilities, the more tangible the spiritual dimensions become.

The word “linear” relates to old-paradigm views that are limited and without in-depth understanding. These approaches can be rigid and fixed. When someone is thinking in linear terms, he or she often views things in black and white. This means without the variations that contribute to a fuller view. On the other hand, new-paradigm thinking has multidimensional approaches. This means a wider spectrum of ideas and options.

You have the power to access the totality of your authentic Self and then live as that One. You must be centered in your Self to access your Higher Power; an unbalanced ego can’t get there. The realization that your nature is both human and divine leads you to see that the transformer of your consciousness is always within you. Transformation doesn’t happen on the outside of you; through the power of inner work, you create transformation from within.

One cannot enter the higher levels of consciousness and Oneness through the fear-duality concept of the ego.

Once a soul has overcome those obstacles on its soul path, they are ready to embrace the second birth of the soul. When one submits willingly to the spiritual surrender, one enters into the deep slumber of spiritual refinement and purging. When awakened, one discovers differences in self with regards to spiritual beliefs and understandings.

Embracing oneness within the fabric of life sets the stage for awesome wonders yet to be experienced as an incarnate soul on the plane of being human. Make no doubt, this is a spiritual experience and the experience will be tailor made just for you. Within this experience, one will realize and recognize the deep and abiding love, unconditional love that is yours and yours alone just because you are whom you are—total acceptance—total worthiness. This is the only way that one can achieve entrance into the seventh layer of the aura.

As previously stated, within this aura layer, the golden light which is found there holds the potential life plan of the soul, the entire soul path, and the pathway home to the source system of the original soul fragment. This layer holds all the multi-dimensional aspects of the soul, the multi-dimensional life lessons, soul progressions, and an up-to-date assessment of every facet of ones multi-dimensional self in relationship to the overall progression of the soul to return home in a state of oneness. It holds the past life bands of this multi-experience (human) as well as each multi-dimensional species that one might have elected to interact with.

It holds all spiritual and physical accomplishments as well as every universal and multi-dimensional ship, planet, or experience that one has ever encountered. Every soul to soul dimensional connection, no matter how brief or intense, is recorded in the past life bands as well as the current life band. The information stored in these bands are collected and contained in one location, called The Book of Life.

At any time one wants, one can review the current life band and make adjustments as your free will would lead you to do. The seat of the soul, a term often referred to in spiritual circles, also resides within this layer. This term refers to all that you have ever been, all that you are, and all that you hope to be. It holds the potential for all that you have chosen to be in this life, and as a spiritual soul returning to its origin. Often this is referred to as your soul lineage. This layer also has a unique aspect to it. It contains a gateway as well as a bridge. As a soul evolves, and experiences this layer of the aura bio-field, it first interacts with the seventh layer bridge; then, it has the option to access to the gateway.

The bridge connects the seventh layer of the aura field to the multi-layered cosmic plane. The bridge consists of three layers. Each of the layers has a specific frequency, characteristic, and lesson to master. An individual must successfully elevate their life frequency tones to match the frequency tone of each layer of the seventh layer bridge, before they can move to the next higher vibration. While the individual is acclimating spiritually to the higher frequency vibrations for advancement within the seventh aura layer, they are additionally stimulating the third eye, pineal gland and the crown chakra center.

Measurement of increased vibrational rate is heard by others by the choice of words the individual is expressing as they speak words of wisdom effortlessly through their throat chakra. When the extended boundary of the aura layer has been mastered, then the soul is granted permission to experience the crystal gateway of soul on in.

When the sealed chakra opens will then allow the chakra centers to morph into their evolved form—spherical. With holographic spheres of light now serving as chakra centers, individuals have the opportunity to totally immerse themselves into anchoring the crystal frequency waves within their physical body. The crystal gateway not only allowed the new root race of man to incarnate, but also provided opportunity for each individual, to receive the benefits of the gateway also—crystal energy. This crystal gateway is the first threshold that is available to souls at the ketheric template level. When a soul accepts the invitation to Light, the gateway opens to receive lightbody ascension codes and paradigm transformational shifts to move the soul from the density of matter into the frequency of light. One of the keys to passing through the first gateway constitutes a complete surrendering of self, ego and all that holds one to the density programming of the earth plane.

Sustaining that level of frequency change is the first challenge that the incarnate soul experiences when embracing this gateway opportunity. When the soul has successfully sustained this level of light, they can proceed to the eighth aura level. At this level they begin to understand the multi-dimensional gateway bands and learn how to utilize their alpha and omega chakra centers.

Bridge layers are not structured like the layers that comprise the lower aura layers which surround the physical body. Bridge layers are similar to streams of light and exist simultaneously with other bridge layers, yet retain a unique distinctive frequency of their own. Bridge layers are located within the in-breath of upper and lower bio-fields of the incarnate human. Interconnectedness to all layers is woven within the matrix, or web of life. These layers encompass all dimensions within the web of life yet can operate independently of the matrix only because of their association with the lower physical aura. Their bridging streams of light connect the upper soul to the soul incarnate through many silver cords of light.

No code master can open their doorway until all code masters are present to unlock their door which consequently opens the gateway. The doorways were locked in a specific sequence and only by using the correct sequence procedure can they be unlocked.

Through meditation one creates the needed spiritual keys to the higher levels of consciousness called heaven. These spiritual keys is vibrational resonace keys that will functions as passwords to the higher level of consciousness and in the process of soul ascending. Its through meditation one change the physical beta brain waves to other brain wave state that will change the inner vibrational state of mind and unzip the sealed chakras and then activating new higher dna strands.

One can´t access other dimensions with beta brain waves, in same way the ego can´t access state of Oneness. The ego is beta brain waves, so one need to stilling, lowering, quitening and emptying the mind of beta brain waves. The ego is what´s keeping humankind in the one dimensional reality controlled by one low vibrtaional frequency. The ego therefor using fear-frequency and fear can´t access higher levels of consciousness. So one need to overcome this fear programming of the mind to ascending higher levels of knowledge.

We are in a sense rearranging our consciousness so that our sensitivity is no longer rooted in fear. The ideal is to use the cues so that there is a shift beyond our own ego needs into a higher consciousness. We no longer focus on the details concerning the flight but release the fear by shifting to a flow state of peace.

Fear is generally the reason those with access to higher conscious awareness are persecuted.

Evidence from throughout ancient history and even before, telling us that consciousness and intelligence are separate entities. Further, there is evidence that consciousnen travels outside of the body, traversing the barriers between life and death; between dark and light; between the past, present, and future; and even between otheedimensional realities.

What did the ancients know that we do not Why are we not always at the height of our awareness! Why at times throughout human existence did wine civilizations seem to have great technologies and an inside track on infinite being? How did they know, for instance, how to create technologies for the distribution of power, for atomic processes, for utilizing harmonic to change the fabric of creation! How did the ancients know about alchemy, such as the manufacturing of monatomic gold in the form of white powder that could be ingested, thereby introducing a conducive material into the physical body that would heighten conscious awareness? Why was knowledge of this rite and other secrets limited to pharaohs, priests, kings, and wise men! What was hidden from the people at large?

Exactly the same informafion that was taught to select apprentices at the mystery schools: access to higher consciousness led to altered and Infinite reality. What the ancients left behind was every key that we need to know about who we are and what we are capable of Once we have a grasp of the concepts the ancients left for us, we can learn how to apply them to this now.

For instance, when do people begin to realize that the possibilities of life are much greater than they had previously imagined! Is there an impetus, a moment in time, or some vast or tiny change inside of them that flips switches of awareness?

Is this an individual happening, or does it occur across the populous of the planet? Does consciousness actually expand, or do we just reconnect with it? Does our consciousness have anything to do with our creative processes? Do we create our own realities, or do we just live in the realities that we find ourselves in? Do we have the power to change our realities as individuals or as groups? Is there a time when consciousness evolves and awareness becomes keener? If so, are we affected physically? Do our brains change in response?

Does our DNA have some special coding or instruction contained within it that instigates or responds to higher awareness under certain circumstances? Does intelligence make us more consciously aware? Does conscious awareness make us more intelligent? Are there signs of impending awareness expansion, and if so, how can we recognize them? Inherently, we are created to seek our source, to reconnect with our divinity, and yet in the current world condition, many of us feel empty, unfulfilled, even lost. We aren’t even sure of what we believe because there is so much information available to us. We grasp at the tried and true, or we become immersed in religion, hoping that it will fulfill us, or we try every esoteric practice that comes along.

Inside, we feel a need to return home, but we can’t seem to remember where home is. We want to feel emotional expansion to the depths of our being, but we have covered our emotions for so long that we aren’t even sure how emotions do feel. We confuse our emotions with our mental perceptions and make our way rationally through our limiting thoughts. We seem to forget that we are capable of great depths of emotional experience. We become unhappy, dissatisfied, and bored, succumbing to the idea that this must be all there is. How sad is that? What if we realized that it is all simple? We can. We can find that we are everything that we seek and that everything we seek also seeks us. What if we realized that we are capable of creating whatever reality we want, anytime, anywhere? What if we didn’t just know we could? What if we did?

The ancients knew these secrets, and now you will too. The con-sciousness of change is a very real state of being. It is not a gimmick. We don’t have to buy anything. We already are the change! The consciousness of change is our sense beyond our five physical senses, and it is even greater than our intermittent sixth sense. The con-sciousness of change leaps into the universal construct as our seventh sense. Our seventh sense is infinitely aware, even though we may not be conscious of that awareness. But what if we were? What are we missing? How can we open the door to our seventh sense, so that we can take advantage of all that creation has to offer us?

This is the key to the greatest need. Prayer is not a matter of words or outer forms, but an awareness of consciousness, right-directed, spiritually guided positive thinking! Your personal transformation comes from knowing deep within that each and every human being is far more than a physical body, and that the essence of being human includes the ability to think and feel, to possess a higher consciousness, and to know that there is an intelli-gence engaging the entire universe. Yob are able to tap into that invisi-ble part of you, to use your mind in any manner that you choose, and to recognize that this is your essential humanity. Your humanness—soul, pure and perfect—is not a form or body at all, but something infinitely more Divine. So before you changed your friends; before you changed your clothes; before you changed your name; before you changed your place of worship; and before you changed your mind—you were an idea in the mind of God. You are still a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul. You are not a human being having a spiritual experience, but rather a spiritual being having a human experience.

When you understand the truth about life and the source of your being, about who you are, where you come from, where you are going, and what God is, you are freel Free from all preconceived notions, free from the ways of the world. You experience wholeness. You achieve a break-through to a new spiritual awareness. However, there are essential ele-ments—mental “shifts” —that must be understood to experience an ever-increasing spiritual awareness. They can be considered steps to-ward personal fulfillment. Take them up, one by one, and incorporate them into your daily life. You must shift from one state of mind to a higher one.

A shift from fear to faith is a shift from outer to inner, from worrying about the circumstances around you to a calm, quiet inner awareness that the Creator “is in His glory and all is right with the world.” The great enemy of happiness and achievement is, and always has been, fear—fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of criticism, fear of poor health, fear of not measuring up to the expectations of others, and so on. When we are fearful, we become tense and uptight. As a result, our mental faculties shut down. We do and say things that under normal conditions we would never say. But when we increase our faith and turn our problems over to a higher power, miraculously, everything seems to take care of itself. We begin to “lay up our treasures in heaven.”

We recognize that God is our source of supply; “He is sufficient unto today.” We become conscious of our strengths more so than our weaknesses. Faith was the great characteristic of the Master. The word was constantly on his lips: “According to thy faith be it unto you”;”Thy faith has made thee whole”;”Thy faith has saved thee.” Faith believes; doubt fears. Faith creates; doubt destroys. Faith opens the door to all things desirable in life; doubt closes it. Faith excites and arouses our creative forces. It cracks open the door of ability. Faith is the Divine messenger sent to guide men and women blinded by doubt and trepidation. The individual who cannot see the Designer behind the design, who does not see Infinite Intelligence behind all creation, cannot possess the sublime faith that buoys up great achievement. No one can rise higher than his or her faith. We have within us every moment of our lives the potential for greatness. Suffering builds character, character builds faith, and faith will prove itself in the end!

Hope is the raw material with which you build success. Hope crystallizes into faith, faith into determination, and determination into action. Hope springs eternal from your imagination, from your dreams of a better world, a better life, a better tomorrow. But throughout all the mystical teachings, the keynote to harmony has been “Do you believe?” The world is full of people who are hoping and praying that things turn out okay. The Bible states the same proposition this way: “According to your faith [belief] it is done unto you.” To put it another way, you do not necessarily believe what you see but you see what you believe. When you develop a deep-seated belief or conviction that you will obtain your desires, you activate forces and powers that pull you toward your goals and your goals toward you.

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