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The awakening of the kundalini force and its energy is associated with the endocrine glands which secret hormones that have resonating harmonic frequency of red. Each time we have an initiatory breakthrough, the kundalini opens to the next new frequency. The awakening of the kundalini truly permits the flow of more energy that can make us feel incredibly vitalised and alive than we have previously had access to.

The awakening of the kundalini force and its energy is associated with the endocrine glands which secret hormones that have resonating harmonic frequency of red. Each time we have an initiatory breakthrough, the kundalini opens to the next new frequency. The awakening of the kundalini truly permits the flow of more energy that can make us feel incredibly vitalised and alive than we have previously had access to.

The kundalini rises as we develop spiritually, clearing in turn through all the chakras. When it reaches the crown, we are ready for reunification with God.

Cultivating a kundalini awakening usually includes years of slow mastery of soul over mind, mind over body, and spirit over energy. This extended training period ensures.

Purification is a key component of a cultivated kundalini awak-ening. When we purify ourselves, we prepare a clear path for the , not once, but repeatedly. There are many aspects of puri-fication and hundreds of potential ways to become clean and clear. But the most important point to understand is that purification is not about sanitizing or perfecting; it is about linking all parts of us together in love.

We are also spiritual beings, and as such we must purify our hearts and souls. We are immortal and eternal—and sometimes terribly confused. Our souls, which have existed long before entering this lifetime.
Why would the ancients spend years cultivating their kundalini? Why pass on spiritual tracts outlining methods of doing so? Why do so many contemporary wise women and men give their time to teach people to do so? Why do you or might you employ kundalini -based practices?

Medical research is starting to show what kundalini aficionados already know.Methods of cultivating-and working within its awakened glory leave us feeling better. Studies now reveal that the gains are widespread and include such practical benefits as stress reduction, anti-aging, addiction recovery, and even the healing of mental, emotional, and physical conditions.


MOST PEOPLE ARE said not to be enlightened because they are experiencing a continuous stream of deluded thoughts that keeps them dwelling in beginningless Ignorance. When Insight Is gained from a perspective lying beyond the thought stream, it can then be known how such thoughts arise. However, nothing of the vibrating truth involved with the flashing insight into the Divine can be accurately vocalized.

The Absolute that is thereby realized, as well as the totality of enlightenment that follows, remains largely veiled to all but those who have directly recalled their true nature. A breakthrough is required to destroy the deluded framework of thought belonging to the ego.consciousness. Such an event must disrupt (or at least erode) the continuous stream of (unsound) thinking in order to change the way being understands itself.

When this happens, then and only then can it he said that the process of enlightenment has commenced. The extent of further progress in rationalizing the resulting outlook may be deemed a degree of attainment. Properly speaking, the term attainment refers to the achievement of a mature adult mind.

To repeat, a we breakthrough can be obtained only in the event that the native thought stream associated with the personal self is truly halted, even if only for the shortest instant. The resulting attainment—insight—then properly refers to the consequent establishment of clear consciousness unsullied by movement (thought). But even so, the matter is not yet concluded, for this clear consciousness must in turn be deployed to completely banish itself.

The final effort is undertaken in order to extinguish the last light of active consciousness and to thereby obtain access to the Profound itself.


Root Lock activates kundalini energy at the base of the spine, awakening the boundless energetic potential of our true self. Sexual energy is the limited way that much of the world experiences this power, and most of us are familiar with how compelling sexual energy is. But there is much more to this energy than sexual arousal. Once you learn how to make it flow, it becomes the reservoir of your entire life-force. Root Lock is called Mu! Bhand (pronounced “mool bond”) in the original language of India. Root Lock is most often practiced while suspending the breath—either in or out—but can also be done for a period of time while breathing fully. A light Mul Bhand is held during most kundalini yoga exercises. It can also be practiced at any time—in your office, while walking, or going about your day.


In the area of the solar plexus, the life-force prana mixes with the eliminative force apana. One can’t flow without the other, but once we connect them, our deepest energy can move unimpeded through the spinal pathway. without Diaphragm Lock, our kundalini has a hard time rising from the base of the spine to the level of the heart. Diaphragm Lock opens the door to this energetic pathway, allowing our prana to flow up past the diaphragm so our heart becomes touched, illumined, and resonant with the light of our soul. Diaphragm Lock was traditionally called Uddiyana Shand (pronounced “oo-dee-yah-nah bond”), which means “to lift up.” You can think of Diaphragm Lock as an energetic and anatomical platform for the heart.

The base of the heart is in fact supported with tendons that attach it to the diaphragm. As we touched upon earlier, when the heart has a grounded and strong platform to rest upon, It feels safe to open. Diaphragm Lock gives us this beautiful means by which we can live through our hearts with grace.

The awakening of the heart is deeply profound and absolutely essential on the journey of our consciousness. The short pathway of kundalini energy from the navel to the heart generates a true breakthrough in consciousness. It requires letting go of a sense of self, safety, and security and trusting that our heart can carry us with light and love.

Once our prana enters into the realm of the heart, our life source surges. we become connected with all those around us. It is as though the heavens open in us and our energy can flow in ways it was prevented from before. Also, when the heart is open, the mind quiets. when the mind stills, the heart can be the boss. when the heart is in charge. our lives become magical playgrounds full of fun and loving synchronicity and moments of perfect bliss.


The third bhanda, Neck Lock, allows prana to move up through the neck, awakening the third eye and pituitary gland and radiating into our aura. Neck Lock opens the fifth chakra—the throat—so kundalini energy can flow to the sixth, seventh, and eighth chakras. Without Neck Lock our energy is often blocked at the throat, and our soul light cannot reach the higher chakra frequencies of intuition, sacred wisdom, and surrender to the divine. The traditional yogic word for Neck Lock is jalandhara Bhand (pronounced “jahlunn-dah-rah bond”), which literally means “neck lock.”

Sometimes we experience a sense of fear when we begin to connect deeply to spirit, and we pull back from the cosmic breakthrough that happens when energy flow reaches the third eye and awakens intuition. If you feel fear, please remember that prana is love. There is no reason to do any of this except to awaken and blossom so the fragrance of your soul can be sensed as part of you. The third eye is where we discern the unseen reality behind the surface, the eternal ebb and flow of the energy of life. The intuition requires complete neutrality in order not to shrink back. The crown chakra, at the top of the head, is the gateway to our rare divine consciousness. And in the aura we become an integrated, coherent whole rather than a series of separate chakras. The line between our finite idenity and infinite consciousness becomes blurred. We blend. We are not separate.


When the three locks—Root Lock, Diphragm Lock, and Neck Lock—are practiced all together at once, as they often are, we call it Great Lock, or Maha Bhand (pronounced “mah-hah bond”). Maha Bhand enables the totality of our energy to flow as one unimpeded circuit. We vibrate as a coherent energetic flow of love, our soul identity. In general, you can always choose to practice the Maha Bhand at the finish of a kundalini yoga exercise for one to three breaths.

Once we have opened up heart chakra, the energy of love and joy can flow, then the higher chakras, the brow and the crown chakras, come within easier reach for personal and spiritual transformation through the attainment of higher consciousness. Through a surge of interest in meditation, prayer, and quest for greater spiritual direction, more and more people attune themselves to the development of intuition, inner vision, and spiritual awareness.

The awakening of the kundalini force and its energy is associated with the endocrine glands which secret hormones that have resonating harmonic frequency of red. Each time we have an initiatory breakthrough, the kundalini opens to the next new frequency. The awakening of the kundalini truly permits the flow of more energy that can make us feel incredibly vitalised and alive than we have previously had access to.

Right after the opening of the kundalini, the sacral chakra opens and connects to the third eye and becomes a highly visual state of everything we see and feel. This synchronisation of the right and left hemisphere of the brain, and at this point, of the opening of the kundalini activates awareness throughout the body which is the powerful life force moving through us.

Crown Chakra—the Power of Spiritual Connecter

The seventh chakra is the power of our spiritual connector. It is connected to the soul and the higher self and also be easily connected to your brow chakra which keeps you in touch with resonance. The seventh chakra or the crown chakra is closely linked with the pineal gland. The colour associated is violet with gold and white as subsidiary colours. The element is earth. It must first bring about a balancing of the body, the mind, and the spirit for the crown chakra to be fully awakened. To enter into the highest state of consciousness, the crown chakra has to be opened which represents the beginning stage of ascension into state of spiritual perfection. The energy of the crown chakra influences the central nervous system, the skin, and the muscular system. Abnormalities in energy flow of the crown chakra may manifest as various types of cerebral dysfunction and psychosis. While our energy system is animated by our spirit, the crown chakra is directly aligned to seek an intimate relationship with the divine. It contains the energy that generates inspirational and prophetic thoughts, devotion, transcendent ideas, and dimension of life and mystical connections. It enables us to gain an internal awareness through meditation and prayer. Faith in the presence of the divine and in all that faith represents inner guidance, insight into healing, and quality of trust that shadows human fears; devotion.

By endurance on your part you will acquire your soul' (Luke 21: 19).Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will hear and fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me’ (Ps. 23: 4). As a person seeks the Lord and obeys to progress, the rod and staff is painful discipline to the hungry soul, bitter, this is sweet. ‘The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that will be god revealed in us’ (Rom. 8: 18). It is through patience, forgiveness, faith, trust, hope, humility, long suffering, and pain that we can destroy the sinful nature within us that the Lord deems us ready to enter supernatural tribulation. `This is how we are purified from sin, through suffering in the body in this life, into the fiery furnace that burns away the dross’ (2 Pet. 20: 2).

Jesus said, ‘Come to me, all you who labour and are heavy burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am meek and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light’ (Matt. 11: 28-30).

From the time of birth, the fear of separation from the unknown reality sets in and as you live life, the only definite end result of life is death so that is our definite fear until we realise that we are infinite beings. Sometimes, fear may overtake your control of living that you welcome death. If there is no matter or form to deteriorate or degenerate, there is no death. Therefore, your souls (spirit) have no form and no time but infinite and eternal. The body is subject to the constraints of time and space. When the infinite soul leaves the body, we call it death, separation, transition, or connect to eternal light of God which is something to look forward instead of fear of the dark. Once you realised that death is not the end, fear and separateness disappear, then you merge with the infinite and feel the relief and comfort that this realisation brings. Your recognition and perception go beyond space and time, possibilities, and will be able to connect with the higher energy of the infinite universal mind. Then there is no need to fear death because no matter who you are, there is life after life.

We have the freedom to choose the life we live because life is a lot to do with choice. We are living in a chaotic world of fear, insecurity, doubt, and stress. So what can we do to change those circumstances? Which direction do we choose at the cross road is your decision to make.

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