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The awakening of the Heart is much more complex than the awakening of consciousness. The awakening of consciousness is comparatively simple. The awakening of the inner states is not a final goal but a foundation upon which the real goal can be attained. This goal is the complete awakening to the dimension of Me. Ignorance is a valid dimension, for it constitutes the experience of most human beings. Ignorance is an experience of oneself in which Me is completely fragmented, unconscious and without any center or foundation. The mechanical mind totally overpowers the psyche, not allowing one to experience either the Being or the Heart. In this state, one is totally identified with psychological events, thoughts and emotions. Because there is no center, every thought and emotion creates a separate Me. Tavistock Institute. Part 34 of 36

The awakening of the Heart is much more complex than the awakening of consciousness. The awakening of consciousness is comparatively simple. There are certain states you shift to, then you stabilise and the state is permanently there. In the case of working with the Heart there are many, many layers because evolution into the Heart doesn’t have an end. But there is something like Enlightenment of the Heart and stabilisation in the Heart. You can say, we reach the optimum of the Heart, it opens fully and this experience is stabilised. One cannot lose it, but even though one still evolves into the Heart, it is never-ending. This is not a contradiction. There is Enlightenment to the Heart, stabilisation of the Heart but the never-ending journey into the Heart continues. What you are aiming at, is to reach this optimum where the energy centralises in the Heart, where it vibrates in an optimum way and the Heart opens fully.

The awakening of the inner states is not a final goal but a foundation upon which the real goal can be attained. This goal is the complete awakening to the dimension of Me. Though it is beyond states, Me rests upon them. The Final Enlightenment transcends the Inner, as well as the outer in the pure, transparent, absolutely direct, personal and intimate apperception of what “I Am.” Enlightenment to Me is the real purpose of our evolution. We are here to discover fully and doubtlessly what Me is. Me, the experiencer and enjoyer of all states, finally must be awakened to itself. This is the highest beauty and the greatest joy; going beyond the illusion of spirituality, one at last discovers Oneself.


Ignorance is a valid dimension, for it constitutes the experience of most human beings. Ignorance is an experience of oneself in which Me is completely fragmented, unconscious and without any center or foundation. The mechanical mind totally overpowers the psyche, not allowing one to experience either the Being or the Heart. In this state, one is totally identified with psychological events, thoughts and emotions. Because there is no center, every thought and emotion creates a separate Me, an identified Me. As in a dream, one lives in a fully objectified reality or one is this objectified reality, without the existence of a subject. Me is objectified and identified with what is perceived and thought. For that reason, one experiences suffering and negativity to a much higher degree. The state of ignorance represents a very flat and narrow reality. There is no depth to it. The functions of awareness and sensitivity are very limited and unconscious in this state. In this state the Soul suffers, and at the same time is not aware of itself. The unconscious reigns. One lives in the world of ego-images; how one perceives oneself always relates to the outer. Ignorance cannot be regarded as a conscious state. It is between the conscious and the unconscious. It is vague, unclear and empty of any real substance. It is to be transcended. This is the challenge, sooner or later, of every human being.


In order to transcend the mind we must first awaken the aspect of Attention, the seed of being conscious within the mind. This attention is generated in the mind, and due to it, the unconscious, mechanical aspect of the very mind becomes transcended. The self-recognizing attention, when seen in itself as separated from the “perceived,” gives rise to the state of Presence. The purpose of the cultivation of attention is integration of and stabilization in the Presence, so that it finally becomes a constant and stable center of awareness at the background of the psychological self.


Without bringing into the state of Being and Attention the quality of deep sensitivity of the awakened Heart, one is far from experiencing the complete I Am. Although we describe the Heart as the center of feeling, at the same time it is a dimension of Being. The energetic presence of the Heart brings warmth to the coolness of awareness and being. Heart is the balance between the inner and the outer, without which one is pulled in too much, and the relationship with the outer cannot be harmonious and expansive. We are essentially feeling beings, and the intimate center of our identity as “Me” is placed in the Heart. Without the Heart we cannot experience fundamental sensitivity and inner beauty.

The “Me” that entered the spiritual path and is completing all of the inner states, is still in a mysterious way, unconscious of itself. One can be Enlightened to the I Am and to the Absolute, and still be unaware of the very Me who has reached Enlightenment. Who is the seeker? Who is the finder? It is here that a totally new understanding beyond the knowledge of traditions emerges: awakening to Me. But without the realization of the inner states, one is not capable of seeing what this Me truly is. The inner states create the perfect environment, a spotless mirror in which the Me at last can be reflected and apperceived. Without awakening to the Heart, Me cannot be seen as anything in particular. The center, the essence of Me, is in the Heart. We call it the Soul. Only in the heart can Me fully meet itself.

Enlightenment to “Me,” which is the flowering of the Soul or individual evolution, reaches through itself, its ultimate expansion. It merges into the apperception of that which is beyond its ultimate frontiers, the Universal I AM. Here, the individual Me transcends itself into the Supreme Dimension beyond Unity and Separation.

‘To someone practising the Way, the outside world exists but because of awakening he knows that this world is fleeting. Thus there are three worlds, the one before the one after awakening and the outside world.’ The master answered, The outside world and its manifestations is not the awakening to the essence. Once awakened, one does not respond by thinking. Due to awakening one knows that the outside world is fleeting, for when awake, the outside world no longer arises. Then, “before awakening”, “after awakening” and ., the “outside world” are just three afterthoughts.’

When a person is unable to regulate their mind or traverse the various layers of consciousness it is Transmission that prepares the way into superconsciousness—the vast expanse of the consciousness spectrum that is above the narrow sphere of consciousness. They cannot move even a millimeter in consciousness through self-effort. Transmission acts like a cane or crutch to support consciousness to expand into another dimension. It helps us transcend from one level to another level, to soar higher into superconsciousness and dive deeper, cleaning the subconscious depths of the mind. That is its primary role. We receive the essence of Transmission in the first meditation session so that the Source can work its magic. When we compare meditation without Transmission to Heartfulness Meditation with Transmission and feel the difference, we are recognizing that shift in created by Transmission.

The Soul is so deep, so beyond our human ability to conceive of, that it will take a lot more human experience of what is not true before humans can access that depth of truth that is our Soul. Soul is beyond any human interaction; it is where we are God. We are just beginning to study the superconscious mind.

The word, superconscious, refers to both the highest frequency that human consciousness can reach and the God-spark, or point, where human consciousness merges and communes with Cosmic Consciousness.

Once the human body has been transformed into a conductor, then power can be transmitted to the body of another and caused to flow according to one’s own will. This ability greatly expands the range of the dynamic structure and capacity for exerting force in the human body. It also elevates the degree of independence in the active employment of power. At the same time, this is a stage in the whole process of combined refinement of consciousness and the body at which it is comparatively easy to perceive how this special capacity of consciousness is formed.

The force of consciousness can pass through and beyond the human body, and can even act and transmute in space after liberation from the limitations of the physical structure of the human body.

Based on this, it is possible for consciousness, with the cooperative action of thought or thought plus intent, to create at will a formless consciousness field that can be deliberately controlled. It is also possible to evoke a corresponding dynamic effect, which could be called a field effect.

When a human body that has been made into a conductor of power transmits (or releases) that power into a space, this power is no longer subject to the limitations of the structure of the conductor. Furthermore, in the course of a certain process it departs from the medium of a solid body and an electric body (i.e. the human body), thus coming under the direct control of conscious thought. When this power reaches open space, then it is “energy:’ It could also be called a field of consciousness and energy, which is thus a field of conscious energy, or the energy of consciousness. This can be concentrated and dispersed, and can create a formless point, line, plane, or body; it can take on any mode of movement and spatial dimension desired.

The reason that modern science finds it extremely difficult to study this phenomenon, aside from fundamental methodological problems, is that present-day techniques of brain science have not yet developed to a level where they can measure the various levels of interaction among thought, intent, consciousness, and vitality-energy-spirit. The computer is not sensitive enough for this task; the essential nature of consciousness has not been made explicit; and the essential nature of energy has not been clarified.

Mind Power—creative visualization and using the potential power of the brain to boost energy and heal. Mind Power is mind over matter, which means the mind can heal, rejuvenate, and transform every aspect of life.

The powers of the mind are yet like a vast uncharted sea.

Beyond the brain and heart, other parts of the human anatomy and physiology are vital to the proper functioning of the whole body as absorber, conductor, and emitter of energy. Every element of our being has a distinctly defined role but all have one objective: to support the proper functioning of the whole body. It is more than a coincidence that discussions related to health care, obesity, nutrition, exercise, and addiction are receiving so much attention at the national level as a matter of public policy. Sure, escalating health care costs and the need to provide more affordable, quality care options are contributing factors. But a growing number of people are aware of how healthy mind-sets and habits contribute to the quality of life. There is a wondrous intricacy and complexity to being human. We truly are designed to connect beyond ourselves. It is through the alignment of our thoughts, words, and deeds and our minds, bodies, spirits and souls that we exhibit talents and abilities to create the tools and approaches that influence and manipulate the world in which we live.

The journey of the Soul’s evolution is complex and almost impossible to be grasped by the mind. This information presented here has not been given to explain everything but to create the basic and important understanding of what our purpose Here is. It is essential to remove certain misconceptions and superstitions, which bring confusion and can easily hinder the proper perception of one’s evolutionary path. In the dimension of time, knowing and Not-knowing are mixed and support each other. Tavistock Institure. Part 33 of 36

This post is designed in 33 parts, from 33-1. It will try to illustrate how everything onés was illuminated to higher levels of knowledge, intuition, wisdom, and a constant flow of spiritual energy, and it begins in this end, and travels to the other end, where everything has become influenced by Secret socities, Freemassons, The Illuminati, Bilderberger Group, Shadow Governments, Committee of 300, and the mind controlling Institute; Tavistock Institute.

One must go within to open the door from inside to become free. And this text will try to illustrate how this higher levels of spiritual journey was fed by high vibrational frequencies of love, and through times and generation low vibrational fear frequencies has taken over the world, ego and mind. The Controllers of this world who change this frequency paradigm was done by the Reptilians or Annunaki. Reptilians controls Earth today.

Spitual knowledge to have on the journey through water (consciousness/chakra) and fire consciousness/chakra), and how to raise your inner vibrations to Divine levels. Knowledge has three degrees: opinion, science, illumination. The means or instrument of the first is sense; of the second, dialectic; of the third, intuition. Tavistock Institute controls the first and second level and prevent people from reaching the third level; illumination and intuition.

“Try to raise the divine in yourself up to Divine of the whole universe”

“Öne, perfect in seeking nothing, possessing nothing and needing nothing, overflows and creates a new reality by its superabundance.”

Knowledge has three degrees: opinion, science, illumination. The means or instrument of the first is sense; of the second, dialectic; of the third, intuition.

Perfect awakening in a single moment refers here to enlightenment attained in a single moment of supreme, immutable bliss. It is the spiritual awakening that arises from bliss and that, in turn, generates immutable bliss. Thus, it is “of the na-ture of bliss and not of some other karma.” The moment of supreme, immutable bliss is the moment after which there is no origination, duration, or cessation of any phenomena. The moment of perfect awakening in a single moment of bliss (sukha-k4ava) signifies an absence of all moments, and that moment of bliss is the means by which the ten powers (data-bala) of enlightened awareness descend to earth from space. The purified aggregates that are produced by that moment of bliss, in turn, generate that bliss.

There is six basic fears-concepts that limits and prevents spiritual awakening:

The six core fears are: 1) fear of not being good enough or less than 2) fear of not belonging or not fitting in 3) fear of being found out 4) fear of not getting what I think I want 5) fear of losing what I think I have 6) fear of the unknown.

The word “oppress,” according to Webster’s Dictionary, means, “To weigh heavily on. To crush by abuse of power.

There is two kinds of powers in this world; one will worl for total enslavement of mankind, and the other work for spiritual liberation.

The goal is to create an age of enlightenment that extends to every sphere of human endeavor, to every institution and every relationship. The goal is to transform separateness into unity without sacrificing individuality. The goal is to enhance individual and collective creativity to unprecedented heights.

The key is to systematically raise the consciousness of all those who dwell on this planet. The only way all this can happen is through the birth of a new vision: a new vision springing from a new awareness and a new desire to live that awareness. This transformation will emerge from the level of our being. This transformation will become our collective consciousness. This is the only way.

This does not mean that this vision will become reality all at once, although it could. It does not mean that it will become reality without action and effort. At first, change may be the work of a few. At first this transformation may be slow. It appears that there will be conflict. Some, perhaps many, may choose to cling tightly to old, outworn ways. The path to the new may be, and at present is, beset with difficulty. That may not be necessary in theory, but so far it appears to be the case. Conflict does exist. The outcome is far from certain. The stakes are astronomically high. Unless we change, we may be doomed either because we deplete our resources, or because we succumb to the holocaust of war. These are serious times.

Our current difficulties are due to the fact that we have chosen ways that are not in accord with all the laws of nature—or God’s Will if you prefer. Unless we become the vehicles through which all these laws find expression in manifest creation, we may fail to survive. It is no longer enough, if it ever was, to choose to follow a few of these laws. We need now to choose to follow all of them. We have that choice. We are attempting to align ourselves with the full force of creation and evolution. It is our choice—as always.

Our enlightened educational system will be designed to establish each student in the field of pure consciousness, to provide every student the means to full Self-realization through their own process of Self-creation, to become fully human, to become wise rather than only knowledgeable. That is an educational system that will be the joy and glory of humanity. Such a system will produce creative, loving people who will cherish themselves and each other, be willing to examine life, admit mistakes, and always move toward a more fully spiritual world. This will be education for the people, by the people, and of the people. Such an enlightened education will be the very cornerstone upon which an enlightened society, upon which an enlightened world will be created. This is the vision of education that is being born in this spiritual awakening.

Awake, arise and do not stop until you reach your goal. Awake thou, that sleeps, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.” We must awake , arise , and advance in the light.

After we have been awakened to the presence of the Spirit, a new moment arises in our spiritual life. Our effort is now directed to respond-ing to the internal law of the Spirit written in our heart rather than simply conforming to the external obligations as they have been presented to us by the authorities in our life. We do indeed continue to fulfill these ob-ligations, but our reasons have been more deeply internalized. And re-sponding to the Spirit is a far more challenging project. It demands that we habitually live in tune with our inner experiences, distinguishing those which flow from the Spirit from those that do not. The term “inner experience” will be used throughout this book; by it we simply mean all those movements that arise within ourselves, such as our memory, imag-ination, thinking, feeling, and willing.

The spiritual domain is a mandatory must option as the way out of darkness. The challenge for world peace and world survival and salvation is a theological challenge. Those persons who proclaim to know the will, ways, works and wisdom of God, must now arise to the challenge to point the way for humanity. The challenge is to add the transforming spiritual dimension to our secularistic, pluralistic, diverse and decaying culture. The practice of public theology is ready to implement this plan a with the spiritual domain.

When you have been well-prepared, made ready, and are willing to receive the truth teaching through the activity of the Holy Spirit, you consciously begin a spiritual walk to an awakening. Your “now” has come. “Arise, shine for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee” (Isaiah 60:1).

The mind has to be understood for what it is—just another sense. It has, as its base, the brain, just as sight has the eyes. As the mind moments arise and contact is made with them, we start believing and even owning what we are thinking. We are greatly concerned with our thoughts and look after them, just as we look after our belongings. Yet they never bring to happi-ness. What they bring is hope and worry and doubt. Sometimes they enter-tain us. sometimes they make us depressed. When doubts arise and we go along with them, they can lead us to the point at which there is no practice left at all.

Yet the only way to prove that the spiritual life brings fulfillment is to practice, to let go of expectations and desires, so that there is nothing lacking and nothing to fill. The proof of the pudding lies in the eating. Wanting outside proof is the wrong approach. Looking for fulfillment outside ourselves is a common mistake: “I want to be given knowledge, understanding, loving-kindness, consideration. I want to receive a spiritual awakening.’ But there is nothing that we can be given, except instructions and methods. We need to do the daily work of practice. so that purification will result. We cannot remedy our lack of fulfillment by being given something new.

Where would it come from? From the Buddha? the Dhamma? our teacher? We are not sure. Perhaps we hope to get it from our meditation, or from a book. But the task is not to get something, but to get rid of obstructions. What do we need to get rid of first? Preferably the convolutions of the mind that tell us fantastic and unbelievable stories. When we hear them, we are apt to believe them. One way to look at them and disbelieve them is to write them down. They sound absurd when we see them on paper. The mind can always think up new stories—there is no end to them. Renunciation is the key. Giving up. letting go. Giving up also means giving in to that underlying, subconscious know-ing that the worldly way does not work, that a different approach is possi-ble. Instead of adding something to our lives, we relinquish our ambitions. (To stay the way we are and add something new—how can that possibly work?) Relinquishing our ambitions means accepting that our old ways of thinking are not useful.

Awakening Transcendental Intelligence

The Beloved in her original form is in a condition of Rest, where the Absolute and the Heart are one and unmanifested. The Divine Dimension itself is a “result” of the primal polarisation, within the Original State, into the Absolute and the Heart -Beingness and Love. This polarisation gives rise to the field of knowingness, which is the Universal Me. That’s why the Divine can be experienced in our heart. In deep sleep, when consciousness doesn’t operate, what remains is the Beloved in her original state, the unmanifested energy. That’s why the Heart is not experienced in this state.

Therefore, the Original State can be seen as the unmanifested Heart, the Divine as manifested Love. Now we can understand, finally, how Consciousness is born. It is created from this original polarisation between the absolute energy of Beingness and the one of Love. Within the space that arises between the Absolute, which is the ground of Existence, and the Heart, which is the manifestation of Love, the field of knowingness is born, which is the manifested Intelligence of God. In our reality of separation we are able to experience different aspects of the Ultimate, as if taken out of the universal context. For example, we can experience Consciousness without the Heart, and the Heart without the Absolute; or we can be in the Absolute without Consciousness, like in a deep sleep state.

This very ability to have an incomplete experience, paradoxically, is the foundation of the evolution in Time. The Ultimate, experienced from the human dimension, is reached through the channel of Me. That’s why it is not the absence of Me, as some past traditions claim, that is the presence of the Ultimate, but the awakening to this very Me. When Me is absent, what remains is the Beloved at rest, prior to Consciousness. Indeed, the Existence of Me makes it possible to experience the Divine in the human realm.

The Divine is beyond time – it eternally Is. It is not touched by the movement of becoming. It does not arise in time – it simply Is. The polarisation we spoke about, between the Absolute and the Heart of the Creator, has not been created. It is not an outcome of an event in time – it is present timelessly. But even though the Divine is not in time, its abidance is not one of pure absence, which is the Original State.

The field of knowingness. its inherent brilliancy, and the infinite mystery of its transcendental Intelligence. which is Love in truth, indeed, allows us to perceive it as the “Created Reality.” The Divine looked upon from the viewpoint of the Original State, is “created,” metaphorically speaking; whereas seen from the perspective of phenomenal reality, it is untreated: The Supreme Dimension, which is timelessly present in-between the realm of the Creation and the one of the Original State, is itself the Primordial manifestation of the Light of God.

Prayer is a part of the blueprint of being human. It means that it is expected by the Divine. It is the Beloved’s wish to be communicated in this way. Here we can speak about the relationship between the Creator and the Soul. The relative separation allows a wide range of feelings to be experienced in this whole journey of returning home to the state of Unity. Prayer is the essence of this relationship, the expression of the Soul’s which is Love.

The awakening to Me is the final goal of our evolution in time. Enlightenment to Me is the complete experience of the Soul. The Soul apperceives herself as a unity of thoughtless Awareness, absolute rest in Being, pure Intelligence and the infinite depth and sensitivity of the Heart. This total experience takes place beyond the inner and the outer state, giving birth to the Transparent Me. Here, the evolution of human intelligence reaches its highest peak and exhorts itself. At this stagq the power of Grace enters again to create a new momentum of evolution. The Transparent Me becomes pulled from the cross-section of the Here and Now, where it gave birth to itself, into the vertical depth of the Now. Within this vertical depth of the Now, which is the Beloved herself, Me becomes one with the original Light. When Me meets the Beloved, its will becomes consumed in the ocean of the Divine. One enters the final Samadhi – in the Heart of the Beloved.

Higher Intelligence is another name for Grace or Guidance. Higher Intelligence is multidimensional, embracing all possible dimensions of Creation and it mysteriously dwells in the Heart of the Creator. It is inconceivable but its rays are reaching us bestowing Grace and loving care. Guidance is the intelligence of God. Higher Intelligence is complete and absolute, but its expressions represent different grades of truth, depending on the level of the dimension where it enters. In the “New Age” movement, for instance, the concept of Guides and Guidance is very popular. Various beings transmit through channelling information and wisdom from other dimensions.

A lot of this information is valid and valuable but does not always represent the highest understanding. The Buddha Mind, the insight into the Absolute, the inner map of awakening cannot be found in New Age technology. The New Age is not, at all, grounded in Reality, trying to explore the other dimensions and encounter with other beings, because it lacks the fundamental experience of the I Am. Even when we can find in this movement the notion of the I Am, it still remains on the purely conceptual level.

The New Age message is, in truth, awakening to the Soul, but bypassing the basic work with Awareness and the connection with Being. We can understand, however, why the Buddha’s insights have been unconsciously ignored by this Movement. For the very simple reason, that in the message of the East, the Soul has been negated.

Therefore, the deepest meaning of the meeting between West and East is, in reality, the meeting of the Self with the Soul. The “New Age” is valid but it must include in its vision evolution into Inner States. We can say that the understanding of the New Age is still confined to the horizontal reality. The vertical dimension of the Self, the centre of gravity which is Being and the presence of awakened Awareness are completely lacking.

Higher Intelligence is another name for Grace or Guidance. Higher Intelligence is multidimensional, embracing all possible dimensions of Creation and it mysteriously dwells in the Heart of the Creator.

As there is the Soul, so is there the Over-soul. The Over-soul is that which gives birth to the Soul – it is the Soul’s parent. The Guidance, which revealed to us the Supreme Understanding beyond traditions, is nothing but the Over-soul itself. The Over-soul- is this particular part of Universal Intelligence, which encompasses the number of Souls having the same blueprint of their completion. When a Soul finishes her journey in time, she becomes a part of the Over-soul. The Over-soul is not “a being,” nor does it exist in time or place. Its fundamental quality is Love and Understanding which is immediate. The Over-soul is the link between the Soul and the Beloved. The Over-soul controls lovingly the Soul’s evolution. It creates the right circumstances on the path of life, bringing Grace and multidimensional healing. It cleanses the past of the Soul in order to manifest her Future, the ultimate Completion.

We are unable to have a clear vision of the spiritual evolution unless we understand the role of the Soul’s blueprint. The blueprint is an inherent vision of the Soul’s destiny and her completion. Spiritual traditions tend to superimpose one and unquestionable vision of the ultimate goal for all seekers. We can say that they perceive a global or general blueprint. But, even though there are certain universal elements in the evolution of each Soul, at the same time, each Soul is unique and possesses an unique blueprint or evolutionary plan.

The challenge of each one of us is to discover which elements need to be present in our life in order to manifest the true completion, that is. happiness. Each Soul must find her way to her destination and transcendence. It usually involves an emotional fulfillment, reaching certain essential Inner States, realizing basic desires, adventuring in life, and ending of the Karma, which in truth contains all of the other aspects.

The Soul lives mysteriously between the inner and the outer reality. In herself, she is neither created nor uncreated. She grows in the world, maturing emotionally and developing her intelligence; while from the other side, through the inner expansion, she finally reaches the union with the Beloved, her Source. In order to be complete for the Soul, both the inner and the outer elements must be present.

The blueprint is the Soul’s destiny, but how she will reach it is her relative free will. She may accelerate or delay her evolution. Her journey in time is confined to the laws of the Universe. She co-creates her task of reaching the completion with the whole of Reality and the presence of Universal Intelligence and Love.

Pure Me and the Psyche

Me in its pure form is the Soul herself, in her original state. When Me is awakened in the human dimension. it experiences itself beyond the environment of the subconsciousness and the psychological self.

The psyche is this layer of Me which allows one to experience the Here. The psyche, simply speaking, is a mixture of the subconscious mind and the emotional body. It constitutes the “mood” of Me within the Here, that is, in the world. In the case of an unawakened person, what exists is this mood only, the personality alone.

When one is awakened, Me experiences itself out of the context of the psyche. However, it is because of the psyche that Me can live in this dimension of time, the psyche still remains as a part of the multidimensional reality of Me. After the awakening of Mc. further evolution aims at the purification of the psyche.

The psyche needs to be aligned with the purity of the Soul. It has gathered from the infinite past the dust of negative experiences and ignorance. Now the process of cleansing the subconscious mind and emotional maturation can begin. How can the psyche be re-aligned with the Soul? In truth higher technology is needed, which is Grace or the intervention of Higher Intelligence. It has been an experience of many enlightened beings that even after Self-realisation. the psyche has not changed, but remains as it used to be.

Of course, a new level of freedom has been added which is the very presence of the Inner State. For that reason, the idea of disidentification from the mind has been so strong in some traditions. Because one is unable to change the mind, one negates it as “not Me” and chooses to abide in the safety of the Inner State. If the Soul, however, wishes to be truly whole, certain work with the psyche must take place.

If the souls has original blueprint, so does the reptilians have their own Reptilian “Ancient” Blueprint (or agenda) which they desire to follow and implement on Earth. The Reptilian seem themselves as Rulers, Master´s, Gods, and the masses is conditioned and programmed to become a “consumer” of the materialistic world which they rules over.

As we can see. there have been two main streams in spiritual evolution. One speaks about transcending the personality by reaching the I Am. That is the foundation of all traditions aiming at Enlightenment. The second stream is directed towards the transformation of the personality in order to bring it as close as possible to the Soul’s original purity, the principle of harmony and love. Because psychological work has proved to have very little effect in the task of transformation, the “New Age” movement emerged. New Age therapeutic work involves more subtle and esoteric tools of transformation.

Various beings, channels and energies from the other dimensions are invited into the healing process. But even here human sorrow, sadness and suffering seem to be fundamentally untouched. Unfortunately. if a person is disconnected from the real centre of the I Am, the transformation of the psyche is barely possible or basically impossible. The mind of Me can become transformed fully only if this very Me is present.

The intelligence must have a centre of identity, which is the presence of self-attentive Awareness: the energies of the Heart have to be activated to allow the process of transformation to begin. It is truly sad or even shocking to realise that almost all human beings are devoid of the conscious existence of Me.

There is only the collective mind. which runs through the unaware of herself Soul. This is the reality of most. How sad! How can we speak about transformation. if there is no Me present to be healed in the first place? Both, the negation of personality, where one chooses to rest in the Inner State, and psychological work without the essential presence of I Am, arc incomplete.

The psyche must be re-aligned with the pure Me. This is a complex process, for the subconscious mind and the emotional body arc not conscious and have been crystallised throughout many lifetimes and numberless experiences. Even from this lifetime we carry so many wounds, blocked energies and unconscious negative patterns, that we can hardly conceive of healing all of them. For this reason, higher technology is needed, an intervention of Grace. What an individual can do is to awaken to the vertical reality of the I Am, as a foundation, and bring as much Awareness and understanding into the functioning of his/her mind and emotions.

Apart from this the clear intention to be healed and transfonned is essential. Nevertheless, soon one discovers how helpless one is in the attempt to bring about the radical and full transformation of the way the psyche operates.

It is at this stage that one needs to invite consciously the help of the Divine. Only the One who created us can finally transform us. In Rumps words: “whoever brought me here will have to take me home.” The presence of Grace and help from the Beyond is always present. It comes from the Over-soul to the Soul as a response to the direction of the Soul’s evolution.

But a conscious invitation to Higher Intelligence and Love into our healing process, by law, opens the gates of Grace much wider. One simply receives a bigger dosage of help and healing. Our evolution is a co-creation.

We evolve from the inside and we receive assistance from the Other Dimension. When we see this clearly, the complete understanding arises as to what is happening to us. Through this very understanding the power of co-creation reaches its possible optimum and the destiny of the Soul is manifested quickly. She attains her final future, which is the Complete Now.

The Awakening of the Soul

The awakening of the Soul is the true purpose of human evolution. The Soul is the pure light of the I AM manifested as the most intimate flavour of Me in the Heart. The Soul is a reflection of the Beloved in her individual creation. The Soul originally is not aware of herself. She needs first to develop consciousness and the mind in order to become self-conscious. The ego is the mind of the Soul. The Soul is not the mind, but she needs it to be conscious. The Soul needs a certain environment to discover herself. As we need a mirror to see our face, so the Soul needs different elements to become awakened.

The essence of the Soul is in the Heart, but without the support of Awareness the presence of the Heart is unconscious. To discover herself she must first create the environment of the I Am. In Huth, the I Am is the all-encompassing presence of the Beloved, the womb within which we incubate and become conscious of our own existence.

Therefore, the realisation of the I Am is a foundation upon which we can meet our ancient Soul identity. The I Am is an impersonal energy. For instance, when we rest in the State of Meditation. we are absorbed in the state of complete peace. That is the ultimate environment where the Soul wishes to abide. The one who experiences the I AM is not the I AM, but the Soul. She lives in the I AM, but she herself remains for ever its innermost expression. The awakening of the Soul is directly interconnected with her dwelling place. The discovery of this Soul’s abiding place. makes possible her own awakening.

The awakening to the I AM and the awakening to the Soul are interconnected but not the same. One can fully realise the I AM and not be aware of the Soul. On the other hand, without the realisation of the I AM the awakening to the Soul can be only partial. The complete I Am is like a pure spotless mirror in which the Soul is reflected fully. The Soul is made of the I AM. but simultaneously she constitutes the very individual centre through which the I AM can experience its own existence. The full awakening to the Soul takes place in the Heart Centre.

The Soul encompascos our whole being. but her innermost centre is in the Heart. The manifested centre of the Soul in consciousness is the State of Presence. It is her centre in the mind, the centre of intelligence. When the State of Presence is not awakened, the Soul operates in the mind as the intuitive intelligence or as the subconscious Me.

The ego is a shadow of the Soul. When she doesn’t recognise herself she lives only as the ego. When the State of Presence is awakened the Soul has, for the first time, a centre in the mind, the I Am in the mind. The centre of the mind is Me, but not the whole of Me and not the essence of Me. That’s why a person whose Awareness is fully activated, still does not necessarily realise the Soul. Without the ability to rest in Being, the Soul does not have any roots. She is disconnected from the centre of gravity, from the Source.

Without Being, the very energy through which the Soul operates is fundamentally restless. She is deprived of depth and of the continuity of Rest. In order to be able to abide in her own presence, the Soul requires the continuity of Awareness and stability in Being.

When all the elements are in the right place, the Soul can discover herself fully in the Heart. It is here that she meets herself face to face. This meeting is itself an expansion. As she meets herself within the space of the I AM, through this encounter with herself, she merges with the essence of the I AM, which is the depth of the Heart, the Beloved herself.

Incantation of the Soul

To incarnate is to come from light into the darkness – and back to the light. The Soul forgets her eternal identity and gets lost in the play of phenomenal reality. She is no longer conscious of the light and lives in the dark cave of ignorance among shadows, taking illusions and phantoms as real. She starts to play the role of a manifested being, subject to time.

The adventure of apparent separation and the journey in time begins. Why would a Soul decide to leave her original condition of pure oneness with the Divine, to experience forgetfulness and separation? This decision was not made in a conscious way and there was no one, in the first place, to decide. This decision comes from the impersonal wisdom of the Source itself — it is not made on the personal level.

The Universal I AM manifests the conscious Me in order to experience the totality from a certain angle of perception. The sum total of all potential and actual angles of perception constitutes the multidimensional composition of the Creation.

The presence of any angle of perception is itself a designed limitation. This limitation is an experience within polarities. The Ultimate is unlimited not only because of being itself beyond polarities, but also because it is able to experience the reality of limitation, through its individual expressions. We have come from light to darkness so we could experience the grandeur of returning home.

Only if one leaves the home, is it possible to be wholly appreciative of its existence. However, it is not only returning to the original light of the I AM. which is the goal of being here. It is also the experience of the Here, which is the created reality, which is a part of our blueprint.

If the Soul, for instance, has awakened already to her origin, but has not completed a certain wide range of experiences in the world – she will come back to the Here, she will have to incarnate again.

The concept that one can choose how and when to incarnate, is one of many spiritual superstitions. No one can choose, for the choice is being made by the Higher Intelligence. After the dissolution of the physical body, which is the container of human consciousness, and the only vehicle for it, one dissolves into the state of Rest.

The human Soul is unable to exist without the body. There are certainly energies and Presences, which do not need a physical form in order to exist, but they are certainly not human spirits. Of course, some energy is left after a human being departs from this dimension and this can be felt or experienced. For that reason, the belief in “ghosts,” phantoms or conversations with dead, were created. These phenomenon are in truth a combination of human subconscious fears and projections, which are mixed with some residues of energies, that in the past were crystallised as incarnated souls. In this way, the illusion of an objective encounter with the mind or the spirit of a person who passed away appears.

But in reality there is nobody there, but a play of subconscious fears, projections and impersonal energies. After the dissolution of a particular individual human Me, one returns to the deep sleep state, where the information of Existence is not present. There is no need to prepare oneself for the next life or after death challenges. Some traditions, out of fear developed specific practices.

For example, their adepts make special visualisations to be able to leave the body in such a way that the negative post-death experiences could be avoided, so that the pure land or heaven could be reached directly. However, there is no reality behind these concepts but simply a false belief system. There are certain areas in life where one simply needs to trust. We didn’t decide to come to this life – the higher intelligence decided.

Why wouldn’t we trust the same Intelligence to direct the destiny of our Soul, according to the principles of love and harmony, also after the dissolution of our human form? After this dissolution, if the blueprint of a Soul is not complete, soon, when the timing is right, one incarnates again. One finds oneself again in a particular body and in a particular environment to which one has been destined.

There are also times when a Soul incarnates into the non-human realm.

The journey of the Soul’s evolution is complex and almost impossible to be grasped by the mind. This information presented here has not been given to explain everything but to create the basic and important understanding of what our purpose Here is. It is essential to remove certain misconceptions and superstitions, which bring confusion and can easily hinder the proper perception of one’s evolutionary path. In the dimension of time, knowing and Not-knowing are mixed and support each other.

Our knowledge is ultimately an expression of our essential clarity and intelligence. ‘While Not-knowing, the divine ignorance, represents our humility and child like innocence. Our knowledge is freedom from the false and the Not-knowing, which ultimately is the I AM. is Freedom itself: pure rest within the Heart of the Creator.

The Realm of Polarities: Role of Imperfection

The existence of imperfection is an equivalent of being Here. The reality of imperfection has been designed for a number of Souls who had the wish to experience forgetfulness. Forgetfulness is itself a pan of the Soul’s blueprint as a temporary experience, but when the Soul gets addicted to it, the Golden Gate to the light shuts down and one becomes completely lost.

The existence of imperfection has a purpose, otherwise it wouldn’t become our reality. This purpose can be viewed either from the ultimate or from the relative perspective. The earth, which for some obvious reason is our main concern, is a part of the ecological organism of Totality. Similarly, as a finger is a part of the hand, and the hand is a part of an arm, this earth exists in itself, and simultaneously belongs to the bigger structure of Existence.

We tend to give categorical opinions about this reality in terms of good or bad, but do we really see the whole picture? Certainly not. For that reason, in the end, a wise man becomes completely silent transcending any conceptualisation.

But even though non-conceptualisation is the highest state, representing the ultimate surrender, it still, in a paradoxical way, must include a certain destined understanding and clarity regarding the meaning of our existence.

The imperfection is equal to the presence of polarities. Some realities are more and some less imperfect. If we imagine, for instance, a planet where beings don’t need to eat each other, (unlike on earth), where flowers blossom eternally and everyone is in a state of permanent joy, we might see this as a “perfect place,” compared with our planet. But in truth it is the amount and the kind of imperfection that is different there. The very presence of Me involves the existence of imperfection.

Imperfection is the movement of time and perception, which can arise only in duality and relative separation. Evolution. the movement of becoming can only occur when the wholeness of Perfection manifests the presence of limitation within itself; a certain relative absence of the absolute motionless quality of pure isness.

The presence of imperfection constitutes our human reality. and this has to be accepted and respected. These are the laws of the Universe and they were created by the Supreme Intelligence. in front of which we can only bow in humility and silence. It is only due to polarities that we can experience the extraordinary richness of life.

Because there is life so there is death; because theta is light, so there is darkness; because there is ugliness, so there is beauty. It is the contrast which allows us to appreciate reality. For instance, when we leave the smoggy city. we can recognise blissfulness, the silence of the mountains and the freshness of forests much more deeply.

It is due to our loneliness and lack of emotional fulfillment that we can experience the thrilling joy of love and affection. These are the dynamics of living within the polarities. Our evolution is a divine paradox. We are destined to live within the polarities. At the same time, as our path unfolds, we move more and more into the place beyond polarities, where the I AM alone reigns.

On one hand, we evolve within the polarities in the attempt to reach the optimum harmony and maturation in our life and psychology. On the other hand, we are transcending this dimension by becoming one with the unconditional motionlessness of Pure Being, which is the Timeless. Therefore, the Self-realised being is a paradox. He/she dwells in unity with the Divine. Yet he/she still, lives Here, within the imperfection itself, where opposites give birth to each other in the eternal dance of Becoming.

What is the conclusion? It is the presence of imperfection, which creates the initial impulse to move out of the Here and to transcend the state of forgetfulness. One can, indeed, enjoy polarities but one is unable to rest in them, for the Here is restlessness itself. For that reason, the desire to go beyond this reality of limitation arises and one begins the spiritual search, the search for the secret way out of the Here.

This is not merely to negate the time-dimension, but to experience it from a higher and deeper perspective — from beyond polarities. This reality is to be lived. It will never be perfect and that we must see with the utmost clarity. As the Buddha discovered: sickness, old age and death are indivisible from life itself. But life, regardless of our opinions, is to be lived, so our intelligence and sensitivity grow and the primal desire, which originally brought us here, to experience all the richness of life can be realised and fulfilled.

Do not expect this life to be perfect. Be patient and humble in your meeting with life. Do your best to live in the optimum way which is aligned with your Soul’s evolution. In this way you will expand and mature in all areas of your being. In this process you will finally become fulfilled in the outer and the inner reality. And you will let go, let go more and more into the Now, into the Beyond, into the Mystery, into the ultimate surrender, into the Beloved… until you dissolve. And you will dissolve, dissolve into God, into Love, which is the eternal heart of the Now. And at last you will merge into this complete, immediate, supreme understanding that, in truth, nothing has ever happened, nothing has ever existed, only Love. Only Love Is.

The vast majority of mankind are no nearer reaching the kingdom they refer to as heaven than they were 4000 years ago. How many more thousands of years do you all wish to be in misery for? Mankind has taken the gift of duality and taken the scientific, technical, logical route; which has moved mankind further away from self-fulfilment. The Reptilians, Illuminati have prevent this spiritual progress for mor ethan 5000 years, and from 1900th Tavistock Institute has become the central key for all mind control and brainwashing. Part 32 of 36

As all action is estimable only in proportion to the grandeur and dignity of the efficient principle, so this action is incontestably nobler than any other. Actions produced by a divine principle are divine; but creaturely actions, however good they appear, are only human, or at least virtuous, even when accompanied by grace. Jesus Christ says that He has life in Himself.

All other beings have only a borrowed life, but the Word has life in Himself, and being communicative of His nature, He desires to bestow it upon man. We should, therefore, make room for the influx of this life, which can only be done by the ejection and loss of the Adam life and the suppression of the activity of self.

This is agreeable to an assertion of Saint Paul: “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17). But this state can be accomplished only by dying to ourselves and to all our own activity so that the activity of God may be substituted in its place.

Therefore, instead of prohibiting activity, we enjoin it, but in absolute dependence on the Spirit of God, that His activity may take the place of our own. This can be enacted only by the consent of the creature, and this concurrence can be yielded only by moderating our own action so that the activity of God may, little by little, be wholly substituted for it.

This shows how necessary it is to renounce ourselves and all our activity to follow Christ, for we cannot follow Him if we are not animated by His Spirit. Now that His Spirit may gain admittance, it is necessary that our own should be expelled. Saint Paul says, “He that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit” (1 Corinthians 6:17). And David says it was good for him to draw near to the Lord and to put his trust in Him. (See Psalm 73:28.) What is this drawing near? It is the beginning of union.

Divine union has its commencement, its progress, its achievement, and its consummation. It is at first an inclination toward God. When the soul is introverted in the manner before described, it gets within the influence of the central attraction, and acquires an eager desire after union. This is only the beginning. It then adheres to Him when it has gotten nearer and nearer, and it finally becomes one, that is, one spirit with Him. Then it is that the spirit that had wandered from God returns again to its end.

Into this way, then, which is the divine motion and the spirit of Jesus Christ, we must necessarily enter. Saint Paul says, “If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his” (Romans 8:9). Therefore, to be Christ’s, we must be filled with His Spirit and emptied of our own. The apostle, in the same chapter, proved the necessity of this divine influence. He says, “As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God” (Romans 8:19).

If all who labored for the conversion of others sought to reach them by the heart, introducing them immediately to prayer and the interior life, numberless and permanent conversions would ensue.

On the contrary, few and transient fruits must attend that labor that is confined to outward matters, such as burdening the disciple with a thousand precepts for external exercises instead of leading the soul to Christ by the occupation of the heart in Him. If ministers were solicitous thus to instruct their parishioners, shepherds, while they watched their flocks, would have the spirit of the primitive Christians; the husbandman at the plough would maintain a blessed communion with his Go; the manufacturer, while he exhausted his outward man with labor, would be renewed with inward strength; every kind of vice would shortly disappear; and every parishioner would become spiritually minded.

We are told in Scripture that “the entrance of [God’s] words giveth…understanding unto the simple” (Psalm 119:130), and we are also assured that God loves to communicate with the simpleminded: “The Lord preserveth the simple: I was brought low, and he helped me” (Psalm 116:6).

Man frequently applies a remedy to the outward body while the disease lies at the heart. The cause of our lack of success in reforming mankind, especially those of the lower classes, is that we begin with external matters. All our labors in this field produce fruit that does not endure, but if the key of the interior be first given, the exterior would be naturally and easily reformed.

Now this is very easy. To teach man to seek God in His heart, to think of Him, to return to Him whenever he finds he has wandered from Him, and to do and to suffer all things with a single eye to please Him, is leading the soul to the source of all grace and causing it to find there everything necessary for sanctification.

What, then, does God do? He sends His own wisdom before Him, as fire will be sent upon the earth to destroy by its activity all that is impure. As nothing can resist the power of that fire, consuming everything, so too this wisdom destroys all the impurities of the creature in order to dispose it for divine union. The impurity that is so fatal to union consists in self-appropriation and activity.

Self-appropriation is the source and fountain of all that defilement that can never be allied to essential purity—as the rays of the sun may shine, indeed, upon mire, but can never be united with it. And since God is in an infinite stillness, the soul, in order to be united to Him, must participate of His stillness; otherwise, the contrariety between stillness and activity would prevent assimilation.

Therefore, the soul can never arrive at divine union but in the rest of its will; nor can it ever become one with God but by being re-established in central rest and in the purity of its first creation. God purifies the soul by His wisdom as refiners do metals in the furnace. Gold cannot be purified but by fire, which gradually consumes all that is earthy and foreign and separates it from the metal. It is not sufficient to fit it for use that the earthy part should be changed into gold; it must then be melted and dissolved by the force of fire to separate from the mass every drossy or alien particle, and it must be again and again cast into the furnace until it has lost every trace of pollution and every possibility of being further purified.

Let me, however, explain. By man’s giving a passive consent, God, without usurpation, may assume full power and an entire guidance; for having, in the beginning of his conversion, made an unreserved surrender of himself to all that God wills of him or by him, he thereby gave an active consent to whatever God might afterward require. But when God begins to burn, destroy, and purify, the soul does not perceive that these operations are intended for its good, but rather supposes the contrary.

And as the gold at first seems rather to blacken than brighten in the fire, so it conceives that its purity is lost—so much so that if an active and explicit consent were then required, the soul could scarcely give it and would often withhold it.

All it does is to remain firm in its passive consent, enduring as patiently as possible all these divine operations that it is neither able nor desirous to obstruct. In this manner, therefore, the soul is purified from all its self-originated, distinct, perceptible, and multiplied operations, which constitute a great dissimilitude between it and God.

It is rendered by degrees “conform,” and then “uniform,” and the passive capacity of the creature is elevated, ennobled, and enlarged, though in a secret and hidden manner, hence called mystical. But in all these operations, the soul must concur passively. It is true, indeed, that in the beginning, its activity is requisite; however, as

None can be ignorant that God is the Supreme Good, that essential blessedness consists in union with Him, that the saints differ in glory depending on whether their union is more or less perfect, and that the soul cannot attain this union by the mere activity of its own powers, since God communicates Himself to the soul in proportion to its passive capacity to be great, noble, and extensive. We can only be united to God in simplicity and passivity, and as this union is beatitude itself, the way that leads us in this passivity cannot be evil but must be the most free from danger and the best. This way is not dangerous.

Would Jesus Christ have made this the most perfect and necessary of all ways, had it been so? No! All can travel it, and as all are called to happiness, all are likewise called to the enjoyment of God, both in this life and in the next, for that alone is happiness. I say the enjoyment of God Himself, and not of His gifts.

These latter do not constitute essential beatitude, as they cannot fully content the soul. It is so noble and so great that the most exalted gifts of God cannot make it happy unless the Giver also bestows Himself. Now the whole desire of the Divine Being is to give Himself to every creature according to the capacity with which it is endowed. And yet, alas, how reluctantly man suffers himself to be drawn to God! How fearful he is to prepare for divine union!

This is just what is done every day. Let us all agree in the way, as we all agree in the end, which is evident and incontrovertible. The way has its beginning, process, and termination, and the nearer we approach the consummation, the farther is the beginning behind us. It is only by leaving the one that we can arrive at the other.

You cannot get from the entrance to a distant place without passing over the intermediate space, and if the end be good, holy, and necessary, and the entrance also good, why should the necessary passage, the direct road leading from the one to the other, be evil? 0 the blindness of the greater part of mankind, who pride themselves on science and wisdom! How true is it, 0 my God, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and have revealed them unto babes! (See Matthew 11:25.)

This world leading mankind further and further away from the Divine God, and they programming the herd mentality to welcome a One World Government. This is leading the “herd” or the “cheap” into a total and ultimate enslavement.

God is still working with humanity in order to bring it from undeveloped life (bios) to a state of self-realization in divine love.

We are still looking back to the pentecostal events in a dazed way instead of looking forward to the goal the Spirit is leading us to. Therefore mankind is wholly unprepared for the things to come. Man is compelled by divine forces to go forward to in-creasing consciousness and cognition, developing further and further away from his religious background because he does not understand it any more.

His religious teachers and leaders are still hypnotized by the beginnings of a then new aeon of consciousness instead of understanding them and their im-plications. What one once called the “Holy Ghost” is an impelling force, cre-ating wider consciousness and responsibility and thus enriched cognition. The real history of the world seems to be the progressive incarnation of the deity.

Will lead the people further away from the path of God through his deceit, which will only cause God to wreak further havoc on the world.

Following the archaic, embellished words of the Bible has created a world that has suffered a thousand years of misery in their own negativity; their own living hell and damnation. The vast majority of mankind are no nearer reaching the kingdom they refer to as heaven than they were 4000 years ago. How many more thousands of years do you all wish to be in misery for? Mankind has taken the gift of duality and taken the scientific, technical, logical route; which has moved mankind further away from self-fulfilment. The weak will continue to cling onto traditionalist religion for as long as they can, because they feel safer in their comfort zone.

There’s also another major element to take into consideration here. Fear! People are frightened of the unknown. If people can’t see and know what’s ahead, they’re afraid of the consequences or outcome. What if they tried this new belief; learnt to meditate and connect with God; and failed? What then? Failure for most people is not an option. Take the least route of resistance. Stick to what you know. Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t. Put you hands over your ears so you can’t hear; so you won’t be susceptible to evil thoughts. What if?

The writing is on the wall. Traditional religion is doomed. No longer can we hang on to a medieval world that no longer exists. It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s time for a new belief. You are about to be awakened to the reality of who you truly are. Your continued belief in the status quo is what draws misery and suffering.

The power you give to your religious leaders are the ones who perpetuate division amongst you all, thus leading to violence, hatred, discrimination, abuse and suffering. It’s time for you to awaken to the fact that you are all one and the same, so you can happily share the food and possessions you have; choose love, forgiveness and peace to create and define for you the world that God; light; the one conscious energy; actually had originally intended. It’s time for you to understand that, even without trust in the Bible; the message is still the same: a belief in God; light; love; the one conscious energy. But this belief needs to be with loving actions and liberation, not guilt, blame and brutality. We’re talking about a new dawn; a new day; a new belief; needs of people today, not of thousands of years ago.

Transform your thinking. Understand yourself, your life and what life is all about. Question which is the truth. Scientists are already being stopped in their tracks, having to accept that there is a force ‘out there’ that they can’t explain. A force that defies all logic and all current laws of science. Until you embrace your duality and connect once again with your spiritual side; the barriers will remain. No amount of logic, calculation or invention will explain this force that eludes scientists. It has to come from within. You need to stop thinking about mankind being a dispensable commodity, and start accepting we are all connected and have access to that force.

Take a leaf from the book of Star Wars: May the force be with you. The ‘force’ in that series of films is closer to reality than people will presently accept. Remember, God; light; the one conscious energy, cannot be comprehended by mankind, but it ‘can’ be connected; through your words, deeds, thoughts and beliefs.

It’s time for you to learn about the universal life force grid that keeps everything unified; and how to utilise this energy to manifest for yourselves, total healing, acceptance of each other and harmonisation. Wake up and smell the roses.

It’s time to stop putting money into the banks of those that want you to continue to live in fear of the wrath of God; want to take money for atonement; want you to ‘gift’ money for an archaic book of prophecies with embellishment which was written thousands of years ago, for people in those times; want you to give for the sake of Jesus; want you to subscribe to the teachings of the Bible; want you to pay to listen to someone giving their own interpretation of the Bible… Stop!; and listen to the word of God; light; the one conscious mind in the 21th century.

People around the world and even religious teachers and leaders are still hypnotized by the The New God-Image.

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