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The Alchemy of Bliss. Tavistock Institute. Part 114

As you’ve definitely figured out by now, if we want to activate any given key, we can begin to do so by consciously infusing our lives with the alchemical associations and prop-erties of that key. And, no matter what key we are focusing on, one might say that our alchemical undertaking is a func-tion of the creativity key. After all, the alchemy of bliss is a method of transforming the entire process of life into one giant art project: something with an endless supply of possibilities something magical, playful, and fun.

The process of changing a lower level metal such as copper or iron into gold is called alchemy. The greatest alchemy is inner alchemy. Let´s us open, our being the change that collective consciousness can bring.

Our personal alchemy springs from within. Our inner transformation is directed from within. Our spiritual growth is an inner calling. When our being is ready, willing, waiting, and ripe, we are filled with Love. This powerful force will certainly lead us to the ultimate state: nithyanancla – eternal bliss.

There are no miracles in life. In our mind, we classify everythin6 we cannot comprehend as a miracle.

To be in the present is to be in bliss.

We all live and express nine dimensions of consciousness throughout our lives, yet most of us seem to be aware of the existence of only the sec-ond, third, and fourth dimensions. The second dimension is below Earth’s surface, the third is our solid world, and the fourth is the realm of our collective mind. The first dimension located in the center of Earth is the source of grounding ourselves, and the higher five dimensions are where the transcendent parts of our essence exist. These five higher lev-els have been mostly screened out of the fast-moving, technological world we live in, yet without reaching these levels, we cannot find the Divine and know bliss.

The alchemy of divine direction is at work within you like the leaven which the “woman took and hid in three measures of meal till the whole was leavened.”‘ Even so, the alchemy begins at the fiery core of being in the center of your heart flame; and it works hour by hour, day by day, from the within to the without. As you give the mantra and the meditation, you are planting seeds of your own cosmic consciousness at conscious and subconscious levels of being. These seeds will germinate and push through to the surface by the light of your own I AM Presence and by the watering of the living word of your own Christ Self.

If you would find the path of freedom, if you would be sure that when you find it you will know it. if you would be certain that in knowing it you will take it and not be deterred by the persuasions of the world. then take my advice: Pursue the Flaming One. The disc of the central sun Of your own cosmic consciousness! Pursue with diligence the teacher, The Great Divine Director. And the flame of divine direction he adores!

Pursue the innermost light of being And the clarity of right seeing.
Pursue the preparation For the coming of the new day.
For preparation is all In choosing and finding the way.
Freedom calls and freedom answers
Yes. freedom’s light and freedom’s goal.
I AM the way, the open door Of opportunity to every soul.
Now I will tarry with my readers
To train and retrain the consciousness In right choices for new-age leaden.
I am come to clear the way For divine direction,
That those idling in indecision May see and know and choose All right decision.
I am in the cleansing fires Of transmutation’s ray The Master of the Seventh Ray.

In the moment when conceiving stops—espe-cially self-conceiving—we are freed from the selfish hungers, because we are freed from the constructed self-concept that sustains them. In this moment we are freed from what practitioners of Ordinary Mind Zen call “the self-centered dream.” This freedom is possible. Indeed, if we are at-tentive, we will notice that freedom visits us each time the mind relaxes out of self-sustaining tensions. These specks of liberation multiply and link together as understanding grows. This is the alchemy of nonclinging. Sometimes, too, there is an ava-lanche of awakening, which may be sustained by the steadiness of mind engendered by meditation. In the moment of liberation, we cease to cling to an imagined stability or security in what is always changing. We cease our quest for pleasure in what is painful and for an enduring identity in the flux of personal and social fabrications. In the absence of clinging, something wonderful is possible.

Beyond the hungers and ignorance is a very high happiness. The self is no longer birthed, in this life or in others. More simply, we cease to believe in the dream of “me” that the mind continually weaves. In this joy, rapture and equanimity conjoin. Wisdom vanquishes constructed identities, which liberates generosity and love from the anchors of self. There is ac-ceptance without greed, discernment without rejection, and stability with-out the illusion of permanence.

Unbinding is a process of transformation. While there may be a state of being unbound, it is the process of unbinding that is most obviously relevant to our lives. Interpersonally, the stilling of the conditioned in-cludes, but is not limited to, the quieting of relational desire and fear.

Personal and relational desire and fear naturally diminish in tandem, because the personal and social self are intertwined. When we are no longer concerned with upholding self-identity, there can be no concern for the death of any given social identity. This cooling is why it is sorrowless—but there is more to it than that.

When we are with others and not constructing a self, the heart is poised and balanced. Because there is no reaching out or retreating inward, it is not surprising or frightening that conditioned, fabricated boundaries of the self have vanished. The natural wisdom of the heart-mind is realized. This interpersonal wisdom is compassion. It is sympathetic joy. We dwell in the paradox of selfless intimacy. We are the sea and the sky, shar-ing blueness and a horizon, partaking of the same empty spaciousness. It does not bother us that this state is impermanent. The next moment, like this one, is met with equanimity.

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