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Kundalini is the power that travels through the Sushumna and opens up the chakras by calibrating them to the point where the vibrational strings of tattvic matter, the seed mantras of the chakras and main mantra of chakras, operate on the higher levels of consciousness.

When man uses the power of kundalini to raise his conscious mind, he operates on the higher levels of consciousness of man and gains tremendous control over his lower mind, subtler bodies, and physical body. The results of this is the so-called supernatural powers of all kinds—what the yogis called the “Siddhis” (psychic powers) such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, telepathy, telekinesis, etc. The proper awaking of this kundalini power and control of it turns man into a superman.

Kundalini is supreme sound in an “unmanifested” state of motionlessness, but with all the potential to make sound and movement. It is said that before creation there was only one Supreme Being or Absolute consciousness (God) with endless potentiality in a state of complete static, in an absolutely pure motionless state of being. Within the subtle bodies of man is a reenactment of this.

The aim of nature is to lift man to another dimension of consciousness, to be a superman in his own right, pos-sessed of amazing powers of body and mind. All the achievements won by science are but a means to this sublime end.

  1. Evolution is directed by a super-intelligent force which operates through a biological mechanism in the human body known to yoga theory as “kundalini,” and by many other names in a wide variety of ancient and esoteric texts.
  2. Evolution, including human evolution, is therefore not “random,” but a deliberate act on the part of an invisible cosmic intelligence or organizing power and has a “target.”
  3. The target of evolution is to produce a virtual superman or woman who will live in a permanent state of bliss, possess a genius level of intelligence, and various other attributes seldom seen in the population at large such as psychic powers.’

Such powers and attributes of the new human may signify a leap similar to that which occurred when our Homo sapiens ancestors replaced the Neanderthals, as we undergo another transitional shift in species development.

The aim of Kundalini Yoga is not transformation of consciousness , it is a kind of liberation of the consciousness imprisoned in Nature into the freedom of the spirit.

The highest purpose & Goal in life is the rediscovery the principle with no ‘ but ‘ or if within.

The number 33 is symbolic of the spine. There are 33 vertebrae in the spine. The spine in the occult was sometimes called serpent because of its shape. Initiates in ancient times were known as Nagas, a word that means serpent.

⦁ When one meditates it causes the energy that Carl Jung called the Libido to rise.
⦁ In Indian yoga, it’s called Kundalini.
⦁ In Egypt, it’s called serpent power.

We have seven main psychological energy centers called chakras in Indian yoga. Libido reaches the skull at the end of the 33 vertebrae.

It is here where we begin to reach full self-awareness.

The Third Eye opens, meaning one has the self-awareness that brings universal love.

Superman is 33 when he comes into his full power. This symbolizes the universal love that comes from that libido rising to the 33rd vertebrae.

Jesus is crucified at the age of 33 at Golgotha (place of the skull); this is an allegory that once we reach the stage of the opening of the Third Eye, we must sacrifice old thinking to ascend from the Third Eye chakra to the crown chakra also called heaven.

In the story after Jesus was crucified, He then ascended into heaven. This is the symbolism of passing into higher consciousness. It is the serpent power that rises up the spine through the Kundalini (central nervous system) to the brain in the place of Golgotha, also known as our skull. This is the alchemical path to illumination.

“Up, up, and away!” Is the “raising of Kundalini ” the same as “raising vibrations”? Yet it can be attained by raising the ordinary mind to the higher mind, then to the illuminated mind, to intuition.

Kundalini as the key to the evolutionary process and being linked to the spinal cord, the autonomic nervous system and the brain utilises the potent prana or organic life force to remodel the brain and the nervous system to achieve evolutionary perfection, taking command of mental func-tions, opening new channels of perception, giving, so to say, the sixth sense or the Third eye, and the stature of a Superman, capable of penetrating the subtle supersensory spheres of the Universe.

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