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Tantra Yoga is also called Kundalini Yoga or Kundali Yoga . Kundalini is the central psycho – physical latent power in man . Kundalini Shakti is also known as “ Serpent Power ” or the atomic energy of the microcosm

Tantra Yoga is also called Kundalini Yoga or Kundali Yoga . Kundalini is the central psycho – physical latent power in man . Kundalini Shakti is also known as “ Serpent Power ” or the atomic energy of the microcosm.

Kundalini: The spiritual awakening of a sadhaka is described in Tantra by means of the kundalini power. The idea of kundalini has permeated Hindu spiritual thoughts deeply. Every genuine spiritual experience, such as the seeing of light or a vision, or communion with the deity, is a manifestation of the awakening and ascent of the kundalini. Kundalini is the infinite energy in potential form in every being that releases only a very small amount of working energy for one’s daily life.

The coiled up kundalini is the pivot upon which the complex apparatus of the body and mind moves and turns. Once the kundalini is aroused, the potential gets converted into the kinetic, like the release of energy from a huge reservoir or as during an atomic explosion.

The release of this power, through Tantra sadhana, or by other means like concentration, results in both worldly success, and also in spiritual attainments, depending on the desire of the concerned person. When the latent energy is released in full, an aspirant breaks all fetters that chain him to the worldly existence, and he merges with the supreme consciousness, God.

Chakras: Tantra practices believe that there are seven centres of consciousness, known as chakra, in every person. The first three, known as Muladhara, are the base centres in the lower part of the body. The kundalini stays coiled up there like a snake holding its tail in its mouth. The remaining four chakras are respectively in the heart, throat, between the eyebrows, and the head. The passage of the awakened kundalini lies through a nerve centre, sushumana, that normally remains closed for the common person. When the consciousness of a person is awakened, the kundalini (or, the centre of consciousness) passes through Sushumna in which each chakra looks like a different coloured lotus with varying numbers of petals. In the case of an ordinary person, these centres (chakras) are closed, and the lotuses droop down like buds. But as the kundalini rises through the Sushumna and touches the centres, these buds turn upward as fully opened flowers and the aspirant obtains spiritual experiences, along with the indomitable power that is seen in spiritual persons.

As a matter of fact, it has given the power-oriented technical name of Kundalini to the organic unity of energies hidden in every man. Kundalini is a Hatha – yogic name of human energy which is ordinarily not functioning. Just as the science of physics has been able to split atom and release vast amount of atomic energy, similarly the science of Hatha – yoga says that there are methods to realize the remaining potential of human energy.

In the Veda form, all expressions and non-expressions are made primarily of energy, which filled with energy and its work in the inner and exterior. Such a layer of energy is in this state, which is in a delicate form. In structured structures within this layer, the power is in the quantum field. We can see this in the atomic layer and can observe in processes called fission and fusion. Only in the process of fission (destruction) and fusion (creation) energy may released in the form of light and heat may only in the state of the structure between the atom and molecule. In the outer case, though it seems to be ‘idle’ in a way, it is always in the form of atomic energy as ‘mobile.’ In the same way, even the power of human being is under this sense of consciousness, which called the Kundalini energy. This one power comes to the grip of any person’s optional achievement, bringing changes in his physical and non-physical structure. Due to this change of nature, it creates changes in personality as ‘personalization’ (individuation).

The various methods of yoga training are designed to awaken this mysterious power that may be compared to interatomic energy that is released by the spark that flows between both sympathetic nerve trunks.

“… With the awakening of kundalini, the greater intelligence is aroused from its sleep and you can give birth to a new range of creativity. When kundalini awakens, not only are you blessed with visions and psychic experiences, you could become a prophet, saint, inspired artist or musician, a brilliant writer or poet, a clairvoyant or messiah. The awakening of kundalini affects the whole area of the human mind and behaviour.” “Kundalini is not a myth or an illusion. It is not a hypothesis or a hypnotic suggestion. Kundalini is a biological substance that exists within the framework of the body. Its awakening generates electrical impulses throughout the whole body and these impulses can be detected by modern scientific instruments and machines.”

Reference to kundalini in today’s literature can be confusing because of the imagery describing it and its function. The energy system that provides energy for the human-spiritual body is basically electromagnetic in nature, and like any electrical system, is not randomly organised. There are three major subtle channels that run along the spine that are not physical in nature. The central channel runs from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and is the major energy pathway through which the force called kundalini flows. In yoga, this channel is called the sushumna.

There are two other channels that crisscross up the spine like the caduceus staff of the doctor’s symbol, and they carry nerve currents up and down the body. They are called the ida and pingala and surround the sushumna. These three paths are part of the invisible network of energy channels of the body and are probably linked to the physical location of the tenth cranial nerve, the vagus or pneumogastic nerve.

The kundalini is also called the ‘serpent power’ because when it travels up the spinal column, an inner hissing sound can be heard. Those with psychic vision have seen it as being like a snake that is coiled 3 ‘/2 times below the base of the spine, with its mouth closing the entrance to the central channel. This closure is a protection for the person’s energy system as well as for the person who is awakening or remembering their Divine Self.

The kundalini’s function is to arouse the body’s latent energies and clear the sushumna channel through which the energy flows for the process of enlightenment. In the process, Kundalini yoga awakens psychic perception and forces by the practice of prolonged breath suspension, stable postures and intense meditative concentration. It travels up the spine through the intersections of the chakras to the head where intuitive enlightenment is completed. The physiological and concentrative disciplines are severe and this is a yoga that needs to be practised with the personal supervision of an experienced teacher. To force the kundalini prematurely results in breaking the series of ‘seals’ or natural blocks along the channel and the energy bursts into the crown with great force.

There is a considerable amount of literature about the ascent, or rising of the kundalini, but not much about its descent. In the same book (pages 53-55) Swami Satyananda has also explained, in yogic terms, how the energy descends from the crown chakra and causes the same experience of samadhi, nirvana, or enlightenment, as the ascent of the kundalini from the base of the spine. “When the descent of kundalini occurs, it means the lower mental plane of the human being is no longer influenced by the ordinary mind, the supermind takes over instead. This higher form of consciousness rules the body, mind and senses and directs your life, thoughts and emotions. Kundalini is henceforth the ruler of your life. That is the concept of descent.”

“When Shiva [the masculine aspect of energy; the yin; a state of pure consciousness] and Shakti [the feminine aspect of creation; the yang: vital energy force expressed through all manifested phenomena] unite in sahasrara [the crown chakra], samadhi, illumination occurs in the brain and the silent areas begin to function. Shiva and Shakti remain merged together for some time, and during this period there is a total loss of consciousness pertaining to each other. At that time a bindu evolves. Bindu means a point, a drop, and that bindu is the substratum of the whole cosmos. Within that bindu is the seat of human intelligence and the seat of the total creation. Then the bindu splits into two and Shiva and Shakti manifest again in duality. When ascension took place it was only the ascent of Shakti, but now, when descension takes place, Shiva and Shakti both descend to the gross plane and there is again knowledge of duality.”

“Enlightenment is living in continual communion with the God-within.” God *

On Becoming Enlightened  As you ‘remember’ more, become more aware, about your Self, your perception of reality begins to change in the following way: * You realise that good and bad are relative to the person and their life. You increasingly become your natural state of being—goodness.

* Your intuitional consciousness brings awareness of a reality beyond your physical-emotional-mental abilities. It is a different kind of happiness than what is experienced in the phenomenal perspective because it is part of your spiritual state of being. You simply are happy without depending on outside factors. It is not an emotion. It is a state of being.

* Your focus changes to a perspective that sees the overall welfare that includes your personal concerns. You can see both the forest and the tree.

* You are increasingly aware of the spiritual Beings or energies around you and their subtle influences on all. * Physically there is less fatigue, your thoughts are clearer and flow more freely, there is greater control over pain and the emotions are more stable.

* Death becomes meaningless.

* The sense of personal property and ownership fades and there develops an awareness of abundance in your personal life. You don’t have the feelings of ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ that you used to have.

* There is recognition of how you’ve been responsible for your own life so there is no further blaming others, only a compassionate understanding of their role in your life. Hatred and anger dissipate.

* Your understanding becomes far greater and more important than your intellectual knowing.

* There is an awareness of the connectedness of all life that is beyond time and space.

This is a natural process of remembering, coming out of the state of spiritual amnesia. It does not happen over night. It cannot be forced to happen by self-abuse techniques such as some of those called ‘austerities’, nor can it happen through the force of will power and intellect. What some have successfully forced is a temporary remembrance by such practices—as helpful as they may be. The individual that is in the permanent state of Being is what is called an ‘enlightened person’.

“The Truth about God and life are revealed in the mystical experiences of enlightenment. It’s called enlightenment because there’s a Light, a psychic Light, which is perceived along with the Knowledge of God Truth. This Knowledge answers all questions, and ends the confusion created by philosophies, doctrines, dogmas, and speculation. This is truly more than universal knowledge—it’s cosmic knowledge. This Truth or Knowledge is beyond time. Mystical experiences have revealed the same Truths to people from all around the world. There are religious practices in all major religions that have much in common. These practices include worship of a Divinity or divine figures, devotion, social service, control of the intellect, prayer, contemplation and meditation. There are those born to achieve enlightenment, teach it, and use it.”

The enlightenment experience is not confined or limited to those involved in yogic and spiritual practices. It can happen spontaneously if the ‘time is right’ and it’s part of the person’s life path. Spontaneous enlightenment has happened to people of all religions. One such individual was St. Francis of Assisi. It can happen naturally and gently for a person whose vibrational level is being raised as they are overcoming their negative attitudes, resolving their personal issues and karma, and their heart chakra is opening—even if they don’t know what it’s all about. Some call it a gift of Divine Grace.

It is the ‘whole ballgame’ of Life!

No more is it necessary to join elite and secret groups or religious orders. Faith in a prescribed God is no longer required, but a loving heart, a tolerant disposition and a consuming desire for Truth are most beneficial as they overcome the barriers of fear. Individuals are now becoming increasingly empowered to discern Truth for themselves as they accept responsibility for their lives and how they live them. They are not reliant on others to define `good/bad’ or their reality of God. It is now available for all who desire it and are willing to challenge their self-perceptions. From a spiritual perspective, this process of enlightenment, at this time, is what can be considered the start of ‘the fullness of time’, the start of the ‘great harvesting of souls’. It will last for generations only human impatience sets limits on God’s ‘time’.

Nirvana is right here, right now, imperfect though it may be. …Purity is not the goal . . .We need to accept ourselves as imperfect human beings. Enlightenment lives in our imperfection.”

Peter Horttanainen

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