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SO WHAT? You have now the secret key to unlocking the simple truth, what you choose to do with it is up to you. The Key to the Great Secret about the Freemasonry letter G actually mean something else. Another secret the Freemasonry and Illuminati keeping for themselves is: The Holy Grail is not a royal or holy bloodline. The Holy Grail is indeed a receptacle, and a receptacle for containing royal or holy blood, but the Holy Grail is not a physical object and the royal holy blood is not real blood. Royal holy blood is available to all of us; this is a royal holy blood that can flow through everyone’s spiritual veins. Royal holy blood is the same substance produced by stage three of the meditation technique

SO WHAT? You have now the secret key to unlocking the simple truth, what you choose to do with it is up to you. The Key to the Great Secret about the Freemasonry letter G actually mean something else. Another secret the Freemasonry and Illuminati keeping for themselves is: The Holy Grail is not a royal or holy bloodline. The Holy Grail is indeed a receptacle, and a receptacle for containing royal or holy blood, but the Holy Grail is not a physical object and the royal holy blood is not real blood. Royal holy blood is available to all of us; this is a royal holy blood that can flow through everyone’s spiritual veins. Royal holy blood is the same substance produced by stage three of the meditation technique


The aspirants to higher consciousness who believe that they can force the gates of heaven open with this or that method do not realize the magnitude of the task they undertake .

Even if it is possible to raise the kundalini up the sushumna through the seven chakras to the top of the head — so what? Raising the energy is one thing,, but keeping it up is an entirely different matter. Swami Sivananda Radha reminds us:

A major misconception about kundalini is to think that, once it has been raised, kundalini will stay there.  Like any spiritual flame in oneself, unless it is nourished and attended to, unless it dominates one’s life, kundalini will simply disappear like water in quicksand.

Many practitioners of Kundalini Yoga report having experienced the signs and symptoms of kundalini. A good percentage of these same practitioners also speak of enhanced intellectual performance, increased physical stamina, awakened creativity, various psychic experiences, and minor psychic powers, not to mention a sense of personal well-being and expanded awareness. Unfortunately, however, very few practitioners seem to be stabilized in these high-performance states.

In the terms of Abraham Maslow, they have achieved peak experiences but have not reached higher plateaus of performance. Many are like travelers who undertake an incredible journey, visit some exciting places, have a few unusual experiences, and then return home to tell their tales.

These travelers may be changed in some subtle way, but they are still far from abiding in the place to which they have journeyed. Gopi Krishna calls kundalini “the biological basis of genius.” Yet few students of kundalini yoga seem to be geniuses, and, of the recognized geniuses in the world, fewer still have ever heard of kundalini.

Perhaps most geniuses have tapped into this well-spring of creativity unknowingly and are, in a sense, being used by the serpent power as a conduit for releasing creative intelligence into the world. To attempt to harness kundalini to produce personal genius, however, seems a dangerous and ultimately self-defeating endeavor.

What keeps the normal human psyche from functioning at more than three to five percent of its potential capacity? The answer can be found in one word —ego. Imagine what it would be like to live only in the kitchen of a I5-room house.

The house might have the capacity to serve a myriad of functions — as a home for a large family, as professional offices, as a museum. even as a bed-and-breakfast inn. But, if you were to restrict yourself to the kitchen, the rest of the building would fall into a shameful at of disrepair.

Many of us neat this human incarnation in a similar manner. Restricting ourselves to the domain of ego, we severely limit our functional capacity. We needn’t destroy the ego as a point of reference., actualize our potential any more than we have to destroy the kitchen of our house to walk into the dining room.

A chakra, like a revolving doorway, may be a portal to another domain. But just as Archie Bunker had his favorite chair — the spot where he preferred and sometimes demanded to sit — we too return again and again to the comfortable, well-worn perspective of ego.

The awakening of kundalini is a preliminary sop on a long, often arduous evolutionary journey. Rewards may come and go. and some —such as heightened mental abilities, increased empathy. healing powers, intuitive realizations — may become stabilized as spontaneously appearing skills. Yet these gifts are like so many souvenirs of the trip.

Ultimately, one will not receive the benefits of kundalini if one undertakes the journey for the sake of personal gain or self-aggrandizement. Rather, one most be driven to it by a deep in motivation to experience Oneness more fully. The subtle psychology postulated by Kundalini Yoga may well be just a roadmap of the territory, a particular system for viewing and understanding the human psychic terrain that is no more or less real than scores of odor mystical systems. But, if the journey is seen as a natural, evolutionary, participatory process of being and hemming, it makes little difference whether kundalini is -actual” or -metaphorical.” For the journey itself is a powerful and undeniable reality.

The late Swami Muktananda spread the teachings of Siddha yoga through his international tours and through the many ashrams and meditation centers founded by his disciples worldwide. Siddha yoga. the path of perfection.” seeks through the unfolding of the serpent power to bring about the actualization of the Divine Self. the innate God Nature. Here again. shaklipat is the prime means of awakening kundalini. A touch, a glance, a word, or even a thought from the guru may spread the holy spark that starts the evolutionary process. As a result. Siddha yoga is primarily a guru-based path.

The guru is seen as the physical embodiment of God-in-the-world and as such is the object of supreme devotion through chanting. service, and other bhakti practices. But the guru is also seen as equivalent to one’s true Self, so that guru worship is a means, an upaya. (or awak-ening the Divine within. Om namah shivaya is the mantra used in the meditation practices of Siddha yoga.

Though the mantra literally speaks of bowing to Shiva, Swami Muktananda reminds students: “Sri Guru. mantra. mantra-deity. and you — all are one. Repeat the mantra with this awareness.” The mantra is seen as a vehicle that imparts the grace of the guru and the guru’s lineage and thus produces a natural-al, meditative state of consciousness. Perhaps the best-known of the passive/sur-render approaches to kundalini, Siddha yoga seeks not to actively awaken kundalini, but rather to allow it to awaken. Through meditation. mantra, chanting. and service to the guru the disciple becomes a fertile field for the growth of kundalini. Although the grace of the guru is seen as the supreme means by which kundalini is awakened and realized, Siddha students are continually reminded that the Divine lies within.

Thus Swami Muktananda instructs his disciples: Kneel to your Own self. I honor and worship your own Being. Chant the mantra always going on within you. Meditate on your own self. God dwells within you as you.

Perhaps even more than most teachers of Kundalini Yoga, Swami Chetanananda em-phasizes an integration of the spiritual and material aspects of life: We simply take each and every act in front of us as an opportunity to explore the very substance of life. Sitting in meditation and working in the world merge because it is that same quality of life that we explore directly when we sit and explore again in every action we undertake. Do so and you will elevate your understanding. Do so, and every action will reflect the purity of your heart and the maturity of your intelligence.

In a single movement, a cosmic panorama is sketched from the Creation to the Salvation: a tree grows above the spring in the Garden of Eden, and the cross is overarched by the heavens. As the poet Hippolytus of Rome put it in around 200 CE: ‘This tree, wide as the heavens itself, has grown up into heaven from the earth. It is an immortal growth and towers twixt heaven and earth. It is the fulcrum of all things and the place where they are at rest. It is the foundation of the round world, the centre of the cosmos. . . . It touches the highest summits of heaven and makes the earth firm beneath its foot, and it grasps the middle regions between them with its immeasurable arms.

 . . . O  Crucified One, thou leader of the mystical dances! . . . O  this divine Pascha that passes from heaven to earth and rises up again to heaven! 0 this new feast of all beings! 0 joy of the universe . . . exquisite delight by which .. . life returns to all and the gates of heaven are opened! God appeared as a man and man rose up as God . . .

” The life-giving connection between heaven and earth is the cross, the world-axis on either side of which two gigantic vines spiral upwards. The work has a similar sense to that behind the Indian Kundalini and the two energy-spirals that twist around it in opposite directions. The double spiral at San Clemente unites Christ’s sacrifice on the cross with (re)creating, life- and joy-giving, and redeeming divine forces.

The truth is that we are all already “born” ” spiritually dead” from birth. We are all dead in this “world of the dead” because we are each born with a dormant kundalini, with the ego-consciousness in control.

This “dormant” kundalini (the real you) is simply a seed of God’s consciousness. To an immortal being, unconsciousness, (or dormancy) is as dead as it gets. In this dormant state, we act as merely a battery which powers the body.

We are slaves to the body, as a battery is a slave to what it powers. The body (your vessel which you power) has its own preprogrammed insatiable physical desires (“sins”) which constantly distract our attention and constantly try to get us to expend our energy on pursuing its desires.

Only by identifying those desires as they are can one become strong against their distractions. Only once you’ve overcome the desires and influences “of the flesh”, can you learn to focus on your one true spiritual goal, fully awakening (spiritual consciousness= heaven), and then awakening others. The most important thing to remember is: to be physical is to be “dead”. Only by overcoming the desire to remain physical, can one hope to overcome death. “Escape” “the World”, your “life” depends on it. We are all in “Heaven” right now; we are just unconscious of it. God (our spiritual father) wants us all to simply “wake up”.

You have now the secret key to unlocking the simple truth, what you choose to do with it is up to you. Good Luck!


1.What is “Heaven”?

Heaven, Enlightenment, Nirvana, these are all different names to describe the same understanding. A final blessed state, free from ignorance, desire, and suffering. “Heaven” to a battery is to be free of that which drains its energy. “Heaven” is in actuality a state of full spiritual consciousness. It is to; exist without the body, in a state of pure transcendental consciousness.

2. What is “Hell”?

Hell is spiritual unconsciousness. It is to be used as a battery to power the body with no spiritual will power to control it. To be trapped in a body controlled by the ego-consciousness. Ironically we choose to be in the unconscious (battery) state. It is a choice we are unaware of, yet we make it still because it is what the ego desires.

3. Want to “Go to”… “Heaven”?

Understand first that “heaven” is not a place. Since it is not a place, one cannot “go” there. Rather, it is a shift in the nature of one’s consciousness to the point that it is no longer sullied by the taint of matter. It is to be free of the body. The physical world is the “waiting room” for “heaven”, when you are called, don’t fight it. This is what entheogens do, they allow one to experience temporarily what happens when you and your body separate so that you can get used to it. The truth is, no one can tell you “how” to “go to heaven”, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be learned.

It is well-known to followers of the mystery of Rennes le Chateau, and it has been discussed many times previously by experts on the subject, the French word for Holy Grail is sangreal, but in old French it was separated thus, san greal. The transposition of the letter G gives sang real or blood royal, royal blood.

As we have seen, this simple play on words is the typical hallmark of a Gnostic at work. The secret placed right in front of our eyes, but at the same time hidden. The observation hat a royal blood that was holy, must belong to Jesus Christ, and therefore, the holy bloodline must be Jesus’ direct descendants.

The hypothesis – Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, was that the mystery of Rcnncs lc Chateau contained the revelation that there is a holy bloodline descending directly from Jesus through Mary Magdalene and exists to this day in secret.

Dan Brown also had a best-selling novel based on this premise (2003), but the holy bloodline hypothesis was just another red herring.

The Holy Grail is not a royal or holy bloodline. The Holy Grail is indeed a receptacle, and a receptacle for containing royal or holy blood, but the Holy Grail is not a physical object and the royal holy blood is not real blood.

Royal holy blood is available to all of us; this is a royal holy blood that can flow through everyone’s spiritual veins. Royal holy blood is the same substance produced by stage three of the meditation technique.

A spiritual substance that condenses out of the air we breathe to combine with our emotional and sexual energy, our vitality; to produce a new substance, royal and holy blood. Once it is produced by stage three of the process, royal and holy blood percolates up to the sun centre, where it passes through the eye of the needle to the heart centre, where, symbolically, it acts like a spear piercing the heart, which symbolically bleeds, filling the receptacle in our spiritual chest.

The spiritual receptacle located in our spiritual chest is the Holy Grail and the substance that fills it is royal and holy blood. The Holy Grail is the receptacle and the royal holy blood it contains. The Holy Grail also refers to the whole process (Fig, 6.5). This is the pirate treasure you seek, a treasure that was there for you all along, contained in your chest, your ‘treasure chest’ of course, those Gnostic rascals! The parable about a camel having more chance of passing through the eye of a needle than a rich man has of entering the Kingdom of God refers to stage three of the process.

The camel represents the tamed animal energy carried on the reflected light, and the eye of the needle is that tiny point, which leads to the passageway, the gates of heaven through which it has to be squeezed, to reach the heart. Le Pique in the landscape can now be squeezed, to reach the heart. Le Pique in the landscape can now be seen in symbolic terms as the eye of the needle, reaching out to God.

Le Pique is the most holiest of locations in the world, reaching out to God on a horizontal as well as a vertical plane as all true churches should. In reaching the heart centre, one really is entering the Kingdom of God. Royal and Holy Blood is the substance produced in stage three of the meditation process, it is the same substance as Kundalini, as Rosicrucian’s dew, orgone and Alchemists’ mercury. There is another feature of the Holy Grail that proves its authenticity; Gnostics were able to drink from the Holy Grail because only they knew how to fill it, traditionally the Holy Grail is the only chalice that fills from the stem.

Completion of stage three of the process, drinking from the Holy Grail, bestows on one immortality. The meaning contained in Poussin and Teniers paintings, in Henry Lincoln’s pentacle in the landscape and the secret of Rennes lc Chateau, is the revelation that the Holy Grail is a real phenomenon, and the paintings show how it is possible to gain access to it by way of a secret meditation technique or method of prayer.

The secret is not a physical treasure, but a spiritual treasure, just as Plantard said. This treasure is there for all of us, it is a gift from God, the gift of one’s immortal self.

Only you have to take it, nobody can do it for you. You have to open the door yourself. You have the key to do it now. Only you can open the door.

As a general overview of the objective of the whole spiritual process, the terms spirit and soul are a good example of the sense of oneness that is achievable. The terms spirit and soul are often used interchangeably as if describing the same thing. They are actually polar but complementary opposites described in Gnostic literature as sun and moon, king and queen, salt and sulphur, prince and princess, the lion and the lamb, Adam and Eve, Yin and Yang. The soul is associated with the lower body, below the diaphragm, and centred in the lower navel, the water centre of the chakra system The diaphragm is an interesting muscle, not only does it regulate one’s breathing, but it is also the main tool the ego uses to control our emotional responses, by suppressing our breathing. The diaphragm is shaped like a lid, and that is exactly its function, it `keeps a lid’ on all our emotions. The diaphragm is also the great divide between the physical world and the spiritual world. Above the diaphragm, in spiritual terms, lies the Kingdom of God. The diaphragm not only acts as a barrier, but also as the gatekeeper to this kingdom.

The diaphragm is, physically and literally, the actual `gates of heaven’, and the only way through those gates is stage three of the process, by squeezing your inner reflected light through the eye of the needle, symbolically like a spear, to pierce your spiritual heart , and create the royal and holy blood. Before the Holy Grail, Gnostics used Gabriel’s Horn to refer to the secret process in just the same way, e.g. something produced out of the air (sound), by one’s breath, that has to pass through a narrow passage (the horn), before it is amplified to make music. So when Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, ‘the walls came tumbling down’.

The spirit is associated with the upper body above the diaphragm, and is centred in the brow and is represented by an upward pointing triangle. These two forces strive in the direction they point, the soul to feel grounded and secure, and the spirit to reach out and soar like a bird.

Two opposite and yet complementary natures contained within us, the male principle and the female principle, the anima and the animus, the yin and yang. Stage three of the process unites these opposing forces into one sense of harmony and wholeness. Using the basic technique, the spirit is cast down from the brow to the feet, and reflected back up to unite with the soul located in the moon centre.

The spirit then lifts the soul up to the sun centre where it is fixed at the centre of the bodymind, point B in the paintings, which is the eye of the needle. The spirit lifts and supports the soul in a balanced equilibrium, combining to produce a new sense of self at the centre of the bodymind, your new centre of consciousness.

The two triangles lock together to form an emblem of wholeness and symbol of oneness with God, as the Star of David (Fig. 6.10). For a male it means embracing the feminine side of his nature and for a female embracing the masculine side of hers.

The human skeleton has always been used by Gnostics as a symbol for the human spirit because just as the skeleton supports the flesh, so the spirit supports the soul. You can perhaps now see why the skull and crossbones is so important to Rosicrucians, and is another example of the way Gnostics.

in their immense wisdom. utilise a reversal of reality to emphasise their point; the skull and crossbones appearing to be superficially a symbol of evil, but in actual fact the exact opposite. and presented in this way in order to ward off the ignorant and the superstitious whilst simultaneously giving a subtle message. Gnostics have a wonderful grasp of the psychology and dynamics of the bodymind. they are alone in that field and they play around effortlessly, flipping with ease from a spiritual to a literal meaning. Most of their stories are designed to highlight the inner conflict between the real self. and its attempts to grow spiritually. and the ego that does not want to change at all. Their stories are about how our ego alienates us from ourselves and in doing so from God also. Those fairy tails about the princess locked away in the ivory tower. held prisoner there by the wicked queen. were Gnostic stories to describe the relationship that exists between the ego and the personal self, the soul.

The prince, as spirit, rescues the princess soul from the wicked ego’s control. and only after that were they able to live happily ever after, united in one dynamic body d. Snow White and the Sewn Dwarves is a fairy tale with lots of secret symbolism.

The seven dwarves represent the seven chakras, they mined down a hole in the ground, so their working environment was often filled with gold and precious gems.

The wicked queen had a mirror on the wall with which she consulted the reflected light, a reflection that seemed to prefer Snow White’s beauty. And each attempt by the queen to kill Snow White’s soul was thwarted by the dwarves (chakras) who brought her spirit back to life again.

The barriers that prevent one from reaching a higher level of consciousness are a lack of self-awareness and the way the ego defends itself, being the biggest obstacle to the process one has to face. Another obstacle is the lack of a concept to grasp the meaning, and the notion of a bodymind bridged the gap between Western head centred philosophy and the secret process that allows the mental leap to become possible.

A secret wisdom has existed from the earliest civilisations and been handed down to each succeeding generation of Gnostics. Gnostics claim to know God and it is reasonable to assume that the Great Secret is concerned with this knowledge. What secret knowledge could be any greater than this? Gnostics have kept the secret alive in their writing, in stories, in mysteries and in parables. This was the way they taught their new initiates, with these stories that were designed to highlight the secret wisdom.

The Knowledge f truth is regarded as the highest and the most sacred possession in all traditions. If someone can point the way, then one can reach faster. The Gita holds the gift of knowledge as the greatest sacrifice.

“Approach the seers of Truth in spirit of humility, respect, enquiry and service they will guide thee”

The desire for knowledge is important but the ability to absorb it is more important.

For learning, there must be receptivity. The one who believes that he knows everything cannot learn. The desire for knowledge may be there, but our conditioning may not allow it to percolate. What we register depends on our programming. The efficiency of the computer depends on the channel feeding it with the data. If the channel is defective then the end result will be biased. Learning demands an open mind and truthfulness as Shakespeare said, To thine ownself be true’.

Francis Bacon is said to be Shakespeare and he also translated the Kings James Bible version:

The King James version of the Holy Bible differs from the Vulgate version regarding Hiram the Builder. The King James version states that he could “find out every device which shall be put to him, with thy cunning men, and with the cunning men of my lord David thy father,” where as the Vulgate version states that he can devise ingeniously all that there may be need of in the work with thy artificers, and with the artificers of my lord David thy father.”

The King James version seems to raise the ability of our Builder, the widows son, to the very highest level, while that of the Vulgate issue seems to place him on a much lower plane.

Remember this: Royal holy blood is available to all of us

The Key to the Great Secret about the Freemasonry letter G actually mean something else. Another secret the Freemasonry and Illuminati keeping for themselves is: The Holy Grail is not a royal or holy bloodline. The Holy Grail is indeed a receptacle, and a receptacle for containing royal or holy blood, but the Holy Grail is not a physical object and the royal holy blood is not real blood. Royal holy blood is available to all of us; this is a royal holy blood that can flow through everyone’s spiritual veins. Royal holy blood is the same substance produced by stage three of the meditation technique.

And remember this:

Darwin’s evolutionary theory was based on the facts to create a illusion of a master race and the slaves (the masses). The division between the house servants and the slave progeny of the master who believed themselves to be above everyone else. The divisions, orchestrated by the white masters, gave new meaning to the term divide and conquer. To maintain a position of superior power one must maintain an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to oneself. It is important to create a maze of illusion in religious stories so that all others are fooled into believing that they are inferior and unworthy of being equal individuals. As it becomes in the heavens so shall it be on earth.

In examining Proverb 25 again, one may assume that slaves, or non-freemen, could not be raised to the level of kings. therefore, in designing Freemasonry, none but freemen could be admitted, for non-freemen could not be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason and placed on the level with kings. Only freemen baring a desire for knowledge could be admitted, for they do not fulfill their roles as Master Masons unless they make use of the privileges conferred upon them by trying to search out what has been concealed.

What did Bacon plant in the new Bible? The 46th Psalm, verses 3 and 9 are encoded with his humor. Verse 3 has the word shake and verse 9 with speare.

Masonic texts from 1717 most likely were produced by Sir Francis Bacon, believed by some to be the real author of the Shakespeare material as well as the person who masterminded and oversaw production of the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. Bacon was in charge of forty-five scholars who translated and collated the KJV, making him the forty-sixth. For a coded clue as to Bacon’s contributions, see Psalms 46—count forty-six letters from the beginning to get the word “shake” and forty-six words from the end to get the word “spear.” The number forty-six was Bacon’s cypher.


Bacon was the falconer of Shakespeare’s works and of Freemasonry, since Shakespeare’s works “shake the spear” at ignorance, and Freemasonry attempts to destroy the serpent of ignorance with the staff of knowledge.

Sir Francis Bacon, was responsible for the modern birth of Freemasonry. The Masonic Forefathers were merely following the details of an occult plan as envisioned specifically by Sir Francis Bacon in the 1590’s and he was Francis Bacon is remembered today as the “Father of Modern Science.”

Francis Bacon was responsible for the modern birth of Freemasonry and “Father of Modern Science.” He replaced God with science. This has always been the Freemason and Illuminati hidden agenda. Its a switch of power of a supreme God to a supreme scientific upper-class (global) elite. Its a switch of power to themselves as rulers of the world. Darwinism was just another construction to strengthen the powers of a supreme elite upper class.

From this time everything becomes influenced by the Freemason agenda and later the Illuminati Agenda when they merged 1782. Over 3 million people on the rolls of those Freemasonic organizations and the Illuminati – they merged, after the Illuminati has infiltrated the Freemason organization.

The hidden purpose for the rulers has always been to gain more power and make the masses more powerless.

What Francis Bacon created was a difference between people and created a supreme upper-class elite or what today is the “global elite”. Then the Illuminati infiltrated Freemason and then merged they share same ideas and value in their operations and actions in the society.

The took the key of knowledge and kept it for themselves, and by the small change in the translation from Vulgate version to King James version, and make salvation possible just for the supreme upper-class elite. If the masses could understand that they also could seek and find enlightenment and salvation, then their concept will lose it purpose. Then people become a threat to their lifestyle of egotism.

The hidden powers behind the creation of a One World Government is just a world project to gain total power of the whole planet Earth and the consciousness of Man/Mankind in the form a Global World Brain.

Peter Horttanainen

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