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Raising the Earth to the Next Vibration

Raising the Earth to the Next Vibration

Everything is energy. Everything is vibrating at different frequencies. Even rocks, furniture, etc. are vibrating, only at a much lower, denser frequency. As long as everything and everyone on the Earth is vibrating at the same low, slow frequency things will stay the same. The frequency has to be raised so the Earth can split off and enter a new dimension. It is the same thing that happens to our own Earth bodies.

As we learn the lessons of the physical plane we can “graduate” to another higher dimension on the spirit side, and not have to return to the Earth school. We can progress, because we will have outgrown this earthly school. Thus the Earth itself is getting ready to “graduate”, to leave the familiar, the status quo, and progress into something much higher. Yet the new Earth without human beings and life in its many diverse forms would be as an empty house. Just four walls without a soul inside. There had to be a way for the humans to also evolve so they can go with the Earth. The humans would have to also raise their vibrations. This was easier said than done, considering how many eons mankind had been trapped here. Then I understood. The karma they had before coming into this world will be left with the “old” Earth. That is where karma will continue to exist. It has no part in the New Earth.

As their influences grow, they raise the vibration of the earth, raise the consciousness of the earth. On a quantum physics level, it creates a high frequency vibration of energy, a sacred vibration. At the same time the density of the magnetic field of earth is decreasing and has been for the last two thousand years. That release of density of the magnetic field allows the density of consciousness to begin to awaken to that information that is coming in. It allows you to become channels for that information. It allows the soul consciousness to begin to awaken. Where the law of physics is concerned, when you have a high vibration that maintains itself within a field as a dominant vibration, it begins the law of entrainment. It begins to raise the vibration of everything of a lower density to its higher vibration. When that happens, it shakes everything up. You create a spiritual crisis. And that’s what you’re in on your planet, a spiritual crisis—all the dualities coming to the surface, into the light. The shadow is rising from the subconscious to be brought into balance, to be healed. It’s a healing crisis.

That’s exactly what’s taking place, shaken to the core. All the defenses are being shaken up so the core can reveal itself. Integration is taking place. But in all integration, what happens with duality is you see the extremes of the two sides first. At the same time in this new two-thousand-year cycle you’re moving out of the sixth ray of consciousness, which is the ray of duality that controlled the Piscean age during the last two thousand years. As that moves out, it creates a crisis. And the seventh ray is moving in, which is the ray of the unified field, which is the spiritual ray that restructures everything in the physical that is out of sync or out of balance. It begins to destroy all systems that are in duality.

What that means is all the old systems you have known are beginning to break down.

They’re going into crisis. J: What kinds of systems? G: Your corporate systems, your economic system, your capitalistic system as you have known it, your governmental political systems. Anything that is in separation or duality now will be in the extreme of its duality as it begins to break down. Civilization as you have known it has reached a point of crisis. Now it’s beginning to break down. It’s beginning to crumble. Whenever anything begins to crumble, when it reaches a point of crisis, it fights to maintain its reality. Just as an animal is cornered in the forest by a couple of other animals, it will fight like crazy to survive.

So what’s coming?

What is coming, ultimately, is the breakdown of the system as you have known it and its transformation into a system that is not divided upon itself. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. So it must fall apart before it can be rebuilt.

It is worrisome to those who try to keep it in place. But it is not worrisome to the awakening soul that exists in the truth that lies outside of duality. What you are talking about here that you fear is the breakdown of the veil of illusion, of separation. That’s all. And what is taking place will bring, in the crisis, humanity together to build something anew, a new system, a new form that will embrace the good of the whole. But first you must develop an awareness of the other side, how extreme that other side of duality has gone.

What do you mean by the other side? 

The side that is in separation, the side that is in control, the side that seeks to conquer, the side that seeks to dominate. Because basically you have developed a consumer culture in the Western culture, and it has permeated the world. That consumer culture is consuming itself. There isn’t enough to go around any more because the focus has all been on the outside, in the physical, to get a sense of satisfaction and gratification by consuming all your resources, by consuming one another’s spirit.

It’s all money and consumption. And what it creates is alienation. It creates more and more isolation, alienation and aloneness, protection and defense. When only a few people are controlling everything, they have to do everything they can to defend that control. Everything that opposes their control becomes their enemy.

What do you mean, we were informed this would be an opportunity?

 What we do is we read soul grids. And we keep in touch with all the soul grids where the general populace and the evolution of the planet is concerned and the individual populace is at certain levels of soul development. There are many levels of soul development. When a soul gets to a certain level of soul development because of the number of incarnations it has had and what it has learned from those incarnations, it is ready then to move to a different level of soul development. At that level of soul development, they can access certain levels of knowledge and information as a soul in its service because each soul is in service to the divine plan. And each soul is in service to every other soul in the divine plan. One for all and all for one kind of idea. And so the channel chose on a soul level to be of service in relation to informing spiritual evolution and the development of this new awakening in this incarnational cycle. Thus, the doorway of opportunity was opened to us.

Very simply, the divine plan for physical matter in the earth is to learn to love. That is the divine plan. Now what does it mean to learn to love? Love is a force, a force of God, a force of creation, a force of being. Therefore, learning to love means learning to awaken, realize, accept, express, and experience in the fullest way possible the experience, expression, and potential of your being as an individual. That is the divine plan embodied. That is the force of love embodied. That is the soul awakened. So your purpose in the divine plan is to learn to love.

Now what does love do?

Love brings together the fusion of the consciousness of God in physical form. No more duality—instead, there’s oneness, unity, wholeness, completeness, merging, connection. But in order to do that, the irony, the paradox is that you must first become individual, because if you do not know yourself as an individual soul, you cannot know another soul. Therefore, you must be willing to reveal the knowledge of who you are and share it with all others freely. You must be willing to uncover the depths of who you are and reveal it, unstintingly, without defense. You must use all of your being to respond to all that life has to offer. You must be willing to stand alone with yourself in order to be unified within yourself. Then, and only then, can you be unified with another. That is the divine plan for the earth. That is the evolutionary cyde you are now coming into.

So now is the time when you must awaken that Christ within you, that Christ Consciousness within you, because Christ Consciousness is soul consciousness. It’s simply your realization of yourself as divine, and your connection and your ability to channel that connection to the divine. So we are the herald of that awakening, to teach you how to awaken that, to make you realize it’s even a possibility and to get you out of this idea that you are separate from the Christ, that you are separate from God, and that it is something better than you are. Because all that means is that you’re little children not willing to take responsibility for that level of intelligence and consciousness. That’s all that means.

People are indoctrinated. We’ve all been. You’re basically a mass consciousness that is held in place by the collective sleep. We are asleep.

Peter Horttanainen

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