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Understanding the “Craftiness” of the Hegelian Principle. Synthesis: The United Nations is accepted in the world, but is slowly changed from a “peacekeeping force” to a “global police force.” The USA Republic is based on the Constitution. The word “democracy” cannot be found in the Constitution. or in the Declaration of Independence. “The Vatican condemned the Declaration of Independence as ‘wickedness’ … and called the Constitution of the United States ‘a Satanic document.’ Skull and Bones Order Founded at Yale. (On the surface this is just an exclusive fraternity. In reality, this order is an entry point into the Illuminati.)

Who was Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Hegel (1770-1831) was the founder of the Hegelian Principle (or Hegelian Dialectic). In his book, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, author/historian William Shirer quotes (on page 144) Georg Hegel as saying, “… the State ‘has the supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to be a member of the State … for the right of the world spirit is above all special privileges.’

“In 1847 Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, of the London Communist League, used Hegel’s theory of the dialectic thinking to back up their economic theory of Communism. Today, in the 21′ century, the Hegelian-Marxist thinking affects the entire social and political structure of the world.

This Hegelian Dialectic Principle is the framework for guiding every individual’s thoughts and actions into conflicts that will lead to a predetermined solution. It is extremely im-portant to understand how the Hegelian Dialectic Principle shapes the individual perception in order to implement the ultimate synthesis. Secret Societies, (through the current “king of fierce countenance”), use the Hegelian Principle as one of the elements towards world control.

DAN 8:23-25 … when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. 24 he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper. and practice … 25 … he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand: and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many …

This is the Hegelian Principle, explained in a few steps:

  1. Take two opposing viewpoints;
  2. Use Dialectic [argumentative] Thinking;
  3. War the one with the other and rub them up against each other until there is nothing left.
  4. This is called “Thesis” verses “Antithesis.” The re-sulting clash brings about “Synthesis” — the desired end result. In this way the Secret Societies can be equally active on both sides to bring about the Synthesis — using “craft to prosper.” (DAN 8:25)

An example of the Hegelian Philosophy would be:

• First, there is thesis, then, anti-thesis — these opposites are rubbed together to create a desired synthesis.

• Create a problem such as WWI or WWII, with two or more opposing sides.

• Then, out of war, provide stability and World Peace — through the vehicle of the United Nations which has been marketed as a peacekeeping operation.

• Synthesis: The United Nations is accepted in the world, but is slowly changed from a “peacekeeping force” to a “global police force.”

• The Masonic (Secret Society) Motto used to describe this philosophy is “Ordo Ab Chao” or ‘order out of chaos.”

This is the principle that is being used worldwide to suc-cessfully set up and take down rulers. Papal Rome’s ultimate goal is a synthesized New World Order or One World Government, free of all dissenters. Papal Rome believes it has Divine right to use this principle to attain its goal.

Thomas Aquinas (Great Philosopher of the Roman Catholic Church) said:

• -TM Pope, by Divine Right, hath spiritual and Tem-poral Power. as supreme King of the World … the Pope of Rome. as Head of the Papal Government, claims absolute sovereignty and supmnacy over all the governments of the earth.” Luther S. Kauffman. Romanian as a trenth I Power. pp. 30.31. Cardinal Henry Manning. 1892, Archbishop of Westminis-ter said:

• -The right of deposing kings is inherent in the su-preme sovereignty which the Popes. as vice-regents of Christ exercise over all Christian nations.” Hector Macpherson, The Jesukt in Iles:ant p. 115. Another quote:

• “Its (the Jesuit Order’s] objective WO3, and still is. to destroy the effects of the Reformation and to re-establish the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation … A Greater Germany. in other words, must be nude spin the center of a revived Holy Roman Em-pire.” Leo H. Lehmann. Behind ate Dicrares, p. 26.

Many orders of the Secret Societies have successfully used the Hegelian Principle to begin the break down of Protes-tantism

The ultimate goal is about a New World Order that will risk over all nations and all religious sects. In the latter pan of the Dark Ages, the Jesuit Secret Societies craved the power to control the monarchs of Europe, the individual states, and keep the religious expansion of Protestantism under its control.

Many times the Jesuit Orders would not be tolerated (even in Roman Catholic countries) and were banned by many kings from their countries. Finally the Jesuits were suppressed during the period of 1773-1814.

However, their underground plan directed the Illuminati and Freemasons to set up the godless kingdom of Atheistic France. Events that occurred during that time period were.

I. The Illuminati was raised up in 1776:

  1. French Revolution of 1789-1798 was planned in an effort to destroy Chnstianity. including Catholicism;
  2. Dethronement of the Papacy in 1798 — an act to re-move it from center stage.

In The Hegelian Principle it matters not how many one’s own people are sacrificed. as long as the ‘Synthesis” is achieved and that “the Church (system) is the garner in the end .., and that the end, Justifies the means.” (Part one of the Jesuit Oath)

Who are the Jesuits?

By the 1550s the Reformation had become so extensive in Europe that the papacy began to realize that they muss do something to try to stop it. They realized that if it were not stopped. it would eventually undermine the position of the Catholic Church and destroy the absolute political power they had achieved. In order to accomplish the destruction or the Reformation a new secret organization was formed within the Vatican called the Jesuits. . .

One of the major purposes of the Jesuits was to destroy every trace of Protestantism and its principles, including religious freedom, republicanism. representative government, and an economy built around a strong middle class.

Another purpose of the Jesuits was to greatly expand the power and control of the papacy throughout the entire world The Jesuits used deception in the extreme to bong about the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in 1572 where 70.000 Protestant Huguenots. including women and children, were slain in one night.

They also created the 30 Years War from 1618-1648 in order to destroy the Lutherans of Europe. The blood that reddened European soil for centuries can all be traced back to the murderous Jesuits? Bill Hughes. The Enemy Unmasked. p. 10.

Review: What is the aim of the Jesuits?

Review: What is the aim of the Jesuits?
“At what then do the Jesuits aim? According to them. they only seek the greater glory of God: but if you examine the facts you will find that they aim at universal dominion alone. They have rendered themselves indis-pensable to the Pope. who, without them, could not ex-ist, because Catholicism is identified with them. They have rendered themselves indispensable to governors and hold revolutions in their hands: and in this way, either under one name or another, it is they who rule the world. ” Luigi Desanctis, Papery, Pusvism and Jesuit-ism. (London. D, Catt, 1905: translated by Maria Betts from the original Italian edition published as Rome, Papale in 1865) p. 139. (Emphasis supplied.)

Review: Who Was Adam Weishaspi?

“During the [Jesuit] Order’s suppression from 1773 to 1814 by Pope Clement XIV. General Ricci [the head of the Jesuits) created the Illuminati with his soldier, Adam Weishaupt.

For the Sons of Loyola punished all their enemies including the Dominican Friars, perfected the inner workings between themselves and Freemasonry, created an alliance between the House of Rothschild in establishing the Illuminati. The Jesuit General was in control of Scottish Rite Freemasonry and now sought an alliance with the Masonic Baron of the House of Rothschild.

To accomplish this he chose a Jesuit who was a German Gentile (not a Jew) by race and a Freemason by association — Adam Weishaupt…. Weishaupt): established the Illuminati in [May 1) 1776 and joined the Grand Orient Masonic Lodge in 1777. He united the magnificent financial empire of the Masonic Jewish House of Rothschild with the opulence of the international secret, anti-Jewish Race, Gentile Society of Jesus.” Eric Phelps, Vatican Assassins, pp. 206, 205, 213, 215. (Emphasis supplied.)

Note: The House of Rothschild financed Weishaupt in his creation of the Illuminati which later became known as Communism. Phelps alluded to this several times in the preceding paragraph. He is not alone in his assertion that the Jewish House of Rothschild worked hand in hand with the Jesuits in creating and funding the Illuminati. “At that time (1789) France was the richest and most populous nation on the continent of Europe; and it was here that the ‘Great Experiment in Democracy’ began. The battle cry was ‘liberty, equality, and fraternity.’ The vehicle was Socialism.” Dee Zahner, The Secret Side of History, LTAA Communications Publishers, p. 34.

• Fact: Pope Pius VI died in Valence, France on August 29, 1799. By March 14, 1800, (only 197 days later), Pope Pius VII was elected against the former direction of Napoleon.

• “Many of the men in those days (of 1798] imagined that the dominion of the Pope had come to an end, and that the knell of the temporal power was then sound-ing among the nations. This supposition, however. proved to be erroneous.

The French republicans were very anxious that Rome should not have another Pope. But as the reverses of the revolutionary armies had left Southern Italy to its ancient masters, the cardinals were able to proceed to an election at Venice. They elected, on March 14, 1800, Barnabas Chiaromonti, who assumed the name of Pius VII. “The first transaction of this Pope was a negotia-tion with the government of France, of which Na-poleon Buonaparte, was the First Consul … “$e (Napoleon) felt that as the lame majority of thc inhabitants of France knew no other form of faith than Jtomanism. it must become the established religion of the country.

Accordingly we find that he now be-gan negotiations with the Pope, which issued in a Concordat in July, 1801, whereby the Roman Catholic religion was once more established in France. He also left Pius in possession of his Italian principality.” Arthur Robert Pennington. Epochs of the Papacy. pp. 450-452. (Emphasis supplied.)

Facts of History

• Joseph Bonaparte (1768-1844) was King of Spain, and a Grand Master. His brother. Napoleon. was also a high degree Freemason and is known for his waning in Europe cleaning up the monarchies that rebelled against Rome during the Protestant Reformation.

• Sometimes the Jesuit Order was banned even in the Roman Catholic countries. e.g. The Jesuit Order was suppressed by Pope Clement XIV from 1773-1814. During this time the Illuminati was raised up to pre-cipitate the French Revolution, dethrone the Papacy, and bring the world one step closer to the New World Order.

• Napoleon Bonaparte made this statement: “The Jesuits are a military or-ganization. not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is: POWER.

Power in its most despotic exercise. Abso-lute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms; and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses … The general of the Jesuits insists on being master. sovereln, over the sovereign. Wherever the Jesuits arc admitted they will be masters. cost what it may. Their society is by nature dictatorial, and therefore it is the irrecon-cilable enemy of all constituted authority. Every act, every crime, however atrocious, Is a meritorious work, if committed for the interest of the Society of Jesuits, or by the order of the general.” — General Montholon, Memorial of the Captivity of Napoleon at St Helena. pp. 62. 174. (Emphasis supplied.)

In the Hegelian Principle it matters not how many of one’s own people are sacrificed, as long as the “Synthesis” is achieved and that “the church (systcmj is the gainer in the end … and that the end justifies the means.” (Part uf the tsar Oath)

• “General Ricci created the Illuminati with his soldier Adam Weishaupt, the Father of Modem Communism, who, with his Jacobins, conducted the French Revolution. Years later, Jesuit General Ledochowski, with his Bolsheviks, conducted the Russian Revolution in 1917, it being identical to the upheaval of 1789.” G. M. Nicolini of Rome, History of the Jesuits, Their Origin. Progress, Doctrines and Designs, pp. 356, 357.

• “General Ricci created the Illuminati with his soldier Adam Wcishaupt. the Father of Modem Communism, who, with his Jacobins, conducted the French Revolu-tion. Years later, Jesuit General Ledochowslci, with his Bolsheviks, conducted the Russian Revolution in 1917, it being identical to the upheaval of 1789.” G. M. Nicolini of Rome. History of the Jesuits. Their Origin. Progress, Doctrines and Designs, pp. 356, 357.

• “The truth is, the Jesuits of Rome have perfected Free-masonry to be their most magnificent and effective tool, accomplishing their purposes among Protestants’ …” John Daniel, The Grand Design Exposed, p. 302. Conclusion:

The first godless kingdom brought to the forefront under the manipulation of the Secret Societies, was Atheism in France. By 1801, the “king of fierce countenance” began to surface and rise to prominence with the signing of the Concordat between Pope Pius VII and Na-poleon. Its purpose was to re-instate the Roman Catholic religion in place of Atheism.

Illuminatis purpose was to destroy many Christians and Roman Catholics that would not fall into line with Roman dogma. At present, the “king of fierce countenance” is still in control through many Secret Societies. (The French Revolution was not only anticlerical but its atheistic philosophy has had far-reaching effects in the 19h and 20th centuries.)

The “king of fierce countenance” Used “Craft” to Set Up Atheism

Secret Societies A system of world dominion and control founded on Luciferian worship. “The devil is the personification of Atheism or Idolatry.” Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, p. 102.

The Emergence of Atheism — a Godless Kingdom
• Paganism worshipped many gods.
• Arianism denies the divinity of Christ.
• True Biblical Christianity accepts the teachings and divinity of Jesus Christ, the Creator God of heaven and earth.

• Atheism is a disbelief in the existence of deity — the doctrine that there is no deity. This belief system is one of total denial and defiance of any Supreme God. “Atheism is a ferocious system that leaves nothing above us to excite awe, nor around us, to awaken ten-derness.” Rob Hall. Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary.
• The Illuminati used Atheism, through Napoleon and the French government, to bring down Papal Rome No 1. Atheism is a promoter of:

  1. The theories of evolution;
  2. Exalting man above God and thereby denying the existence of the Creator God;
  3. Worshipping the “Goddess of Reason” which is “Humanism.”

Reminder: The ultimate plan of the great deceiver is to set up an antichrist system of Luciferian worship through-out the whole world (New World Order). The ultimate tool of the Papacy is to use the Hegelian Principle to craft this One World Government. In order to succeed with this plan, craft and deceit were used (such as the Hegelian Principle) throughout all systems of world governments. Whether it is realized or not, the Papacy and unsuspecting godless nations, are intricately woven together to bring this plan to pass. Secular history brings on stage the players, or puppets, on the strings of the puppeteer. Observe the Hegelian Principle at work and the frequency of use throughout history.

Note: Atheism, as established in France, was the tool used to move the world one step closer to a New World Order or an “image to the beast.” Napoleon was one of the many pawns used in the progressive move towards a man-centered, humanistic system that totally denies the power, seat, and authority of Christ (the “daily” of DAN 8:11).

Intended result: When the power, seat, and authority of Jesus Christ is destroyed, through humanism — and Christ is brought down to being just another man, the salvation message presented in the Sanctuary typology explodes and becomes meaningless. All becomes a denial of Quist and His deity. “At that time (1789) France was the richest and most populous nation on the continent of Europe; and it was here that the ‘Great Experiment in Democracy’ began. The battle cry was ‘liberty, equality, and fraternity.’ 1″he vehicle was Socialism.” Dee Zahner, The Secret Side of History, p. 34. The Strong Will of Napoleon in France

• Napoleon of France did what he wanted and threatened to do. He entered the Vatican and took the Pope off his throne in 1798.

• Even though this was a plan from inside the Secret Society,- Napoleon acted out the taking of “power, seat, and authority” away from the Papacy. This action moved the Pope off the stage and into the back-ground where the Papacy could work with craft and deception.

The Exaltation of Napoleon

• In taking the Pope captive, Napoleon exalted and magnified himself above the Pope.
• The “Goddess of Reason” was set up in the vacancy refl. This is the beginning of Humanism.
• This paves the way for the ultimate plan to set up a Fascist New World Order which is a system based on Luciferianism.

Atheism Introduces Many New Changes to France

• God’s gospel and sanctuary message of truth was cast down; Bibles were burned.
• Times and Laws were changed: The seven day week was changed to a ten day week. God’s institution of marriage was disregarded and divorce permitted.
• The whole system speaks of the glorification of mot kind.

Application of the “Crafty” Hegelian Principle in France

Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis
Thesis: Established Monarchs of Europe +
Antithesis: Napoleon and French Revolution
Synthesis: Napoleonic Kingdom to Control Europe and to Lay the Groundwork for Communism and the Next “Synthesis” Struggle

The Fury In France

• “The French Revolution was a source for communist. anarchist, and socialist conceptions; conceptions that, when carried to conclusion, resulted in the necessity of installing drainage systems to carry away the tor-rents of blood that flowed from French guillotines. These same ‘conceptions’ applied during the twentieth century have resulted in the murder of well over one hundred million human beings. There is much to learn from the Great Revolution.” Dee Zahner, The Secret Side of History. p. 35.

• “History books will tell us that the French Revolution first began in 1787 or 1789, depending on which book you read. However, it was actually planned by Dr. Adam Weishaupt and the House of Rothschild almost 20 years before the Revolution took place.” William Sutton. The New Age Movement and The Illuminati 666. pp. 172. 173. Note: Atheism was fulfilled In France — but this was Just the beginning of Lucifer’s kingdom.

What happened in France is a forerunner of what will happen in the near future throughout the whole world.

I. The French Revolution set up a new standard called the Manifesto of Human Rights.

  1. After the French Revolution and Papal wound of 1798, the Papacy became insignificant in the eyes of Protestants. What happened to Napoleon?

He was used as a pawn until not needed anymore! The circumstances around the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815 explain how the Jesuits used the country of Britain. and other events, to gain control over Britain and its financial market. (See: “Rothschild Strat-egy at Waterloo” in Appendix 8E, page 214.) France was in its prime in 1798 when the United States was founding a Republic on a set of laws that govern what the majority can, and cannot do.

The USA Republic is based on the Constitution. The word “democracy” cannot be found in the Constitution. or in the Declaration of Independence.


Atheism Dethrones Papacy Weishaupt was a major player in setting up the Atheistic puppet kingdom. The “king of fierce countenance” briefly passes the scepter of power to his Atheistic pawn. to rule with the fist of iron.

DAN 8:23, 25 … a king of tierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences shall cause craft to prosper in his hand …

Western Hemisphere Events (New)

• July 1, 1776 — Declaration of Independence and signing of the Consti-tution in the USA was based on the ideas of a Republic, not a Democ-racy. They are different!

• Charles Chiniquy says: “Long before I was ordained a priest. I knew that my church was the most implaca-ble enemy of this republic. My professors … had been unanimous in telling me that the principles and laws of the Church of Rome were absolutely antago-nistic to the principles which arc the foundations stones of the Constitution of the United States of America.” Charles Chiniquy, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, p. 283.

• “The Vatican condemned the Declaration of Independence as ‘wickedness’ … and called the Constitu-tion of the United States ‘a Satanic document.’ ” Avro Manhattan. The Dollar and the Vatican, p. 26. Why? Because the Constitution affords every human being with freedom and liberty of conscience, which is declared by all the popes and councils of Rome as, “a most godless, unholy, and diabolical thing, which every good Catholic must abhor and destroy at any cost.”‘

• 1791 — Bill of Rights (Note the First Amendment to the Constitution:)

Congress shall make no law respecting an estab-lishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exer-cise thereof: or abridging the freedom of speech. or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

• 1832 — Skull and Bones Order Founded at Yale. (On the surface this is just an exclusive fraternity. In reality, this order is an entry point into the Illuminati.)

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