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Master´s of wisdom. Self-Discovery, and Transformation.

There are two worlds: the outer world and the inner world. When the kundalini is fast asleep, man is awake to the outer world. He wants to have everything that the outer world can offer him and he feels that he can get satisfaction only from what the outer world can give him. When the kundalini is awake, man is fully aware of the inner world. He knows that the outer world cannot satisfy his inner needs. He has brought to the fore the capacity of the inner world, which he has come to realise is far superior to the capacity of the outer world. He has brought to the fore the hid-den powers, the occult powers, within himself. Either he uses these powers properly or he misuses them. When he divinely uses the powers of the kundalini, he becomes the real pride of the Mother Supreme. When he misuses them, he becomes the worst enemy of man’s embodied consciousness and of his own personal evolution.

Any individual can practise kundalini yoga if he sincerely wants to. Or if he only wants to study it – that kundalini yoga is worthy of study with the deepest reverence. The main objectives of kundalini yoga are to realise the dynamic existence in the static existence, to change the lower state of consciousness into the higher state of consciousness, to transform the bondage of the finite into the freedom of the Infinite. The dynamic existence is Shakti and the static existence is Shiva. If Shakti is not present in Shiva, then Shiva will remain static. Shakti, the Mother, is the Power, but it is the Father who hous-es this infinite Power.

Blessed is he who practises kundalini yoga as part of his self-discovery and not in order to acquire power in hypnotism, black magic or other low forms of occultism which operate in and from the vital world. A genuine student of kundalini yoga is he who tries to unite the vital power and the spiri-tual knowledge in perfect harmony with the evolv-ing spirit of life. A genuine seeker never considers the hidden powers or occult powers as his goal. He cares only for God. He longs only for God’s loving Presence in his life. The kundalini power is the dynamic power in us. When the dynamic power and the spiritual knowl-edge go hand in hand, the perfect harmony of the Universal Consciousness dawns and the conscious evolution of the human soul reaches the transcen-dental Self.

Most genuine spiritual Masters have advised their disciples not to care for the hidden powers of the kundalini. If a disciple cares only for truth, only for light, then he will make real progress in his inner life. We practise kundalini yoga in order to get power of one kind or another. But if we meditate on God and please God, the Creator, He will give us His entire creation if He wants to. If we want the Creator first and foremost, and not His creation, then we will get the Creator. And once we have the Creator, His entire creation will also be at our dis-posal. If we cry for one tiny part of the creation, we may get it with comparative ease; but the infinite wealth of the Creator will be withheld from us, and we will have to be satisfied with the tiny portion which we asked for.

The Spiritual Kundalini is a higher frequency of life force than the normally active Mundane Kundalini. Once the Spiritual Kundalini is awakened within a person, it rises up the spine to the top of the head and eventually merges with the Crown Chakra, the seat of Spirit in the body. Along the way, this high frequency fire serpent fully activates all the chakras, destroys limitations on all levels of a person’s being, and finally transforms him or her into a god or goddess.

The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom is an extraordinary synthesis of esoteric wisdom, and it contains some information that is highly secret.

It is a Serpent of Wisdom, living in the noumenal worlds, which comes to save man when he needs salvation.

Some whose desire to raise the Kundalini fire is inordinate resort unwisely to a haphazard use of various forms of yoga or even illegal drugs. The raising of the Kundalini under the Ascended Masters’ tutelage is not a sudden burst of fire, but a gentle rising of strength and consciousness. The key to unlocking this energy of the Kundalini is adoration of the Mother Principle.

Will-power in kundalini yoga Spiritual Masters of a very high order do not go through concentration or meditation to open their chakras. They simply use their invincible and all-conquering will-power and open the seven centres as easily as someone eats seven grapes. You can call this will-power the light of the soul or the breath of the spirit. This will-power is like divine volcanic power. it does not take them more than a few sec-onds to open a centre.

These great spiritual Masters also once trod the path of strong concentration and deep meditation. They did not concentrate or meditate on the chakras; they concentrated on God’s Feet and meditated on God’s Heart. From God’s Feet they received God’s ceaseless Compassion, and from God’s Heart they received God’s boundless Love. While playing with God’s Compassion, they saw and felt that God’s Compassion, was nothing other than God’s indomitable Will-Power. While playing with God’s Love, they saw and felt that God’s Love was noth-ing other than God’s Wisdom-Light. When these Masters, in the course of time, were granted the use of this boundless Light and Power, they were to use it only when the Inner Pilot com-manded and not at their own sweet will.

A real spiritual Master has less freedom in the ordinary sense of the term than an ordinary human being. The ordinary human being has a limited power of choice. He can use his limited power of choice to go against God’s Will at his own sweet will. But a real spiritual Master has surrendered his individual will to the Will of the Supreme. He can never have any personal will other than the Divine Will.

The Absolute Supreme asks the spiritual Master always to use his wisdom-light before using His will-power. Very often, ordinary yogis and people who are fond of occultism and magic do not use wisdom-light at all. They just use the will-power that comes from the vital. Will-power can come from the vital world, from the soul’s region or from the transcendental Self.

When we use the will-power from the transcendental Self, we are safe, totally safe. When we use the will-power from the soul’s region, we are also totally safe. But when we use the will-power from the vital—the lower vital, the aggressive vital, the destructive vital or even the dynamic vital—then we run into danger. Very often people who do this create danger and difficulty for themselves and for others because they do not have proper control of the vital force. But a real spiritual Master first uses God’s Wisdom-Light and then uses God’s Will-Power in order to illumine blind mankind and feed hungry mankind.

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