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The transition from the solar plexus to the heart represents passing through the gates to the higher worlds. For in the heart chakra, the spiritual energies of the upper three chakras meet the physical energies of the first three, and we start to experience our wholeness as individuals and our oneness with all of creation. The heart is the ultimate uniting force, the alchemical cauldron of transforma tion, healing, and understanding. As we make the journey from solar plexus to heart, we learn that unconditional Love is our essence. When both the solar plexus and heart chakras are open and free, we experience our supreme power as the con-stant flow of Love through our beingness.

Intuition continues its development in the heart as we reach soul essence. The heart chakra is the seat of the soul.

A!chemists of old are best known for their experiments to transform base metals into gold. But many alchemists were also explorers of the spirit whose experiments were aimed at finding keys to spiritual transformation and eternal life. They were attempting to transform the base metals of their lower self into the gold of their highest potential.

The base metals of their lower self is beta brain waves. The lower self is a state of consciousness and beta brain waves within the root chakra. The root chakra is represented by lead and by transforming this it can be enlighten to gold, a new consciousness or another brain waves.

From alchemical perspective the root chakra is represented by lead and from a brain wave perspective the root chakra is represented by beta brain waves. So be able to transform lead to gold, one actually need to transform beta brain waves to delta brain waves, and delta brain waves is represented by the heart.

From a Tree of Life perspective the Malchut is Earth and the Beta brain waves and Scriptures teaches; as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly ofa huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

The root chakra aligns with the sephiroth Malchut and symbolizes the id. The id is the Beta brainwaves in the unconscious part of the mind which contains the basic instinctual desires uninfluenced by reality.

Beta brain waves identifies itself with the ego-body-identity as its real self and not the higher self. Beta brain waves is mass consciousness and not divine consciousness or represents the higher mind. This world want´s keep humankind tuned into beta brain waves through mass consciuousness. Beta brain waves is also the matrix or the mind prison.

Through meditation one can learn to lowering the beta brain waves and switch to alpha, theta and delta and here lies new spiritual abilities and intuition as the new perception of life.

The theta brain wave is sought after most with meditators and mystics, mainly because, with the right conditions, it’s said to open up the pineal gland – and the theta brain wave state is also the collective subconscious mind that holds all of the experience and human programming in the grid of the Matrix. Theta brain-wave state that connects him with a higher god-source power and bring enormous transformation, conscious access to it. Your greater capacity exists in such subtle energy of self that you can only know it in this relaxed theta state. A great benefit of thinking in theta connected to Source is that you disconnect from the limiting and fearful thoughts.

The heart chakra aligns with the sephiroth Tipharet and symbolizes our emotions. We radiate and receive emotions as the Delta brainwaves that act to motivate us. We can convert all of our negative emotions to positive when we apply our devotion to the work of creation.

The Language, they conveyed, along with the underlying view it embodies, is an expression of “the Tree of Life.” Although they did not elaborate on this concept, they made it clear that the Tree of Life represents a way of perceiving reality based on unity, as opposed to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, representing a way of perceiving reality based on separation.

Beta brain waves creates the separation and duality of the world

The tenth sephiroth Malchut also represents Earth and Matter.

Scriptures teaches; as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly ofa huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

Then Malchut represents Earth, Matter, Beta brain waves and also represents the root chakra and “lead”, one need to transform the beta brain wave and it´s daily living consciousness.

Then Malchut represent Matter, Earth and Beta brain waves and the soul or spark of life is trapped within Matter, so the soul or spark of life is trapped and imprisoned by the beta brain waves. The Beta brain waves may therefore be the matrix of the archons or the mind prison. Its through mediation one transform lead to gold, transform brain waves from beta to theta and delta brain waves. The soul/spirit is slumbering within Matter or Beta brain waves and the archons prevent the soul from awakening and ascending out of the beta brain wave mind prison.

A number of ancient traditions, have used the Tree of Life as a symbol of unity consciousness. It is a key symbol in the alchemical tradition, as well as playing an important role in the Essene teachings and in shamanic traditions the world over. It has been used to represent a higher state of awareness which enables us to balance and ultimately transcend the apparent dual nature of the material world, including the dualities of self and other, masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, the active force and the passive force. In this higher state of awareness, duality is still present, but is balanced and transcended by a third force, which is neutral in polarity. This third force is the unifying presence of Higher Mind.

The unifying place is the heart

There are as many definitions of meditation as there are commentators on it. To one, meditation is simply quieting one’s mind by focusing on only one idea or object. To another, meditation is just being silent and thinking of nothing at all, if that’s possible. Meditation means to emptying of one’s self and focusing completely on one’s highest ideal. Zen masters do this when they meditate. They completely forget anything connected with the mind. The end of Zen meditation is “having no mind” at all.

The Supermind, unlike the mind, is not shrouded by Ignorance. Its knowledge is not confined to narrow ego-sense. The integral knowledge at the Supramental level is not veiled within the dark chamber of inconscience. The vision at this level is cosmic, all comprehensive, all extensive, all inhabiting, the subjective timeless, spaceless static self-awareness and the objective dynamic knowledge in space and time are simultaneously present at this level of consciousness.

The development of this faculty or “Heart Awareness” is not of the lower mind or conditioned mind but of an acutely awakened mind or super mind, which is in sync with the lotus chakra of the heart and the sixth chakra or the third eye. The lower mind cannot observe itself beyond the limits of its own accumulated conditioning; but can observe the process through “self-introspection;’ from the stillness of the heart, which awakens this faculty. This faculty of “self-introspection;’ is already embedded in our DNA or the evolutionary urges of our lower mind. This faculty slowly “awakens” the higher mind and like divine alchemy turns the “intellect” into “intelligence”. This is the alchemy of mind, brain and consciousness.

Our consciousness, however, being non-material, is not limited to matter. Just as light exists independently of shadows and darkness, consciousness is independent of matter. The consciousness of each human being has the potential of going beyond the limitations of material sense perception, even beyond the limitations of the body. The awakening process is a shift of consciousness and perceptions; from to be a body with a soul to soul with a body, and it is a shift from a body/ego perception to Universal Spiritual Perception of the real Divine.

The brain is the instrument through which reality reveals itself. Perceiving reality only through our body/ego-identification requires the use of a very limited part of our brain.

When we move away from our limited self-identification, we open a wider window to our brain, and activate larger parts of it. This process of expanding the use of our brain may lead us to experience phenomena that are perceived as unusual, like knowing about events and actions before they unfold, commonly known as intuition.

Through the practice of meditation we exploit a larger portion of the unused brain. The end of this development process is when the mind realizes itself. If we utilize the full potential of our brains, we can expand our perception to its maximum. This is when we start to see reality as it is, beyond time and space. This state gives us the power to know, even before we process any empirical information. This is intuition! We tap into a spontaneous flow of events beyond logical reasoning.

The intuitive mind has access to information that lies beyond the reach of rational and logical abilities. Our intuition, or sixth sense, frees us from our thinking mind which is designed to conceptualize, analyse and interpret our experience. Learning to dowse is one way to develop intuition and connect more deeply with the gift of inner knowing.

Developing an intuition of what lies beyond opposites is the beginning of a deeper understanding. This is the shift from ego-reality to meta-reality, its a shift from the ego-lens to begin to see through a multiversal lens. Yet we do not perceive the world as through a giant magnifying lens, but through the limited ego-lens of the three dimensional world. Human consciousness is limited due to dense material of physical body. Consciousness, however, being non-material, is not limited to matter. Consciousness is independent of matter.

Superconsciousness takes human awareness outside the brain. We may say even that the brain is only a filter for superconsciousness. It can serve as a window onto superconsciousness, much as windows themselves reveal the scenery lying beyond them, but the brain can no more produce superconsciousness than a window can produce scenery.

Throughout our Duality-based life-times, we have accumulated numerous heavy thought-patterns in the brain. This has influenced our decision-making and polluted our mental and emotional bodies. This heavy debris has knotted the links, causing a type of sluggishness within the Chakra board which prevents a clear flow of energy throughout the system of the human construct. All connecting lines must be cleared before the final switch can be activated.

The platform of non-duality brain waves exists outside of the dualistic matrix of the nervous system. and communication with the higher vibrational realities can now proceed. Reaching this station stimulates the high platform of the Merkaba, which is the Merkaba configuration that initiates the ability to navigate the multi-dimensional highways. This is the realm of the ascended Masters who are entering the higher dimensional vibrations, after releasing all ties to the human personality and immersed themselves into the energies of non-duality. This is a high place of functioning and it enables the Master to ascend into the realms of Light Consciousness where the Over-Soul resides.

One of the biggest challenges people have when they meditate is switching out of high-range (and even mid-range) beta and slipping into alpha and then theta brain-wave frequencies. It’s absolutely vital to do so, though, because when they slow down their brain waves to these other frequencies, they are no longer paying attention to the outer world and all the distractions they’re so used to thinking about when they’re under stress.

When a person becomes more spiritually aware, they are more in tune with the connection of mind, body, and spirit. There is a greater sense of universal awareness. The person understands concepts and ideas beyond the scope of earthly intelligence.

Beta brain waves dominate the normal waking state of consciousness when attention is directed towards the outside world. Meditation is the art of switching attention from the outer “beta” frequency of the world, to the inner world through alpha, theta and delta brain waves.

Because the beta brain waves is anchored in outer world it creates a error; The error that man has made is believing that power is outside him, and this creates the error of limitation; Man’s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there. Its the intellect and ego that binds him to “The Matrix”.

Through the evolutionary history we were isolated in one dimension of our total world, the rest of us cut adrift in the void or the Matrix. Our self-conscious being could only use the five physical senses and ten percent of our brain. This one dimension is also the one vibration of beta brain waves in the root chakra.

Break through the veil of ignorance, lowering the beta brain wave consciousness, open the THE PHYSICAL SOLAR PLEXUS, MENTAL SOLAR PLEXUS, SPIRITUAL SOLAR PLEXUS, and develope spiritual divine abilities, and find the powers of knowledge in meditation, and how to change your inner vibrations and tune into more powerful brain waves within the heart

Through life’s experiences and individual soul growth, each soul will ultimately reawaken to its divine source and acquire an awareness of its oneness with the rest of creation.

Information on vibrations suggests that every particular of matter, every thought, and every impulse of the spirit is indeed connected to vibrations. Everything is vibration. With this in mind, the more we can come to understand the nature of vibrations and how they operate in the world in which we live, the more we will move beyond simply perceiving the shadows of reality—the visual effects of the vibrations around us. Instead, an exploration of vibrations can enable us to come to understand the nature of ourselves, the universe in which we live and, ultimately, even our connection to the divine.

Every time you split your awareness into fragments—which means you experience separation—your vibration slows.

The soul does not save the person; the person needs to save their own soul. The body, mind, and heart all take part in the dark drama of earthly life in which the forces of good and evil pull us in opposing directions of light and darkness by cords of fear, desire, forgetfulness and many other conflicting emotions and sentiments.

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you will discover will be wonderful. What you discover will be yourself.

The root chakra aligns with the sephiroth Malchut and symbolizes the id. The id is the Beta brainwaves in the unconscious part of the mind which contains the basic instinctual desires uninfluenced by reality.

There is no satisfaction and pleasant in the domain of “Beta”, in same way there is no peace of life in the “Beta” state, and there is no oneness in the beta state because duality cannot exist in higher realms of oneness, and ego cannot exist in oneness, and the”rational” beta brain wave cannot acccess the soul.

When we are only in the beta state, we do not have access to other states of awareness, we have not access to other dimensions, we have not access to other realities.

Through meditation one learn the ability to (lowering, stilling, quitening, emptying the beta brain waves) and redirect one´s brain energy—shifting one´s mind state into optimal patterns where one become more receptive to new learning. The “theta state” acquire super-receptivity to new information, and the super-learning ability comes through the inutitive mind, which has the ability to instantly access information in the Alpha State of Consciousness in the present “now”.

The heart chakra aligns with the sephiroth Tipharet and symbolizes our emotions. We radiate and receive emotions as the Delta brainwaves that act to motivate us. We can convert all of our negative emotions to positive when we apply our devotion to the work of creation.

The fourth heart chakra holds the secret key to immortality and it holds the secret key of the “universal panacea” or the “universal medicine”, because in the depths of the fourth chakra is were the “Philosopher´s Stone can be found. When the heart chakra finally opens, this new storehouse of divine energy will flow out to the other chakras as well, and when this chakra is open it will be the new root chakra of existence for one´s life.

Beta brain waves dominate the normal waking state of consciousness when attention is directed towards the outside world. Meditation is the art of switching attention from the outer “beta” frequency of the world, to the inner world through alpha, theta and delta brain waves.

Because the beta brain waves is anchored in outer world it creates a error; The error that man has made is believing that power is outside him, and this creates the error of limitation; Man’s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there. Its the intellect and ego that binds him to “The Matrix”.

When you are in the Beta Consciousness State of mind that uses a faster frequency, you are unable to transmit on the necessary brain wave frequency for directing your subconscious to make changes.

As the Heart Chakra opens itself to the flow of all the other Chakras, the energetic sounds of harmony, joy and laughter permeates and surrounds the whole system, raising the vibrational frequency of the power lines. The Heart eventually restructures into a highly advanced technical control center. It becomes the new Root Chakra, the new solar-power center and the grounding base for the new human construct. This new center is the Zero-Still-Point area and has the capability to store our increased cosmic energy particles. It allows us free access to an infinite amount of crystalline particles to use and to share with others. However to maintain balance, we can only integrate the amount that resonates with our present level of awareness and the access is to be circulated as a constantly moving current of quantum cosmic energy. The new Root is anchored within the higher vibrations and begins to feed the Tree of Life with the elixirs of the Ethers, the fifth element. It is the long awaited chance for the entrance of the fifth element to take its place and join the residing four Earth elements. As noted earlier, the individual six Chakra anchors are still there, but their energetic signatures have merged within the Heart and form a center of power that will provide the energies needed for the rebuilding process.

Our priority at this time in evolution is to move on from the fixation of Beta left brain and the finite mind – and tune into infinite brain waves other than the “beta” radio station.

One can think at the different levels of brain waves as different radio channel frequencies one can tune into through mind/mediation and receive very powerful divine knowledge and universal wisdom of existence. This world keeping humankind tuned into the root chakra beta brain wave consciousness which is been controlled, condtioned and programmed through fear. Fear is the component that programming fear and makes humankind tuned into fear programming for the unknown reality other than the programmed reality within the beta brain wave reality.

“The (alien) group” requires that we don’t develop our natural psychic senses (open the third eye and learn yoga science of liberation), because this would give us the ability to see beyond “the veil of ignorance” that’s been set in place around us for eons and thousends of years. With our natural psychic senses fully developed, we would begin to intuitively become aware of their presence and the lies that have distorted our perceptions of ourselves and our world for so long. Recognizing and developing our psychic abilities would free us from the clutches of any deceptions that they have used against us for most of our history. It has been deeply ingrained into the social fabric to doubt and even ridicule anyone who purports to have psychic powers. The commonly held belief that we don’t have these abilities is by itself the greatest impediment to our being able to develop and use them. The heart center is surrounded by what has been called the “veil of tears,” and it is the last veil to be cleared on the path of enlightenment. We learn then to see beyond the illusion and limitations of ordinary reality.

Through the veil of ignorance the human petals within the chakras in closed, sealed or turned downwards and prevents change from lower vibrations to higher vibrational frequencies and this prevents this holidng back human spiritual progress and the abilty to deveolpe spiritual abilities or spiritual powers/gifts. Here is some example of spiritual abilities and spiritual gifts human can develope if the manage to change their vibrations within their chakra system.

In Sanskrit the Five Solar Plexus are the FIVE NERVE CENTRES of MAGNETIC CURRENT IN THIS BODY.


These three Solar Plexus or Energy Centers could be linked to the three knots that disconnectes the real spiritual Self (first knot), the second knot disconnects reality, dimensions, and the energy of the heart, and the third knot disconnects the spiritual knowledge, wisdom, intuition, and the three knots is also called the three knots of bondage and limitations.

The following is a list of a few of the POWERS attained when the PHYSICAL SOLAR PLEXUS is opened:
Power of Eternal Youth and Beauty
Power of Super Health
Power of Physical Body
Power of Physical Magnetism
Power of Recharging the Body Battery Power of Rejuvenation
Power of Prolonging Life
Power of Reducing Weight
Power of Gaining Weight
Power of Curing All Diseases
Power of Restoring Eye-sight
Power of Singing
Power of Vibration
Power of Self-Healing Power of Healer
Power of Business Success
Power of Levitation
Power of Suspension of Animation
Power of Physical Clairvoyance
Power of Physical Clairaudience
Power of Meditation Power of Concentration
Power of Steadiness
Power of Attraction
Power of Happiness Power of Love
Power of Marriage Success
Power of Teacher
Power of Visible Development Physical Desires
Power of Broadcasting

The following is a list of attained when the MENTAL SOLAR PLEXUS is opened:

Power of Super Mind
Power of Occult
Power of Mental Telepathy
Power of Psychic Development
Power of Psychic Clairvoyance Pout, of Psychic Clairaudience
Power of Invisible Development
Power of Occult Science Potter of Appearing
Power of Disappearing Power of Poetry
Power of Memory
Power of Mental Healing
Power of Mental Development
Power of Mental Concentration
Power of Mental Meditation
Power Over Five Passions
Power to Create Highly Developed Children
Power of Knowing Past, Present, Futtire
Power of Mental Levitation
Power of Imagination Power of Broadcasting Mental Desires
Power of Business Success
Power of Brain Exercise
Power of Super Personality
Power of Cosmic Vibration
Power of Mental Magnetism
Power of Noble Deeds
Power of Mental Love
Power to Destroy Disturbing Actions
Power of Nectar-like Speech
Power of Changing Individual Form
Power to Create

The following is a list of a few of the POWERS attained when the SPIRITUAL SOLAR PLEXUS is opened:

Power of Super Spirituality
Power of Magnifying Holiness
Power to Meet the Kundalini
Power of Spiritual Clairvoyance
Power of Spiritual Clairaudience
Power of Broadcasting Spiritual Desires
Power of Spiritual Magnetism
Power to Go Where You Like Unseen
Power to Go Through Space
Power to Go Through Matter
Power Over Death
Power to Become All-knowing and All-seeing

The root chakra aligns with the sephiroth Malchut and symbolizes the id. The id is the Beta brainwaves in the unconscious part of the mind which contains the basic instinctual desires uninfluenced by reality. Then the root chakra symbolizes the id and ego of human and identify themselves just only through the body-ego-perception as their real self, and not the higher self.

The root chakra is the Malchut in the Tree of Life and represent Earth and Malchut represent the Beta brain wave of the human daily living consciousnes.

Beta brain waves, the ego, the matrix (or the mind prison) is what´s form reality and ego-preception in this three dimensional reality and controls the state of duality of the mind.

Duality represent split consciousness and duality represents fragmentaion of the mind and reality. Every time you split your awareness into fragments—which means you experience separation—your vibration slows.

The human soul, the divine spark of life has become trapped and imprisoned within matter, the three dimensional world, the matrix of the atrchons, and the prevent anyon leaving the matrix, they prevent anyone ascending to highe levels of consciousness, so therefore they hindering humans raising their inner vibrations, because when they starts understand which powers that keeping them trapped witinin the matrix they will begin to freeing the their inner soul. Its through knowledge, yoga and meditation one will be able to change the beta brainwaves of the root chakra and moving out the matrix and climbing upwards on the tree of life.

The Heart eventually restructures into a highly advanced technical control center. It becomes the new Root Chakra.

The heart chakra aligns with the sephiroth Tipharet and symbolizes our emotions. We radiate and receive emotions as the Delta brainwaves that act to motivate us. We can convert all of our negative emotions to positive when we apply our devotion to the work of creation.

The liberating knowledge of reality thus corresponds to our regaining possession of ourselves (svatmagraha). We must lay hold of ourselves and abide in our authentic nature. Reality coincides with our own most fundamental state of being (svasthiti), free of all contrasts and contradictions. Once we have overcome the negative forces that arise from our ignorance and prevent us from abiding in ourselves, we are liberated. To do this, we must penetrate through the pulsing fluctuations of objectively experienced states and perceptions at the surface level of consciousness and gain insight into the timeless rhythm of our own nature manifest in the universal arising and falling away of all things.

We are not freed of the trammels of perpetual change by setting it aside; on the contrary, we must gain insight into the recurrent cycles of creation, persistence and destruction, or else be bound by our ignorance. This spiritual ignorance consists essentially of our contracted state of consciousness and so can only be effectively countered by expanding its to reveal our own authentic nature as this expanded state itself, which is the universal vibration (samanyaspanda) of consciousness. The Spanda yogi treads the Path of Consciousness Expansion.

The movement from the contracted to the expanded state marks the transition from ignorance to understanding, from the dispersion and incompleteness of a form of consciousness entirely centred on an objectively perceived and discursively represented reality to a direct, intuitive awareness of the unity and integral wholeness of our own absolute Spanda nature. Along the way to this supreme realisation consciousness develops, as veil after veil is lifted, until it becomes full and perfect in the absolute which encompasses within itself all possible formats of experience.

This realisation is the supreme limit of plenitude and as such there can be no higher attainment. Any [other) attainment we can conceive issues from a state that falls short of this perfection. Once this untreated fullness has been attained, pray tell, what other fruit can there be beyond it.

Unfortunately, with the veil of spiritual ignorance, Satan is now actively at work hindering souls from seeing the light of the gospel of Jesus and the blessing and freedom it brings (2 Cor. 4:3-4). Subsequently, millions of people remain in bondage. Demons constitute a major force through which this bondage is perpetuated. For this reason, by the grace of God,

Our soul is the Soul of God and the Soul of God is our soul; so our life cannot be separated from Him; only Satan has the power to separate us through ignorance; hence, by constant seeking, we must tear the satanic veil cast upon us.

Knowledge is hidden because there is an infinite veil called ignorance which pervades the minds of men; the senses of the body are impediments for the discovery of self-knowledge. To tear off this veil and to control the senses, one should have recourse to silence and concentration everyday, at a regular time until the veil is pierced and knowledge of the Self which lies within oneself bursts out.

Infmite knowledge is locked in the depth of the Soul; only silence and meditation can bring out that knowledge to the surface through the mind.

We all possess an inner power of knowing things. We can develop this power through meditation; meditation is acquired by silence; silence is acquired by concentrating the mind on the Self; concentration brings constant thought of Him; constant thinking of Him leads to meditation; meditation provides the power of knowing.

We can perfect our body, senses and mind by meditation through a course of constant training till we are enlightened. He who nourishes his mind with silence and meditation gathers abundant fruits. Our body is like the earth, our soul like the seed; if we water them constantly with silence and think of the Self, they grow and bear abundant fruits, that is, knowledge.

To win one’s soul, one must attain meditation, and through it, one can conquer death. . To the one who thinks of the Self and calls Him in silence regularly, God certainly comes and stays in him, and remains a helper to him throughout his life. . We get light from the sun but the real light is the soul; if we come in touch with it through silence, we can be enlightened.

The secret of the Supreme lies in the realisation of the Self through inspiration and meditation which the Self operates in the seeker.

Yogis receive knowledge of the Supreme a little at a time and it gets into their mind at the moment He inspires them. They receive the knowledge according to the eternal plan of the Self. By constantly meditating on the Self, one can tear the veil of darkness and find from Him much knowledge through which one attains perfection.

Knowledge of the Self raises a man from the lower state of living to the higher one.

We all have a power higher than that of human beings; if we seek the Self, we acquire that power gradually. There is a power of seeking and knowing in us; if we develop the power of seeking, the power of knowing will come by itself. When divine thought degenerates, it becomes human thought; when human thought regenerates, it becomes divine thought. Hence, we have to regenerate our thought by seeking. Light and darkness signify knowledge and ignorance, good and evil, day and night, action and inaction, carefulness and carelessness, seeking and idling, purity and impurity…

There is a constant battle between these pairs of opposites, just as two wrestlers try to overpower each other; the battle between purity and impurity is of the greatest importance to mankind. We are placed between two extremes to undergo the effect of opposite qualities of young and old, weak and strong, joyful and sorrowful, fortunate and unfortunate, good and bad, tall and short, fat and lean, bright and dull, long and short…

These varying conditions, which we acquire, partake of the nature of the flesh; so we rise and fall. There is a balanced state which transcends all pairs of opposites in us. He who fights these battles throughout his lifetime will be glorified by the Lord and will acquire the divine Abode.

The fight is to prevent evil energies from penetrating or overpowering us, thus plunging us in darkness. No man is born with his own real mind but with an illusive one, and so he has to regain the real one through seeking; hence, our life is built on a scientific basis for research. Yoga or meditation is that eternal science which takes a man from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge, from sorrow to joy, from sin to virtue, from imperfection to perfection, from impotency to potency, from diversity to unity, from death to eternal life.

Your Reality is Being Hacked

“If you have a preconceived idea of the world, you edit information. When it leads you down a certain road, you don’t challenge your own beliefs.” -David Icke

Icke’s claims about the Saturn/Moon Matrix dovetail precisely with my experience — both personally and as an astrologer — of how the 29.5 day cycle of the Moon keeps us hormonally tied to tiny repeating cycles and the 29.5 year cycle of Saturn locks us into societal structures beyond which we cannot see — until we attune to larger orders, beginning with the outer planet cycles of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and beyond. But to do this is to leap off the cliff of mind-controlled ” rationality ” into the mysterious living universe.” -Ann Kreilkamp

The questions are:

Is Saturn transmitting a frequency to Earth creating a matrix of illusions?
Is the Moon part of this?
Can we do anything about it?

Who’s really controlling things on planet Earth and beyond?

Saturn – Lord of the Rings

The Reptilian Alliance’s modus operandi is the first trigger cataclysmic events on a target “world” or solar system, and wipe away the society that was there before. Then Reptilians genetically-engineer a new species that is designed to be “tuned” into their false reality – their ” Matrix ” – and the planet is hijacked along with the perception of the people. They have done exactly this to Earth and humanity, and their means of doing so are Saturn and the Moon. Saturn, the “Lord of the Rings”, is the master control center. Saturn is a ginormous broadcasting system, and they will eventually find that the rings are full of crystals rather than “ice” – a type of crystal that we aren’t familiar with on Earth. The rings are not natural and at one time Saturn was a conventional brown dwarf. It had no rings. They have been constructed by the technology-obsessed Reptilian Alliance.

Saturn was often symbolized as an eye by the ancients and that is a likely origin of the all- seeing eye.

Saturn Hacks into the waveform information broadcast from the center of the galaxy via the Sun and broadcasts a fake reality into the Solar System. The Moon amplifies this and beams it specifically at the Earth. The fantastic synchronicities between Earth, the Moon and the Sun in size, geometry and position, are all made possible by the Moon. These synchronicities are connected to how the Sun’s information is hacked by Saturn and the Moon. The Moon is where it is because it was specifically placed there.

Visible light and the electromagnetic spectrum that science can record is the matrix, the false reality. And “God” said, “Let there be light.” The speed of light which we are told is the fastest speed possible ( rubbish ) is the vibrational “wall” of the matrix. We are not even living “on” the Earth as it really is. Some of it is “original”, but there are many holographic implants that change it for our perception. The Matrix broadcasts block humans from perceiving what we otherwise would be experiencing. The Earth that we can’t see (or feel too often) is a place of love and harmony – not war, fear and suffering. The predators dictate our lives and make us into slaves to them by hijacking our sense of reality. The Saturn-Moon Matrix transformed a once-vibrant, conscious humanity into computer programs decoding cycles of repetitive perception and behavior. The transmissions of the Satum-Moon Matrix are received and re-transmitted by the Earth’s crystal core which has been tuned to the Matrix frequency range, and the “Hack” connects with us through the reptilian brain and the receiver-transmitter system that we call DNA.

This brings us back to “junk” DNA – the overwhelming majority of human DNA is of ” off- world” origin and the “extraterrestrial junk genes ” merely enjoy the ride with hard-working active genes passed through the generations.

What we see in our DNA is a program consisting of two versions, a big code and basic code. First fact is, the complete ” program ” was positively not written on Earth; that is now a verified fact. The second fact is that genes, by themselves, are not enough to explain evolution; there must be something more in “the game”… Sooner or later we have to come with grips with the unbelievable notion that every life on Earth carries genetic code for his extraterrestrial cousin, and that evolution is not what we think it is. Our hypothesis is that a higher extraterrestrial life form was engaged in creating new life and planting it on various planets. Earth is just one of them. Perhaps, after programming, our creators grow us the same way we grow bacteria in Petri dishes. We can’t know their motives – whether it was a scientific experiment, or a way of preparing new planets for colonization, or the long-time ongoing business of seeding life in the universe.

The DNA implanted by the “extraterrestrials” is pre-programmed, and one effect of the Satum-Moon Matrix is to activate those programs to play out as ” spontaneous ” human behavior and a sequence of “time” .The “software program” is running in every human mind – body computer and it has been encoded for eons.

Nature, saying that all modern humans are descended from a single mother who lived in Africa in about 200,000 B.C.? If what we call humans originate from a single source the program could easily have been implanted that would infiltrate every subsequent member of the ” species” (software). Only by becoming Conscious beyond mind – body can we override the program.

DNA was pre programmed. Some researchers appears to have known far more about DNA than was made public, and they believed that it was made of “extraterrestrial ” origin.

So the Matrix illusion is so deep, so ingrained, because it is not only a Matrix field, but a DNA program. The “Queen Bee” ( Saturn-Moon ) broadcasts the waveform information “hack” and humans decode this into a world they think they see, and perceptions and behaviors they think is “them” . We can be completely controlled by the Matrix and be no more than human robots responding to data input, or we can open our hearts and minds and see beyond what others can see. This means opening our minds to consciousness which is not subject to the manipulation of the Matrix or the DNA program. It operates outside of “space” and “time” and beyond the vibrational walls of the Matrix.

Those in authority who run and enforce the human Control System are following a program in the same way as worker ants and bees follow the program broadcast by the Queen. They are computer terminals on the Matrix Internet with the Saturn-Moon Matrix triggering their already programmed DNA to respond according to the program.

Those appointed to positions of power) are the most locked-in because they were genetically-created for that purpose, but anyone who is not truly conscious ( most of humanity ) will be responding to their DNA Saturn-Moon Matrix program which drives their thoughts, perceptions and behavior.

How Your Reality is Being Manipulated

The Saturn-Moon Matrix is decoded within the electromagnetic frequency range visible to human sight and technology, and the genetic-engineering of the human mind-body computer locked humans into that frequency via DNA and the reptilian brain .

Icke, David – Remember Who You Are. Remember „Where“ You Are and Where You, Come“ from.

Consciousness can, however, override that and so they have to maintain humanity in low- vibrational states to imprison their perception in the Matrix. The plasma field within our holographic reality acts like a ” plasma screen” on which we “watch” the ” picture show”, or appear to. It is an expression, like everything, of decoded waveform information. People go through their lives following the Saturn program they are decoding while thinking this is the “real world”. Humans are like two-legged farm animals caught in the headlights of an oncoming Matrix.

The reality we are being fed is encoded with perceptions and experiences that cause people to transmit low-vibrational emotional energy that both feeds the Reptilian Alliance and, in many ways, helps to power the system The virtual-reality “game” is interactive, and so is the hacked version. We receive and transmit, we receive and “post”. The Saturn- Moon Matrix has created an energetic perception “loop” in which the false reality is fed to us, and, when we perceive it and believe it, we feed back that perception to the Matrix.

This constantly empowers the false reality in a feedback loop. In Short, the matrix is powered by our belief that the hacked reality is “real”. We can and will break the closed loop with the realizations and by opening our minds to Consciousness beyond the Matrix frequencies. The power of the Satum-Moon Matrix to influence our reality dilutes and dilutes the more we open our minds and hearts and let Consciousness in. The Control system is terrified of the Truth Vibrations for this reason, and this is why it is now throwing everything that it can at humanity to keep us entrapped within the vibrational box through fear, chaos and upheaval. By the way, some unexplainable and “paranormal” experiences happen when there is a “glitch” in the Matrix information field.

There are many reports from around the world that the heavens have changed, the constellations are not where they should be and that the Moon has changed its angle. This is the result of the Reptilians manipulating the Matrix to confuse us and prepare us for the fake “end of the world” or “new world” prophecies by the Bible, the Mayan Calendar, Hopi prophecies and all the rest. They are not true. They are part of the manipulation and the Reptilians plan to make it seem as if they are happening by manufacturing events. They are already doing so. It was all planned a long “time” ago.

Reptilian Brain – Reptilian World

One of the chief ways the Matrix connects with us, not surprisingly, is through the reptilian brain, and this helps to lock us into the Reptilian Alliance control system. The Matrix transmissions are also aimed at our DNA receiver-transmitter systems, and much of this is happening within the realms of what science calls ” junk DNA. ” Some of this has been switched off in order narrow our band of experienced reality, and some is picking up the Matrix frequencies by carrier waves from Saturn via the Moon. The Saturn-Moon Matrix is how they have done it. Humans tuned most powerfully to the Matrix transmission ( the overwhelming majority ) are like worker ants following the work-plan broadcast by the Queen. Ants are said to communicate through chemicals called pheromones, but they are only the chemical expression of vibrational communications. Ants tune in through their antennae and we pick up the Matrix broadcasts through DNA and the reptilian brain. The Reptilians have a hive-mind communication system which the Matrix connects with, and it would appear that at the center of this is their version of the female “queen”. Maybe the worship of the “goddess” is something to do with this and certainly the hybrid bloodline is passed on through the mitochondrial, or female, DNA.

The Matrix “mind” is the controlling force behind all the institutions of human control and those who run and administer them while being unknowing prisoners of the Matrix themselves.

The reptilian brain doesn’t think – it reacts; it is constantly scanning the environment in search of threats to its survival physically, financially and across the great spectrum of human experience – reputation, job, relationship, the list goes on and on. They need to feed us an endless stream of reasons to fear not surviving, to connect us more powerfully into reptilian-brain reality – therefore Matrix reality. These emotional states affect the way DNA receives and transmits, and cause heart rhythm incoherence and scrambles the relationship between heart, brain and nervous system. This is another crucial reason why we are bombarded with wars,| financial collapses, false flag terrorist attacks, health “scares’ “global warming” , engineered ” natural ” disasters and all manner of other things. This way they can most powerfully plug us into the Matrix and energize it through the “feedback” loop.

The Moon is a very powerful electromagnetic computer… The energy from the Moon has been beaming electromagnetic frequencies onto the Earth for aeons now to maintain the two- stranded DNA (it is said that is should be twelve-stranded)…

…The Moon is a satellite that was constructed… it was… anchored outside Earth’s atmosphere for aeons as a mediating and monitoring device, a super computer or eye in the
sky. …Earth must be owned by those who dwell there; however it is not. You have outside gods, creator energies, who prevent you, as a species, from having free-reign

The influence of the Moon, as a main satellite computer, affects all of the Earth… The Moon’s programs have for aeons been of great limitation toward human beings… These are repetitive cycles that the Moon creates, to which you respond. Moons like ours can also be used to influence planets in a very loving and positive way and it is possible that the Moon was doing that before it was hijacked by the Reptilian Alliance to be a means of mass manipulation and control.

We need to be flexible about detail and let Information be our guide, not unyielding dogma. In that case, removing the Reptilian Alliance from the Moon and changing what it broadcasts would have a life-changing effect on this planet and its inhabitants. Simply switching off the Reptilian broadcasts would change everything.

There is a multi¬ dimensional effort going on to set the planet free from aeons of Reptilian/Gray control and this will succeed. We need to play our part in our level of reality while others do their job elsewhere. This dismantling of the Reptilian Control System is not only to help humanity. What is happening here is having a knock-on effect across a wide area of the galaxy and beyond because of how a smaller part of a hologram can affect the whole.

There have been many battles over the Moon… There is a plan to gradually insert different programs of influence on Earth when the Moon becomes occupied by forces that would assist in your growth rather than limit you.

The Moon’s programs have for aeons been of great limitation toward human beings. The tales about the full moon and insanity, madness and heightened bleeding are all true. There are repetitive cycles that the Moon creates to which you respond. It is the extraterrestrials that really operate it all. Your technology, though rapidly advancing, cannot begin to compare with the biotechnology (including genetic engineering) of sentient space travelers.

You are newcomers to the game and you miss a vital key, for your senses, and the essence of your physical world, structure reality in a particular way. You constantly translate data and, like interpreting a dream, condense the experience into physical boundaries, where you find you can explain less and less. We are leaving an age of limitation and entering an age of limitlessness). We are being manipulated to decode reality that keeps us limited and enslaved.

All Movements, actions and manifestations of people, animals, and plants depend upon the Moon, and we are controlled by the Moon… The Mechanical part of our lives depends upon the Moon, is subject to the Moon. If we develop in ourselves consciousness and will, and subject our mechanical self and all our mechanical manifestations to them, we shall escape the power of the Moon.

The Saturn-Moon Matrix operates within the frequency range of mind, the electromagnetic spectrum and low-vibration emotion. When we open our minds to Consciousness our perception expands beyond the influence of the Matrix frequencies. We can suddenly perceive what we were blocked from perceiving and we begin to see what is really going on.

The most ancient human accounts do not mention time. It is an illusion of the Matrix, and time was encoded to enslave humans by disconnecting us from the NOW.

The “ Time Loop ” is the Matrix. The time loop is what has been hacked into the limitless NOW-reality that we should be experiencing. Saturn is associated with time and “Kronos” , the name of the Greek Saturn God, means “time.” Saturn – Moon control of our perception of time the ” reptile ” holding humans back so they could not “grow”

Planet Earth is a Saturnian society controlled from Saturn via the Moon. This makes so much sense of what has happened to the world, and what is happening. Notice how the traits and influences of the Saturnian are the same as the Draconian – the Reptilian “hive” mind. The Satum-Moon Matrix reflects the hive mind of the Reptilians that control Saturn and the Moon. The Reptilian hive mind has hijacked the human mind via the Reptilian brain and the Moon Matrix.

Open your mind and you will see what has been purposely hidden from you.

Within this framework, then, humans are prisoners. Humans are considered to be composed of flesh, soul, and spirit’s seems to use soul and spirit interchangeably. The body and soul are the result of the cosmic powers/gods who imbue them with the passions and appetites of the lower spheres and are therefore subjected to the created prison. The spirit, on the other hand, is seen as having fallen from the beyond and is held captive by the body and its liberation, its awakening, only comes via knowledge.” This spirit is sometimes seen as the presence of an inner “Self,” that is “the transcendent and true subject of salvation.

‘Salvation is viewed as a reuniting with this part of ones self.” However, while trapped, this spirit longs for freedom for it is understood to be slumbering in matter; to be asleep.” “‘Ignorance’ is:’ therefore, “the essence of mundane existence.”” It is an ignorance of one’s spirit about itself and about the transcendent God” because of this slumbering. This spirit is also considered to be battled for by the various forces of creation.” Hence, God’s true “Life” is seen as being trapped inside the body,” as well as within this cosmic prison, while the body is seen as being totally impure and not to be trusted along with the rest of the material and lower realms?

They don’t want us to know this information, because if we did, we would walk through the prison bars and free ourselves from the prison.

Breaking the Spell and breaking the bondage of the matrix and concepts of duality

Duality that keeps us all bound in separation, and from the Self Mastery that was originally intended. Self Mastery is based in Unconditional Love and connection to Soul and Source.

Humans are historical beings, trapped in history.When humans can´t access the depths of the mind or the state of oneness because the state of duality creates the separation into the three dimensional world.

Energy is information, and information is history. Its like the key and lock together. Ancient text then reveals there is three knots of ignorance and these blocks the natural flow of energy in the human body-system, and then energy is information, and information is the “history” humankind is trapped in and living in the state of ignorance or the slumbring state.

Lifting the Veil of Duality makes a simple, effective method to bring any hidden fears or resistance to the forefront of your awareness. It has the codes of natural law imbued in the written words and the space between them.

The Greek word for revelation is Apokalupsis, or Apocalypse, which means to “reveal” or “unveil” that which is hidden.

“For the time is at hand.” The word Time in the Greek is the word Kaheeros meaning a special time or a set time.

It is our ignorance of the true nature of the Self that gives rise to false views about it. But when we learn how to reduce unnecessary and wasteful mental activity, and make the mind still and peaceful, the insight will dawn that there is a deeper dimension of self that transcends the limitations of body, mind, time and space. It is like the falling away of veils, or the dissolving of clouds that hide an inner sun. When the clouds part, the sun shines through, and when we learn to saturate our mind and feelings in the liberating ideas about the deeper Self within, there will be a clearing of some of the long-cherished self-images that prevent us from enjoying the true glory and infinity of our own being.

Fear is used to keep their world in the split state of duality and in the the “dreamworld”

Duality cannot, and does not exist in the higher dimensional states of consciousness; therefore, it is impossible for the Ego to survive within the higher realities.

Mental stimulation causes vibration, and Theta is the perfect, natural healing stimulator-vibration. It’s what leads to total brain harmonisation, for you need use of all the brain speeds. Theta uses Alpha as the bridge between Beta analytical left brain, and the higher self right brain — Beta’s faster vibratory speed is not conducive to direct access of Theta-bliss experiencing, and this most untapped natural dimension just needs to be activated to become established in consciousness. Once practice commences the metamorphosis into Theta also commences.

A clash of lower self functioning versus your soul’s desire for evolution — the intentions of the higher self Theta versus lower self ignorance, kept active through “Beta knowing” only. Remember, egotism is false, soul knowing is authentic. With direct knowing intuitive life commences. A lifestyle which expresses congruently with the Universal Mind, with evolution, with the spiritual principles of soul, unity awareness and healing; these are your soul’s nobler intentions.

Humans are trapped in a cycle of illusion, and their ignorance of this cycle keeps them locked in it, fully dependent upon their own interactions with the programs, the illusions of sensory experience which these provide, and the sensory projections of others. These projections are strengthened by humans’ enormous desire to believe that what they perceive to be real is in fact real.

The human ego is still trapped in very primitive states of consciousness.

Some believe we choose to live in human form to experience what cannot be experienced in the spirit worlds. This is true, yet, this is an act of deception. How can one freely choose when that one does not fully realize, beyond his or her conditioned state (spiritual or physical) that he/she is truly god, the light, and the source. When one has existed for so long in complete disconnect from the source, one does not know of choice. The choice that is believed to exist is the illusion of choice, to incarnate or not, within the illusion of karma. So even, when one does die, the spirit is trapped in the illusion of separate identity and the ego (hell) has developed such strength that it is so very painful to let go of the illusion and embrace the universal power of the oneness, of complete god-ness. For it is ego that keeps one in the clutches of duality, and with duality is suffering both in physical and in spirit.

Everyday life in the human world can be likened to a polarity game; a pendulum swing between opposites. We only know what is ‘hot’ because we understand what is `cold’; we understand there is ‘darkness’ because we have the experience of ‘light’. Things in the physical world are known by their opposition: forces that are active and passive exert themselves upon human lives. Everything and everybody manifests its own polarity. Spirit and matter are extreme degrees of the same essence. Hermetic teachings state that:

Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconcited.

Polarities trick us into the illusion of taking sides, such as choosing which is the ‘winning’ side and which the ‘losing’. Yet to emotionally feel victorious, or defeated, is an energetic state of our choosing; and one that will demand much from a person. A person pays for taking emotional sides. People spend considerable energies dividing the world into people who are good or evil, rich or poor, intelligent or stupid, important or insignificant.

Often standards of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ depend upon individual or group criteria, usually handed down through social processes, and are not objective fact. And all too often people spend much of their lives categorizing what they ‘like’ and what they ‘dislike’. A person ‘likes these clothes, this style, at this time; then ‘dislikes’ them at a later lime. A person ‘likes’ this person at this time, then ‘dislikes’ them a moment later.

This is an easy trap to fall into, a continuing cycle of likes/dislikes that force a person to make mental and emotional attachments that distract the attention and drain personal energies. Within such polarities a person is forced to make judgments. Sometimes it is better if a person refrains from judging. It is harder to find contentment and happiness within a world of continual judgments. Remember the words of the New Testament: ‘Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother ‘s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye’?” (Matthew 7:3). Too much external distraction takes the attention away from the real source within a person.

And there are forces too in the physical world that deliberately create strongly polarized energies (fear, stress, tension) in order to disrupt the formation of balanced polarities. So we should refrain from too easily jumping into the polarity game: step away and view the processes more objectively. In truth, it is not about our tikes or dislikes. This is an emotional seesaw that sways a person from one encounter to the next. A person who moves between likes and dislikes will find it more difficult to achieve harmony in their life.

Getting tied into polarities, between ‘beliefs and ‘non-beliefs’, is itself a subjective entanglement supplied by the physical world. After all, belief in ‘non-belief ‘ is still a belief.

Polarity then is a way of fixing one’s attention onto extemalities: we are generous or mean; we indulge or deny; we do ‘good’ or ‘bad’. However, it is often the case that by following attachment to a particular polarity a person is in fact indulging more. For example, the urge in some people to do ‘good’ (the ‘do-gooders’) is often a need to feel self-gratification, which is an internal reward. It is a form of greed. Yet greed to be generous is still greed: to indulge in our denial is still indulgence. Often, the ‘desire’ to be this or that is in fact a need to indulge our desires. There is no simple and pure act as long as a person exists through polarity. It is an illusion we rarely see and thus it draws a person in almost completely.

Polarity makes a person see events and challenges as a blessing or a curse. We rarely see them as simply events; moreover, events that we are asked to respond to. Being influenced by the swing of the pendulum that is polarity can create challenges and stress. It can be a struggle to try to find ‘one’s place’ within the contradictory nature of active and passive forces By stepping away a person can practice a form of patience that allows them to have a more objective understanding of events and influences.

We may not be able to escape the effects of polarity completely, yet we can shift ourselves to a more harmonious position. Physical life will ensure that the pendulum will continue to swing; only that with awareness and restraint we may escape being carried along with it: Perhaps it is only by standing back, emotionally, and testing our assumptions that we can become more the masters of ourselves and correspondingly less the slaves of circumstance.

To step away thus involves an awareness of physical and emotional participation within circumstances, events, experiences, and beliefs. Stepping away also involves an inward move (or ‘shift’) for a short time when a person feels it necessary to detach from noisy or distracting situations.

Perception — It’s a Matter of Perspective

The development of human perception is still often regarded as ‘spooky’, or as not a ‘normal’ pursuit, whereas in truth it is very necessary. It is accurate to say that a person has potential beyond their dreams. So much so that dreams sometimes inhibit a person because they cannot perceive deep enough or far enough.

Higher perception is a faculty that when operative is able to distinguish between what is information — the assembly of facts —and what is knowledge. While not everyone has the faculty of higher perception operating within them, many have the capacity to acquire it. There have always been a number of individuals within humanity that have aspired toward acquiring a higher functioning degree of perception. The efforts to achieve this have always been varied and with mixed results. It is therefore important that society, with its numerous forms of conditioning, does not dilute or distract these aims into lesser objectives. The focus and intention must remain resolute and committed. Many ‘metaphysical ways’ are discarded forms of previous teachings aimed at raising human consciousness (like a caterpillar that sheds its chrysalis).

A person must ensure that they do not become distracted by attraction to a nonfunctional and deteriorated system. Perception within a person is that which is able to recognize between information and knowledge: and between secondary (decayed) and primary (genuine) traces of real inner wisdom and insight. Many so-called ‘spiritual teachings have fallen to a lower level than their original functioning. Many now operate through repetition and/or emotional release mechanisms. In such systems there is an absence of real experience; replaced instead by subjective experience that the person takes to be significant, and an indicator of ‘higher knowledge’.

This relates to what was said previously: that ‘False gold only exists because there is such thing as the Real’. It is like arriving in a new country for the first time and finding that all the citizens wear different parts of a computer as fashion accessories — they are trendy; they look good: they are the ‘next best thing’; they imply status. etc — yet no one knows that the parts should be put together, or how, in order to produce a functioning whole: a computer. So too is much spiritual knowledge in this day and age so scattered, misunderstood, and inappropriately used. It is a characteristic of our human conditioning to collect various fragments and to consider this gathering together as a profitable and worthwhile enterprise — like going to a flea market and coming back with a handful of bargains. In the same way, people often feel that by collecting, dabbling, in various metaphysical-spiritual subjects—gathering bits of ‘useful’ information — that they are teaming and developing upon a correct inner path. Yet the haphazard collection of shiny objects will not necessarily produce a functioning system.

And it is highly doubtful that it ever will. This is a matter of perception, which needs to be developed upon. For this reason a degree of personal perception is crucial in recognizing the wheat from the chaff. Perception can be like trying to explain color to a blind person. Our over-reliance upon a stagnant form of intellectualism obstructs the true growth of our finer perceptions.

Once the bars of intellectual imprisonment have been removed there is the possibility for more subtle modes of perception to operate. The previous sentence must not be grasped as an intellectual hypothesis. Our conditioning (intellectual, emotional, mental) often creates a fight with those impacts and influences that could be most beneficial to us—just as a drowning person may fight off their rescuers amid the struggle. What we can do to help the ‘rescue’ is to shift our perspectives and their emphasis of attention: away from forms of dogma (linearity, regulations, ritual, etc) onto more conceptual forms that can be learned through experience. In other words, lose the linearity and make friends with the conceptual! Too many people, too much of the time, wish to talk about the various ‘shiny pieces’ and not about the whole; and often attempt to persuade others to exalt and praise the virtue of the pieces as if to validate their worth.

With correct perspective, a person can ‘step away’ from these fruitless enterprises and focus upon the inner whole. Remember: having more cannot compensate us for being less. Our finer perceptions may at first seem like a stranger to us: yet this is only through disuse, like an underused or slack muscle. Perception requires exercise; it is a matter of correct perspective. To enable correct perspective a person needs to practice discernment, and an awareness of presence and energy — as discussed in the previous chapters. The right kind of perspective, under the right conditions, can develop a person — and help to break the spell.

One step to begin this is to familiarize oneself with these ideas, to grasp them and feel their worth: yet not intellectually nor emotionally but with an inner organ of discernment. As the saying goes, the bird with its beak in salt water all year round does not know fresh water. If a person is not ready — not ‘equipped’ — to perceive certain things then these things do not exist for the person. Perceptions that are suited to present conditions may be lower than those perceptions that may be possible for a person to achieve. It is important to recognize (to perceive) that levels of development are always possible and that the ‘present moment’ only represents a stage along the way, and is almost never final.

If you do not, or cannot, understand something then you can do little about it. Each of us, in varying degrees, has the perception that we need to move forward. Some perceive it as an urge; others as a desire: or as a niggling suspicion. By not correctly acting, with perception, on this impulse humankind is open to a sense of dissatisfaction, which can increase according to the influence of extemal circumstances. In short, humanity has the function to move forward along its evolutionary destiny. The danger is that elements within our human societies may create false substitutes that provide temporary ‘fulfillment’. If our perceptions are limited to a lower capacity, then they are vulnerable to attracting stimuli, impulses, influences, etc that feed these perceptions and which perpetuate the entrapment of our perception.

These are our ‘narcotic distractions’ that come in many forms and which serve to distract us — to put a ‘spell’ on us — and thus artificially yet deliberately interfere with our capacity and potentials. In such states of diminished perception it becomes easy for the human mind to change its thinking and to start to believe that all current circumstances are a result of ‘fate’. Therefore, such experiences/states as uncertainty, insecurity, incompleteness, etc are all part of ‘fate’s struggle’ and are forces that a person must accept in their lives.

The extreme of this thinking is to view emptiness as a valid state in life: this perspective is nihilistic, or at best pseudo-existentialist. The forces of inertia must be overcome. To lose the force of forward momentum in our lives is to surrender to the ‘spell’ of our life’s conditioning. Internal energy must be provided in order to overcome the obstacles of external inertia. In other words, each person is required to make an individual effort to develop their perception, and thus increase their energetic state. Through self-development of perception a person can break free from distorted realities, from erratic energetic environments, and to glimpse other ‘realities’.

We have the capacity to define the fabric of our own perceptions, and to seek corresponding stimuli. It is our responsibility to extend our own tools of perception. There is no better time than the present to begin breaking our old perceptual patterns because humanity now has assistance: it is timely. That is, the evolutionary impulse that is now making its presence felt within humanity and upon the Earth facilitates changing patterns. It will be easier to break away from ingrained patterns — mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally — than at any other time in our present existence. In such periods, it is possible to make radical re-patterning and to develop perceptual insights. Perception is a form of deep intuition, which means learning to trust our insights. We can begin by familiarizing ourselves with the taste of our intuitions; to follow them, a little at first until we gain confirmation of their correctness.

As we receive validation of our intuitions both the signals forthcoming and our recognition and action on them will increase. This will confirm to us the truth of our own inner perceptions, until such taste becomes almost second nature to us. We don’t need to have expectations of immediately perceiving and understanding the bigger picture — the so-called ‘Grand Design’ — but we can begin by working to see how the smaller picture begins with oneself. A good way to start is by setting small yet achievable goals that can be accomplished. As previously described. we should begin by focusing and training our intentions, and to support these intentions with the appropriate energy. Working step-by-step, in incremental phases, we can develop ourselves to a more fully responsible human being in the world. This is a true goal of spiritual work on oneself: to be fully human.

It’s necessary to move out of day-to-day beta consciousness and into alternative consciousness because it moves beyond polarity of either/or to either/and and links with Source energy where all possibilities exist. Beta state is the state of duality. The left brain hemisphere or the rational brain can´t access the structures of the soul. The ideas and concepts of the left brain is built up around the the three dimensional world of duality and polarity, and the right brain hemissphere is built up around univrsal concepts of wholeness.

The carnal mind is the manipulator of the mass energies of the mass consciousness. Since the carnal mind is in control of the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Mass consciousness. The collective consciousness of humanity. Mass mind. The collective mind of humanity. Until quickened, this body, often called the lower mental body, remains the vehicle for the carnal mind. Sympathy draws the individual into the whirlpool of human chaos and ties up his energies in the day-to-day melodrama of the mass consciousness through the beta brain waves (of duality). Beta brain waves is also the mass consciousness.

Mass of thoughts that have been built up in consciousness through many generations of earthly experiences and crystallized into what may be termed human personality, or carnal mind. Another name for the devil is ‘sense consciousness. Sense consciousness is a mental state formed from believing in and acting through the senses. It is carnal mind expressing its disbelief in the omnipresence of God. The carnal mind is not conscious in the customary sense, although in another sense it is completely conscious—more so in some ways than the ego, since it has to direct the routine functions of the body such as the breath and heart-beat even in deep sleep. The carnal mind, as one might expect, thinks sensorily.

Without the mind of God, people are the products of the mass subconscious – until we are ready to participate in the final freeing of spiritual man from the dominion of the sense consciousness. in the Bible as “the carnal mind,” “the natural man,” “the mind of the flesh,” etc. … may have than a consciousness arising wholly from the five senses, this consciousness is wholly of this material realm.

We are at a very important point in history right now Because we have the ability to regenerate our original organic imprint for health. And we don’t need science and fancy equipment to do this. We are just required to learn how To use what we came in with—our mind-body-spirit system to direct our mind to alter the scalar waves by which our DNA is composed.

Humans. The aeon that had fallen was captured and imprisoned in this material world in the bodies of humans. Many humans have this spark of the divine within them. People with the spark have a longing to escape this world;

Salvation. The divine spark within humans can escape only by learning where it came from, how it got here, and how it can return. Deliverance from this evil material world, in other words, comes only by liberating knowledge (gnosis).

The Earth we are speaking of is what you perceive as your planet. Your planet is not all what you see or think it is.

The Archons have enerrgy-grid-program around Earth to protect them from their program brought down

Fear has numerous faces and has been engrained into our systems in countless ways. Fear is reflected in our beliefs, emotions, and the collective consciousness grids. It is locked in our energy bodies, organs, and cells, and it is an inherent part of our minds. This means that stepping out of fear is a process that requires time, diligence, perseverance, willingness, and a clear intent to never give up, even though the process might at times be incredibly frustrating. We will never step into a new consciousness if we are not willing to undertake this path. And we will never make a real connection with the Sidhe. The process of stepping out of fear has three major steps: connecting with your heart (divine essence), connecting with the frontal lobes of your brain, and the stimulation of the frontal part of your amygdala.

We are truly on a prison planet, no longer having a natural connection with the divine spirit, “Why”. The story of the “Garden of Eden” (and paradise lost), is the eviction from Paradise. This story becomes our true reality. But instead of eating an apple from a sacred tree, “what” could be the true story? Remember the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This is not just a fancy saying, because the apple has a monatomic substance which can heal you, and more importantly helps to activate the pineal gland between the brain (every ones third eye). But instead of nourishing our stargate to gain access to a higher self, this ability has been manipulated with chemicals in the air, food, and water. A time when a different race came from heaven to earth, who we call god’s because they were so advanced. Revelation quotes that these god’s created man to their likeness, well they improved mans ability on a molecular level, more or less changing our DNA.

The veil of ignornace has made earth to a low vibrational prison planet and the archons controls the matrix and veil of ignorance. The veil of ignorance creates separation from the real self, real reality, real perception and disconnection from real knowledge. The veil of ignorance has been in place for eons and thosuends of years without people understanding what the veil of ignorance is, and how is control humankind within the matrix of the archons, and they are kept in the structures of mass consciousness. Mass consciousness and beta brain wave consciousness keeping humankind trapped within a ego-perception that is been controlled by others. Mass consciousness is not a divine consciousness. Beta brain waves, mass consciousness and the veil of ignoranve all prevent humans from breaking through the veil of ignorance. The veil of ignorance is like a thick wall one need to break through and has been in place for thosuends of years, so it may take many years of practice, spiritual teachings and meditation to break through the veil of ignorance, The more people directing their attention in the right direction the easier it becomes to access beyond this veil of ignorance.

The veil of ignorance creates fear because lack of knowledge creates fear for the unknown, and earth has been conditioned with this belief system to fear the unknown and be frightful, and this keeping humankind from searching in the depthts within themselves.

Sometime is the evolutionary history Earth was throught these unseen spiritual powers, authorities, principalities made to their domain and they went about rearranging the D.N.A of native human species through genetic manipulation and through unplug the other 10 spiritual dna strands (the 98% junk dna) so the human race would be manageable and easier to control. Therefore, everything that was unnecessary for survival was disconnected. Man was left just with a subconsciousness script and code that controls the template of the 2 dna strand of the carbon-body of humans.

If you imagine the D.N.A. molecule to be a library housing genetic information for a particular organism, you can understand how the native human species has been partially shut down. When the unseen rulers or (invaders) came in, they disconnected 10 strands of D.N.A. leaving only 2 (a double helix); it was like they took most the books off the shelves and tore out all the pages and threw them in a messy pile on the floor. The information was still there, but it was unorganized and hence unrecognizable.

As a result, Earth humans became locked into the third dimension (of the Matrix). What is happening now is that the information that was trashed in the library is slowly recombining back into form. When the 12 strands of D.N.A. are realigned they will plug into the 12 chakras, which are vortexes of information (7 are in the body and 5 are outside the body). Humans on Earth must now learn to reintegrate this information into the collective consciousness so that it is available to everyone. Just as Earth is a library, so too is your body. Every cell holds the history of the universe, and when you learn to extract this information and decode it into understanding you will become a conscious co-creator of reality. Light is information, so the paradigm of the new age is light.

Illusion is meant to entrap and enslave humanity. This enslavement can be maintained only through ignorance. Consequently, the created world is a counterfeit world fashioned by the counterfeit spirit of the demiurge and his archons.

Ignorance is a limitation of knowledge. The problem with of Evil is the creation of ignorance and there is a veil of ignorance in the place in this world to create separation from the real higher self and to prevent humankind from have access to divine knowledge, and because of this the archons can control the world, humankind and keep them trapped within the low vibrational frequencies of the reptilian mind control reaility.

Humanity can remove the veil of Ignorance by ascending to the supramental level and by realizing integral knowledge. It is possible to realise the Divine Truth or integral knowledge again only through the spiritual evolutionary process.

Ignorance is like a veil wrapped around the human mind, a veil that prevents the mind from breaking free of the shackles of materialism. Through this veil, we see only a material world, with material beings. We see a material sky and material plants and animals. The veil of ignorance keeps us disconnected from life’s deeper reality.

Only taking in knowledge of the Self, such as the scriptures teach, removes the veil of ignorance and reveals the Self.

Knowledge how to break through the veil of ignorance, knowledge how to find the real higher self beyond this veil of ignorance, and how to develope infinite divine powers, the power of meditation, and how to switch from ego perception to the real higher self, and how the archons prevents spiritual progress out of the matrix

Scenario two looked like this: On the planet Earth, in a pleasant country of temperate climate, colonists from Earth are attacked by the most insidious of enemies—a parasite which digs its way into their very brains. The cellular units of the parasite may connect into a pseudo-organism of any magnitude—into an organization of cells many thousand times the size of the human brain. Furthermore, the cells have the property of mimicry. Once having contacted an organ of such complexity and capability as the human brain the parasite can easily duplicate it and learn to develop similar functions. It acquires the faculties of conscious thought, intelligence and self-awareness, and forms a mind of its own which floods the brains of its victims, reducing their own personalities to helpless subservience to a single Self, which is its own although made in the image of the human individual self.

The parasite begins a long program of controlled self-development and evolution preparatory to extending its domination to all other worlds where human colonies exist—and perhaps ultimately to all habitable worlds in the universe.

Then the men from Earth arrive. Although relatively naive they pose a threat. Firstly, they arrive at a time when the super-mind is still relatively undeveloped, having so far acquired only a fraction of the powers potential to it. Secondly, they have an impregnable base from which to operate, and within it a genetic engineering laboratory potentially capable of producing a living weapon which can destroy the super-mind.

The super-mind therefore tries to hide its real nature from the visitors, and attempts to seduce them into accepting parasitism by pretending to be harmless. Once it has taken over one of them, by one means or another, it stands a reasonable chance of getting into the ship, at which point it has won the battle. The men from Earth, although realizing the true state of affairs, hesitate over the proper course of action, giving the super-mind time to plan a winning strategy.

The men from Earth are absorbed into the super-mind and carry it back to an unsuspecting Earth, which is conquered with a minimum of trouble. After taking over Earth, the super-mind goes on to co-opt the whole universe to itself and, effectively, to become God. Maybe, it already happened once, an unimaginable age ago, and life in the universe as it is today is the wreckage of the last super-mind, which somehow destroyed itself.

The ego has become the “God” of the collective awareness among energy systems within the mass of collective energy. The dividing factor of separation from spiritual energy and God’s energy was when the ego entered and took over the unconsciousness of the energy system. As long as the ego remains in control of the energy system, the truth of knowing God is inhibited. Spiritual energy and God’s energy must converge to allow total connection to the higher levels of consciousness. The ego suppresses spirituality and God’s energy, thereby, disconnecting the energy system from believing in anything greater than itself.

The ego is the voice of the “old brain,” sometimes referred to as the reptilian brain, which has limited focus and awareness. Reptile brain can’t comprehend a Higher Self. The Higher Self, by contrast, can include the ego. The reptilian brain is also our automatic pilot. Therefore, the reptilian brain, purely mechanical and unconscious in its operations. Then the the old brain is the ego and when the old mechanical automatic pilot thought patterns starts changing, the Ego is threaten by change and its old created fear and reaction patterns.

The old self, or the false self, is the creation of the carnal mind. It is not the creation of God. God created our divine authentic Self. We have created the false self through a false light, or sight. This light is the false wisdom we gained by eating from the three of the knowledge of good and evil under the deceptive influence of Satan. We gave so much importance to this false ego or self, that it became the main personality in our consciousness. This is actually the cause of all the problems and chaos we face in life.

Normally, when we slow down our brain waves by relaxation or meditation, they eventually settle down to Delta, which is the unconscious or sleep state. However, if we can slow down or reduce the frequency of our brain waves without falling asleep (which is one of the keys to understanding its powers), then a person can perform certain mental tasks at one brain wave, which he cannot do at other brain wave levels. For example, at the Alpha level, one can project his consciousness or awareness into the future and know what’s going to happen before it does (technically called precognition). He can project his consciousness into the past and know what happened without being there (called retrocognition). He can project his awareness to another person and know what he is thinking of (through telepathy). He can project his awareness to a distant place he has never been to before and describe it accurately (through remote viewing or travelling clairvoyance). He can also heal himself and others through mental imagery or visualization. Why is this possible? Because at the Alpha level, the brain waves, both of the left brain hemisphere and the right, are synchronized. And when this happens, the person is able to tap the tremendous powers and knowledge hidden in the subconscious mind consciously. Therefore, training ourselves to think at the Alpha level without falling asleep offers tremendous benefits and powers for everyone.

The Alpha rhythm is important not only because it enables us to perform some incredible things with our brains but also being in that state can boost our immune system and thus keep us healthy. Going into Alpha also removes stress and increases mental ability. When we are in meditative state, we are at the Alpha level of our brain waves.

recognition of resistance: resistance to insight; resistance to knowing the self; resistance, therefore, to arriving at the truth. The recognition of the Truth opens the door to transcendence.

Transcendence of what? Transcendence of the lower and more primitive part of the personality. Consciousness is the Intelligent Plan that directs the atom to the proper atom to make the proper molecule and, in turn, to join Oxygen with Hydrogen to make water. This Intel-ligent Plan hovers over the universe of universes and imparts order to everything. It is the Intelligent Plan that we call Consciousness.

You will see that our individual consciousness, the director of the personality, rises to higher and higher levels in the return to HOME. But don’t be deceived. This is not automatic, and it is not passively received. Instead one must work to find the inner resistance to growth, the inner resistance to facing the fear inside, and then to withstand the fear in the sure knowledge that one will break through to a higher degree of freedom. Along with this comes greater insight into the self and greater personal strength with which to meet the trials of life. Finally, one can ascend to a position of love-wisdom, ready to face the travails of life, and to assist fellow-humans along the way.

The purpose of evolution is to reveal the Spirit of the Superconscience that is concealed within the dark chambers of the lower triple of Matter, Life and Mind. In other words, it aims at the transition of ignorance towards true knowledge. But the evolutionary process not only aims at the revelation of the Spirit or the removal of ignorance but it also intends a radical and integral transformation or the manifestation of a permanent new order of beings in the field of terrestrial existence. In other words, it aims at the evolution of supramental beings rather than spiritual beings. Till now man as a mental being is able to raise himself from the mental level to the spiritual poise. But the spiritualization of a group of men is not the end of the evolutionary process. Another instrumentation higher than mind has begun to develop in man. That instrumentation is the Supermind.

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