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Mass consciousness is the Kingdom of The Ego. When man functions from the external energy of the ego, he does not relate to the consciousnesses within the inner self and the higher self. This man, in effect, does not know who he is. Therefore, man will search for his identity within the external energy forces of life. He is functioning within the external ego world so it is logical for him to create support for that ego self from that external world.

“Man must finish the work which Nature has left incomplete,” said the Alchemists

The pearl of great price is the individuated consciousness of our divine self; but to realize our divine self we have to become our divine self with relentless conscious effort, which is what makes it so difficult to realize. “Man must finish the work which Nature has left incomplete,” said the Alchemists; which means that we have to live our life in such a way as to blend (the “sacred marriage” of Alchemy) the consciousness of our outer self with the consciousness of our inner self and create a consciousness of one harmonious self.

The key to infinity is won through the mastery of the lesser self (the microcosm) by the power of the Greater Self (the Macrocosm). Through man’s correct use of the sacred gifts of Life, including free will, his consciousness in the microcosm can identify with the fullness of God’s consciousness in the Macrocosm. But first, it is essential that he learn how to make the contact, how to establish and maintain his relationship with the Superconscious Ego. The figure-eight pattern is used to illustrate the principle of exchange between the Macrocosmic world Above and the microcosmic world below.

At the nexus, the point where the lines in the figure eight cross, the virtues of the Greater Reality of oneself, of the Superconscious Ego, flow downward into the microcosm, and the aspirations of the lesser reality of oneself, of the ego, flow upward into the Macrocosm.

Organized belief systems was created by the elite to make it hard for people to find the truth.

The Elite mold you along correct lines through the social engineering of your consciousness by using mass programming instituted through the avenues of television.

The world has been indoctrinated to change their way of thinking so that bad becomes good and good becomes bad. The majority doesn’t notice this due to their gradual indoctrination. The powers that be rely on fear, stupidity, and ignorance to accomplish their goals.

The world of maya, or illusion is really a very sophisticated form of indoctrination and mind control.

The effect of habitual television is powerful because the mass mind control operates on the deepest level of human response. The programming is unconscious, which is how media manipulators can make us feel how they want us to feel (if we keep watching TV). The reptile brain allows us to survive as biological beings, but leaves us open to propaganda techniques. Television activates the reptile mind (activity in the lower brain regions), leaving one open to the manipulations of television programmers. The manipulators behind the media tap into your emotions and use them to control you. The news distorts information to move you in certain directions. The mass mind control through network television is usually undetected and takes place in the subconscious.

Television images define the terms of people’s understanding, the boundaries of human awareness. Without an offsetting system of imagery in people’s lives, television images take on a quality of reality that they do not deserve. The political consequences of such a situation, where a population becomes isolated within an artificial information environment, has been a favorite subject of many science-fiction writers over the years. George Onve11’s 1984 describes an information environment so monolithic and aggressive that it became the total source and absolute limit of human knowledge. … The effect of the total control of imagery was to unify mass consciousness within a single-media version of reality. With all information coming disembodied via the telescreen, and with the whole population receiving this monolithic information at the same time, and with no verifiable points of comparison, how was one to know what was true and real and what was not? Television has become the primary world we relate to.

When television elevates illusion to the status of virtual reality and truth, the telegenic becomes virtually real and compellingly true. Tragically, nothing is less telegenic than that which can not be said or seen. God, in any serious sense, makes for lousy television; nature, on the other hand, makes for superb television even if the images are routinely accelerated and selective, just as nature may be slow and collective. (First Nations storytelling traditions would probably escape television)

⦁ The effect of the total control of imagery was to unify mass consciousness within a single-media version of reality.
⦁ The effect of low vibrational frequencies creates a one dimension reality, were all other dimensions and higher levels of consciousness is not accessible
⦁ The effect of computers creates one dimenison by left brain dominace. Computers eliminate all right-side brain activity. The right side is the side that produces creativity, innovation, intuition, imagination, and insight, and these aspects go hand in hand with consciousness, creating, and the essence of your soul.

The more they can keep you coming from the left side of the brain, the more easily you can be controlled and manipulated, and the easier it is to distract you from finding out who you truly are and what you are truly doing here. The leaft brain is also the core that is using fear to stay in control and power, and fear is also the component that opens up the channels for mental negative programming of the mind. The powers that are using computers to dumb down the masses and the next generation. Computers eliminate all right-side brain activity. The right side is the side that produces creativity, innovation, intuition, imagination, and insight, and these aspects go hand in hand with consciousness, creating, and the essence of your soul.

The limbic system controls the emotions, feelings, and moods of the brain. Fear-based television stimulates the reptilian response of “fight or flight,” in turn creating a mental state wherein we may overestimate the threat of fear.

The process of spiritual evolution to become a spiritual master requires us to reverse this by undoing all the mass-consciousness programming. We must get complete control of the subconscious mind and not let it run us; we must totally become the computer programmer of the subconscious mind.

We get caught up in working with our five senses, usually to the extent that they are being modeled around us. Blocking out our MULTI AND META-SENSORY POTENTIALS AND ABILITIES, we are often unable to tune back into our Soul Consciousness and our inner knowledge, thus learning to depend on external forces to show us how to live an Earthly life. Through the cycles of time, a mass consciousness has developed which does not incorporate the knowledge, wisdom, and truth of the Soul. MASS CONSCIOUSNESS is the prevailing human view of life usually based on misbeliefs and disbeliefs that have been handed down from centuries of restricted human programming. To break the cycle of operating under mass consciousness, we must find a way to return to SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. That’s what living as a human on Earth is really about.

Humanity is under a mass “negative hypnosis”

The world is living in a mass negative hypnosis of separation that does not exist in reality. It only exists in our minds.

The problem is that the negative ego tells us that all we are is the body. In … Awakening from the Spell of Matter In this new millennium humanity as a whole will wake up from the spell of matter.

This is illusion and spiritual teaching contaminated by negative ego programming

Mind can be purified by meditation, but meditation is impossible if the brain is not calm. One has to practice many centering and visualization exercises before one achieves a proper balance in body chemistry. Meditation exercises that start with concentration change the body’s metabolism and increase melatonin. Concentration solves problems that create emotional complications and puts anxiety, anger, and pessimism to a stop. It purifies the nervous system and tames the wandering mind. It creates freedom to rise above the worldly desires generated by the stimuli around us. It makes one centered.

Unfortunately, meditation is becoming more and more difficult in today’s world because of the network of artificial electrical fields that influence our own electromagnetic fields. The hole in the ozone layer, which lets in dangerous amounts of radiation, and even the bombardment of media-generated desires make meditation more difficult. Because of this, it is necessary for us to meditate more than did our ancestors, who lived in a world less polluted by both radiation and technology-driven desires.

All tear in your mind, whether conscious or unconscious, distorts your thinking, feeling, and perceiving, and casts its dark shadow across your entire life. The lifting of this dark shadow permits happiness to return and take its place.

Now is the only time there is. The present is independent of the sequencing which you impose on time; it is not limited by time unless you impose limits upon it. Now is where you meet God, for He is always present. In the present, the Truth reveals Itself as your Mind, and only then can your mind live again as Truth. Whatever you may do, whatever you may believe, has no meaning unless it arises from the Truth of your Mind. All else, whatever it may be, is the continuation of the meaningless patterning of the ego.

As long as the past continues to dominate your mind, the present cannot be revealed to you. In the present you live, move, and have your Being. You learn and transform only in the present. To fully enter and abide in the present, the past must be released, forgotten, even for a little while. The present blossoms in a mind that is empty, receptive, and quiet. Like Truth, it cannot come until the mind makes room for it and meets its conditions.

Orwell stated; “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

When you are constantly busy in your mind, reliving the past or projecting a future, the present is covered up by the constant flow of thoughts and images, none of which have their origin in the now. Truth enters a quiet mind in which the meaningless activity of constant thought has ceased, and stillness prevails. Truth will never force Its entry but can only respond to sincere invitation. When the continuous busyness of mind and body characterizes your life, Truth is not welcome and will be missing from your experience.

The only thing you need do for Truth to return to your awareness, is be willing to receive It. This is not as simple as it sounds for your mind is split into many parts, and contains conflicting wishes, desires, and even goals. Your mind must be integrated in its entirety, inner conflict resolved, and a condition of, at least, relative peace restored. To attain this integration and stability in which willingness can meaningfully develop, is the goal of spiritual practice.

Spiritual vision takes perception beyond the “seeing” of the body’s eyes, and shows you Truth’s reflection in the dream. The Vision of Christ is still illusion, for all states of perception must be illusory. Yet is It a unified perception, Whose Wholeness is like unto the Unity of direct knowledge that j the Kingdom of God. In the mirror of Christ’s Vision is Truth reflected, and are you brought close enough that It can flow across the little gap between perception and the knowledge of Truth, and restore you to Heaven. When this occurs, is the journey through time brought to a close, as there is no more need for a body or a world. This will happen of itself when you are ready. Until then, you must maintain the commitment to Truth and the spiritual discipline and practice that heal the mind and restore it to Wholeness.

The aim of spiritual practice is to bring you to the place where you go beyond the mind as you know it, and enter the realm of spiritual experience. Even there however, the need for spiritual focus and practice continues until the mind is completely healed, and restored to its natural state of resting in God.

This world prevents anyone to go beyond the mind or concept of the ego, and it prevents the old evolutionary brain to heal from a state of duality into oneness, and therefore also prevents anyone from knowing their inner higher divne self, and this creates a loop and past-consciousness that dominates reality and forms it view of it. This world prevents anyone from opening their third of eye intuition.

The definition of intimidation: Intimidation is the art of deterring someone through fear. The ultra ego wants to deter you from new ideas, new visions and new territories. That is why he is alarming you, frightening you and warding you off.

Fear keep humankind trapped and imprisoned within the leaden consciousness, so they can´t tramsform their minds into the higher gold consciousness, This is the meaning of alchemy; transforming lead to gold, or transform the old brain concept of the ego to the divine higher self. This world keeps humankind trapped and imprsioned within a concept and loop of past consciousness.

The ego is the definition of the old brain concept and the ego is the definition of the past-consciousness, and then the ego want´s control the mind, life and world it must control the past-consciousness and prevent it from transforming or dissolving the ego into higher levels of consciousness were the ego will lose some its control.

Orwell stated; “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

Fear is the lowest energetic vibration we can experience in either reality. Fear is paralyzing. Fear prevents us from moving forward with our dreams, goals and desires. Fear blocks the heart from expanding, loving fully and feeling pure joy. Fear brings discomfort into the cellular structure of our bodies and minds. Fear control lower vibrations, fear prevents dna activation of higher dna strands, fear blocks new information, fear blocks visions, fear blocks learning, fear blocks mental alchemical transformation, fear controls the aging process, Anxiety is poison to consciousness. Anxiety is a combination of many illusions including fear, insecurity, mistrust, and doubt. When all of these illusions take over, inner turmoil disrupts the stream of consciousness, inner turmoil results. The ego feeds off the chaos, promoting a heightened awareness of the false reality belief system. Fear disconnects humankind from the divine source of light through the veil of ignorance, and the ego is this veil and all fears comes from the ego. Through knowledge one can overcome this fear when one understand how they using fear to control the masses thorugh the ego-mass consciousness

The old world paradigms of separation, egotistical power and control through fear. The heavy density of these lowest vibrations has had a stronghold in our world for centuries. Fear vibrates at a low density frequency. Third density understanding keeps humans in a low vibration and cages them into the physical world. The ensuing ‘chaos’ ensures humanity is kept in a space of limitation, suffering, and illusion (veil of ignorance).

Fear is also an enemy of God and also of our divine destination. Fear distracts your focus and hinders spiritual growth. Fear scuttles your spiritual potential and powers.

When fear blocks the ability of visions, it prevents us from seeing reality as it is. and make true learning, or real change. It blocks and creates major restrictions to knowing the real Higher Self and creates an illusions one is living in a comfort zone, and when one start to leaving the comfort zone the ego reacts with negativity, fear, stress, anxiety or panic, and if one continues to progress against these emotions and thoughts, then the mass consciousness will start organized gang stalking actions (spiritual and psychological warfare to prevent one from make any changes and leaving the matrix).

When fear blocks visions, it blocks us from seeing reality as it is, and this blocks new input of information, and when this input of new information is blocked, this then blocks the process of learning, and when the learning process is blocked, then the ability to change is blocked, and when the ability of changed is blocked humankind is imprisoned in the looping matrix of old concepts of duality. Freedom is the ability evolving and freedom is the ability to be able to change. And this controls the 2 dna strands from progressing.

Fear not just blocks the flow of energy, visions, it blocks the pathways and it blocks the source of information. Fear makes the alpha bridge to dissapear, and the alpha bridge carries the codes that the theta divine brain waves need to start healing the old evolutionary brain. When the alpha bridge is re-builded one get access to divine theta information of bliss, and through this new information; humankind can reprogram the whole brain and evolving new spiritual gifts.

When fear blocks visions its blocks the third eye of intuition. The power of intuition dissolves ego and duality. Insights and visions reveals the path to salvation and fear hindering this process and the archons prevent the soul from ascending and obstructing the pathway to higher consciousness, and therefore using all forms of negative, fear mongering, stress inducing, senstizing methods create harm by using harmful covert and overt methods of spiritual and psychological warfare (organized gang stalking).

Energy is information, and information is history. Its like the key and lock together. Ancient text then reveals there is three knots of ignorance and these blocks the natural flow of energy in the human body-system, and then energy is information, and information is the “history” humankind is trapped in and living in the state of ignorance or the slumbring state.

The ultimtate result of visionary insights is when duality becomes oneness and the principle is; the further backward you look, the further you can see forward. In the state of Oneness everything is experienced in present time (past and future becomes now). When humans abilities slowly disconnects from her roots of evolutionary history and evolutionary reference, in combination with lost of ability to self-reflection, and lowered levels of Consciousness it will be more difficult to see further in the plans of future. The logic is easy; to see forward you must have ability to see backwards. When they disconnected 10 of humans spiritial dna strand they disconnected their evolutionary references and their intuition, and therefore lost the abilty to see beyond the veil of ignorance, and this gives them the advantage to control and make humankind manageable and easier to keep them enslaved in the Matrix.

The Ego as Belief

Whatever arises in your mind as thought or feeling comes from one of two sources: the ego or the Holy Spirit. There are no others. The ego speaks to you through a constant stream of thoughts, feelings, and impulses, whose purpose is to dominate the conscious mind, control its attention faculty, and keep it busy reacting to and acting out egoic content. The conscious mind is a kind of receptor, or receptive level of awareness, that receives impulses from the unconscious and acts upon them. Action or behavior follows thought, which is why your thought system is so important.

Virtually all behavior and perception are determined by your thinking. Whenever you act upon thoughts and impulses received from the egoic levels of the unconscious, you are responding mechanically, automatically, uncreatively. This is the nature of the ego: a static core that is the belief in separation, and a set of repetitive, habitual patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior. The ego is unloving, having been made in fear and as a response to fear. All it can ever offer you is the continuation of that moment of fear and separation in which it originated. Love is not a part of its repertoire, although the ego will never allow that to be revealed.

This must be kept hidden along with the malice it bears towards you, for it regards you as guilty, and deserving of punishment and death. This will never change for the ego itself is beyond redemption, being the denial of redemption and the constant attack upon it. There is only one way to respond to the ego sanely: to withdraw your allegiance and identification with it. The ego is not you. although it would have you believe that it is.

The ego does not have your best interest as its purpose. and in fact, just the opposite is true. although this is disguised and kept from your awareness, or you would renounce the ego immediately. The ego is the belief you are separate from your Creator and your Self, and are a bodily identity in a world of form. Thus is it a belief about yourself, about reality; and the ego’s thought system is the crystallization and expression of that belief in many different ways.

The ego is in your mind, a part of your mind, and through the act of forgetting, is experienced as you. This was a profound error of identification, and you have suffered from it ever since. Through your identification with the ego, its seeming reality has been established. Because the ego identifies itself with the body, you have seemingly become a body, and the world of separation is made real to you.

The mind believes in what it makes; and this power of belief gives the world you have made the effects it has on you and the limitations it seems to impose. The world could have no effect on you at all, if you did not assign to it the power to do so. You can withdraw that power at any time, but first you must recognize your responsibility for the world and everything in it. Your mind is cause, and what you sec and experience is its effect.

The ego is not the real divine self, and in same way the ego of mass consciousness is not the real divine self either.

Mass consciousness is the Kingdom of The Ego. When man functions from the external energy of the ego, he does not relate to the consciousnesses within the inner self and the higher self. This man, in effect, does not know who he is. Therefore, man will search for his identity within the external energy forces of life. He is functioning within the external ego world so it is logical for him to create support for that ego self from that external world. External identity consciousness creates an external support system for man and his ego. Maintaining the collective unconsciousness of the mass of collective energy in a negative state of mind will only give more power to the ego making reconnection of the spiritual and God’s energy impossible. This “game” can be reversed by alchemy, meditation and spiritual knowledge.

Humankind has been teached, conditioned and trained to belive the powers is outside him and not within, and this is to give away the inner power to the outer external ego and mass consciousnesss.

This creates concepts of the ego and fear concepts;

⦁ Fear of death
⦁ Fear of exclusion from the group (mass consciousness)
⦁ Fear to not be accepted
⦁ Fear to not be something or somebody
⦁ Fear for not fit in

These fear makes people to confirm to this world of the ego and then everyone make same thing this become mass consciousness and the creation of it was based on fears and it will then continue to live a life based on fear and follow the this negative mass programming of the mind.

How does this control-matrix called “corporate thinking” work? We all desire to be accepted. Every one of us has an inherent need for the approbation and acknowledgment of others. Because the enemy knows this, as soon as he gets control of a group, he brings all who may object to his will under control using the fear of not being accepted. It is called the “fear of exclusion.” This type of fear is an intimidating fear.

Some people live in what is called “people bondage.” People bondage is when people cannot separate their personal lives from other people’s thoughts and opinions about them. Because they cannot separate the two, they are perpetually governed by the opinions of others.

Fear and intimidation controls mass consciousness, and producing a “corporate thought pattern”, that keep people in bondage and separation, and subconsciously this creates a fear of exclusion. This state of fear and intimidation is been affected through the “tribal consciousness” that is part of the lower matrix (ultra ego) and this mind-prison.

For eons, human will has been controlled by the collective will. For example, the will of the tribe has dictated the will of its tribe members, i.e., “my will and tribal will are one.” However, the individualization process requires that we develop a sense of our own will. Only when we can make decisions based on our inner guidance can we liberate ourselves from the dictates of the collective will, external authorities, as well as the manipulative and exploitative political and economic systems.

From an energetic perspective, when our electromagnetic field and psyche are merged with mass consciousness, the tribal mind controls our mind and emotions. We are at the mercy of the directives of our tribe. We thus make ourselves available to be manipulated and exploited by the prevailing social and economic system. In fact, we are not only dependent upon external authorities, we are open targets for their abuse. If we are a slave to external forces, our will is not free. Our individualization process and separation from group consciousness requires that we focus on ourselves and become masters of our own energy.

Fortunately, we can participate in shifting the global paradigm by extricating ourselves from the prevailing matrix and by reclaiming our will. Connecting with the power and truth of universal forces within is the only way to reclaim our authentic will. When we embody the strength of the Divine and our soul, we can be released from the web of mass consciousness. Our tribal affiliation is replaced by our oneness with universal Spirit. The right use of will is then possible. As we become able and willing to listen to and follow our inner guidance, we cease to listen to and follow the directives of social, religious, parental, and other authority figures. Ultimately, we experience that our will and Divine Will are one.

Corporate thinking, people bondage, fear of exclusion, tribal consciousness, mass consciousness creates a advanced system of control mechanism, and these methods can be seen in today´s organized gang stalking. Negativity, stress, fear, anxiety, pain, mind terror is what keeps humankind trapped in the matrix.

The definition of intimidation: Intimidation is the art of deterring someone through fear. The ultra ego wants to deter you from new ideas, new visions and new territories. That is why he is alarming you, frightening you and warding you off.

Revealing their true self causes ridicule, persecution, and never ending insults of projections of being labeled as delusional or heretics against the false reality belief system within the mass of collective energy.

The process of spiritual evolution to become a spiritual master requires us to reverse this by undoing all the mass-consciousness programming.

Negative ego/fear-based/separative consciousness, imbalanced thinking and limited lens seeing from mass consciousness earthly programming, it will contaminate your Spiritual channeling, teaching, healing, psychic work, scientific teachings, and earthly service work.

As we discover each new thought, belief and emotion that you have consciously hidden away, we are going to set some recodes deep within your mind.

You have been programmed to run with the herd and to do as they do, but you can break free from this small mindset.

A Paradigm is a set of thoughts which form the basis of a belief system. When we define who we are and look clearly at our beliefs we either live in love or fear, in poverty or prosperity, in disease or wellness. One’s inner paradigm is his or her belief system that has been placed there from years of programming sometimes before birth. The “Collective Consciousness Paradigm” is a set of beliefs shared by the masses.

Unhook from Aging Right now we are facing a “programming” of mass which causes aging to occur. You can reverse the causes and ideas for aging by unhooking from beliefs about aging. Do yourself a favor and do everything you can to reclaim your divine mastery in all areas. You can empower your cells to pull their from another healthy version of you! In fact, you can work with your divine blueprint and set your ideal age. Keep the wisdom, and unhook from aging!

When masses of people believe something for centuries, it has a huge impact on Mass Mind Consciousness and can easily become part of our programming, without our awareness.

The critical faculty is an “energy barrier” between the conscious and subconscious mind. It has the job of preventing anything from reaching your subconscious unless it agrees with what is ahrarbi programmed. This is another reason why change is so difficult. Besides having an “operating system” that says you’re not supposed to change, you have a non-physical barrier in your mind that’s as hard to penetrate as steel that prevents anything new from getting into your subconscious.

Fortunately, you can break through the barrier and reject what the masses accept, and accept what the masses reject

Man is no more conscious of communication than a fish would be conscious of the waters of the sea. A tidal wave of television programing has covered our land during the past twenty years.

Fear comes from the base of the human ego, whose data emerges as self-created illusions, and is one of the greatest blocks to your flow and progressive movement on your earth dimension. It is that which keeps you from fully realizing and experiencingyour potential power and from going to the top of the tree and to the outer limbs. It is that which imprisons your mind and gives power to others, to governments, and rulers of this world.

The real issue we must come to terms with is that, for millennia, we have been programmed to be powerless and, consequently, dependent upon others for our survival, especially in the areas of spirituality and health. Of course, fees were involved, and this exchange has significantly contributed to our current global crises. Yet there is an easy way out of our self-imposed matrix: we can simply reprogram our lives. By acquiring and acting upon new awareness, we afford ourselves an opportunity to rewrite the programs of cultural limitations. The first step in reprogramming is deprogramming. We do this by examining the program from outside the matrix.

We have felt powerless because we have been TOLD we were powerless! .

We program our lives through our positive or negative thought patterns. Tracking our thoughts makes us aware of our program cycles. If it is difficult to track all the thoughts that enter our mind, we can pay attention to the ones we dwell upon most frequently. These repeated thought patterns determine whether we are in a positive or negative program cycle. Positive program cycles boost our ‘will’ power, while negative program cycles give a fillip to our ‘won’t’ power. The good news is that these program cycles can be reset by giving new instructions to our conscious mind. Our mind is a tool we can use in any which way. We are not its helpless victim but its master because in any given moment we have control over our current thought. We relinquish this power because of our herd mentality. We have been told what to think for so long that we have forgotten how to think. We blindly follow others, do as they do and think as they think. We feel afraid of thinking or behaving differently. We believe whatever our social, political, religious, media and other authority figures say.

The controllers want humans to be enslaved followers and to not find their higher self and become a master of their own energies.

The Global Elite, are simply a group of people who realized what the true nature of our Universe was, eliminated everyone else who knew this information, and used the information to harness the power (chi, ability to do) of the uninformed masses. The global elites know the truth about the Universe. They know that we create and the power of thought. Therefore, mainstream news channels and media are doing the work for the global elites, which promotes fear, ego, negative public opinion, competition, hate, separation, and lower vibration mental states. They don’t want us to know this information, because if we did, we would walk through the prison bars (the low vibrational state of ego and break through the veil of ignorance) and free ourselves from the prison – the matrix. The archon system is designed to keep us enthralled in their system and ignorant of how the universe actually works.

The Global Elite, are simply a group of people who realized what the true nature of our Universe was, eliminated everyone else who knew this information, and used the information to harness the power (chi, ability to do) of the uninformed masses. Their methodology is very mechanical in nature. They use sacred geometry, power points on the Earth, as well as mind control via the media and chemicals. Plus a continuing elimination of those individuals as well as native people and cultures who hold the sacred knowledge of creation.

Their bread and butter is FEAR. When we are fearful, we are weak and a low frequency or vibration. The lower state of the ego is more fixed in the vibration of what we call ‘negativity’. As you are born into a physical body and learn how to control it with your physical brain, you automatically become absorbed into Mass Mind. The three dimensional world and reality is disconnected from the divine source becaus elow vibrations not vibrate fast enought to be in touch wither higher levels of consciousness. The ego waves of fear has come into every center of consciousness. These dark masses of energy bring our vibration down and keep us heavy in the lower frequencies of the physical world and reality.

The mind, the intellect, the lower mind (not the soul or the higher mind or intelligence) thus arises from a basic fear reaction to this state of unknowingness. This basic fear polarizes as desire and crystallizes as the ego, not the pure I of the conscious Self.

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