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Man has lost powers as much as he has gained certain others, but the ones he has lost are those he needs to employ wisely the ones he has gained. We stand at a crossroads. Mankind must work at salvation from derangement. The spirit has to be, as it were, worked into being; it is not an automatic process. We must engage willingly. The first step is also the last: Know Thyself, or would you rather be eaten by the moon?

The Archons are robotic mind beings who guard the Lower Matrix. The Archon’s God is a computer.

The Earth we are speaking of is what you perceive as your planet. Your planet is not all what you see or think it is.


That most people will use the technique not to gain or generate that insight, or to learn anything at all, but rather because they are fascinated by the prospect of actually being able to remote-control a living being.

Transhumanism – does not just include the desire of controling nature, or even weather control, but even total control of the human mind. The mind and transhumanism

The perpetual battlefield is what we know as our everyday lives: our education, our work, our leisure, our emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and our conscious thinking. Yet the armaments of this struggle are not guns, tanks, airplanes, bombs, or battle cruisers. It is much more subtle than this. It is less hardware and more software. It is, in effect, a silent war. It is a war that is central to the tragic physical scourges occurring on our beautiful planet. It is a war that targets not only the present but also the very long-term future(s) of our civilization. And it has been going on for as long as human societies have existed on planet Earth.

Such impacts resonate with the human nervous system and through biological fields of energy (biofields) may well assist in mutating organic DNA. DNA is thus an evolutionary acceleration tool. Further, any attempt at information embargo (or quarantine of neurogenetic impacts) can be seen as a form of neurocensorship.

How this can be so? Well, relatively new developments in biophysics have indicated that all biological organisms are made up of a liquid-crystalline medium. Further, that DNA is a liquid-crystal lattice-type structure, which some refer to as a liquid crystal gel, whereby body cells are involved in a holographic instantaneous communication via the emitting of biophotons (a source based on light).

All living biological organisms continuously emit radiations of light that form a field of coherence and communication. The liquid-crystalline structure within living systems is also responsible for the direct current (DC) electrodynamic field that permeates the entire body of all animals. It has also been noted that the DC field has a mode of semiconduction that is much faster than the nervous system.

The electrical field of the human body is important in terms of its resonance with external impacts. The human nervous system, and likewise DNA, is extraordinarily sensitive and receptive to external signals, impacts, and energies. In short, DNA receives, processes, and responds to environmental conditions at an astounding rate of change. Without the participation of DNA mutational adaptation and change, we would not have evolution on this planet as we know it. Further, it is likely that the next stage of humanity’s evolutionary development will involve a change in the vibrational nature of our DNA. After all, DNA directly affects how the human nervous system functions, and the history of life and of humanity is often defined in terms of the evolution of the nervous system. It is important then to know that human DNA does not exist within some sealed vacuum and can be influenced by external impacts and energies.

Whether or not this flaw is an actual truth, it still retains significance because the human identity of “separation” has been exploited for centuries as a way of maintaining social control over populations. Whether it is reinforced through layers of social processes and institutions, through the media and entertainment industry, or through religious and spiritual doctrines, it has served as an obstacle against neurogenetic evolution. We are now, as a species, at a point in our evolutionary journey where it is imperative that we advance and develop our state of consciousness and understanding. Our present evolutionary state is limited in terms of perception and thus we lean toward a material comprehension of our “realities.” For example, the luminous matter we observe in the universe with the aid of our technological instruments is only about 0.5 percent of all calculated mass, and what we actually see directly with our eyes is even less. What we actually take to be our reality is in fact only a thin slice of electromagnetic light. Our physical bodies (our biological and sensory apparatus) allow us to construct our world and live within a meaningful materiality because we share certain similar vibratory levels. However, it now seems that our energetic/vibratory level has been maintained rather than surpassed. Why is this? It may well be that a “blockage” has occurred during the further evolution of human consciousness. If this is the case,, then it is high time for this blockage to be removed. Yet the situation we face is that there are a myriad of terrestrial and social forces at work that appear to be in collusion to sustain and even amplify these particular blockages.

Certain allegorical esoteric teachings also suggest that there has been a deliberate blockage placed on the human energy system. One of these is Gurdjieffs concept of the kundabuffer, which was allegedly placed in humankind to stop us from achieving objective consciousness and thus to shield us from knowing of the “terror of the situation.” The kundabuffer was a blockage installed in order to cause human beings to “see reality upside down,” as well as to engender in them sensations of pleasure and enjoyment. Yet it also became responsible for egotism, vanity, selfishness, and other similar conceited traits. Such traits then keep humankind distracted and caught up in their own trivial concerns, wasting vital energy that could be used in more advantageous pursuits.

Other similarities abound in “channeled” information that suggests that human DNA was stripped down to only a two-stranded version. These and other sources hint at the possibility of an obstruction on the evolution of higher consciousness within humanity. The result of this is an inability to transcend destructive and divisive tendencies now widespread within the human condition. In what appears to be almost parallel to the Fall, as described in biblical texts, humanity has sunken from the Golden Age into a lowly existence plagued by unconscious behavior and forgetfulness. We can see this mirrored in Plato’s assertion that “Humans are on Earth like beings stricken with amnesia.” Through such a lens it appears that the collective psyche of humanity is dominated by the more primitive material concerns of service to self and the notion of a separate identity free from external responsibilities and constraints. Under such conditions it is extremely difficult for humanity to develop “objective consciousness.” And this way of behavior also makes humans susceptible to being brought under the manipulative exploitation of those who feed off power: namely, dictators, zealous leaders, corporations, and state institutions. Within this “fallen state” (an upside-down reality) the sedative offered in recompense is the easy addiction to sexual stimuli and sedentary pleasures. Humans, we are told, are susceptible to self-gratifying desires and pleasurable pursuits, and often in detriment to their own capacities for self-actualization. Destruction and wars, murders and mutilations are the actions of unconscious groups and individuals. Our actions globally are the manifestation in the physical realm of a species that has a diminished access to its collective spiritual essence.

It could well be that for far too long the majority of humans have been under the yoke of the powerful few —from priestly elites of Egypt and Babylonia: from the Romans and the cyclic domination of empires and from the various religious institutions that have herded the many. In the end, we may know nothing other than servitude. Centuries of social slavery could, after all, have hard wired us to become passive and meek to authority. We have only to refer to the infamous Stanley Milgram experiments to realize that we would do almost anything if a person in a white coat told us to.1 In other words, we have been quite thoroughly socially conditioned to accept and submit to various displays of power. The question today is how these forces of control seek to pacify and distract the human conscious spirit. It is the hypothesis of this book that ongoing elements within human societies have been interfering with the natural growth and expression of human consciousness, which, at our present stage, may affect the potential for the next phase of neurogenetic evolution. However, I also believe that humanity is now crossing a threshold—a transition period, if you like. And this period is characterized by a greater influx of energies made available to assist in this now-overdue shift on the evolutionary journey. Neurogenetic “mutations” are already appearing—the rise of gifted individuals, seers, sensitives and psychics, and visionaries—and more importantly an accelerating rise in the collective awareness of individuals. Humanity is beginning to awaken to both the current limits of perception and to the inherent capacity for greater things.

So why do we need a human revolution? Well, we’ve already had an industrial revolution whereby nations learned to harness the power of physical energy reserves (coal, oil, and so on) for growth. Now we need to harness the power of psychic energy reserves (consciousness) in order to spur our next stage of human evolution. People rarely question (or at least not often enough) that they might be under the yoke of constrictive and rigid structures. This is primarily because of the illusion of freedom. For example, if a prisoner never sees the bars of his cell, why would he think he is in a prison? Yet our sense of reality is deliberately engineered in order to assume the structure of satisfaction so that we don’t go seeking other forms of reality outside these structures. Or if we are not placated through satisfaction, then we are subdued by limited resources such as being tied into the credit/debit economy or survival mode. Another tactic now increasingly being used is that of constructed fear. Events of fear are being arranged in order to attack the collective psyche of people and to realign focus on physical concerns.

Our fear is manipulated. heightened. and eventually harvested. This tactic also promotes fear waves of bioenergy to halt, or obstruct, the energetic evolutionary impulse of humankind. We are being sold short not only on who we are but also on what we can become. As a consequence, we are selling our future(s) short and not only for ourselves but also for the new generations to come These are indeed critical limes: crucial change is upon us and is moving over the face of the Earth. Humanity will be forced into change, and how we deal with it will be a measure of our maturity as a species. Energy will be made available to us at the same time that many existing structures will be collapsing around us. And during this tussle and shuffle there will be an all-out struggle for our minds. What will we choose to think? How will we choose to engage our consciousness? When will we stop being herded like dumb cattle through artificial and unnatural perceptive and cognitive systems?

According to a long list of mystics and sages over millennia, and also according to a whole array of psychic and unexplained phenomena, then the physical world we live in, the objects, events, laws, and universal rules that we believe in—are not, in reality, what they appear to be. . . . It is like we live in a magical castle with thousands of rooms . . . and we spend our lives wandering from room to room, discovering new things and creating hypotheses from the new findings.. .. But we never discover the foundations upon which the house is built—we enter this castle at birth and leave it at death under the influence of a spell cast by our brains.

Our brains are responsible for the reality we perceive because it is our primary filtering apparatus. Yet like all good hardware it is merely processing the inputs it receives. It is a matter of “garbage in, garbage out.” In this sense much of what occurs as daily life can be seen as a construct or, if you like, a program. Our social lives exist within a myriad of competing conditioning programs, the majority of which are aimed at bringing a person’s focus out onto the external physical and away from internal reflections. We therefore need to be more conscious of how these processes operate. For example, over the decades many in the developed nations have been lured into a fetishlike relationship with commodities; this then lures people into a credit/debt society that ties them into a virtual mind prison.

Throughout our lives we are subjected to indoctrination by a systemic structure of processes and institutions. Within this conditioning environment beliefs almost “grovel’ into us. And once they are a part of our socially constructed selves they are sustained, reinforced, and protected, often unconsciously, by psychological processes of perception. With few rare exceptions, all people are brought up within specific culturally defined environments (or templates). A person’s dominant social milieu then attempts to offer a variety of accepted sociocultural norms of thought and behavior. These may operate through various forms, such as personal faith, religion, science, language and emotions, denial and doubt, happiness and fear, safety and security (identity and belonging), well-being and materialism. Once ingrained, a person is liable to perpetuate such traits, believing them to have been obtained through “free thought.” In the end, we reinforce beliefs that have grown into us, accepting and defending them as our own.

The ancient Greeks used persuasion as a form of rhetoric and regarded it highly as a rational means for argument and communication. Such persuasive debates can themselves be seen as an ancient form of propaganda. Yet throughout history the need to persuade and influence has always been manipulated by those people in power as a means to maintain authority and legitimacy.

Propaganda in various forms has always been employed as part of the dissemination of information and/or beliefs. Whereas in past centuries this was predominantly related to religious doctrine it later became particularly rampant during times of ideological struggle.

However, propaganda was transformed into a deliberately organized weapon of warfare. What national governments learned from the two World Wars was that public opinion (the mass mind) was a vital factor in securing ongoing power struggles. So not only did governments need to ensure that sufficient numbers of people were willing to die for the national cause, but also that in relative peacetime the very same people were willing to become the most compliant consumers. The overall manipulation of the mass public mind thus became no longer a matter of speech making; it had to become a pervasive presence within the lives of each individual. In this sense:

Culture was reduced to the lowest common denominator for mass consumption, with the masses generally seen as politically apathetic yet prone to ideological fanaticism, vulnerable to manipulation through the media and the increasing sophistication of propagandists)

The ego has become the “God” of the collective awareness among energy systems within the mass of collective energy. The dividing factor of separation from spiritual energy and God’s energy was when the ego entered and took over the unconsciousness of the energy system. As long as the ego remains in control of the energy system, the truth of knowing God is inhibited. Spiritual energy and God’s energy must converge to allow total connection to the higher levels of consciousness. The ego suppresses spirituality and God’s energy, thereby, disconnecting the energy system from believing in anything greater than itself.

Within the context of “mass society’ propaganda morphed into a mechanism for not only engineering public opinion but also as a means for consolidating social control. The increased “mechanization” that came in with the Modernity Project conditioned people into an almost unconscious need for propaganda. That is, people expected to be fed regular installments of information and to feel secure and protected by such knowledge. Propaganda (in this context the regular and consistent influx of government-sponsored information) serves not only to imprint but also, more effectively, to reinforce and expand on existing sets of conditioning. The manufacturing of consent*/ is now endemic to modem technological societies. It also involves some rather dubious invasive strategies to interfere with the brain processing of large numbers of people. Yet do we really believe that our minds are so open to such manipulated coercion?

Then there is a silent warfare action in plave on Earth and humankind is trapped and imprisoned within the matrix of the archons, then all propaganda has a hidden agenda to keep humankind enslaved into the matrix and to keep humankind in a state of spiritual ignorance and therefore prevent real spiritual progress and to reconnect with the divine higher self. Then Organized Gang Stalking is part of a invisible, spiritual, psychological, and poltitical warfare, all organized gang stalking is spiritual and psychological warfare propaganda to break down targeted individuals mind, will power and cognitive thinking system, and they using syntethic telepathy, voice to skull technology and electro magnetic frequencies and beaming these into targeted individuals minds.

These actions is the silent warfare on planet Earth and is govern by the archons within the matrix.

Through the evolutionary history we were isolated in one dimension of our total world, the rest of us cut adrift in the void. Our self-conscious being could only use the five physical senses and ten percent of our brain.

Earth is a vibrational mind prison and humans is kept within a full-scale vibratory imprisonment or enslavement of this world. The world of Archons have tricked mankind into a cycle that stuck them in a low vibrational state of the mind. Fear is their catalyst to control the masses in this fixated state. Fear is a form of manipulation of reality because fear paralyzed our vibrations.

As long as we allow the archon-controlled powers to suppress our vibration using fear tactics, we will have great difficulty progressing as a people. Fear is a sure fire way to shut down our vortex of creation and turn us into impotent spirits that can be easily manipulated in mass. As long as our vibration is kept low we will be docile pawns in the hands of the new world order desired by the archons.

Of course the answer to fear is to raise our vibration by not being afraid of anything, what good will that do anyway? Once we align with our vortex of creation and see our power as infinite consciousness, all fear (and the archons promoting it) will dissipate and the world will change.

After the fall of Man and fall of Consciousness knowledge of God was lost. Then divine knowledge was lost it was replaced by knowledge of the ego, and the ego then become the god of this world.

Kundabuffer’ are described as all kinds of egoism.

The soul is held captive by matter and placed under the tyranny of outside cosmic forces alien to its true life. Yet it contained a divine spark, and by “knowledge” (gnosis) might free itself and win its way back to the sphere from which it came. Release comes through “self-knowledge” (hence the name, gnosis) and an awakening to the real meaning and dimen-sion of life. This “salvation” was attained by intellectual illumination, assisted by abstinence and asceticism. Hence, the gnostic literature is punctuated with calls to become self-aware and arouse oneself from sleep. Ignorance is a form of sleep or slumbering state. So the Archons don´t want humankind to awaken from this ignorance by opening the “third eye” of intuition. The third eye dissolves ignorance and the state of duality and ego, and the outcome is then “Oneness”.

Kundabuffer may have some connection to the power of maya and illusions then there is thre knots of bondage within the human body system.

The heart-knot is full of the darkness of ignorance, and it is illusory. When this knot snaps and opens, consciousness, like the sky, surges undividedly, leading to a clear and enduring peace in which the Self shines forth in the Heart.

There must be something to explain why we are all such fools; why we are not self-conscious; why we treat ourselves with such care. There is something: it is Kundabuffer.

The realization of ignorance is the beginning of wisdom.

The moon ignorant its light is the sun’s—and feeds off man’s subtle energies, keeping man ignorant of what he really is.

This idea is very reminiscent of Gurdjieff’s own conception of the higher powers treating humankind as an energy producer that has to be kept in the dark by the organ kundabuffer.” Different text speaks about how the matrix is a mind prison and that the archons feed on negativity, and Icke speaks about the archons and Moon Matrix and how the archons feeding of humans as energy source.

Kundabuffer is the moon’s representative on earth. We are like the moon’s sheep, which it cleans, feeds and shears, and keeps for its own purposes. Passive man serves the moon and involution. Inside us we have a moon, and if we knew what our inner moon is and does, we would understand the cosmos.

The cosmos itself, having been created by an inferior and ignorant power (the veil of ignorance), is a dark prison in which human souls are held captive.

The masters of deception exist within their own group complex as discarnate entities within the astral planes of the mental, emotional, and psychic levels of experience. They feed off of the negative energy of those they infect to keep themselves going. They have to do this because they are disconnected from the indwelling life force by refusing to abide by what you call the higher organizing intelligences’ incantational principles. They spend their time traveling our world and attaching themselves to humans vulnerable to them, basically using the dark side of the force (negativity) to achieve their means.

The fundamental myth of Gurdjieffs story is held in common by the cosmoclastic or extreme Gnostics who told of a Creator of the material cosmos who “knows no higher than himself”—like the moon ignorant its light is the sun’s—and feeds off man’s subtle energies, keeping man ignorant of what he really is. Man is devoured by nature and is never intended to wake up. This creator-God or demiurge is a false absolute. He is, if you will, the detached Ego of the universe. His mentality is reflected in the egoist on Earth.

Delighting in his creations and their innate desire to maim, Archons taught them how to deliberately provoke other people, and to feed off of their emotional responses. To his great pleasure, in less than no time they had become masters of manipulation. Over cons of history, the Archons became great kings, sorceresses, warriors and queens. Their ability to manipulate and confuse others, and then siphon energy from them, made the Archons invisible to the world—and even prolonged their lives.

Lash reveals that the Gnostic writings in the Nag Hammadi texts consistently stress that humanity is superior to the archons, yet when our faculty of discernment (a function of our egoic mental soul) is weak, we are prone to let pretense and fantasy overwhelm clear thinking. Under this situation, we risk being deviated by another kind of mind, the artificial and alien intelligence of the archons.

Thw kundabuffer had the effect of keeping humans spiritually and psychologically closed (spiritual ignorance and spiritual sleep), inwardly contracted, mechanical, unconscious, and practically blind—in essence, enslaved. The organ was introduced in humans by a ‘higher power’ with a specific intention, which was to keep us from seeing our actual condition, that being merely ‘food for the Moon’. It was thought that if humans saw their actual condition it would be too much for them and so the organ Kundabuffer was introduced to prevent us from seeing the cold reality of the situation. It can be, in that sense, regarded as a buffer against seeing deeper truths. A close analogy for this can be seen in The Matrix films where humans are attached to pods, fed, and implanted with computer programs that enable them to live in a fantasy world—never realizing their true condition, which is simply to serve as a power source (a ‘human battery’) for the machines that control the world.

Gurdjieff said that the “organ Kundabuffer” was, in fact, removed from humans a long time ago but that the effects continue to linger, preventing humanity from waking up. Another way of understanding this is by the way the ego-mind keeps us asleep via its extraordinary ability to remain distracted by the trivial and mundane and to derive apparent satisfaction from this. If, however, we fail to see our suffering we have no motivation. Kundabuffer is an apt symbol for that element of the ego that blocks us from seeing the “terror of the situation” — our Irue and actual suffering that is inherent in our condition. In effect, it dupes and numbs us into accepting the mundane, mediocre, and worthless, and more, into believing we are unworthy of seeing beyond this.

The archons prevent awareness and they prevent humankind to rasing their inner vibrations to higher levels of consciousness, and then the ego is the kundabuffer it is the human ego human ego denied its own source in man’s inner knowing and inner being”. Its the ego that prevents new knowledge and prevent humans from knowing their inner real divine higher self. The power of Kundabuffer suppresses the human mind into the lower matrix and keeping humankind trapped and imprisoned within the matrix of the archons, illusions and a artificial reality, and keeping humankind in spiritual sleep or the slumbering and hypnotic state of mind.

The goal and purpose is to limit man’s awareness (spiritual ignorance) of his earthly predicament, lest he stop reproducing the required matter, higher powers long ago put in man the organ “Kundabuffer.” This imaginary organ buffers, or prevents awareness while distorting reality. A side effect is that mankind, unlike other “three-brained” beings elsewhere in the universe, no longer develops naturally the objective reason proper to a three-brained being. Earthman is un-man: disharmonious and brainwashed by sensory data, a being dependent on exterior impressions.

The holy spirit of man is not at home in this spiritless world, or world perceived as spiritless, as it appears to the spirit to be. Kundabuffer prevents men from ever knowing what true Men, “remarkable men,” are fully made of. They therefore fear and hate anything that comes from on high, spending their fated days in irrational behavior.

Truth is foreign to humankind, for man is alien to “objective reason,” which is truth. The laws of men are not sought for their original root in objective morality but to protect the vain and the pretentious who, insisting on power over others.

The cure for this is the constant reminder of personal death, death of ego, and the utter waste of the life truly unlived. Better to die to the ego voluntarily and begin the rebirth of new eternal life, and work to make real the spirit that rises.

Contemporary literature and art, says Gurdjieff, lacks any call to the highest, but plays to human folly and weakness. It is a futile dream on the way to futile death. Its idea of art is not of the Sphinx or the ancient prophets but serves the small minds and the quest of personal vanity. Any knowledge that can waken people up is regarded as heresy, either hushed up, ignored, or severely repressed, its authors regarded as pariahs. Most people serve the “power-possessing beings” whether they know it or not. They do not act; another acts through them. They do not think; another thinks through them. They do not live; another lives through them. They think they have power. In fact, they are over-powered by another, whom they serve. Capitalist culture, if it is permitted to become totalitarian, is a culture of mercenary automatons.

Human beings are pacified and made to accept the spurious “fame” of mediocrities whose vanities keep men and women unconscious, obsessed with colossally irrelevant details.

Gurdjieff’s collective, objective idea of the “power-possessing beings” bears great kinship with the Gnostic conception of the “archons” or invisible rulers of the universe who conspire against man’s consciousness—they who whisper “Crucify him!” that soon becomes the public shout, and public, democratic will—to silence the truth. But as the Gnostics say, they nail their man to their tree. And do not see the one above, laughing at them. The governed will is not a free will. If one man is true, and a hundred false, democracy is tyranny. To end a tyranny, you need topple only one; what happens when the whole society is corrupt? Man has a fantasy of reason that he perceives as reality. He dwells in a false world of false values.

The first victim of Kundabuffer is common sense. Things are done not because they are good but because people are afraid. Kundabuffer prevents voluntary action; work is only done by fear. People work for money for fear of poverty. Fair and just government is not respected unless people are afraid. You don’t have to see the bomb, just be made to fear an idea of it. Negative ideas are more potent than prison sentences, more insidious than whips.

We can see how much of Gurdjieffs fundamental myth is informed by the esoteric staple of the fall of the faculties. He says the “instinctive sensing of reality” is absent in mankind, especially those born in recent periods. There has been a fall from reality, an inability to see aright; the lens is distorted, if not shattered, and can no longer reflect the One behind all existence. The ordinary ego is not the divine being that is proper to Man. Man hardly knows he’s alive (spiritual ignorance by the archons).

The awakening of conscience opens the door to faith. The Gnostics identified Faith with Wisdom.

A lot of the time many Beings put their power, future and happiness, in someone else’s hands, when they should be, and really are, the master of their own destinies. When not in that state, they are still to have that experience, due to it being agreed to, on a higher level. Once they recognise this, this is when there next phase in evolving in the Human self-mastery experience unfolds. Many of those who walk in the Lower Light, meaning the Archons, will try and put road blocks in your way and obstruct. These are signs that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.

The establishment of the ego decided the separation between the physical realm of energy systems and the energy of Creation. The Matrix world is a virtual reality world created by artificial intelligence to enslave humans and use their bio-energy as fuel to power their existence. Waking up from the Matrix, breaking the ‘bondage [of] false consciousness’, is done when people are shown ‘the true workings of the system. Humanity has been enslaved for centuries.

Human being is divided into competing races when humanity fails to see that which once united our being.

Man has lost powers as much as he has gained certain others, but the ones he has lost are those he needs to employ wisely the ones he has gained. We stand at a crossroads.

Mankind must work at salvation from derangement. The spirit has to be, as it were, worked into being; it is not an automatic process. We must engage willingly. The first step is also the last: Know Thyself, or would you rather be eaten by the moon?

Ego is one of the main programs trying to stop you from reconnecting with the God within, it can be broken. It’s a distraction and is one of the main emotions you must master in order to see the illusion of separation for what it is, an illusion. Ego divides, which is what they want, the Archons (The Lower Light). Ego is the reason for the tower of Babel which led to the separation of Humanity and led to Humanity losing the oneness and not understanding each other. Ego is the root to all this.

The creation of the first man had, therefore, a distinct and concrete end: to free the sparks of divine light from material creation, send them home, and thereby reverse the direction of creation.

Their goal was release from unconsciousness and ignorance, or incomprehension. Humans who possess the divine spark can find their freedom only in learning of its source, how it came to be entrapped in the material world, and how it can escape to return to its original realm. The spirit, the divine portion, sleeps in matter, unconscious of itself, and the only worthwhile purpose of life is to awaken and liberate it through knowledge.

Humans who possess the divine spark can find their freedom only in learning of its source, how it came to be entrapped in the material world, and how it can escape to return to its original realm. This important theme of gnosis takes us back to the beginning of our search. Gnosis is the liberating knowledge that enables release from the material evil world.

Archon is a projection of artificial intelligence. Archon has entrapped humanity through deceit and parasitism in a simulated world of matter to prevent human beings from remembering that they are divine spirits whose real home is the Cosmic Mind or Gnostic Pleroma.

The Archon, is called, ” antimimon pneuma “counterfeit spirit.” (Apoc John III, 36:17. (The term occurs several times in different texts.) The cosmos he produces is described by the Coptic term, Hal, “simulation.” The vast planetary system of the Archons is a stereoma, a virtual reality projection in simulation of a higher dimensional pattern.

So the main goal of the archons is to keep humankind trapped and imprisoned within the matrix of low vibrational frequencies and its its artificial simulation of reality. The Archons on Earth is in constant spiritual and psychological warfare on Earth. This is a invisible warfare or PSI warfare is organized gang stalking on Earth. The goal with spiritual or psychological warfare is to prevent anyone leaving the matrix, understand how wthe program of simulation actually works, and prevent spiritual progress so it can´t leave the matrix or the mind prison. The Archons using subtle spiritual and psychological warfare methods; mind control, brainwashing, mk-ultra programming, syntethic telepathy, voice to skull technology and use of electromagnetoc frequencies.

The goal is therefore to disturb reality, distract perception and distort the mind. It is street theater for the eyes, it sound or noise harassment for the ears, and it is wickedness psychology and gaslighting for perception. The actions of organized gang stalking trying distort the mind through the human senses as eyes and ears and the mind (perception). Organized Gang Stalking is the art of maya. Organized Gang Stalking is street theater for teh eyes, ears and mind (perception).

It is Maya which deludes man to think that the body acts, the mind thinks, the eyes see, the ears hear. Sanskrit maya means “illusion, magic”. Particularly in the Advaita Vedanta the illusion of Maya represents the limited, deluded ego, which understands reality as only psychological and mental and does not recognize the true self. It creates separation, corruption, distortion, delusion, illusion, glamour, maya, and false divisions in every move it makes! Do not be deluded by the negative ego’s deluded and corrupt thinking patterns.

The power of maya which deludes the person in bondage through the misrepresentation of creation, fails to delude the liberated person. We are mere ‘puppets ‘ in the hand of this Maya -body/ ego consciousness.

Artificial computers and intelligence have taken over the world and manipulated people’s brains so they believe they’re living normal lives. The computer-generated dream world keeps the human population content and incapable of fighting for their freedom.

Much of the Dark side agenda has to do with messing up our natural evolution through Chemtrails containing Barium and Aluminum, pesticides in the food, fluorides in the water, toxicity in the air, vaccines, and bio-genetic foods. All of these contributing to the weakening of the immune system, putting metals in the system and assist in depopulation agendas. They also assist in the calcification of the pineal gland; which is a gateway to freedom. Not to mention frequency control through modem technology such as television, computers, cell phones, and ultra advanced technology and other brainwashing methods.

Let’s begin to understand the codes of trauma and awakening so we can integrate them into our lives and become whole. In doing so individually, we assist the collective whole to transform and the Earth to heal. You are far more powerful than you realize once you unlock the codes of your inner divinity. And that is precisely what they don’t want you to know.

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