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Kundalini—The Gateway to Freedom

Kundalini—The Gateway to Freedom

You may be wondering why anyone would purposefully activate Kundalini. The truth is, humans are wired to seek enlightenment. Our spiritual identity demands it. The power of Kundalini is enormous and, when it is activated, your vibratory level will increase dramatically. Although this can cause disruptions in your everyday life, on the other hand, Kundalini integrates, harmonizes, and uplifts all the chakras. Awareness is elevated and consciousness expanded. As difficult as it can be, raising Kundalini and opening our spiritual identity is the reason we are here.

`This Mechanism, known as Kundalini, is the real cause of all so-called spiritual and psychic phenomena, the biological basis of evolution and development of personality, the secret origin of all esoteric and occult doctrines, the master Key to the unsolved mystery of creation, the inexhaustible source of philosophy, art and science, and the fountainhead of all religious faiths, past, present and future.’

If one’s initial experience is successful, like Krishna’s, then at the climax one experiences the inner sun — indeed, one actually becomes it — as the oscillations and vibrations of energy end with an explosion of bright white light at the centre of the head. This explosive energy seems to radiate outwards throughout all of creation. For the individual, this ecstatic experience, also known as nirvana, is one of ‘rebirth’: the mind becomes revitalized and flooded with new information and knowledge, and one attains a higher perception of oneself and the cosmos — what Buddhists call bodhi, enlightenment, or awakening to the true nature of reality. It is no surprise to learn that the pagan and Christian belief in resurrection and the Eastern belief in reincarnation all have their source in this experience.

Man may indeed have worshipped the physical sun. But the shaman and mystic who had experienced kundalini enlightenment understood the real meaning behind such solar worship. It was the inner sun, the rare enlightenment experience, that made a person a Shining One — a god.

This powerhouse, called the Kundalini, has been referred to as the fire serpent, inner heat, holy spirit, sacred flame and inner fire by different spiritual traditions. It has been universally recognized as a potent spiritual force.

“The reason kundalini meditation is such a remarkable process for spiritual awakening is that it is not based on complex theological arguments, or culturally defined religious concepts. Kundalini meditation is focused instead upon the immediate, ultimate experience of the divine within all of us, not upon belief systems regarding that divinity. Therefore, regardless of our particular religious upbringing and theological beliefs, all of us can employ kundalini meditation to aid in our spiritual evolution. “43 He calls kundalini energy the Christ-consciousness, the Truth that sets you free, allowing a person to reenter the Garden of Eden, and encounter Christlike Inner Masters. It thus becomes an alternative to the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit.

In verticality. with all the chakras being open to the natural vertical flow of the divine, all the chakras become integrated.  This. in turn. helps us become integrated at every level of our being. So we are open not only to the divine as it flows through. but also all those different aspects of consciousness that are stored in each chakra. ‘

Part of healing the planet is the reconnection to the vertical flow. Once you know and feel communion with these things. you begin treating the planet. animals. and plants in a way that reflects that communion. If everyone were vertical. we would not have wars. nor could we continue to destroy our planet.

Therefore. the implications of verticality on the planet are very significant. In essence. verticality tunes us into what we call the lover’s lifestyle. where you’re feeling love for yourself and all of creation on a regular unbroken basis. In that love relationship we do everything we can to enhance and enliven the plants. animals. the planet. and all relationships with all human beings. Verticalization has been described in many systems. In the Kabbalah it is known as the shekhina energy. or the feminine face of God. Shekhina refers to life-force energy and spirit within all of creation that flows down into us. It refers to all energies. and all frequencies that exist—all of life. The feminine face of God is considered the presence of the divine in all of creation.

The masculine. which is known as the EinSof in the Kabbalah or Shiva in the yogic system. is a state where there is no form and there is no flowing energy. there is only existence. The resurrection of the shekhina energy. or the Shakti energy. is needed in our awareness for the healing of the planet and ourselves.

When it is awake in us. we see and feel the life force within ourselves and then evolve to see and feel it in all people. animals. plants, and the living planet itself. As we honor this energy and elevate it. it reconnects and brings us into balance with all that is. Verticalization is the awakening and reconnecting process that aligns us with the cosmic feminine within us. whether we are male or female. Shiva and Shakti are two sides of one coin. Tachyon energy is the middle of the coin connecting the two.

Because it is without frequency. it represents the masculine. and because it has form and is measurable. it also represents the feminine. It is the integration point between the two. All energy on this planet (all of creation) is considered feminine in relationship to the formless masculine energy of the EinSof. Shiva. or zero-point. Ultimately there is no masculine or feminine. but we use these metaphorical terms to help describe the play of the universe.

Transcendence is the evolutionary process by which the vortexual ener-gy of the Kundalini progressively transmutes us from the gross matter of our bodies to a more refined and highly organized and energized SOEF. It is the physical parallel to the transmutation of our consciousness to the Love of unity awareness. Eventually it takes us into complete absorption of our form into the formless energies of God. From the time the kundalini is awakened. we gradually become more etheric. but even after the total merging of the kundalini energies. enough of our physical body and chakra system is left so we can function in the world.

If we can make the connection between serpent power and human life, we can understand why Hermes is the patron of alchemy and why Eastern sages speak about Kundalini. When modern science cracks open its shell and steps into the world of nature, it will then experience the wonder and awe which human tradition speaks of.

When modern science finally taps the hidden recesses of life, its tree of knowledge will commence blooming. In the waste land nothing blooms and will not until the king is healed. Healing means that the opposites are harmonized and that the dual process of coagula and solve have been ac-complished. Once modern medicine views the body as a living entity rather than as a corpse that is dissected in class, then it will be prepared for the awakening. Hermes’ caduceus symbolizes nature’s renewal power.

The two serpents are opposing parts of the serpent power, which is called Kundalini in India. The staff symbolizes the cosmic vertical axis, the tree of life, and our spinal column. The wings suggest the brain with its two hemispheres, symbolize the thousand petalled lotus, and denote the quality of volatility. When we peek behind the veil, we see that Hermes’ caduceus is a Western image akin to Kundalini. Both of these involve a process of transformation and have a shared cosmology. The Indian system of chakras illustrates the common bond. A chakra, which literally means wheel, is a rotating energy field. Every human being has seven major chakras and several minor ones. Two important minor chakras are located at the wrists and ankles; this is where the binding begins. Look at the drawing of the

The final chakra, the mystical seventh, is positioned on the top of the head. It is illustrated in the drawing by the oval formed by the head and neck of the two serpents. Al-though this chakra is called the thousand petalled lotus, it actually has only 960 spokes. The complete awakening of the seventh chakra signifies the perfection of all faculties. Once the lotus chakra is fully opened, one is able to leave the physical body and re-enter in full consciousness. The wise say that the roots, embedded in heaven, shall give forth the tree which does blossom in the world. The sleeping serpent at the spinal base is awakened, and energy slowly moves up the spinal column. When all the chakras are vitalized by this energy—and their sequence of vitalization differs according to the individual—the thou-sand petalled lotus unfolds and the child of light is born.

The channel within which subtle energy runs from the base of the spine through the crown chakra above the head. This subtle energy, in Hindu terms called kundalini, moves along this vertical core, which awakens us to an expanded awareness (Blackstone, 2006). The subtle energies ultimately extend out through the body, and then expand to connect us to all that is around us, grounded in the earth and expanding to the heavens into a sea of unified consciousness and interconnectedness. This vertical core is realized through meditation practice and deep breathing.

On a computer screen many pictures and words appear; the energy for this is provided by electricity. Similarly, for pictures and words to appear on the screen of the mind energy is necessary. According to Swami Vivekananda, this energy comes from kundalini. In ordinary thinking only a minute quantity of kundalini is used; but in spiritual illumination the whole kundalini is awakened and made to travel up the central psychic canal known as susumno. To quote Swamiji’s words: When a minute portion of energy travels along a nerve fibre and causes reaction from centres, the perception is either dream or imagination. But when by the power of long internal meditation the vast mass of energy stored up travels along the susumna and strikes the centres, the reaction is tremendous … immensely more intense than sense-perception. It is supersensuous perception.” Continuing the above account, Swamiji says: “Thus the rousing of the kundalini is the one and only way to attaining Divine Wisdom, superconscious perception, realization of the Spirit.” (14) But this awakening of the kundalini is the result of several years of intense effort. The vast majority of spiritual seekers have little chance of attaining it by their own unaided effort. Most of them need help in the form of divine Grace. Swami Vivekananda used to say, “Sri Ramakrishna has awakened the Brahma-Kundalini by his fervent prayers. Therefore individual kundalini will be roused easily in this age.”

In fact, it would appear that the intense spiritual efforts that he had made had the effect of rousing not only the individual kundalini in him but also the cosmic kundalini. Swamiji’s statement on the awakening of cosmic kundalini may be understood in two other senses also: (a) as the raising of the collective spiritual consciousness of humanity, (b) as speeding up the spiritual evolution of humanity. What is most remarkable about Sri Ramakrishna’s sadhana is the tremendous intensity with which he pursued the different spiritual paths. It is natural to surmise that this intensity of the aspiration and effort of the Avatara of the present age must have definitely caused a peak or a tidal wave in the collective spiritual consciousness of humanity. As a result, the whole collective spiritual consciousness gets lifted up to a higher plane. This process also speeds up the spiritual evolution of humanity. The present upsurge of interest in spirituality in most parts of the world, the ongoing global spiritual movement, which has been described as “spiritual revolution”, may be taken as a sign of the spiritual awakening of humanity.

If you want only God, God’s Light and the highest Truth, then I wish to say that you should follow only one path and that is the path of self-offering, the path of surrender, the path of constant self-giving. If you want to realise the Infinite, the Absolute, then follow the path of constant and unconditional surrender. This surrender is not the surrender of a lazy person. This is the surrender of someone who is dynamic, active and constantly ready to offer himself, to become what God wants him to become.

There are two worlds: the outer world and the inner world. When the kundalini is fast asleep, man is awake to the outer world. He wants to have everything that the outer world can offer him and he feels that he can get satisfaction only from what the outer world can give him. When the kundalini is awake, man is fully aware of the inner world. He knows that the outer world cannot satisfy his inner needs. He has brought to the fore the capacity of the inner world, which he has come to realise is far superior to the capacity of the outer world. He has brought to the fore the hid-den powers, the occult powers, within himself. Either he uses these powers properly or he misuses them. When he divinely uses the powers of the kundalini, he becomes the real pride of the Mother Supreme. When he misuses them, he becomes the worst enemy of man’s embodied consciousness and of his own personal evolution.

When a seeker wants to identify himself with the Mother-Power, he has to intensify his aspiration. It is through intensity that he becomes one with the Shakti. If he wants to become totally one with the Divine Father, Shiva, it is with sea-like immensity that he can become one with Shiva. Here in the West there are many who feel that the powers of kundalini yoga are nothing but rank superstition. I wish to say that those who cherish this idea are totally mistaken. Even the genuine spiritual Masters have examined kundalini yoga and found in their own experiences the undeniable authenticity of its hidden occult powers.

Blessed is he who practises kundalini yoga as part of his self-discovery and not in order to acquire power in hypnotism, black magic or other low forms of occultism which operate in and from the vital world. A genuine student of kundalini yoga is he who tries to unite the vital power and the spiritual knowledge in perfect harmony with the evolving spirit of life. A genuine seeker never considers the hidden powers or occult powers as his goal. He cares only for God. He longs only for God’s loving Presence in his life. The kundalini power is the dynamic power in us. When the dynamic power and the spiritual knowledge go hand in hand, the perfect harmony of the Universal Consciousness dawns and the conscious evolution of the human soul reaches the transcendental Self.

We practise kundalini yoga in order to get power of one kind or another. But if we meditate on God and please God, the Creator, He will give us His entire creation if He wants to. If we want the Creator first and foremost, and not His creation, then we will get the Creator. And once we have the Creator, His entire creation will also be at our disposal. If we cry for one tiny part of the creation, we may get it with comparative ease; but the infinite wealth of the Creator will be withheld from us, and we will have to be satisfied with the tiny portion which we asked for.

consciousness of humanity. Kundalini power has the capacity to awaken and illumine the conscious-ness of mankind if properly used.

The superior occultists, the spiritual ones, will never do that. If spiritual Masters, the real yogis, have occult powers, they do not try to attack or defeat other spiritual Masters to win more occult power. But spiritual Masters sometimes do take away occult power from unwise seekers. Sometimes they see that a seeker is basically sincere, but he has attained a little occult power and is misusing it. Then out of their infinite compassion, the Masters may take away the occult power of these unfortu-nate seekers so that they will return to the spiritual life and realise the highest Truth. When the time comes and the seekers are ready to use their occult power wisely, the Masters give it all back.

Peter Horttanainen

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