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Kundalini is also the basis for the attainment of a higher state of consciousness. The kundalini energy can be concentrated in the brain to produce enlightenment and genius—higher mental perception. Its potency is our potential. Such a state, if widely attained, could mean a new species of humanity, a higher human race. Thus, kundalini, the bridge between mind and matter, can be the evolutionary cause of creation as well as procreation. It is the evolutionary energy and mechanism operating in the human race

Kundalini is also the basis for the attainment of a higher state of consciousness. The kundalini energy can be concentrated in the brain to produce enlightenment and genius—higher mental perception. Its potency is our potential. Such a state, if widely attained, could mean a new species of humanity, a higher human race. Thus, kundalini, the bridge between mind and matter, can be the evolutionary cause of creation as well as procreation. It is the evolutionary energy and mechanism operating in the human race.

First of all, the word kundalini (feminine gender) literally means. “the cud of the lock of hair of the beloved.” It is a metaphor, a poetic way of describing the flow of energy and consciousness which already exists within each one of us. Since ancient times, sacred truths have been hidden from the common man by using symbols and metaphors to pass along the knowledge. Have you ever noticed the symbol printed on the prescription )you get from your doctor? It’s call a ”Caduceus.- It represents the flow of kundalini energy.

This ancient symbol of the medical pro. knot shows two serpents intertwined around a staff. But, kundahni is not snakes! It’s just that in mythology and folklore, serpents are often associated with wisdom, and the route the kundalini energy trav-els as it goes up and down the spine is serpentine. The Caduceus repre-sents the rising of the kunduni energy through two nerve channels that intertwine around the central nerve of the spinal column.

These two nerves act as main conductors. One of them is called the Ida, the other, the Pingala. Each of them makes two and one-half turns around the central col-umn of the spine (Shushmana), as they spiral upwards from the base of the spine. The kundalini energy they carry feeds the entire nervous system. The Ida and the Pingala conduct the basic positive and negative, solar and lunar energies of the body. The Ida, the nerve which ends at the left nostril, brings in the cooling, soothing, mind-expanding energy of the moon. The Pingala, ending in the right nostril, brings on the stimulating, energizing, heating energy of the sun.

In addition to the kundalini energy which is already flowing in us, there is a vast reservoir of untapped, or ‘dormant” kuncialm ni stored under the fourth vertebra of the spinal column. Through the practice of Kundahni Yoga, we stimulate and release this unused kundalini energy, and allow it (it is never forced) to rise up the central column of the spine until it reaches the top of the skull, activating the secretion of the pineal gland. This brings about a major change of consciousness. When this energy returns down the Ida and Pingala and activates and balances the various energy centers, there is a major change in the person’s life. Although there are cases of the kundalini rising sponta-neously, without purposeful spiritual practice, your reservoir of kundalini ener-gy usually remains dormant throughout your entire life. It’s like having a rac-ing car and never getting out of first gear!

The yogin with purified body holds in store what has been transformed into divine nectar; in order to pour it forth, he draws from this receptacle of ambrosia which, like the ocean, never increases nor decreases. Thus Kundalini appears as a reservoir of energy, either when remaining concealed in the human body or when, regaining her conscious essence, she vitalizes the tendencies and directs them toward the universal. In this way she becomes a basis for the man-ifold techniques of yoga and for the highest mystical experiences. But as a serpent and guardian of the greatest of all trea-sures—immortality—Kunclalini calls to mind the ancient serpent of the depths,

“Are all-pervading and spread out to the entire universe”.

However, what allows us to mention the mythic serpent in relation to Kundalini is the adoption of this symbol within the Saiva system itself. As we shall see, in the highest of the initiations by piercing, that which is precisely called “of the serpent” (bhujangavedha),s the energy ascends with lightning speed to the top of the head and blossoms into bliss in the form of a fivefold-hooded cobra intensely vibrating with life. Thus outstretched above the head, he symbolizes the cosmic dvadaganta; all of the yogin’s energies, at this stage, are all-pervading and spread out to the entire universe.

Those who are satvik are reborn as seekers, till their enlightenment. Thereafter, they live in the collective consciousness.

Satvik knowledge is what you feel on the central nervous system after kundalini awakening. When this knowledge expands, you see the existence of the all-pervading power of God, the principle of everything which widens the horizon and takes you across limitless shores through which you can experience a unity in everything, despite immense diversity of form. Such a penetrative perception requires great lucidity.

A pot of clay appears different from the earth. Its form gives it the appearance of a separate identity. But in essence the pot is the same as the earth. The man of Satvik understanding see this unity in all apparent divisions. After kundalini awakening the living principle of creativity emits from the point of the spirit in all directions in an integrated way, supporting and sustaining each other. It spreads to all sides radiating the power of the central point of the spirit which is connected to God Almighty—the all-pervading organism.

Then one works according to the desires of our living force. It synthesises everything. Thus a man of Satvik understanding is not deceived by appearances. He feels the integration of all religions. the hearts are united though the bodies are apart. On the surface everything appears to be divided but deep down it is united in its source.

The knower is the Self; ultimately the God Almighty. The unmanifest knowledge is the kundalini; ultimately the primordial kundalini—th° desire of God. When both of these unite then the subtle all pervading power of God’s ‘desire’ becomes the power of love (rutembra—pragya).* This is the manifestation of the Divine power. This power manifests all living and non-living, moving and unmoving, gross and subtle—the entire universe.

“Your refusal to fight is due to the delusion born of the ego. Such resolve is in vain. Your nature will compel you”.

The purity of the self and detachement from acquisition or preservation. However, people are mostly busy trying to obtain things, or anxious about losing them. Become free from both the urges, born of the survival instinct.

Live freely without being haunted by the urge to hoard. The desire to accumulate always arises from insecurity or greed; it is a refugees trait. But we are no longer refugees, let us drop the complex of insecurity and its related shadows that envelop the mind. Acept the things as they come, without worrying. Insecurity arises out of ignorance

Nature spontaneously works into the future—squirrels store nuts for the winter and trees conserve energy in winter. When the season changes, nature parts with its stores—the trees shed their leaves. Human beings have to learn the art of maintaining a balance; when to conserve and when to shed and share, with the mind detached from aquisition and preservation.

It is hard for a human being to surrender to Divine incarnation or even accept the proposition ofan incarnation. On the other hand, human mind can be easily mesmerised and impressed by ego pampering or ego appeal.

Today, doubt and mind projections heavily weigh the human psyche. The inertia is now gathering momentum to throw it all out. However, the resultant is a blind swing to the opposite that is reflected by anti-establishment.

In reality the task is easier (Sahaja). Surrender all effort and its reward to the Great Cosmic Force. Leave all problems and solutions to It. It is wise, It knows, for It is the eternal source. It is the mother of creation and caused all things to be. How can we know better, we who are not even the tiny dots on the sands of time. The mind that tries to solve the effect by trying to solve the cause swings like a pendulum between cause and effect. If we surrender ourselves to the Divine we transcend the area of cause itself, and the effect also loses its existence.

The eternal quest of the man has caught fire, now it has to be quenched. The Divine Guru has no choice but to lead him on.

The secret of secrtes; Whatever that is known is through the ego either as emotions (conditioning) or the senses. After realisation the ego disappears and, hence, one cannot know through it. Simultaneously, the senses become enlightened, they start knowing about themselves and others. In this state the intelligence becomes knowledge, the ego dissolves in true knowledge and the senses dissolve into Truth. Hence rapport is established with Truth and the quantum of vibrations res-pond instantly in the negative or positive. For example. when one

“God is infinite. You don’t have to count its aspects. You want to enjoy Him. The wise simply eat the fruit, they do not count the leaves, roots and

When you try to seek the Truth you have to become the Truth
When you try to seek the Knowledge you have to become the Knowledge
When you try to seek God you have to become God.

He is truly my inner Self , whose light is spread throughout the entire universe . … gaining the realization about your own Self, the One who lives within all, pervades the entire universe.

As the corresponding centres are awakened , the Kundalini spreads and saturates the whole body in the form of ultra – subtle pranic energy . A vibratory stirring is experienced which totally overtakes the waking consciousness.

The world is not negated or abolished , rather , each atom of the universe is filled with the all pervasive power of bliss of awareness. The cosmic play of Kundalini Shakti is sustained through such exteriorisation of the referential world into unity.

That supreme subtle energy, Kurt-dalini, joins with Siva in a unifying friction of mutual delight, and then rises and assumes the form of the energies of will, knowl-edge and activity. “The merging, that of the couple Siva and Sakti, is the energy of bliss ,

A) wherefrom the entire universe comes into being: a reality beyond the supreme and the nonsu-preme, it is called Goddess, essence and (glorious) Heart: this is the emission, the supreme Lord”. According to the gloss, the unifying friction is a surging forth, a vibration, a blissful energy originating the universal flow. At this stage Siva and the energy appear to be distinct: Siva is transcendent in relation to the universe, while the energy remains im-manent, without her plenitude being diminished.

The church is defined as both the ‘body of Christ’ and ‘the bride of Christ’ and thus identifies with the union of Shiva and Shakti. It´s the same process, and represents the marriage between Heaven and Earth.

According to Hindu philosophy, the veil of illusion, called Maya, lies over reality in order to lead us to believe that the world is real. Only this way we can identify with our physical body and act in the material world. If we were to regard the material creation as a divine play, what it actually is, we would lack of any motivation to act. Out of this illusion and the desire to experience the material world and to enjoy its pleasures, the attachment to this world arises. This attachment [7] creates out of our true Self (Purusha) a wrong I (Ahamkara).

Kundalini is a force originating from Shiva and opposing to attachment. Whereas attachment is based on the concentration of the attention on an object and complying with the principle of attraction, Kundalini embodies the principle of dissolution. When Kundalini is roused, the entanglement with the material world dissolves and, at an advanced stage, Ahamkara (the wrong I) dissolves gradually as well. This is a destructive process that may proceed very painfully—not only psychologically but also physically. The entire physiology of the body alters.

If the meditating person allows a further increase of Kundalini’s intensity by deliberately neglecting all exercises and rituals that limit the intensity, Kundalini passes out of the Sushumna at a certain kind of strength, directly flooding the body and circumventing the Nadis, which are now becoming unnecessary. Furthermore, amalgamation processes happen, at which end Shakti and Kundalini ultimately merge—Kundalini-Shakti evolves. Now, Shakti controls the Kundalini, which becomes a conscious divine force with its own consciousness, guiding the adept into the light and eliminating all obstacles on this path. However, at this point Kundalini consists of such intensity that it is unbearable for any normal nerve system. Therefore, only a spiritual master is able to reach this step.

Normally, we only know three changing states of consciousness—waking, sleeping and dreaming. There is, however, another fourth, unchanging state of consciousness that can only be experienced in deep meditation. In India this is called Samadhi. The meditating person rests within his Self. That means unlimited bliss. Here no space, no time exists, only eternal present. It is not a state that is experienced—the meditating person IS THAT.

Samadhi occurs as the fourth state of consciousness, separated from the other three states (waking, sleeping, dreaming). After sometime this separation dissolves and Samadhi remains while one is awake, sleeps or dreams. This state is called Nirvikalpa Samadhi, which is equated with enlightenment in the western civilisation. The yogi is always grounded in the Self. He is at one with the Source of Light, the divine source.

The awakening of Kundalini is defined in Indian teaching as the merging of the cold energy of the Ida-Nadi with the hot energy of the Pingala-Nadi in the Sushumna. Thereafter, Ida and Pingala, the two channels on the left and right of the spine, die back because they have become functionless. Then only the merged energy rises in the middle channel, the Sushumna. Indeed, this perspective describes the phenomena perceived during meditation, however, not their causes. In reality, Kundalini does not “come into existence” in the merging of Ida and Pingala and does not rest as a coiled serpent on the base of the spine. Kundalini is always there, but in another “aggregate state.”

In its diffused shape it forms what we referred to as “spiritual Prana” in the previous chapters. This diffuse Kundalini pervades the entire universe in a very subtle spiritual level and enters through the first chakra, the Root Chakra, into our body. By means of Ahamkara [1], our false I, a transformation happens there as the diffuse Kundalini, absorbed from outside, adopts two different aggregate states. This process is controlled by the sectors 7-12 of the seventh chakra. [2] The part that is strongly bound to attachment rises in the form of cold energy in the Ida-Nadi on the left side of the spine. The other part that is relatively free of attachment rises in the form of hot energy in the Pingala-Nadi on the right side.

Energy and consciousness-moves in spiraling motion – coils -loops

Kundalini is also the basis for the attain-ment of a higher state of consciousness. The kundalini energy can be concentrated in the brain to produce enlightenment and genius—higher mental perception. Its potency is our potential. Such a state, if widely attained, could mean a new species of humanity, a higher human race. Thus, kundalini, the bridge between mind and matter, can be the evolutionary cause of creation as well as procreation. It is the evolutionary energy and mechanism operating in the human race.

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