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Kundalini acts as a craftsman to convert duality produced by inclement weather into non-duality, thereby it protects us from the harmful effects. Monks are spiritual scientists. You know that efforts of scientific research don’t bring fruit immediately. May be that on one day they discover a new meditation technique and bring out the revolution in the world. The new body is being created so that this new awareness of DNA will allow the ka to expand throughout the new human.

Kundalini acts as a craftsman to convert duality produced by inclement weather into non-duality, thereby it protects us from the harmful effects. Monks are spiritual scientists. You know that efforts of scientific research don’t bring fruit immediately. May be that on one day they discover a new meditation technique and bring out the revolution in the world. The new body is being created so that this new awareness of DNA will allow the ka to expand throughout the new human.

Monks are spiritual scientists. You know that efforts of scientific research don’t bring fruit immediately. May be that on one day they discover a new meditation technique and bring out the revolution in the world. Different meditation techniques including Hath yoga that we practice today are in most cases the discoveries by such spiritual scientists. Scientists appear useless externally for they don’t yield results till many decades but when they succeed, then bring out a revolution. Field workers appear too active, useful and alert always although totally dependent on scientific discoveries. Scientists behind the curtain don’t become visible to all easily.

If anyone has achieved enlightenment and ended his rebirth circle, where would he go?

Non-duality is end to enlightenment. Non-duality is higher achievement than enlightenment. Actually, enlightenment descends only to teach non-duality. Actual path to liberation is non-duality, not the enlightenment. Anyone can practise non-duality, no need of enlightenment, but people remain suspicious of non-duality and hesitate to adopt it until become fully assured with enlightenment. During enlightenment, full non-duality or unity consciousness is experienced. That’s clear message to adopt and strengthen non-duality in one’s life. Without adopting non-duality later on, enlightenment is wasteful. If unenlightened one too sacrifices his life for non-duality, he surely is liberated too.

Why does kundalini awakening happen in only few people?

It’s development level that varies widely among people. Only few being football champions do not mean that other people do not know how to play the football. Similarly, few people awakened doesn’t mean that other people don’t have their status. Actually just as an ordinary person can play at the level of a champion, an ordinary person can exhibit worldly non-duality/spirituality at the level of an awakened being. The only difference is that the awakening forces one to become non dual/unattached spontaneously up to some extent, just as championship inspires/forces one to play more nicely. Championship or awakening is just a honorary prize offered by the nature to few ones to inspire others to develop. It’s not a special reward guaranteeing their liberation. An awakened one can fall to hell and a being not awakened can also rise to liberation as per their individual lifestyles. Similarly a football champion can lose the game but an ordinary man can win the same as per their individual efforts.

The point of kundalini yoga isn’t generally to awaken the intensity of man, but instead to bring the shut sensible or to bring the intensity of the oblivious or higher cognizance, to typical awareness. We have no compelling reason to awaken the cognizance, for it is ever wakeful. We have just to deal with our higher cognizant powers. By methods for kundaiini yoga we simply attempt to bring the focuses from mooladhara to ajna into activity with the goal that the higher information will be continuously uncovered to us.

Opening the storage facility of vast awareness In spite of the fact that there are fluctuating perspectives about kundalini, one thing is sure – kundalini can enact the human awareness so that the individual can build up his most advantageous characteristics, can enter a considerably more personal connection with nature about him, and can get mindful of his unity with the entire universe. All the extraordinary supernatural occurrences of the remote and late past, and the ones yet to come, have sprung based on what is known as the storage facility of vast cognizance, the brilliant egg, the brilliant belly, the covered up hiranyagarbha inside the structure of the human cerebrum.

Undoubtedly the area of the lumbar ganglion, which is associated in yoga with the “mysterious kundalini”2 is the seat of powerful urges of the “serpent power” that lies dormant in the unconscious. The Tantra philosophy calls it the queen of life which survives in the vertebrate animals by breathing. It is also considered the source of health, of sleep, of dreams and of all deeper stirrings. According to the philosophy of the kundalini, the farther a man plumbs the depths of his personality in rest, the more deeply he may be able to ally himself with the rhythms and energies which the artist has made manifest in the formation of lines, the sweep of colours or the structure of a composition. For “the centre where all residual sensations are, as it were, stored up is called muladhara-chakra, and the coiled-up energy of actions is kundalini, the coiled up.” The connection between the afferent and efferent fibres of the vagus nerve

Ka is the expanded awareness that begins to infuse the physicality of the human. It is woven around the cells within the human form. The ka vibrates at a slightly higher frequency than matter, but its frequency is close enough that it can connect with matter and permeate it. Ka lifts matter itself to a higher frequency, and with that expansion, more information and greater consciousness is available to the human once the ka is connected.

Conscious awareness comes in gradations: whereas insight is below awareness, consciousness is above awareness. Consciousness is ka, and ka is consciousness All consciousness comes from the ancestors, and the ancestors come in many different forms. The original ancestors are the deities themselves. They are prisms of pure consciousness through which different aspects are illuminated: the god that emerges from the one source depends on which particular aspect of consciousness is being revealed.

When you breathe deeply. you activate the energy field from your own cellular memory, which is very compact, like a microchip. The ka equates to the collective soul of humanity. As it is activated and the cells expand, this collective soul awakens to the memory of that huge body of wisdom, consciousness, and knowledge that lives inside all humans. We—human beings on Earth at this point in time—are ready to awaken that memory.

The new body is being created so that this new awareness of DNA will allow the ka to expand throughout the new human. It’s like a consciousness replacement that opens up a more collective connection, through which we become complete and can perceive as global humans. We begin thinking beyond our own little physical selves, and become connected to the And/All, which is the gods awakened within us—the ka.

That’s what the ka is, awakened gods inside the human being! Whan hi imam hornmp rnntrinna that thaw live in thick arnhrana of When humans become conscious that they live in the embrace of their ka, they become conscious of their immortality. Humans consciously infused with ka during their lifetime become able to co-create with the forces of nature, the neteru.

In ancient Egypt, it was thought that the ka was the source of the vital force energy of the deceased. The tomb was called per ka, the place of the person’s etheric double, or their ka. It was the ka that linked a person, animal, or other being to his or her ancestral group in the spirit world as a source of power, vitality, sustenance, and growth.

Only the pharaoh could be united with his or her ka during life, and he was said to have held that connection for all the people of the land. In order to do that, he maintained consciousness of his ka, and contained it within himself, and as an adept he was able to retain consciousness after death. (Commoners, on the other hand, were said to be assimilated by their ka at death.) Statues of pharaoh’s ka were placed within the tomb, the arms bent at the elbows and the hands up and facing out to receive the offerings that fed that which the deceased had become.

Ancient Egyptian art shows Khnum creating the king and his ka on his potter’s wheel, as a distinct and independent being. 8 Although in times of old, full consciousness of ka was the exclusive domain of pharaoh, over time it seeped into the priesthood and nobility, and eventually into esoteric wisdom reserved for initiates. At this time the knowledge of ka and its infusion into our consciousness has been reawakened and is becoming accessible to ordinary people, and it is being expressed in many ways. Reiki, Shaktipad, Deeksha, Alchemical Healing, Shamanic Breathwork, and others are fast becoming mainstream examples of transformative methods used to awaken ka. They also illustrate how one person can transfer ka energy to another.

In the first chakra lives the oldest wisdom of the ancestors, and their memory of creation and of early life on earth, and all it has taken to get you to this point. This is what forms the foundation, so that you know you have a platform to stand on. You have inner authority and grounded connection. You can see where you are going if you can see where you’ve come from. The first chakra holds the reminder that grounding is required for the next quantum leap in consciousness. With your tail penetrating the earth, vortexes of energy circle around, expand, and surround the auric field…. While Khnum is carefully sculpting on his wheel and as the energies continue to rise up through the newly created body,

As the ka activates, it begins to spin in small spirals, pushing the molecules that hold your body together further apart. You might sense a lightness of being as higher consciousness opens your physical self. You are also aware of the expansion in your emotional and mental selves, but you feel it most powerfully in the physical. It feels as though the cells themselves plump up, become fatter, and begin to unwind. As they unwind like a reverse spiral, they open up at this cellular level, allowing spirit to enter. The activation of the ka body enables the spiritualization of the matter that makes up your body. You have literally expanded and opened so that consciousness can more fully reside within.

It is important to take some time to integrate this initiation before continuing on this path of transformation. It is also helpful to enter your experience into your journal. Now that you have completed this ka activation, you will find that the life-force energy from your ka is available to direct in many ways. As the intensity generated from this initiation abates, the capacity to move a higher volume of energy through yourself as a conduit may appear to ebb.

Do not be discouraged, for as you assimilate to this new level, more and higher frequencies of energy will be available to you in your renewed body and consciousness. Knowing that you are now consciously interacting with the energies and power of your ancestors, you will be able to ignite the ka energy with your intention as you breath the heart breath. You can then direct it through your hands into parts of yourself or into others who are weak or diseased, into your food, your garden, and so forth.

When you direct this energy, it is important to remember that it is not coming from your personal stores, for that would cause you to become depleted. This vital life-force energy is huge, comes from an infinite source, and will move through you and out to wherever it is directed, at any distance. If you want to direct it to someone who is on the other side of the world, simply invoke that person’s name, or the situation to which you wish to connect, and intend the current of energy into being. You will feel it flow through you and out from your hands to wherever you intend. The more you share, the more it flows through you, and you are nourished and renewed when you use it.

Mastery of the forces of nature, whether external or interior to a person in the physical body, depends upon the ability to control, to separate, and thereafter to manipulate the positive, negative and neutral currents of the electrical energy of which nature consists. The Adept is taught the secret of this power in the Mysteries, and by training and practice acquires the necessary capacity for its control. The human will, when spiritualized and united irrevocably with the cosmic will, is relatively omnipotent in its action upon the forces and Intelligences of nature (Devas).

The fully trained initiate can so direct the currents of cosmic energy that the appearance, position and condition of existing natural objects can be changed. Others can be made to appear seemingly out of nowhere, though actually made from the materials in the inexhaustible storehouse of substance which is the akasa. In this process, control of the three currents of the creative energy is essential. From within, the Adept similarly brings under the direction of the will the same three electrical currents. Thus charged, the whole body becomes as an electrical system, a series of circuits, with spinal cord and brain as main conductor and cable.

Elevation of consciousness cannot be achieved without a corresponding heightening of the frequency of oscillation, and an increased responsiveness by the material vehicles and their specific organs. Body, bodily magnetism, vitality, emotions and formal mind—the mortal personality as a whole and its essential parts—must be purified, refined, spiritualized. In accordance with the allegorical method of writing, the Egyptians. attracted by a desire to share In their treasures and profit by their labors, must pursue the departing Israelites. The polarization of the two opponents is itself a reflection and physical expression of a similar process occurring in the higher vehicles and states of consciousness.

with its walls of water piled up one on either hand (the controlled and directed thoughts and emotions). If full success is to be attained in raising one’s center of awareness, then the whole nature of the lower self must thus pursue or follow the higher, and so the statement is correctly made that “all Pharaoh’s horses, his chariots, and his horsemen” enter the Red Sea (v. 23). The correspondences are peculiarly exact, for Pharaoh himself—as the Monarch—represents egoic consciousness limited to and conditioned by the physical body in the waking state. The hones of Pharaoh represent that life-force which is the driving power behind and within the activities of mind. emotion, vitality and body. The chariot is the whole personality within the enclosing superphysical aura, the skin of the physical body being represented by the sides and floor of the chariot. The wheels represent mobility, the capacity to respond in relatively free motion to the impulses of the life-force. The pole of the chariot by which the hones are harnessed, and along which their strength is conveyed to the vehicle might be regarded as the Etheric Double, the storehouse and conveyor of vital energy.

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