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It (the physical body) is necessary as a vehicle to house us while on the physical plane, but is no longer needed on our spiritual ascent. We have now lost about 29% of gross matter, When rising above the physical body consciousness, we will see that the light of our consciousness increases from about 1% to an amazing 3o%, By spreading the ever-increasing vibrations of peace, and love, our light grows in its intensity, and we begin to light our way with greater clarity of vision. We are accelerating our travel greatly with the shedding of additional matter with the result that our consciousness expands by as much as 50%. Tavistock Institute. Part 116

It (the physical body) is necessary as a vehicle to house us while on the physical plane, but is no longer needed on our spiritual ascent. We have now lost about 29% of gross matter that acted like a sheet anchor to weight and hold us down against our will. Being lighter we (the soul) is somewhat freer to travel and take further ascent. When rising above the physical body consciousness, we will see that the light of our consciousness increases from about i% to an amazing 3o%.

This is just the beginning of spiritual freedom. Just as we left behind the physical body, with ever growing and intensified focused attention we now jettison the astral body in very similar fashion as we did the physical. When losing the Astral body, we lose an additional 3o% of astral or emotional matter.

When losing these emotional frequencies, we grow increasingly steady and focused in our resolve to continue our journey. Developing love for God-the-Beloved by any means will only expedite the steadiness of our navigation. Being social as well as physical beings by nature, this all-important love first develops in the flesh. With effort and grace we/it culminates in the celestial spirit, or soul.

By spreading the ever-increasing vibrations of peace, and love, our light grows in its intensity, and we begin to light our way with greater clarity of vision. We are accelerating our travel greatly with the shedding of additional matter with the result that our consciousness expands by as much as 50%.

As mentioned earlier in the book this is very critical because a i% shift either way decides in general whether the mind or mental frequencies dominate our consciousness (us) or we (spirit) dominate the mind. This is why up until this point the mind, by nature, has control of us. Unless we find a way to befriend it, we are a slave to it, with no conscious control.

At the same time we will understand that it is actually the greater light that simultaneously guides and shines our path ahead for us. This same light becomes even greater when entering the causal or mental frequencies. The light is not growing brighter – it is already as bright as it is going to be. We are invincible children of divine light.

We (our souls) shine with the light intensity of 16 outer suns, but it is the veil of several frequencies or energies of thought, emotion, and physical essences that dim our light, and send us into states of unconsciousness. We may be alive to this world but we are dead (unconscious) to the worlds within. They alone are conscious of this process who practice meditation on the light and sound vibrations, or have developed a desire through love and zeal for the power of love that guides them.

In our inner journey of ascent we are now ready to jettison our mental frequencies or causal body. This is a huge step on the way because we are leaving behind our thinking faculty. It is here that fear for some can be the greatest because the mind likens this experience to a death.

The mind is no different than any creature that will do whatever it takes to survive, even if it means not allowing us to continue forward on our spiritual journey. Illusions of the mind are greatest here and come up simply to distract and keep us in the domain of mind.

Something truly amazing happens next as we prepare to enter the forth region of ascent, leaving behind the third mental or causal body, and that is that our soul or consciousness becomes dominant for the first time! It sees or experiences itself as it truly is. We are now up to 90% consciousness, with only a very thin veil of 10% matter covering us.

We see with awesome clarity at this phase. We are so close to the completion, or conclusion of our spiritual journey, but in a sense we are still so far away. There is still one great veil of darkness we must break through.

We must still rise above the subtle veil of ego. When souls are born, the ego essence body is the first energy received; in our ascent it is the last to be discarded. To do so without a teacher is virtually impossible. In addition it is the power of love alone that enables one to pierce through this veil. This is where surrendering the ego and replacing it with humility is very important.

The precious soul is actually surrendering itself to the will of its higher power or the universal force, known by many as God. It is in part the golden preparation for our acceptance and return home.

The ego is so subtle that it cannot see or experience anything outside of itself, so consumed as it were by its own fires. So deluding is the mind that it believes itself to be an entity unto itself sustained by its own light. It has lived and associated itself for so many ages with its own energy that it forgot its light comes from God.

The mind lives a dual existence of opposites versus one of unity. This explains its perception of death instead of living a greater life within the ocean of all consciousness. We (soul) realize ourselves now for the first time as the same essence as our creator. This is the realization that I am thou, or as Jesus said, I and my Father are one.

This realization must be had in order for us to pierce the veil of ego and return to our true home, the ocean of all consciousness. In the New Golden Age we will experience this unity as uniting common threads of love, even with our enemies, even in evil, and even in the negative power.

We must see this unifying essence of love in all of creation if we are to rise above discord and chaos and live in true harmony and peace amongst ourselves. When we finally do leave off the energy of ego, there is no matter left. We can then experience merger of our true essence with that of our creator. Our soul, or consciousness, actually merges and becomes one with the ocean of all that is conscious. with all that is light, love and life.

Transformation is simply the transformation of our frequencies of ego, and selfishness, into higher, less dense vibrations of selflessness and humility. This is the main event of the New Golden Age of Love. This transformational event will be experienced by a surge, not only in quantity, but in the quality of love that we convey to one another.

In the New Golden Age we experience an increase of people taking responsibility for and being held accountable for their thoughts, words, and actions. Because we are holding ourselves accountable, and holding ourselves responsible for our ineffective behaviors, it is leading to an expression of more humility and love among us. With the onset of this event, a transformation takes place and we begin to exhibit more self- love. This is a sure sign that we have arrived in the New Golden Age of Love.

Those that make the choice to enter this land of golden love will have to do so with hard work. The transformation of frequencies of ego and anger into less course frequencies of love is not an easy one/those who choose this work will only help in speeding up the process of I – Transformation through a spiritual osmosis encouraging others to do likewise. This is the process of slowly bringing along the masses into our new era of golden consciousness.

In this dark age of Kal (the negative power) we have forgotten who and what we are. We have forgotten our original home, the almighty force, the ocean of all consciousness, from whence we came. One of the key paradigms for this new era of quickening consciousness will be the mass realization that who and what we are are not the same. Every human being within, is complete, equal, and whole unto himself. In truth, this is the essence of unity and harmony. We realize we are not different, that spiritually we are all the same. We are all perfectly imperfect. Personal transformation helps us realize this truth.

If it is practiced along with meditation, and implemented into our daily living processes, then we really accelerate our spiritual and emotional health process. It is a very powerful paradigm shift in our consciousness when we come to realize that an illusion of dualism and multi-fractured consciousness has been falsely mistaken and accepted for our reality.

The truth is that there is only one reality, only one consciousness. Anything outside of this one consciousness reality is false. Not only is it false and an illusion – it is not even conscious.

The mind is not a conscious entity. Alone it has no life, thus has no power over us. It is we who fall weak of will force and give power to the mind. Who we are is our character, and as physical beings our character goes a long way in our outer make up and expression of what we are as soul.

Our soul in actuality is not only what we are, but if we could uncover the illusionary veils that envelop our soul (us), we would see ourselves in all our pristine glory, shining with the radiant light of 16 outer suns. We would know that that light is all we are. That is the real us. The bottom line is that even our character ultimately is part of the grand illusion laid before us. The question that arises is: how do we break free from this illusion? To help give birth to the higher consciousness of the New Golden Age of Love, we will have to learn as much as possible about personal and self-development.

Most of us are aware that we have to develop spiritually. We must develop and feed the soul (us) through the practice of meditation. Through meditation we can increase our conscious contact with God the Beloved. We develop stronger willpower, greater laser focused concentration and a more heightened awareness about ourselves and our environment. If we increase the light of our consciousness, then we are no doubt developing what we are.

Saints say that if we take one step forward, they take ioo steps to meet us with help. It is said that we cannot walk around the tunnel to get to the light, but must walk through it. To attain self- realization takes real work. The power of love and the new transforming mass consciousness of the people will not allow, tolerate, or accept skirting around putting in the work. The power of love will compel many to willingly surrender their small will to a much sweeter let Thy will be done consciousness. As the change of mass consciousness is underway, the will of the creator and the will of the people slowly become the same. This process of spiritual transfusion is not done by force, but occurs through love, in the New Golden Age.

It is the unconscious essence that dissipates, or dies, not us. We are eternal entities of invincible light. We cannot die. Only the essence or ele-ments of unconscious mind stuff that we have so long grown accustomed to, and become associated with, die. The illusion is that we have done this asso-ciation so long that we have forgotten our true identities. We have allowed the Negative power, through these elements of unconsciousness, to actually perform an Identity Theft of the Soul. We have gradually slipped into dark-ness, allowing the Prince of Darkness to lure us into a state of forgetfulness.

Ultimately, human consciousness must expand and develop a different operating mode to connect with these higher spaces.

Finally, the work of transformation reveals the mystical awareness of truth. By applying principles of in conjuncdon with the combined energies of various group and individual practices, this meditation system transforms the individuals, the group, and, later, the world. Linked consciousness allows a group to focus with great clarity on personal and global spiritual work. Within mystical awareness there is no separateness, but only a true identity that shares consciousness with all life. The human being is simply a microcosm of the macrocosm. To know thyself is to follow the inner wisdom in alignment with the ultimate truth to perform the work that is given to us to do. In knowing our true identity, we are guided step-by-step, moment-by-moment, and sustained and suported by the eternal universal forces.

A matrix of pure energies and aware groups creates a new vision of the world; one that transcends egoic desires and strives for harmonious coexistence. While transfor-mative meditation provides a rich, full awareness of being in your per-sonal meditations, there is also a link to a greater spiritual work. We must learn to live in harmony with the planet, bring more mindful-ness into our world, and transform the energies to create a conscious balance in all life Our work in meditation is an invaluable tool for evolving higher consciousness.

“I die daily” and “learn to die so that you may begin to live”, he was referring to the art of rising above physical body consciousness. So as we learn to die to the physical, we begin to live in the spirit. This is the key to understanding how to spiritually progress through the veil ogf ignoranc, go beyond time and spave perception, and for pass the Archons, and t expand outside the Matrix humankind in trapped and imprisoned within.

This is the spirit of the astral or emotional consciousness. By leaving off the gross dross of the physical body made up of the five senses and its five elements of matter we, like a space shuttle or rocket, have now jettisoned one of our major boosters.

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