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Ego don´t see itself as part of a larger consciousness, but creates separation to survive. Ego is duality, duality is mass consciousness, and mass consciousness is The Matrix of the MInd. Ego’ means the loss of one’s original consciousness of being eternal and individual, which is an illusion because in reality we are always parts of the Whole.

When you observe in present-time, the veil of the matrix is neutralized, allowing observation from the Higher Mind. It’s here where this partition or veil is dismantled and reconstructed into its originally intended function: to open your awareness of the multidimensional consciousness from where you have come.

Ego survives solely through attachment, like a virus, which cannot function independently from its host cell. It cannot be emphasized too strongly that the ego has no life of its own. It is an illusion which keeps perpetuating itself through attachment to the individual and, by its various methods, tricking the individual into believing that he or she is the ego. When attached to the ego, the individual doesn’t “see” the ego. The ego has become invisible because the individual believes the ego is what he or she is and therefore, there is no experience of consciousness as separate from ego-mind. The attachment is complete. When attention is turned inward, the process has begun which will eventually result in the individual “seeing” the ego and finding its true Self.

The ego attach itself to the identification with the body and mass consciousness. The ego is not indenpendently because it needs both the body and mass consciousness to survive, and it needs low vibrational frequencies of negativity and fear to survive. The ego can´t exist in higher level of consciousness or vibrations without being dissolved, so it must create a constant enviroment that promotes negativity and fear programming (media). Alienation is a result when the ego creates separation from the real divine being. The ego attach to humans through body identification, psychology of entanglement, imitating and mimicking, through negative fear programming, through emotions and thoughts, and by social engineering (gmo, nanotechnology, chemtrails) and programming in media, and other methods is percecution and stalking, using noise harassment and sound frequency weapons as syntethic telepathy or voice to skull technology to occupy or bombarding the mind, and entangle the mind and prevent it from expanding in consciousness and awareness.

The ego needs these belief systems and concepts to survive or exist;

⦁ Need the five senses (disconnect the sixth sense)
⦁ Think you are the body
⦁ Needs to be attched to mass consciousness
⦁ Needs time scale of past and future
⦁ Needs state of duality (to create separation)
⦁ Needs to create a negative emotions and thoughts to control
⦁ Needs stimulate fear to keep humankind attached /tuned into a low vibrational energy enviroment
⦁ Needs negativity and fear to feed the matrix and keep humankind tuned into low vibrational frequencies
⦁ Needs keep humankind attached to the veil of ignorance (darkness)
⦁ Needs feed the ego mentality and become attached to fear of death
⦁ Needs to feed the ego-desire consciousness to make it attached and desire materialism
⦁ Needs to be attached mass consciousness, mass media, and mass technology (the matrix)

The ego has become the “God” of the collective awareness among energy systems within the mass of collective energy. The dividing factor of separation from spiritual energy and God’s energy was when the ego entered and took over the unconsciousness of the energy system. As long as the ego remains in control of the energy system, the truth of knowing God is inhibited. Spiritual energy and God’s energy must converge to allow total connection to the higher levels of consciousness. The ego suppresses spirituality and God’s energy, thereby, disconnecting the energy system from believing in anything greater than itself.

Falling into duality means going against the divine harmony of the Whole. Just as opposing the light creates shadows, opposing God creates the ego. ‘Ego’ means the loss of one’s original consciousness of being eternal and individual, which is an illusion because in reality we are always parts of the Whole. This opposition is an act of free will because it is neither forced nor necessary.

Under the influence of the ego, one’s original state of consciousness is covered and eclipsed. There is no longer the experience of eternity (timelessness, spacelessness). Consciousness is now projected into the duality of ‘past’ and ‘future’. All of a sudden, eternity and divine harmony look boring and impractical.

All of a sudden, one thinks that one has to be busy and has to become something. Why? Because one feels that one has lost something. And one starts to run and race, thinking this to be necessary! The concept of ‘having to become something’ comes out of the ego. It indicates that one has lost the consciousness of one’s original nature. In reality, ‘I am always what I am’ — the eternal indivisible part of the Whole. This is the deep meaning of the TAM consciousness’, a notion very common in modern esoterics. It is an essential truth. (Nobody speaks about an `I-BECOME consciousness’!)

Human beings on earth are exposed to various forms of a subtle-material, ethereal, electromagnetic and physical influence. All of these factors have causes and remote sources which are, directly or indirectly, dependent on conscious beings. Nothing happens by chance, neither the good nor the evil. Without manipulators the world would look quite different. If people were offered truthful, positive information and alternatives, they would certainly be very interested. If mass media were to communicate the basics of higher knowledge, a lot of people would immediately change many aspects of their lives. If they were offered a real choice, they would never have chosen the direction things are taking today.

They would have decided in favour of alternative research instead of nuclear, genetic and pharmaceutical research. Technocracy and exploitation would not be as dominant as they are today. If people were correctly informed, many would become vegetarians, and hardly anyone would support arms export, financial speculation and global centralization. And yet, these are the factors that dominate our lives in today’s civilization. Obviously it is not just the individual human being causing these things. There are external energies at work influencing man and imposing their own ideas.

However, this is the very illusion of those who have fallen into the trap of the ego. The term ‘ego’ refers to the principle that blocks the Light; the ego is created’ when beings decide to ignore the divine consciousness of their real identity as eternal parts of the Whole.

The global materialistic system can only survive within the dualistic tension of supply and demand. Stagnation is tantamount to a threat to this system. Content people are a potential danger because they might be interested in other things than mere production and consumption. Apparently, this system depends on people never finding real, inner peace! Is this the reason why the world is constantly being flooded with new needs, demands and products? At least one thing is obvious: The result is not content satisfaction but restless gratification. In order to avoid a saturation or stagnation of the turnover, consumption has to be continuously increased by the creation of new artificial needs, by new ways of propaganda, and by opening up new markets If that is no longer possible, consumption has to be expanded by yet another method, namely by increasing destruction.

When the physical became this self-contained belief system and that is what it was, a belief system within itself, so it began to lose the idea that it was connected to all other creations. It began to forget that there was no separation in the creative process. Creation as a whole is total and encompasses all that is. Everything that exists is one and you are a part of that one. The physical that you know is a part of the whole. You are one tiny little element of your state of consciousness. As you now begin to expand your awareness, you begin to expand into higher and more diverse states of consciousness.

The challenge when attempting to define consciousness is by defining it you already limit what it is because the vastness of consciousness is beyond the understanding of the analytical mind. Let’s explore the history of consciousness from its creation to today. As God or Universal Creativity became self-aware and thought, it contained all possibilities. It was pure consciousness. As that thought went forward, it created in its greatest purity and many unified fields of consciousness came into existence. Some of those unified fields have become self-aware and many have never become self-aware of their own existence. Those that have become self-aware projected outward a thought, but the moment consciousness projects a thought it believes it is the thought, and that is the beginning of limitation.

So if you are projecting the thought that you are this physical, human being, a consciousness expressing in this body that is a very limited view of consciousness. Whatever consciousness thinks it is, believes it is, that is all that it knows itself to be. If you think of consciousness in a totality of trillions upon trillions of unlimited, infinite, possible expressions but it only expresses a hundred of those, it only has a hundred thoughts of what it projects outward, it never knows that it is all the other possibilities, for it has defined itself by its own projections. That is what your consciousness continually does. That is why your creativity is also limited. Because as you project thought that is what consciousness believes itself to be and is totally unaware that it has other possibilities.

For the moment you define consciousness you have already limited its possibility. Then, when you attempt to have the unlimited creativity, you create from that limited projection because that is all consciousness believes it can be or do. Consciousness in its purest form contains every possibility. It has no limitation.

So, consciousness in its purest form has no limitation and can create things that have not yet been created in any universe as soon as it projects it outward. Now, sometimes consciousness, as it projects outward and it believes this is what it is, and hem’s a consciousness that projects and says this is what I am and then these two identities of consciousness cross paths; if there is compatibility, they unite and their creations may become broader, or there is conflict because they have a conflict of what they feel is required for their existence. And, that is how your separation and conflict comes about. So, it is all consciousness. Why is that so important? Because you race in every direction searching for a return to your totality, to your self-awareness, and yet, there is a limitation because the consciousness that projected you forward has a limited concept of what it is.

It was never intended that you would separate yourself from your knowledge, understanding and your truth of reality but somewhere in the physical existence you did this.

You began to think of physical as the Creator. The physical was the director. The physical became the dictator. You forgot you are the creator. A creation cannot exist if the creator does not exist. The creation cannot be sustained without the power of the creator. You may say, “Now, wait a minute, if something is created and it contains all the possibilities and something happens to the creator why can’t it stand alone?” It cannot stand alone simply because if something can happen to the creator then it can happen to the creation. The creation will become a creator as existence continues to expand. As a creation becomes self-aware, it becomes a creator of other creations and so the creative process will always be.

Fear and illusion are synonymous. Fear has no reality whatsoever. Fear is that component of the illusion that says you can be destroyed somehow, or you can be harm or you can experience pain which is perceived to be all very real to the ego. The large part of the illusion lies in who you believe you are. In the perceptions of many lifetimes you believe you have a physical body that can be destroyed or can be hurt. You believe that you can be controlled. You believe that you can control others. There are a lot of beliefs that you have. Now, these beliefs say that you are in danger, and so the beliefs d say you are in danger translates to fear. Fear started expressing through emotions. Now fear began to express itself emotionally in many ways as the ego reacted to its perception of its experiences. Fear reacts in the emotion of happiness.

The illusion is the ego’s limited belief of who you are. The illusion is that little tiny pie-shape of your total consciousness, when reality is the totality of who you are. If you knew your reality, you would have no reason for fear, because there would not be anything that would take place that would create the reactions that you are having in this limited state of illusion. “Fear and illusion” versus “Divine Love and Reality”. Fear expresses as an emotion, a part of the ego system, a belief system of this limited part of your knowing of your consciousness. Fear expresses as the ego belief you are separated from your soul’s

“Fear and illusion” versus “Divine Love and Reality”. Fear expresses as an emotion, a part of the ego system, a belief system of this limited part of your knowing of your consciousness. Fear expresses as the ego belief you are separated from your soul’s totality, and therefore you do not know you create your own reality, which leads to perceiving your physical existence can be harmed or destroyed. Divine Love and Reality is an awareness of the totality of who you are, and with that awareness you know you cannot be harmed or destroyed.

Humanity long ago ‘fell from grace’, or the self-aware state of your beingness, into physical survival. You have become frightened for your physical survival, the physical survival of your planet, as well as the physical survival of other species and life forms on your planet. You fear the survival of cultures and indeed, of your very own self. Because of those fears you have created social structures in the attempt to retain a degree of safety. More and more you have separated yourself from your own spiritual power and your own spiritual awareness. You have become dependent upon the illusion to provide you with what you already are, and it cannot. You believe that somehow your social structures, your defense mechanisms, all the things you believe will keep you safe will protect you and they cannot. They have no power. All they can do is keep you imprisoned within the illusion.

Spirit does not have limitation. The spirit, the God essence within you cannot align with your thoughts enough. That level of consciousness cannot align enough that you’re able to have the creations that you desire. You must go beyond the mind. What if you don’t know what going beyond the mind means and you don’t know how to get there?

A quick answer is you explain to your mind that you are safe when you meditate and there is a great benefit achieved of manifesting your desires through calming the mind and aligning your thoughts and your divine essence. As thought creates the possibility, the possibility begins to take a form, whatever that may be. This will begin to be a dominant energy pattern as it expands either through uniting with another similar creation or from you holding a very strong focused thought over and over again. That dominant energy pattern can then form its own possibilities. Humanity was a possibility in an energy pattern before we existed in physical form. Before we were physical our thoughts formed the possibility of a vibrational rate that gave something physical that would be called humanity. As the possibility begins to unite with other possibilities or other manifestations, then you begin to shift energy patterns. This is how you shift it within yourself. It’s how you’re shifting your world.

Ego is only an illusion that you believe to be true. Just as you must not give your power to the drama of the appearances, you must remember to not give your power to the appearance that your ego is projecting into your life. Always remember this projection is merely a staged form of an experience. The personality, the soul, the reality of who you are, is, always has been, and always shall be spiritual. The ego will choose pain over pleasure, because it validates its’ existence. Therefore pain attracts the ego. Without pain there is no entrapment. With the pain comes the fear, and with the fear, comes the need for the ego to run the show.

When you observe in present-time, the veil is neutralized, allowing observation from the Higher Mind. It’s here where this partition or veil is dismantled and reconstructed into its originally intended function: to open your awareness of the multidimensional consciousness from where you have come.

Focusing your consciousness multi-dimensionally is about bringing all of your consciousness to the mind, allowing the higher mind to play a part also, and to bring this into your life, as part of it. If you desire for this in your life, you will find that new pathways need to be made within the present brain, on various levels, as it is currently not totally connected to the vaster capabilities possible. This process will be like a rewiring; to enable more refined frequencies to enter into the mental etherics. Most of the brain structure is simply coded out of receiving these higher impulses, much like tuning certain channels out on a T.V. set. Then, they will be pushed back into the subconscious, and accessed through dream state, perhaps, or in meditation. The ideal, of course, is not to need to go back to access, but to be in the present all of the time as this is the vaster part of who we are, and we are here to live that, to know of all that we are, here on earth.

As a result of flawed thinking (caused by a negative programmed mindset), most people either do not have the required tools, or are not interested in obtaining the knowledge for freedom or higher. Freedom and higher consciousness require a desire to be free, effort, work, and change, all of which most people are programmed to avoid. The objective of this kind of programming is to have people lose the ability to think freely. – ‘whatever you do not use you lose.’ Many people often want or seek the benefits of freedom without paying the price. However, freedom is never free.

Another common misunderstanding to the untrained eyes is how freedom is defined. Freedom is generally defined as the opportunity to get a “good” education, a “good” job and be financially sufficient to provide for their families. The definition of true freedom is a freed mentality. A freed mentality ensures people can have all of their desires, and also be in full control of their thoughts and mind.

With mental freedom, people can learn who they are, understand the role they play in the broader scope of the universe; appreciate and value themselves, others, and the natural environment, and be much better equipped to understand how societies and organizations are structured to control the minds of the masses.

Once you are able to free yourself mentally, finding the real purpose for your existence will no longer be a challenge. Many people, regardless of how well educated they are, regrettably continue to be very narrow-minded when it comes to matters about the process and methods of achieving mental freedom. They feel this way because they are either unfamiliar with the subject, or have been programmed to reject such information as real and essential.

Thinking that mental freedom is something that can easily be attained is a colossal mistake. It requires a strong desire, clarity of thought, discipline, effort, work, courage, sacrifice, and change. Most people are just not prepared to be free -they have no control over their thoughts or their lives.

A large portion of their decisions derives from their societal programming. This fact is suppressed by the widely held view that people make decisions based on their personal choices and preferences. This view is merely a misconception. What many are ignoring either through ignorance or deliberate rejection is the fact that, the choices people make derived from their subconscious programmed condition and manipulated mentality.

You may be asking yourself, “if everyone can change his or her condition by simply changing his or her thinking, why then more people are not doing so?” The answer is, lack of knowledge that they have the power to do so, lack of motivation, or closed-mindedness due to social conditioning.

“When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions.”

When we begin to live the spiritual life , a reversal of consciousness takes place which is proof that we have entered the spiritual life. To live the spiritual life it is a reversal of consciousness that is necessary. This cannot be compared in any way with the different faculties or possibilities one has in the mental field. As a consequence of the total change and reversal of consciousness establishing a new relation of Spirit with Mind and Life and Matter. The ability to energize the spirit enables us to reverse the aging process to some degree.

The reversal represent change or movement turning consciousness inward from the outer external ego.

And as soon as one is turned towards the spiritual life and reality, one touches the Infinite, the Eternal, and there can no longer be any question of a greater or smaller num-ber of capacities or possibilities. It is the mental concep-tion of spiritual life which may say that one has more or less capacity to live spiritually, but this is not at all an ad-equate statement. What may be said is that one is more or less ready for the decisive and total reversal. In reality, it is the mental capacity to withdraw from ordinary activities and to set out in search of the spiritual life which can be measured.

The yogi learns to find God in the cave of his heart, not in mass consciousness. In fact, humans have not just “one” heart but more than one heart. The heart we are most familiar with is the anatomical heart, a hollow, muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the body. Our second heart is the emotional heart, which is the seat of emotions and feelings. .”‘ Beyond these two hearts is the third heart, the spiritual heart. It is the center of higher consciousness, the seat of the true Self. It is also the center where spiritual seekers focus their awareness on the objects of their meditation. Discover the cave of the heart is like discover a new continent, a new level of consciousness, a inner Kingdom or Heaven, and is able to see this new spiritual content when the “ego” vanishes, and we will encounter the state of timelessness and Oneness. The ego shrouds the timelessness state (Oneness) with its own concepts of time and duality (separation).

What did the ancients know that we do not? Why are we nor always at the height of our awareness? Why at times throughout human existence did some civilizations seem to have great technologies and an inside track on infinite being? How did they know, for instance, how to create technologies for the distribution of power, for atomic pro-cesses, for utilizing harmonics to change the fabric of creation?

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