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Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self. The experience of the Presence as Self is transformative—and it is also identical throughout history, as reported by the sages of widely divergent cultures. The gift of Divinity is the potentiality within man’s own consciousness to return via that consciousness to the very Source of his existence.


One might say the “goal” of spiritual work is the discovery of the Presence of God, not as atranscendent “out there” entity, but as a radically subjective experience of Divinity within as well aswithout. Here, Dr. Hawkins provides direction, inspiration, and clarification to support thisRealization.

The first evidence of the Presence of God is an awakening curiosity or interest in spiritual matters.That is the crack in the ego’s dam.

When the person begins to desire or practice spiritual goals or pursue spiritual information, the Presence is already taking hold of his life.

The experience of the Presence of God is available and within at all times, but it awaits choice. That choice is made only by surrendering everything other than peace and love to God. In return, theDivinity of the Self is autonomously revealed as ever present but not experienced— that’s because ithas been ignored or forgotten, or one has chosen otherwise.Because mankind is an actualization of a potential by its Source, that Source is ever present anddirectly knowable as the subjective essence of the Self.

The experience of the Presence as Self is transformative—and it is also identical throughout history, as reported by the sages of widely divergent cultures. The gift of Divinity is the potentiality within man’s own consciousness to return via that consciousness to the very Source of his existence.

With the realization of the Self (the infinitecontext), the field and the content merge into the reality of the Oneness of the Source itself.The totality of the Oneness of the All cannot be “experienced.” Instead, it is known by virtue ofbeing it.

The “I” of the Self is the Eye of God witnessing the unfolding of Creation as Now. Sequenceis an illusion created by the perception of the “I” of the ego, which is the point of observation of theprocessing of the nonlocal to the local, of the nonlinear to the linear, of Allness to “thisness.”Perception is the eye of the ego—which, as it translates the unexperienceable Infinite to theexperienceable finite, produces the perception of time, place, duration, dimension, position, form,limitation, and singularity.

The discovery of the Presence of God is not due to fear, but to the surrender that was precipitated bythe fear.With the cessation of time, the doors swing open to an eternity of joy; the Love of God becomes theReality of the Presence.

The Knowingness of the Truth of all Life and Existence stands forth withstunning Self-revelation. The wonderment of God is so all-encompassing and enormous that itsurpasses all possible imagination. To be at last truly and finally home is profound in the totality of itscompleteness.The Presence of God is the quintessence of profound peace, stillness, and love. It is overwhelmingin its profundity.

It is totally enveloping, and the love is so powerful that it dissolves any remaining“non-love” held by the residual ego.The infinite presence of all things is beyond all time and space, forever complete, perfect, andwhole. All points of observation disappear, and there is the omnipresence of that which Knows All by the fact that it Is All.

As Reality stands forth in its stunning self-evidence and infinite peace, it appearsthat the block to Realization was the mind itself, which is not different from the ego—they are oneand the same.In the Presence of God, all suffering ceases. One has returned to one’s Source, which is not differentfrom one’s own Self. It is as though one had forgotten, or is now awakened from, a dream. All fearsare revealed to be groundless; all worries are foolish imaginings. There is no future to fear, nor past toregret.

There is no errant ego/ self to admonish or correct. There is nothing that needs changing orimproving. There is nothing about which to feel ashamed or guilty. There is no “other” from whichone can be separated.

No loss is possible. Nothing needs to be done, no effort is required, and one isfree from the endless tug of desire and want.The term Self emphasizes that God is discovered within as the Ultimate Reality that underlies one’sactual existence in the “here and now” (to quote the Bible: “The Kingdom of God is within you”).Q: What is the subjective experience or realization of Allness like?A: It is an awareness of a condition that has always been present. The novelty of sequentialexperiencing disappears—as do expectation, regret, or the desire to anticipate or control. Existence asExistence is total and complete.

All one’s needs are already fulfilled. There is nothing to gain or lose,and everything is of equal value. It would be like all movies being equally enjoyable because thepleasure stems from “going to the movies,” and the movie that is playing is irrelevant.To surrender identification with that which was presumed to be “me” allows the Real Me to shineforth as the immanent quality of Divinity that is the source of the unencumbered reality of “I.”The sense of “I” is an identification and a knowingness that are qualities of the Inner Presence,which enable the capacity to know the “I” as Self. Stripped of all pretenses, the inner sense of “I-ness”merely knows Itself without any content.No concepts are possible in the Infinite Light of the glory of God. There is a profound peace, safety,and “at homeness.”

Completion has finalized.The prevalence of inner silence is the threshold of the dawning realization that everything ishappening of itself and that nothing is causing anything; one becomes aware that such constructionsare merely forms of mental entertainment.

One can realize the Self as the primordial, irreducible Reality from any starting point. It is not thestarting point that is important, but the dedication to relentlessly pursuing it to its very roots.

Tounravel the nature of experience leads to one’s Source. Any leg of the elephant leads to the elephant.The infinite field of the Source of All Existence is a radiant effulgence that shines forth, and itsconsequences as Creation are forever unified. Creator and Creation are one.The experience of Divinity within as Self, or God Immanent, is quite different from belief in GodTranscendent.

It is for this reason that the Buddha counseled against all depictions or nominalizationsof God, because Enlightenment is a condition or state in which the Self-knowing is that of Identity. Inthis condition or state, there is no “this,” such as self, with which to describe the Self. The condition orstate is best described as “Self-effulgent,” and in that state the Knowingness is its own Reality.The ego/mind is a learned set of behaviors, and the ultimate goal is to transcend its programmingand functioning by virtue of the power of the Radiance of the Self, which recontextualizes lifebenignly.

The Presence of the Self is experienced as compassion for all of life in all its expressions,including its evolution as one’s personal self. As a consequence, forgiveness replaces condemnation,which is a sign that it is now safe to proceed deeper into serious inner inventory without undue stress.To be at one with phenomena, instead of separate from them, results in experiencing the alivenessand Allness of the Presence expressed as All That Exists. All that has existence is not just passively“there,” but instead seemingly presents itself to awareness as a quality of its existence rather than as avolitional intention.

Thus, the universe appears to be a gift of exquisite beauty and perfection thatshines forth with the intrinsic Radiance of Divinity.Eventually even the illusion of witness/ observer dissolves into awareness/consciousness itself,which is discovered to be nonpersonal and autonomous. There is no longer the limitation of “causeand effect” or “change.” The illusion of “time” also dissolves into the Allness of Divine Concordance.There is neither attraction nor aversion to existence itself, for even the manifest is seen to be aconsequence of discernment by consciousness as a concept.

The Realization of the Presence of Divinity unfolds of its own when the ego and its perceptualpositionalities are surrendered.The Peace of God experientially transcends all prior states, as exquisite as they might have been.Divine Love is an all-inclusive field, and its quality is unforgettable, as anyone who has ever had anear-death experience knows. It is intrinsically truly ineffable, and its Presence is like a meltingness

in its exquisite, experiential totality. There is nothing in worldly life that even comes close to it. It isprofoundly gentle, yet infinitely powerful by virtue of its intrinsic infinite strength.Innate to the Presence as Love is the quality of timelessness/foreverness. Even a brief moment ofthe Presence in earthly time is realized via the Self to be eternal.

This is an unmistakable hallmark.Therefore, to have known the Real for even a few brief moments of clock time is to know it forever.Divinity is Infinite Love. Within its Presence, even relinquishment of bodily existence is not a“problem” or a source of resistance … as the ego dissolves, so do all its fears and presumptions. TheInner Reality is immune to considerations or doubts. The Self is Certainty.

The Radiance of God is the light of awareness that reveals the Divinity of all that exists. In thestillness of the Infinite Presence, the mind is silent, as there is nothing that can be said; all speaks ofitself with completeness and exactitude. With this realization, one transcends the final duality ofexistence versus nonexistence because only existence is possible. The opposite of Truth does not exist,since Reality excludes nonreality. In this realization resides the Peace of God.Fear itself actually precludes the awareness of the Presence of God. Only when it is abandoned doesprofound surrender of the resistant ego reveal a peace beyond understanding.

There is nothing more wonderful than arriving back home again at one’s Source. The illusion is thatone struggles with spiritual growth by one’s own effort; in fact, we are pulled into greater awarenessby the Will of God expressed as the Holy Spirit, and all that is necessary is to allow it to happen bysurrendering completely. For truly, only God is God.

10NONDUALITYThe Reality of the Self is characterized as nondual: beyond form and the duality of “this” and“that,” subject and object, “mine” and “yours.” The state of nonduality is generally described byhighlighting what it is not, pointing to a reality that can’t be accurately described, only subjectivelyexperienced.

An analysis of the nature of consciousness reveals that redemption occurs as the result of the returnof consciousness to its original pristine state of nonduality. It can do so only by the “obedience” ofsurrendering the dualities of will and willfulness of the ego to the nonduality of God’s Truth. Thereturn from the duality of the ego to the nonduality of the spirit is so difficult and unlikely that onlyby Divine Grace is it even possible.

Thus, man needs a savior to be his advocate, his inspiration, andthe fulcrum of his salvation from the pain and suffering of the ego.Ego/mind thinks, field (consciousness) knows, and Self is.Nonduality means without form, division, or limitation—such as time, locality, or mentalization—including arbitrary linear presumptions.

Divinity is, by its innate “qualities,” omniscience,omnipresence, and omnipotence; and all evolves as a consequence of the Unmanifest’s becoming Manifest as evolutionary Creation.In Reality, from a nondualistic viewpoint, it can be observed and experienced that everything isactually occurring spontaneously as the field effect of the automatic consequence of the manifestingof potentiality into actuality. Unseen is the underlying power of the infinite context ofConsciousness/Reality/Divinity and its effect on content.

The nonlinear, infinite field of power isequally present within, without, and beyond. Potentiality becomes actuality when conditions permit orare favorable. The process is empowered by intention, as well as by the innate impersonal quality ofconsciousness itself.In the nonduality of awareness, even sequence no longer occurs, and awareness replacesexperiencing. There is no longer the experience of “moments,” as there is only a continuous Now.Movement appears as slow motion, as though suspended outside of time.

Nothing is imperfect.Nothing actually moves or changes; no events actually take place. Instead of sequence, there is theobservation that everything is in a stage of unfoldment, and that all form is only a transitionalepiphenomenon created by perception and the observational habits of mental activity.In Reality, all comes into being as an expression of the infinite potentiality of the universe.Evolving states are the consequences of conditions but are not caused by them.

Conditions account forappearances, and the phenomenon as change is really the result of an arbitrary point of observation.In the Reality of nonduality, there is neither privilege nor gain nor loss nor rank. Just like a cork inthe sea, each spirit rises or falls in the sea of consciousness to its own level by virtue of its ownchoices—not by any external force or favor. Some are attracted by the light and some seek thedarkness, but it all occurs of its own nature by virtue of Divine freedom and equality.Inasmuch as the entire universe and everything in it is a karmic unity, the Allness of Reality is therealization of enlightenment. If all is a karmic unity that originates from the same source, then to seeany separation is an artifact of perception. In Reality, the one and the many are the same.

The small self is dissolved by the Self. The healing attitude of the Self to the self is compassion; itis through forgiveness that one is forgiven. This willingness to surrender, arising out of the Grace ofGod, permits the power of God expressed as the Holy Spirit to recontextualize understanding—and, bythis device, to undo the reign of perception and its attendant duality, which is the source of allsuffering.

The dissolution of duality is the ultimate gift of God, for it dissolves the very source and capacity for suffering. In nonduality, suffering is not possible.

On the level of nonduality, there is observing but no observer, as subject and object are one. You-and-I becomes the One Self experiencing all as Divine.Within nonduality, positionality is not possible; thus, dualistic perceptions stemming frompositionalities are the source of the misunderstandings about God for which, unfortunately, mankindhas paid a great price.To transcend the linear to the nonlinear is the way of the mystic—the pathway of nonduality—torealize the inner light of consciousness itself, the True Immortal Self.

Everyone trusts the inner senseof reality or capacity to “know” that underlies all experiencing and witnessing, no matter what thecontent. The content of mind thinks, but only the nonlinear field “knows,” or how else would it bepossible to know what is being thought?Because everyone actually lives in the experiential at every moment, the Source of the capacity toknow or experience is close at hand and is itself pristine.

All human beings experience that they arecontinuously “experiencing,” no matter what the ever-changing content might be.All humans are already mystics and innately attracted to enlightenment, whether they are aware ofit or not. It is an extension of the qualities of learning and curiosity, which are innate to the mind.

Thus, the pathway of “Devotional Nonduality” is open to everyone and has no requirements, otherthan the capacity for inner honesty and the willingness to align with verifiable truth and follow it to itsSource.Q: Is nonduality like radical reality, in which everything is seen as the expression of its essence byvirtue of its identity?A: That is an essential insight. All Creation, in and of itself, moves from perfection to perfectionsolely by virtue of its existence.

Existence is already the fulfillment of potentiality expressed as theactuality.The knowingness that arises from within is innate, accessible, and experiential. Such knowingnessis also beyond definition or description as the primary, confirmable, universal substrate of power and energy—out of which arises the possibility as well as actualization of existence. This Ultimate Realityis revealed via the search into the substrate and source of consciousness itself, which is the ultimatenonlinear context beyond all definition.

Thus, via the pathway of enlightenment, there is no separaterelationship of “you-God” vis-à-vis “me-human.” This is the meaning of the Advaita (nonduality)terminology of Self as compared to self. This is the illuminated core of the mystic, by which theultimate nonlinear Reality is self-revealing when the obstacles of the linear ego have beenrelinquished.In Devotional Nonduality, the likelihood of error is bypassed by devotion to the essential nonlinearqualities of Divinity itself, such as compassion, oneness, love, truth, omniscience, eternal, infinite,omnipresence, and omnipotence—beyond form, place, time, human instincts, or emotions.

While the primary prerequisite for adherence to religion is faith, the essential required qualitiesneeded for following the pathway of nonduality are humility, surrender, and devotional dedication tothe pathway.It is readily observable that followers of religions are characterized by the presumption of “I know”via scriptural authority, ecclesiastical doctrine, historical precedent, and so on. In contrast, thespiritual devotee for nonduality starts from the basic, more truthful position that “I, of myself, don’tknow.”Q: What is different about the pathway of Devotional Nonduality compared to traditionalteachings?A: It is characterized by the elimination of all trappings and nonessentials, for time is short andnarrow are the gates.

It is therefore not pertinent to the past; that is, to doctrine, dogma, historicalrituals, personages, events, or belief systems. Empowerment is from within by assent of the will.Truth stands forth of its own when the obstacles are removed. The call is from within rather than aresponse to exhortation from without.

The Source is both the initiator as well as the destination.Spiritual information is now available for the first time that, throughout history, has never beforebeen accessible. The capacity to identify truth from falsehood and the degree of its expression is nowa major asset and advantage.

According to consciousness research, the likelihood of reachingenlightenment is now approximately one thousand times more likely than it was in the past.Q: Is not the pathway of Devotional Nonduality arduous?A: It is not the pathway that is arduous, but merely the degree of the ego’s resistance to it. Thisresistance is overcome by invoking the will—which then institutes the spiritual capacities fordedication, effort, and the willingness to surrender obstacles.

Devotion invites the power of love, by which humility removes the ego’s props and positionalities.It also activates the utilization of information that is transformative. Intention energizes willingness,which thereby enables transformation to replace the limitations consequent to resistance.

To adopt the pathway of Devotional Nonduality recontextualizes the obligation to the pursuit ofTruth rather than worldly involvement and action. How best to serve the world is concordant withcomprehension.Commitment is to the core of Truth itself, and it is free of seduction by proselytization or secrecies.

All that is necessary is a curiosity and attraction to Truth—which is complete, total, and self-sufficient.The “Infinite I” is that subjective reality that underlies the individual “I” and allows for theexperience of “I-ness” as one’s existence. It is the absolute “I” that enables the statement, “I.”Consciousness, or the capacity for awareness, is formless and is the backdrop from which form can beidentified.Ultimate Truth is realized as pure, radical subjectivity. It is self-revealing and beyond argument.The source of the highest Spiritual Truth is nonmental.

The intellect has difficulty comprehendingthis critical fact because the mind is intrinsically dualistic and limited, expecting a “this” to comefrom a “that.” In the advanced spiritual Reality, duality dissolves because the “this” is the “that.” Theseeker and the Sought become One with the transcendence of the limitation of duality; that is,Realization of the Self, Illumination, and Enlightenment.

A religion primarily addresses the realm of duality, whereas enlightenment addresses nonduality.This strict path to enlightenment says that in a smuch as duality is illusion, there is no point in trying toperfect it. Therefore, the ego is to be transcended and seen for the illusion that it is. “Goodpersonhood” is laudable, but it does not of itself result in enlightenment.

The possibility of reachingenlightenment is based on advanced understanding of the nature of consciousness itself.When the conditions—including mind-set, intention, and dedication—are favorable, a decision mayarise to drop everything in the world.

One might then throw oneself totally into an all-out, “go for it,”continuous, laser-like, focused surrendering of the perceiver/experiencer aspect of the ego. Thisprocess takes one quite rapidly beyond the mind to the very “processing edge” of the experiencer.

This “processor” edge is the actual locus of the ordinary sense of “I-ness,” and it creates a1/10,000th-of-a-second delay between reality (the world as it is; Descartes’s res extensa) and theworld as it is perceived or experienced (Descartes’s res cogitans). This separation is the crux andlocus of the self’s illusion of duality, which obscures comprehension of the intrinsic Reality of Nonduality (Self). With transcendence of the illusion of a separate, individual, personal self, thereemerges the Radiance and Oneness of the Self—by which all life, whether denoted as subjective orobjective, is recontextualized into Oneness

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