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Actually, it makes no difference in the end whether enlightenment takes a thousand lifetimes or one. In the end, it is all the same.To understand the nature of consciousness makes enlightenment possible. Salvation requires purification of the ego; enlightenment requires its total dissolution. Tavistock Institute. Part 130

These two quotes below summerize this post;

“Enlightenment is ego’s ultimate disappointment.” and “The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it.” Therefore the Western world rejects Enlightment, because enlightment dissolves the ego´s own survival.

The human mind can wrestle to no avail for an understanding of enlightenment. As Dr. Hawkinspoints out: “In actuality, enlightenment is neither a state nor a viewpoint; yet it is both, and there isno statement about it that is completely accurate.”Often synonymous with Self-realization, enlightenment is the nondualistic state that begins toemerge at the level of consciousness denoted as Peace. Enlightenment isn’t a goal to be obtained; it’sa condition that manifests when the ego/mind is transcended. Enlightenment isn’t an end in itself.Again, from Dr. Hawkins: “Enlightenment is a progressive realization and does not represent afinished product, or a final end, or the completion of the evolution of spiritual possibility

Enlightenment is merely the emergence of Truth when the obstructions to the realization of thatTruth have been removed. By analogy, the shining of the sun is not conditional upon the removal ofthe clouds; it merely becomes apparent.The term enlightenment is semantically correct. It is the recognition and realization that one’sreality is the light of the Self—and that it stems from within as an awareness and profound, self-evident Reality.To even hear of enlightenment is already the rarest of gifts.

Anyone who has ever heard of enlightenment will never be satisfied with anything else. A “good person” is one thing; enlightenment is another. One is responsible for the effort and not theresult, which is up to God and the universe.

One can spend endless lifetimes studying all the religious and philosophical teachings of the worldand merely end up confused and discouraged. Seek to “know,” not to “know about.” “Know” impliessubjective experience; “know about” means to accumulate facts. In the end, all facts disappear andthere are none to be known. If one realizes that one’s own Self is the All of Everything that is, hasbeen, or ever could be, what is left that one needs to know? Completeness is, by its very nature, totaland finished.

That which I am is Allness. To realize that one already is and always has been All That Is leavesnothing to be added.The way to sudden enlightenment is through strict adherence to spiritual awareness and specifics ofconsciousness so that the personality (ego) is transcended rather than perfected.In Reality, time is merely an illusion and an appearance. No “time” is really wasted once one haschosen the spiritual goal.

Actually, it makes no difference in the end whether enlightenment takes a thousand lifetimes or one. In the end, it is all the same.To understand the nature of consciousness makes enlightenment possible.

This essentially entailsthe realization of the difference between duality and nonduality, as well as how to transcend the realm of duality.The essence of man includes the potentiality for enlightenment. Readiness implies that one hasevolved through the lower levels of consciousness, so spiritual inspiration now becomes the spark that ignites the quest.

From the viewpoint of consciousness and enlightenment, the reign of fear does not cease until thedesire for existence itself is surrendered to God. In the silence that ensues comes a great realizationthat one’s existence has always been due to the Presence of the Self, which has attracted from theUniverse whatever is necessary for survival.

When one stops identifying with either the body or the mind, the functions continue autonomously,but merely without an identification as “myself.” The sense of authorship disappears.

Ongoing survival is autonomous, and continuance is an expression of consciousness in its alliance with the Holy Spirit. Q: Is there no escape from the ego and its karma?A: Enlightenment is the only total escape, and spiritual endeavor helps to loosen its hold.

Salvation requires purification of the ego; enlightenment requires its total dissolution.

The goal ofenlightenment is more demanding and radical.Clarify that it is not a personal “you” who is seeking enlightenment, but an impersonal quality ofconsciousness that is the motivator.

Q: Can you summarize the critical element for the evolution of consciousness to the state ofenlightenment?

A: Note that the ego habitually takes a positionality. In the naïve person, it is usually unspoken orunconscious. Positionality then automatically creates a duality of seeming opposites.

At this point, themind is creating the world of perception—which is like a lens that distorts, enlarges, or diminishesmeaning and significance. This perception is the product of belief systems and presumptions and thusbecomes a distracting filter.

Therefore, essence cannot be perceived from a dualistic positionality.Input is run through the software programs that simultaneously edit the incoming programs. Realityis consequently obscured and hidden behind a perceptual screen; therefore, the self lives in aperceived, edited translation of information.

This processing creates an extremely small time delay(estimated at 1/10,000th of a second). This editing function of perception simultaneously interpretsmeaning in which the intellect and especially the memory play significant roles. There is no separation in the Allness of Creation, so it is impossible for the created to be separatefrom the Creator. Enlightenment is therefore the revelation of the Self when the illusion of the realityof a separate self is removed.

The seeking of enlightenment is a very major commitment—and is, in fact, the most difficult of allhuman pursuits. Enlightenment as the primary goal of one’s life occurs in only one in ten millionpeople. The oneness of Self-identity is the substrate of the phenomenon known as Revelation or Realization. Enlightenment is the finalized state that ensues—and it is unconditional, total, andcomplete.To be enlightened merely means that consciousness has realized its most inner, innate quality asnonlinear subjectivity and its capacity for awareness.

The personal “I” is “content,” whereas the “I” of Reality is context. By analogy, the cloud is subjectto change and dissolution. Weather comes and goes, but the sky itself remains unchanged.Enlightenment is merely the shift of identity from the cloud to the sky.Be resolute on the level of absolutely no reservation.

Avoid the lure of the astral realms. Beware ofthe wolves in sheep’s clothing, for they are attracted to the devotee who is making significantprogress. Do not accept anyone into your life who does not pass the calibratable level of Truth. Keep your spiritual goal ever in awareness, no matter what the activity. Dedicate all endeavors to God.Remember the true nature of God and avoid any teachings that state otherwise.The desire to search for God or enlightenment is already evidence of having been spirituallyinspired.

As the ego vacates, the Radiance of the Self uplifts and inspires. Henceforth, it is notpossible to be alone. At the critical moment, spiritual commitment and dedication bring forth the unseen help of the Great Beings who are no longer in physical bodies—yet their energy stands at the great doorway of the final moment when one is sustained by the Holy Spirit and the wisdom of theteachers of Truth.It is important to realize that the destiny of those who choose enlightenment is enlightenment—who else would be on such a quest?

To merely seek spiritual purification and awareness is already agift.The straightest way to enlightenment is through devoted introspection, meditation, and contemplation of the inner workings of the ego so as to understand consciousness.

The process is energized by intention, dedication, and devotion; and the total effort is supported by spiritualinspiration. The dedication is focused on the process itself as a surrender to God. The focus needs tobe intense, and it is energized by fixity and deliberateness of intention.

The process is one ofdiscovery and becomes progressively self-revealing.To follow the strict pathway to enlightenment is a specific discipline and commitment. It is not thesame as practicing a religion. While there are many tenets of religion that support the search forenlightenment, there are also many that do not and actually constitute a hindrance. To be pious is onething; to be enlightened is quite another.

Enlightenment means that the former personal identity and all that had been believed about it have been erased, removed, transcended, dissolved, and displaced. The particular has been replaced by theuniversal, qualities have been replaced by the nonlinear, and the discrete has been replaced by theunlimited.

When a devotee commits to the pathway of enlightenment, then the wheat has to be winnowed fromthe chaff. This is automatically so, because positionalities are based on beliefs. Beliefs disappear inthe face of the knowingness of Truth.The road to enlightenment is not for bleating sheep.

To be offended signifies that one is defended,which, in itself, signifies the clinging to untruth. Truth needs no defense and therefore is notdefensive; Truth has nothing to prove and is not vulnerable to being questioned for an answer.When enlightenment occurs, the ensuing state also completely reconstructs the appearance of theworld. Everything is seen to happen of its own.

There is no longer a “me” or a personal “I.” Theorientation to the world is completely altered, and functioning may be impossible or very difficult.Because no languaging of the state of enlightenment is actually possible, a Zen master may justsuddenly shout “Ha!” and hit you with a stick. What is hoped for is a sudden flash, during which theinexplicable Reality stands revealed.In the state of enlightenment, all is selfrevealing of its essence as its existence. Everything alreadyis what it “means.

”Enlightenment is the ultimate aesthetic awareness, for it allows the beauty of creation to shine forthwith stunning clarity. Another simple analogy is that a shadow does not become a sunbeam, but rather is replaced by it.The ego is the shade; enlightenment is the consequence of the light of the Self that replaces it.

The capacity to reach the condition or state classically called “Enlightenment” represents thefulfillment of the potential of consciousness in its evolutionary progression.Enlightenment is merely the full, conscious recognition that innate Truth is the core of one’s own existence—and that God as Self is the illumination whereby that realization is made possible.

The Infinite Power of God is the manifestation of the power of Infinite Context. The Unmanifest is even beyond Infinite Context.The straightest way to Enlightenment is by transcending the limitation of the ego/mind bydedication to verified Truth itself.

This process is suitable for modern humankind and devoid ofconflict with science and religion.As the Buddha pointed out, being mortal automatically entails suffering, which is why he taught to seek enlightenment in order to preclude that karmically determined recurrence. At very high levels,the subjective experiencing of existence is no longer limited by the narcissistic ego or thepsychological blocks of the positionalities. This condition is the consequence of progressive surrendering at great depths of all limitations and belief systems.

The requirement is the persistent“one-pointedness of mind,” processing out the emotional/mental residuals of lower consciousnesslevels and surrendering all self-identities and mental belief systems. Consistent application of any spiritual principle can unexpectedly result in a very major and suddenleap to unanticipated levels.

At that point, memory may not even be available; instead, the Knowingness of Spiritual Truth presents itself silently. Enlightenment is the consequence of the surrender of all dualistic illusions to Truth.

All sufferingends with dissolution of the ego’s positionalities. Thus do we praise the Lord God for radiating Lightto the world.Comfort and confidence can be derived from this verifiable reality: that the rare persons who areactually attracted to enlightenment as a life goal are attracted because that is already their destiny. For the same reason, only future golfers would be taking golf lessons.

To seek enlightenment is a major decision. The decision itself is therefore akin to a “yang” position—but subsequently, the process itself is more intrinsically akin to a “yin” posture. While the ordinaryego is programmed to “getting” (yang), spiritual intention now shifts to “allowing” (yin).The dedication to Self-realization and enlightenment is a disciplined straight-and-narrow path.

Thus, a serious devotee is advised to bypass the attraction of curiosity and appeal to the inner child offered by the magical and mysterious paranormal and psychic phenomena that are commonlymerchandized and proffered as learnable skills.

The state of enlightenment is therefore the potential Reality that replaces the illusions of the ego’sperceptual positionalities. Spiritual intention, effort, and decision potentiate the evolution ofconsciousness from the linear limited to the nonlinear Allness of Reality.

Enlightenment is the consequence of a major shift of content and identification. The experiencerfocus is like a screen that veils Reality and drops of its own accord when the props are removed.

This is the consequence of surrendering the will to God. The sense of reality of the self was actually duesolely to the underlying Presence of the Self.To seriously seek enlightenment is a very strict discipline that therefore eschews the attraction ofinvolvement in supposed spiritual movements that are actually intrinsically political in nature andfactional.

The attraction of “changing the world” (for the presumed better, of course) appeals to thenaïve idealism of the inner spiritual adolescent and is transcended with maturity. The nature of humanlife is the automatic consequence of the overall level of human consciousness itself.

Therefore, tobenefit the world, it is necessary to change not the world but oneself— for what one becomes isinfluential by virtue of its essence (nonlinear) and not its actions (limited and linear).Straight and narrow is the path, for without inner discipline, the spiritual energy becomes dissipatedin diverse attractions.

The energy of life is a radiance from the field of consciousness, which is the mode of the Presenceof Divinity that manifests in physicality as Creation. The capacity for enlightenment is merely aconsequence of consciousness returning to its source, which is Divinity Immanent as Self.

The ego/self identifies with its various functions and qualities and labels them as “me” and saysthat is “who I am.” This results in the vanity of authority, an error that originated during evolution as aconsequence of identification with the experience of the senses. Thus comes about a typicalconclusion that “I” itch, instead of “the body” itches.

The same error of authorship/ ownership occurswith feelings and thoughts in that the witness identifies with the subject and the content of theexperiencer.The experiencer function is an information probe that collects linear data and therefore is an “it”and not a “me.”

It is a functional processing unit similar to the senses of smell or touch.The relinquishment of the ego’s positionalities reduces its dominance and opens the door forcomprehension and awareness that are nonlinear and nonconceptual.

Thus emerges the “Knowingness”of the Self, by which conflicts spontaneously dissolve. These inner transformations are accompaniedby quiet joy and relief, as well as a greater sense of internal freedom, safety, and peace. The power ofLove of the Self progressively predominates and eventually eclipses all negative feelings, doubts, andobstacles.

Transformation is thus not experienced as the loss of the self, but rather as the gain of theemergence and unfoldment of the Self, which is of a much greater dimension.

What actually emergesis a change of state or condition that supersedes and replaces the old. Thus, the lesser is replaced bythe greater, by which spiritual evolution reveals the Presence of God as Immanent. This discovery isthe change in the state of consciousness historically referred to as “Enlightenment” or“Godconsciousness.

”Note that the Self is the formless subjective source of the capacity for awareness. It is like the“hardware” of a computer—innocent, permanent, unchangeable, unlimited, timeless. On the otherhand, the ego records and processes all data in the domain of form and constitutes the “software,”which is an accumulation of programs.

The average person identifies with the ego software programsas his identity: “me” or I. The condition of enlightenment is the replacement of the identification ofself with the Self, the source of awareness itself.

Thus, God is knowable and known as immanent (inhere); whereas to the ego, God is seen as transcendent only (out there).Awareness itself is beyond even consciousness. Therefore, it may be said that the Absolute isunknowable exactly because it is beyond knowing; that is, beyond the reach of consciousness itself.

Those who have attained such a state of awareness report that it cannot be described and can have nomeaning for anyone without the experience of that context. Nonetheless, this is the true state ofReality, universally and eternally; we merely fail to recognize it. Such a recognition is the essence ofenlightenment, and the final resolution of the evolution of consciousness to the point ofSelftranscendence.

The Self replaces the self.The goal of society in general is to succeed in the world, whereas the goal of enlightenment is totranscend beyond it.It is helpful to remember that neither Truth nor enlightenment is something to be found, sought,acquired, gained, or possessed. That which is the Infinite Presence is always present, and itsrealization occurs of itself when the obstacles to that realization are removed. It is therefore notnecessary to study the truth, but only to let go of that which is fallacious.

Moving away the cloudsdoes not cause the sun to shine but merely reveals that which was hidden all along.Spiritual work, therefore, is primarily a letting go of that which is presumably known for that whichis unknown—with the encouragement that the effort is more than well rewarded from others who haverealized the Infinite Presence.

To best serve the world, seek enlightenment and transcend illusions rather than contribute to them.Investigation into the nature of consciousness leads directly to the very source of illumination, forthe Light of Consciousness is the condition of enlightenment. By its Light, the knower and the knownare united in the realization of the Self as God Immanent.

Consciousness does not recognize separation, which is a limitation of perception. The enlightenedstate is a “Oneness” in which there is no division into parts. Such division is only apparent from alocalized perception; it is only an accident of a point of view.The Infinite, Ultimate Potentiality is the Actuality of Existence.

“All That Is” is therefore innatelyDivine, or it could not exist at all. The absolute expression of Divinity is Subjectivity. If I exist, thenGod Is. Enlightenment is the verification that all existence is not only the result of Creation, butexistence itself is not different from the Creator.

The created and the Creator are one and the same.Through spiritual alignment, intention, and devotion—aided by meditation, contemplation,authenticated instruction, and Truth; and assisted by the energy field of an advanced teacher—greatleaps of consciousness can occur unexpectedly.

Thus, it is important to know of these leaps well inadvance, as confirmed by consciousness research.The chances of becoming enlightened are now more than one thousand times greater than at anytime in the past, which means that reaching the level of Unconditional Love (calibration 540) is a veryattainable and practical goal.

From the level of Unconditional Love, the pathway is increasinglyjoyful. At level 600, there occurs an infinite, silent stillness and peace—and progression from there isup to the Will of God, karma, and the potentialized Knowingness nascent within the spiritual aura.Truth is recognized. It presents itself to a field of awareness that has been prepared in order to allowthe presentation to reveal itself. Truth and enlightenment are not acquired or achieved. They are statesor conditions that present themselves when the conditions are appropriate and the obstacles areremoved.

All avenues of questioning lead to the same ultimate answer. The discovery that nothing is hiddenand Truth stands everywhere revealed is the key to enlightenment about the simplest practical affairsand the destiny of mankind. In the process of examining our everyday lives, we can find that all ourfears have been based on falsehood.

The displacement of the false by the true is the essence of thehealing of all things visible and invisible. And always, a final question will eventually arise for everyquestioner—the biggest question of all: “Who am I?”You have to let go of the illusion that you know who you are. In the Divine state, there is nothing to“know” about because you are it.

That is a difficult leap to make—but suddenly, it occurs of its ownaccord, and then one is free forever. Uncertainty is replaced by endless delight. Human life is then anendless comedy! You’re not a “who” but a “what.”One reason for the seemingly endless delays on the way to enlightenment is doubt, which should besurrendered as a resistance. It is important to know that it is actually extremely rare for a human to becommitted to Spiritual Truth to the degree of seriously seeking enlightenment, and those who do makethe commitment do so because they are actually destined for enlightenment.Who am I?

Who is asking? You find out who is asking, and that answers the whole question. It’s nota “who” but a “what.”At the last doorway to enlightenment stands the ego’s final challenge, which is the central corebelief that it is the source and locus of not only identity but also of life itself. At that point, one is allalone and shorn of all protection or comforting props, belief systems, or even memory.

There is solelyavailable within one’s aura the highfrequency vibration of the consciousness of the EnlightenedTeacher, with its encoded Knowingness. The last step is intuited as a finality from which no turningback is possible, and thus there is consternation at the absoluteness of the finality.

Then arises the knowing to walk straight ahead, no matter what, for all fear is illusion. As this laststep is taken by the Spiritual Will, death is experienced, but the fierce anguish lasts for only a fewmoments.

The death of the ego is the only actual death that one can possibly experience, in contrast towhich the previous deaths of leaving the body were relatively trivial.

The experience of death isterminated by awe at the revelation of the Ultimate Reality—and then even the awe disappears and theSelf transcends the duality of Existence versus Nonexistence, Allness versus

Nothingness, andOmnipresence versus Void.In the end, to the true devotee, the pursuit of spiritual reality supersedes all other considerations.

The commitment to become enlightened involves the decision No matter what.

The serious student needs to know well in advance that at the very last doorway (Final Doorway calibrates at 999), he will be confronted by his willingness to surrender life itself—or at least thatwhich has been believed since the beginning of evolution to be the very core of life itself.

This final gateway is very rarely passed, and one reason is the lack of preparation, the lack of certainty, and afinal doubt of major magnitude.At the final moment, the last vestiges of doubt and existential fear may surface from the depths. Atthat point, faith in the teachings of the masters that direct us to “Walk straight ahead, no matter what”arises and proves to be correct, for the glory of God awaits on the other side of the last great barrier.

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